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The Augusta herald. (Augusta, Ga.) 1890-1908, August 31, 1898, Image 1

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TOJt * ft. t«H N Acourri, 9 unxm maps *»»* , nb ••*•*»* ! |M*MMMI f I* PMI m t^MpoM* me nbwm Utl i njTjjt' | •**» ummmmm £#© #**** *© ip iMM i4llt© © I fW %©*©l»# % *** #» I IN©*© CliMlMl *♦■■■ ‘ # -’•-'•.>.••• * #*■*- #N I ■©©MEM* ’"i#' k# <fin» Ml fN> mp*© ##*«• M* t©4 #*©# ! t* ** ©** I%©p|tti im»i iMf ifMt * pn## *•#*© •* 1 ©©##p#© I «*«.•»#■%* ©ll## 1 In* MMftft 4# ©4 ©fm© -4#sH * pf <M wip ■ a Ms Mfc# 'N MjNk»i*M M4Mf I Ml: ©»© ¥©© Ink t A f MTir- Ml 4*ft»©M «f MMM ** Jt©p»#** MM* 1 Mfr#4 MNr ©©©p ||r if r gir ppwMMI © MM#* M### ] •MMtMHfef |©iit * *# (©MRM© ssr n p«aA*|N |c fp f f- .«#(* ©©©l "MM 9 * **#*• j #*M f4h# Al©**«#M* Hi t , i|H» t%# I'M JM ¥ *#* Mf* IM • avMl p>n f.lip© Ml tllM Mft#€©4©© © ©lMtl©*©© IMn Ml t©tt»© | |»©#» Ml I©# MlpM'lHMl ©f M*4MM ir, lifU'ilfkll 1 Im MNwnpi MM* •••■•mmin© A* IM |j)>' *rt Mm* **MM if rVf MM M4t ftfetlM MM #©•'*•©•♦ N©■« M© MN MM# MM»* ©NMfNH| Mfp #rffiMl»itlMj p pill* ] M4fMt©©i©# MM© IfHlMiaPl MM* fMpM» MMN ft ©©*©©© *M© thitf MfM ♦Mppr j fp4 MM* «©• IMmm« a »»«*%m ts *rf« ||N»'»» IM#»P Tim c©m*hi *•«#§ rnpau** •*##«• MtMrMi TMp cHUMh* H>«« M#m lIMiMM* I mM i-Mlr mm%. Tim Rum*#* *#•*© amt# Mi* hmi Mini t t« iMp AiMCtMM iMilAif Ml Ml WtfMM Ms Ml l*> MU HM9 |WfRt» AMtti'* Mi (rHtt Ip |«t M#** IfMfß ••* j «plant M MM AMffiSPtM- I*r>fu* prill Hf (***#4 TMrfr I* I MM* AtMl #•©©©• *u*fl#Mtl<*M WPITf 11. 4M MHtp M©v# M##m "fw l **** Ml to Imv# N *Mmlt «*8 Hppirf TM# MMrrHMnr »l »M* l» msflM# MJ#4m fuCKMpMMMMrt m* t* iMm I •©§• mmMI *'M iw# fet#© mmmm TMf wmpt irr#**ti*»rty M#© Of. Mast's r#*lm#Mt Im «•* tk»* vptAM •if i CPilWri mMM tht CttMSf wlN* PrMftl Ms rslMp fi| * Mrt lIHPy Mvt ii * r*iMt ** l*Mlt#if ItiiN >r**jr M r »* Cn- Aiwrl to OroMn* ?i*M* »»•'» « **“ rlr-4 AmM* - m<'lmm to McM !M*r tmm. Tb# ip*ft**n y*Mf m! IW-M * lotnl t tcdMjr Tb* t. for tMo W>r"M* market for the oottovi veil 1 N** j|ln»ioir tomorrow Is vrry hrtgMt. The’’** t* ■ were storm rent** •< **»- nnnah Win .-’mmuni. »tmn I. **« l« !* p*.s»lt*le that there has Wets a ae t»ftf Mow than wae antiitpaled. ftuatneae *>p. n« up In atyle la Au«u«> ta tomorrow. September 1. Bu.lneru. men aap**et *«<*J trail* »n*l hava in rx lellent atorlu. Cotton at almut * W<* 7 would mean the moat rooeperou, of all year* f>*r Aucuata. The conductor of the Central train on rea< hlng here today brlfifr newa of the atoms ejeured by h*m ffom 'onver •atlon with the conductor at Mtll.-n. A frleb*fol Mow hi cn. He had received no n»’*B of deaths, tt la feared, howev *r. Iha l there have l*een deaths. The Illinois miners and the law of ficers are cn the verire of a riot, the result of putting negro laborers In ih* place of white miner* who are on a ■trike. Kentucky has asked permission to bring *H Kentucky troops home, the state paying the egnrnrei. Oovernor Bradley will borrow the money £pr the purpt'W* The Carolina election passed off qul efly The contest for governor Is be tween Kllerhe and Fetherstone. The ftr.t regiment at Jacksonville pave Till man for governor 343 and Kllerbe 47. Blythe for adjutant general 3*7, Watts I*l and Floyd 14» Seven out of 19 boxes at Marlon, Oovernor Ktlcrbes county, gave him 911. Fr-ilherstone Is next with 34«. Seven out of 73 boxes at Kdgi Wig. t'ncle George's home, gave him 230, Featherstone being next with IS*. THE OLIVETTE GOES DOWN Frrnnndna, Fla., Aug. 31.—The hos pital ship Olivette, which has been ly ing near. the quarantine station, titrorgh some mysterious agency sank this morn tog at 2:30. Aboard her was a hospital corps of thirty-five and a crew of forty-five persons, all of whom escaped without Injury. Th? roust about sleeping In the lower hold had narrow escapes. Fortunately for those aboard, a schooner *vas near by and some cf them took shelter on her while others pought refuge In the quarantine station. The Olivette went down in thirty feet of water. No one knows bow the calamity occurred. CITY COURT CONVICTIONS. Forty Dollar Fines Were Much in Order. 'The business at the city court today tr.ay be summed up as follows: Larceny from house rases— Lucius Sheffield ssO or eight months. Frank Ertps—s4o or six months. . Henry Cotton—sso m ten months. Lou Lawscn, escaped convict, S4O or six months. Cuff Holley—s4o or six months. Will Cawley s4O or eight months. THE PAPER THAT 18 BEST FOR THE READER IS BEST FOR THE ADVERTISER—WHAT ABOUT THE HERALO? »»* ttwt* a <*m %m tmtr %m. in n «i i ■ sin ! \)tifti %*** §t M* |Hni{t III* fWt IniliP TtM). Hi Lm tt Ui Hi* In M If* IV’ ! f * ' .4»is**> firmer* i »mgaay Opera * flippif mp 4 I pgilNri pm <b Mpw «• M Haft TMMfM Ml |W** f*Mr **• AmHIMII • MMffM 4 p UK * | ftp M MMtftMMPk lu” Mlf# *M**« IkMl IM* f mpmb IMMI tflM P, tfM WpM fpp „i Mil lIM , pt |i ff'sp'p piMAF •** wm l«M THtfrtm from Sa%mii«aM. rtti HI H***y A*<vm** to rk* mm 4 MINI tfMSMP ©M •*! *MM f©M*ll* ,>*|- v 4g»in ip, At fhf lilt report from Tyfart ifeKi * fn*l V|i bk Piß| <9 miff WHAT THE CONDI*CTOR SAYS. The Information Thai Me Ifevelved of the Storm. dm here at 140 oclork thy after* job. arrived on tto»e. regardless of *ll Itinda of rufror* that It »out<! be much de layed by waning *o the mat* l.oe train from Baraaaab that meela the Augusta tialn at Mlllen. II wa« re ported that the mam line train had not ' left Savannah at all and would nol. but It did leave, and arrived at Millen , on it me. I A Herald reporter Interviewed con ductor of the Augusta train on it* ar-> ] rival here, regarding the u.g storm In ' Si i annah I He said lhal the ronductor on (he train l:ne train had reported (o him that when hla (rain left Savannah life I ivlnd was still blo ving at a high rale. I The storm of last night he reported as a terrific one, but had nut heard of any fatalities. j Hla report of the storm was neces ! sarlly ebon, as the train did not wait long al Millen. From all that can he learned, the 1 storm was quite revere a: Pert Royal, j The train from that place due here at .2.40 thl* afternoon was at 3 repoiied J four hours late. j It >vas said that the trestle over Whale Braiu h. a frw miles from Yrn»- sssec, was down, but Ibis must be a nvftake, as the (rain could not have | been reported as soiling here at all If such had been so. Mani’ persons have been 'rut at Hie depot today aivalting the arrival of trains on the Central and C. & W. C. road (lower division)' so as to hear of the extent of thn storm damage. The j wires between here and Savannah I have been down all day. and no word can be heard from them through tele graphic medium. NEWSBOY'S STORY. What "Butch” Found Out for The Herald. The bright young gentleman who 'a newsbutcher on the Central to Millen prepared this excellent a_nd newsy statement for The Herald: "Yesterday about 5 p. m. the wind started to blowing about thirty miles an hour and increased to seventy-five and was still blowing this morning at seven o’clock. There was great dam age done to the new opera house, the J-utberan church and the Savannah Grcc ty Co. The top was blown off the opera house.. A great many of the beautiful trees fn the park were blown . down. Several residences had their tops Mown off. All incoming trains, were delayed from five to ten hours on account of the washouts and telegraph poles across the track. The Chatta hoochee left the dock yesterday after noon. There has been nothing heard , from her. j "Electric wires, telegraph.wires and, ali kinds of wires are blown dowo all j Till] AUGUSTA HERALD. >1 i MM »H Ml <MMK HI ft»i MM MMMMHMMMMD I iii jUNM tfvMfc tlNi iiTpf I4f PMHM* ■ g|v pm fy mm<i ImMmMnM., t MMMMMwi Mi ©Am* I » f BT - tfr' MMM Mp«© 4MM MHfl <%»»« M» Mil Ylk*:: P *ft« # 0H m ©MM© Mi© tkv4 MM *1 mm imam I*m * mrnm •*»! ' • ct * :j>to Ml tM* AL fA, 4A MM«I TNC NftW%‘ pTmtY. I ls(o« ishmsmi Iwsh* Bsasil That !%■ , aav at fit** 4* *w w44*i **, n*- mmnir N**v baa fk<» •*»*? IkltlMMlM WWt (Mhffrt A© • ft HI MM j a. A 4' - m»<lt I |MM ©MAC tIM ©Mi M>© • | - }} ,nmi| Hi m it m-ApM A© Mcnsf. , . i© i fluky 14 MkNifly Tl. lr . m f-atMrr tmtP©© •( lipMof l* fl AI (lull MrMf IwP M©* j 1 , m M fnii t ng rpykky «M | , „ ,g.. mpimm Mm 4 . *||pt It Ml Aftvy, „ . j*. MpUNi »M low ,__ M _ _ l l m rflnyrtl At j CClart . * oViiwk «k* Mcffsi bid InrrrMPMt I© rrrrf» »k.l ftl# wind ru bl©©lag »* tIM rat* of Tit mitm mm Moor. fi* t m+*t\ ! ©4 4 o cU*k On w\m4 r ~ tl hlsbcr ©lodtr tlia© ll Mm© to llMt UatM ma 4 tfe* MmmvlmM •so In (At rltjr ©•• ! #lff inf llthlf pyof*# l thrn out anil tun ptfOMtM trttf In ©MrhMMMM ll wltt 1 M 4 impossible imill day to *tvs nay w -t r <4 th* Ambimso On tlf slith Moor of lAt Moraltit tMm Mtorm atmm full fort©. Tbs ttopplßX ot IHr Hretrlr jiotpr rMfT 'Mt drSifid lAf v >rklns of jii# UaoCm« 1 9frTC iifin rould bo put »n Tbr lull building MVMjrrd in tbr storm but tbr liuotype oprrnlort / 'vt 4 l °o'elock the Storm sh.-ved no signs of abating. The wind had shift ed fi rther to the west, but blew with the same force that It did an hour be ,OM and In gus.s that struck build ing* »nd trees with tremendous power. The electric lam-ia md the framework cn the efty exchange tower were blow n awsy and the rrof of « number of buildings *>n the bay «v*re tom li*ose. I xhe roof of the Lutheran Church of (he Ascension was torn off one corner and chimneys all over the city wera i toppled into the streets. The Shipping. 1 The rossteie of veaselx along the riv !er took eatra precautions to avoid ! damage to their craft. Extra line* were run out and the vessels were ail securely momed against any sterm | that might come. The steamship I Chattahoochee, Capt. Lewi*, sailed ; about 5 o'clock and presumably went |to sea. The steamer Clifton, which left the city al 8 30, la the morning, | with the excursion of Beth Eden church, reached Spanish Well, at Hil ton Head, and relurned on account of the stormy weather. The damage lo the crops, It is feared, will be heavy. The rice crop can hard ly fail to he butt. Considerable of | the grain on the plantations in this section WHS ripe and ready for cut ! tiug, the planteis having deferred har ! vesting owing to the rains. Cotton planters have dpuhtless suffered se i verely. The railroads will probably have considerable trouble ftom washouts. | One rrsull of the storm will be seen in a decided falling off In receipts of 1 naval stores and lumber at this port fer the noxt week or ten dajta GARCIA KICKED OUT. General dome* Has Relieved Him of His Command. Santiago, Aug. 31.—Gen. Garcia has been relieved of his command by Gen. Gomez, acting under instructions from the provisional government. This Is owing to disapproval of his action dur ing the Shatter incident and in view thf.t Garcia is persona non grata to the Araertran government. His resignation has been accepted. Gen. Rodriguez, commanding the East under Gomez, will succed him. A courier to Gen. Lawton this morn ing confirms the news that Gen, La : erete will arrive this evening from 'Santa Cruz with dispatches from Go mes lo Lawton. Their substance is unknown. Conference will be held at Santa An na with the Cuban leaders Lacrete, Cevreco, Perez, Rabl, Castillo and oth ers. ” ceprcllminarios will be arranged Tor delegates to go to Camaguez to at tend the election of thh new Cuban government. AMM-iMTA. ua. eVL Hi IS 181181 il Tv S*a K*mW*b TNI It Itfltftx AQ Pi fi*. jfiM llriif He* Hrvt P!kH INr^inK j Ahwas4 N»NK« IWI tala as*4 P*»T*' f«M M'M fllMMlfil. fiftk Al§- TW MItOMA M W. tfVjj 41V4 til* 4 tMm> Mm] Tpz, i ©MMltt **t lIM CM. IlfAiy Mmm 9M# urtrrt ni Mmm fMr n«|4 i XflilM mm. mm© I© iTMcHfMME MtMUif? OrtyliM Mmori*! MM©| fMr ©Ar# of M»JM*t*r of v»r h« rtu’ifd the ofßHst bureau tn wish* a sad II was (hi* Inquiry that rmitltaß la lbe diaruvap* pf fik donustsls re really r-ad «A the timber of clepu tie* by cavatanar .r. *>\pr*x.f nf the guilt of OreyfM was foi)N Wbeu Heury was su«a«Mwrd to tbyiumistr* of war, had q«r4lotted ta of RaiMedXßr* be first afflttaV the •utjAittcliy of the eriminating «Br«-| wrn t But whea the dlarrepaaVs wire pointfif out he at firm ad*wltt*V adding a arglem and fins'lv roafeaaed to the fabrtratloa of the wheV letter. |i I* affirmed, however, that while thla dlarovrry has not eh*n«- .1 Cavaignac's belief Ia the rulpabltity of Dreyfus, the mlaister has determined to punish all the guilty parties $o (waller «vhat their rank or poaltlon he Col. Henry ta to be tried by court martial. FOUR!EEN OF THffl DEAD .Soldiers Vl ho Died on the Transport Allegheny. New York, Aug. ll.—Four teen of the eoldier* returning from Santiago aboard the trans port Alleghany died on the paaaage ter Munlatik Point, KENTUCKY 'AROUSED. That State Wants to (let Her Soldier Boys Hack. Fankfr.rl, Ky„ Aug. 31.—Gov. Brad ley ha* wired Secretary Alger asking leave to bring Kentueky'a alek soldiers nl Chiekamauga back to their homes, the state to equip a special train for the purpose. He has hlbo wired Gen.: Breckinridge asking how many sol diers from this state are slok at Chick- j amauga. The state hae no mrney available for this purpose.'hut Oov. Bradley has declared his intention of borrowing sufficient money In behalf of the state to accomplish It. ORDERFD HOME. Cervera and the Other Prisoners to Leave For spain. Annapolis. Mil.. Aug. 31.—Orders have been received here from the Pres ident directing Admiral Cervera to make arrangements to proceed with his officers and men hark to Spain Im mediately, In accordance with Instruc tions Issued by- the Spanish minister of matin'?. The officers were very en thusiastic when they received the news. It Is understood they will re turn without giving parole. Capt. Ku late left this afternoon for New York. RAILROAD CHANGES. Announcements That Cause Much Interest. Special to The Herald. Atlanta, Gal, Aug. 31.—Railroad cir cles are greatly stirred up to day over some big changes which ate announc ed. J. L. Dickey, general freight agent, and Jos. L. Brown, tariff manager, of the W. & A., have been ousted. .1. A. Sams is appointed division freight agent. Geo. U. Knox, general freight agent of N. C. & St. Louis, is given ju risdiction of the VV. & A.. John A. Gee, general passenger agent Atlanta and West Point) retires tonight. R. E. Lutz is made! traffic manager. Master Marcon Duval Is the hand some, sturdy little man who arrived yesterday and is receiving a hearty welcome at the ihome of Mr. and Mrs. Mareen Duvall. Mr. Croker, of course, believes in keeping everything and he aoes. BAT'S MEN MM FIGHT. r«kmi‘t llfMßfi la Ilia TVit (Hil Flix M They the **•'»*» Wegtwsan* *M AlMsb thru* ftawuago Aug. fit. -AM, Rug. gsf fH§ tMNMMMMMi, ffwMH 11 MMM* MM <M» tl© IMm OmHm** AM. r»iMM»©i©t taf I©© M©MAMMoM© Mm»# IMI t MM©* H 4 ItM-r IMtMMIIM© ©f M©4Mft©4 IM©- Mtt MM© AMfMirtM (1© CmMMM Mm© Oil. H«t ©UI mm CSmm©«mmm«mo © t«llf4 MM ©MM iMtntor? I© ©lll looi *f*m tMi* •HIOM MM MomCJI# MM4 ©ll* C©ll tmt hla me* ON THE VtRGB OF RIOT. Critical Condition #4 A flairs Among the Mrtklng Wtwees. Pass 111. Aug 11. Iks* outside ra miners hie have be* arriving l<»btf. ! |, a ,e f a yoo more negroes here before ibe rlaor of the week. RbertV Cohura bus been taereasiag hla for*, ta aatiri naCmt of trouble and ta brtnglag dep- Narrowly Averted. A serious encounter has been nar rowly averted between the locked out * miners and 10# deputy sheriffs guard ing fifty four Alabama negroes, who have taken the places of the Ireked nut men at Rprlngaide mine. The clash could not have been prevented had not the national officers of the railed Mine Worker* of America Interfered by wiring District president Topham 'to p*sfpone teflon until after this j morning pending an Investigation of ' th* condition of Rprlngaide mine which ■ la alleged to be In danger of being op : crated without a boss and registered engineer. Ready for Fight. At the time 4he message wt* re inforced by several hundred miners from the outalde mining lowna. were In secret session In a large gulch be liveen near the north <nd of the city, laying plans to march on the depuitles and negroes and forcibly compelling the negroes to leave. It was only by the most persistent pleading and rea soning by the leaders that the miners were prevented from marching to the shaft. I ooka Dangerous. The meeting was attended by 1,000 ; miners, their only light being that of the moon, and with guards and pickets to keep out all save the I’nlted Mine Workers. It was pointed out that the I deputies at Spr'ngslde wore armed with i Springfield rifles and Winchester*. I There were only two Winchesters and I a few ehotgims in the miners' crowd, ! the men being armed with revolvers. OLDSWINDLE REVIVED. Englishmen Lose $50,000 by the “Spanish Prisoner" Fraud. London. Aug. 31.—The English po lice have ascertained that the Barce lona swlnd crs, who for years past have been running what is known ns thej "Spanish prisoner” trick, have during the past six weeks victimized credu lous Englishman lo the amount of $50,000. This Is owing to the fact that the swincjlcrs gave the air of truth to an old fdor by setting forth that this nar t'cular prisoner had burled a vast amount of gold In Santiago to escape the rapacity of the cruel Y/nkees. Money was asked to enable him to re turn to Cuba and unearth the treasure, new that peace was restored. 0 1 efforts of the British police In years past to Induce the Spanish au thorities to help break up this Impu dent gang of swindlers have been fruit less. There is little doubt that the rogues owe immunity to the fact that they share their spoils with the local police. THE VESUVIUS. I The Dynamiter Arrived fn Boston Today. Boston. Aug. 31. The dynamite cruiser Vesuvius arrived today. Frank in Command. Washington, Aug. 31. Brig. Gen. Royall T. Frank has been assigned command temporarily of the Third army corps, formerly command”) by General Wade, the latter having been relieved for the Cuban military com mission. W* MMAto A TIN WHiM MMI. AMU- $4 4*© 11 ■» ISSUED NO! 1011 Of H TN MUr* tffifiMMtl VIU It Hal | WNi Gwbil Atgfff lU* la Say A Nil IN Hi tirf TW t *>*»*» ■ at Osusvai NMa* Wavd al BkauA. ©T > -trill©* —n f% UJL, AWH Ml -»■ ©»t - j l#f V At©© MM ftp © tl© Unfit©©© MHMHNI 18Ff'ftcM ©NI©M <MmI ©m ©MM ©Nl©§4 f• © I«© IN* |M|M©pMFt wtf IMN tNtMMM MITIN© *4 | til# 4#fkMHMl#©t 9M IM# ©Ml# IT####.-at I . Hum «#©© «#mm #©#«©#•••© © M©t I fall# IMUMMa I #. m©4 IM©I ©fMl Ms 9M© •©* I M|«Ie«#II ©Mm mm© **% |©#«©M© II Mm I |M* Mio© ©©ftlMA © f#©*l4 I# I III© ©©lt© © MM *#vH t# if»# IM# [ ©cfiMf !©#©• ©l# M If «©’M M# j M< t |an*fi. 4#ffi |<« |#faM ©t©#f © ### ©rM s tCI© 1© IM# pAlNf**' #f ©F* M ##’••©ll •©•* 2TEI! VZSu ZTZ H* I* Fqutvwcal. ! Wh*n •fli<'4 i# im# ©M? ©qt-jm ti , MAnUaffn jtfrf r HfT AI'M#T ©MI ' TM# frtrr# ff*n# It I* |krl©n#«ir ©Ml#© fh*l | .. * . Iffllffiffislffi IB Uffff lM** > tr hnlral o©#*<'# •©•©«« <l#M#ral ©iV© | IM# lit forhUWtllM •« to «|t#MM | fnibllrty. In of pr*l© or diapar l ifFANni of •nolh#r. Want tha Court marl I*l departm-ut Tbl* lull** violstloa of the law, U I* sl!e**d. Is ■ sumeteat around I for courtmsrtlal for * *omm«urtln* s< r*«rul. If th«* *■ newts- "*^*T r * t Mil. « tu *h* war department j having the *.r*flus(HSl ordered, tn—y i will gain ■ point. The province of this I rourt would r*tend lo # *trtrhr than to ■ Invesilgste specific rhargea made I against General Mile spersonally. and everythin* nol relevant lo H»e*» ' barg es would tie ruled on I of conslder.ttlon. A rnurtmartlal of this charartar voul 1 mnke General Miles a victim wltnaut | settling any «>f the quesllnns which are In th” public mind regarding the tn j«ompeteney and Inefficiency of the ar- I my management. NEW ORLEANS THERE. The First Ship With the Stars and Stripes Flying I Special to The Herald. I Sail Juan. Aug. 31. -Enthusiastic | scenes were witnessed when the United j States warship New Orleans, the first j American vessel to enter the harbor of I San Juan since the war with Spain be gan. yesterday morning, st -anted Into - port and anchored £enr the English ca ble steamships. The arrival of the !<rw Orleans was rather unexpected, and created consid erable excitement. The vessel enter'd the harbor at slow speed, the stars and strlpea flying from the forepeak, and sounding lines being constantly In use. After the New Orleans had dropped an chor. Commodore Folger came ashore tn pay his respects to Captain General Macias. He was met at the wharf by an Immense crowd. General Mndas has protested to Gen eral Miles against allowing persons publishing newspapers In T’once to say I that the Spaniards rontenmlate ven geance on the natives. Those persons, he declares, arc seeking to prejudice the Americans against the Spaniards. He Has Issued a Declaration to the Powers. Manila, Aug. 31.—Agulnaldo, the in surger.l leader, has Issued a memorial nddiOßfed to all foreign powers reett ,tig the fact, that the Filipinos have formed a government under the consti tution adapted on June 23. He says that FiTplno forces have taken forty provinces and reduced Manila. They have P,OOO prisoners. He asks for recognition of the inde pendence of the Philippine republic, or, failing in that, to grant the Filipinos belligerent rights. The United States a*e not mentioned In the memorial. CARNEGIE HEARD FROM. The Proposition That He Is Making to England. London, Aug. 31.—Andrew Carnegie, who Is now at Sklbo Castile, Scotland, has written an open letter to the Eng lish newspapers suggesting the ex change of the Philippine for the Brit ish West Indies, with coaling stations retained by each government, and an "open door” retained for both by treaty. 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Ambaaultb Hitchcock at fff Petersburg, ha* ea- I hied the state dcparimeni that be haa bc*n handed by the Russian mln.ater of toryign sffaus a copy of the identi cal not* addressed by order of the czar lo all representative* in 8L Petersburg ». of foreign governments, proposing a Joint cuufereno* lo coaalder the queu tlcn of a general disarmament. The full text was not cabled by Hitchcock, Inn will be vent forward by the mall. Its character la such (hut It would re quire something more than a mere ac ; knowledgment, and os tha pro posh ion Is one (he acceptance of which would Involve a rad'.aal rhang e In tha I forelgiT policy of ibe United States. It | is tint to receive the most earneat at ■ tent lon and consideration at the hands of Mr. Hay when the latter aiignmpg office. INTO HANDS OF RECEIVER. Christopher Gray & Company Have Failed. The firm of Christopher Gray & Co., one of Augusta's oldest dry goods houses, has been placed In the hands As p. receiver. Me, Max L. Byck, of Savannah, Is recelytr. Th,- ai<pllcatlon for a recolvershln of the firm whs tiled by B. B. Clnfiln & O’., of New York, Mr. Byck arrived In the city this mor 'nlng And was alien try a reporter at the firm's headquarters. He was busy figur ing out the assets and liabilities. Asked to give n few figures as regards assets and liabilities, he said he could not. Christopher Gray & Co. had gone into the hands of a receiver, and he was not ready to say anything more. Mr. Byck was In a hurry and could not go Into details. He said the firm WHS In the hands of a receiver; he was the receiver —and that was all. Mr. Gray was sought. ‘"See Mr. Byck,” said he. , The news of the failure will be re ceived regretfully In Augusta. The firm is one of the old and honorable insti tutions nf Augusta. Thf firm has a branch house in Sa vannnh. and the stock of goods down there will he removed here. It is learn ed. Mr. Byrk Is a very busy man to day.' tt* - Gold Coming. New York. Aug. 31. Lazard Freres have received advices that tneirLondon house will ship $1,373,000 in gold this week. CALIFORNIA iI’RUIT AT GIOVAN NI'S. tiartlyjt Pears, Fine Peaches, Gross Prunes. H3S Broadway, wed and sat Oct 1 .. ~ -