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Savannah daily herald. (Savannah, Ga.) 1865-1866, November 10, 1865, Image 1

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THE SAVANNAH DAILY HERAID. VOL. I—NO. 254. The Savannah Daily Herald (MOHNINU AND EVENING) lii FUIiLIPHFJ* BY W. MAHON A 1’0„ A.T 111 Day Street, Savannah, Ukouoia. TKIkUC i’erCopy.. Five Ceuta. per hundred f »d. per Year • • - . fclff Ob, lDVK(T18(U(i: rpixo DollArs per Square ot Ti n Line# tor first in portion; One Dollar lor each subsequent one. Ad vertiscmentp inserted in the morning, will, if desired, appear in the evening without extra charge. JOB I? It I JV r r 1 TVCJ, In every style, neatly and promptly done. BY TELEGRAPH TO THE Dai 1 y H erald. THE CONVENTION. SPIRITED DEBATE ON REPUDIATION. [Special Dispatch to the Savannah Daily Hkbald.]' Millldgeville, Nov. 6, 1865. The day has been consumed in discussing the repudiation ordinance introduced by Mr. Chappell, of Muscogee. The question was upon the adoption of a clause making the ordinance a part of the Constitution. After a very spirited debate, the clause was strick en out by a vote of 15S veas to 107 nays. It is thought that the ordinance itself will be passed to-morrow. The War Debt of Georgia Repudiated, A. CLOSJiI VOTE. A Com filiation, with full Powers, to In vvitigatr the Sarunnah Cotton ' Transact ion*. CLAIMS FOR THE CAPTURED STATE COTTON TO RE LAID BEFORE CONGRESS. [Special Dispatch to Savannah Dally Herald.] MiLi-KDi.hVit.Li:, Nov. 7, 1865. The ordinance of Chappell, iif Muscogee, repudiating all the debts and liabilities ot the Slate, contracted since 1861, cither for aiding the war, or incidental to the existing state of war, has passed. The vote stood as lollovvs : ayes 138, nays 117. A resolution was adopted authorizing the Governor to appoint three commission era, with powers to send for persons and pa pers, to make a full investigation iulo the cotton transactions of the State Government, and make tbeir report to the next Legis lature. The commissioners are to be empowered to take assignments from Mr. Henry Brig ham of all the interest in the cotton pur chased of Col. Aaron Wilbur, State Agent; and pay expenses, not cxcediug the sum of S2OO, returning the notes.. The delegation trom Georgia to the Con gress of the United States intend to urge a recognition of the claim of the State to said cotton. A resolution was adopted that the Con vention adjourn sine die on Wednesday the Bth of November. The State Election. Milledgwille, Nov. 7th.— -All counties which do not receive notification of the de signation of' election day in season to hold the election on that day, are authorized to hold an election for the legislature alone, on the 25th, instead of the 15th day of Novem bur. ANOTHER 9IEMQIIIAL TO TIIEPRKSI dest. Private Contracts ntuifle during the war Declined Valid. Memorial to tile Secret ary of tli« Treas ury Respecting Taxes. Despatch from President Johnson. ♦ The Organization of a Police Force Approved. [Special Despatch to the Savannah Herald.] Milledoeville, Nov. 7, 1865. A resolution has been adoptod appointing a committee to memorialize the President for the relief of all persous exempted from amnesty. A resolution was also adopted declaring that all privute contracts made during the war shall be held valid, and shall be settled upon equitable principles. It was resolved that a committee be ap pointed to prepare a memorial to Secretary of the Treasury McOfillouch, asking a transfer of the assessment of taxes, upon real estate, until after the meeting of Con gress, and that the assesment bo made on the present value. The Provisional Governor communicated tlie following Presidential despatch to the Convention. Washington, Nov. sth To Jax. Johnson, provisional Uuvepnur oj Georgia : The organization of a police force in the several counties for the purpose of arresting maurauders, suppressing crime and enforcing civil authority, as indicated iu your pream ble and resolutions, meets with approbation. Il is hoped that your people will, as soon as practicable, take upon themselves the re sponsibility of enforcing and sustaining all laws, State and Federal, in confoituily totbe Constitution of tbe United States. (Sigued,) ANDREW JOHNSON, President of the United Slates. The Convention Adjourned. (Special Dispatch to the Savannah Dally Herald. | Millkdokvillk, Nov. Bth, 1860. The Quorgia State Convention adjourned at 12 M., to day. The adjournment was subject to the call of the President or the •Executive within six months. New York Market—Vottou lkcllulii||. Nkw York, Nov. o,—The cotton market Rhowi a declining tendency Hales 1,000 hales at 65 to fide. Naval stores steady, flold HI 7-8. I-'IUIM W^iIIIDUTON. A Iklv'ssuus us 1.ad1.. I'ctlilonlnß for .IsAuison UsrUi W ssuiNeroa, Nov. 0— A dulugiUhm of ladtas fruiu Uaitliuvre, tailed oa the Presi dent to-day. Their purpose was the presen tation ot a petition for the release and par don of Jefferson Davis. Tile Tunivlan Euiba..y- Tlie Crop.. Washington, Nov. 6—The embassador from Tunis, took leave of the President to day. They iiuve been the recipients of the highest houors. Official returns show that the corn crop this year is the largest ever produced in this country. The injuries to the wheat crop by the wet weather, have been greatly over-esti mated. The Fenian Movement. Regarded with Indifference by the Canadian Official*. Tokonto, C. W., Nov. 6.—The apprehen sions of a Fenian invasion of Canada have been aroused principally by sensation re ports. The feeliDg here is that the Govern ment is fully able to cope with any project of tbe Fenians hatched here or elsewhere. the: election in Massachusetts. GEN. N. P. BANKS ELECTED. Boston,. Nov. 6.—Massachusetts lias gone largely Republican. Gen. Nalh’l P. Banks has been elected to Congress, to fill tbe vacancy in bis District. THE ELECTION IN NEW YORK. -44,700 MAJORITY FOR SLOCUM IN NEW YORK CITE. THE STATE PROBABLY CARRIED BY THE UNION TICKET. New Y okel, NoV. 7. —New York City gives Slocum 24,700 majority. Tlie indications are that the entire Union Ticket has been elected. Gun. Slocum has bet a defeated for Secre tary of State. THE ELECTION IN NEW JERSEY. Republican Majority til the Legislature . New Yobk, Nov. 7. —The election in New Jersey has resulted in the Republican ma jority in the next Legislature upon a joint ballot, securing tbe adoption of tbe Consti tutional Amendment and the election of United States Senator. FROM WASHINGTON. WIRTZ TO BE HANGED. Washington, Nov. 7. —The President has approved the sentence of Henry Wirtz, commandantot tlie Andcrsouville prison, to lie banged, and lias ordered it to be carried into effect on Friday next. The President has received a dispatch from Provisional Governor Johnson annouu ciug that Georgia has. repudiated her xyar debt by a vote of 133 to 117. New York Market. New York, Nov. 7. —Tbe Cotton Market has a declining tendency. The sales are 1154 bales at 55c. Gold 146. -A— Toe Election In Aliibama. Mobile, Nov. Bth. —Bulger's, candidate for Governor, majority over Colton and Smith is 1240. Langdon, for Congress, has a majority over Cleveland and Mathews of 1041. . LOUISIANA ELECTIONS. A DEMOCRATIC VICTORY. Tlie Legislature Entirely Democratic. New Orleans, Nov. 8, —The election yes terpay was quiet and orderly. Tbe ticket bearing Wells for Governor, and Voorhees for Lieutenant Governor, carried tbe city by an overwhelming majority. L. S. Martin of the First Congressional District, Jacob Bark er of tbe Second District, and R. C. Wick liffc of the Third District, all Democrats, are elected by large majorities. Tlie Legislature is entirely Democratic. Pin thcr Decline in Cotton. Nkw York, N iv. 8 Cotton is still de clining, having fallen 2 to 3c. Sales 1,400 bales at 52 to 53c. Gold 140 5-8. J Mobile Cotton Market Yesterday. Mcmii.n, Niiv. 9.—The sales to-day have been 300 Middlings at 48 to 49c. Returns from the election show that Langdon lias been elected to Congress from this district. LATER FROM EUROPE. FOREIGN MARKETS— DECLINE IN COTTON. New York, Nov. 6.—The steamship Peru vian, with dates of the 27th ult., has arrived at Farther Point. Cotton had declined 1 l-2d per pound. Sales of the week 44,000 Orleans Middlings at 22 1-4. Sales on Fri day 15,000 bales. The market closed firm, with an advance of a quarter to half peuny. 1). S. Five-Twenties 63 1-4 to 63 34. Con sols 88 3-4 to 88 f-g The news is uuimpoitant STILL LATER FROM EUROPE. The OliHcquiok ol' laoi’tl Pnlmeriiiton. Bari Russell the Probable Mew Premier. Seoi-etiery Saward’r Moaroe Doe trine Oeepß^eh. LIVBHPOOL. MARKETS. Halifax, N. Nov. 7.— The (iMmihip Cuba, from Liverpool 28th, and Queuuslowu 3»tfi, baa arrived. Lord Palniunton was buried In Kate on the 27th. The Queen and Cabinet were present, os well as a large delegation from Parliament, Hit Dlploihillc body and legal representatives. . Nothing "itlelsl had tranaulrad ralatlvu to ebaugaa In the l'ultima, Tha Uloh* says theQu««u wishes J*»d SAVANNAH, GEORGIA, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 1865. John Russell to accept the Premiership, and (bat he bad received the assurance ot tlie support of his colleagues. Tile Globe be lieves that Clarendon will take the Foreign Office. Public opinion was favorable to Russell. Tbe Times says there is a necessity for the appointment of Lord John Russell to the po sition, because Euglaud lias yet much to set tle with America, and Russell is the only one thoroughly posted ou the subject. Tlie Paris correspondent of the Times re iterates the statement that Secretary Seward bod sent a despatch to the French Gffveru ment relative to the proposed increase ofthe French force in Mexico. Tne widow of Lord Palmerston is to be made a peeress in her own rigid. Liverpool Markets. Liverpool, Oct. 28—The sales of cotton on Saturday were 10,000 bales. The mar ket bad declined 1-4 to l-2d. in two days. Prices consoleß7 to 88. U. S. Five Twen ties 63 to 64. LATER. Liverpool, Oct. 28.—Cotton dull, aud de clined 1-4 to l-2d. Yesterdays advance is nearly lost. Breadstuff's buoyant aud ad vancing. Consols 88 7-8. U. S. Five- Twenties 63 to 64. LATER FROM NEW YORK. Tht Cholera. The Herald of the 4th saj’3 : No additional deaths from enolera on board the steamship Alaiaiita. which arrived at Quarantine on last Thursday night, were re potted yesterday. It appears that she had altogether over six hundred passengers, five hundred aud sixty of whom were iu the steerage, to which portion of the vessel tne disease-was exclusively confined. The ship is described as being very filthy, ana hud during the passage sixty cases of cholera and ff|xteen deaths from it. The ship s doctor shys there were seven deaths among the pas sengers before they left Havre. There were Mill fifteen casts among them yesterday.— All those affected have been removed to the hospital ship Florence Nightingale, and everything necessary for their treatment and comtort has been sent thither. The Atalanta and all her passengers are still detained at the Lower Quarantine, where they will be kept until all traces of the disease have dis appeared. The steamship Europe had arrived in the lower bay from Havre on Friday evening, but site had no cases of cholera. Tlie Fenian Exeiteinlut iu Canaiiu. Toronto, C. W., Nov. 4, 1865. Ex-Grand Master of Orangemen Gowan has published a manifesto declaring that the Fenians are coming, and calling the Orange men to aims. The Orange organ, the Watchman, lias a leader declaring that it ims positive informa tion ot a contemplated invasion ol the pro vinces ' that there are now six hundred armed men in Toronto ; that several mem bers of the government are fraternizing with the Fenians, and that the Premier winks at the contemplated attempt to sever tlie pro vinces from British connection. 1 witnessed a company of Fenians drilling on a retired street last night. South Curoliua Legislature. Columbia, November 7. —Message No. 4 of Governor Perry, containing the corres- Eondence between him, the President, and ecrutary Reward, with regard to tlie con stitutional amendment and war debt, is re ceived. The Administration demands the acceptance ofthe one and the repudiation of the other. Secretary Seward says in his last communication that the President regards tbe objection to tbe second part of tlie amendment querulous and unreasonable. THE LOST STEAMER SAVANNAH. Condition of the Wrcclt aud Crew. The river steamer Savannah, which col lided with the steamer Mayflower on Sun day last about forty miles above tbe city and immediately sunk, still lies at tbe spot where the disaster occurred, in a peifectly helpless condition. The water is quite deep at that place, the steamer having sunk in or near the channel of the river. She is almost en tirely submerged, and nothing but her pipes and masts can be seen above tbe water. Her officers and crew are encamped bn the bank ot tbe river opposite the suuken steamer, from which notldug of consequence was saved. Purser Farr of ihc steamer Win. G. Gibbons, which arrived here yesterday from Augusta, states that none ol the cargo has yet been removed, as be saw nothing landed on the bank. The Florida Cos vbntios — We learn from the Tallahassee Sentinel, of the 28tli ult., that the business of the Convention is pros pering most satisfactorily. The following is the ordinance annulling the ordinance of secession : Whereas , Tlie people of the State of Flori da are desirous in good faith to restore the State to Iter former peaceful relajions with the United Stales ; therefore, Be it ordained by the people of Florida in Convention assembled, That the Ordinance adopted- by the Convention ol the people on 10th day of January, A. D. 1861, known as the secession ordinance, be aud the same is hereby annuilel. Mississippi Politics. —The Mississippian of the 25th, says Senator elect Alcorn, made a speech in the Representative Hall, the other day to the members, in which he de clared his coincidence with Ills colleague, Sharkey, in the opinion that tbo new pro visions of the State constitution secure tlie freedmen the right to testify and be a party in suits with or between white men, and that the taw# proposed by the Convention’s commission of jurists, also provided for ibis. The Mississipidsn believes that tbc Legists ture will accede to it aud thus do away witli the continuance of the Freedmen's Bureau in that State. Coolies. —The bark Alberto lmd recently arrived at San Frpncisco from Chiba, with a cargo of 250 Coolies, including over forty women. They were bound to labor five years, at four dollars per month, clothing themselves. Their other necessaries wore to he provided for by their masters, wbujwere also to take care of them in case of sickftrss. The cost of procuring Coolies on these terms is SBO each. The Expenses poii 1866.—Finan cial economists are reckoning up the prob able expenses of the UuiUul Slates Govern ment lor the yuar 1860. They Hunk *205,- 000,000 will cover expenses, on the debt and all, and that the iuterua! revenue alone will settle the accohut. Rewards for Detection n» Goiintiiii fkiticms. — In order to pnt a stop'tothucoun terfeiting of treasury notes ami other United Stales securities, which ol late have hecoum very prevalent, lira Holietior ol the Treasury ha* prepared a aeries of instructions lor oh talolug rewards for oervleei In detection of aouuterletteri, which will probably have the effect of making every prison a detective. They will lie forwarded to the United Htales district attorneys. Fkom the American Jolrnal of Pharmacy-, Max 1865, Edited bv Wm. Proctor, Jr., Professor of Pharmacy in the Philadel phia College of Pharmacy. —“ Will the Fluid Extracts go out of use owing totbe high price, or can we have some authority live modifications of the formulas by which we c m make them at a more reasonable cost ?" “If the latter, shall tbe change be in the quality ofthe menstrnm, or in the manner of applying it, so as to reduce the quantity re quisite ? Can there be a convocation of the Committee of Revision to authorize some new method of modification of tlie present recipes ?" With regard to the contemplated change in the quantity, or iu the menstrnm ilscl 1 , in tlie preparation of fluid extracts. I would take occasion to say I hat in medicine tlie health ofthe patient is Ibo great object to be gained. Tlie cost of .material is something, hut when pat into tlie scale with human health, aud often human life, it is hardly worthy of consideration at all. My Buchu (Hembold s) will continue to ho made as formerly, and if it cannot be maintained at present pricer, they will have to be advanced to meet the advauco in the price of material. To such as desire quantity instead of quality we would say that walet is a cheap commodity, and may be readily added by tlie person using tlie medicine if be desires to do so. H. T. llelmbold, Druggist and Chemist, 504 Broadway, N. Y. City. Election Notice. Aii election will be held at the Coart House in the city of Savannah, on Wednesday, of November, Inst., fora Governor olthe State of Georgia, fora Senator ol the First Senatorial District, composed of the counties pf Chatham, Bryan and Effingham, ami for two Representatives from Chatham county in the General Assembly ol Georgia ; also, for a member o the House of Representative* of the < ongress (if tlie United States, to represent the First COnpressionalf District of Georgia, as established by tlie Slate Con vention. To entitle a citizen to vote he must be qualified as prescribed by the Constitution and laws of the State of Georgia in force immediately before tlie 19th of January, A. D. 1801, (the date of the Ordi nance of Secession,) and also he mu -t have taken and subserilud the oath of amnesty, as set forth in the President’s Proclamation of May 39th, 1). 1*65. Polls will bit opened at seven o’clock, a. m., and be closed at six o’clock, p. m. The Sheriff of ttio county, or his Deputy, with the Constables thereof, who have complied with the Proclamation of the President aforesaid, are requir ed to attend said election find preserved order. WM. H. GUYLEH, J. i. C. c. e. GEO. P. HARRISON, J. I. c. C. C. JOHN SCREVEN, J. I. o. c. c. JOHN WILLIAMSON, J. I. c. C. c. nov 6 td HELM BOLD’S FLUID EXTRACT BUCHU, FOR Non-retention or incontinence of Urine, liritnLiou, In flammation or Ulceration of the bladder or Kitlucys, Disease* of the Prostiatc Gland, Stone iu tin* bladder, Oilcnln*, Gravel or Bikk Hurt Deposit, and all Dis Quaes of the Bladder, Kidiuys, and Dropsical Swell lugs. 11 ELM BOLD S FLUID EXTRACT 6UCHU, For Wen k nesses arising from Excesses or Indis cretion. The constitution once siffected by organic weakness, requires the aid of medicine to strengthen and invig orate the system, which Helmboid’s Extract Ituchii invariably doc s. If no treatment be suhmitU-d to, consumption or insanity may ensue. HELMBOLD’S FLUID EXTRACT BUCHU in affections peculiar to females, is unequaled by any other preparation, as in Chlorosis or Retention, Ir regularities, palnfnlness or suppression of customary evacu tions, Ulceration or Scirrhous state of the Uterus,, and all complaint.* incident to the sex, whether arising from habits of dWipatlon, im prudencies, or in the decline or change of life. HELMBOLD’S FLUID EXTRACT BUCHU, AND IMPROVED ROSE WASH, will radically exterminate from the sy-:t«-m DLeffses of tiiH Urinary Organ* arisiug from habits of dissipation, at litilo expense, little or no change in diet, and no exposure, completely supetbeding those unpleasant and dsmgcrous remedies, copaiba and mercury, in curing those unpleasant and dangerous diseases. USE IIELMBOLD S Fluid Extract Uiit-lixi in all cases of the Urinary Organs, whether existing in mule or female, from whatever originating, and no matter of how long standing. It is pleasant in taste and odor, immediate iu its action, and more strengthening than any ol the preparations of bark or iron. Those suffering from broken down or delicate con stitutions procure the remedy at once. The reader must be aware that however slight may be the attack of the above disease, it is sure to affect hislmdily health, mental powers, happiness, and that of Ills posterity. Our flesh and blood are supported from these sou ices. PhyNliiuiifi, Please Notice! We make no secret Os the ingredients. HKLM- ItOLDVS FLUID RXTRAGT BUCHU i« composed of Buchu CabebS and Juniper Berrien, selected with great care, and prepared iu vacuo by H. T. ttelmbold. druggist and oheu ht of sixteen year*’ experience in the city of Philadelphia, and which is now prescribed by the moat emluvnt physician*, has been admitted to use in the United .State* army, and Is also in very general use iu State Tiospitajs aud public Sanitary Institutions throughout Lhc land. Direct letters to J*T elmbold’s DRUG AMD CHEMICAL WAREHOUSE, 594 Broadway, Nevr York, OB r HELMBOLD’S ‘MEDICAL DEPOT, 104 South Tank Street, hetoir Chetnut, PHILADELPHIA. Sold by DrnggißUi orery where, t ~W~ Beware of couuterfrifes. A*k for lleml*>M'». n H-lm FURMTUKE ! FURNITURE! WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, Nos. 87 AND 89 BOWERY AND 65 CHRISTY STREET, N. Y. UEGBA AK A T A 1 1.011 Have the largest variety of ROSEWOOD, WALNUT AND MAIIOGANV, PARLOR, CHAMBER, , DINING ROOM AND LIBRARY FURNITURE, to bo round in this rib’, and »t Ifce lowest iußch. MATTRASBKS AND SWUNU MILS _ FRUM $6 TO ,1. EXTRA WIDE CANOPY BEDSTEADS FOU THE SOUTHERN TRADE. w T . W holes a 1 e Boots and Shoes! Feliner and Poliak, 1 lit Ninel, Mktwnuuk, Ua., ARKnimhliHl, ikniueb Ibelr pena.m iii Home hi , Beeii.o, In furnish Job bout 111 lieelen la Ibis Icily a. well a. lie Me lu tlie reentry, with iiM«ad and imiv uhtue. m m, Bunt mid Abisi Visit#. than Miy huttM til kin ilhc oevl-en R AI LliO A 08. —: ~~ --■iftcz: Central Railroad * ‘ - rifTMTi u ? J V ** *, "** ■*** kjP*VW “MM/ SUPERINTENDENT’S OFFICE, \ Savannah, lift , October Yi , 1865 f |\N and after Monday, doth iu*t., a daily ' " i‘Ain will leave for Augusta at 7.15 a. in., connecting with a line of Hacks running between Station ’> Central Railroad, and Waynesboro on the Angnsta and Savannah Railroad. Passengers by this line will arrive in Augusta the next morning after leaving Savannah in time to connect with the Georgia Railroad train for Atlanta. Returning arrive iu Savannah at 4.45 p. m Fi eight to gfl by Passenger Train must be preps id and delivered at the Depot the night before. By order of GEO. W ADAMS, octiS General Superintendent. Central Railroad SUPERINTENDENT’S OFFISH, 1 Savannah, Oct, lutli, 1805./ This Company is now, in connection with H. J. Dickerson Co.'s Wagons, prepared to receive and forward to Augusta. Macon, Atlanta Ac., daily from twenty t<» thirty thousand pounds of Freight, ami go through in from three to six days. Ship Freight and other expenses must, be paid hy Shippers. Railroad freight can be paid hero cmaf des tination. Freight on perishable goods must be prepaid. GKO. W. ADAMS, °rtll General Superintendent. PKQFKKSiOK AL CAROS. Henry Williams, Attorney at Xmw, OKFICK NO. lilt HAY STHKRT, (Ovei - the Herald Reading Room,) 0c.t14-tf SAVANNA6 T Qa. Uko. R. Black. Rctyus E. Lester. BLACK & LESTER, ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELLORS AT LAW, savannah, ga. Office at old stand of Norwood, Wilson & Lester, corner ol Bay and Barnard streets. octl4-tf THUS. CORWIN, WM. 11. OWEN, THUB. WILSON, OF Oil 10. LATE OOL. Q.M.D. OK IOWA. CORWIN, OWEN & WILSON, (Late Johnston, Corwin & Finnell,) ATTO RIN EY9 AND— COUNSELLORS AT LAW, And Solicitors of Claims, OFFICE, -rn F STREET, «ui TREASURY BUILD -INU, IN UISAK OF WILl.AKirs HOTEL, W A.iS BINGTON, D . C . Will practice in the Supreme Court ot the United Stales, ttie Court, of CJainu*, and the Court* ot the DiMi iut of Columbia. Part icular attention given to Claim* and Depart iiu nt bud lies*. Officers Account* adjusted. au-'JO 3fn JOHN B. GUIEU & SON, STEAMBOAT AGENTS, Auffuffta, On. • HAVING a long experience in the Agency of Steamboat Companies tor many year*, we will givu onr persnal nutrition to any consigned to our care. Augusta, Nov. 6—lm a S. BUNDY, Car G U O T A 1 iL ffOllt AND ATTORNEY FOR CLAIMS, No. ‘247 F Stuekt, 13th and 14tii Streets, (Near Pay Department,) Wasliixxstoxi, D. C. )U3O tt (O-PARTNEUSHIP NOTICE. IlfiE unrtorplgnofl hitting associated themselves to gether under the firm name ol LaKOCHK, GADEN & IJNOKLBS, for the purpose of transacting a Gene ral Grocery, ai.d C’omini«hion Business, and having seemed the large and commodious store, corner of Bay and Barnard streets, are now prepared to receive any and all consignment* made to them. They also have extra rooms, suitable for Dry Goods aud Fancy Articles, which, il accompanied by owners or agents, are the best in the city ; from a long experience and thorough acquaintance with the business, they hope to give entire satisfaction to all making consignments to them. Liberal advances made on Cotton. Lnmher, &c. con signed to them f»r sale in Savannah, i>r for shipment to their iriendK in New York, Boston or Baltimore. LaHOCUK, GADEN & UNCIAL US. Ida ac D. La lociik, ib.NJ. G. Gadj>.n, Davli» b. Unoki.ks. lm ocllo 3500 TONS or ENGLISH RAILS, Os boat quality. 50xr, l i per liueal yard. For sale by FOWLE ft CO, lui9 Cm .. No. 70 Broadway, N. Y. SOI'THEILN HEAL ESTATE AM) EMI UUATION AID rOMUANI. WHO wants Timber and Turpcnfine Lands? Who W'unta Cotton and Corn Farms? We have them for *alt\ in different States. Who wints to sell Lmiils? We can sell them. Put them in onr lunda. W . H. OUINGY, 52 Wall street, New York. C. F .IONKS, H. H. LKE, Thwmnsv'die, Ga. oct24-lm KiCUAHD F. FLO\ D, Jacksonville, Fla. Grits and Meal. /11LLEAU3 MILL IcK OPENED. Having purclias "-T »and tlie entire interest from Mr H. Giflem in hl.q 1 irge and • xtousive MilH outlie coiner of Ilaberihum street and Perry Httect lane, we ar« now prepared to luruinh <»ri*t aiul Meal at (kvorabte ratou. Corn will be sold reasonable. All i>pjr»> filled, oct 11 1 m MJDHK if OS & IIA URIHON, Ifmh ii>Siamliti'J scales-. SKI) by the United States and Foreign ilovcrn ■ incut* lor more thau 'V Mll* T V YUA US, Adapted to any branch of UUs«ineK, for foreign or home markeUr Warranted accurate and durable. Sale* rooms No. H iiarclay-st., ncur br. Midway. N. Y. ac*pl9 ly W* LItOWN, Manufacturer. Dissolution 4 Copartnership rlsi IK firm ol Dunbnm A Fruit is this buy dissolved 1 by mutual consent, by the withdrawal of T. J. Diinbnr. HefenfUr the i.nsinesswlll be cunductod by Peter Dunbar and dolui Kmn/, nndei the firm of Dun- Imr A Frank, who will eultoot ult debts iind settlo all rldiur of tbi old Una of Dunbar* ,v Franz. Hilton H ad, 8. 0., NoV. let, IS 15. Iw-imv4 NOTICE. AHLL'per.eaaare liereby forhliMtn either locnt wood on tbc bind of the t .auiei of James Potter or Ur Kuri base wiml cut on the ufbreoahl laud, as they, will ■ pmeecnted to the riilli-st CXIi liT of tbo law. ■ovl-ll JAB. 41. PATTKEHON, Agent. Ai'cliituetnrc and Knfimeeruuf. & nut AN, Aitrib-cl* nisi Kwruswr*. ant new punand Ui Druwuurn, Htwinll. a inn# »n(1 LrtuinO.» Lr lluilitlurs AlsoTbr BTikiiiil. ol Mm Idm iv, .sell.. Baw Mill. ondotkNr Milts, lAmlu in s Ac., soil lo sn|wi lbs building id tits MIU*. hsi veyina ibtuslu .11 its lirnniln. L vcllii'a, lu, UIIIm in annul • lluliiliug, Mil list of hull and Usyii.. unrtlai ArcblUa. DK\ tiOttD*? AND CLOTHING. DRY GOODS. DRY GOODS. LATHROF & 00., Corner Congress and Wliiinker Streets, WILL open ttMl*v, and nro prepared to exhibit Uieir SIiH-k ol (loud*, ImuKlit. xproawly lor the South ern Trade, cuUßLtiiig in part of— Ladies' DreasGooda and Trimming* shawl*, Uiblxm.s aud Buttoiiri Cloak*, Sacqucs Man lii lay, &c Fl ench Meriuu aud Opera FlaUhel Ptench aud Kn-diuh Cambric* Black Bombasine, Ctkohmcre and Crapes, White Goods. Jaconet Nninsook Mueliu Bishop and Victoria Lawns Plaid Jaconets ami Brilliants India Twilit and Swiss Muslin. I • ' Embroideries. French Wrought Muslin Sets French W rought Cambric Seta Real Lace Seta Embroidered Handkerchiefs Black Lace Veils H. S. Lawn and Cambric Handkerchiefs. Hosiery AND Gloves Ladies’ English White Cotton Hoso Ladies’ English Brown Cotton Hove Misses’ and Boys’ Cotton Hoso Rid, Silk, Lisle and Woolen Gloves. HOUSEKEEPING GOODS. Linen Table Dumanks Napkin* and Towels Linen Diaper, Crash and Towclu < 'ounterpanes Bleached 10-4 Cotton Sheeting* Bed Blanket.:, Irish Linen, &c. liBNTLEWN WEAR. Black Cloths aud Cac;.lucres Fancy Cassitueros aud Vc-sUngs Satinats, Tweeds, Ac Merino Blurts Brown English Colton ilull iloso Mixed Meriuu ilail Uosc Fancy 'Ties, Paper Collars, Ac. AVe will make weekly additions to oar Block, and trust in a short time to (Idly meet the wants ol our friends. LATHROP & CO. oct‘2s im To Merchants, VISITING the eiw, we would be pleased to ahow our Stuck, which we propone to sell at fair prices. oct‘2s lm LATHROP A CO. DRY GOODS. HIGHLY IMPORTANT To Ladies and Country Merchants. A LARQE STiK'K OF Dry Cooilk, Fancy tioodisi, Ac., Ac., Ac.. Remarkahly Cheap For Cash, CAN BE FOUND AT ; Ak. Hcmohor est; Go’s., IS BARNARD STREET, OOR. CONGRESS LANE, Comprising a general Assortment of Foreign and Domestic Gaods, Cloaks, Shawls, Ac. N. B.—By strict attention to business, conrteons and honorable dealing with onr customers, we trust to merit and receive a liberal share ol patronage. A large line oi While Goods and Linens now open, octfi) EINSTEIN & ECKMAN, No. ISI Congress SI. SavamiaO Ga. THE OLD ESTABLLSIIED AND WELL KNOWN WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DRY GOODS HOUSE, AND DEALERS IN FRENCH, GERMAN, ENGLISH AND DOMESTIC GOODS Having lust reertvod mill opened a vory l»»e I and sided stook of Fancy Dross Goods, House Keij|i|ng aud Dmeslle Goads.. HUukeU, Clouts and Hhawbu Also Hsld, Boots and hhuoe. And all articles utimlly fnnrnl In a llrst c ass Diy Goods House wo would m. at respeeir*ll, Invite our Airmer Irlenil, slid cuMoaxm also MorcbsuU and Plaub is vlaUiag tbo iltv, tocaUubd ejuunl,," 0.“ slock luifuru purchasing claowhi-re. ' '1. 111 f-MPa'siit'- •' -\ glNgTtlN * MUKMAM'B. mv> in ommit** wris t PRICE. 5 CENTS IN SITKA NCR. Fire Insurance THE Wiffinix Insurance CompY OP HARTFORD, CONN. alhm* 1 *500,000 F '" ’ '“1“ l “ten in the above Company on Bntldinm " vtchandizc of every description at lair rates. I<A '*“ _ u. lißi till AM, Agent. WAN tt. THOMAS, V'mvsso, co Kc. Lemuel «to., **» D . H . Thomas, INSUBANCE Agent & Broker, MACON, CA. nov7—o xN TAW YORK FIRE AND MARINE Insurance Agency. SECURITY INSURACE COMPANY. Capital and Surplus ~#1,600,000 FHCENIX INSURANCE YX). Capital and Surplus $1,500 000 INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE CO. Capital and Surplus $1,200,000 MANHATTAN INSURANCE CO- Capital and Surplus $900,000 risks! Apply to”""* 1 ra,e ’ co, ' res P ondln K with the nO Sill No. 18 Stoddard’s Rauge, Bayltreet Xtolla Lie Bouthorn Inaur^noo. THI National Marine and Fire INSURANCE COMPANY, OF NEW ORLEANS. CAPITAL $580,000 Thu imd,-rsinu.d bcifs leave to inform the inanriMr public that he lias been legally appointed A;rent for the above limned Company, nnd is ready to take Ma rine, River and Fire Risks at customary rates. „ O. C. MYKRrS, Agent, Office at OctavnsCohen, 84 Bay street. Iteferencea-Oetavus Cohen, Uniiter & Gammell, Ki win A Hardee. . dm oeSs FINANCIAL. EXCHANGE. SIGHT DRAFTS ON NEW YORK. For sale by BRIQHAM, BALDWIN A CO. Sight Exchange ON NEW YORK, Xu Hums to suit purchasers, by * scpiiS-tf E. r. METCALFE & CO. UltY UOODH A <l.O THI NO. Blankets i Flannels. CLOTHS AND CASSIMEREB BLEACHED AND BIIOWN SHIRTINGS DAMASK TABLE CLOTHS FRENCH MERINORS AND ALAPAPAS. * Received and for sale cheap by H. HAYN, oetß9 174 Broughton street. H. HAYM, j , ■ V ' 174 Broughton Street. 174 CLOAKS AND SHAWLS, the newest styles, LADIES’ DRESS GOODS, WORSTED SIIAWLB AND HOODS, COI NTERPANES, HOSIERY’, Ac. J n»t received aud for sale at I he lowest pricea by oct - 3 B. HATM. CLOTHING, FURNISHING GOODS B(B)TS, SHOES AND HATS. THE subsrrilier having formed a Co-partnerelilp with Mr. J. C. Ludlow, under tbe Arm name of lioiilt A Ludlow, respectfully calls the attenUon of his friends and rite public generallyto their large stock of Clothing, Furnishing Goods, Boots. Shoes ami Hats, which they are now opening, and will sell at Wholesale and Retail, at the okl stand of Ueidt, Jau dou ft Cos., No, lui Bryan and «8 St. Julian slreet, up statra. octa-3m E- HKIDT. TO PLANTERS. WISS>“ TMaTSMffI, Si We luive ki ul In former years-In I.union Du All Blankets, Kerseys and llomespuns, White suit Red Flannel., Plaid Lltmey.,* . IJkTamrkCQ iwvl -10 ''or. tAmgruM and WblUkur sta. gl’EELE^fimßAlik , II Merekaßl* Knvt , lllllau 11. ml, *«>. I k C» all tbo aUablton of Wb lauls and U.iinl par j cbaMK ui Ibulr Miperiur Mock irf Mllal'l'Allb AMU b A VAi. IMITIII MU,