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Savannah daily herald. (Savannah, Ga.) 1865-1866, November 25, 1865, Image 3

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SAVA IST IST AH s,p»run of »«•»«•"• FOB NEW VOBX. Steamship imetlci, Saturday, Nov. Ssth. at 1 o'clock P bicamabip Herman Livingston, Saturday. Nov, 25, it o’clock. Steamship San Salvador, Samrday. November 25, a t o’clock. steamship Chase, Saturday, November *5, at - o’clock. Steamship Leo, Saturday, November S6tb, at - o'clock. FOB BALTIMOBB. steamship Fannie, Saturday, November 2#, at - o'clock. FOB BOSTON. steamship William Tibbetts, Wednesday, Nov. 99, a t o’clock. FOB AUGUSTA. Steamer Scorpio, Saturday. November *sth, at 8 o'clock a. m. Steamer Wm. G. Gibbons, every Saturday morning at 9 a. m. FOB CHARLESTON. Steamer Fannie, Saturday, November 2#th, at 8 ° Steamer city Point, every Sunday morning, at » o'clock. FOB DOCTORTOWN. steamer Orient, every Tuesday morning, at 9 ' o’clock. steamer Gen. Shepley, every Saturday morning, at 9 o'clock. Steamer Clarion, every Sunday morning, at T o'clock. FOR FLORIDA. Steamer Fountain, every Tuesday morning, at 10 o’clock. Steamer St. Johns, every Saturday morning, at 10 o’clock. Steamer City Point, every Wednesday aftednoon, at 4 o’clock. TriK Atlantic Coast Mail Steamship Co.’s Sa vannah have hitherto neglected to make special mention of this Company’s line of steamships to our port, among onr notices of the several lines furnishing steam communication between Savannah and New York. The Atlantic Coast Mall Steamship Company was among the first to provide a line of first-class steamships, whose capacity for freight and accommodations for passengers were adequate and suitable to the Savannah trade, and the liberality of the company and the confidence exhibited by them in the thriving commerce of our city, are worthy of every recognition in our business community. The Atlantic Coast Steamship Company was formed by a number of capitalists of New York, among them the wealthiest merchants of that city, for the general co sting business, N. C. McCready, Esq,, is the President of the Company. They have estab lished regular lines of steamships sailing out of New York for Richmond, Wilmington, Charleston, Savan nah, Mobile, New Orleans, aud Galveston. The following vessels comprise the different lines : Herman Livingston, God. Burner, Varans, Ariadne, Euterpe, Victor, Cassandra, Gen. Sedgwick, Hatte ras, Albemarle, Raleigh, Kapidan, Twilight, Moneka> and E. B. Souder. The vessels assigned to the Savannah trade are 'wo side-wheel steamships and two propellers, as followsthe Herman Livingston and the General Barnes, sido-wheel, each of 1,400 tons; and the Va ruua and Euterpe, screw, each of 1,000 tons. The two former sail from either port on Saturdays, and the latter on Wednesdays, forming a semi-weekly Hue The Herman Livingston, of this line now In port and to sail this afternoon, is a splendid side-wheel steamship of 1,400 cons, with two maets, two smoke- Staeksgaud walking beam in sight. She was built at Brooklyn, N. Y., by Lawreuce & Foulks, In 1884. She was iltted out at flrst for the Government service to run between New York and New Orleans aud the military stations ou the Atlantic coast, but since the c use of the war has been renovated and refitted for tiie passenger and freight trade. She now has two elegant saloons, forward and aft, containing tliltjy seveu state rooms with eighty-seven berths Tor cabin passengers, ami seven haudred and thirteen berths for steerage and other passengers. The accommo dations are in keeping with the appointments of the vessel throughout, being elegant, comfortable and provided with no niggardly hand. The state rooms aud saloons are above deck, and are so arranged as to secure that free ventillation so desirable for sea sick passengers. The vessel is one of the staunch est among all onr steamers, being cross-braced with iron in the hull and substantially built throughout. Ilcr dimensions are : length, 250 feet; breadth of beam, SIS feet; depth of hold 27 feet. The Herman Livingston is officered as follows : Cap!. J, B. Baker, Ist Officer, Mr. Hazard; Cuie Engineer, Mr. Wright; Parser, Mr. Saussy. 1 Capl. Baker has for years occupied the responsible position of Captain of first-class steamers, aud is a til-rough seaman and courteous gentleman, as in deed are all bis officers. The Recent Gabbotino Case.—Death of Mb Coroes.—We have to announce the death of Mr. A. Cordee, from the injuries received from the ruffians who assaulted him in his store, corner of Bryan and Ann streets, on Tuesday evening last; the particu lars or which occurrence were given in the Herald of day before yesterday. What was then supposed to hi an aggravated case of “garrotlng” has proved a brutal homicide. Mr. Cordes expired at his residence yesterday at about three o’clock in the afternoon. His sufferings from his injuries were alleviated as far as possible by assidious nursing and the best medi cal attendance, but the violence of the assault was too great to be sustained by one at his somewhat advanced age. It was at first believed that he would recover, but during yesterday his mind became wan dering and he sauk gradually bat quickly beyond medical aid. Mr. Cordes was aged 62 years. He was a native of the kingdom of Hanover, but has re sided in Charleston and Savannah for the last 24 years, the mo at of that time in Savannah. He was a quiet and peaceable citizen and respected by all who had dealings with him. Mr. Cordes was one of the founders of the German Fire Company No. 10, aud was for several years the Second Foreman of that Company, llis funeral will take place this afternoon m three o’clock. l)e»ra ok Mr. Peter O. Thomas.— We regret to auuounw (lie death in this city, at Half past four o’clock yesterday morning, of this well known citi zeu - For the past twelve years Mr. Thomas had '>een a sufferer from rheumatism, which severe af fliction lie bore with patience and resignation. The deceased was a native of Charleston, 8. C., and was “Keil 4f yea. sand 4 months. For many years he served the Third District O. M. as one of its Magis trates, and also held the office of Port Warden. He ■eaves a wife in one of the Northern States, his brother, J °hn T. Thomas, with other relatives and a large circle of friends to mourn his demise. His lunerai will take place at 11 o’clock this forenoon from the Lutheran Church. arrival ofthe first Steamship of the Boston line—xi,e steamship Wm. Tibhets, Capt. Cony, the 1> oueer of the new line of steamships to ply between ■ avatmah aud Boston, arrived at this port yester 2!ii? «?? I 1 A. M. The Wm. Tlßbets was Ales*™ D l i el s lu aud also had several pasengers. 'llls city ß ' hard3on au(l Barnard are the agents la River News.—The steamer Helen, which arrived . csteiday from Augusta, reports: Auv. 23d, passed in McDonald's Reach, steamer '"t-Lee ana Minnie Brandt, the former snagged , Bin >tlng condition. Two Boy* near Hirsh usuite, Btandlshnear Blanket Point, R. May, ur SCII IjOUDd u *’’ Canute Lehr, Bunk below Dry goods at orsatlt keul’cbd Prices. D o w“„ n A VUeatt * n,,#ato ‘h e ad vert Uemeut of Messrs, u iu. ' 4 M,r,{aD ' w Ho offer a fresh stock o f season■ ile.Jni !f 00ds al sready reduced prices. The la ofaiis , ,lie newest styles of dress goods, finery quality an<l hnnl * WBUMH flood* of superior b 1 L B * ??•***" House to *e Re-Opened. —We art ~“ atat ® ~l» l well known Bcreven House I 1 n v ; for many year* oonducud by M il ~ ' " 10 * *•**••* »y Mr. Ooorfe Trout ii ,ot **' ,M ** y* ,r * *••• proprietor of the ... ' I t ' , 1 u * a ' AUsuu (ieorfil*. Mr. UoUmniey will ,nrt Oongree* »tr»et wings. Th# ' ""d’lsiiun ,M, * U * U ‘°* r , A “ r m Two Not* at auousta i r««*i»ed in thl* city |*at svealad, JJi.i l?!, . u ‘“ steauusrof Krwln * Hardee’s .i uueis '. f*»t«f4*y luumiug, making inJi I . . ull ‘* ***" •"* »f<p. Th* MMNMtr I* eon ' wreftil |.u . * *'**' TllUi ' “••‘‘•"•.d akUHol offitwt aud IV, m - .. nimnmn ■fate n! * ** I '* b*w steamer Wtllam Tibbetts , J “Mi bring* Messrs P W Mot* * ('«. best; """• of ireelMMfpw, potatoes *p|ii**, st* Ah Impobtaht Decision. —Judge Trigg of tlie United Slates District Court for TenL dsiee, in dismissing au application for the privilege of a writ of habeas corpus id the case of McCann, the applicant, on the ground that be had no jurisdiction iu the caae, it being within the State Courts ex clusively, is reported to have said .- “I am at a loss to perceive how any judge or court, whether State or Federal, can assume the responsibility of pronouncing otherwise than that it was a civil war—that the par ties engaged iu it were belligerents, and as such entitled to exercise every right accorded to them by the laws of war. It will of coarse, be conceded, that if it were a civil war, and the parties engaged in it ware belligerents in the sense of the international law, then whatever one of the belligerents might do in conformity to tbe laws and usages of war, so also might the other party.” Btrangb Occurrence at Lord Palmerston's Grave.— -It is stated that when the Dean of Westminister pronounced tbe words “dust to dost, ashes to ashes” over the grave of Lord Palmerston, the chief mourner, as a last pre cious offering to the dead, threw into the grave several diamond and gold rings.— Another account states that the vault was so constructed that it would not permit of the throwing in of any earth at the most solemn portiou of the funeral service. This novelty attracted a great deal of notice, and was re ceived with various degrees of approbation. To some it appeared a great improvement, as taking away all the earthly hideousness of burial; but others thought that tbe tradi tional solemnity of the grave suffered when the dread words “ashes to ashes, dust to dust” are not accompanied by tbe usual symbolic sprinkling of earth on the coffin. The chief mourner responded to tbe words by casting several valuable rings into tbe grave. An authentic account, in the Norwich Buiietin, of the manner in which General Grant obtained bis name, says that there be ing much discussion in his father's family as to tbe appellation to be given him, the dif ferent names suggested were placed in a bat and shaken together, and it being agreed that the first drawn out should be adopted! Ulysses was the name drawn. Simpson, bis middle name, was the maiden name of Gen. Cr&nt’s mother. Brigham Young has had anew “revela tion.” He says it is “the will of God that tbe sisters should make their own bonnets and hats for themselves and their families, from straw and other materials raised in the Utah mountains.” The next “revelation” will probably dictate the style in which they are to be made and worn. It is said that Brigham Young ha 9 a large lot of rye straw ' “for sale in lots to suit purchasers,” which perhaps accounts for tbe straw bat revelation. Shipping; intelligence. Miniature Almanac—This Day. Sun rises 6 89; Moon rises ll 46 Son sets 4 561 High water mom PORT OF SAVANNAH. Friday, Nov. 24, 1866. Arrived. Steamship Wm Tlbbets, Cony, Boston—Richard A Barnard. Steamer Helen Getty, Ingraham, Palatka, Fla—L S Bennett. Steamer Clarion, Morse, Augusta—Chas L Colby A Cos. West India and Pacific Steamship Company’s Br steamship Darien, Capt Harau, from St Thomas, W I, to Brigham, Baldwin A Cos. WEB} Douglass' flat from Augusta, with 113 hales up land cotton to N A Hardee A Cos. Imports. Per steamer Helen Getty, from Augußta—llo bales upland qotton, 17 bxs tobacco, 63 bales uplands, 10 do domestics, 60 do yarns. Per steamer Clarion, from Augusta—ll3 bales op and cotton, 1 do sea island do, 118 dry hides, and mdse. Passengers. Per steamship Tlbbets, from Boston—Mrs Ricker, Miss Ricker, Mis Small, and 4 children, Mrs Holmes Mrs Sullivan, Capt Frost, J D Bell, Mr Spinney, Ell Foster. Per steamer Helen Getty, from Augusta—E Cleve land, lady aud child, Dr Mayers, T F Kinnell, J Tur ner, R Rein, W Bansett, Mrs Cass. Consignees. Per steamship Wm Tlbbets, from Boston—J L Vll lalonga, Stephen Johnson, M A Coheu, Adams Ex Cos, W U Stark, Richardson A Barnard, W M Walsh, T J Dunbar A Cos, J R Wilder, c L Colby A Cos, Drew A Frost, J 0 Maker A Cos, W C O’Driscoll, G Water house, Hilton A Randall, M Y Henderson, C Ester, Hunter A G, F W Sims A Cos, H Pitcher, J S Bell, J S Butts A Bro, D Falvey, S S Miller, L T Whitcomb, A C Small, Mrs E Ricker, B Moltou, u C Freeman, K M Sullivan, K C Nichols. Per steamer Helen Getty, from Augusta—Kein <f Cos, Crane, JoUnston A Cos, W Barnett, Brady, Smith A Cos. Per steamer Clarion, from Augusta—O Fallon 4 Cos. Tisou A Gordon, E Paduleford, Guckenheimer * Selig, D McDonald, Kein A Cos, Erwin A Hardee, 4 M Cohen A Bro, Mrs R Day, J Booth, J McMahon, A U Brown. LIST OF VKSSKL.S IN THE PORT OF SAVANNAH. Savannah, Nov. 26, 1866. STEAMSHIPS. San Salvador, Atkins, 971, loading, New York—B H Hardee. Leo, Merrill, loading, New York—O Cohen. America, Lindt, loading, New York—Brigham, B A Cos. Herman Livingston, Baker, 1,400 tons, New York —J R Wilder. Wm Tibbets. Cony,] discharging—Richardson A Barnard. SHIPS. Mont Blanc. Donnell, 700, loading for Liverpool— Laßocbe, Qaden A Unckles. Republic (Rrem) Smith, 800, loading for Liver pool—Weber Bros. Virginia, Weeks, 1044, loading at Lamar’s Press for Liverpool—C has L Colby A Cos. BARKS. Thomas Whitney (Br), Kelly—Bell, Wylly A Chris tian, Craesco (Br), tons discharging—Brigham, Bald win A Cos. Platinlus, Pinkham,[discharging—Charles L Colby A Cos. j TBBNS. Lizzie Batchelder, English, 409, loading New Yoitc —Hunter A Oammell. BRIGS. Clara Pickens, Rodgers, 460, loading for Liverpool —Wm Starr. Ida McLeod, Cook, 398, loading for Boston—Hun ter A Oammell. Redwood, Boyle, loading—Rogers A Cann. Rush. Raynor, discharging—Patterson A Tucker. Atlantia, Wark, 101 tons, discharging—B, Wylly A Christian. , Olive Francis, Small, discharging—Clias L Colby A Cos. SCHOONERS. Trade Wind, loadlngflor Philadelphia—C, Johnson A Urayblll. Oeo Darby, Snow, [from New York, dlsch'g— Hunter A Oammell. De Sota. crook, 160, loading for Philadelphia—La Roche, Qaden A Unckles. Wm E Stevenson, Burton, 166. watting. Vapor, Bogart, 300 tons, loading for New York— Laßoche, Uaden A Unckles. Antelope, .Tones, 70 tons, loading, Baltimore—C, Johnson A OraybllL DW Vaughan, Mont, 334, loading, New York— Patterson 4 Tucker. Electric Spark. Taber, loading for Jacksonville, Fla—Wm A Beard. Ira Hit**, Braggs, loading for N aw York—Johnston Uraue <d Urayblll. A E Siiyrk, repairing, bound to Charleston. ■ Abby Bee, waltlug—W A beard. AY Ames, Ames, dHCharglng-Van Horn, Hoi- T °oi*v*r*crouiwell, Delano, loading, Bt;H*looa—C L Colby A Cos Chattanooga, Black, dlachargtni-Rlchardaon A NOTICE TO (OKSIUNKES. / vONNIUNkKS par staamehlu Mb’ are aoHfiedthal v their good* art landing this day, at Mommlii’* IMd Whaif I'arUi'* are required to rsmmr* Ibelr floods befOM MDdoeit, of they will be etoNdji thalr espauae eedtVjh' UUMmuiHlif Strayedor Stolon, AMMf. MUttMl,• bwHl*b liawta hlpli, with j jf'ig tab *«d abort h*»m, a»l i*iri7< «iggt ami Hill* >*»|| old, with HO |»«. oliai niaika |l. die • fpeaieo Hum M'SOgo*iHy oh ttuodaf gig hi . A tty iiifoi iuatlua m msitMww I* Mm wTlfb* than* fully ratal sad tad IM» i»li> fsWMMed, If off «| the u, b> •of lad Doily MaraM ppp ty AUCTION SALES. 1 AT PmVATEfixEE ~~ ! By Bell, Wylly & Christian. Small Lots of Land. There having been to many applications (or Small Tracts of Land for location, the owner of the above Land, feeling a disposition to meet this demsnd- has placed In the market for a few daya, Lota «f Five Acres, or more, part cleared, on the Augusta Road, op posite to the three mile stone, also on the White Bluff Road, oppoelte to the two mile stone. tf-mc By Bell. Wylly A Christian. AT PRIVATE SALE. 46 acrea of fine Garden Land, within the limlta of the city. The improvementaconsistsof a flrst class cottage dwelling, gothic style, containing six large rooms, with marble mantel piece, diniug room, kitchen, library room famished with shelves and glass doors. Outbuildings consists of farm hoase. containing seven rooms, barn, carriage house and .tables. Purcba ■er can have the re fusal of corn, fodder, bay, horses, males, buggies and wagons. Also.' 2430 acrea ot heavily timbered land, situated twenty (20) miles from the city, between the Ogeechee and Canoochee Roads. An excellent location for a mill, or an A. No. 1 turpentine plantation. 100 acres of the above cleared. Improvements consists of two email dwelling houses witli stables, cribs, Ac. tf-ulB BY BELL, WYLLY A CHRISTIAN. AT PRIVATE SALE. A Sea Island Cotton Plantation, of 700 acres, 300 of which are cleared and tbe balance well wooded, situa ted on Skidaway Island. Fronting on tbe river are twenty very superior and desirable building lots. n22-6 UNDERWRITER'S SALE. By Bell, Wylly & Christian. THIS DAY, at 10 o'clock, will be sold at suction, in front of store, 27 boxes Cheese 1 case Blankets, Damaged on board , and sold under inspection and by recommendation of Pert Wardens, for account of Underwriters and all concerned. n25 UNDERWRITERS' SALE. By Bell, Wylly A Christian THIS DAY, at 10 o'clock, in front of store, will be sold, Two cases assorted Dry Goods, Damaged on board steamer Chase, and sold under in spection and by recommendation of Port Wardens, for account of the Tnderwriters and all concerned. n25 liTaT UNDERWRITERS' SALE! By Bell, Wylly A Christian. THIS DAY, 26th Inst., at 10 o'clock, a. m., in front of store, will be sold, One case Assorted Dry Goods, Damaged on board Steamer Chase, on her passage from New York to this port, and sold by order of Un derwriters’ Agent. By Bell, Wylly & Christian. THIS DAY, 26th inst.. at 10 o'clock, in front of store will be sold, 30 case 9 Bourbon WLiskey 12 Baskets Champagne 26 boxes Tobacco 30 bblß Onions 30 bags Potatoes 10 bbts Apples 16 boxes Soap A lot of Furniture, Ac. Aiso, . A lot of Bacon Shoulders and Hams 2 crates Cabbages. n26 ATTRACTIVE SALE AT AUCTION. By York, Williams, Mcln tire &. Cos. Will be sold at anction, at store on Broughton street, three doors from Dull, this, SATURDAY, evening, Nov. 25, at 7K o’clock. A large and splendid assortment of Jewelry, con sisting of all kinds of Ladies’’ and Gent's Finger Rings, Bar Rings, Necklaces, Breastpins, Sleeve But tons, Ladies' Sets, Scarf Plus, Vest and Guard Chains, Ac., Ac. Terms cash; sale positive. n26 Horses at Auction. BY BLUN & MEYER. THIS DAY, at 11 o'clock, In front of store, will be sold, 1 Black Horse 1 Sorrel 1 Grey 1 Chestnut. Tbe Horses are in the beet condition. Titles war ranted. n25 BY BLUN & MEYER. On THURSDAY, Nov 30tb, in front ol store, at 11 o’clo.k, will be sold . Lot and Improvements, No. 1 Franklin Ward, the improvements consisting of two fine brick Houses, two stories au basements, each house containing seven rooms. The Lot is subject to a ground rent of $29 76 per an nam to the city. n‘24 ADMINISTRATORS SALE. By T. J. Walsh. On TUESDAY, January, sth, ISC6, will be sold at the Court House, in the city of Savannah, at 11 o'clock: The Eastern Half of Lot No. 11 Jackson Ward, (fee simple, with Improvements), corner of Whitaker and Hull streets. Ihe improvements are a two-story brick dwelling, nine rooms, with water iu the yard and gas through the house; brick stable. Both build ings have slate roofs. Sold by permission of the Ordinary of Chatham county, fora division among the heirs. Terms cash, purchaser paying for titles. n24 1 AA COILS Manilla Bale Rope i “o 500 bags Shot 100 Vices 60 Anvils 60 Smith's Bellows 400 kegs Nails 50 tons Plow Steel lnO tons Swedes and Refined Iron 1 ton Cast Steel, assorted 160 doseu Axes 3000 pair Trace Chains 3 casks Sheet Zinc 18 Cotton Trucks 12 Corn Shellers 160 doz Shovels and Spades, assorted brands 60 kegs Horse Shoes 60 kegs Male Shoes 200 dozen Carry Combs 26 dozen Horse Brushes. For sale by n22-2w» WEED A CORNWELL. NOTICE. H eidt & Ludlow, HAVE MOVED TO Olhbon’s Range, Nm. 152 fougrew and 71 St. Jnlien Streets. n2O-10 CRUTCHES. FIRST and only premium awarded at the American Institute Fair, 1865, and State Fair of Pa, 1865. for Crutches. Hartman’s Patent Elastic Rubber Crutones are pronounced by surgeons, and everybody else, to be the very best ever invented. They are easy and con venient, they prevent paralysis of the nerves, do away with all the weariness inseparable from the use or all others, and are in all respects unrivalled. Send for a circular. Agents wanted everywhere LOVEJOY A TaYLOR. Solo Manufacturers, No. 476>4 Broadway, N. Y. 6m-n23 E. H. VAN NESS & CO., GROCERS, SHIP CHANDLERB AND Produoe Donlnm, UNDER THE BLUFF, CORNER ABKRCORN ST., Savannah, Qi< Order* from the Country Private, Famlllea, Steamer* and balling Veasele reapeOhUy solicited. Produce bought and sold on commission. lOU bbtaf^r 1 "' Ap, ' lf * lpapbta/oSqy , MaßuA* am” Mackerel lou lab* Eaira Bauer ' 140 boiMlair* Ob ease mu kite No* 1.1 end k Mackerel 40 ii..P i.t.l# F.illh. MarketSaef •o Wit* Eaira Family l*orb. if all SALT. 000 faiverpooli „ la *un« arid tor mi« bp i AMMN 14 WAftl A <0 4 #|| I « •-«) || | i nn# urucerim, i.iqi'Oßi, a c„ T. J. DUNBAR & CO! IMPORTERS AND DEALERS IN WINES, LIQUORS, SEGARS. &C 147 Bay Street, SAVANNAH, CA., (NEXT DOOR ABOVE REPUBLICAN OFFICE.) Vl’E invite the attention ot the Trade and the Pnb " lie generally to our large and elegant assort ment of Wines, Liquors, Cordials, Conserves, Se gura, ete„ etc. which is not excelled by any similar establishment in the States. We are sole proprietors of DUNBAR'S CELE BRATED WORMWOOD CORDIAL, tho reputation of which is fully established in this and foreign coun tries ; DUNBAR'S well known STOMACH BITTERB - superior to any article of the kind, de signed expressly for hotel and family use; DUN BAR'S SCHIEDAM CORDIAL SCHNAPPS, war ranted of the u most purity, and pnt up expressly for onr hoase, of which we are sole proprietors and importera. Sole Agents for Robert Smith's cele brated PHILADELPHIA ALE. in cases and barrels; English, Scotch and American ALE and PORTER, BRANDY, Scotch and Bonrbon WHISKEY and AR RACK PUNCHES, formerly well known throughout the United States pnt up by us in cases for export and home consumption. T. J. D. * Cos. are sole agents for H. A H. W. Catberwood's Pure RYE WHISKIES XX and XXX brand*, guaranteed unsurpassed in quality and ex cellence. Constantly on hand, a targe and well se lected stock of liOURBON and WHEAT WHISKIES, worthy the attention of the trade and connoisseurs generally. An assortment of SEGARS "f finest grades, manufactured and imported expressly fur this house, which wc offer at the very lowest net cash prices. BRANDIES. GINS, WINES, CHAMPAGNES, and every description and grade of Foreign Liquors imported directly by this house, and for sale in bond or duty paid, at lowest market rates novf-l m WHISKEY! WHISKEY! FIHE OLD BRANDI, TINES, Sc. Peach Valley Whiskey, Maple Valley Whiskey, Pike's Magnolia, Spencer's Old Rye, and Fine Kentucky Bourbon. FOR SALE BY C. W. THOMPSON, At the Old Stand, 111 BA.Y BX R K ir, r, (Herald Buildings.) also, Alsop’s Ale, Mars' Ale, Apples, Potatoos, Onions, Pickles, Mackerel, Cider and Cider Vinegar, octfl ts WM.MTDAVE)SON, WHOLESALE DEALER . IN GROCERIES. WINES. LIQUORS. TEAS, SEGARS, ALE and Cider. sep2 ts BLACK TEA. JUST received, a smal lot choice Oolong Tea. For ■ale by M J. SOLOMONS A 00., nIT-tf Jones' Buildings, B y street. Biscuits, Biscuits. A LARGE assortment of Fresh Blscuit9. Just re ceived and for sale by M. J. SOLOMONS A CO., nIT-tf Jones' Block, Bay street. CHEESE, SOAP. J A BOXES CHEESE, *” 76 boxes Fay’B Soap Just received and for sale bv octl6 BRIGHAM, BALDWIN A CO. Gao. R. Crump. Wm, A. Wright, Augusta, Georgia. Late of Richmond, Va. GEO. It. (RUMP & 00., General Commission Merchants AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN Groceries, Lienors, Tobacco, Segars, SALTED FISH!, &c. 209 Broad St., Augusta, Ga, W Will purchase and sell on Commission Cotton, Tobacco, Pbodooz, aud Mdujuandibz of every de scription. Refers to the Merchants and Bankers of Augusta, Ga., Richmond. Va.. and Jno. C. Ferrill, Esq, De- Witt A Morgan, Gaden A Unckles, A. A. Solomons A Cos., J. T. Paterson A Cos., R. Molina, Esq, Savannah, Georgia. CONSIGNMENTS SOLICITED. * OCt4 EIBLIN, ERO.& BURKE, WHOLESALE DEALKRB IN ALES, WH MD LIQUORS, CORNER WHITAKER STREET AND BAY LANE. ORDERS PROMPTLY FILLED ft DELIVERED. an2l ts To Wliolesale Grocers, Liquor Dealers, Distillers, Druggists and Soap Manufacturers. 77'SSENTIAL Oils for flavoring and Improving Bran- A-3 dy, Rum, Port Wine, Bom Don, Rye, Scotch and Irish Whiskies, age and body preparations for Neu tralising and Mollifying Whiskey and Spirit, Color ings, Syrups aud Frail Juices for Branny, Whiskey and W ines, Oils aud Extracts of Cognac and other Brandies, Holland and London Gin, Ac. Dr F.’a Treatise on Fermented Liquors with 1000 Recipes. FOR DRUGGISTS’ USE. Persian Insect Powder, Fly Paper, Loadstone, Fluorspar aud Fluoric Add, Manganese and all rare Chemicals and Drugs. FOR SOAP MANUFACTURERS, Slllicate of Soda in Crystals, Liquid and Jelly China Clay and Terra Alba, Soap stone, Koein, Soda, Ash, Ac. JOS. W. FEUOHTKANGEK, i.ovl-*od3m No. 66 Cedars*., N. Y. BACON, BTC ON. 15 hlids. each SIDES AND SHOULDERS, JUST RECEIVED AND FOR SALE BY Iloloombe Ac Cos., u*S 3 lay Bay street H. G. RUWE & CO., Wholesale GROCERIES S LIQUORS, WINE* AND MKt.AKS, Corntr Bryin and St. Julian and Johnfion iquar*, fPMUMTIRU PILAfiMI Ultlfiftq NT 4|MiU lut ALIO AND LAORR. nnjDxw wzn M, unoOKuigs. biurtiKS, Ax. PIERCE SKEHAN, Wholrmlf and Ret ai I Dealer In Fine Groceries, Boots and Shoe*, Clothing, Foreign and Domestic Wines, Liquors and Segara. Also, Skeban'e Celebrated GOLDEN ALE AND CHAMPAGNE CIDER, in bottle and in wood. Loudon and Dublin Brown Stout, Scotch and Eng lish Ales. Ac. Liberal deductions made to the trade. 178 BROUGHTON STREET, SAVANNAH, and 02 Liberty street. New York. BUYERS WISHING Tobacco, Flour AND SUGARS, IN LARGE QUANTIES AND OP GOOD STANDARD BRANDS, Will find a fine stock at Raudell eftt Oo’ai. n2leodlw J fFOREIGN 4| I DOMESTIC |||iip U ALES WINES JBIigUORS 4 SFGARSljj£jjj&£7 SOLE AGENTS AND IMPORTERS or Ch. Farre Champagnes FOR THE STATE OF GEORGIA. auSO RANDELL 4 CO. ARE now offering to the trade a very choice selec tion of SOUCHONG, OOLONG, YOUNG HYSON, and IMPERIAL TEAS Also, NO. 1- EXTRA AND FANCY SOAPS RAISINS, CURRANTS AND CITRON PURE GROUND SPICES CREAM TARTAR B. C. AND SAL SODA VERMICELLI, FARINA, JELLIES, Aud a general assortment of Fancy Groceries. n2l-eodlw APPLES CORN AND OATS. C A BBLS Choice Apples O" 20i*0 bushels Maryland White Corn 10* 0 bn-hels Maryland Oate. In store and for sale by CRANE, JOHNSON A GRAYBILL. n2O 4 GENTLEMEN’S Silk Dress Hats, Just received and for sale by S. M. COLDING, _n24-3 163 Congress street, SHIPPING. = STEAMSHIP LINE TO LIVERPOOL, DIRECT. The British West India and Pacific Company'a Steamship DARIEN, Having a large part of her cargo engaged, will have quick despatch. For freight of 1000 bales of Cotton, or passage, apply to n26 BRIGHAM, BALDWIN A CO. For Doctortown, The steamer CLARION Will leave as above on Sunday, Nor. SO, at 7 o’clock a. ua. Connecting with the Atlantic and Gulf Railroad. For freight or passage apply to CHAS. L. COLBY A CO., n0v251 cor. Abercorn and Bay sts. FOR AUGUSTA, The Steamer B. G-oodsell Will receive freight on Monday, and leave with despatch. For freight engagements, apply on board or to n25 M. A. COHEN. For Doctortown. The Steamer General Shepley Will leave for the above place on Saturday Horning, Nov. 95. at 7 o’clock. For passage, apply to CHARLES L. COLBY A CO., n 26 Corner Aberborn and Bay its. FOR AUGUSTA. The Steamer S C O R B I O, Captain Rogers, Will leave for Augusta, on SATURDAY MORNING, Nov. 26th, at 8 o'clock * m. For freight or passag#, having flrst class accommo dation* apply to KRIN A CO. novSbl 114 Bay at. FOR Rio He Janeiro. CAIAINO AT At. Tllama*, Para* PeramatlHK* *»4 Bahia r The Unltofi mats* and Hrtatl Moll /SfjgvfTt u *«l»br WUI dlapatcb Ukdiw I*» tke 4«M*» nf every month, A NEW AND PINItT f I.AfiM MTtAMfiHIF, To !.#••* o* • o'otoeh, g, m., fimiMm 44, north mm- All lattdm b*W b> gaoi ibfuagb tha Fuel tMI<« Am rigmMiid fidfuamt wtt| be |g fittmidaioo oa board r * for i, sight §m hMga bavhrg aghrndbl aanranoo I HoMAJt fitMhlTO A UU , ur.HI -Mr. vmi uTtHlWilf. HtsV 1 * 'ttxii PIONEER LINE. FOR NEW oM' ? YOBK. The new and splendid steamship CHASE, W D. Roath, Commander, will leave for the above port on ’fhaMday, Nor. 30, at o'clock. For freight or passage, Having splendid accommo datlona, apply to M 2 HUNTER A GAMMED. Murray’s Line, FOR NEW YORK. The apiendld ateamshlp LEO, Merrill, master, will leave Cor the above port on ■alanlay, Nor. 25th, at 1 o’clock. For freight or passage, having splendid accomao tlous, apply to a29 OCTAVUS COHEN. STAR LINE. FOR NEW YORK. The fine Steamship AMERICA, Lindt, Commander, will leave for the above port on Saturday, Not. 83th, at I o’clock p. m. For freight or passage, having superior state room accommodations, apply to U 24 BRIGHAM, BALDWIN A CO. Empire Line. FOR NEW YORK. Atlantic Mail Steamship Company. The new and tut aide-wheel steam- 3AN SALVADOR, Adkins, mas ter > wUI ot above, on Saturday,Sstk Instant, at 1 o’clock p. m. For freight or passage, laving unsurpassed accom modations, apply to ” ~ B. H. HARDEE, n2l No. 12 Stoddard's Range. FOR NEW YORK, ATLANTIC COAST MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY. SIDE-WHEEL SHIP. The splendid aud very But SIDE-WHEEL steamship Herman Livingston, 1,400 Tonk, . BAKER, Commander, Having been placed on this line, will callus abort on Satarday, November 351 h. For freight or passage, having very elegant aceom. modations, with accomplished stewards and attentive servants, apply to . \ JNO. R. WILDER, Agent. 1 Ship’s Bills ol Lading famished and signed at the office of Consignee. nov2t FOR BOSTON. BOSTON & SAYANNAH STEAMSHIP LINE. The new and suparior Steamship WM. TIBBETTS, J. S. CONY, Commander, • Will aall for the above port on Wednesday, Nov. kWh, nt o'clock. For freight or passage apply to RICHARDSON A BARNARD, n2l-tf Bay street, opposite Mariner’s Church. fisi to iiirterT A Lighter, of 250 barrels capacity, on / fl,lJ nnder deck, for a short trip. RICHARDSON A BARNARD, Opposite Mariner's Church, n2l » Bay street. For Augusta, THE STEAMER R. EC. MAY, Will have dispatch for the above place. Goods receiv ed at all time and stored in fire proof warehouse, foot of Lincoln street, bee of coet. J. M. KINCHLEY, Agent. Office in Claghorn A Cunningham's. The May arrived in Augusta bom Savannah on last Friday with her full height ts oct9 FOB AUGUSTA, The Steamer Robert Lehr, Captain J. Cottrell, Will have quick despatch. This Steamer being housed Freight will be perfectly protected from til Inclemency of tne weather. For ft eight engagements applv to nll-tl OCTAVUS COHEN. Regular Weekly Steamer BETWEEN AUGUSTA - SAVANNAH. The New Iron Steamer WM. O. GIBBONS, Capt. T. N. Piilsot, Having superior accommodation for Freight and Vajjwogom. *m ply regularly between the above ovu*k "* mfy “ 4t,f<Uy M°r*b>C, at « o’d'Sk l “ ,4 " r “ U Murß ‘ u <> at T zS along Ike Ilea of the river, and with tbfeotdoM torfew Ho.l.wt .inu. .* ;b. ilrTTCo»£': ut iu * - • n MWIM A DAftDKN " f Rw*iit-4*. Ascot at wbsrt im him FOB LIVERPOOL. adk- ft* Aril let. I*»b I IHMMbi Otmi man I* 4* MM** <Miuif NrMflAl »a BHI foifT * UiL' l lit -365aU.aitmwv-,.>-H.. .omsm shisPng' FOR CHARLESTON, INLAND, VIA BEAUFORT AND HILTON HEAD. * THE STEAMER FANNIE, - CAPTAIN MoNULTY, Will leave as above from Padelford’a Wharf on Saturday, «3ih last., at 3 p. m. For freight or postage, apply to F. M, MYRELL °* 4 Harris’ Buildings, Bay street. For Charleston, The new Stasmer CITY 3POI3STT, Capt. E. 8. Talbot, Will leave as above ■very Sunday, at 9 a. m. For freight or passage apply to R. W. ADAMS, or ' ~ ’ . J. S. CARUTHERS, n23-a Hodgson's Range, Bay street. freights FOR AUGUSTA, THE undersigned are prepared to receive goods at their Warebouaos free of expense and eov ered by Insnrarce—for shipment to Augusta and points beyond by their regular line of light draught boats. Apply to CBAB. L. COLBY, sept29—tf cor. Bay and Abercorn sts. For Palatka, Fla., VIA FERNANDINA AND JACKSON* VILLE. Tbs new, exceedingly bat and splendid Steamer CITY POINT, Capt E- A Talbot, WUI leave Telfair’s W hart as above, ®v**T Wednesday, at 4 p. at. w “ bullt h* h * r P™** o * owners without regard to costs, er stateroom and cabins furnished in the most luxurious manner. For freight or passage apply to . . B. W. ADAMS, or j. 8. CARUTHERS, nM ~ B Hodgson* Range, Bay street. FOR AUGUSTA. THE Steamer Oak, CAPTAIN MCCAULEY, Win have quick despatch as above. This boat Is staunch ana of light draught, and being of largs capacity, shippers can rely on having their orders go forward with despstch. Freight received and stored in fireproof warehouses free of expense, loot of Lincoln street. AU ship charges paid promptly. For freight, apply to f. B. PRKBDEE, Agent, 109 Brooghton street. F. M. MYRELL, ni ' 3 Harris’ Buildings, Bay street. FOR AUGUSTA. The Steamer A. M Z O N , Captain R. Johnson, y Is now receiving freight for the above port, at Dillon's wharf, ana will have despatch. Parties desiring ship iron t gait, and anv other heavy freight. In any quantities, oan do this SSff • UT uOl h ‘ vln ‘ T . _ ERWIN A HARDEE. Jno. L. Roumlllat, Agent on wharf. nßt-tf For Doctortown . AND Thomasville. * 9, «gg __ 'S’ The Steamers Gen, Shepley, Orient, and ’ Clarion. i Will make Tri weekly Tripa to Doctortown. In eon nection with the Atlantic and Gulf Railroad I—SSL. Savannah on Tuesdays, Tbnradaya and SnnderaT^ 1 Through freight payable by shippers at our Mine. of axpeSac” 0 * TCd dttring the * ee *’ “ and atored^Si Fo» height or passage apply to nvo „ °HAS L COLBY * 00. n ™ Corner Abercorn and Bay street* FOR UAL TIM ORB. Pendergagt’s Line* The fast sailing regular packet SCHOONER DE SOTO Crook, Master, Ha-ing the greater portion of her Cargo engaged, will have quick despatch. For balance of freght.p- Ply to LaROCHB, GADEN A UNCKLES, Corum- Bay and Barnard streets. Agents In Fenwtck A Cos. OCtlB For Liverpool. The new first clam clippsr ship VIEGINIA, WEEKS, Commander, u now toadln* rapidly at Lower Pres* and having Urge engagements wfll have qnlck deqmtch. For freight or paaaage (taken at lowest rstes) apply to CHAS. L COLBY A 00., octt * corner Absroors sad Bay sts. For Liverpool. ASfeJS.'iftili'VßJ ftSTAKT ce of freight (h.vlug room only fersfsw A UNCKLES, MU Afsnts For l—iverpool. 11 'I im * >• PvlMbt m pslsifa snnle td aeplAlT KlflOliAM. IUUJWIM A 00 For Liverpool. . 1 - Ml4UbUd»D»itlsb barb WMIYMMV J I' Uplift RtMlf, IfiftOßj# t«f |Di|il J d)|j 1)111 .uh b illmfiAtaii ih, ,uiti ai.iJ. a..