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Savannah daily herald. (Savannah, Ga.) 1865-1866, August 18, 1865, Image 4

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The Savannah Daily Herald. ran) at. *rci sT I*. > »•». t--* ■■ UAVII) lIBOWN. L—lS€2. V “ Now. Brown," said I, as I turned down the bedquilL preparatoiy to getting into bed, -you've been at it again!" “At what?” quoth Brown. - “■Why shaking the leathers all over to vour side’ of the bed. I won't stand it. now. that's all." And I gave the bed another in dignant dig with my fiats. lirown lull back on his chair and langhed mmoderately. ,4 0b, you may laugh,” I growled, ‘but, bv George, its no fun. You “re always up to some hoggish Tiick, and I say it’s no fun. I’ll give Mrs. Scoavie notice to-morrow —see if I don’t. I pay as much hoard as you do, and I won’t be come it over this way any more." “Oh, now, what’s the use of getting grouty. Pomeroy? said Brown, as.He kicked his boots across the room. “Grouty! Wbowouldnt get grouty? I don't come games*on you. A fellows enough to bear about this miserable boarding ■house, without you to make it worse." “ Now, Pom, let the boardinghouse alone. Boarding houses are all alike. Sirs. Scoavle gives as good as any one else for the money." “ Oh, you can stand anything. I never see such’a fellow as you are. You'd get along in a coal-bin.” “ You don’t mean-it, Pomeroy! What a beast you are getting to be! ’’ “ Don’t like the place you fixed for, me, do you ? Y ou'll sleep there though, or you'll haul me out of bed." With that I smuggled myself under the quilts, as if determined to die there in de fense of my rights. Brown laughed a good natured laugh as he buttoned his night shirt. “ 1 guess we won't fight to-night,” said he, “ its too late." ' ’Then he turned off the gas and got into bed. Brown and I boarded at a cheap boarding house, where theaccommodations were graua • ated very closely down to the price—which I don't mind telling vpu was four dollars a week. The same style of board costs about . twice as much now, you know. We w ere leliow-clerks in a railroad office, and our salaries were precious small. I was a regular growler. Everything went wrong with me. Did you over notice that people who are the hardest to please —people who find fault with everything—generally get the worst of every thing ? That smy ex perience in hoarding houses sud out of them. 1 used to think Mrs. tscoavlc was a regular skiufiintess, and everything in and about her house at wrong ends. I should have left her a dozen times but lor that selfish Blown —as 1 dublied him. aud as I believed him. I was five years older than Brown, but, somehow or other, he used to do pretty much as he pleased with me. There was'something cu riously fascinating about the fallow, notwith standing he was such a hog—always looking cut tor Number One—a \ ery prihee of .selfish ue„s —must be, or how could he get bloug so uicely? He was high in favor with .fin. Scoavle and the servant gills, while I was quite the reverse. If you ever boarded out you know wbat that amounts to. The chamber maid used to do eveiythiug she could to please Brown and vex me; that map ter of the feathers was her work, ot course, but how could I know it ? Brown never en lightened me. That was the worst of it. f \ hen 1 called him a hog he would laugh in my face as though he enjoyed it. The table girls used to look out lor nun in just the same way. If there was a knife with the handle that wobbled, you may be sure he never got it. I generally did. 1 The next morning Brown was out ot bed bright and early, lor it was a holiday with us, and that was a rare thing. He made his toilet cheerily, humming a little song, aud. pulling on his best boots, w hen 1 got up aud proceeded to make my abulations. "Now, then, Brown, where’s the soap ?” said I, in much vexation. “1 dpn t know,” he replied. “I haven’t seen any soap. 1 got along without." I looked at him incredulously. “Ob, don't stand there staring at me as if ml was a funeral, 1 haven t swallowed the soap. . . “Then where is it ?” “I say I don t know. It may be in- your boots lor all I can teli.” I looked iu my boots, half suspecting to find it there, and then washed myself rebel liously. “Hang meif I don’t give Airs, bcovale a going over tor this,” said 1, as 1 took up my patent leather gaiters to rub them otf. i found the soap iu one of them. ‘Now, then.” 1 cried triumphantly, “here it is! I'd like to know-how-tile soap got into my Sunday gait ers. ’ 1 presume you It say you didn’t put it there.” ••I suppose oue of us must have dropped it there; said he. “Yes, I dare say one of us did," was my angry response, At dinner that day we had green peas— the first of the season. I was very loud of green peas. So is Brown. We ate them with a relish, and the dish was all too small; but there was no second disheif ot such things at Mrs. Scovale's, and that I knew very well; so I pushed the empty saucer away with a sigh. Brown pushed his away with a wink, directed at me. A minute later I noticed Brown’s dish had been replenished. New regulations, thought J, and beckoned one of the servant girls. “Any more peas ?" said 1. “Peas are ail gone, Mr. Pom'roy,” said Maggie. Ot course! And there sat that hoggish Brown eating his second dish. “Brown,’ said 1, as we strolled out after dinner, “I've eaten iny last meal in that house/’ “Have you ?” said Blown, quietly. “Yes —1 have. You needn't think I shall hack down thi6 titne. I'm decided, and there's an end to it.” “Now, Pom—” “You needn't commence it,” I interrupt ed. “I won’t hear a word.” “You won’t leave a teftow all alone there, wilt you Po:oV said Brown, in mock grid. “I guess you’ll survive,” said 1. ‘Tin going to enlist this very day.” Brown and 1 had been talking about it for some weeks, but I hadn’t much thought of really doing it. “Pom, old boy, if yon go 1 shall that's flat.” “You don’t mean you'll enlist with me. do you, Brown ?” “Just so.” “You’re joking.” “Not unless you are, Pom.” “Why Brown, you’ll be killed ! You like your ease too well. What’ll Mrs. Scoavle do ?• ,' “W ell, it is rather hard on a fellow,” said Brown. “I can give Mrs. Scoavle a lock ot my pair, you know. I shall stick to you, old man.” We did it. There was anew call for 300,- 000 men, and a regiment was rapidly tilling up. I put my name down among‘the pri vates, and right, alter came the name in a bold round hand, “David Brown”—that sel fish Brown. I went to bed in an unwonted good humor that night; and Brown said, as he flung ids pants over the mirror and hss ueck-Xie under the table. “Where do you suppose we ll be a year from this, Pom “Away from Mrs. Scoavle’s boarding house,' odd i. 11.—1803. “Brown, you're at your old tricks.” “What’s the matter now ?” “Why, look at my blanket! It’s wet. — How’s a fellow to sleep on such a blanket as that ?” “Why didn’t you dry it ?” says Brown.— “Mine's a& dry as a squirrel's nest.” “Oh, oi course it is'. How conld I dry it when I had to stand guard all the evening ? You might have looked for It. Tom wonld if you weren’t so selfish. That’s your style." “Ob, what's the use of growling over a wet blanket ? I’ve slept on one often, ahd s. vc you. Take it easy, Pom, and go to sleep.” ••l'ou might give me your s alter I've been out in the cold the past two hours, and you setting here bv the fire. I believe the blank et would have dried itself if you hadn't shoved it into the furthest corner of the house. It’s just like you ” All the answer I pot was a snore. Was there ever such a big hog ? We were at Chattanooga now. Our quar lets were comfortable, for the cold fall rains were kept off nicely by our little red-cedar shanty—built the day after we camped. 1 might say that Brown built it himself, for he certainly did more work than any four men in camp—no matter in whatVay. He never shirked. But when he got his nest made, be sure he was just as ready to enjoy it as he-had been to build it. His health was splendid. He could sleep all night in a pud dle of water and come out of it the next morning as hearty and good natured as if he had slept in a bed of down. At breakfast, the morning after the blan ket episode, Brown had milk for his coffee. “Where and you get that ?” I Asked. “Tom Bates caught a cow last night,” said Brown: “I thought you had some.” “Well, “I did’nt. Give me a little of yours, can’t you ?” As 1 spoke the fellow was in the act of swallowing it. “Spoke too late, Pom,” said he, with a broad grin. •Oh, of course ! Y’our’e as big a hog as eyer. I believe you’d see a fellow starve be fore you’d give him anything you wanted for your" own precious stomach." “You wont’s starve for want of milk in your coffee, Pom. I like it first-rate with out milk." “Well, I don't. I never can get used to it. It goes.against my stomach " “I’ll drink it for you, Pom, if you’re afraid it'll make you sick.” “Oh, thftnk you.” 1 was disgusted with him. You know how we fought at Chattanooga. That day we went through fire. I can't des cribe it, of course. We soldiers don’t know much bow a battle looks ; its a busy time with us. Night came down on a bloody field, where 1 lay with my right leg sliattered all to pieces bv shell Irorn Lookout. Wounded and dead aud dying lay strewn about me. The darkness settled thicker and thicker. The stars looked down coldly on us. All, how I thought about old times ! How I used to despise Mrs. Bcoavle’s bed and board ! If I were only there now ! I've seen the last of that, thought I. I wondered where Brown was. Y’ou loose sight ol your friends wonderfully in the smoke and din of battles. No doubt be got off sate, and was silting by the camp-fire now. He always looked out for Number One. A hand touched mine in the darkness. It was wet with blood. “Who's this ?" uttered a husky, feeble voice. “Tom Pomeroy,” said I. Who are you?" “No, you dou’t say your’e here,” said the voice. “Are you hurl much ?” “My legjj split to flinders,"said I. “Is this Brown ?” "Ay—Brown,” said the feeble voice—fee ble and muffled—uttered through rebellious groans. “I’m done for, I think." “Where are you hurt, old man ?" “All over, Pom. There isn’t a whole limb on me. I think there’s a bullet through my left lung. I can hardly speak for the blood in my mouth.' We lay in the silence of exhaustion for some minutes, but I knew by the way the poor fellow pressed my hand that he was busy with thought, perhaps with memory. "Brown," said L, “it's fourteen months Vo- May since we enlisted. Do you remember? ’ “At#” be murmured. "1 brought you here, old friend,” said I. “Pom, tiout Bay that!” It Seemed terburt him. Another long silence followed. We both spoke only w ith great effort. “Oh, for a drink of water!” I cried. I was perishing with thirst. “Can you get at my canteen ?” said Biown. “There’s some milk iu it. Drink it.” * I got the canteen, and held it to him. “Drink you,” said I. “It will revive you.” “Dou't waste it, Pom. Drink it up. It may keep yon alive till they came for you. It wouldn’t help me now.” I could not coax him to drink a drop. With eager, trembling lips I touched the mouth ot the canteen- Ah, how refreshing it-was! “They're coming,” said 1, as 1 spid a lau t urn drawing near. The owner of the lanturn drew near.— There was another with him. They stopped near by, and leaned over a rebel soldier who lay there, badly wounded, hut, as it appear ed conscious. The one with the lantern thrust his hands into the rebel’s pockets, and drew forth the contents. The poor fel low remonstrated. The other summarily dropped a bayonet through his heart. “That’s the’ way to tlx ’em, Jim,” said the one with the lantern? “when they don’t like it. “It’s humane to put ’em out 'o thar paiu, ain't it?—ha, ha!” They came on to us, and threw the light of their lantern ou our faces. We kuew our safety lay in perfect submission only.— They robbed Brown, and lie never stirred or 'showed signs of consciousness. I thought myself that all was over with him. Then theytame to me. “This fellow's shamming possum,” said one ot them, and he spurned my bead with his foot. ’ “Leave him be!” fiercely uttered Brown, in a voice that would have been a shout but for tlio death current through which it struggled. “Fix that feller, Jim !” said the one with the lantern, looking around. A pistol cracked, and' “Jim” leaped up, ut tered—“ God !” and fell dead. “D»niu you!” said the other, tumiug upon Brown, “you've done it now !” and ho Has fe ed a ktliie over my old friend's head. Brown struck up with his pistol, ami the knife flew from the man's hand. At the same instant 1 caught his foot aqd tripped him. lie fell headlong upon Brown, and was received in the embrace of my dying comrade, who iu liis death-agony struggled with the cursing brute- To my last hour 1 shall remember that fearful scene—the thief and the blood covered soldier rolling over and over, in the straggle of death, in the dim starlight of that ghastly field ; the one cursing furiously, the other silent, with all his energies centred in the grip with which his teeth were fastened upon the throat of the robber. The laughing, light-hearted fellow, who loved his case so woll, and made sport of my petty vexations, when a great hour of horror came changed to a. ban-dog in the service of his friend! Whether lie could have lived had he kepi silence at Uni moment when he saw my file endangered I know hot, and it does not matter. He gave his life to save me, that 1 know.. I orei ox L.h i..k vrios.—The Department of btate has received advices from the United States Consul at Bremen, in which it is rep resented that during the first six months of this year the emigration to the United States, through the port of Bremen, amounted to 15,1.0 emigrants in :>g vessels, against 15,108 iu 02 ships in IRC:’.. During the first six months ot 1865 the emigration through Ham burg amounted to 15,600, giving a total addi tion to our population of ueariy 84,600 in six months from those two ports only. A far larger emigration to the U nited States is cx ■pected this tali and next spring, and an unu sual number of vessels have already been chartered for that purpose. In? Sabatooa Kaces.— Saratoga, August 1 1 .—ln the race to-day for three-year olds, the two-mile dash was won by the Revenue colt Baltimore, heating *‘Oiiata” by two lengths, lime, 3:43 1-2. The second heat was won by the Lexington horse “Lexi con.” “Maidstone' won the first heat. Time, 1-2 j and 1;51. I nr M. KXTVTK. VJLI IBLE WILDIMI UTR r O X SALE. FRONTING OX THE PARK. The Most Eligible Building Lots • iu the City. CONSTITUTING AN ENTIRE BLOCK. THE undersigned offers for sale seven CZ, Building Lots, fronting on the Park. Bounded as follows : North by Huntingdon street. EatA by Whitaker street and Forsyth Place. South by Hall street. West by Barnard street. Lots known in the plan of the citv as Nos. 1,2, 3, 4. 6, 0 and 7, Forsyth Place and Ward. ERWm & HARDEE, aul7-lw bay street. V AI<UAB L E Timber it Turpentine Lands FOR SALE. 20,000 Acres in Pierce and Ware Coun ties, ffeorgia. THE subscriber offers for sale 20,000 acres of Supe rior Timber and Turpentine Lands lying in Pierce and Ware counties, iu this (Hate. These lands were selected with a special view to the timber and turpentine business, and to a Company contempla ting the prosecution of that business on u large scale, offer the greatest possible advantages, aa the lands lie in a Itody, on the line of the Albany and Gulf Rail road, and uear the junction of that Road with the lines of Railroad IcadiDg from Brunswick to Albany. They are also watered by the Sutilla and Allaginha rivers, navagablc streams for rafting to Brunswick aud Darien, Ga. The timber iu heavy, and vs the first clues of ranging timber, the trees yielding turpentine in the greatest abundance, while the land is of good quality for farming, yielding good croi« of Com, Cot ton, Sugar, <fcc.. &c. The range is very flue for stock, the country being also well adapted to the rui-iug of Sheep. The water is good, and the neighborhood one of the most healthy sections of the State, being free from fevers and the ordinary diseases of the low Southern coun try. Persons desiring to purchase, are referred for fur ther paniculars to Messrs. Erwin & Hardee, Savan nah, or to the subscriber, at Blackshear, Pierce comi ty, Georgia. au4-tf E. C. WADE. A. HARE CHANGE FOR INVESTMENT. WILL be sold :it Public Anction, iu the city of Savanuah, on the sth day of September next, without, reserve: The mill site,with Sawmill thereunto belonging, sit uated in the county of Chatham, State of Georgia, about nine miles fiom the city of Savanuah on the Ogeechee Canal, together with all the machines, fix tures, lnilldinge, outhouses, stables, <fcc., Ac. The site of the mill contains nine acres of land with very capacinus back water. The Ogcechee canal be ing in the course of reconstruction will be finished in a short time, when lumbar can be ratted to and from points on the A. «fc G. R. R. and the city of Savannah, and ji ill thus afford better facilities for rafting than any other mill in the State of Georgia? For further particulars apply to M. SOLOMONS.* aucS-td For Sale, A FARM on Vernon Shell Road, o'miles from the city, containing 207 acres, suitable for mar ket gardens or for culture of cotton and part in rice; 70 to 80 acres cleared, balance luis valuable wood.— The place has been healthy and has excellent lacili .ties for raising stock and poultry. Buildings were de stroyed in the war T tie warranted. Terms cash, or securities at market value. See Plat at my office, on Brynn street. aul7-2 HENRY BRYAW. STATIONERY, &C. KEHAIjD STATIONERY STORE, —ANI» Newspaper Depot. The uudersigned has re-opened the above Store,Where will an assortment of , Cap, Letter and Note PAPER, OF ALL QUALITIES. Dray Rooks, Memorandum Rooks, BIIiI »S LADIKTO, COMMERCIAL BLANKS, AND . ENYELOPEH. CARMINE AND BLACK INKS, in stands and bottles ; PENS, PENCILS, INK STANDS, OFFICE MUCILAGE, KNIVES, &c. By the next steamer he will receive Northern Dailies and Weeklies and will hereafter keep a complete assortment of the Latest Papers and Periodicals »T. H. EISTILL. STATIONERY. |A REAMS Suiiertine Commerci-U Note Paper, 4’ 2 pound? to the ream, at the very low price of $2 59 per ream. Alia, a targe variety of other Papers, Envelopes, Pens. Ink, Pencils, &e. For sale by S A VILLI? & LEACH, oul2 cor. Bryan street and Market Square. And Merchants’ Row, Hilton Head, S. C. PROSPECTUS OF THK Mercantile Mirror A Weekly Commercial and Advertising Sheet, WITH AM EDITION OK t*,nnh COTHiS, FOR GRA TUITOUS CIRCULATION. To be Issued mi .»■ about the, IMh of Jull) > 1860, By J. W. BURKE & CO., - MACON, OA Tills enterprise is undertaken at the suggestion of many of the leading merchants of the country, as a method of extensively advertising their business.— While we will publish the advertisements of all who may favor in with their patronage, the paper will also contain Brices Current ot the Markets in all the princi pal Cities, Rates of Exchange. Brokerage, Ac., and Commercial News us every description that will be of interest to the Mercantile Community. Nor Will the ” MIRROR ” lx: exclusively filled with advertisements; hot I he paper will he sufficiently large to leave ample room for Editorials, Correspondence,. Select Reading Matter, Ac. it will be a family, as wall as a ursiKKss and vve intend that it shall visit every City, Town and Village in the Country. All can perceive ihc advantage of advertising in a paper of this description. OUR TERMS WILL BE LIBERAL. We are unable to publish Uiem iu this Circular, not knowing what number of our friends will want their Business Cards, Notices, &c„ brought be fore the Public through this medium. We will only say to al), send your Advertiscinunts to us immedi ately ; state how much space you wish them to occu py, directions, <fcc. We have’ a large Stock of Fancy Type, Cuts and material for displaying them, and feql confident of meriting the patronage and approval of all Busiut-BS Men. As soon as we arrive at lilt amount u) matter and size of paper required, we will make an estimate, and publish the rales f r advertising, in the first number. Tajsy will bb as low as poss»blb, to allow is TO rvßLisu Tils. cAes.u. Deeming it superflu ous to argue the benefit oi this enterprise to the adver tising world, we leave the subject with it. feeling as sured it will meet its cordial co-operation and sup port. Address J. W. BURKE A CO„ Macon, GB. Agent iu ISaVannah: U*o. N. Rxuuous, Bay Street, jylfi-tf Church Directory. (Or***!*/#*'! i jfunoly/hr the fkmwtiah Daily Herald.) x CATHOLIC rot R. rtF* Cathedral of Bt. John the Baptist—northeast corner of Pern' and Drayton streets.—Mass * 1-2 a. ni.« 81-2 JL m High Maas 10 1-2 a. ra. Vaepen- 4 p. m. Sunday School 2 1-2 p. m.; Stations ot tbeLYu**: oonciudiug with the Benediction of the Moat Bfeascd Sacrament. Friday evening, 7 o'clock. Ciergy—Right Kev An ros VerotTT). D., Bishop of Savannah : 4. P- O'Nell. Vicar General; 'Rev. Peter Du fan. Rev. Henry P. Ciavrenl. St. Patrick's Church—southeast cornet of Went Broad and liberty streets.— Rev. Charles Prendergast, Rev. Petar Whelan,—Mass 8 1-2 a. m , High Mass at 10 1-2 a. m. PEOTFSTANT *prS<orAL * HIBBE*. Christ Church—east side of Johnson Square, comer Bull and Congress streets -Rev. Charles Colev. As >is taut Rector. Service ai ma. m.: Evening Prayer, 5 1-2 p. m.: Sunday School 4 p. m. St. John’s Church—west Fide of Madison Square, comer Bull and Charlton streets—Rev. C. F. McKae, Rector. Service at 19 1-2 u. m.. 4 p. m.: Sunday School 9 am: Wm. S. Bogart, Superintendent. Prayers Wednesdays and Friday«. r» p* in. VitsoMiT cuißcata. Trinity Chnrch—wvst side St. James Square, corner Barnard and Y*rk streets—Rev. A. M. Winn, Pastor. Service 10'- a. in. and Sp. ra., Sunday: Prayer meet ing, Tue**Lf¥ Afternoon at sp. m. Sunday School, at 5 p. m. Snnclay Afternoon, Mr. C. D. Rogers, Sup’t. LIT U FRAN CerBCITBS. Savannah Lutheran Church—East side of Wright Square, corner Bud and Slate street--*—Rev. D. M. Gilbert, Pastor. Sen-ices at in 1-2 a. m.; sp. m. Sun day Schoola. m.; John T. Thomas, Superintendent. Service Thursdays. 31-2 p. m. PBFbnYTKUIAN CtICBCHKf. Independent Presbyterian Church—Southwest cor ner Bull and South Broad streets—Rev. I. S. K. Axson, Pastor. Services 101 -2 a. m.. .» p. m. Sunday School. oa. m.; John W. Anderson. Superintendent. Service Thursday afternoon. liAPTIST CIIIRUIEH. Savannah Baptist Church—West side of Chippewa Square, corner Bull and Hull streets—Rev. Sylvauus Landrum. Pastor, Service 10 1-2 a. m and sp. m. Sunday School 4 1-2 p, m.; George W. Davis, Super intendent. Service Thursdays at sp. m. HEBREW CONGREGATIONS. Mickva Israel—Northeast corner of Whitaker.aud Liberty streets—Rev. A. Epstein, Reader. Service Friday, 3 o’clock p. m ; Saturday, 9 1-* o'clock a. m. Buai Berith Jacob—Armory Hall building. West side Wright Square, corner Bull and State streets — .Services Friday, 5 o’clock p. m.; Saturday, 0 o’clock a. ra. COLORED €H TOURS. First African Baptist Church—West side Franklin Sqnare, corner Montgomery and Bryan streets —Rev. \\ in. Campbell, Pastor. Service 10 1-2 a. ra., 3 1-2 aud 7p. m. Sunday School 2p. m.; James Sims, Super intendent: Charles L. De LuMotto, Assistant. Church service Thursdays, 7 p. w,; prayers, Mondays, 7 p. m. Second African Baptist Chnrch—West side Green Square, corner State and Houston streets—Rev. John Cox, Pastor. Service 10 1-2 a. m., 3 1-2 and 7p. m. Sunday School 2 1-2 p m.; Herman Eves, Superin tendent; Win. Gorgon, Assistant. Prayers Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7j>. m. Third African Baptist Church—Bryan, near Fahm street—Rey. E. Houston, Faster. Service Hf a. m., 3 and 7p. in. Prayers Mondays and Thursdays, 7p. m. Fourth African Baptist Church—Liberty, uear Mont gomery streets—Rev. Isaac Brown, Pastor; Rev. Henry Taylor, Assistant Pastor. Service 10 1-2 a. m., 31 2 and 7 p. in* Prayers Tuesdays anand p. m. St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church—West side Calhoun Square—Kev. James Porter, Lay Reader. Bervice Jo a. m., 7 p. in. Union Methodist Episcopal—New street, near Fahm street, North Central Railroad Depot—Rev. William Bentley, Pastor. Service 10 a. m., 3 1-2 and 7p. in. Sunday School 12 1-2 p. m.; Henry Bates, Superin tendent. CHURCHES CLOSED.* German Lutheran Church—Comer Drayton and Gordon streets. Wesley ChapeJ—Northeast comer of Lincoln and South Broad streets. Penficld's Mariners’ Church—Bay street, South side,' between Abercorn and Lincoln streets. First Presbyteriau Church—East side of Monterey Square, corner Bnll anil Taylor streets. MASONIC. Solomon's Lodge, No. 1, meets first Thursday in each month. . R. T. Turner, W. M.; John Nicholson, S. W.; John Foley, F. W\; J. Holbrook Estill, S. D.; H. L. Schrciuer, J. D.: James M, Jones, Secretary; Jamas Lachlison, Jr., Treasurer. Zkbbvbaule Lodge, No. 15, meets second Thursday in each month. Wm. Grceue, W M.; David Thomp son, S. W.; Thomas Ballantine, J. W.j M. Reich, S. 1).; - Stein, J. D.; John Houston, Secretary; Alfred Haywood, Treasurer. Clinton Lodge, No. 54, meets first aiul third Mon days iu each month. S. K. Byck. W. M.; John Ruther ford, S. W.; Wm. Gibbons, J. W.; P. Heilzienn, S. I).; M. Davidnon, Treasurer. Ancient Landmark Lodge, No. 23. —No regular meetings during the summer months. Edward U. Hough, W. M-; Wm. F. Holland, S. W.; J. 11. De mand, J. W.; C. L. Ilftckctt, S. D.; , J. D. Gkjbgia Ciiaitkr, No. 3.—Closed for the summer. R. T. Turner, H. P.; Wm. Greene, K.; W. F. Holland, S. David H. GaUowav, M. C.; J. Holbrook Estill. P. g.: John Foley, M. :i(i V.; M. Reich, M. -2(1 V.; H. L. Schreiner, M. Ist V.; Thomas Ballantine, C. 11. Georgia Council, No. I.—Closed until winter. ODD FELLOWS, Ooi-ethorpe Lodue, No, 1 meets every Tuesday eve ning, at their hall, Bay street, over Nicliol’a Printing Office. Kobt, H. Fotman, N. G.; Charles F, Preston, V. G.; Charles Gross, Secretary; W, J. Cleineuce, Treasurer. Live Oak Loihie, No. a, meets every Friday evening at the southwest corner of Bull ard Broughton streets. 4th story. Kobt. M. Barthelmess, N. Q.; John Hous ton, V. G.. David 11. Galloway, Secretary ; David Thompson, Treasurer. DkKami LonoE. No. 9, meets every Monday eve ning, southwest corner of Bull and Broughton streets, 4th storz. Henry J. QuuUtock, N. G.; John Neil, V. G.; C. C. Millar, Secretary, C. P. Landcrshine, Trea surer. Maonolia Kncamcment, No.* 1, meets 2d and 4th Wednesday in each month in DeKalb Lodge Room.— Daviu Bailey, C. P.: Robt. Groves, H. F.; J. Hol brook Estill, S. W.: Clnis. Grooves, Secretary : James L. HanpL Treasurer. Sea island Hotel. ' OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, Tuesday, June 20th, 1865. THIS new Hotel, situated on 4he most desirable spot ou the eastern bank of Hilton Head Island, af fords a hue view of the Pier, B.iy, Ocean, and sur rounding Islands. The scenery is quite as pleasing and interesting, in every respect, as the famous wa tering place of Newport, It. 1., and is altogether as healthful a place to spend the summer immths. It has a tine hard smooth beach, seventeen miles long, affording a more charming drive than the celebrated Reach at Nahant, Mass., and as tine sea bathing as at that place or Cape May. The House has over seventy large, airy rooms, and verandahs on three sides of all the stories; the furni ture is entirely new, and the tables will be furnished with the best that cau be procured here aud in the Northern markets. Every effort will be made to ren der the Hotel all that the most fastidious can desire. Bi Hi ard Rooms and Sea Bathing houses will soon be iu readiness fur guests. joss? ts Port Roval House, HILTON HEAD, S C. RIDDELL & Hl'G G , PbopbietOrs. 15. b. KIIH'KIX. M. K. BIGG. Jua-tf ; Pulaski House, SAVANNAH, GA. W. H. WILTBHHGER A CO., Pbocbiktobs. W. 11. WILTIIEBOKB. . J. O. KAETKLS. jua-tf WATCHES, jewelry, life. SAMWSL P. HAMILTON. (Successor ,o Wilmnt & Richmond.) * I.KALKII IN WATCHES, SILVERWARE, * JEWELRY, CANES, CUTLERY, Ac. COBNKR lUTAKfCK, ST. Jl'l.lAN ANI. CoNOKESS Sto , SAVANNAH, GA . Watches and Jewelry repaired. Chronometer, rated by transit. Cask paid for °ld Gold and Silver. jy2S-tf MIRTH till till AGUK'I LTI RAL WOH K M . GRIPPING, BROTHER & CO., Pkocbiktobs, 58 AND 60 COOKTL4NU Stklbt. NSW .YORK, Manufacturers of Plows, Harrows, Cultivators, Cot ton Swe«i>», Com Mills. Cotton Gins, Ac. . Every implement wanted by the Planter, Also, dealers in Field and Garden Seeds. Also, Agents lor Bruce's Concentrated Manure, Bone, Al. Send for dretflar. ju2o 3in GROTKKIKK. MqiOßfi, At. WTUAIIT Ac C’O., Family Orooora. (IfcALKSS IM TEAS, WINKS AND LiqUOSS, Corner litrei. *sn BancoHT*lN Struct*. Specie! attention pßid lo country orders from Fami lies and lor the Trade. Good, delivered to all part, of the eity free of charge L. Y. Stuart. H. M. Kkuaioo. M ® _ “ PIERCE SKEHAN Wholesale aiul Retail Dealer In Fine Groceries, Boots and Shoes, Clothing. Foreign and Domestic Wines, Liquors and Began*. Also, Skeban’s Celebrated GOLDEN ALE AND CHAMPAGNE CIDER, in bottle and in wood. London and Dublin Brown Stout, Scotch and Eng lish Ales, Ac. Liberal deductions made to the trade. 17C BROUGHTON STREET, SAVANNAH, and 62 Liberty street. New York. GADEN & UNCKLES, GENERAL PRODUCE aan COMS’N MERCHANTS, AND— WHOLESALE DEALERS IN GROCERIES, PRO VISIONS, &c., Corner of Bat and Barnard Streets, SAVANNAH, GA. Highest market rates paid for Cotton, Wool, Hides, &c., and lilteral cash advances made on shipments to our New Vork House. jylS * Geo. A Hudson, Wholesale aml Retail Dealer IN Groceries, Ales, Wines, Segars, Liquors, &c. SOUTH EAST CORNER OK EAST BROAD AND BROUGHTON STREETS, savannah, Georgia. jyl9 ( ,1m KIRLIN & KiENZLE, WHolcsnlo and rictail DEALERS IN ALES, MINES AND LAGER BIER. O U It It O IT fa K, 163 BAY STREET. tm2l tl 350 0 TONS ENGLISH RAILS, Os best quality, 50x5S per lineal yard. For sale by FOWLE & CO, juf.9 Cm No. 70 Broadway, N. Y. B RO. & BURKE, WHOLESALE DEALERS IN ALES, WHS Al LIQUORS, CORNER WHITAKER STREET AND BAY LANE. ORDERS PROMPTLY FILLED It DELIVERED. an?l ts Imported and Domestic WINES AND LIQUORS, Al Wholesale, for Family tfae, AT 207 BAY STREET. ISRAEL R. SEALY A CO. may24-tf _ _ • ~ FO R BALK . 1,000 bushels OATS, 1,000 do WHITE CORN, OIIKAI* TO CLOSE OONBIGN.MKNT. Also— 4so pounds Celebrated Zephyr Puff SMOKING TOBACCO. N. A. HARDEE & CO., jy3l-tf Bay street, 0 Stoddard’s Buildings. FOR SALE, * BY RECENT ARRIVALS. CIDEK VINEGAR, DRIED APPLES, PRUNES, MUSTARD, CURRANTS, HERRINGS. INDIGO, •SEGARS. . PAINTS AND OILS, AXLE GREASE. BAGGING, •ROPE. Inquire of CIIAS. L. COLBY & CO., nnglC-tf Coiner Bay and Abercorn streets. Large Importation OF— HAVANA SEGARS, LEAF AND SMOKING TOBACCO. 125,0b0 Superior Havana Segars, t .Jenny 30 bales Spanish Leaf Tobacco 2,0*10 His. choice Spanish Smoking Tobacco 3,000 bunches Spanish Cigarettas Jnst received direct from Havana. I have also in Store a largs lot of the best brands Virginia Smoking and Chewing Tobacco. Anderson’s and Lilleuthal's Fine Cut Chewing To bacco. Merchaum. Brier Root and other Pipes. All of which I am prepared to sell at Wholesale or Retail. R. MOLINA, Comer Bull and Congress streets, auglG-tf Under Screven House: Fon SAZjS. RECEIVED PER STEAMER CHASE, 200 kits (new 1805), No. 1 Family Mackerel. anO-tf N. A. HARDEE & CO. For Sale, 100 Barrels Fresli Flour. Per schooner Henry Castoff, landing at Anderson's VVlmrf, by anil KEIN & CO. VIRGINIA TOBAd MM, George A. Grump & Cos., 209 Bboad Street, Auocbta, Ga., HAVE on hanrl a largo and well selected stock of Manufactured and Smoking Tobacco. Samples sent by Express when desired. 3m jn2o (JIFENJSYVAHK HOUSE, 109 Broughton Street, Bloom* T> pO R FROM fIORNRR BtfTX STREET. A large and elegant Stock of China, Queensware, Class, ke., Just received horn the manufacturers, and for sale at LOWEST NEW YOKE PRICES. JOBBERS AND DEALERS From all parts of the Country are invited to examine my Wholesale stock, Which includes packages containing complete assort ments, put up expressly for eOU NTKY TRADE. Aborted Crates oi WHITE GRANITE WARE, •> “ COMMON WARE. “ “ WHITS GRANITE and COMMON WARE. 1 Hoods re packed to' suit purchasers. aul-lm & D, SMITH, COMMISSION MERCHANTS. Am-. TO SHIPPERS OF ( OTTOS ASH OTHER SOUTHERN PRODUCE. KENNER, BENNETT A BOW MAN, Sacecaeura to Hotchkiss, Fenner A Bennett. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, No. 40 Vjmy Stkeet. t\Kw York. And Memphis, Tesa. Tiiohas Fsksmi, Hemkv Bssmktt, D. W. Bewstn. JyO On, (HAS. L. COLBY & CO., Shipping Cammiaaion amt Forvvaiallng; MERCHANT^. JONES BLOCK, OOBNEB BAT AND AUEBCOBN STREET SAVANNAH, GA. LIBERAL CASH ADVANCEB Made on Consignments to the Arm of Cbas. L Colbt, ofNew York, or toonrfriends in Boston. MAUDE A WRIGHT. Agents at Augusta, Ga. Kerr, bench*; Messrs. Dabney, Morgan & Cos , New York. Jarive Slade, Esq., New York. HOll. ,1 Wilev Kdmands, Boston. Gardner Colby, Esq., Boston. jylS—tt Lewis L. .1 ones, SHIPPING AND COMMISSION MERCHANT, Ao 17 Broodway, A'aw Pori. Liberal advances on Shipments to above Consign ment, made by HUNTER A GAMMELL, Agents Pioneer Line Steamships, 84 Bay Street, Savannah. Reference in New York— Messrs. SpoKKOnn, Tileston & Cos. maymi 3mo Woodward, Baldwin & Cos., 110 Duane Street, New York, 9 and 11 Uamover St., Baltimore. DRY GOODS COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Liberal advances made on Consignments, Sheetings, Oeuaburgs and Yarns. jylS L. J. Cuilmart in & Cos., GENERAL COMMISSION AND SHIPPINO MERCHANTS, 148 arilay Btvect. ■ , (Opposite the City Hotel, J SAVANNAH, GA PARTICULAR s .tcution given to procuring Freights, and tilling aiders for Hard Pine Timber and Lum ber, Cotton, Wool, Hides, Ac. L. J. BUILMAKTIN, JOHN FLANNKKY. E, W. DRUMMOND. jyl” lm CEO. R. CRUMP & CO., AUCTION AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 209 Broad Street, Augusta, Ga. fu2o 3m James B. Cahill, GROCER anil COMMISSION MERC HAST AUGUSTA, GA. CONSIGNMENTS SOLICITED. COTTON Purchased and Shipped. Merchandise bought ahd sold on Commission. Win also take Agencies for the sale of any Gooffs and Morchanffire required in the Southern market. jy~£!_ Jim M. J. SOLOMONS, Commission Merchant, WILL attend to the .Selling or Receiving and For warding all kind** of Merchandise. Produce, &c Office for the present at the Dm" Store of J. M. Abrahams & Cos. jy2l-lm joi i mm & io.. anil Coiumission MKUCIIAIN TB. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN Dry Goods, Groceries, &ci, NOS. 1 AND 2 SAMMIS’ BLOCK, Btiy Street, Jueksoitrille, Floridu. .'.NO. H. SAMMIS. El*. O. SAMMIS. Oil AH. L. MATHER anil ts / J. SHAFFER, Commission Dealer In-all kinds of FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC FRUITS andPRODUOK. Wm Washington Market, Opposite 143 West st.. bulkhead between Barclay and Vesey sts., ' V N E W YORK. Potatoes. Apples and Onions constantly on hand, and put up lor the Southern market All consignments promptly attenked to. t®“ Rch'rs to A. L. Bradley, A. Haywood, T. J. Walsh, and J. H. Parsons. / jyl* ' eodly HENRY BRYAN, Bryan Street, next to Merchants' and Planters’ Bank Buildinu, Broker and Commission Agent FOR SALK AND PURCHASE OF STOCKS, BANK NOTES, PRODUCE, &c., And for Forwarding Cotton. anls Bmo REST.VI lUNTS, . CLAMS ! CLAMS ! ! IN THE SHELL OR SHELLED OUT, With other Refreshments, at the oldest and best stand On Hilton Head Island. » For a variety of something Good to Eat at all times, at THE EAGLE SALOON, In rear ot the Post Office, Port Royal, S. C. PETER FITZGERALD rcspectfnlly informs his old friends, and the public in general, that since Oysters are out of season for a time., his Daily Putrous can find a good substitute In CLAMS, cooked to order, iu every style, at the shortest notice, lie has also a constant supply of FRESH MEATS, POULTRY,aFISH & VEGETABLES, From the North and other places in this vicinity. Meals cooked to order at any hour during the day. Our motto is to “Live well. ” PETEIt FITZGERALD, Proprietor. aul6-tf OAK LODGE, THUNDER bolt. WILLIAM T. DANIELS respectfully informs his friends and the citizens of Savannah that he lias taken this old and Favorite Summer Retreat, where he is prepared to accommodate Boarders and to furnish PIC-NICS and PARTIES. There is an ex cellent BATH HOUSE upon the premises. Bouts and Fishing Tackle Always oil Hand. au2 EMANCIPATION SEEMS TO BE THE • End of our National Troubles. » THE HILTON HEAD HOUSE, Cor. Johnson Square and Bryan Sts., IS NOW in good running order—a place where the weary can find rest, aud where the waiters have no rest. BIRTOAPS EAST INDIA PALE ALE, COOL. LAGER, ON ICE. LUNCHAT 11 O’CLOCK A. M. No crippled jaws wanted in this establishment in business hoars. Old acquaintances neler forgot 0T “por particifiars sbo sfoall bills.’,' BILL WILLIAMS. »nl9-tf Proprietor Hilton Head House. ommL-nmtwT op h \ v a > % > „ HEAIMjI ARTERS DISTRICT Ok - tv tsNah Ist Division, DrrtrrvENr or Gbob.,i. 1 bavannah, Joly2y, isu., ’ ■' Srnut Order, 1 No. U. f , „ l«xn*orj . *■ Cspt John Martin Loasine, Schooner Agnes," having tiolated Ife.eral OrdciNn., ~*7 quarters Dspartmeut ol the South, May 0 inu ’ fahing qoiiranUae regulations forthe t nnnah, Ga., m allowing communicaiiou will, n* shore, is h.-reby lined the earn of One Huud^na ll U bc kept ta confinement nntii the abovi amoa'm By Command of . Brevet Miy. Gen J. M. BRANN \N Wiu. A. Courtbr. Capt. A A. A G HEADqUARTERS, DISTRICT OF BAVANN tH 1 Ist Division, Du 't. „r Gkoboia, ’ ' Gknerai. ObdZT' A " SUBt IS<i '’' f No. 9. / The follow ing Circular from Headquarters Dei,.,, mem ot Georgia, is published for the ,uforma t n r re coneerned, and will be carried inSexeculhmSt HEADQ'RS DEPARMENT OF GEORGIA I Circular, I Augusta, Ga., July al , is*. } No. 1. f In order to afford ample opportunity to the Deonl,. to bike the oath oi allegiance i vr- d 21 t ia A i nnes i y Proclamation of May 99 181,0, disordered, first. District Commanders will a? once select, for the parpose of admiliist, ring the Oath ol Allegiance, one Assistant Provost MarslLl for every fonrcoantiesin hia district, reuprting the names iff such officers so selected to thia'offici; these Officers of Alleehmce’ ' at oucu 10 administer the Oath Second. District Commanders will desigunt» the four counties assigned to each District Provost Mar of the"Dtetrict 8 *” 1 * W ' J num ? ered as a Subdivision ..'*' l hird '. The Assistant Proroat Marshal so desi<rnatcd '^ 1 i *' l “ t ‘he county seat of each county iu his subdi vision aa often as practicable, and remain in each county seat three or four days; at such visit he tiret causing public notice to be given of the time, in the newspapers of the district or otherwise. Ali possible despatch must be used by the Assistant Provost Mar shal to complete adimnistering the oath to citireim cons'stent with their duties and the public intei£t Fourth, For niforiuaUou on the subject oflhc duties of Assistant Provost Marshals in administering the oath farm of report to this office, &c., attention is called Circular o, Headqnartrs Military Division of the Ten nessee, June 98, 1808. By command of . Major General STERDMAN. (Signed; C. H. GROSVENOR, brevet brig. Gen. and Provost Marshal Gen By command of „ Brevet Maj. Gen. J. M. BRANNAN. Will A. Coulter, A. A. G. a u9-7 IIE-VIXfltS DISTRICT OF SAVANNAH," Ist Division, Dki-'t ok Georgia, Okkioe ok Provost Mausal, _ . „ . Savannah, Ga., August 10th, 1805 The following is published for the information of alf concerned: *“ |bv trleuratu FROM AUGUSTA, DATED AUGUST 11, 1868 1 To Lieut. Col. R. P. Y'ork : Your despatch received. My order of August 3d an. plies to women aud children ai well as men and the y must take the oath before the privileges can be granted C.H.GROSVbNOK, Brevet Brig. Gen. and P. M. G . By order of Department of Georgia. Brev. Maj. Gen. ,f. M. BRANNAN. ... ~ , HOBT. P. YORK, aull-7 Lieut. Col. and Provost Mars Hal. HEADQUARTERS DISTRICT OF SAVANNAH, Ist Division Department. ok Georgia, Savannah, Ga.. August 15, 1808. General Orders, 1 No. 15. / All Commissioned Officers and enlisted men belong fag to the 73th New Vols., both Maine Vols. aud •JOth Mass. Vols., on detached service and absent Irom their commands, will be relieved at once and ordered to join their respective regiments for muster out By command of Bvt Major Gen. J. M. BRANNAN. Will. A. Coulter. A. A. G. augl6-‘2 OFFICIAL,—SUB-MST. OF OGEKCHKE. HEADQ’RS SUB-DISTRICT OF OG EEC 11 EE, ~ Savannah, Ga., August 15, 1805. General Orders) No. 23. / Hereafter no Carts, Wagons, or conveyances of any kind will be allowed to assemble in the vicinity of the Public Market except during Market hours. No goods of any kind will bo exposed for sale in the vicinity of the Public Market except during Mar ket hours. All persons found violating thi* order will he sum marily dealt with. The Provost Marshal is charged with the execution iff this order. By command of Brevet Brigadier General DAVIS. JWm. n. Folk, A. A. A. G. anglO HEADQ’RS SUB-DISTRICT OF OGEECHEK ) Savannau, Ga., August 5,1»05. 1 Circular,) No. 14. / To insure a more thorough Inspection of the Sam tary condition of this city, it will be divided into six (0) Wards, and each ward will be provided with one (lj Inspector. It shall he the duty of each Inspector to examine their respective Wards, and report daily to the Health officer any violation of the Sanitary Laws of this city heretofore published, which violation will he punished by a Hue of not less than Five (I&SJ Dollars, and not to exceed Fifty (*SO) Dollars. By Command of Brevet Brig. Gen. DAVIS. Jqo. Mullen, A. A. A. G. '*• au7 HEADQ’RS SUB-DISTRICT OF OGEELHEEtT Savannau, Ga., August 0, 1505. / J General Oedeb,) No. 19. f All Apothecaries and Druggists in the city are strictly prohibited from selling any poisonous drugs, such as Opium or itspreparations. Strychnine, Corrosive Subli mate, die?, without the prescription of a Physician of character and standing in the profession, or a Medical Officer of the United States, which prescription must be kept on tile by the Druggist for inspection. All suspected or acknowledged cases of Small Pox, Varioloid, Yellow Fever, Measles, or Typhus Fever, must he promptly reported to the Health Officer, cor ner Broughton aud Bull streets, bv the Physician at tending, or by any )>ereou cognizant of existence of such diseases. By Command of Brevet. Brig. Gen. DAVIS. Jno. Mui-!.i:.n, a. A. A. G. " • nuT HEADQ’RS SUB-DISTRICT OF OOKECHEeT' Savannah, Ua.,Aiigust u, lstiu, Genkkat- Oiuiki;. > No. 20. / Hereafter and until furthers, all Commissioned Of ficers of the United States Army visiting this city will he required to Register their names at these Head quarters, stating authority aud length of absence. By command of BvU Brig. Gen. E. P. DAVIS Jno. Mta.LBN, A. A. A. G. auto HEADQ'RS SUB-DISTRICT OF OGEECHEE, 1 Savannah, Ga., August 13, 1565. j Gknekai. Or.iirii, \ No. 21. / Capt. Juo. Mullen, 12th Conn. Infantry, is hereby relieved from (lnty as A. A. A. General, Sub-District of Ogeechee, ar liis Regiment is to lie mastered out of the service. Ist Lieut. W. H. Folk, Adjutant 17ild N. Y. Infantry, is hereby announced as A. A. A. G. of the Sub-District ol the Ogeechee. He will be obeyed and respected ac cordingly. EDW IN P. DAViS, aul4 7 Brevet Brig. Gen. Comd’g, HEADQ'RS SUB-DISTRICT OF OGEECHEE, I . Sav.innau, Ga., Aug. 14, 1805. j Gknkkai. Okukh, I No. 22. j Surgeon J. K. Bigelow, Bth Indiana Infantry, is here by relieved from duty as Chief Medical Officer, Sub- District of Ogeechee, aud will report to Commanding Officer of his Regiment for duly. Snr-eon N. A. Baldwin, 173d N. Y. Volg., is hereby announced us Chief Medical Officer of the Sub-District of the Ogeechee, By Command of Brevet Brig. General E. P. DAVIS. Wm. H. Ffn.K, A. A. A. G. , auls “VDOIPHO WOLFS,” ‘At Beaver Street, Blew York. Offers for sale of ills own importations, in bond and duty paid, the largest stock of Wines, Liquors, Ac., of any other house in this country, comprising in part of Otard, Henuesy, Piuct Castillon, Martel, Godard Brandy, Rochelle Brandies m half, quarter, and eighth casks: al»o Otard aud Itonycr, Laferrclero and Fits Brandy, in cases of one dozen each. “Glxx.” Udolpho Woife’B Schiedam ill pipes. Schiodam Aromatic Schnapps, in bond and duty paid, in cases of one dozen quarts and two dozen pints. “Whiskey unit Rum.” Scotch and Irish Whiskey, in hbds. aud cases of one dozbn each. Bourbon Whiskey in barrels and cases of one dozen each. hum. “JdiwiiVYi” and “.SY. Cif».e Hum" in hhds. and cases of oiie dozen each. Madeira, Sherry and Port Wines. More than twenty different grades, in halves, qnar ters and eighth casks, also In cases of oue dozen each. “Hoek, Champagne, Moselle and Claret Wines.” From Peter Arnold Mnmm In Cologne, proprietor of Jouunisliurg estate; J. H. D. Decker & Fils: Eschc nancer, Jtenecke & Cos., Bordeaux Barton A Gucstin. Bordeaux, and from other well known houses in Ger many and France. Oi 1.6, Cotl.LV-Si Saannum, Uivrsxs, Mcsiaki., Ouvze, Bhanky, Pzkservzs, Ac. Twenty-five years’ business transactions with the Southern States, with some of the largest and most rmijwwtsKle dealers,should be sufficient guarantee that every article offered by the advertiser lor sale is part find genuine- Samples can be seen, and catalogue of prices et> oined, by addressing the above, aug>3tu