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The Southern watchman. (Athens, Ga.) 1854-1882, November 08, 1855, Image 4

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— consumption: ,v PORS. I *7Mil i?It flT *f) Yf B Y JOHNSON STEWART ROSE. M. D.. Fellow of the Koval College of Physici- sjs&ass rafaps a lung*. In the treatment of Consumption by In halation, l have obtained result* which war rant me in assorting thft H?« «&* N cura-1 ble as di-cases of tlie Stomach and Liver. Breathing medicine directly into the Lungs is certainly the rational mode. *f at tacking tho disease, arid like many other great and beneficent tliseovrfie*’ it seem? . .« , , surely hope for the most seeming hopelcs.-. Cases, ns throughout hTI the stages of this in- si. lions disease* the .wondcrftd and btnejiccnf ifrets of its treatincrlt are soon apparent. In cases also of Bronchitis, Astbtu-i. Ac., the inhaling of powders and vapors has been eminently successful, and to those suffering undur auy of the above nntm d complaints. I ean guarantee speedy and certain relief. TO TIIE PUBLIC. WHEAT, CORE, FLOUR and rilHE undersigned has leased of Mr. Robert X TLFowler, for a series of years, the above Nortuwestoi Athens, near liave pleasure in referring to 207 names, residents of New York, and neighborhood, who have been restored to vigorous health About one third of the nbovc number, ac cording to the patients own statements, were considered hopeless cases. The inhaling Method is toothing safe and •pretty, and consists in the administration of medicines in such a mnnnc%thcy arc con veyed into the Lungs in the form of trap-, r, and pro Juce their action at the seat of the disease. Its practical success is drs’incd to revolu- tientze the opinions of the medical world, and establish the entir curability of Con sumption. Applicants will please slate if they have ever bled from the Lungs, if they Lave lost flesh, have a cough, night sweats find fever turns—what ami how much they expectorate, what the condition of their stomach and bowels. The necessary Medicines, appara tus, »tc., will' he forwarded to nny part. TERMS—Five dollars, consultation fee. Balance of fee payable ouly when the pati ents report tlicuiaelves convalescent. RECOMMENDATION BY PHYSICIANS. Wc, the un lot-signed practitioners in me dicine, cheerfully and heartily recommend Dr. Roses method of treating diseases of the Lungs and Throat, as the best and most efiec- hull ever introduced into medical practice. Our conviction* are based upon having several of onrnw" patients, confirmed consumptives, restored to vigorous health after a few months treatment by Dr, Rose, in the above named diseases the application of “Medicat ed Vapors,” inhaled directly into the Lungs, may be justly considered a great boon to SMfTaring hunt Uiity, rendering Consumption fipcrfff>tly cyaUe (fitfe**, l*r. Base itiofyen \pelj of il,u prafg/islon fir hit un wearied Iq^ors |n bringing tf/pjp. haling Method to $2*jj ft ‘le rf perfec tion. ' RUfcHAMXr, M, ft. Joxaa a «(nr. m, », CTUOi K1WGLKY. M. D, WM. U, AUSTlX M. n, OnVU.I.E IfSON, a. ft, GAYIS WEXMOnr:, 31. 8, DR. the road leading to Lawrenceville, and having bad the same tletc and thorough repair by Mr. vLo |e a superior and praeti arid who the undersigned takes pleasurs in recommending as being un- rpaseed in hU profr leave fa notify the £u ssional line, now iblic, that lie is ready . _ any to convert wheat into flour, or corn into meal, and in a manner .to give as llsof the same number of runners, either North, South, East or West.' These mills have but one run, each, for wheat and corn, but will each grind vith ease from one hundred to one hundred arid fifty bushels per day; they are never inter- ferred with, either by high or low water, con sequently person* wishing, or sending wa gon loads of grain to be ground, will at no time be detained longer than a few boars. I have'in ray employment, Mr. Hawkins Wright; who is a practical miller, and whose character for honesty and veraci’y, is so well known to this community that I* need only say, his services are engaged as principal miller. All grain received, to be gronnd at these mills will be weighed and toled accordingly, and a certificate of both the amount receiv ed and returned will be sent back to the per son sending tbe grain. And in connexion herewith I wish distinctly to notify the pub lic, that I have been at considerable expense in procuring and fitting up two superior No. 10, anchor-brand bolting cloths. These cloths are in fine order, and it is both my interest and my wish to keep them so. Floor gronnd from wheat wet, or quite damp, will soon not only bring to ruin cloths of this descrip- tion.butcan uever be made to please those sending the grain either iu quality or quan tity—when in most cases the mills or the miller, after doing all that they can do on bad wheat, generally receive their full share of blame. Wheat, therefore, sent to these mills, either wet or quite damp, will in no instance be ground until the same is proper ly dried, and in every instance of this nature, the miller is to be the only judge Wishing to keep these mills in constant operation, the undersigned will be glad to purchase both wheat and corn. Wheat will be purchased if thoroughly dry at the rate of 60 lbs, and corn at the rate of 56 lbs, to the bushel, delivered at the mills; and the highest cash prices will be paid for either. Tha undersigned is now residing at these mills and intends giving his personal and constant attention to tbe keeping tbe same in complete order, sons at all times to give merited satisfaction to nil that may patron ise him, and he is vain enough to thiuk that he himself <s M spine” millwright, and miller too. All, tHsrefoo. that is asked of tbe pub lic, is n fair shake for vopr patronage. Aug- no—«t, JOHN I. CHEATHAM. PRIVATE MEDICAL COMPANION, BY DR. A. M. MAURICEAU, NOTICE ROSE’S TREATISE ON CONSUME PTION. Priee one dollar. Adfaess, JOHNSON STEWART ROSE. Oflico 951 Broadway, New York B, The new postopolaw requires that, all letters prepaid. My .correspondence be- Hng extensive, applicant* to ensure replies, -must enclose postage. Money letters asnet be registered by vthc Post Master, waftft they will be at my •risk, not otherwise. J. VtT. HAMILTON, Atlm’r. June 12,1855. Rogers’ Liverwort & Tar, ForcomplMe enref Coughs. Colds, Influeuxa, Asthma, Bronchitis, Spitting of 1 Blood, and all ether Lung Complaints tending to Cowsuiqptioiu <r IM1IS preparation ie getting into use all X over our Chautry. The numerous let ters we receive from our various agents, informing us of cures -effected iu their name i Isle neighborhoods, warrant us Hi saying it is one of the best, if not the ecry bext Cough Medielue now before tbe public- It almost invariably relieves and not unfre- quently cure* the very worst cases. When s i other Cough preparations liayo failed, this has relieve*! tha patient, as Druggists, d* alors in Mcdichteft, and Physicians eun testify. Ask the Agmrt hi your tier,rest town, what hns bueu&le <exp< rienre of tbe effects of this mtdicine. If lie has keen selling it for a»y length of time h« will tell y-.U IT 13 Ttl'E BEST Hnr.CIXR EXTANT. Bolow wogSytra few extracts from letters wte have rweifed lately regarding the vir tues of rfifs vMsdeiue. Br. S. S. Oslift, ef Knoxville, Gn., says:— ‘•4 have been using your Liverwort and far vety extensively in my practice for three yeatrs past, and, it is with pleasure I state my belief iu its superiority over all othe articles with which 1 am .acquainted, ftr which it 'is Tccomm-.n led.*’ ' Messrs. Fitzgera’J & Benners, writing rille. N.,C. sa “ ‘ TTTE again earnestly request all who are W indebted to as, to come and mafcepny meat, or close their accounts by note. We mu** close the business of the old firm. May i0 LUCAS & BILLUPS. fesli TO HOUSE KEEPERS. I I W. LUCAS, has just received a . .supply of Elegant Gilt Cornice. Lnefe arid Musliu Curtains, and Handsome Window Shades from $2 U* $8 pair. STARTLING, BUT TRUE I What evervWoinan slionld KNOW. R EADER, are yon a husban a wife ora mother I. Have dor a father! C the than your own. It will re, as itbas to thousands, and anxiety, followed . , incapacitating the mind for its ordinary avocation and exhausting those means for medical attendance,medicines and advertised nostrums, which otherwise would provide lor declining years,the infirmi ties of age and the proper education of vonr children. JUST RECEIVED. .pUMMING’S Works, complete; \J Addisons Works complete; PllrV.’. TO- 1- l . How often it happens, that the wife lingers from year to year in that pitiable condition, as not even for one day to feel the happy and exhilarating influence. incident to enjoyment of heath, arising from ignorance oT the simplest and plainest roles of health as connected with tbs marriage state, the violation of which entails disease, and mise ry. “ And must this continue I Must this be! Is there no remedy f No relief I No hope!” The remedy is by knowing the causes and avoiding them, and knowing tbe remedies and benefiting by them: These are pointed out in THE HARRIED WOMAN'S Oct, 11 SUMMEY & JONES, DKAtKIlt IN GROCERIES. HARDWARE, STAPLE- DRYGOODS, STOVES, IRON, CAST INGS. CROCKERY-WARE, &c. ht Corner of Broad and Wall streets, Athens, Ga. August 16, 1855. H. JONES. P. A. SUMMEY. from Wayneoville. N. C. say “ The Liver wort and Tur is becoming daily more popu lar in this Country, aNd we think justh so. All who have tried it speak iu com mendable terms of it, rind say it is very beneficial in 'alleviating the Complaints fi.r which it is recommended.” Our Agent in Pickens District, S. C. Mr. 8. R. MtSPall, assures us “ that he uses it with great benefit in his own family, and re commends it io his neighbors.” Ho gives an instance of a Negro woman, iu his \icini ty, who hal Wen suffering with disease of the Lungs for years; attended with severe eough, who was relieve! by the Liverwort and Tar, Suah are the good reports we hear of this Mailieiue from all ports of the South. For * report of th -surprising cures it has per fur mod in the Western ami Northern and Eatern States, we would iuvite the suffering patient to read the pamphlet which accom panics each bottle. To all, we say, kane-kop*. hope / TRY THE MEDICINE!! SWAN’S Bank Note List and Detector. Published semi-monthly at Montgomery, Ala. At $2.00 per annum, in advance. Till worts h printed on fine White paper and.aew A type, and in appearance will be second to none in the United States A South rn.Bank- Note i* asseetialin every Bank Counting-nonsa, and public office. Let ns unite in advancing our common interests, and not pennit- N'ortbem mm and Northern Detectors to fluctuate onr money matters a*they may wish, while we s-re qui etty following thetr dictation. Tbe work will be carefully revised on the day of publication, and all important financial changes, as they occur, noticed. Every exertion will be nude to make it x coircct and reliable guide to the Banker aud Merchant. , _ Hotel Proprietors, Brokets. AuetloHMM, Cctniois- sion Merchants, and others desirous of having their names and business widely circulated, are informed that a limited number of advertisements will be in serted. Special rates for advertising by tbe, or for shorter periods, maybe known by applying to any of my Agents, or at tbe Office In Atlanta, Ga. - Specesatn numbers will be sent on application by letter free of chargn A’i communications intended for the “Bank- Note Leat and Detector,” must be addressed to “Swan’s Bank-Note List,* 1 At’anta, Georgia SAMUEL SWAN. Jams* Rosaaiox, General Agent. Sept. 527. 3m. raoFxssoa of diseases of womkx. One Hundredth Edition (500.000J 18mo., pp. 259. [on fits ear a, kttba bitdisc, $.100.] A standard work of established reputation found classed in tbe catalogue? of the great trade sales in Naw-York, Philadelphia, and other cibtes, and sold by the principal book sellers in the United States. It was first published in 1847, since which time Five. Hundred Thousand Copies have been sold, of which there were upwards of. one hundred thousand sent - y mail* attesting the high estimatio» in which it is held as a reliable popular Medi al BOOK FOR EVERY FEMALE the author having devoted his exclusive at tention to the treatment of complaints pecu liar tofemaleSfin respect to which he is yearly consulted by thousands, both in person and by letter. Here every woman can discover, by com paring her own symptoms with those de scribed, the nature, character, causes of, aud the proper remedies for. her complaints. The wife about becoming a mother has often need of instuction and advice of the utmost importance to her future health, ir. respect to which her sensitiveness forbids consulting a medical gentleman, will find such instruction and advice, and also explain many symptoms which otherwise would oc casion anxiety or alarm, as al] the peculiari ties incident to her situation are described. How many are suffering from obstructions or i regularities peculiar to the female system, which undermine the health, the effects of which they are ignorant, aud fur which their delicacy forbids seeking medical advice t Many suffer.from prolapsus uteri (falling of the womb), or from fluor albus (weakness debility, Many are in constant agony for many months preceding confinement.— Many have difficult, if not dangerous delive ries, and slow and uncertain recoveries.— Some whose livesare hazarded during such time, will each find in its pages the means of prevention, amelioration and relief. It is of course impracticable to convey fully theyarions subjects treated of, ar they are of a nature strictly intended for the mar ried o.- those contemplating marriage. In consequence of the universal populari ty of the work, as evidenced by ita extraor dinary sale, various impositions have been attempted, as well on booksellers as on tb<- public, by imitations of thwtitle page, spuri ous editions, and surreptitious infringements of copyright, and other devices and decep tions. it has been found necessary, therefore, CAUTION THE PUBLIC to buy no book unless the words “ Dr. A. M. Mauriceau, 120 Liberty Street, N. Y.” is on (and the entry in the Clerk’s Office on the back of) the title page; and bny only oi respectable and honorable dealers, or send by mail, and address to Dr. A. M. Mauriceau BT Upon receipt of One Dollar. “THF married woman’s private medi CAL COMPANION” is sent {mailedfree) t> any part ot the United States, the Canadas and British Provinces. All letters must be post-paid, and addressed to Dr. A. M. MAU RICEAU, box 1224, New York City, Pub li thing Office, No. 129 Liberty Street, Now York. v March 15, 1855. . r .£S?. B00KS -1 X Olie; or the Old Weat Room; Howitt’s Land Labor and Gold; Memoirs and Essays of Sidney Smith ; Mary Lyndon. Jnst received at the Un iversity Bookstore, by Sept 20. WM. N. WHITE. Burke s Works complete ; Harper’s Gazetteer of the World; Mills’Logic ; Miss Beecher’s Letters to the people: Bungener Council of Trent; Bancroft’s Miscellanies; Hagues Home Life; J. F. Smith’s Novels, complete; Illustrated Manners Book, Ac. For sale by the corner. Sept. 6. W.N. WHITE. Just UecevveiV l 1HE HIDDEN PATH. By tlie Anthor of For sale by * Alone.” Sept 13 W. N. WHITE. DISSOLUTION: ITMIE copartnership in the **>« fnr of Christy ft Seises, wnuL^.? J * Ka I? 1 7eonwmt. The burinen r.K , CO0t,nued b * J - H Christy—by whom the debts “f' he concern will be paid, and who alone is au thorized to collect tbe demands dne to it. . . , JOHN H. CHRISTY. Athens, Jan It 1S55. WILLIAM KELSEA. Pay up! Payup!-^tfr T HE underiigned most earnestly requests alipSreons indebt-d to the late firms of Christt,Kelsea ft C "*‘* Tr t Krur*_« also those owing S^ V m, U h*ite„^“S at ° nC - : Many ° f mustabsolutely be settled without dela< that a luti a longtime, and all He trusts that a sense of right'and’jlistiee will lead every one indebttd tosettle up immediately. If, how- shall turn out that lie is mistaken in this, he will be roreed, however reluctantly, to “ try what virtue, here is in’ law. janl8 j. H. CHRISTY MOORE & CARLTON H AVING moved from No. 3 to 1 Granite Row, aud having purchased a Spring Stock with great care, ask our town aud country friends to come in and examine, nnd 1 we feel assured that they will be pleased with the qualities, styles md prices of our goods, consisting of French and English Calicoes, French and Scotch Ginghams, uew designs, French printed Jaconets, French printed Organdies, French printed Bareges, Plain, figured and striped Grenadines, Plain Bareges of all colors and qualities, Rich Organdy, Barege, and Silk Flouuced Robes, Beautiful worked Collars, from 50 cents to 7 dollars, Chemizettsand Colleveltsof new and fash ionable styles, Silk and Lace Mantillas new patterns, Bleached and brown goods, Hardware. Crockery and Groceries, All of which we will sell at Augusta re^ tail prices, with the exception of Bleached Homespuns and Calicoes, which we do not pre tend to sell for 2 cents per yard less than New York cost for the purpose of baiting green ones. April 19,1855. . bootsi boots! A Plantation for sale. T n S “ft":* 11 ? 1 b K TOPPER ft, ,.l. m, Iwo „d . 8 »d BOOTS -n, .Wip STtaS’S"*’ and. nue tion. Double-soled and Waterproof Boots, Buck Skin, do Pump, _ do Patent Leather, do Opera, do Repairing done in the neatest and best j style. The best of French Leather used and warreuteU. W. S. STARK. July 19 about one -half cleaved, well improved, with neotssary out-buildings,gin-house. Ac. with a saw-mill in good order. I will also sell with the placn my sawer, a likely and faith ful negro fellow. JOHN CALVIN JOHNSON. June 28,1855. tf That Commission House F RESH Salmon iii lb. cans, cbeap, at Keu nf - ’ - “ toy’s. March 2$ D. N. JUDSON’. Commission Merchant, DEALER IN TINLEY& HERRON'S, CHARLESTON. S.C. rTlHE only house doing business in thatcity X that actually had any experience in Ro- CYiolce family Groceries cetving and Forwarding of Goods previous to the South Carolina Railroad quitting the business in July last, is still open for the ALL KINDS OF COUNTRY PRODUCE\ Broad Street, Athens, Ga. J* ’ merchand,8e * machinery, produce, April 19, loo5. If you want yonr goods forwarded without TYt HrtT’Ci? YCunRPQ I the vexatious delays and enormous expense IU HObblft lvr.M Llv-.. bills paid the last season, aud at tho same W. LUCAS is now receivings large time have your business done in such a man P. assortme it of Lace and" Muslin Curtains; Handsome Shades for Parlors; Gilt Cornice; Bands; ner that somebody trill be made responsible for the damaged and lost packages, consign them to ri.NLKY & Hkbrox. who have Received and Forwarded all Goods consigned to them during all-the past season without any extra IRON AND BRASS F0UNDIIY 3 MACHINE WO J AND MACHINE WORKS I RON and-Brass Castings of every variety Improved Iron Frames, Circular Saw- Mills—warranted equal to the best. Steam- Engines, Forcing-Pumps, Gold-Mining Mills, Gin, and all other kinds of gearing. Mill- Irons and all kinds of Machinery mode to order. Iron Fencing of select patterns, Plough and Wagon Castings 9 nd Dog-Irons. Everr variety of Repairing and wrought-iron work promptly executed. Our general assortment of patterns are the accumulation of years. A list will be sent those addressing (post paid,) REUBEN NICKERSON, Agent jan 18 Athens Steam, Co. N. B. Old copper, brass and heavy iron castings wanted. ly Handsome Rugs and_English velvet Car-| charge over those established rates as given pets. All of which' ’ ^ ' ble terms. April 19 1855. NEW STORE tered a solitary complaint Out Mr. Herron was Clerk of the Receiv- Jepartment of the South Carolina Kail Road Company for tho past seven years and is perfectly familiar with all their books, freight tariffs and rules of shipment,both by railroads anti vessels, to gether with the mode of procedure to secure damages and pay for lost articles from other parties, the proper steps of which will he taken in all snen cases without loss or delay to the owners. Another importautndvantage is that his thorough knowledge ofa!i freights and rules ofshipment enables him toinstantly ESPECTFU LLY announces to the public I correct any overcharge iu the jffering for sale, at the B,lls ,,f which to all cases fc SEW GOODS. No. 12, Franklin House Range, (L. J. Lumpkin’s old stand.) Win. J. Morton, (SUCCESSOR TO WM.M. MORTONS; SOXJ Ti that he is now offering for sale, at the I Bills of lading which in all cases las to be above stand,alnrge and vnriedassortinentof done at that time,or oe lost to the owner, in ojapt f Aten FAterv many instances greatly exceeding the cum- SSAPLE AND FANCY missions we charge. Ho was also raised in VftrfiL*wLMAVSP9 Charleston, is perfectly acclimated and free Groceries, Croekery, Hardware, from the contagions of that city, therefore ' 1 I wc will.under all circumstances faithfully Saddlery, SC. j discharge any business entrusted to us. The stock is entirely new, and will be sold I All produce,such ns Wheat, Flour, Corn,, at prices to suit the times. c o rn Meal. Bacon, Lard, Butter, Eggs,Cotton His friends and the public are respectfully I Rice, Rye, Oats, Hay, Tobacco, Wool, Feath invited to call and examine for themselves • cr *» Beeswax, Potato* e, Onions, &c,consign ing-The Books and Accounts of the late e<1 tons will be promptly sold and the pro firm of William M. Morton & Son will be ceeds returned without keeping the money found at his store, and those indebted are a fete months to speculate upon; for we wish requested to call and settle. Athens, May 10,1855. tf Cheap for Cash. L ARGE supplies of Bkst Groceries, ar- rivii I riving every day atT. Bishop A. Son’s. September 27. Bacon and Lard. it distinctly understood that we engage in no speculation whatever; all that we want is our commission, as follows: For Receiving and Forwardingall ordinary- packages of goods 10 cts; large packages of furniture nnd machinery,charges according to responsibility. Iron and steel iu loose bars 10 cts per hundred lbs., and storable for advancing freights and charges 2 1-2 per cent, which you can save by depositing the money with us for selling produce 2 1-2 C HOICE country-cured Bacon and prime per cent. We will also fill all orders in this Leaf Lard, for sale by T. Bishop & Son. | market,making the best selections for our September 27. W OLF’S Aramatic Schiedam Schnapps a superlative tonic dinretic anti dyspep tic and invigorating cordial, just received and for sale by Apl 19. D. N. JUDSON. * NOTICE. Executors’ Sale. T HE Property of the Estate of James S. Jarrall, deceased, will lie sold on the w Mammoth Sale! At Brennan's Dry Goods Store, ^40,000 WOWTH 01 Fancy and Staple Dry Goods, To be sold without Reserve! rnHfilargfest and best assorted Stock of 1 DRY GOODS, m WARNED IN season!!! And neglect uot that cough which is daily retakening your constitution,irritatiogy-— it that dr taroat and lungs, nnd inviting on i our read disease. Consumption, when so soothing unil Healing a remedy can be obtained ns Dr. Rogers'Syrup ol Liverwort and Tar. Beware ot Connte felts and Base Imita tions t The genuine article is signed Andrew Rogers, on the engraved wrapper around each bottle. Price, $1 per bottle, or six battles for J. Sold wholesale and retail By SCOV1LL £ MEAD, 111 Chartres St. bet.Gonii and St. Louis, N.O Sole Agents for-tbe Sout >ern States, to whom all orders and applications for Agen sics must be addressed. Sold also by Smith A Billups, Athens, * C. W. 4- H. R. J. Long. “ '• J. Bell, Jefferson, Ga. Morrow & Kenedy, Monroe, W. Murray, Wntkinsville, J, 11. Stanford. QJarkesvilts. Min C. W . Hood, Harmony Grove, Platt <fc Bro., Lexington, A.C. Winipey, D-ddouega. &, Co. Lawrenceville, V g—best Kentucky 'or sale low by T. Bishop a Son. BROAD STREET. ILL continue tbz Grocery Busines in all its branches, at their Old Stand an BROAD STREET, opposite the Planter’s Hotel. Our Stock of Groceries will, at all times, be urge, the assortment complete, and patticul- nrly adapted to Planters’ Trade—a liberal share of which we have so long enjoyed, and hope sfill to receive. WM M. BEALL, JNO. W. L. STOVALL. BEALL & STOVALL, Warehouse and Commission Mer- Ever offered in this City. On and after Monday. Oct 8, the undersigned, with a view to make a change in the firm, and reduce his present heavy stock of Goods, will sell with out reserve, at Wholesale or Retail, the en tire stock, and to save commissions, he will sell lower than the Goods would bring AT AUCTION. Merchants, Planters, Dealers, and the public generally, will study tlieir own interest by cxamiuiug this Stock before buying else where. And to save time and trouble, he would say, tbe terms will be Cash for sums under Ons Hundred Dollars: for amounts over, approved dty endorsements, with into res’ from date of Sale. ® P. S.—The Ladies are respectfully invited to call and see the Silks, Merinos, Cash meres, Woefl Plaids, Alpacas, Coborg Cloths, Bombazines. Ac. Ac. Ac. THOS. BRENNAN, Above the Globe Hotel Corner. Augusta, Oct 8, 1855. XOct 18 NEGRO SHOES. T1 W, LUCAS, will keep negro shoes JL 1 .made at the Watkinsville Factory. Oct, 11. TAKE NOTICE! A CCOUNTS previons to October 1st, are ; now due, and prompt payment thereof expected. WM. N. WHITE. Oct 1 * milestone! FRESH supply jptreceived Oct 25 r. BISHOP 4- SON. More Light! 5Q BOfiLES best Sperm and Adamantine Candles, fur sale low. l>v Oct. 25 T. BISHOP A SON. 50 Bags Rio Coflbe! O F Superior quality for sale low, by Oct 25 T. BISHOP A SON premises, on Tuesday, 13th November next, to wil: The Land, containing 537 acres, more or less; well improved, on the Apalachee Riv er, one mile below Roberson’s mills, Clarke County, Ga. Eleven Negroes, consisting of men, women, boys and girls Stock of different kinds, to wit: Horses, Cattle, Hogs and Goats. Also the crops of Corn, Fodder and Oats; plantation Tools; also Household and Kitchen Furniture ; Wag ons and Oxen. The above Property is sold for the benefit of the Legatees, and by an agreement of said Legatees. Terms made known on the day ofsale. STINSON S. JARRALL,) , GEORGE A. JARRALL. f tx With the will annexed. September 13. tds. BEALL & STOVALL, Grocery merchants, AgTsusta, Ga. COTTON, COTTON! O UR Warehouse is now open for the season Cotton and other produce, stored at rea sonable rate"; Sept 27. T. Bishop A Son-. H EMLOCK and Cop-Tanned Sole-Leatlier, . Upper Leather and French Call Skin, for sale, low, by T. Bishop A Son. September 27. Augusta Ga ILL continue the WAREHOUSE AND STAPLE DRYGOODS,GROCERIES AND HARDWARE. No. 9 Granite Row Athens, Ga. JAUES I. COLT. | WM. C. COLBERT. August 6,1355. W COMMISSION BUSINESS, in alfits branches and have removed to tbe FIRE PROOF WAREHOUSE adjoining M. Stovall, on the corner -ef Jackson and I P, Ellis Streets, near the Globe Hotel, Consignments of Cotton, Bacon, Grain, and other Produce solicited. The usual Advances made on Cotten m Produce in store, when required. All Cotton consigned tone will be sold at the Warehouse, where one of the firm may at all times be found. Commission for Selling Cotton, 25 Cents per WM. M.BEALL JNO. W.L STOVALL. August 30 GEORGIA, HALL COUNTY. V/l/’HEREAS, a sa "Wbitbey applies to me * ■ for letters of administration on the estate of Arthur C. Wilson, deceased, late of said county. The kindred and creditors of said deceased are hereby.,notified,to file their objections in terms of law, otherwise said letters will be granted at the next November Term of said court Given under my band at Office, 28th Sept, 1855. M. GRAHAM, Ordinary Oct 4. EXECUTORS’ , SALE. A ccording to the last will and testament of William Park, late of Jackson -county, Ga., deceased, will be sold at the court Inuse in Jefferson, Jackson co^ Ga. on the first Tuesday in December next between the usual hours of sale, the negroes belonging to the estate of said William Park, consisting of men, boys, women and children, 'to be sold for the purpose of a division.— Terms cash. Sept. 27th, 1855. ROBERT C. PARK,» n . JOSIAH LESTER, } Executors Oct 4. TO THE TRAVELLING PUBLIC. SAULTfcR & IVY ^ T theiroldstand.near theFianklinHouse, | Asheville. patrons, at 1 1-2 per cent. TINLEY & IIEItON. Charleston, Jan. 1st, 1855. We beg leave to refer to the following HOWARD ASSOCIATION* PHILADELPHIA. Important Announcement. T O ALL PERSONS afflicted with Sexual disease, such as Seminal Weakness, In- potenee, Gonorrhoea, Gleet, Syphilis. Ac. The Howard Association of Philadelphia^ in view of the awful destruction of human life and health, caused by Sexual diseases, and the deceptions which-are practised np-' on the uufortunate victims of such diseases' by Qnacks, have directed their consulting Surgeon, as a charitable act worthy of their name, to give Medical advice gratis, to all persons tuns afflicted, (Male or Female,> who apply by letter, (post-paid) with a de scription of their condition, (age, occupa tion, habits of life, ao.) and in cases of ex treme poverty and suffering to furnishing* medicines free of charge. The Howard Association is a benevolent Institution, established by speoial -endow ment, for the relief of the sick and distres sed, afflicted with '* Virulent and Epidem ic diseases,” nnd its funds can bo used for no other purpose. It has now a surplus of moans, which the Directors have voted to advertise the above notice. It is needless, to add that the Association commands tho highest Medical skill of tbe age. Address,(post-paid,) Dr. Geo. R. Calhoun* Cousnlting Surgeon, Howard Association* Philadelphia, Pa. By order of the Directors. EZRA D. HEARTWELL, Pres. Geo. Fairchild, Sec. May 8. W. G. DELONY, ATTORNEY AT LAW r W ILL give hUspecinl attention to collect— it ' ing, nnd to the claims of all persons en titled to La.nd Warrants, under the late Bonnty Land Bill of the last Congress. t3P Office on Broad Street over the store- of I. M. Kenney. March 15—1855—tf. W. Atkin, Maj.M. M. Gaines, Atheus, Ga. are better prepared than ever heretofore 19 meet the waats of the tra velling public. Those wishing to hire Coaches,Carriages, Hacks, Buggies, or Saddle Horses, are invited to give them a call—as they have finer Coach- es and better stock thaw at any time hereto-1 Bowio A Co., Charleston. P. D. Gates, 12 Broadwny.New York. Col. James Gadsden, Chat-lesion. John Caldwell, President of S. C. R. R. Thos. Warning, Auditor “ “ “ “ John King, Agent “ “ “ “ Hyatt, McBnrney & Co., and J. S & L di - C.W.&H. R. J. LONG, Wholesale and Retail Druggists,. ATIIENS.GA. 17" EEPconstantly on hand a large and Welli JV selected stock of Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Dye Stuffs, Brushes, Window Glass,, Putty, #c. $c. Also, dealers ia French, English and Ameri-. can Chemicals, Drugs, Medi< ities, Per- fmnery nnd Fancy Articles. i Physicians, merchants and all others c*n v depend upon their orders meeting prompt' attention, upon the most acoommoduting terms. Theirgoods will be warranted as repre sented. January,1851. fore,while their Drivers are as careful as can I R. B. A. Ramsey, Secretary of State ; A be found anywhere. >1. Crozier, Comptroller of Treasury, and fAPAt the same time their terms are as W. M. Swan, Nashville, Tcnn. good as the best. R.Saulteb, Z.Ivt. SANSOM & PITTARD, A RE offering at t reduced price a well | selected stock of Staple Dry Goods. Cutlery, Hardware and Crockery ware— se e. French & Van Epps, and J. J. Bryant, Chattanooga. Q. A. Tipton, Railroad Agent, and metch ants genera ly, Loudon, Tennesse. N. n m 1 n & Son., T. J. & C. Powell, Craighead and Deoderick, Knoxville,Tcnne- With a choice selection of Family Groceries. w. & T Harris,Inman & Hamilton. Bran- While returning thanks to thei friends neP £ Mitchell, Fains & King, Dandridge, for past patronage, they earnestly request T enn< those who are indebted to them on notes and accounts for the years 1853 and 1854 to call | and pay at least a part. June 14,1855. SANSOM £ PITTARD. LAND FOR SALE. Planter’s T HE subscriber, living near Stand” P. O. in Madison county, offers There iv <Washing-day’ a Luxury! | £SSU J AM noW prepared" to fill all orders for] bered and well watered: about^lOO acres Leather! Leather!! Hollingsworth’s justly celebrated Wash-1 cleared and in good repair; a good gin-house ing Machines—the greatest invention of the nul other necessary buildings. Price rea- agel This machine can be operated by a sonable and terms easy. Further informa- child 6 to 10 years of age, as well as a grown tion can be had by coming and looking, or E crson—not requiring labor, but merely by dropping me a few lines, directed to ealthful exercise. Will do mope work than Planter's Stand P. 0._Ma<Uson county; Ga. 8 to 10 hands—washing perfectly clean any | July25 COLT & COLBERT, DEALERS IX . article, from a cambrjc handkerchief to a bed quilt, and entirely without injury. It is perfectly simple, and ean be operated by any one, and is not liable to get out of order. Clothes prepared in tbe usual way, except not boiled, that not being necessary. Orders from the country, enclosing $20, will meet with prompt attention, These Machines can be seen in operation gQ HHDS, choice new crop Molasses for sale low by GARLINGTON’S Patent T\vres\\mg Mactime, "ITTHICH is believed to be unequalled for * YY safety and perfection of work, while the any daV at the Steam Cabinet Shop and I price is as low as that of any other machine Blind Factory, near the Town Spring, rear which will perform the same amount of work, of the Franklin House. is now on exhibition at the Athens Foundry, FURNITURE, SASH, BLINDS, PANEL- where it may be seen at any time. DOORS. Ac., constantly on natfd and made to Rights for any counties not yet disposed order. Repairing of all kinds done with of, can be purchased, and orders for Single neatness and despatch. machines will be promptly filial. Athens. July25 S. D.BRIDGMAN. ftj-They are warranted to do all that is claimed for them, and are put up in a work NOTICE. j man-like manner. pT Manufactured at Snapping Shoals, Apl 19. T. BISHOP & SON. A T ew Merchant Tailoring Estab* lishment, A T R. L. BLOOM FIED’S old Clothing house, will be found, in addition to his large aad handsome stock of READY MADE CLOTHING, a large and splendid assortment of Clothes* Cassimeres, Vestings, &e., to be made np to order; and all orders left for goods or cutting and making will re ceive prompt attention and warranted to give full satisfaction. NOTICE. T WO months after date, application will be to the Honorable the conrt of Ordinary of Clarke county, for leave to sell all the real estatebelonging to the estate of John M Clark, late of said county, deceased. ISAAC M. KENNEY, Admr. August 23. Notice. W E have bought a part of W. P. Turner’s st stock of Goods, and will continue the business under the name and stile of COLT A COLBERT, at the old stand of W. P. d; J. C. TURNER. Groceries sold for cash and three months time only. JAMES I. COLT. WILLIAM C. COLBERT. No. 9 Granite Low, Athens, Ga. 6m. August 6, 1855. DOLLARS! DOLLARS!! I WANT ail the money now due me on notes or accounts. Friends spond. Sept. 27. I.M. lease re ft please KENNEY tf BENJ. F. 0’KELLY. A New Georgia Invention. 7T1 WO months after date, application I Newton county, Georgia, by will be made to the Court of Ordinary | j une 28 HARVEY & GARLINGTON. of Jackson county, for leave to sell the real estate of David Witt, T iate of said county, de ceased. Aug25 NANCY WITT, Admx. New Tailoring Establishment! FAMILY GROCERIES. T HE undersized respectfully inform the I citizens of Athens and public generai- bleat le< r1 , ordera confidc(1 to our call. iy, that they have taken the Store next door j / 2 g. 1865. R. L. BLOOMFIELD, to Sanaom & Pittard’s. and are receiving a J H ! Caldwell, former Cotter Jbr Wm. O a ami Savannah, I willhave and most fasbiona l New Firm and New Goods. WA TCHES A ND JE XVELR Y. S1L VER AND PLATED WARE, MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, Ac. Ac. Iffnndcvillc & Talmadge TTAVE just returned from New York,with II a large and beautiful assortment of the above named articles, which they will sejl cheaper than can be purchased elsewhere. A great variety of rich Jewelry of the latest Stylo Broaches, Pins, Ear and FingcrRings* gold guard and fob chains, gold Pens and Pencils, gold and silver Buckles, gold and. silver Thimbles; SPECTACLES TO SUIT ALL AGES, . and a good assortment of col'd Glasses. Warranted sterling silver table, dessert and' teaspoons, silver Forks, and all other articles usually ept in a Jewelry store. The superior advantages which the subi scrit’erii possess over those unacquainted with the business, in purchasing directly from the manufacturers aud importers, and being practical jewelers, renders them capable oi properlyjudging the value of all they pur chase and recommend to the public. In the department of Watch and Jewelry Repairing, we are determined, by careful and neat workmanship, punctuality and low prices, to merit the approbation of the public, favor. An assortment of CLOCKS, of tbe latest stple, always on hand, from seventy-five cts.^ to one hundred and seventy-live dollars—all warranted perfect time-keepers. A. S. MaNDEviLLE, | W. A.Talmadg*. Corner of Brpad street and College Av. one door east ofPeterson’s bookstore. Dec 22,1854. Habersham Hotel. Clarkesville, Ga. T HIS comfortable and commodious estab-. lift lishment, located on the Public Square* is now open for the reception of transient* and permanent boarders. No effort shall be wanting to render guests comfortable. A. ERWIN, Proprietor Clarkesville, April 19, 1865. SACKS SALT, large else and in first order, just received and fov sale low by Apl 19, t. bishop a sotr. fresh stock of ASSORTED GROCERIES <fc CONFECTIONARY, and will keep constant ly on" hand the best article that can be bad in market, at the lowest prices, of well as-1 sorted THE GREAT DISCOVERY 11 KROLLERION, Sugars, Coffees, Teas, Candles, Tobacco, Cigars, Liquors, Champaigns Wine, Porter and Ale, Candies, Pickles, Sardines, Lobsters, Cove Oysters, > Mackerel, Green and Dried Fruits, Almonds, Filberts, Fireworks, Ac. Q^/FOR CURLING TELE HAIR. VO F OR many years it has been tbe object of deepest study with chemists and others _ deepest to produce a fluid that, applied to the hair, would cause it to wave and curl equal in beau ty to the natural curl. 1 THE KROLLERION Is the only article ever offered to the world that will effect this most desirable object But three or four applications are necessary to curl it as much as may be desired, and for And various other articles too tedious to j an _ i en gtj, c f time. From the many test! mention. | mon i a i. 0 f those who have used it, the aub- Come and buy. , , [ scriber does not hesitate to warrant the S N. B.—Those indebted to the undersigned krollerion to gj ve satisfaction, and note or open account, for Clothing, will c a9 reccc>lnln ended in all cases iase call and settle soon, or they may find ** Thereci pe for making, with full directions them in the hands of an .Rnico”' | fo ' use, will be sent, on the receipt of one dol- N EW CROP N. C. Surups* very choice^ justreceived by Apl. 19. T. BISHOP ft $e*»- New Change. O N and after this date, the Drays of T. ML- Lampkin and Willis Thompson will no* longer run in connection with each other*. Merchants and others will hereafter please’ give tickets respectively to each. Athens, Sept. 27. > r j^Q KEGS of Nails oHhe very best quality* for sale, low, by T. Bishop & Son. September 27. NOTICE. July 19 JOHN F. PITTARD & CO." Shoes! Shoes! A QOODassortment of Ladies’and Gen tlemens’’ Shoes, may had cheap at July 5 KENNEY’S* lar, post paid. The ingredients will notcost over 12 cents. Direct to H. A. FREEMONT. Warren, Trumbull Co„ O. MayS, 1865. . INK, INK. jet black Ink ever offered in j . this market, now for sale on draught. ] FINE WINES. P ERSONS desirous of procuring fine wines of evety description, oan do soby calling: at Combs A" Co’s. Express Office. Also can be found the best article of Porter and Ten- Send In clean bottles, and It ie warranted to 1 nenf, Double Strong Ale. Also on band suit The same Ink is also sold bottled by j Tnmgtoorth's celebrated Catateba August 23. WM. N. WHITE. dated tlie 16th day December, 1854. paya ble on or before the 25th day of December*. 1855. As I have a legal defence to the same*, am determined not to pay the said note, ua-> less compelled by law. ’ CYNTHIA H. WISE. July 26th, 1355. NOTICE. Mat- August I. 4 LL preaons indebted to Willinm thews, late of Jackson comity, deceased;, are requested to make immediate payment* and those having demands against said de ceased, are hereby notified to present tbatJU duly authenticated within the (Lina prescrib ed by law. , Aug. 30. MILTON MATTHEW «x-