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Macon telegraph. (Macon, Ga.) 1826-1832, August 01, 1832, Image 2

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touI’ affairs prudently*- make oudugh- to livo ■i.-mlt. uot lot ymtr expenditures exceed your Income, keep clear of dtflit, an yon afraid theiv rifflaw will oppress yon? \Vh»t constitutes a wenKhv. moral, iudusirrons ami happy cotimmfii- lV? l«’it where the hind is engroWil j>y a lew wealthy m*u,divi(led into lacgr plantation*. each plantation stqekqil With two or thrre bliwlrt’tl jrKiwsfoi* llu* (If is H yvhofo ilit jrtti.1 Hiljf^tdipio rn'ilhr far ms, with n IcW‘hcawts.nitm-garf liy tho.wvcral proprio- lor* thci»<«ilvo«. all cuftagcil . iti tnipwviHn their Imiil, iiup'at ia.t *t«» h of various kiluU, making T itron ’vnoVgfijfiar domestic use, oud to purehiise neo-ssaiic* for their u spec live fiuuili-S. having good {wilding*, good school*. goodrlimchoe, good roods, good orchard*. and all the menu* of mihsis- t 'lice iti abundance? If you arc oppressed, as those mushroom politli-Hfr* with wlurli the coun try is swarming. wont! make ytiii believe, it your -vijnl iutorests arc l.iiiguiitliing.idii'W flic the evi dence of it. Af the p<<iple in deb*? 'll 10 dock- ets of the con u la evcrvcomity will prove Jo the coutrary. Where then. I again repeat, is the evi dence of- tint oppression, which the good people of this state an* edited upon to redress by open rebellion agaiiui-'their governmont, auder the Ui<- ffiiis il name of nullification? "’ere yon sensible -of such oppression last year? Doycncxpcet with ■good health, good seasons, and the blessing of God to crown your Iand.itle.exertions, to eij en- Granung certain city lots to the Corporation of the Columbia College, fur the purposes therein mentioned. «... Concerningcertain omcor* or the marine corps. To provide for the taking Of certain observa tions; preparatory to the adjustmentof the North ern boundary lineof die state of Ohio. To amend an tu t entitled “an act for the relief of purchasers of the public lands that have re verted for nonpayment of the purchase money, ’ passed May 23.1323. • , ... To create the oWee of Surveyor of tho public kinds for the territory of Arkansas. To exempt tho vessel* of Portugal from the payment of the duties on tonnage. To authorize the Horretary of die Treasury to compromise with the trustees of the late firm cl Thomas II. Proitli & Sou,.and their securities, tho claims of the Putted States upou the said firm and their securities. ..... , To extend the period to which the charter of tho Provident Association of Clerks was limited. To authorize tho Secretary of the Treasury to compromise the claim of the United States on the Farms & Mechanics’ Bauk od Indiana. Supplemental to the act •■granting certain re linquished end uaapproprlit-d lands to the state of Alabama, for the purpose jf improving the navigation of the Tennessee, Coosa, Cahawha, and Black Warrior rivers,” approved .May 23, 182^. icii oppression this year? Ifvou arc aeta- j I,rtf aril Tiv <ln> enactments of the Govern- euce sue nliy opprefsed^^^^M ment, will you rtoJ.-(i?r:rtnin the fact as sijpn as -tlaisfl r^ r'.’faJminatie;; politicians who figure so largely in the newspapers and at public meeting, r< lining the sentiment! suggested by tlinSe diraf- fecial politicians, whose teeth nroyet on edge by ib, itiuyitewof the grapes? . Tho iudustrWps prac tical farmer does not stand in need of any such prompters to cmdde him to understand his inter ests, nor does he stand hi need of such, politi cians to protect his interests, lie desires men to represent him who will support the Consti tution of the country, not destroy it.—lie is un- wiUinjr to move one sic*]) toward* the violation fif that snered iiisiniiTH.'iif* which* so far as he is concerned, has afforded him 'satisfactory protec tion. ■ If over tho period shall arrive, v.hen the government of this country shall lie converted in to an instrument of oppression too grevious to be home, the industrious yeomanry will first try to, reform, it through the ballot box; if that fails, then tbi»v will shoulder their musket* Its did their fa- tliey will shoulder their musket* as (tiers before them, not resort to this thctplin doc trine of nullification for redress. From the tune tho American people declared themselves to be free ami independent, they seem to have enjoyed the ptculior favor of Heaven. All good men will therefore, in the language of the father of Ins ttry, inrligtuintlif frown upon those who/larc nipt' a dissolution of that Union, which ■fe ci- • • •!_ — wmJ ..-l.w.l, tv«isi < ’ ! "|SCu country. attempt - • s . rvated p* 'a.nation, and which has ransed the nanio of American citizens to he a true passport in everyxiitno. To the Volunteer corps of Cav- airy* through whoao polite invitation 1 mahe this addrM*; permit me now to say a few words. TIir prurefodon of arm*. to* always been con- eidcred honorable in every nation. ^hc brave and gallant soldier is an honorW his country in time of peaCe, its protection in time of war. io defend their country with success, it is indispen sably necessary that both ofiiccri and private .sol diers should understand alf those military taeti— •iucidenl to their profession. Improvement should^ y or t;, To provide for carrying into effect the treaiy of l;mits tfotween the United Stutes of America and slip United Mexican States. Concerning tonnage duty on Spanish vessels. For the adjustment of the claims vf South La- rdlidti against the United Spites. For the relief of Antoine Dequiudro and other Michigan volunteers. - ... For the relief of Anthony Foreman and Johu G. Boss. Cherokco Delegation. For tho relief of the President and Directors and Company of the Miami Exporting Company. For the relief of Edward Livingston. A hill authorizing the construction of Naval Hospitals at the Naval Yards at Charlestown, Mas*. Brooklyn, N.Y. and Pensacola. A hill to privide for completing the Naval Hos pital at Norfolk, and Naval Asylum at Philadel phia. and to furnish them in part. For the relief of Captain Thomas Paine. To carry into effect the act to provide fora survey of the coast of the! oiled States. . To provide for the relief of distressed American Seamen. , . To provide for the payment of arrearages m tho Naval srrvice, chargeable to the enumerated contingent, prior to the 1st of January, 1832. To provide iron tank* t'ortho u*e of the Navy of the United States. To provide for completing the erection and re moval of tho Ntrvnl Monument. To: provide for paying certain arrearages for snrveys made hv Naval officers. For the relief of John Roberts, late major of infantry, in the ReynlutioiiarjrM ar. * To direct the manner of issuing patents on confirmed hind claim* in Florida. To remit a part of the duties in Florida. To remit a part of the duties on a cargo import ed in the brig Liberator. Making appropriations for 1332. To alter tnc time of holding tho' term ofthe Circuit Court of the Southern District ot New the powers ofthe several Corporations of the Dis- '"'Vo ^fine^he qualifications of voters in the ?9fggSJtC-Jk* .i» or the United States for the Western District of L °Forlmprov , ng Pennsylvania Avenue, supply ing the Putdii' Buildings with water. andTor pay jug ,he walk fra in the western gate to the Capi- '"•Forriie rO'jpdatioii of the navy and privateer peiiMou. am! navy turn*/ T . Directing lelltrs patent to ho issued to Thomas Know-Ids, Janie* Lang, and W. Steel respectively. Making provision for tho sale and disposition of tho public ground in the cities of St. Augustine and Pensacola, and to rcsorve certain lots for pub lic purposes, and to provide for tbetr repair and ^Making appropriations for Indian annuities and other similar objects, for 1332. _ To authorize the removal of the land oilicc from Mount Sains, Mississippi, and to remove tho land office from Franklin to Fayette, in Missouri. For tho final adjustment of tho claims to lands in the southeastern district In Louisiana. To coiifirti certain lands iu Arkmisas. Making appropriations for a custom bouse in the city of New York. To extend the patent of Jethro Wood. For the relief of Iloratio Gates Spafford. To provido for. tho appoiutrocut of three com- issioucra to treat with the Indians, and for other Vesting in the corporation of Wnshington City nil the right* of tho Washington Caual Com- P For the sale of tho unlocated lot3 in tho fifty quarter townships in the United Stales military 1. . ~ a. • 1 i .niiuitr witminU he the common objectof all. Officers ctmimamb Ing voluhtcor companies, should indulge n just pride iir tho enforcement of their orders, tho pri vate ioldfer iu obeying them. Before tho soldier can 1 commaud, with credit to himself, ho must Jcarn to obey. Order is notonly necessary lortho suWbssful operation of tho Government nnd exts- teneo of natious, hiit it is equally so for the pre serve tiottofo very eivil or military association.— The hravo and accomplished soldier notonly com mand* the universal admiration of man, hut of lovely woman too.' Who would not be a brave and accomplished soldier to win the smiles of.lotfe- ly woman? Whose mild, virtuous and patriotic honrt permits none hut the' braze to enter there.— May your artn* always ho wielded io support of that cause for which your forefathers hihored with • a -zeal and confidence that nover wavered, but novor in favor of tho enemies of the Uuion of our commou country, lot them be foreigu or domes tic. ■ r . . . - that cholera attack* inltpj*’ greater uambert, and extends over a vastly larger territory at the samo time. This makes the cholera a much greater scourge to the community? .hut in respect to the individual.' who oro tho subject* of dtsease, pro vided they eitn obtain equdly early oml equally gamf.iittcudanco,. il is-’my deckled opinion, that cholera is not more dangerous than siuUmg ty~ i»'-us. Tho'general treatment is tho same, mid here is uo greater difi'crciico in the management of the two disease*, than the variations ef the mo- dication,' in dift'efent eases of the same disease. In a moderate case, I would begin by giving n ten.oo.mful of laudanum, with about the same quantity of essence of peppermint, (or of some o- ilior wanniiiK essence or spirit of a volatile ou*) in a wine glass full of hot brandy .img, or if there is no hot "raiosof opium should he in*tautly given inpi ' The patieut i* to he put in bed, aud an oIdftish ioneil swat i» to 1m attempted, by hlnukets, het- tlesof hot water, hot brick*, piece* of board or blocks of uood heated in boiling water, &c. hot ginger, cloves, pennyroyal, peppermint tea, iu filch quantity as tho stomach will hear, being us ed for drink, with or without brandy, according to the urgency of the case. Mustard past.', moisten ed with oil of turpentine un it* surface, bor.-erittl- isc leaves wilted in boding it ab-f, aud blister*, are nit proper and generally necessary. The dose of opium aud brandy is to ho repeated every five, ten, fifteen or thirty .minutes, according to the nr geucy of tlm case, till aH the violent symbionts are CONGRESS.—The following i* a list of the passed at the last Session or Gcmmst, with tho oxception ofprivato hills for Relief: ■ An act suppieinontnry to the “Act for the re lief of certain -surviving officers and soldiers of ■tho Revolution.” . ' ■ • Providing for the organization of the Ordnance Department. •.■'■-■ To authorize tho mounting and equipment of a part of the annv of the United States. Providing for tho-purchase, hy the United States, of the rights of the Washington Bridge Company, iu tho District of Columbia, nnd for •the orection of a public bridge on tho site thereof. To enable the President to extinguish Indian Clio* within the Slates of Indiana ant} Illinois, and Territory of Michigan. Supplementary to the several laws for the sale of public 1 mil.*. - > To authorize tho State of Uliuois to sell twen- . ty thousand acres of tho saline lands iu said state. Supplementary to an act to grant pre-emption rights to sottlo on Public Lands. • ■ # To authorize tho inhabitants of the state of Louisiana to enter tho back lands. For tbo reliof of the personal representives of Col. John La'urens. Fortlteorectiou of barracks, quarters and storc- ‘houscs, and tho purchase of a site, in the vicinity -oCNow Orleans. ' . For the relief of tho Jefferson College in tho stale of Mississippi- Granting to the Territory cd Arkansas one thou sand acres of laud for tin- erection of a court house and jail, *t I.itlle Rock. ^ Supplemental to tho act “granting the right of q>re-emptiou to settlers on the public lands,” ap proved tho 29th day of May, ioSO. To increase ami improve tlio Law Department ofthe Library of Congress. For the relief of the ollicen anil soldiers of Tort Delaware. To authorize the Judges ofthe Courts of tho United States to take hail of (ho claimants of • property seized, and perform other act*, in vaca tion. To provide for liquidating aud paying certain claims of tho state of Virginia. To authorize the Legislature of the state of In diana to sell and convey iscrtaiu land* granted to said state, for the use of the people thereof. To authorize the tale of lauds reserved from sate at Fart Jackson in the state of Alabama, To alter the time of holding the District Court •or the United Suite* for the State of Illinois. For (he final adjustment of private laad claims in Musouri. To hic.-oaso the number of mrgeohi nnd assis tant surgeon* in the army of the United State*. To provide for the appointment of u commis sioner of Indian affairs, aud for other purposes • ; To release ‘ Ife ' * actually laid a , To revive and continue in force “on act nu thoriziug ihi pyineat of certain certificates,’ approved ft] iv 7, 1 882. -_ F.xolnnatory of the act entitled an act for the relief of the Officers and Soldiers of tho Virginia line nnd navy, nnd of the Conliental army during the Revolutionary War, approved 30th May, 1830. For the relief of the inhabitants of Terre aux Bteuf. • . _ To provide for the rehuildin^the fngatc Java, and sloop Cvane. „ . To finish tho rebuilding of the frigate Macodo nian. . Making appropriations for tne^ Revolutionary and other pensioners of the United States, for 1832. v To nuthorizo the surveying nnd laying out a road from Detroit, westwardly, by the way of Scenwassce to the moutli of Grand River, ofLako Miriiigan, iu Michigan territory. To amend the act for th« relief of certain sur- vLvHiig officers aud soldiers of the army of the Re volution. Authorizing the Secretary of War to pay to the Seneca tribe of Indian*, tho balance of nu annuity of six thousand dollars, usually paid, and remaining unpaid from 1829. Making npproprintions for the Army for 18&. Authorizing tho surveying and making a road %om La Plaisnnco Bay, in Michigan, to intersect the Chicago road. ' ' Making appropriations for tho Indtau Depart ment for 1832. . . , Making appropriations for fortifications for 1832. To add n part of the Southern to tho Northern District of Alabama.^ For the apportionment of Representatives a- moug tho sevoral States, according ’ : the Fifth Census. , , „ , ... To extend the provisions of the act cutitled “An net regulntiinr commercial intercourse with Martinique a ''<* Guadaloupo.” Approved May 9, 1823. And to refund tho lounage duty on tho French ship Victoriue. Concerning the issuing of patents to aliens for useful discoveries. ‘ - Making appropriations for tlio Naval service for 1832; For the relief of invalid pensioners of tho Uni ted States; * To amend tho several acts establishing tho Ter ritorial Government of Fioridn; To authorize the disposition of the funds ari sing from the sale of a quarter section of land, reserved for tho use of schools in Florida; ' , To change the time of hilding tho U. States* Pisuict Court ul Staunton, in the Western Di* trtet of Virginia; Making appropriation* for certain internal im provements for 1832; Making appropriations towards tho oxnenso of laying out and opening a military road from fort Howard, at Green Ilay, to fort Crawford la the Mississippi; To authorize tho Governor of Arkansas to lease the salt springs iu said Territory, and for other this destructive pestilence. Ti.. -^^tterl think, successfully assails the doctrino^r"’ ’ gion-supportmg his positions with mM.' 011 ’ and ingenious argument, nnd by a forn.rt C ?, al ray of well authenticated facts. e s .for tho following extract, iu which the r °°* of belief in the non-contaginuj disease is impgeHtMl ou .tiic comin.m-, Hue of profciional WfifcSKSK a f d 4 filiueiit-tif which, by the niedicai men try. the reviewersex,.res* a perfect eoafi£*“i - - -" J have taken some pains to der.-of tlm nou-coiitngum, character Jf l? lie-cause wo thiuk it a queaiou of eroJ i * and hi»« wtiicli It i* vr.J .1. • v** 1 ricoii RmUw (says the Chatlcstou tains a well .written article ou the r“ svater at hand, in that quantity of -pure, correctly.iel|Icd. We do. not allude If this i* rejected, from three to bye tine, &e.; tvo waive all cmui.leriitioas 0 >, opium should he in*tautly given in pill, cumary nature. Bnt we refer to thedutre,,, would'he produced, should the clirfe r » i ’»n moug us, if a belief in its coutagiom were general. •. “The sieje would ho nbandoned by nil i„ hour of distress, go- strong is the | aw ' f " * preservation its tho -human breast, that hm 1*1 if any; wonld pncqmitcr iho danger of ads'1 teriug to iho wnuts of the dyiug. We hopo that the exporiimut is not t 0 |,e tried u** 1 us, nnd that Heaven wifi avert this -froth, ohr shores. But should it arrive, wef'l confident, that however the mass of may lie influenced in their treatment of the, by the views they have taken of its coiitarh! .tho practluuers ol tho healing art will lie true I district of Ohio, reserved to salufy warrants granted to individuals for their military services. For tho improvement of certain harbors^ and navigation of certain rivers. , Making appropriations in conformity with the stipulations of certain Indiau treaties. Giving tho assent of Congress to nn act of tho Legislature of North Carolina, entitled “an act to incorporate a company, entitled the Roanoke In let Company, and for other purposes, and also mi act amendatory thereto, which passed in lbt.8.” Providing for the postponement of the trial of eortaiu cases jiow pending in the superior court of Arkansas Territory, and for withholding from sale oreutry certain land in said Territory. Iu relation to the penitentiary for tho District of Columbia. For the benefit of the Alexandria canal For tho resippropriation of certain unexpended balances of former appropriations, and for other purposes, vaccination, us a preventive of small pox to the Indian tribes, and thereby ns far as possible to savo them from tho destructive rava ges of that disease. v To amend the act entitled “an act to provide for mitigating or remitting the forfeitures, penal ties and disabilities} accruing in certain cases therein mentioued. For tho relief of certain invalid pensioners To cuforce quarantine regulations. Supplementary to an act to incorporate the trustees of the Female Orphan Asylum of George town, in the District of Columbia. For alteriug the time of holding the District Court ofthe United States for tho district of In diana. Establishing Land Districts in tho Territory of Arkansas. Authorizing the Governor of Arkansas to select ten sections of laud granted to said Territory, for tho purpose of building a Legislative House in said Territory, and for other purposes. Changing the time of holdtug the courts in the District of Columbia. Concerning patents for useful Inventions. To establish additional land districts in Alaba ma, and for other purposes. Authorizing tho Secretary of tho Treasury to permit a wharf to be built near the site of the light house on Stratford point, Connecticut, Making appropriations id conformity with the stipulation of certain treaties with tho Creeks, Sbawuces, Ottaways, Senecas, Wyaudots, Che- rokces nnd Choctaws. Giving the assent of the Uuitcd States to an act ofthe General Assombly of Maryland, passed in their Dccembor session in 1831, entitled “an act further to amend the act incorporating tho Chesa peake aud Ohio canal company.’’ Further toextend the pensions heretofore grant ed to tile widows of persons killed, or who died io the naval service. Repealing a part of tho fifth section of an act, entitled “an act to establish ports of delivery at Port Pontchartrain aud Delaware city,” and for other pu t rposes< ' * , To carry into effect certain Indian treaties, To amend the several acts for tbo establish- ■non of a Territorial Government in Florida. To authorize the sale of certain public lands in the State of Ohio. To alter and amend the several acts impi sin( duties on imports. Authorizing the entry of vessels and ir.ercl nn- dizo arriving from tho Cape of Good Hope oi beyond tho samo, at tho port of Edgarton ii it Massachusetts. Extending further tho right of debenture to the port of Key West, nnd altering tho limits of the district of Key West. For tha discharge of sundry judgments against the former marshal ofthe Eastern district of I’eun- bylvauin, and for die relief of J. and W. I.ippih cott and Company. To extend the. time of issuing Military I and Warrant* to officers and soldiers of the Rcvolu uvcituuic. In general, I believe, ouly one or „ , two doses will be necessary, if given willmi a ; Me sarod cause or science aud humasit. quarter oi half an hour after the commencement i w hich they have devoted their lives, » n ,|'!ij of the disease, provided the valient is thoroughly' -*-» *“ *" 1 * 1 warmed hu titemalbeaT, so'ax to begin to sweat- It might be proper, however, ill case of mitiga tion of the symptoms, to continue a grain of opi um, or twenty drops -if laudanum, every three or four hours, while Uieto is any trace of the disease remaining. Ill violent cases, opium, essential oils, and bi au- dy may ho used, almost without weight or mea sure, nnd roast bfccontinued sometimes for d -ys. I once cured myself of a sudden and siuking kind of dysentery, which was cvideutlv another form of sinkiug typhus, by taking a pill »f one grain oj opium amrQne grain of capsicum, ever} half horn ttonary army. To provido for tho extinguishment of the In dian titlclo lands lying in the States of Musouri and Illinois, and for otlitrr purposes. purposes; .. -w - To authorize tho Secretary of the Treasury to compromise the claim of the United States in the Commercial Bank of Lake Erie. For the relief of certain invalid and other pen sioners therein named. To extend the limits of Georgetown in the Dis trict of Columbia. In addition to “an act for the relief of certain insolvcut debtors.” ^Authorising a revision nnd extension of the rules aud regulations of the naval service. To authorize tho President of the United States to direct transfers of appropriations in tho naval service, under certain circumstauces. For giving effect to nn arrangement between the Uuitcd States and tho republic of Slcxico. For quieting possessions, enrolling ccnvoynn- id securing the estates of purchasers'in the l-’or the benefit Asylum, of th gSKragKrSBgss&i aesfaata; 1 aud discontinue others, and for other purpbscs. To iii-l the vestry of Washington parish, in tho ftji. Vincent's Female Orphan crouton of a keeper’s house, and tho improve- . -*f JUm, 1iim«S..u .1 et«.. .11 I * avaa.l a n an a! i I* r\C fllA a-i>nliii#l nllnltorl fit 1* flirt Asylum, of t*i .-tty of Washington, under tho di- ment and security of tlio ground allotted for tho rectioit of th • Sister* of Charity; and of the iniermeut of member* of Congress, and other Washiagt'ca City Orphan Asylum, nnd for other [public officers purposes, To amend an act, outitled “an act to enlarge . Fran «' Nno York Journal of Commerce. The enclosed letter from our respected medical friend-CuUen, is part of a private familiar corres pondence, nnd is now published hy consent, at the special request of the gentleman to whom it was ddressed. As much doubt and hesitancy pre vails among those first called ou to net iu sudden cases nf cholera, from which even physicians are sometime* not exempt, and a* much needless a- lsirm (till prevails among those expospd to tho dis- easc, nnd with many who ought to he prompt to afford assistance, it is thought its publication may bo highly useful, particularly as the public mind has heel) somewhat distracted by various specula tions in regard to the nature and treatment of the prevailing disonio. Middletown, (Con.) July 12,1332. Dear Sfti—To me, and those of my medical brethren, who have been familiar with typhus svncopalis, and with other cool, sinking, febrile diseases, during tlio last twenty-five years, tho a Inrm which b prevailing on account of the appear ance of thcr cbolera, is a matter of surpriso and. regret. Ifrls a matter of surprise, that there should be so little accurato information upou tho subject, aud of regret, that tlicro should have ex isted so littlo curiosity to hecomo acquainted with the symptoms and treatment of a diseaso Which has frequently prevailed in -our country. This disenso is typhus syneopohs; sinking typhus; or, os it is often improperly called, spotted fever; a malady which at various limes has exhibited all tlio phenomena of raalignaut cholera, and iu tho worst cases, is probably full as rapid and severe and fatal. Tho only important difference which I can perceive between the two comnl-'n’s H till I had uSed eight or ten of them; aiu-rwurds easing off with the opirnm by taking* grain eve- ry two, three or four hours. I think I .was oMig- ed to continue the groin every four hours, for se veral day*. The first day, 1 drank perhaps a pint of brandy in tlio twenty-four hours. The sue* reeding aays.Iuscd about apinc each day of good Madeira. 1 was at New Londou, my own phy sician—and recovered so as to walk out in about five days. I considered this case,- from extVimf faintness, debility, coolness, &c. attending tho at ack, as severe as choje ra; and that I should prob ably havo died, hud 1 not begun within half an hour of the access. No temperate man should make any great or sudden change in his mode of living, orin his ha- liits, under tho idea of prevention. Families should he welt fed, well elm hod, continue without excess their customary food and dfink, and avoid any unnecessary purging and vomittiug, orrcduc- ing medicine of any kind. If a laxative is neces sary, in case of costivencss, an aloetic pill, or a moderate dose of elixir proprictalis, or compouud tincture of rhubarb, or calcined magnesia, is much better than salts, orscidlitz waters, or any other debilitating cathartic. For those who are feeble and are debilitated by hot weather, so as to appear predisposed to diseaso, a tea spoonful of tincture of the bark, two, three, or four times a day, iu half a glass of wine may be proper. Tlio well, however, need no medicine to make them better, or to protect them. Whether Cho lera is contagious or not, it is ovidently not a whjt mara M tbaa any nther Severn fever: and, ail indi vidual is no more likely to take the diseaso by watching with his friends or children, than he is liable to have typhus by tlio samo means. It is certainly not so infectious as dysentery. If I could be assured that I should not want for nurs ing, and that my physician was energetic, and uot more afraid of opium and alcohol, than of tho disease orof death itself, 1 would never (hi o from the complaint, because it might be ill my vicinity. On pagc*37and39 of iny pamphlet on typhus syncopatis, you will find two successful eases, which will exhibit tho outline of my views of treat ment of sinking typhus. I hope you will find leis ure to read the whole pamphlet which I now send -ton, with attention. In general, I imagino, cho lera requires a more energetic application of ex ternal hoat, than was ordinarily demanded, or ad- tnissahlo, iu our disease; though this is an essen tial means iu many of the sudden changes of sink ing-typhus. ' Cholera, like othor diseases, is modified hy cir cumstance*. In A*ia} it was t orcly followed hy fever, nnd when il was, it was n light bilious fever. In Europe, when not suddenly fatal, tho sequel is frequently a typhoid state, for a week, or long er, requiring, in my opinion, a continuation, though in a leu degree, of opium, alcohol, wine, aromatics, See. while tho fever lasts, with very groat caution as to cathartics, or any other redu cing process. In Eurqpe. there have boon many cases of tho epidemic without either of the symp tom* of vomiting or purging, These oro pure •inking typhus, iu tho worst dogreo. Yours, with scutimcuts of sincore respect nnd friendship, - THOMAS MINOR. From the same Physician. Middletown, July 12. In a sudden had case, 1 would begin With a lea-spoonful of laudnnum, or (if this is rejocted) with three grains of opium, and pursue it cveVy ten, fifteen or twenty miuntes, till all (ho symp tom* are controlled, assisting it with a» much botbraudy and water, doves, ginger mid penny royal tea, ns tho stomach will bear, with pepper mint. \\ hen tlio patient is relieved, a grain of opium should be. coutitiucd every three hours, sometimes for days. An old fmbioucd sweat is perhaps host at first; but wheu ihero is much spontaneous (wanting, dry hoat from bottles of hot water, hot bricks, hot fiat irons, or bags of hot sand, hot ashes, are preferable to warm the patient. No matter what is said about purging —diarrhoea is immediately to ho suppressed in these times, by takiug occasionally, any after ev ery evacuation, a grain of opium, and if olixti nate, a grain or two of capsicum, in pill, with it. And if a laxative hecomo* neccss^y from - cos- tiveuosj, a grain of opium is also to lie taken in the same way, to prevent iu working too much. Whore tho urine is suppressed, blisters should be successively applied inside tho thighs. To make blisters and sinapisms sure of taking'effect, they should havo their surface moistened with oil ol turpentine, but bo removed when they causo se vere pain, which is often tho enso. P. S. Tho grqnt error in treatment of cholera seems to bo, thatrtihjiieiani and attendants give out as soon as collapse comes on, whoreas in whatever difference there mmy be intbcirH ion* on some points connected with the dista- they will all agreo in laboring to mitigate iiHl ilcuce. If not operated on hy higher tnctivi iHey should all bcur in mind the iirnmicltT Ithose, w ho have in other places faithfully rr!u ad over the dying, and recollect that the mcr courage which prompts to this, is ono of t 1 greatest safeguards against tho disease. Th- should devote themselves, without fear, to i imid comfort •hem in the hour of p- ril; coWu lhat-if their tnru come next-it can never cone a bettor period than wheu fficy arc engaged v zeal and fidelity iu tlio discharge of their duiy, Medirntei Vapor Paths.— Hie reader iti'.l Collect the name of John Chambers, price., ported hy -.the Board of Health early iu the p sent week. We learn that after he had bcenl by the physiciau ns entirely past recovery, i brother of the sick man bethought himseifofi Medicated Vapor Belli. lie hurried down Mr. Carroll's establishment, in John-strcet, • with nil possible expedition, engaged Mr. C. attend HI the Jiouso of his apparently dyingbr tlier will) the necessary apparatus for a media * lost. Tf cd hath. No timo was I he body oft patient was placed in the bath—the anxiousbt thrrgoing Iu with it. By rubbing the body the vapor inereased'in warmth, signs of rttur iug animation were shortly msrci nablc—pent ration was at length produced—and the rend that the abandoned patient was yesterday in streets attending to hisbusincss—A'etr 1'ortf mcTcial Advertiser} l/rt Paisley, in a single day, the CUkrc driven out of the place. Tho means were sin- the secret was, universAo-opcratiin| | house was svhitewashed, every gullet was ties ed, every spoonful or filth was removed, in <t vault, sink, or out-honse of every description, disinfecting agents were freely used, nnd th engines completed tho process by_ therm 1 washing overy square inen of surface in thet< Tho destroyer passed hy, for it could Sal place to light -upon.—Alexandria Garth., Disinfecting Agent.—In tltcso cholm ti we have seen the following recipo for a po» disinfecting agent. Take JOO lb*, crude l stone—0 pounds of salt petro, mix them teen in Jit iron or other vessel—set it on f:e in tbr of the house to be purified. The cnule k stone is better tban the roll, because it coot more acid. This was much used taEnjiud ring tho prevalence of tho Cholera. ■ Much speculation has existed in diffcrcitpi nf, by the remark of some Qec. letter-writer, that no colored person J™'** tacked there by the cholera. “We beltcre, j Messrs. Gates & Cq. of Montreal, “tbit cm been attacked and died; but the umK' cense when wo tell you that we believe tbitta are uot two dozen blacks in Quebec end kk- We have taken some notice of the m«nert ill New York, whore there are 14,HD co* persons, nnd the result .is, that blacks ire esl l>lo to cholera as whites, and that a * m3 ”-. in proportion to tlioir number.— npl of Commerce. Extract ofa letter from an officer in the ucc U., SL Infantry. . . . n... Detroit, July 11.—I havejutt arrived at wv from Fort Gratiot, and heuce proceed J _ Cli’utago with our two companies- . dare to go hy steam boat, as tho Cooler It ringiis within GOO yards of Fort ^ mnng Col. Twigg’s detachment, whicb^ land and encamp. Tho number «f® . detachment Waj.370t outofwhlchr*" 1 ^ havo deserted [from fear of Cholera] end* havo died. ' „r. n ,o» As wo marched down, there wMV- ., ing doad at difi'efcul points on the ^ lora, in adiitaoce of 13 miles. A d jj our regiment of two companies Trem 3 ra, has lost 10 or 12 men by dentil, L _ <t sick. Very few recover. We have btem^ sry row recover. ■*. , »of onr men fia. been — HUi HIIUUI S'MI imvw wrhfC . Dr.-Evercl, Surgeon, was vcry low « Fort Cratiot, ar.dDcttl.Clay.oftheBh-W 4 The Resolution requosl'ng tin; rrc-'^'j commend a dayof Fnstmtrandrr . r iihkhv ly, to avert tho w-ourgo oftho rlin: « c-I the Senate, failed m tives, uflur being so changed in t make tho recommendation the .j, e f Us or congresj. without calling upon dent an the subject, The Richmond Enquirer. £trf says, “Wo understand that. the United States would probably « 1 for Tennessee, il'nollungturne P - (l pi at Washington. He reqmrt. som ^ laxatinn, after the harramng tracted session.”- — . ■ f ,h»13th & •The I.nuisinna Advertiser, of the states that the Mexican Gove ® bt defeated in Texas on th*27th (f f, ofthe Colonists, under ‘ h# .‘■°„ n, p ort Vt‘ the mouth oftho Rio Brassos, -j^, oned byl25 jjndwfrgjpy^ 4 issf by tho'Coionial troops 1* < 1 IA .B.Ltlo nrrtlinilfd^ and 12 slightly woun this stage all thoir energy is demanded. Had V "J" whomado an attack on we given out in the same way, we should have £!“r“ n (tie Brasses, .'I lllC , h * .Jtifl lost sotuo of our patients who ultimately recover ed. As long as the patiout can swallow, or re tain iiqectlons of a table spoonful of laudanum and a gill of warm water, we are Uot to despair, lujoctions of tho oil of turpentine, three or four tca-tpoonfuls, with nn equal quantity of lauda num, in a littlo mucilage, have restored many apparently dosperatn cases. I must confcsj, I om out of paticuce with timid, inert, and igno rant practice, in linking diseates. side is su ightly wounneu-. - Another division of .ceded .0 Anahusc. attacked «M osf tS ,,rl took prislnners ®f* db “, l „1; tcr cd ovrt 1 *^' clinrcr* who been ...» authoriiy for trial aul , Aoatt*.—B , ‘ ,l * ( !lcot» a Che/era.—The July number of the North Amt- mereifl 1 - letter CoTTOSt Itselt . ,|. t . from Liverpool, »*’