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Southern banner. (Athens, Ga.) 1832-1872, September 28, 1832, Image 1

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m w. MW awm*. - “ The ferment of a free, is preferable to the torpor of a UcNpotic, Government. VOL. I. ATHENS, GEORGIA, {SEPTEMBER 28,1832. ISO. 28. SHERIFFS’ SALES. ( H.ARK SHERIFF’S SALE.—On iho J fini Tuesday in OCTOBER next, will he »nM, at iho Court-house in iho town of Watkit.villa Clark couniy, within the usual hours of sale, the lullmving pro perty, to wit: One Small Negro Child, hy the name of Marmirel, Eight or Nino months old : levied on as the Drop,Tty n f (iahricl A. Moffett, to satisfy a fi fa. in fa vor of iVilliam Davis, and other fi. fas. vs. Gabriel A Moffett. A DM INI ST It A TO ftS» POSTPO N EI) SALE. A GREF.ABLY to au order of iho Honorable the In. -tL ferior court of the county of Rabun, when sitting for ordinary purposes, will be sold on the first Tuesday in October next, at the Court house in said county, the following properly,to wit: consisting of three parcels nt Land lying on the waters of Chattooga river; one pieci or part of Lot, No. ll,in the 3d district of Rabun, con tabling 50 Acres more less, also part of Lot, No 10, ad joining the same, containing 250 Acres more or less, •id part of Lot, No. 7, adjoining the sa ne, containing 0 Acres more or less. On the same day, at the Court house in Heard county, will be sold one Lot of Land, No. 242, in tfie 3d district, originally Coweta now Heard county. On the same day, at the Court houa H YLL Sheriffs Stile.—On the first Tues day in OCTOBER next, will be sold, at the Court House in the Town of Gainesville,Hall coun ty, within the usual hours of sale, the following pro perty, to wit: Two Hunched and Fifiy Acres of Land, it b'ing Lot, No. 115, in the 10thdistrict of I fall court tv : levied on as the property of Charles Duke, to sa- titfv a fi. fa. in favor of William Sher« rd and tnmes Rutledge, vs. Charles Duke, and Henry Duke Ins Se curity, issued from Wilkes Superior Court. A. CHASTAIN, Sh’fT. August 31. late of Rabun county deceased. Sold for the benefit of his heirs and creditors. Terms made known on the day of»ale. J\MF,S B HENSON, A. MILLER, July 20—18—tds. • Admr’s. Two Negroes, to wit: Frank a Man, about Thirty years of age*, and Will a man, about Twenty- flve years of age: leviod on as tlfe property of James I in Marion county, wdl bo sold one Lot of l.anrt. No, Dickin, now in the possession of William Deorinp, o 36, in the 1st district originally Muscogee now Marion satisfy a fi. fa. in favor of John B. Chatfield, and other I county. AH sold as the Real Estate of James Strother fi. fas. vs. said James Dickin and James Harris. ' c D -‘ 4 4 c - 14 r — * u '* u —'•*' One House and Lot in the Town of Ythens well improved, at present occupied by the defendant ns a Public Tavern ; one Negro man hy the name of Shepherd, about Twenty-two years of age. one Four IJorpeStage,and Harness, one Four Wheeled Carriage and Harness,two Bay Horses,seven Feather Beds,Bed steads and Furniture, five Mattrasses. one dozen ind- sor Chairs, one and a half dozen Split Bottomed Chnirs, twelve Pine Tables, two Folding Tables, (of cherry) one Walnut Sideboard, one dozen Knives and Forks, half dozen Earthen Plates, one dozen Cups and Sau cers, six Dishes, five Pitchors, two Decanters, four Bowls, two Jugs, and one Jar: levied on ns t he proper ly of John A. Byrd, to satisfy a fi. fa in favor of Fred erick W. Cook, and other fi. fas. vs. John A. Byrd.— The above described House und Lot was sold on the first Tuesday in this month, and the terms of sale not complied with. JAMES HENDON, D. Sh’fT. August 31. GUARDIAN’S SALE. 4 GRBE ABLY to an order of the Honorable the In ferior Court of Jackson county, when sitting for ordinary purposes, will be sold in the town of Jefferson, Jack°on county, on the first Tuesday in October next, the billowing property, to wit: 123 Acres of [.and, more or less, belonging to the Estate of John Thornton late of said countv. deceased. Sold for the benefit of the heirs of said deceased. Terms made known on the da) of sale. JACOB KIDLINO, Guardian. July 27—19—Ids. H \LL Sheriff's Sale.—On the fitsf Tues. day in OCTOBER next,will be sold, at the Court House in the town ofGainesville, Hall county, within the usual hours of sale, the following property, to wit : All the Right, Title and Intercnt, in Two Hundred Acres of Land, more or less, and the Crop of Corn and Cotton growing thereon, whereon William (Jrady now lives, on the Walnut Fork of the o C onee river, adjoining Young and others: levied on ns the property of William Gradv, to satisfy a fi fa. issued from Hall Inferior Court in favor of James Blnrkslnek, said Grady. Property pointed out by the Plaintiffs Attorney. Two Thousand Acres of Land, more or less,lying on the Mulberry Fork of the Oconee river, adjoining Deaton : levied on as the property of James Claghorn, to sati-fy two fi. fas.issued from a Justice’s court in favor of Isuac N. Young, vs. John Stinson, and James Claghorn maker, and Joseph J. Garner and E, W. Chester, indorsers and Mat. J. Williams,security on stav of execution. Levy made und returned to me by a Bailiff. One Hundred Acres of Land, more or less, lying on the Walnut Fork of the Oconee river, ad- joining Cohb, and others : levied on os the properly of Henry Yorkc, to satisfy sundry fi- fas- issued from a Justice’s court, in favor of 11. M. Bell, and others, vs. said Yorkc. Levy made and returned to me by a Bailin'. Twenty-Nine Acres of Land, more or less, known by Fraction No. 13, in the 9tl» district of Hall county: levied on as the property of Alexander Er win, to satisfy a fi. fa. issued from a Justice’s court, in favor of R. D. M. Bevers, for the use of Thomas J. Husk, vs. Alexander Erwin, Eli W. Narramoro nnd Janes Martin, securities on the stay of execution. Lc- vymade and returned to me by a Bailiff. JACOB EBERHART, D. Sh’fT. August 31. A BUN Sheriffs Sale.—On the first Tuesday in OCTOBER next, will be sold at the Court-house in the town of Clayton, Rabun county, within tho usual hours of sale, the following property, io wit: Fifty Acres of Land, more or less, being a part of Lot No. 24, in the 5th district of Rabun county : levied on as tho property of Martin Culbertson, to sa tisfy two fi. fas issued from a Justice’s court, one in favor of Carruth & Brown, the other in favor of A, M. Xorriss, vs. said Culbciison. Levy made and return ed to mo by a Constable. EXECUTORS’ SALE. ‘WMT’ILL be sold on Thursday the 4th day of Opto- ▼ ▼ her next, at the late residence of Charles Mc- Konney, jun. in Jackson county, all the personal prop erty belonging to said deceased, consisting of 250 bush els of wneat, horses, mules, hogs, sheep, a new roa'* wagon, household and kitchen furniture, plantation tools, and other articles. Sale to continue from day to day until all is sold. Terms made known on the day of sale. Persons having dcmands’against the Estate, arc rc- qncs'ed to present them in terms of the law; and nil persons indebted to the Estate, are notified that pay ment will he expect#*' 1 during the present vear. Aug. 17.-22—tds. JAMES MONTGOMERY, > r , J A M ES HAMPTON, ] ,<x r8 ’ I ^jlOUR months after date application will he made to the Honorable the Inferior Court of Jackson cotintv, wnile sitting lor ordinary purposes, for leave to sell all *he Ileal Estate of Patrick Ca-*h, of said county deceased. SAMUEL BARNET, LUDWELL WORSHAM. Administrators with the will annexed. June 19—14—w4ui. , #y F OUR months after •to the Honorable county, when sitting for ordinary purpose*, for leave t sell all the Real Estate belonging to I lyc Estate of John Clarkson, deceased. JAMES IIAUGROVE, Executor. June 5—12—w4m. AWSWE51S J Btantly implored my fellow-citizens to “let aur Received by tllC Iticlimond Com- sMes Wo”—to discard all bitter and selfish intttcc of Correspondence, on the subject ol'J'Silliileatlon. Greensboro’, 10lliSe]>t. 1832. Gentlemen,—On my return home two days •r date nypricsitlnn will lie made ago, after an absence of several weeks, 1 re- # th« court of Franklin ceiv’d your letter of 20th ult. in which, us a F OUR months after date application will be made to the Honorable the Inferior court of Clark miinty, when silting for ordinary purposes, for leave in sell a Tract of Land, lying in formerly Troup now Me riwether county, belonging io the Estate of Richard Meriwether, late of Dallas county, Alabama, deceal sed. Sold for the benefit of the creditors of said decea sed. JOSEPH LIGON, Adm’r. May 22 —10—w4m. feeling; anti to deliberate calmly and dispassion- ately on this great subject so vitally important to themselves und their posterity: If under tho influence ofsuch a spiiit all tho counties of the state should elect delegates to the proposed convention, wo should obtain n full und fuir [expression of Iho views and feelings of the F OUR months after date application will he mad** to tho Honorable the Inferior Court of Clurk county, when sitting for Ordinary purposes, for leave to self the I,anti and Negroes, belonging to the Estate of John Holder, late of «aid county, deceased. TARPLEY HOLDER, Surviving Exe’r. Sept. 7—25— w 4m. Committee appointed by a meeting ol the cit- people ; and in whatever measures n majority izens of Richmond County, you enquire what might determine on, all would acquiesce, are my “ sentiments m regard to nullification.” > [ am aware, gentlemen, that I have gono bc- Recogntztng the right ot every citizen, to know| y ual | scope of your enquiry; but I cannot the opinions of candidates for public office, on | regard the remarks which I have made flTJOUU months nft<• r dale application will he i 8. to the Honorable the Inferior Court of Hall coun- y when silting for ordinary purposes, for leave to suli all the Real Estate of Jonathan Pin nail, deceased : One Tract ofl.and in said county, containing 700 Acre nore nr In*?, adjoining Ezekiel Putman and others, On c» No. 148, in the 16th District,originally.— Also at the same lime and place application will he made for leave to sell a Negro men named Ben, belong ing to the sarno Estate. JAMES GARRARD. Adm’r. REBECCA FINN ALL, Adm’x. August 10—21—w4m. GUARDIAN’S SALE. 4 GREF.ABLY to an order of the Honorable the Inferior Court of Clark county, when sitting for ordinary purposes, will he sold at the Court-house in Walton county, on the first Tuesday in November next,One Tract of Land, containtng250 Acres, in the 3d District of said county, No. 22, belonging to Luisa and Jones Starks, Orphan* of Jones Stark*, deceased. Sold for the benefit of said Orphans. Terms made known on the day of sale. GILES JENNINGS, Guardian. August 24—23—tds. R One f.ol of Land, No. 15, in Iho 5th Dis trict nf Rabun county, containing Four Hundred and Ninety Aeres, more or leas: levied on aa the properly of .lames Kllard, acn. to satisfy a li fa. issued from the Tax Collector of said county, for l.i" (axes, due for J183I. Levy made and r turned to me by a Constable. Three Hundred Aeres of liOnd, more or 'Jess, being part of Lot, No. 36, in the 4th dialrictof 4tabnn county, with a Grist Mill on the same: le.ied ■on as Iho property of Joshua Smith, to satisfy a (i. fa. issued from Itabun Superior court, in favor of John Smith, vs. said Joshua Smith. Lot of Land, No. 6, in tho 4th District of flabun county, containing Four Hundred and Ninoty Acres, more or less: leviedon as the properly of Anrnn Tyson to satisfy a fi fa. i*e led from Putnam Superior Court, infavor 'of Thomas Green. Properly pointed out hy Thomas I. Green. All thft Interest that Olrodnh T. Dickerson ha? in a Gold mine in the 2d District of Rabin county, known as Dillingham’s Gold Mine*: levied fin ft 4 the property of O. T. Dickerson, to satisfy sundry h. fas. issued from a Justice’s court, in favor of Jacob Cape- heart, and others. RABUN POSTPONED SHERIFF’S SALE :— Lot of Land, No. 60, in tho 1st District of Ilabun county, containing Four Hundred and Ninety Acres, more or less: levied on ns the property of Thomas Woods, to satisfy two fi. fas. issued from Rn bun Superior Court, for cost and charges in favor of George Blair. Property pointed out by the Defendant. JAMES B. HENSON, Sh’fT. August 31. Book and Job Printing neatly and accurate* J'j executed at this office. ADMINISTRATOR’S SALE. L GREEABLY to an order of the Honorable the In- jtjY ferior Court of Walton county, when sitting fo- Ordinary purposes, will be sold on the first Tuesday in November next, at the Court house in said county, the following property, to wit: consisting of two parcels of Land, lying on the Waters of the Appulachio river, in said county, one piece containing 424 Acres, more or le^s, adjoining the Lands of Timothy C. Wood, Esq. and the other piece containing 130.) Acres, more or less, adjoining tho Land of Archibald Tanner, und others. All sold os the Real Estate of Grant Taylor, deceased. Sold for iho benefit of the creditors. Terms made known on tho dav ofsale. RICHARD BUTLER, Adm’r. August 31—21—tds E 71 OUR months afterdate application will be made 1 to the Honorable the Inferior Court of Jacks" county, when sitting for ordinary purposes, for leav to sell tho Lund and Negroes belonging to the Estate of Jacob Millsapg, deceased. MARVEL MILLS A PS, Adm’r. LAVINA MILLS APS, Adm’x. Sept. 7—25—w4ni. F OUR months afterdate application will be mad* to flic Honorable the Inferior couit of Jarksor county, when sitting forordiuary purposes, for leave to sell two Tracts of Land, the property of William W al lace, deceased. NICHOLAS WALLACE,? . . , WILLIAM WALLACE j AUmrfl * Sept. 7—25—w4m. lOUR months r date application will he made F to the Honorable the Inferior court of Franklin county, when sitting for ordinary purposes, for leave to sell ull the Heal Estate, belonging to the Estate of Lewis Chundlcr, deceased. MARTIN ANTHONY, Ex’r. Sept. 7—25—w4m. ADMINISTRATOR’S SALE. A GREEABLY to no order of the Honorable tho Inferior court of Clark county, when silting for ordinary purposes, will be sold on the first Tuesday in November next, before the Court Ionise door in the Town of Watkinsville, ail the Rent K-iate of Allen Bonner, deceased, nf said counlv, (widow’s d werex copied,) thereheingbetween Eleven and TwelveHun- dred Aeres of l.and, in three several pnreels, situated on Iho tvniers of the Appnlnehie river and Barber's creek, adjoining Stewart, Boling, Greer, Arthu-, anil nllicrs. Sold on a credit of one and two years, for the benefit oftlio heiraof said deeeaseil ISAAC S. VINCENT, .Hloniey in fact far the .‘hlmimstrator. August 31—24—tils. A D MINI ST R A TO R’S SALE. W II.I. lie sold on ihc first Tuesday in November next, at I tie Court I louse in the couniy of Hall, Three Negroes, snidas tho property of Joseph Mr- Cuichen,ot said eminty,deceased. Sold for the benefit nf'lho Heirs and creditors Terms made known on the day ofsale. ROBERT McCUTClIEN, Adm’r. Sept. 7— 25—tds. NOTICE. A LT. Persons indebted to the Estate of Charles P. VVetlicrapoon, deceased, aro n-quiierl to make iinoic liate payment. And those having demands against said Estate,will present them duly authentica ted within the time prescribed bv low. JAMES WETHERSPOON, Adm’r. Sept. 7—25—40(1. NOTICE. A Id. those having demands against the Estate of .-ft. Lewis Chandler, late nf Franklin cnnntv, decea sed, are require.I to render in their recounts according to law, and all those indebted to tlr Estate of the de ceased, are required to come forwatd and settle off their accounts immediately. MARTIN ANTHONY, Ex’r. Sept. 7—25—40d. NOTICE. A Id, these having demands against the Estate of n. Anthony It. Cheatham, latoof Clark county, dci- ceasod, are requested to render in llioir accounts ac cording In luw; and all ih ne indcblcd to the F.stnlerl' -aid deceased, are requested to come forwatd and set. tie I heir accounts immedialelv. MARY W. CHEATHAM, Adm’x. GEORGE M. ARCHER, Adm’r. Sepl. 27 -21—4Ud. nil subjects connected with the stations to which they aspire,! have no hesitation in answer ing your enquiry. There lias never been perhaps a political doc trine advanced which has been so variously un derstood us nullification. Even tlioso who ad vocate it most zealously do not agree in their exposition of it. Without examining into the various modifications under which this doctrine has been held lortli, 1 regard it, in general terms, ns the action of a single state in resisting and arresting the operation of tin net of Congress within its limits, which such state may deter mine to he unconstitutional und oppressive. I cannot more plainly or concisely express my opinion as tu this right of a state thus to ar rest the operation of a law of Congress, than hy repealing the views presented in an humble ef fort which I deemed it iny duty to make daring the late session of Congress, in vindication of the course pursued hy the authorities of Goor- gia in tho enactment and enforcement of cer tain laws for the Government of that part of the state occupied by the Clu rokces. On that oc casion I maintained, “ that the federal constitu tion is n compact between the different slates of this Union as sovereign states; that as no com mon arbiter lias been appointed, each state, in the exorcise of its inherent sovereignty, lias ‘ a right to judge for itself of the infractions of the constitution, nnd of the mode and measure of redress’—and consequently the right to resist or defend itself against unconstitutional or ar bitrary power by the federal government or any of its deparments. That this right is to be ex ercised under tho deep anti solemn responsibil ity of producing disunion or civil war—that when a state lias determined to resist the mea sures of the federal government (whether it be a law of Congress or a decision of the Supreme Court,) the federal government, it resolves to enforce its measures, acts under the same deep responsibility, in which the people of tho other states will participate, unless they instruct their ugents (their representatives in Congress) to repeal or desist from the obnoxious measures. And finally that if the state assuming this atti tude will not yield and tho Federal Govern ment persists, there must be a dissolution of tho Union or an appeal to tho sword.” From this extract you will preeeive that in asserting tho right, I have adopted the doctrines and almost the precise language of the V irginia and Ken tucky resolutions. It is from these, nnd the masterly report of Mr. Madison, in support of the former, that my opinions, on this subject have been chiefly formed—and it is only re peating an almost universal opinion, when I say that I have never seen (lie doctrine of State Rights so well defined and su ably defended as in those celebrated state papers. But the propriety of crn-ling Mm rigVt/ in re- sistng the Tariff Act, und preventing the col lection of the duties on imports, w hich that act imposes, I consider a very different question. 1 am opposed to n proceeding of that knid hy our state, because I apprehend that it would produce a collision with tho generul government, mid ns inap propriate ; nnd feeling most sensibly the deep interest w liicli the people of Georgin have in the great subject which for years bus agitated this whole country; standing too in the rela tion to them which I do, I could not furego the opportunity of making some suggestions as to, tho course which we ought to pmsue at this in teresting crisis. But wliilo I make these sug gestions, I beg leave to repeat w hat I have fre quently stated, that I am not wedded to my opinions; and that if any means can be devised more likely to effect the object so desirable ta all, and more in accordance with tho views and feelings of our fellow-citizens, I will most cheerfully yield qiy opinions, nnd cordially con tribute my fccblo ellorts to render those means cfiectual. Very respectfully yours. TIIOWAS F. FOSTER. •Messrs. Cumming, King and Slaughter• Savannah, August 27//i 1*32. Gentlemen:—Your communication of tho 20ili inst. in conformity with the resolution passed by the citizens of Richmond count)' nt n late meeting, having for its object the ascer tainment of the opinions of Candidate* for Congress, upon the subject of Nullification, lias been received. And as I deem it not on ly the right but the duty of the people to know •font those who are candidates for their suffra ges, the opinions cnleriuiiied on ull and every limiter cun ledod with the vital interests of the country, I can have no objection to slate mine. And it is, tlmt I am no mill fier. In deed, from the d flerent interpretations of those who are advocates for the doctrine of nullification, it. is a matter of no little difficulty to ascertain wlml is Ihc precise definition they affix io the term. It is a text upon which each nullificr makes bis own commentary. Of ibis, however, I am satisfied, that it is neither a eonstilulional or paaceliil mode of obtaining redress of grievance*. On the subject of the tariff there is, I think, but one opinion in the State, that in its operation it is manifestly un equal, and consequently impolitic nnd unjust. But the remedy by nullification, ns it appears to me, has not for its object a repeal of the Inw alone—the inevitable consequence of its adoption is a separation of our Union, and ci vil war ns its natural result. And though the evils of the tarifTlaw are groat, they are not, in my opinion of such magnitude as to induce good and patriotic men to desire n change of the government. The language of Mr. Jo(V lersou on this subject, is Hie language of wis dom, of moderation nnd safety. In the Dec laration nf Independence, be aays. “ When a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursu ing invariably the same object, evinces a de sign to reduce the people under absolute des potism, it is their right, ns His their duly, to throw a IT such government, and to provide new gourds for their liiluro security. But [hat prudence will dictate that governmenta ‘ uig established, should not ho changed for EXECUTOR’S SALE. W ILL lie Bold on Saturday, the 23rd October next, at the late residence of Inlin Holder, deceased, Clark cnnniy, the Perishable Properly, belonging to the F.stntn nf enid deceased: consisting nf Horses. Hogs, Cnole, Houachnld and Kitchen Furniture; Corn and Fodder, .mil other artielea. Terms made known i the day of sale. TARPLEY HOI.TIER, Surviving Executor. Sept. 7—23—tits. EXECUTOR’S SALE. O N Thuradav.lhe tall: day ofNovcmbcr next, will be sold at die residence of Lewis Chandler, laic ol Franklin counts, deceased, tho following properly, viz. Three head of Itnrsea, One Ox Cart, amt On. Wotk Steer, Cattle, lings. She. p, Corn, Seed Cotton, Fodder, Sheaf Oats, Plantation Tools, Household and Kiirjieii furniture, with other article* too tedious to ineiition, sold a* the properly nf the deceased. The sale to continue from day to-day, until all is sold. Penns made know n on the day. MARTIN ANTHONY, Ex’r. Sept 7—25—tda. f NOUR months after date application will he mode In the Honorable the Inferior court of Madison county, wh>'n> f>r ordinary purposes, lor leave ill sell part of tlm Real Estate nf Allen Daniel, lunatic nt said county, In wit: one Tract of .and in said coun ty, containing tat) Acres, mnro nr lees, adjoining Rus sel J. Daniel, William M uton and others; trite Tract of I,and Nn. 103, in tho 42d district of Muscogee, Lot No 203, in 3lith district formerly Lee, one Lot of Land No. 114, iu the 28th district Early. Abo nt tho same time and place,.application will be made for leave to sell part of the Slaves belonging to said Allen Daniel, Ltmalic as afure said. JAMES DANIEL, Guardian. June 33—*•«—w4m. ARRANGEMENT unwilling to hazzurd, at least until ull oilier ef forts tn relieve ourselves art: exhausted. That the l’ariir system, is itnoqinrf, unjust, ttncniisii- tutionul, mill extremely oppressive upon the southern states, l have no doubt,—that it ought to be resisted try the people of the south, I have uniformly declared: und ns the oppression is common to the southern people, they ought, it scorns to me, to unite in a common resistance. In what way that resistance should be made, would, I conceive, be best determined by united councils—and therefore I am decidedly in fa vour ofa Convention of the Southern States. This expedient I have urged to my fellow-cit izens on ull convenient anil proper occasions, ami additional reflection has but confirmed my convictions of its importance. I have no doubt that our adversaries are presuming upon our differences and divisions. The state of par ties at the south is as well known to them as to , _ ourselves, und from tho angry spirit that marks leaving Augusta I Imrstlav inornuig, can reach Gun- - , , - r, 1 .... , pt.rt.inwn Sunday evening by wav of Athens; or leave sumo of our party contests, they are satisfied MAIL TO THE GOLD MINES* , I’Ll .ASAM TWO-HORSE L C0 4CH now runs Iw ico a „ ok f r mn Athens, by w«v if’ *T;l)<*ni<:l*vil!c,Ma<li8f»n Springs and Clarkosvjllt*; leaving Alhonn every Tuesday nnd Saturday at 0 A. M. and arriving at Clarkesvillo Wednesday and .Sunday cveninps—Loavr Clarkenvillo Tuesday und Saturday at 0 A. M. and nr riv«; at Athens every Wednesday and Monthly ev*!* uintfs. The Stage line is continued from Clarkcsvillc toCoopcrstown every Sunday, ami returns to Clarkes* viilu every Monduv; and will convoy passengers to Cooperstown, Gainesville, the Falls, Gold Mines, anti Iron Works, on Tuesday and Friday of each week. By this arrangement the regular Stage from Augusta to Carnesville, by wny of Petersburg, is met every Wed- uesday, going and returning, at Carnesville—and the Augusta and Millcdgcvillc StageH nrn regularly met at Athens every Monday and Wednesday evenings; so that tho mail and passengers will not bo drained on eitnerroute from Augusta toClarkesvillc. Passengers perhaps eventuate in civil war and ultimately in j light or tranHieni causes.” In the piissn^e of disunion—consequences which 1 tdiould jeel th** Tariff laws I ronfess I do not seo such Augusta Sunday or Monday morning, they ran arrive a» Clurkesville Wednesday evening, either by tin Athens or Petersburg Mages. Fare, kigiit cents per mile. THOMAS KING, Contractor. August 31—24—41. Notice. TB1H H subscriber having withdrawn from all Mer- 2 tsniile concerns in Charleston, earnestly requests all those indebted to him, individually, or to the late firm of FLEMMING, GILLILAND & CO. to make payment to his out h nsed agent. *Wr. Wm. Me Burney, as early as practicable, a* all notes due one or mon years, not settled by the first i f January next, will be put in suit. THOMAS FLEMMING. August 31—24—18t. VVt* tm* acthoriscil to an nounce SAMUEL IIILI.IIOUSE, aa a candidate fin Tax Collector fur the county of Hail, at the next elec tion. August 10—21—w3m. that tho people of tho aouthern stutca—nay, even ofa singlo state cannot be united in any elfort which may be made for our relief. If we could undeceive them in this particular—if wc could but convince them that however divided on other subjects, nnd however variant our views and opinions on other political matters, (hat on that of our oppressions nnd a determination not to submit to them there was but one mind and one spit it, we might Hatter ourselves with the hope of producing an impression on the people of the Tariff states, which would soon result in “ satisfactorymodification of this odious system. It is for the purpose of producing this union and co cert among the citizens of our own state, and with the hope of procuring a southern convention, that 1 havo advocated the contem plated state convention. And it is in view ot the great importance of harmony and zealous ca-operatioii among ourselves, that I havo con- tram of utilises and usurpation* ns ran |ustify a dissolution of tho government: and I am tlmreforo not prepared for aurh an event, the more partieolarly us 1 think Ihc good sense of Iho great body of tho American people, will soon satisfy them that no luw can he enforced in nny statu of tlm Union, against which the public feeling and public sentiment aro array ed; nnd that there can be no compensation lor uliennlcd feelings, and a distracted empire; that iho benefits arising from the tariff law when compared with the evils emnnaling from domestic feuds sink into insignificance ; and that this consideration alone, appeuling to the interests of the tariff slates without invoking their patriotism, will induce them to repeal the With every assurance of respect, I am yours respectfully, G. W. OWENS. JMessrs. Camming, King and Slaughter. Augusta, 4th Sepl. 1832. Gentlemen,—In consequence of my ribsenre from the city during the lust six weeks, I did not receive your communication of the 20th ull. until to.riay. In reply to your request “ that I will oblige my fellow citizens of Richmond by commuui- cating through you my sentiments in regard to null fiealton,” I take great pleasure in saying to them, and to you that I am decidedly oppo sed to that doctrine. I believe it to be nei- ttier a peaceable nor constitutional remedy for the grievance* of which we so justly com plain : in fact, I believe it to be no remedy at all. I view it as false and deceptive in theo ry, and revolutionary in practice. And al though I am, nnd always have been, oppoaed to any and every tariff, for protection, and will use all constitutional mean* to put it down g