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Savannah daily herald. (Savannah, Ga.) 1865-1866, June 22, 1865, Image 3

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TH« ftcfMMt lk( t'a« of INF WltlU H#«l* GfoiiUds for « FoaHh Os Jaly Celebration. A deputation iroin the colored people of this city waited upon the President on the 17th, and requested permission to hold a cel ebration of the Fourth of July in the grounds attached to the Executive mansion. The President stated to them that as these j grounds were pnbiic property, of which he was merely the custodian, he felt that it would not be proper to grant exclusive priv ileges in them to any class of ictizens, and he therefore declined to grant the request. Personal.—-The numerous friends efMr. L. A- Dodge, will be glad to hear of his rapid recovery trom his recent indisposition. THE IST PROVOST COURT Will be closed for three days, the Judge having business at Hilton Head. June 20 3t pOR A FINE CONGRESS GAITER, GO TO IVES' , OI«l Eyes Made N{\r WITHOUT SPECTACLES, DOCTOR OH MEDICINE Pamphlet mailed free on receipt often cents. Address E. B. FOOT I ' .M. D., No. 11110 Broadway, New York. j ala. 7 otcl l^rribiils. PORT ROYAL HOTEL (HILTON HEAD) JUNE 20. J W Watson, New York jE F God ward, Savannah Lt F A Uktn, 18 Ind VoU |Col Bennett and lady. H Rowling. Hilton Head i Char baton L Jdatnana, SC T Kaiser, Charleston Mi s it Benton, Phila pipping it! diligence. PORT OF SAVANNAH, JUNE 21 Arrived. Steamship America, New York, to Brigham, BnajVin k Cos: eteamer Loyalist. Hoffman. Charleston; tog a.ailignc, Anderson, Hilton illtad U S gunboat Mas sachusetts dy. ' , POET OF PORT ROYAL, United Stater atcaru Transport Fulton., W.otton Com manner, trom New York, June 18th, to Port Royal S C rjP*BMJtatas—-Brto Oen j£ a Wild and 2 servants,’ Mai Snrg J R Blglow, Asst Surg F Petard, CaptC u Robbins, (.apt R .lohnson, Capt T N Barker. Cipt J E Brady, Capt J E Callagaha Capt B H Manning. Lieut G *1" u * k, ’ l '« Lt E E Holmes, Lt J A Miilett, i “S. d k, L . t AOardlnp r, Rev T R Noble and Metcalf, ’l l Callicott, Mrs M Willingham, Mrs L Nrheliur,Master l Pollard. C C Graro. W .1 Dumas, M A Harrtm John (iowdy. JasClowuu. S H Stocker, "A A Alistou, t, ti Jervey, L> B Seulord, .1 M Casey. I. HWinsc ku l ’i AC Williams. \V BYoung. U ti Howard, H T Rivers, G Davis, it LBenbow, C C T lO n' ''"T’ I ,' 4 K “K L Koss, uS \. Master K A .{nmH, I SN. t o!' G A Shallenoecgei, W S Sliallenher t®i’* —50 Cabin, l,uOo Sc^prsgp. Cleaved. Steamer : Hoffm in. Hilton Head; U S Grant' Briggs, do; \meppat (, Bliss, Isle of Hope- Achilles, Clit Krd, do; Stsamsl.ij, Caroline, Phillips, New York, Hun ter x Gammell. • ETPOitru—i casks rice, 22 bales domestics, 2 boxes of boohs, . Mtajfio, 4 boxes Tobacco, 14 bales wool 2 tee tdliow ciiil v> <ir, 1 cast* hardware, til bbls iron, 2 do metal, 6u ol*j ioosi iron, lr» bags wool, 28 bbls bacon, 18 I'bD, Id kegs, 0 boxes, repackages freight, Ac. P*saiJivii us--Miss Marv Smith, Miss Mary Lute, Mrs ‘ Hull, Mrs Robert Erwin, Masters Robert and John Jit- Miss Witeeler, Miss J Uoullidet, Miss A Hardin, H Wiliams, W VvAv, G J Barnes. J Wlieelej, A Wood ndi, Capt Beard; C V Ra.vWc.od,*, p Sherman, Mrs E B Wb.ta, Mhs L Wilson, Miss M”t, Oiinu Jlesa, Miss u iLjiui'h. ill*. Cosgrove, J M Mattlieo J a Roberts Mis J A Roberts, E V \v bite, W u. nio.m, Geo Savage. A Hop. ‘“'f; J 0 . Ue,luio > N -Hess, L Ettson, £ C Chippen. J H Baldwin, F Jteiy, E T Drown, W A Millur. H DeWitt, Mr Aiosnortb, L quail, J Matthews and 2 children, Airs SBussen, L Vogle, J H Muller. J Rice, G F Barrett. C W XiiXj F UnoTvletf, and a tow iu the steerage, JltrimrtistinHits.. JPUNERAL INVITATION, ihe friends and relatives of Ih,.m m . £> and Annie Dow ning are respectfully invited to attend the funeral of their youngest child MARGARET, this morning at 10 o’clock, from St. Julian street, one door from Price. jjoARL* To be obtained in a respectable tamtiy Apply at ttus office m 2; 3 ROOMS TO LET, AT HILTON HEAD, S. Palmetto Herald Building having been Newly ritted l p, now offers large and airy rooms, suitable lor sleeping Apartments or business purposes tor terms apply to W. S. Sampson, Jr.Tßox No. £5, Head OUico, or on me promises, corner of Merchants’ Row and Palmetto Avenue, from 4 o’clock to fe o’clock p. m. j n22 LINE F6 R NE W YORK. The new and elegant steamship AMERICA, Capt, Ciift, wil! ieave tor that port on SATURDAY MORNING, At eight o’clock precisely. i or Height or passage apply to Jtl2 * BRIGHAM, BALDWIN & COV E °R NEW YORK. ~ ~ ~ The A No I tteamer CITY' OF PORT Aft PRINCE will sail on FRIDAY, JUNE 23n. At 4 o’clock p. ra. For freight or Passage apply to GADEN & UNCKLES, Agents. ■* IV " c>r. Bay and Barnard streets. jpLRST BOATS FOR AUGUSTA : " WILL POSITIVELY BE TOWED BY STEAM. No Freight will be received by Enterprise Line No. 1 & bd 2 after six o’clock thLs evening. these Boats are first class and perfectly secure frem the weather. _ 1 M. 11. WILLIAMS.. pER STEAMER AMERICA. o- n^°. r ° ® tarc * 1 ’ Tapioca, Farina, Fig Blae, Col u. mli 0i “ P A Aclaaiantme Candles, Goshen Butter, Lard 1 r, Naccaroni. Vermacelli, Raisins and Figs, ■ *,,on, currants. Nutmegs, Olive oil, Sardines, Ac. Now landing, and for sale by jU _!! , HILTON & RANDALL. qqlgatk * co:, r STARCH AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS 63 and 05 John street, and 4, c and 8 Dutch street, NEW VOBE Bowles Colgate, at the Pulaski House, will be clad to be informed, by any of their old corresnomlenu *»d Mends, now in Savannah, where he 'jw sk* vo*K fcimuD “THE LEADIN G DEMOCRATIC NEWSPAPER." ■ THE BEST AND MOST ENERGETIC NORTHERN JOURNAL." TERMS, INVARIABLY IN ADVANCE. >iii.i tnitios . One copy, one year, by mail flu SEMI WEKKI.V EDITION. (Published on Tuesday and Friday in each jp,-ek ; One copy, one year, by mail ,$ 4 00 Three copies, do. do 10 00 Five ‘ do do. do. 8. 16 t.O « WEEK!. V EDITION. (Published on Wednesday in each week.; One copy, one year, by mail $ 2 uo Four topics do. do 7 00 Ten do. do. do 17 00 Twenty do. do. 10 one address 30 00 * An Exilic Corr to the Getter-vp or Evert Ciuii *• of Ten. FOR SALE BY ALL NEWSPAPERS. Address,— THE WORLD, jn27-2 n*> Park Row, New York. OTICE TO CONSIGNEES^ Consignees are hereby not isled to receive their goods now landing from steamer America, at the foot of Lincoln street. Freight payable.on the wharf before the delivery of goods. ju22-l BRIGHAM, BALDWIN 4 CO RAILROAD SPIKES WANTED Any one having Railroad Spikes in the city can dis pose of them by application at Central Railroad depot to GEORGE W. ADAMS, ju22 1 . General Superintendent. Reynolds, PHVTT *i co~ ** (Established “in 1770.; Majhtactubebs, Lmpoetebs and Wholesale Dealers in WHITE LEAD, . ZINC WHITE, COLORED PAINTS, OILS AND VARNISHES, ARTISTS’ AND PAINTERS' MATERIALS. PETROLEUM AND ITS PRODUCTS, Nos. 106 and lj)8 Fdlion St., j«22 lm NEW YORK. MONEY. Being desirous tor an Historical purpose, of obtain ing specimens ol' the Paper Money issued by the Con tinental Congress, especially those dated May 20th, 1777. and April llth. 1778; also, of Virginia, North and South Carolina and Georgia, issued previous to the year 1800, I should like to obtain such and will pay a liberal price for them Address • „„ BENJAMIN HARRIS, _jn22: l No. 27 4’ortlandt street. New York. ■]\J OTICE The Regular Annual Meeting of the Stockholders of the Southern Insurance and Trust Company will be held at the office of the Company, in Savannah, on WedHcsday, 19th July, 1800, lor the purpose of elect mg pheCtora for the ensuing year, aud for the tran saction of such, other business as may be brought be fore the meeting. H. BRIGHAM, President, ‘ Per J. C. McNULTY, J_ u .* 2 11 Assistant Secretary. jgOOK TRADE SALE. ROOM 49s BROADWAY, N. Y. Public and Private Libraries sold and prompt return in cash Parties having Libraries to dispose of by sending them soon will have them properly Catalo gued and sold this Fall to the very best advantage— If desired, a liberal advance in cash will lie made im mediately on reoeipt of the books This Fall will be especially favorable foi the sale of Books at good prices. Ship direct to my address, J E. COOLEY, 498 Broadway, New York. jn22 ,; ■pOR A FINE NECK TIE, GO TO IVES’ HEADQ'RS POST OF SAVANNAH, Savannah, Ga., June 21, 1860. General Order,) No. 47. j It being necessary that the Street Gas Lamps of this city should be repaired and lighted, so that .good or der may be kept and the personal safety of the people guaranteed at night, it is hereby ordered as a military necessity during the military occupation of Savannah I. That the Gas Company of the city furnish the Gas for the street lamps, light and extinguish them, sup j>iy all broken glass, keep the lamps clean and supply | four leer, burners therefor. The lamps will be Indited from dusk to daylight, except on moonlight tights, but on those aights when the moon sets eat Her than eleven o’clock p. m., they shall be lighted as though there was no moon. The Company will execnte lhis order forthwith. 11. The municipal authorig|k of the city are re quested to have such of posts aiid service pipes as requiro repairs immediately put in order. The Gas Company will be required to do this work and furnish the Superintendence thereof, charging the city only actual cost, if the municipal authorities so elect. HI. That the Gas Company will be paid monthly,at the rate of thirty-three dollars per annnm tor each lamp actually lighted by them according to the re quirements of Section I of this order. This payment will be mude by the Post Treasurer out of the Post fund upon certificates of service ren dered and light furnished, made in duplicate, verified by the oath of the President of the Gas Company and approved by the General Commanding. By Command of Brevet Brig. Gen. S L. WOODFORD. Edwabd G. Dike, A. A. G. ju22 » ~ OFFICE PROVOST MARSHAL, „ • District of Savaunab, June 21,1860. Capt. Cuables H. Cox, Provost Marshal Post of Savannah: I.send you herewith Circular, relating to the wear ing ol the so-called Conlederate unitorm, which you will cause the Police force of the city to see executed. The order is intended to prevent the .wearing of any part 01 tae uniform aud not dimply to have the in*ig* nia ol rank removed, but does not prevent the wear ing of grey clothing. The wearing of all military clothing or trimmings by any person# except those who are m the service of the L filled State*, Is in violation of orders from the War Department, and you will at once take proper measures to prevent it within the limits ofvoirt Post (Signed] ROBT. P. Y'ORK, Lt. Col. 75tb N. Y. V., and Provnel Marshal District of Savannah, Ga. OFFICE PROVOST MARSHAL, ' District of Savan^Am. Savannah, Oa., May Bth. 1865 Cibculab. lam instructed by the Brevet Major Gen. Com manding to notify all persons Whom It may concern: That hereafter any person lound upon the etreets or In any other public place, dressed In the uniform of an officer of tue so-called ‘■Conlederate Service,” will be immediately arrested and held for trial for misde meanor, before the id Provost Court. ROBT. P. YORK, Heat Col. 76th N. Y. Vols, and Provost Marshal District of Savannah. ju22 7 J. D. BiRdCSt J. T. WALSH, ArcTtoNEkn. Thi* day, June 22d, will be sold at A. low;* Wharf, landing from steamer America, at 10 o'clock, 50 bushels Prime Corn. 500 bushels Prime Oats. In quantities to suit purchasers. Terms cash. JU-2 Slants. 'J'KACHEHS WANTED, Several Teachers are Wanted for tue Pchlio Scuooi.s of Savannah. Applications will be received by the Military Super intendent of Free Schools until Saturday, Ju'ne24ih, at his office in the Free School Building, corner of Charlton and Drayton streets, between the hours of It) a. m. and 12|m. ju2l 5 J7KEIGHT WANTED FOR AUGUSTA. The Enterprise boats Nos. 1 aid 2 will leave for Au gusta from Demund’s Cotton Press, on Tuesday next. 20th inst.. having a good porti.o of their cargo en gaged, aud are ready to receive the balance at anv time up to Monday evening. For further particulars cnquiic of M. H. WILLIAMS. jul7 cor. Bryan streee |nd Market Squarc. -—!—SBHHH—BRSHS—saHHSSeaHBSBWP'SHSaS JVES' IS COR. BULL STREET AND BAY LANE.| RICHARDSON A BARNAR ) COMMISSION AND SHIPPING MERCHANTS Bav Street, Oppobith Ma;' Chcbou. SAVANNAH, GA. Refer to Messrs. G. M. Barnard 4] Cos.. Boston. ju2o ts P. LOPEZ & CO., Corner of Bull and Street, SAVANNAH, GA. Has just received a fine lot oij Genuine Havana Se gars, viz; CABANAS BREVAS. PATRIA ESPARTIROH, CUBARfiAS IjONDRES, , FLOR Dk GOMES. ju2o 3 jyj'ACKY, HOGG & CO., GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS. No. 2 Stoddard's Block, opposite Custom House. SAVANNA!, GA. Having opened a House at ifae above staud, in con nectipn with our House in fihiladelphia, we offer to the Trade— -260 barrels Bourbon and Rye Hams lireakfastßacon and Shouldtrs. Bagged Beef, Lard Broom , Washboarda, Llrn‘ it hogsheads, 4c, Consignments to%ur Houa* in Philadelphia solici ted. MAC"' ’’ '"'"fiCo, No. 2 Sto’d ' i Block. Say mnah, Ga. jn2o-lm 26 Souih.W*lir straat, Badadelphia. RIVER AGRICIJLTRAL WORKS. GRIFFINfI, BROTHER »fe CO., Propbietobs, 5S ASH CO CotTBU.A.NH STREET. N E W V O ft -K , Manufacturers of Plows, Yarrows, Cultivators, ('ot irm Sweeps, Oorn’Mills, Coton Gin?, Ac. Every implement wanted by the Planter, Also, dealers m Field and Garden Seeds. Also, Agents lor Bruce’s Concentrated Manue Bone, &c. Send for oireular. ju-ju ~m L COHEN, | COM MISSION MERCHANT, * . FOR THE SALE /ND PURCHASE ALL DESCRIPTIONS OF MERCHANDIS, No 204 Bbo v Street, AUGUSTA, G* A . _juU m * KIRNZLE WHOLESALE a«D RETAIL DEALERS « —u.n— ALES, WINES AND LAGER BIER OUR HOUSE, « 105 BAY ITEEKT, RUN, BRO & BURLS, WHOLESALE DEALERS Vs -I" ■ jl . . ■ ALES, WINES AND LIQUORS, Corner Wihtakeb Street anj> Bat Lane, ORDERS PROMPTLY FILLED AND DELIVERED. _ju2l_ ______ -_J G EO R CRUMP & CO.. AUCTION AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 209 Broad Stbeit. Acopsta. Ga. ju2» 2m gUNDRIES. ISO bal<n Hay, 100 barrels Western Flour, 100 butdiete Oats, _ 100 hoabete Corn, Landing from schooner Witch Queen, and lor sale by RICHARDSON & BARNARD Bay street* opposite Mariners’ Church, jn'.’O tl‘ Savannah, Ga pLNANCIAL • REM O V A .1, James H. Falconer, late Thomas Dixon, Dealer in Foreign Exchange, has removed to 49 William, be tween Wall and Pine streets, NeW York. » Bills on the Royal Bank of Liverpool in sums to suit purchasers. ju2l-2w_ 'J’HE NEW SKIRT FOR 1865. A wonderful invention for Ladles Unquestionably superior to all others. Don’t fail to read the advertisement in. the Savankah Hjteai.p, containing fall psi/tlculsre, every Monday morning. ' edexM3sto^mar£l ~~~ - Jj>Oß NEW YORb. FREIGHT AND PASSAGE. THE FINK Al. CLIPPER SCHOONER RITH H. BAKER, Will commence loading for the above port on Monday the 2lst inst., at foot or Whitaker street, and will clear on Thursday, the 29th. Has superior accommodations for passengers. First Cabin, S3O Steerage, $lO. Apply to . C. L. COLBY 4 CO., jn2o to Corner Bay and Abercorn sts. STEAMER FOR SALE An Don SIDE-WHEEL. HIGH PRESSURE RIVER STEAMER, Drawing 22 Inches of water. Hall 165 feet tong; 26 teet Beam : 5 feet 6 inches depth of hold: has two in clined Engines. 20 inches diameter of cylinder, 6 feet stroke. Also, a Donkey Steam Pump. The lower deck it clear for freight, and thp passenger accommo dation is above. She is well adapted for trad eon a shoal water river. Is entirely new, welland substan tially built, and will lie sold at a bargain. Apply to PUSEY, JONES <fc CO., Iron Steamboat Building. Wilmington, Delaware. jut 7 lnt TO CONSIGNEES. Consignees per steamer City of Port an Prince are nodded that she will commence discharging to-mor row, the 21st inst. Parties having goods op boavd wdl hand in their rer mits aud come prepared to pay their freight upon Ihe wharf jn2l GADEN 4. UNCKLES, Agents, ■■ -f . 1 "*■ ■■■ —■*-. pORT ROYAL. HOUSE, HILTON HEAD. R. C. RIDDELL 4 HUGO, Propbietobs. e. e. aiDDELL, m. e. Bean. Ju3-tt _ p V U LA S K I HOUSE, SAVANNAH, GA. BARTELS % RIDDELL, PnopßisToas. J. O. BARTELS. E. S. RIDDELL. fti3-tr pOR YOUR TOILET ARTICLES. GO TO IVES’. * OTICE, The Proprietor of the SAVANNAH CITY FLOUR MILLS, Begs to announce to his numerous patrons that he has made a numoer of improvements in the machinery at tached to his establishment, aud is now prepared to furnish his customers with a fill) supply of the best GRITS AND MEAL and everything that can be expected from a FIRST-CLASS MILLING ESTABLISHMENT He pledges himself to always sell hh Goods and do his work 23 PER CENT LESS for the beneflt of the citizcus, than many of his com petitors. He is prepared to grind Wheat and Corn at the customary ,U toll, and in addition will, as above stated, always be prepared to furnish his friends with everything in the old style." His place of business is at the well-known spot at the FOOT OF BROUGHTON STREET. Jul 9 ll poWLE 4 CO., NO 70 BROADWAY, NgW YORK, Formerly of Alexandria, Va * IMPORTERS OF RAILROAD IRON, AND— DEALERS IN RAILROAD SECURITIES AND RAILROAD SUPPLIES, Oe. E vr r v Description. Are prepared to contract for the delivery of rails either f. o. b. in Wales or ex-ship at any desired Pert, jul9 6 £ '■pj SHIPPERS OF COTTON AND OTHER 1 SOUTHERN PRODUCE. FENNER, BENNETT 4 BROWN, Successors to Hotchkiss, Fenner & Bennett. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, No, 4i* Ve3kv Street, Your. And Memphis, Tenn Thomas Fen-neb, Henry Bennett, t). W. Bowman. jul9 6m RIDDELL St MURDOCK, AOENTB FOR ISRAEL 8. SEAJ.Y, Wholesale Dealers In ALES, WINES and IMPORTED LIQUORS Os all Kinds aud Qualities. No 5, MER C H TS ■ ROW, Hu ton Heap, S. C _Junel • lmo JP RE S H IMPORTATION -orjy SEGARS AN H TOBACCO * NO. lit BAY STREET, LKTWTEN VV'U 1T.k14.E8 ANP BAJIN.VILD STBS&Ttf. JACOB LAN'ASDORF & CO. Have just received from their well known House in Philadelphia, a large and well assorted stock of CIGARS. Consisting of all the different brands, as wall as large stocks ot SMOKING AND CHEWING TOBACCO. Os various kinds, which they offer for sale at WHOLESALE PRICES Dealers are particularly requested to call and exam - ine the stock, Jfi9 1 m 3500 TONa , OK , ENGLISH RAILS, Os best quality, 60x58 per lineal yard. For sale by jnl9 6m FOWLE St CO. :^rHISKEY'. TWENTY BARRELS OLD BOURBON WHISKEY. . For sale to close Consignment at Three Dollars and Twenty-five centa per gallon, . Apply to W.TT ADAMS, iu2l 3 . No. 95 Bay street, VARIETIES. (CORNER BROt onitlN AND JEFFERSON BTUXETe,; (Formerly St. Andrew’s Hall”; W. P. Swfatnam. . Sole Leasee and Manager M. Frfjberthyber Musical Director THURSDAY EVENING, JUNE 20, 1966. The Celebrated and intensely amuaing Petite Comedy of MR. AND MRS. PETER WHITE, In which Messrs, Milton, earner. Blance. Misaea Lot tie Howland. Elate St. Leon and Manila St. Leon will appear. OvcßTrax, Oacurm Oh. dat dar Banjo, , Sweatuun Song, Comic, W. Wallaoe Half Bushel Jig, . Master Charlie DEAF IN A HORN. W. P. Swkatnam and Wn. Waxlac* Select bailed Miss Lottie Howland And the Roaring Farce of the HAUNTED fIOUSE, Cafds of Admission.’. 76c. Orchestra Scats $1 00 Colored Boxes (up-stairs; 76c. Doors open at 7%. Overture begins at Sjjf, Special Notice. —Alee, Wines, Tobacco, 4c., may he obtained at tbe. Refreshment Saloon, adjoining the Hall. jeM-l JJNION THEATRE, HILTON HEAD. A. H. Davknpobt and Lewis Fobeet Manaoebe Fodbtb Week or toe Htoutv Pbospeboos Season I OPEN EVERY EVENING. COMEDY. FARCE. DRAMA. Dancing and Singing by a Large and Talented Company. LA BELLE LOUISE. The Beautiful Danse use and VocaHtt. The citizens of Savannah and vicinity visiting Hilton Head will always find an opportunity of passing a most agreeable evening The Theatre Is located on Merchants' Row, between the Palmetto Herald Bulding and Mulligan's new and pxteusive Billiard Saloon. ju2l-2 JJjRUGS, MEDICINES AND CHEMICALS. A choice selection of DRUGS, • MEDICINES, CHEMICALS, PATENT MEDICINES > and TRUSSES, Jt'BT LANDED FBO M NEW TOBK. Apothecaries, Planters, ang traders from the interi or, can he supplied at the shortest notice, I can warrant every article aa being pare. A large quantity of European LEECHES, finest quality. All tbe Patent. Medicines extant on hand. One hundred cases Jacobs' Dysenteric Cordial. ALL WILL BE SOLD LOW FOR CASH, WHOLESALE AMD RETAIL AT APOTHECARIES’ HALL, a Corner Broughton and Barnard streets. N, B.— Fresh Garden Seeds W. M. WALSH, • }ulC-3in Proprietor. JVEB HAS PHOTOGRAPH VIEWS OF SAVANNAH. TO CONTRACTORS. ENGINEER’S OFFICE. i Atlantic and Gclf Kallboad. v Savannah, Ga., June 90,1866. ) Proposals will be received at this office until the Oth or July next for the reconstruction of the Atlantic and Gulf Railroad; including all Bridging and Tradk laying aud furnishing of all Material except Iron,frotn the Little Ogeechee Bridge, inclusive, to the Main Bridge of the Allamaha, including jMorgan Lake Tres- The work to be completed within sixty (601 days from the date of contract, J. T. STONE. Chief Engineer. Office in Stoddard's Building, np stairs, oppositethe Post Office. Augusta papers copy one week and send bill to Sa vannah Republican office Ju2l ts QLAS9 ! GLASS !! D. 8. SCHANCK * SON, (Formerly Sosavk St Dowkimw,; Established 1867. « : Importers and Dealers p FRENCH WHfDOW. COACH, CAn, and * PICTURE GLASS. ’ —ALSO,— COLORED. AND ORNAMENTAL GLASS, ROUGH PLATE GLASS FOR FLOORS and SKYLIGHTS, • From If to I* inches thick. OLD DEPOT, 46 AND 47 CHAMBERS STREET. NEW YORK. jul3-lmo PERKINS Jfc <jp. COMMISSION MERCHANTS. No. 65 Eboad Stbxet, NEW YORK. jnlo lm NEWS-DEALERS AND OTHERS DESIRING Ta* Savannah Daily Hebai.o at Wholesale are re quested to send in their otiara as early hr advance as practicable. R W. MASON A CO.