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THE DAILY TIMES. ‘l l l 10 ( IT\ r . Resolutions of the Columbus Bar. Columbus, September 29;h, 1858. ) 11 o'clock, a. m. j The members of the Columbus Bar, and officers of the Inferior Court, met at Messrs. Thornton &. Turman’s office. On motion, Hon. M. J. Craw ford was called to the Chair, and VV. N. Hutch ins, Esq., appointed secretary. 1 he chair briefly stated the object oi the meet ing, when Judge Thomas moved the appointment of a committee of five to draft and report resolu tions expressive of the sense and object of the meeting. The chair appointed on that committee, Hon. ; G. E. Thomas, Col. J. N. Ramsey, P. U. Col quitt, Esq., Hon. A. G. Poster and Col Porter Ing ram, who reported the following preamble and resolutions: Whereas it is made known to us, that our much esteemed fellow citizen, the Houorablo SAMUEL A. WALES, departed this life on the evening of yesterday, at his jesidence near this city, we, the members of the Bar and the members and officers of the laferior Court of this county, have assembled this morning, before following his remains to their final resting place this evening, offer to his memory and virtues, this public demon stration ol respect, and to his afflicted family, this expression of our sympathy on account of the mournful bereavement. This community has sustained a great loss m the death of Judge Wales. When in life, for several years past, he was ardently devoted to the promotion of the public intercut,even at the sac rifice of personal interest and comfort. Faith fully did he discharge the high and responsible public trust of Senator from this county, and up to the day of his death, the ermine of justice of the Interior Court, was worn hy him with honor to himself and benefit to the community. We all remember his urbanity to the Bar, and his cour tesy to his fellow associate Justices on the Bench. An affectionate father, a kind neighbor, a hu mane master, a worthy spirited fellow citizen has been called away in the midst of his usefulness and fame, by Him, whose prerogative it is to give and take away as to him seemeth best. Lot not the lesson be lost. We too must die; and the time when ‘‘there is nona can tell.” T herefore 1. Resolved, That in the death of the Hon- SAMUEL A. WALES, the community has lost a worthy public citizen; the Bar a worthy! mem- j her, and the Bench an able and upiight Justice. 2. Resolved, That as a token of respect, we will assemble at his residence this evening at two o’clock P, M., for the purpose of accompanying his remains to the Methodist Church to attend his funeral, and irom thence to the grave yard I for their interment.] 3. Resolved, That we sincerely condole with his bereaved family in this mournful dispensation and that a copy of these resolutions be furnished to his family, and be requested to be published in the public gazettes of this city. Judge Thomas being Chairman o! this Com mittee, in presenting the Preamble and Resolu tions, made some eloquent and touching re- i marks on the life ol the deceased. The motion on the adoption of the report was j unanimously cariied. On moii >n, adjourned- MARTIN J. CRAWFORD, Ch’rn. W. N. Hutchins, Secretary. Trade- Though Brosd Street still looks like an old- j fashioned “muster-ground” from the number of ! wagons, carts, teams and vehicles to be seen,yet it is very evident the tr ade i3 not so heavy in the different departments of the city as it was last week. The cotton receipts are large but the trade in dry-goods and groceries are not so full. The receipts of the dry go and establishments in this city for the present month double the receipts for Sep tember in last year. This is the case at one house in the city—whose proprietors by-the-way adver tise liberally in the Times —and we suppose it is general. This shows that the season has com menced early and that vve may expect toon a de cline in the receipts of cotton. The present high price and favorable weather for picking, combined with the early ripening of the cotton caused by the rust—has increased doubtless the receipts at this market. There was frost yesterday morning, but it is rather late to injure the cotton. The weather is new cool at night and fires are pleasant. DAILY “COMMERCIALRECORD! Columbus Times Office, Sept, 30. COT TON.t-The Market opened yesterday with , a brisk demand, at a slight decline from lormer prices’ Sales were fully made at 11 1~2(S)11 5-8. We heard of a small sale at 11 3-4. The decline was owing to a scarcety of orders, and the prin pal sales were made to Speculators. Receipts 1126. Sales. 648. 1 NEW YOK, Sept. 28.—Sales of cotton, 30CO bales. Middling Uplands 13 1-2 cents, new crop. Flour heavy ; Wheat buoyant; Corn firm. SAVANNAH, Sept. 29.- Sales of Cotton to day 4 j'J bales. The better* grades advanced 1-8 cent. M,acon Sept. 2Sth. During the last two weeks cotton has been coming in very freely, and more has been received during that time than at any similar period for seveial years past. The receipts per day from wagons, have generally been from 800 to 10C0 bales. Yesterday a larger amount was received than on any previous day. The market is brisk at from 104 to 1H and a fine article probably would sell for a fraction more.— Sept. 29. ARRIVALS, September. 29, 1858* AT THE PERRY HOUSE: John 1 Clark, Mrs T Clark child and servant Mrs Janies Clark,Lumpkin; A Philips, G M Phil ips, G A Lamar, John Green, Ga; James P Redding, Florence, Ga; BF Ruce, West Point- A J McDonald, Ala; E W McGregor, Phila; Mr Wilkinson, New Orleans; Jas S Walker J B Fellows, H Munroeand wife, Mobile* G W Thomas, G Gusler. Tuskegee; Chas Kliflmiller & wile, Lufaula; 11 Quiuby, Montgomery- \V Os labit, Mobile; N Baley, Ga; D B Coleman, Sa vannah: W J Craddock, David Walker li* Ladv Ala; J Blosper, New Orleans; PP McDonald and Daughter, New York; R Holman, Mrs Per ry, II Bass a B Rogers, Ala: J L * nstian, Co lumbus; J B toiler, Ala; J A Fox, Columbus; W H Brewer, I uskegee; H M Drane, N C; < apt Harben USN; Mrs Moss, Ga; V Q Johnson n* bta . c , e y> S< -C Mrs Shelby, Columbus Graft, M a ‘fe’ & AT THE PLANTERS HOTEL wTOirBSiIS^ vi he, Ala.aLjVV Barnett, Tenn: EB Smith Taibo*ton* Ga-* B JaAson, Columbus ;p u J Slav “’lm ’ B W Mathews, Mariou, co, Ga.; D McMillen .hi 8 ’ co, Ala.; T H iioaier.TalboUoD, (ia! ; i YSvJ Kii m Spßuga, Ala,; M s. Ur. Crowell, Mrs. Hill Russell co Ala.; VV Blau tou, Normai;d>, Tenn vv J Totter* y ancjyville, N C.; A G Boss, Seals Station \l • h Btransberga, West Point, Ga.; A 1 McDonaU. Macon ;>, Ala.; J M p Stovall, Ala.: ’ MJCuu MUSCOGEE RAILROAD, CONSIGNEES,, SEPT. 29, 1858. VI (Nr, W P R R, Hudspeth and Cos, Vlob. &GR R, M Jacobi McKee R&. McKee, W C Wright, J M Lawrence, DWalbaurn, A Velaii, Jordan Ar. Daniel, F W D, t W J Needham. O Teague, Bedell &. Weems. G& S, • WII Webb, Barnett and Ellison. E and AI, Canaker <Sr. N, Morris and Blair,’ J Ligon, J B Jacques and Bro., Hall, Moses and Cos, JP, Fagan and Cos, W K <fe B L Briers, A C Gordon and Cos. J Friedenburg; B and C, Chaffin <fe J, J F Baggett. H Grossmaycr, W H & C Harvey, Van Marcus, J T Flewellen, H Grjftm 65.Cc>. D B Thompson & Cos > .. U'ford, Jones and Bell, J J McKendree. J B and W, J W J Wood, J Ennis and Cos., C BLloyd, Gunby&Co., J L Logan, W E Sanford & Cos. Carter and Jones, Rasland and B, Hunt Ware and Cos, Hull Duck & Cos., M C and J. R L Mott. Mcßae and Jones, JAf Bivins, f Riga], Spence and D. L F Watkins, J J, Norman, MONTGOMERY AND W. P. R.R. CONSIGNEES, fSEPT. 28,158. l’allace Mills. R 1 P Mills, Howard Factory, T B Jordan, J A Chapman, Hall Moses and Co-, Redd, Piter & Cos Barringer and Morton. Mrs. L Rooney. Ogletree and J, Jefferson and if, VI &, G R R. Hull D and Cos.. M &, G R R , Allen and Cainak, Hughes Hand Cos., D DCox. Kmg Allen 65 Cainak. Mrs. Duncan, McDaniel, A C Frost, W A Bonner, Dillard P and Cos., J Ennis and Cos. llow Coffee Came to be Used.—lt is somewhat singular to trace the manner in j which arose the use of trie common bever age, coffee, without which few persons, in j any half or wholly civilized country in the ; world, would seem able to exist. At the | time Columbus discovered America, it had j never been known or used. It only grew j in JVrabia and upper Ethiopia. The dis— j covery of'its use as a beverage is ascribed | to the superior of a monastery, in Arabia, ; who, desirous of preventing the monks j from sleeping at their nocturnal services, | made them drink the infusion of coffee up- j on the report ofsome shepherds, who ob- j served that their Mocks were more lively j after browsing on the fruit of that plant.— ‘ Its reputation spread through the adjacent j countries, and in about two hundred years i it reached Paris. A siugle plant brought there in 1714, became the parent stock of I all the French Coffee plantations in the ‘ West Indies. The extent of the consump-I tion can now hardly be realized. The Uni- i ted States alone annually consume it at the \ cost of its landing oi from fifteen to sixteen millions of dollars. You may know the Arabia or Mocha, the best coffee, by its small bean of a dark yellow color. The Java and East Indian, the next in quality, are larger and of a paler yellow. The West Indian Rio has a bluish or greenish gray tint. 25§|rThe aggregate of the losses at sea for eight months, since the commencement of the year, is 209 vessels, valued at $5,620, 191, against 406 vessels, valued at $11,586, 200 in the same time last year. PINE GROVE ACADEMY. j The exercises of this School will, commence 011 MONDAY, 4th of ‘O&rii&SfaW October next, and end July 1 , 1859. j Tuition for the year r£)sso. j Columbus, Sept. 23 d—lit. JOHN ISHAM. LIN WOOD ACADEMY. r IpHE exercises of this School will be resumed pn Monday, October 4ih, and closed on the Ist ot July, 1859. Full and thorough instruction given, in the English, Classical, and Mathemat ical branches of study. Tuition <slo. Sept. 20— dtw. H. MITCHELL. WYNNTON MALE ACADEMY. #The exercises of my School will be resumed Monday, September 27th, and continue nine months. Tuition Forty Dollars, one half in advance. „ 11. H. TAFT. Columbus, Sept. 20, 1858. w&dtf. MRS. MARBLE'S SEMINARY. # The exercises of this institution will commence on Monday, October 4>h. .Terms and studies the same as hereto fore, and it is confidently hoped the same liberal patronage will be be stowed. Enquirer copy—twtd. Columbus. Sept. 17, 1858. dtd NEW SCHOOL FOR BOYsT~~ #DR.J. P. HOYT, having had several years experience in teaching, and being favorably known by many citizens of Columbus, will open a school for hoys at the corner of Forsyth and Thomas Streets, on Monday, Oct. 4th. Every exertion will be made to deserve a liberal patronage. Equirer copy—twtd. Columbus, Sept. 17,1858. dtd ! ” mOIOTE’S school. #: lie exercises of this School will be resumed on Monday the 27th Sept. inst.,end will be continued to the 30th June 1859. Sept, 22 wfifd~3w. REALLWOOD INSTITUTE. TUB Exercises ef this School will be n °n Monday the 4th day ofOc- next under the charge, as hereto fore Miss A. BAILEY. Lessons on the Piano will be given hv a competent Female Teacher. Board can be btai tied in the immediate neighbor hood. Bealiwood, Sept 7, 18‘8. dtd. Tri-weekly Enquirer copy COLUMBUS HIGH SCHOOL, FOR YOUNG- LADIES. A Southern gentleman from prominent literary oentiemen ot South Car oliua and this State, will open a school for young ladies, on the first Monday in October next, in this City. Parents desirous of sending their daugh ters to a school where every facility tor acquiring a classical education will be afforded, and where they will be under their own supervision, can leave their names with Wm. A. Mitchell, James C. Cook, A G. Redd, or at the residence of John Johnson. Colu i.bus, Sept. 18, 1858. dtt DISSO iIITION. ‘FHE co partnership heretofore existing between A WATKINS A COBB is this day dissolved by m ituai conseDt. All those indebted totheconcerb must settle immediately. L P. WATKINS, Sept. I—lm J, N. COBB. J. ft DANIEL & CO., Have now in £tore and will be constantly receiving during the Fall months, Fashionable and approved styles of READY MADE CLOTHING! entirely of their own manufacture, which they claim to surpass any brought to the Southern Market. ALA RGE AND CAB EFULLY SELECTED STOCK OF GENT’S FURNISHING GOODS, Hats , Caps, Umbrellas, Travis, Valises, Carpet Bags, Traveling Blankets, Shawls, &c., &c. They also keep constantly on hand an assort ment of YOUTH'S CLOTHING, of their ! Own manufacture, ranging from 10 to 18 years. i CLOTHS, CASSIMERES AND VESTINGS, of the latest styles and greatest variety, manufactured to order in styles to suit patrons, i A large Stock of SUBSTANTIAL GOODS lor laboring men. Sept 2D, 1858—<hvtf. J. 11. DANIEL &. CO. 123 Broad Street, Columbus, Georgia. * O MUSCOGEE RAILROAD. WANTED by the day or month, 8 or 10 able bodied LABORERS- J. L. MUSTIAN, Supt. Columbus Sept. 24, 1853 lw F. LAN DON, FALL fjjjjgf STYLES HATS JlliL CAPS * 103 Broad St., Columbus, Has on hand an elegant assortment of Fail and Winter Hats, embracing SILK, CASSI MERE, and SOFT HATS, ot every variety, color, size and shape. For sale CHEAP. Columbus, Ga., Sept. 14. 1858. w&dtf FIFTY NEGROES WAN FEDT HAVING made our a‘rangement3 for Jthe Fall trade, we desire to purchase 50 or Sixty Likely Negroes, ol good character, consisting of yonng men, women, plough boys,and gi'ls, for whom the hignest marketprice will be paid. Peis ns ha ving negroes for sale willfind it to their interes. to give us a call. We will receive and sell No groes on Commission and no efforts will be spared to make satisfactory sales, for those who ntay place their negroes in our charge. Liberal advances always made on negroes when desired. Call attha Auction and Negro mart of HARRISON & PITTS, aug2l—wtwH 50 & 61 Broad Street. TO RENT. SEVERAL TENEMENTS-one on Broad Street, eligible as a Boarding House. L. T. DOWNING. Aug. 19—twtf. EXECUTOR’S SALE --:of a:— VALUABLE PLANTATION. BY virtue of an order granted by the Probate Court of Macon County, on the 11th instant, to the undersigned, Executor of the last will and testament ol Nathaniel H. Clanton, deceased, 1 will proceed to sell to the highest bidder at public outcry, belorethe Court House door, in Tuskegee, Ala., on Monday, the 18th October next, the fol lowing tract of land, to wit: The south half of Section five (5,) Section eight (8,) and the north half ol Section seventeen (17,) except forty acres in the souih west corner of said halt Section ; all in Township sixteen (16,) of Range twenty three (23.) The above plantation comprises twelve hundred and forty acres in one body, of which seven hundred and filty acres are in a fine state of cultivation, and the remainder heavily timbered woodland. The Residence of the late. Nat. H. Clanton is situated on the plantation, in a high and beautiful woodland grove, about six miles south-west Irom Tuskegee, and one hundred and fifty yards from the old Stage Road leading from Tuskegee to Montgomery. The improve ments consist of a good comfortable Dwelling, Negro Houses enough to accommodate fifty working hands, anew and splendid Gin House and Screw, and all necessary Stables and Out buildings new and in good repair, a free stone Spring giving abundant supply of water; health of the place is unrivaled in the State. In a word, taking into consideration the rich> ess of its soil, the health of the place, the character ol the neigh horhood, for its highly elevated tone of society, and its convenience to market, this i3 beyond doubt the most desirable Plantation in Macon County. Also, at the same time and phee, Noith half of Section twenty-nine (29.) in Township sixteen (16,) of Range twenty-three (23). In this tract there are about one hundred and fifty acres in cultivation,balance woodland, partly hammock, lying on Big Calebee Creek, siiuated about one mile south of the residence of deceased. Also, at the same time and place, the North half of section thirteen (13), in Township sixteen (16), of Range twenty-two (22 , known as the Haden tract, lying in the fork of Big and Little Calebee Creeks ; all rich hammock woodland. The above Tracts of Land comprise nineteen hundred acres, all convenient to the residence, and will bo sold separate or together, to suit the convenience oi purchasers. For further particulars, apply to William J. Smith or Nathaniel H. Clanton, on the premises. Will be sold for a division among the heirs. TERMS.—One half due first January, 1860, and the balance due first January, 1861, withimer est Irom the firsr January, 1859. Notes with approved security. Possession given first January, 1859- JAMES H. CLANTON, Ext. Sept. 16,’58. 18-dtd. ALABAMA WAREHOUSET COLUMBUS, GA, ALLEN & CAMAK having purchased the interest of B. A. Sorsby in the above well known FIRE PROOF BRICK WAREHOUSE, would be glad to see their old friends and patrons at their new place of business, where they have formed aco partnership with J. W. King, under the name and style of KING, ALLEN & CAMAK, for the transaction of a general STORAGE AND COMMISSION BUSINESS Special attention paid to the Sale of Cotton and Produce, and the Receiving and Forwarding Marchendise consigned to our care. Liberal Advances made on Cotton in Store or for shipment to our friends in Savannah, Charles ton, New York or elsewhere. Bagging and Rope furnished our customers at market prices. We solicit a share of public patronage, and pledge ourselves, by close attention to bu-iness to merit it J. W. KING. A M. ALLEN, THOS. CAMAK. THE undersigned, in retiring from the Ware house business, takes great pleasure in re commending to his friends a'continuance of their favor and patronage to the new firm. (Signed) B. A. SORSBY. Columbia, July , 18Sfi.d$m. BACON. 35,000 lbs. Tennessee Clear Sides, 49,C00 lbs. Tennessee Shoulders, On consignment and tor salo at HUGHES, DANIEL & CO. Sept. 29th, 1859. dtw A LARGE STOCK OF riM.,\Ul\mi IHIVtIiKIDS. ./. KYLE cf* CO., HAVE now in store the largest and best select ed Stock of Staple and Fancy Dry Goods ever offered in Columbus. Also a fine’ assort ment of Carpets, Rugs, Shoes, Hats, Arc., all at their u.-ual low prices—with additional induce ments to cash buyers. Columbus, Sept. 18,1858. vvGtdtf I). P. ISLLia. ~‘ b. H. MA'lHir ~ ELLIS & MATHIS” Asset km A €ommi*ssi<m COLUMBUS, GA. WILL give prompt attention to the sale of Merchandize, Country Produce, Ne groes, Furniture, Vehicles, Stock, Ural Estate, &c. &c, Will nbo give particular attention to Rent] na Real Estate, Hiring Negroes, Ac. Ac. Administrators’ and Guardian’s sales will be con ducted on reasonable terms. LIBERAL AD/ANCEB will be made. A'.l goods n store w ill be insured, unless otherwise directed. Columbus, Bept. 7—w&d3mis LAGRANGE FEMALE COLLEGE. WILL open its next session the 24th of Sep tember, with the following I FACULTY. ! Rev. WM. J. SASNETT, A. M., D. D., Pres | ident and Professor oi Moral Science and I Belles-Lettres. | Rev JAMES R. MAYSON, A. M., Professor ! of Mathematics j WM. A. HARRiS, A, 31., Professor of Nat ’ ural Science and French. JOHN VV. AKERS, A. M., Professor of Ancient Languages and Liieiature. Mrs H. P. JUDGE, Instructress in Engiieh Lit erature. ! F. ,1. WURM, 31. D., 3luuich University, Pro* ! fessor or Music, instrumental and vocal. ! Miss SaRA I CORRY, Assistant in Music. Miss MARIA BROWN, Instructress in Painting and Drawing. i P. G. BESSENT, Steward. This insulation offers advantages which few. if any, iu the South can claim. For the charade and completeness of its Faculty, for elegance of bulidings and general facilities of learning, for accessibility, beauty and health of location, the LaGrange College of Georgia has no superior in the Union. It is in sight of the Railroad and of the groat Southern route from New Yord to New Orleans. Expenses in Collego, including board, washing, fuel, and literary tuition, SIBO per session of ten months. FOl Catalogues address the Faculty, or WM. A. HARRIS, Sec. Sept. 20—w&dlm Lagrange, Ga. STEWART COUNTY LANDS FOE SALE. OWING to misfortune, I offer for sale my farm, lying si> six miles cast.of Lumpkin, Siffi":! conla iniiife 500 Acres, -4<;oin cultivation jyjta!i,Ou the place are good negro Cabins, over seer’s house, frame gin and press. The land is red land —growth oak and hickory I prefer letting the present crop spe k for the productiveness of the land. I will sell a bargain if applied to soon. J.C.C. BLACKBURN. Lumpkin, Sept. 9,—dGtwMw. ~~BY HARRISON & PITTsT SUNDRIES AtTrIVATE SALE. Y*A HHDS. BACON (Extra Clear Sides,) : v)U Coßarrels Rectified Whisky 25c per gallon. 20 “ Old Burboun Whisky) 10 ‘ Monongabeia “ 2( 0 Boxes Virginia Tobacco. 100 Boxes Btar C ndies. 100 Cases Cognac Brandy. 100 Cases Chestnut Grove Whisky. I (<ir. Cask fi"c French Brandy. * Bbls American Brandy. 50,000 Cigars—assorted brand's. Persons in want of any of the above goods will ! find it to t heir interest to give us a tall HARRISON & PITTS, Auct’rs. | Sept.l, 1858—u&’-vim. HARRISON * PITTST AUCTION & COMMISSION! MERCHANTS, AND NEGRO BROKERS, 59 and 61 Broad Street ,Coluial)us, Ga, I \\T ILL at.ii 1 continue the line at our old I ft stand. Thankful for the patronage hereto- j | fore so iiberally extended to us by our friends and 1 the public, we hope by renewed exertions tomerit I its continuance. Noetforts will be spared to give I entire satisfaction to those who may confide their i business to our care. We will give our personal attention to the ! 1 sale of Real Estate, Negroes, Merchandize and Pro duce. Having houses fitted up expressly for the purpose ,we are prepared to board, purchase I am sell Negroes on Commission, Liberal advances will be in .de as heretofore on i Negroes and Merchandize. Administrators and Executors’ sales attended to ; on reasonable terms. 13?” A Stock of LIKELY NEGP.GOESof all classes wilt be kept constantly on hand. CHAS. 8. HARRISON, GEORGE I. PITTS. i Columbus, Sept. 2,1858. —wtwly : STEAM ENGINE FOR SALE. LOW FOR CASH OR GOOD PAPER ONE Steam Engine, 8 inch cylinder, 12 inch stroke, with tubular boiler, smoke stock, 12 I feet turned shattmg, all complete. Everything is i new and warranted perfect. Any person wishing I to purchase can call and see the engine work at j any time, and satisfy themselves that she is a No. 1 engine. Call on or address HENRY” McCAULEY, Columbus, Ga. Sept. 3, 1958 dim TO KENT. FROM the Ist of October next, the City Hotel, near the Market House. Apply to p GITTENGER, July 3 tw3m. At Rankin’s old Stand. TOBACCO AGENCY, COLUMBUS, GEORGIA. ELLIS & M A T II I S, AGENTS FOR THE SALE OF MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, HAVE on hand end will continue to receive di rect .FROM FIRST CLASS M.VNI FACTC RK RRS a largo supply oi all grades Tonacc wnicu they will | sell io thet ado at Factory Prices, expanses : only added. : rr* • raders will do well to call before baying j lsew,.ere. gept?— w&dSmmis A CARIi. HA \IN ( withdrawn from the firm of HUGHES DANIEL <fc t'O., 1 cheerfully recommend them to all our former patrous, and the public generally. JOHN R. EASTHAM. r pHE Subscribers will continue under the same X name and style—a general STORAGE & COMMISSION BUSINESS AT THE FONTAINE & LOWELL FIRE-PROOF WAREHOUSES. j Thankiul for the past liberal patronage of our I friends, we solicit its continuance, and pledge out | individual exertions to please all who may entruer ! their business to us. We are prepared to grant usual facilities to our customers HUGHES, DANIEL & CO.. Wm. 11. Hughes, Wji. Daniel, Wesley C. Hodges. Aug. 5, tf. M W. F. LEE, D. D, S. DENTAL SURGEON, OFFICE corner ol Broad and Randolph Streets, Columbus, Georgia. Dec. 17, 1856—w&twtf J. FOGLE & SON, DENTISTS, Office on Randolph Street, near Broad, Colum bus, Ga. Columbus, May 9,1857. wtwtf W- W. ROBISON, Wholesale Dealer in FAMILY GROCERIES, &c., WEST SIDE OF BROAD STREET, Columbus, Georgia. HAS now on hand, and will constantly keep, an excellent selection oi all the articles usu ally kept in the Grocery line, llis itock consists in part of Bacon. Lard, Flour, Sugar, CofFee, Syrups, Flour, Salt, Rice, Cheese, Bagging, Rope, Tobacco, Nails, Soap. Crockery, <fcc. Together with eve ry article usually demanded by ihe chy or country trade, all of which he offers to his iriends and the public, at the lowest market prices. Call and see. Sept. 4, 1858. d&w3m. GREENWOOD&GIAY. WARE-HOUSE AND COMMISSION M E RCHANTB. COLUMBUS, GA. [gv?\ THE undersigned have formed —a Co-partnerehip under the above ; firm lor the transaction of a general Ware-House ! and Commission Business in this city From the long experience of Mr. Greenwood,! (in the lan- firm of Greenwood 6$ Cos.) and \lr. I Gray (in the late firm of Stewart, Gray V, C 0.,) they flatter themselves they will he able, by giving their undivided and personal attention to all busi ness entrusted to their care, to give general satis faction, They will be regularly supplied wiih the latest foreign and domestic intelligence, which will always be at the serivee of their p itrons The usual CASH ADVANCES will be made, and Bagging, Rope and other goods furnished when desired. E. S. GREENWOOD, W C GRAY. Columbus, July 13, 1858—\viw3m. E. BARM ABB & 00. | COLUMBUS, GA. WHOLESALE AJSD RETAIL | GROCERS & PROVISION DE ALERS HAVE on hand, and will constantly keep, 4L a large and well selected Sto. k,embracing i every article in their line, which are offered ; J to their Iriends and the public,at the lowest : market prices Cmr and see us. Columbus, Sept. 29,1857. w&twtf. To Our Customers! FROM and after the first January next, we shall adopt, as nearly as possible, the CASH SYSTEM. Necessity Compel- ns to this Course. From that day all articles will be priced as cash. Where credii3are given (which will on- j ly be extended to ihose who have promptly paid * us) an addition will be made to the price named according to the time required bv the purchaser. E. BARNARD, & CO. Dec, 31,1857 —w&twGm. CIGARS DIRECT IMPORTATION, 1 A A BOXES Havana Cigars ofvarious brands lUv lor sale at small advances for Cash by Jan 19 —wtwtf E. BARNARD& CO FFEEDOM FROM FEVER AVI) AGUE TRIUMPHANT SUCCESS! THE GRENADA ELIXIR, OR South American Antidote for Malaria? Is a sure Cure and Perfect Route to Ague and Fever, Chill and Fever, Dumb Azue, and all Bilious Affections'. IT has been thoroughly tested in thousands of cases, some of years’ standing, where Quinine and all the most popular remedies of the day had failed, hut the Eiixir has met with the most tri umphant success ; never failed to cure the most obstinate cases. The unanimous testimony of all who have used or witnessed its operations, declare it to be (he most extraordinary medicine ever dis covered for the quick and permanent cure of Fe ver and Ague. It operates as a gentle Tonic and stimulant, gradually but surely; eradicates every vestige of disease, and restores the system to health and vigor. It imparts new vitality to the blood, and vvili soon induce the glow of health to return to the pale and swarthy complexion. The advantage of this medicine therefore is, that ! a cure must be radical and complete; not simply breaking the Chill, by producing a “new impres- i stun” upon the nervous system, without reference | to the operations of the malarious poison, which I is allowed to remain unchanged and renew’ its at tacks, immediately alter the nervous system has ceased to feel the artificial disease—induced by Quinine and many other preparations generally resorted to- The GREN ADA ELIXIR acts di rectly upon the Liver, Stomach, Kidneys, Pores of ihe Skin, and produces a radical cure. It contains no ingredient the least injurious to tlie system, and can be given to an iniant with perfect safety. It is warranted to cure every case when taken as directed. Alt who need such a medicine, will do well to try the Grenada Elixir. It is not only the best hut the must economical medicine ever introduced for Fever and Ague and is a Southern Remedy. Prepared only by J. S. PEMBERTON & CO. Chemists and Druggists, Columbus, Georgia. And sold by all respectable Druggists in the city and country. July 24, 1858—-w<fctw3m ! SWAN & CO.’S LOTTERIES Triumphant! SWAiN &• CO. CONTINUE TO DRAW AS USUAL, WITHOUT INTERRUPTION ! SWAN 6l CO’S Lotters are legal and authoriz ed by the State of Georgia OUR FIRM HAS SHOWN THAT OUR LOTTERIES ARE DRAWN FIARLY; THAT Ol R PRIZES ARE PAID PUNCTUALLY, AND THAT OUR SCHEMES ARE MORE LIBERAL THAN ANY OTHER LOTTERY IN THE WORLD. The following schemes will be drawn by S SWAN & CO. MHungers ol the Spans cademy Lottery, lu each of their single number Lotte, tos for nctober 1858, at Augusta, Geor.ia, to which city they bare removed their principal office. Class 3.5 draws Saturday, Oct. 2, 1858. Class 3G draws Saturday, Oct. 9, 1858. Class 37 draws Saturday, Oct. 16, 1858. Class 38 draws Saturday, Oct. 23, 1858. Class 39 draws Saturday, Oct. 30, 1858. On file Finn of Single Numbers. £O,OOO TICKETS—S,43S rRIZES. NEARLY ONE PRIZE TO EVERY NINE TICKETS Scheme! To In* drawn every Saturday in Oct. I rri/.o of $70,000 i “ 30.000 1 44 10,000 t “ 5,000 L “ 4,000 l “ , 3,000 1 *• 1,500 4 44 I,tioo 4 “ 9 Hi 4 “ 800 1 “ 7l'U 4 “ 000 50 4i 600 50 “ 300 100 ** 125 230 100 APPOXIMATION PRIZES. 5 Prizes of $ *CO Approx’g to $70,0(0 Prize ere I,COO 4 44 300 “ 30.0(0 44 1,200 4 “ 200 *’ PMIOO ,4 800 4 “ 127 “ 5,000 “ 400 4 “ 100 “ 4,(00 “ 41.0 4 “ 75 “ 8,000 “ 300 4 41 50 44 1,500 “ 210 -1,00020 are $100,0( 0 5,485 Prizes amounting to $32ii.(,00 Whole Tickets $10; Halves $5, Qnarters $2.50 A Circular showing tiro plan of the Lotteries, will forwarded to any one desirous of receiving it. Certificates of Packages will be sold at the follow ing rates which is rhe risk. Certificates ot Packages of 10 Whole Tickets. ..SBO 44 “ 10 Half “ 40 4 * 44 10 Quarters “ 20 44 44 111 Eighths “ 10 IN ORDERING TICKETS Oil CERTIFICATES Enclose the money to our address for the Tickets ordered on receipt of which they will be lorwarded by first mail. Purchasers can have Tickets ending in any figure they may designate. The List ot drawn numbers and Prizes will be sent to purchasers immediately after the drawing. Purchasers will please write their signatures plain and give their Post Office, County and State. Remember that every Prize is drawn and payable in In ! without deduction. Ail Prizes of Si,OOO and under paid immediately after the drawing—other prizes at the usual time of thirty days. Ail communications- strietiy confiden ial. Address orders lor Tickets or Certificates to S. SWAN CO., Augusta, Ga. Persons residing near Muntgom. vy, Ala.or Atlanta Ca ,can have their orders filled, and save time by addressing 8. Swan & Cos. at either of those places. A list <>f the numbers that are diawn from the wheel, wit h the amount o! the Prize that each one is entitled to, will be published alter every drawing in the following papers—AugusiaConstitu tionalist, New Orleans Leila, Mobile Register, Charleston Standard, Nashville Gazette. Atlanta‘n telligencer, New York Weekly Day Rook, Savannah Morning News, Richmond I>e spitoh, New Yorkois patch, Paulding (Miss) Clarnon, and Litt'e Rook (Ark) Trie Democrat. octl—dfitwtf ! SLS ’ij ij Sj Ai $ fc# 22 si si THK CELEBRATED HOLLAND REMEDY FOH ftTB9SSIA, DISEASE OF THE KIDNEYS!, LIVER COMPLAINT, WEAKNESS OF ANY KIND, AMD ACUE, And the various affections consequent upon a dis eased STATE OF THE LIVER. , Such as Indigestion, Acidity ot the Stomach, CoJ i icky Pains, Heartburn, Loss ot Appetite, Despond ency, Jostiveness. Blind and Bleeding Piles. In all Nervous, Rheumatic and Neuralgic Affections, it ! has in numerous instances proved highly beneficial, ! atid iii otners effac ed a decided cure. This is a purely vegetanle compound,prepared on ! strictly scientific principles, after the manner of the celebrated Holland Professor, Boerhave, Because of its great success in most of the Kuropean States, it* introduction into the United States was intended more especially for those of our f theriand scattered here and thereover the face of this mighty country. Meeting with great success among them, 1 now of fer itto the American public, knowing that its truly wonderful medicinal virtues rausi, be aekuowledgid. It is particularly recommended to those persons whose constitutions may have been impaired by the I continuous use of ardent spirits, or other tor ms of dissipation. Gent rally insiantaneous in fT ct. it finds -ts way and redly to ihe seat of life, thrilling and quickening every nerve, raising up the drooping spirit, and, in (act, infusing new health and vigor in the system. NOTICE, —Whoever expects 1o find this a beve rage will be disappointed ; but. to the sick, weak, and low spirited, it will prove a wrrateful aromatic cordial, possessed ol Binsiuli*- remedial properties. CAUTION! The great popularity of this delightful aroma has induced many imitation?, which the pub.ic should guard against purchasing Be not persuaded to buy anything else until you have given Boerhave’s Hol land Bitters a fair tiial. On? bottle will convince you how infinitely superior it is to all these imita tions. Sold at $1 00 per bottle, or six bottles for 55.00, by the SO L E PROPRIETORS, BENJAMIN PAGE. Jli. & CO.. MANUFACTURING Pharmaceutists and Chemists, PITTSBURGH, PA. For sale in Columbus by Bmnks& Chapman, and Dr:g istsg-neraily throughou’ the State. April 24, ’SB, Iydwis TO RENT. THF. Store on the corner of Broad and Randolph Streets, at pr -sent occupied bv E Barnard & Cos ~ is for rent from tbe Ist October next. App'y to * sept 13—dtf PERRY SPSNCER Dissolution of Partnership, THE firm of KING if SoRSBY is this day dissolved by mutual consent, Those having demands against the firm as well as those indebt ed to it, will please call on B. A. Sorsby for settle ment, at the Alabama Warehouse, w’ho is hereby authorized to settle the same. JOHN W. KING, June 25—wtwtf. B. A SORSBY,