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Savannah daily herald. (Savannah, Ga.) 1865-1866, June 02, 1865, Image 1

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SAVANNAH DAILY HERALD. VOL. 1-NO. 117. The Savannah Daily Herald (MORNING AND EVENING; /it la pChushed *;,-Q e O. W. MASON die CO.. At 111 Rat Street, Savannah, Geobqla. TEbua: Per Copy + . .Five Cents Per Hundred $3 60. Per Year 00, ADVERTISING: Two Dollars per Square of Ten Lines for first In sertion ; One Dollar lor each subsequent one. Ad vertisements inserted in the morning, will, if desired, appear in the evening without extra charge. JOB PKINTING, In every style, neatly and promptly done. Ijittajncss f|ar&s. jpßV*l»t& HARDEE, FACTORS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, BAT STREET, SAVANNAH, GEORGIA. Robert Erwin, Chas. S. Hardee, may 31-1 m J EWIS L. JONES, SHIPPING AND COMMISSION MERCHANT, So 17 Brttadivay , Sew York. Liberal advance# on Shipments to above Consign ment, made by HUNTER & GAMMEI.L. Agents Pioneer Line Steamships, 84 Bay Street, Savannah. Reference in New York— Messrs. Spofford, Tilistoh & Cos. may2G _____ OHARLE3 L. COLBY & CO, SHIPPING, COMMISSION AND FORWARDING MERCHANTS. JONES BI.OOK, CORNER BAT AND ABERCORN STREETS. SjAVANNAH, GA. LIBERAL CASH ADVANCES Made on Consignments to the firm of Chas. L. Colbt, of New York, or to our friends in Boston. A. H. IIOLWAY, Resident Partner, REFERENCES:. Messrs. Dabney, Morgan & Cos., New York. Jarivs Slade, Esq., New York Hon. J Wiley Edmands, Boston. Cfordner Colby, Esq., Boston. maylS—tf ON NEW YORK. FOR SALE BY H. BRIGHAM. ap26 ts 93 Bay street. CTEELE & BURBANK, £5 11 Merchants'Row, Hilton Head, 9. C. Call attontion of Wholesale and Hctail purchasers to their snpeiier stock of MILITARY AND NAVAL CLOTHING AND FURNISHING GOODS. Watches, Clocks, Fancy Goods, Jewelry, and Plated Ware, Swords, Sashes, Belts, Embroideries, Bouts, Caps Fi Glasses, Gauntlets Gloves, Ac., <kc., Jtc. 0 O-PARTNERSHIP, The uudefsigned have this day f orrued a co-partner ship under the film mime of Charles 1,. ColDy <fc Cos, for the transaction of business as Shipping, Commis sion aud Forwarding Merchants. CHARLES L COLBY, ALEXANDER H. HOLWAY, S. PAGE EDMANDS. Savannah. Ga., May ltitji, 18C5. ts maylt D W. CAMPBELL, -V ETERINARY SURGEON !.%!• having reopened his office and yard on Wil liam street, fs now prepared to treat (on scientific principles,j all diseases incident to Horses that are susceptible of remedy. Charges moderate. Cures warranted. Terms cash. feblC ts Bakery & confectionery establish^ MENT AT BEAUFORT. YVe respectfully call the attention of the public to our Bakery & Confectionery Establishment in Sara. A Cooley's Building at Beauforf, at which we are prepared promptly to fill any orders which may be for warded to us. Special attention is paid to the man uiacture of Ornamental Pieces, Fancy Confectionery, and Elegant Pastry, for holiday ors estival tables. Feb. 3-ts McMANUS & MURRAY. TICKETS. Citizens interested, are called upon to notice partic ularly the following instructions in reference to their Ration Tickets for the next week. All persons absolutely needy will apply lor Tickets at the "Relief Committee Rooms,” in the Exchange, in the following order, viz: district no. 1. Extending from Bay street, south, to South Broad street, and from Bull street, east, (including Magazine VV ard), to the city limits. Citizens of this District wit be served on Monday and Tueedry next. White fam ilies will be served fiom 9 a. m" to Ip. m. Colored , families from 4p. m. to Cp. m. HI3TRIOT no. 2. Lying east or Bull street aud south of South Broad street, extending to the city limits. Will be served ot> Wednesday and Thursday. Whites from 9a. m. to 1 p. m. ; colored from 4 to 0 p. m. district no. 3. Lying between Bay street aud South Broad street, and from Bull street, west, to West Broad street Will be served on Friday. Whites from 9 a, m. *,o 1 p.- m,; colored irom 4tot>p. m. district no. 4. Lying between Bull and West Broad streets, and from South Broad street, south, to the city limits.— Will be served on Saturday and Monday, May Vth. Whites irom 9a. m. to lp.m.; colored from 4 to C p m. DISTRICT NO. 5. Yainacraw—extendiug Irom the river, south, to New street, between Vtfest Broad street and the canal. Will be served on Tuesday and Wednesday, the Bth and 9th May. Whites from 9a.m. to Ip. m.; color ed from 4 to 0 p ,n. DISTRICT Np. ti. Robertsville. Will be served on Thursday, May 10th. Whites from 9a. m.'to Ip.m. t colored from 4 to C p. >n. J.)ROVOST COURT NOTICE. " On aud after this date, the First Provost Court, Ist Lieut. Ebeu Parsons, Jr., Judge, will be held at the *■'. 8. Court House, corner of Bull and Bay streets. The Second Provost Court, Capt. James M. Walton, Judge, will be held in the room over Adams' Express Co.'s office, corner Bay and Drayton streets. i'ho respective jurisdictions are fixed by General Order No. and all parties having business before said Courts will govern themselves accordingly. By order, PROVOST JUDGES, man’ll ts (JLd newspapers, FOR WRAPPING PAPER, . For sale at the SAVANNAH HERALD OFFICE NO. 11l BAX BTR£ET. mar 22 stnb Ojlotbing. A. TOPHAM, 138 CONGRESS STREET, SAVANNAH, GA,, NO. 7 BOW, UII.TON HEAD, Calls the attention of Wholesale and Retail purchasers to bis superior Stock of MILITARY, NAVAL and CITIZENS' CLOTHING, BOOTS, SHOES, REGULATION HATS, CAPS, and GENTS’ FURNISHING GOODS For sale at the Lowest Market price. Additions to Stock received by every Steamer from New York. may2s-2ut £v“elT’ GENTLEMEN’S FURNISHING EMPORIUM, Corner Bull Street and Bay Lane, Opposite Post Office, SAVANNAH, G A . A FULL AND COMPLETE ASSORTMENT OF FINE FURNISHING GOODS. HATS, CAPS. CLOTHING, UMBRELLAS, NOTIONS, TOILET ARTICLES, &o. may2B—eod2w 0 c. NORvirrr^: CORNER BULL AND BAY STREETS, HAVE JUST RECEIVED THE LARGEST AND MOST COMPLETE STOCK • OF— DRY GOODS. CLOTHING, BOOTS AND SHOES, HATS AND CAPS. EVER OFFERED IN THIS MARKET, Which will be sgld AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, UPON THE MOST FAVOEABI.E TERMS. P AR I NT S . Lawns, latest style* Organdies, Organdie Robes, Ginghams, Jaconets, Mozambiqnes, Bareges, all kinds, Crape Maretz, all colors, MOURNING GOODS. THIS DEPARTMENT 18 COMPI.ETE JN AI.L ITS DETAILS. GLOVES. * Ladies’ and Gents’ Black and Colored Kids, best make, Lisle, all colors, Silk, all colors, * Fillet Mits. HANDKERCHIEFS, Linen Cambric, Hemstitched, Gents’ Printed Borders, Cents’ Silk. HOSIERY Ladies' Black and White Silk, Ladies' Black and White Cotton, Misses’ Black and White Cotton, Children’s Black and White Cotton, Ladies’ and Misses’ Gauze Merino Vests, Gents’ Merino Vests. UMBRELLAS AND PARASOLS, Ribbons, Bonnet and Belt, all kinds. BONNETS White,Black and Colored Straw and Braid Bonnets Ladies’ Misses’ and Children's Flats, In great' va- I riety, A full assortment of Gents’ aad Boys’ Hats. FANS IN EVERY VARIETY. I.AROE AND WELL ASSORTED STOCK OF LADIES’ AND CENTS’ SHOES, CLOTHING. Lineu and Cassimere Summer Suits, * Alapaca Coats, A Full assortment of Military Dress and Fatigue Uniforms. may 20 gTRAW GOODS. Just received from New York a fine Invoice of STRAW’ HATS, Suitable tor the Southern Trade, which will be sold at reasonable prices, ov exchanged for Rice or Cotton. Address, B. J., uiay3l.2t Savannah P. O. gTRAW GOODS. u selected and desirable invoice of Straw Goods, suitable lor the Southern trade, for sale on reasonable terms. Adores* g ,j _ Savannah P. O. jyj OS QUITO NETTING, AT mav2n L. C. NORVELL & CO’S.T’ OFFICE SUPERVISOR OF TRADE, Savannah, May 24th, 1865. (Circular. ] I am instructed by General Orders No. ll.Headquar ters District of Savannah, April 23d, 1865, to collect a tax of 3 per cent, upon all incomes of six hundred ($600; and upwards, from Real Estate. All persons whose incomes from this source exceed six hundred ($600) dollars per annum, will be required to make a return of such property and incomes imme diately, for the month of May. Blank returns for this purpose may be had on appli cation at this office. (Signed) ALFRED NEAFIE, Lt. CoL and Supervisor of Trade, mayis-Wunel • i SAVANNAH, GA„ FRIDAY, JUNE 2, 1860. Jnsurantt. YORK FIRE AND MARINE INSURANCE AGENCY. Insurance on all descriptions of Property here, or on the Ocean, or Inland Navigation, can be obtained, iu three of the largest Fire and Marine Companies iu the City of New York at reasonable rates, by applying to A. A. LANE, Agent. Office in Sorell’s Building, Bull st., up stairs. Savannah. May 31,1865 mayll-U JNSURANCE AGENCY. OCEAN.—RIVER. FIRE. The undersigned hold commissions from the leading Insurance Corporations of New York, representing an aggregate rash Capital ot over FIVE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, and are prepared to issue Policies to cover Fifty Thousand Dollais on one application upon Fire Risks at Savannah and inland towns. Cotton and Merchandise—in transit on the Augusta and Macon Rivers, and Ocean Risks generally. PROMPT SETTLEMFNTOr LOSSES, L: C. NORVELL & CO., may 29—4 Bull street, opposite Post Office. OQLUMBIAN (MARINE) INSURANCE COMPANY OF NEW YORK. CASH CAPITAL ~.53,500,000. The undersigned are prepared to Insure under Open Policy from the above Company to the extent of SIOO,- 00(1 in property in any first class Steamer, and from $50,000 to $75,000 on any first class sailing vessel, on the most favorable New York terms. For further particulars apply to CHARLES L. COLBY & CO Jones Block, corner Bay and Abercorn streets, maylS ts Savannah, Ga. 4 -- j ■■ Headq’rs District of Savannah, , Savannah, Ga., May 26, 1865. | General Orders, I No. 24. ) The following General Order is republish ed for the information of all Concerned: Headqr’s, Department of the South, Hilton Head, S. C., May 15, 1865.) General Orders.? No. 63. > V 1. The proclamation of jfeSfcG. Magrath, styling himself Governor of aßkith Carolina, dated at Headquarters, Cdwmbia, 8011th Carolina, May 2d, 1865, declarhg that all sub sistence stores and the proper of the Con federate States within the limits of the State should be turned over and accounted for by the Agents of the State, appointed for that purpose, and directing that tie subsistence and other stores shall tie used for the relief of the people of the State ; and the proclama tion of Joseph E. Brown, styling himself Go vernor of Georgia, dated at the capitol of that State, on the 3d day of May, 1865, requiring the officers and members of the General As sembly to meet in extraordinary session at the Capitol in Milledgeville on Monday, the 22d day of May, 1865 ; and the proclamation of A. K. Allison, styling himself Acting Gov ernor of Florida, dated at Tallahassee, on the Bth day of April 1865, giving notice and di rection that an election will be hold on Wed nesday, the 7th day of June, 1865, for Gov ernor of the State of Florida ; are, each and all of them, declared null and void, it, having become known to me, from trustworthy in formation, that the aforesaid A. G. Magrath, Joseph E. Brown, and A. K. Allison, are dis loyal to the United States, having committed sundry and divers acts of treason against the 9ame, in adhering to their enemies, giving .hem aid and comfort. The persons and peoples, to whom the proclamations hereinabove referred to have been respectively addressed, are therefore enjoined and commanded to give no heed whatever thereto, or to any orders, procla mations, commissions, or commands, emana ting from persons claiming the right to exer cise the functions aud authority of Governor in either ot the States of South Carolina, Georgia, or Florida, unless the same shall have been promulgated by the advice or consent of the United States authorities. 11. The policy and wishes of the general government towards the people of these States, and the method which should be pur sued by them in iesuming or assuming the exercise of their political rights, will doubt less be made known at an early day. It is deemed sufficient, meanwhile, to an nounce that the people of the black race are free citizens of the United States, that it is the fixed intention of a wise and beneficent government to protect them in the enjoy ment of their freedom and the fruits of their industry, and that it is the manifest and binding duty of all citizens, whites as well as blacks, to make such arrangements and agreements among themselves, lor compen sated labor, as shall he mutually advan tageous to all parties. Neither idleness nor vagrancy will be tolerated, and the - govern ment will not extend pecuniary aid to any persons, whether white or black, wbo are unwilling to help themselves. 111. District and Post Commanders throughout this Department will at once cause this order to be circulated far and wide, by special couriers or otherwise, and will take such steps to secure its enforcement as may by them be deemed necessary. Q A. Gn.i.MORK, Major-General Commanding. T. D. Honor:s, Capt. 36th U. S. C. TANARUS., Act. A9Bt. Adj’tGen’l. The Commanding Officers of the Defences of Savannah, Post of Augusta, Fort Pulaski, and detached commands will see that the above order is circulated, not only within the limits ol their respective commands but throughout the adjacent country. By command of + Brevet Maj. Gen. GROVER. Oliver Matthews, A. A. G. may 27—7 t * HUNT'S MERCHANT'S MAGAZINE FOR MAY. This number coutaius a well written bi ographical sketch of President Lincoln, by Mathew Hale Smith, accompanied by a cap ital engraviug. The first article entitled “Physical Features of the Oil Region,"’ by Professor E. W. Evans, Marietta College is a highly satisfactory and scientific description of the geological features of those sectious of the country denominated the Oil Region.— The second paper, ou “Rail Way accidents, ’ is a highly Instructive article. The Coal Fever, by E. (’. Conaut,. explains the cause of the increasing high prices of this great mineral staple, and shows an intimate knowledge <M the cole here. “The House of Hapsbury in America, by Professor Andrew Ten Broek, is iu continu ation, and presents a succiut narrative. The writer of the article is favorable to the as sumption by Maximilian of the sovereignty of Mexico, aud is opposed to our enforce ment of the Monroe Doctrine. “The Law ol Place where the contract is made,” is discussed under the head of com mercial law. The Commercial Chronicle and Review presents an able and comprehensive course of the commercial and financial events of the last month. The Journal of Banking, Currency and Fi nance is a record of especial value to those concerned in banking, as well as to statieians generally. We ca»uot say that we concur in the views expressed in relation to the de finition of money. The author follows the description of some of those economists who have defined money to be “ any ring that ef fects exchanges' of commodities. This would exclude Ml idea of intrinsic, value, the essen tial property of money. The writer quotes the authority, among others, of Tooke aud Mill in support of this proposition. We are of opinion that if .the opinions of these econ omists are scrutinized, it will be’ found ad verse to this definition ; but if it were other wise, the weight of authority is in favor of the proposition that nothing is money that does not possess intrinsic value, although the functions of currency arc not denied to those various representatives or substitutes for money consisting of bank notes, bills of ex change, bank checks, &c. Os this opinion is Chevelier, Wilson, Gamier, Huskisson and many others. The remainder of this useful publication contains a variety of the statistics of trade aud commerce. EIIOJI COLUMBIA, S. C. Arrest of Governor Magrath. Hi? Address to the People of the State. [Fiom the Charleston Courier 27th ult.] Lieut. George C. Breek, Third New York Artillery, who was scut with a detachment of fifteen men ou a mission to Columbia, S. C., arrived in this city at seven o’clock Satur day evening with ex-Governor A.G.Magrath. The latter, on his arrival was immediately driven in a carriage from the rail road depot to the steamer Anna Maria, which soon after left fo%Hilton Head. The Governor on the route was in good spirits, and took his arrest as a matter of course. Lieut. Breek deserves the highest credit for the successful performance of his mission. On his first arrival in Columbia he took up his quarters in the College Campus, and met with a very kind and hospitable reception from the citizens. From reports w hich he had received of a bitter feeling still existing in the interior he had been led to expect, with his small guard, some demonstration of hos tility. He, however, kept ou, and, reaching Columbia, delivered Gen.Gillmore’s despatch es to Governor Magrath’s Secretary, the Gov - ernor having left ou a visit to his family at Spartanburg. A courier was despatched after him, hut not returning, Lieutenant Breek, after wait lug a short time for an answer started on his return. Upon reaching Oiungelmrg he touud despatches from General Hatch, or dering him to return and arrest A. G. Ma grath. He immediately started' back, and on tiis second arrival found the Goverurr awaiting him, having already issued a proc lamation recalling his order in relation to the subsistence stores, and an address to the people of South Carolina, aud indicating his authority as" Executive of the State. The Governor surrendered himself to Lieutenaut Breek without of a desire to avoid arrest. We are indebted to Lieutenant Breek for copies of the Phcenix of the 24th and 25th instant, the latter containing the address to the people. The following is a copy : Executive Department, > Columaia, May 22, 1865. > To the People of' South Carolina : I have this day received information of an order issued by Major-General Q. A. Gill more. I deem it proper, without delay, to present to you for your information, such portions thereof as affect me and concern you ; because they create for you a conflict with the forces of the United States, which can only be avoided by my forbearauce to exercise the functions of the Executive De partment of the State. [Here follows General Gillmore"s order in relation to the rebel Governors of South Car olina, Georgia and Florida.] I cannot, under ail the circumstances which surround you, expose you to the con sequences which will be produced because of any effort on my part—fruitless, if not mischievous, as it must be—to exercise those functions which you in your confidence have committed to me. Nor am I willing that, without such consequences to vou, while in the Executive Chair of the State, shall I be PRICE, 5 CENTS held forth to the world charged with crime: without the most positive declaration, that I am reaily to meet aud repel it, wherever aud by whomsoever made. In that peculiar condition of our affairs, which is now disclosed to you, I feel that my duty, whether considered in regard to myself as your Executive, or to you as a people whose welfare is dear to me, is at once plaiu and imperative. I will not introduce within this State discord or contention. I will not allow myself to furnish the occasion by which a single atom of suffering can be added to that load which now weighs so heavily upon you. I will not give opportunity for conflict between the Government of this State and the Government of the .United State.B. The functions, therefore, of the Executive are suspended by me from'this day. Under other circumstances and at other times, l would pause in doing that which I now do without hesitation;and with a perfect conviction that it is due to you that it should be done, The exercise of the executive pow er in the proclamation of the 2d May, 1865, which was complained of, has been rectified and the proclamation recalled. Before my letter was received containing the explana tion of the circumstances which led to the proclamation, these orders have been issued; in which because of “trustworthy informa tion” of “disloyalty” and “suadry and divers acts of treason,” the functions of the Gover nor of the State are suspended and bis au thority denied. To exercise my functions in the face of these orders, is to invoke force to sustain me in opposition to that which will he displayed against me. Such a contest could have hut one result while to those in the State who would give their support to the Executive, must come penalties and suf fering, without, the possibility of advantage. Whatever, therefore, may be the feeling which belongs to me as a mau or a citizen, in a case like this where conviction precedes the hearing, and sentence comes before the trial; I feel that it becomes me to be mindful of the considerations which involve your peace and affect your welfare. I have said to you before, I say to you now, the war [is over, hostilities have ceased: and it is your duty to forbear opposition which is hopeless —contest which is unavailing—and reconcile to yourselves that submission which the Gov ernment of the United States can impose, and you cannot resist. While the considerations which I have now expressed lead me to this forbearance in the exercise of the functions of the Executive Department of the State, I owe it to myself, to you, to the State, the Legislature of which, according to the Constitution of this State, elected me the Governor of the State, to make my protest against the power claimed and exercised by Gen. Gillmore. It involves a question which concerns not alone this State, hut all the States of the United Slates. It affirms a principle which it is not neces sary now for me to discuss. Whatever may be youx condition, unavail ing resistance on your part will but make it worse. With an earnestness of the sincerity of which I need not give you assurance, I urge upon you the resumption of your peace ful pursuits, and the adaptation of yourselves to those changes which may tie made in yonr condition. Do not be misled by excitement; give no heed to passion; deal resolutely with tacts; look the truth calmly in the face; spill no more blood ; accept with the dignity which even mistortuue can command, the condition which you cannot avert. In thus suspending the active exercise of the duties ot my office, I do so with the most earnest wish that your sufferings may soon find mitigation and relief: that you nmy retrieve the waste and loss of prosperi ty which yon have eudured in the progress of the war, and that you may experience those blessings, intellectual, social and moral, which, under the favor of God, were the great ends which I desired to accom plish. To have succeeded in these would have secured to me a reward, the richest and only inheritance which 1 could have left to my children. With regard to myself, so far as I am af fected by the charges which are made against me, I am ready to answer to them or to any of them. At any time or place, when or where my presence may be de sired or required for investigation,! shall be. if notified thereof, with the least pos sible delay. Whatever I have said, I believe to he true ; whatever I have done, I believe to lie right. And with this consciousnes of the rectitude of my purpose and of-the in tegrity of my conduct, I shall not avoid, delay or hinder the closest scrutiny that can be devised. To you, among whom I was horn ; to you, with whom my whole life has been spent; to" you, whose confidence I have enjoyed; to. you, whose testimony I feel I could well in voke for my conduct, I have but to express the pain which lips condition of the State has cost me, and to wish you all the happi ness which a people are ever permitted to enjoy, A. G. Magrath. The 2"» th Ohio regiment, Lieutenant Col. Haughton, arrived at Columbia Thursday evening. They are to constitute the perma nent post garrison of Columbia. The Phoe nix, noticing the arrival of these troops, says .- “With their arrival, we learn that Gov. Magrath has been notified that he is under arrest, on the charge of high treason, and that lie will take his departure this day, via Charleston, for the city of Washington.” Still Later. We are indebted to Captain J. R. Gilimore, of General Gillinore’s Staff, who has just ar rived from Columbia, for the Phoenix of the 2»Jth and 27th instant. They contain nothing oi special interest. Hon. T. J. Goodwin had resigned his office as Mayor of the city of Columbia, and J. G. Gibbs, Esq., was elected to fill his place. The Phoenix of Friday, 2<>th inst., says : % Governor Magrath was arrested and take., off in an ambulance, uodcr the escort of a lieutenant and two soldiers, about 2 P. M. yesterday. The great body of the most res pectable citizeus waited upon him during the morning, before his departure, expressing their sympathy and respect. That such an arrest should take place in 'the capital of South Carolina, aud in the case of its'Execu tive, should be conclusive as to the completg moral and physical prostration of the countjy.