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R. ELLIS & Cos., Proprietors, volume vi. THE COLUMBIA DAILY TIMES U published every morning (Sundays excepted.) at Six Dollars per annum, in advance Sev en Dollars if not paid before the expiration of the year. THE COLUMBUS WEEKLY TIMES Is published every TUESDAY MOItNI.NH. at Two Dollars per annum,strictly in advance. Office on Randolph Street, opposite the j Post Office. ADVERTISING RATES. Advertisements of five lines or leas in either the Daily or Weekly Times, will be inserted at 50 cents for the first insertion and 25 cents for each subsequent insertion. Advertisements exceeding five lines will be charged 10 cents lor the first, and five cents per line tor eaoh subsequent insertion. Displayed advertisements will ho charged for the space they occupy. The following aro the contracting rates chango* able at pleasure: WEEKLY RATES. JT I U CO J O O <-0 No. of S 33 33 3 a o o o o o is a p a 3 sqrs. cr ~ ~ 5 g. - i m i w m u> 1.. . 250 400 ! f5O 10 00 15 00 20 00 5OO 800 11 00 20 00 25 00 30 (H) 3750 U 00 14 50, 25 00 35 00 40 CO 4 10 00 15 00 19 00= 30 00 40 00 50 00 5.. . 12 00 17 00 20 001 40 00 50 00 60 00 6 ! 15 00,20 00 25 00 50 00 60 00 70 00 7.. .. 17 00 25 00 30 00 ’ 60 00 70 00 80 00 8.. 20 00 3) 00 40 00 70 00 60 00 90 00 10 125 0040 00 ,50 001 80 00 90 00;ICO 00 DATLY RATES. ; ~ T ] “ ■ l,l ‘ , j , ►—- , ! t—l IV co I ; No.olj g 3 ~ n | 5 5 i ! § ;g i § i § § 2 ! sqra. i=. g. £ & ; s 9 i j . uj i od no [ft 1 .. 500 700 900 13 00 17 00 2 00 2 9 0>; 12 00 14 00 18 00 25 00 30 00 3 *il2 On 15 00 18 00 25 00 33 00 -40 00 4.. !15 GO! 19 0 22 00 30 00 40 Oui 50 00 5 ]3 (jo 25 00 30 00 40 00 50 00 GO 00 2 J 00 28 00 35 00, 50 00 60 00 70 00 7 | 25 ooi 33 00 41 00 60 00 70 00 80 00 8 ! 30 00 38 00 46 00 70 00 80 00 90 00 j 0 j4O 00] 50 00 60 OP 80 00 90 00 100 00 Sales of Land and Negroes, by Adminisira tors,Executors and Guardians, are required by jaw to be held on the first Tuesday in the month - between the hours of ten in forenoon and three in the ifternoon, at the Court House tn he county in which the property is situate. Notices of these sales ma t be given in a public gazette forty days previous to the day of sale. Notice for the sale of Personal property must be given at least ten days previous to the day ol sale. Notice to Debtors and Creditors of an Estate must be published forty days. Notice that application will be made to the Court of Orlinary for leave to sell Lana or Ne- i groes, must be published weekly for two months. | Citations for Letters of Administration must be j published thirty days—for Dismission iromAd-J ministration, momnly six months —for Dismission ( from Guardianship, forty days. Rules tor Foreclosure of Mortgage must be published monthly for four months—lor estab fishing lost papers for ‘.he lull space ot three months —for compelling titles trom Executors or Administrators, where a bond has been giviii by the deceased, the full space ol three months. Publications will always be continued ac cording to these, the legal requirements, unless otherwise ordered. TIMES m©©K m© ol]©© PRINTING OFFICE, Randolph Street, Columbus, Georgia. I 1 AVING in successful operation one of lIOF. H. &CO’S CYLINDER PRESSES RUNNING BY STEAM, We are prepared to execute, at short notice, every description of BOOK AND JOB PRINTING, j in unsurpassed style, as cheaply as can be done anywhere in the South. We have on hand a large variety of N F, W JOB TYPE, and shall keep a constant sup ply of PLAIN AND FANCY PAPER, CARDS, &c. Our facilities for turning off this kind of work, with promptness and despatch, \yill make it great ly to the interest of persons in want of POSTERS, HANDBILLS, CIRCULARS, PAMPHLETS, DEEDS, BONDS, DECLARATIONS, BANK CHECKS, BILLS OF LADING, LETTER HEADS, BILL HEADS, DRAY RECEIPTS, BLANK NOTES, CATALOGUES, LABELS, WAYBILLS, Blanks of every description. &e. &c. Also RAILROAD AND STEAMBOAT Blanks. Give us a call. This Department of our office is under the su perintendence of Mr- D. S Port KR, whose long experience and acknowledged reputation as a Job Printer,are a sufficient guarantee that ail work entrusted to his core will execute ! withe and faithfulness. „ We have now in connection with the office a complete a f%rr IT &3> U : A/ j and having recently p -cured the services of Mr.E M. Clark, (laieof Philadelphia,) in this branch of our business, we pledge ourselves to give ite most periect satisrac.riou in ihe manufaciure of Ledgers Account Books, Dockets, Court Records. -Steamboat and Rail Road Blank B oks, &c, We intend not to be outdone in the style and finish of ur work, iu either department, by any establishment South, and that we maybe able to make one prices satisfactory, we have adopted the CASH SYSTEM. Sept. Ist, 1853. R ELLIS & CO. Cos lunik 1 ) lisM %\ws%. HOWARD & WEEMS, ATTOKNEYSATLAW CRAWFORD, ALA. ROBERT N. HOWARD. WALTER II- WEENS Crawford, Ala., Juneß—xvtwtt. JAMES A. CLESDINEN, ATTORNEY AT LAW, AND SOLICITOR IN CHANCERY , \ RREVILLEy Henry County, Ala. July 20, 1858.—wlv. GRICE & WALLACE, A‘S”B’©IEE)I¥S AT [LAW, BUTLER, GEORGIA. WILL give prompt altention to all business en trusted to them. W. L. GRICE. VVM.B. WALLACE. December I(>—wtf tTj7g unn7 ATTORNEY AT LAW 7 , HAMILTON GA. WILL attend promptly to all busineesa entrusted to him. January 26,1858 —wly. K. A. TURNIPSEED, ATTORNE Y AT LA W , CUTUBERT , Randolph County, Ga. HAVING removed from Cusseta, toCuthbert, Randolph county, will give prompt atten tion to all business entrusted to his care. ap27—wtf. OT©MA§ W. ©©!!<, ATTORNEY AT LAW, PRESTOS, Webster County, Ua. WILL practice in the counties of Clay, Chat tahoochee, Webster, Early, Randolph, j Stewart and Sumter. Particular attention giv- I onto collecting and remitting. January 27, 1857—wtf. W. S, \T T O aN GY AT LA W - CUSSET A, Chattahoochee Comity, Ga. • Wes hi 3 • utiro attention to the practice iu Chat,j ttahoochce and adloiniu.v counties, ap 23 -wtw *y* WILLIAM TAV LOR, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Cuthbert, Randolph County, Georgia. \\7 ILL practice in the counties of Randolph, Calhoun, Terrell, Early, Clay, Baker, Dougherty, Miller and Stewart. REFERS TO Wellborn, Johnson & Sloan, Attorneys at Law, Columbus, Georgia. . All business intrusted to bis care will receive immediate attention. June 6, 1858—wtvv tf MARION BETIIUNE, ATTORNEY AT LAW, TALBOTTON, Talbot County, Ga < )ctober 24th, 1856. wtwtt. BAUGH & SLADE, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, COLUMBUS , GEORGIA. WILL practice law in Muscogee and the adjoin ing counties of Georgia and Alabama. fggr Office over Bank of Columbus, Broad St. ROBERT BAUGH. J. J- SLAIIK. Columbus, Ga. March 27 1857. wtwtf MOSES & LAWKS, ATTORNEY’S AT LAW, COLUMBUS, GEORGIA. next door to the Post Office..£3} R. J. MOSES, WILLIAM ALA WES. j Sept. 21st—tt. j A GREAT BARGAIN! IMIE Subscribers, having now purchased the entire pro perty of the Coweta Falls Manu facturing Company, oiler the same for sale. It is ; one of the best situations for Milling and Manu facturing purposes in the whole country, and will ’ be sold on long credits, and the most liberal terms, j Titles of Warrantee will be made. SEABORN JONES, PAUL J. SEM VIES, JOHN L. MUSTIAN, JunelO, —wtwtf JAMES W. WARREN Land Warrants Wanted- THEsubscribersarepayingthe highest market j price tor Land Warrants. Call and see us.! J. ENNIS CO. | Columbus. .Tuns 27- wtf jeissg*. W. F. LEE, D. D. S. j JTcrfNFrE DENTAL SURGEON, | OFFICF- eorrer of Broad and Randolph Streets, i Columbus, Georgia. j Dec. 17, 1856—w&twtf J. FOGLE & SON, ! DENTISTS, Office on Randolph Street, nesr Broad, Colum- . bus, Ga. „ i Columbus, May 9,1857. wtwtf ; Urns ©osms* DOCT THORNE, by Antony Trolfope. A Poor Fellow, by the author ot Which the Right or the Left. Man upon the Sea; comprising a detailed ac co nt of Remarkable Voyages, Aucient as well Modern, by Frank 13 Goodrich. Titcomb’s Letter to Young People, Single and Married, by Timothy Titmouse, Esq. The Art ol Beauty, or Science of a Lady’s Toi let, by Lola Montez, The Familv Aquarium, by H. D. Butler. The American Horse Tamer and Faurier, showing how to cure the wildest and most vicious horse in\he world of kicking, balking, and other iad habits. * Also, anew supply of other books. Mary Derwent, by Mrs Ann S Stephens. Debit and Credit, a Novel. Lord :on tag tie’s Page, by James. A Womans Thought about W omen. Mesuia, by Sewel. Guy Livingstone. Lena Rivers. Quitts; a Novel. Just received aod for sale by septS—dwtf J. W. PEASE & CLARK. THE UNION OF THE STATES? AND THE SOVEREIGNTY OF THE STATES. COLUMBUS-, GEOIGIA WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 27. 1858 HARRISON & PH fa, AUCTION & COMMISSION MERCHANTS, AND NEGRO BROKERS, 59 and Ol Broad Street Columbus, Ga. ILL soil continue the line at oar old ! W stand. Tha feral for the patronage hereto- j fore so liberally extended >o us by our friends and j the public, we hope by renewed exertions to mer t; its continuance. Noefforts will be spared to uive j entire satisfaction to those who may confide their j business to our caro. We will give our personal altention to the I sale of Real Estate, Negroes, Merchandize and Pro- ! duce. Having houses fitted up expres.-iy for tho i purpose ,we are prepared to board, purchase! anisell Negroes on Commission. Liberal advances will be made as heretofore on j Negroes and Merchandize. Administrators and Executors’ sales, attended to on reasonable term*. f3f”A Stocfe LIKELY NEGRGOESof all classes will be kept constantly on hand. Gil AS. S. HARRISON, GEORGE f. PITTS. Columbus. Sept. 2. 1H58.~wi.-wlr THE LIVER INVIGORA FOR, PREPARED BY D Li. BANDF OR D, | COMPOUNBEO ENTIRELY FROM GUMS, j IS one of the best Pnrgalivo and Liver Medicine now before the public, that acts as a Cathartic, easier, milder, and more effectual than any other medicine known. His not. only a cathartic, but a Liver Remedy, acting lirsion the Liver to eject its morbid matter, then on the Stomach and Bowels ti> carry oil the matter, thus accomplishing tw< purposes ei tec* u ally, without any of the painful ee isn;.;r> experienced in theoperation of most ;hathur tics it strengthens the system at the same time that it purges i; and when taken daily in moderate do ses, wDi strengthen and build up with unusual rapidity. The Lives’ ; on- - the principal regula tors oi the lii.u ai> i. •* L Jdy; and when H per forms its function-we f j the powers of the sys tem are fully devtio; {cd. Thostomachis a. ! must enLreiy dep.i d- i on the healthy ac. i lion ol Uioi.iver )/i* r , r pe!or*nai.ot <> its functions, when t’ > j > -tomac- is at fault the oowelsare at muh m ” irH) ne wh ue system suff train cou.-equei co > Ivj 1 e t-rgan—the hiv er—having ceased i ; toils duty. For iht disease . iln..: or-,: r f ne of the proprietorf has made it his siudj. 3(sn apractise of more than twenty v-. r. • ’-fid some remedy wherewith to counter ) j . e many derange ments to hicb it irJJTj) ! >b<e. To prove that this re- ‘ ) awdy is at last ton no, any person trouble*, f Alh Lives* . Com* plaint,in any * f it- ones, has but to try ooltlc and convictio a certain. These gums remove )(!}( al< morbid or bad mat ter fiom the system.) > supplying;intheirjdac a healthy flowt)i bile.)l_j) i v)goratiug the st ; . mach, causing food tot” 1 ; digest well, purify, ing tire blood. L m giving tone and health to the whole machine-f’ j. ry, removing he cause oi the disease.— ting a radical cure. Bilious attacks ) are cured, and, what is better, prevented, by the oc asional use ot the )M-jJ Liver Invigora tor. rj; Onedoseafter eating try; is suffleientsto relieve the stomach and pre the load from rising andsruring ). ,( Oniy one dose taken r*H( before retiring, pre vents Nightmare Only one dose taker ; at night, loosens tha bowels gently, aid s |) cures Costiven s. One dose taken aftei each meal will cure Dyspepsia. f fiSff’Ouedose of two |II tea-spoonsful will al ways relieve Sick) | Headache. one dose taken lor njlemale obstruction re movethe cause of the 5 H*U disease, and makes a per'ect cure. only onedose imrat-Uw; liately relieves cholic, while (h; One dose often renea f \ t?ti is a sure cure for Cholera Morbus,), land a preventative ol Cholera miy one bottle jr ;is needed to tbiow out of tiie system theoffects j ij( of medicine altera long sickness. s ! JJ |3f“One bottle tak- f en for Jaundice rc inovesail sallownes3 or f muaturai color (rom the skin. fU-J> One dose taken a inn’ short time before eat ing gives vigor to tliej* (appetite and makes food digest well. One dose often repeated cures chronic oiar rlioca, in its worst forms, while S D M M E R ano Bowel complaints yield almost to ti e first dose One or two doses cures attacks caused bj\Y orms in Children; there is no surer, safet', or speedier remedy in the world, as it never fails. rr* A few bottles cures Dropsy, by exciting the abaorbants. VVe take pleasure in recommending this medi cine as a preventive for Fever and Ague, ( bills, Fe ver, and all Fevers ol aßisious Type, It operates with certainty, and thousands are willing to testify to its wonderful virtues. All who uso it are giving their unanimous testimo ny in its favor. Mix waterinthe mouth with the Invigoratoi and j swallow botli together. THE LIVER INVIGOR A.TOR, is a scientific Medical Discovery, and is daily wor- j king cures almost too great for belief, it cures as it j by magic, even the first dose giving benefit, ami j seldom more than one bottle isfrequired to curejjany j kind of Liver Complaint, from the worst jaumliceor J dyspepsia to a common headache, all oi which are j the result of a diseased liver. Price Ono Dollar per Bottle SANFORD & CO. Proprietors,3-15 Broadway,New ! York WHOLESALE AGENTS. Barnes & Park New York; T. VV. Doytt &■ Sons, Philadelphia; M. S, Burr <S- Cos. Boston; H. 11. Hay & Cos. Portland; John D. Park, Cincinnati; Gay lard &. Hammnd; Clevelaond, Fahnstock &■ Davis Chica go; O. J. Wood &. Cos. St. Louis Geo.H. Keyser, Pittsburg; S. S, fiance, Baltimore. And retailed by all Druggists. Sold Wholesale and Retail by J. S. PEMBERTON &, CO., BROOKS & CHAPMAN, DANFORTII NAGEL, May2o ‘-vtwly and all Drugggists. LAGEANGEFEMALE COLLEGE. WILL open its next session the 24tli ot Sep tember, w ith the following FACULTY. Rev. WM. J. SASNETT, A. M., D D., Pres- , ident and Professor of Moral Science and ! Beiies-Lettres Rev JAMES R MAYSON, A. M , Professor of Ytathmxiancs WM A. H A, M., ProUssor ol Nat ural Science arid French. JOHN W. AKERS A. M-, Professor of Ancient Languages ami Lie” a tare. Mrs H P. JUDuL, lastruetre* in English Lit er ature. „ _ F. .. W URM, M. D-, Munich Umvorsfly, Pro** lessor ol Music iu>iruuieuial and vocai ! Miss SARA CORKY, Assist. t in Music. ! Miss MaRIA BROWN, lostruetros m Painting a: and Drawing. P. G B i>SENT, St -W ‘d. . v f ; ThL insu:u;ioii offer- advantages which ew, it any, in tho South can eiainf. For t.;e tnaracie and co pleteness of ds F ni: y, tor elegance of buiidinu- and general ticu.nes j accessibility, beauty and he: ith ot location, tne LaGrange College of Geor_ia lias no superior jin the Union. It Is in sight of the Railroad and i ot the great Southern route from New YorJ to New Orleans. Expenses in College,. including board, washing, fuel, and literary tuition, tr* ISO per session of ten months. For Catalogues address tbeFacultF. or wm. a. Harris, see. Sept. 20— w&dlm. Lagrange, Ga. ALABAMA WAREHOUSE. COLUMBUS, GA, \LLEN & CAMAK having purchased the interest of B A* Sorshy in the above well known FIREPROOF BRICK WAREHOUSE, would be glad to see their old friends and patrons at their new place of business, where they have formed aco partnership wjth J VV. King, under the name and style of KING, ALLEN & CAMAK, for the transaction of a general STORAGE AND COMMISSION BUSINESS Speeiai attention paid to the Sale oi Cotton and i Produce, and the Receiving and Forwarding Murchendtse consigned to our care. Liberal Advances made on Cotton in Store or for shipment to our friends in Savannah, Ch .rles ton. New York or.el-ewhere. Bagging and Rope furnished our customers at market prices. VVe solicit a share of public patronage, and pledge ourselves, by close attention to business to merit it J. W KING. A M. ALLEN, TTOS. CAMAK. ‘''IMIE undersigned, in retiring from the Ware- I house business, takes great pleasure in re commending to his triends a continuance of their favor and patronage to the new firm (Signed) B. A. SORSBY. Columbus, July g, 1858 d6m. A CARD. HA VI N G withdrawn from the firm oi i HUGHES DANIEL & CO., I cheerfully j recommend them to ail our former patrons, and thepubiic generally. JOHN R. EASTHAM. PEE /Subscribers will continue under the same I name and style—a general STORAGE & COMMISSION BUSINESS AT THE FOMA INK & LOWKLL FIP.B-PBOOF WAREHOUSES. Thankful for tire past hborai patronage of our j friends, we solicit its continuance, and pledge out individual exertions to please all who may entrusr their business to us. We are prepared to grant usual lacilitiesto our customers HUGHES, DANIEL & CO.. Wai. H. Hughes, Wm. Daniel, Wesley C. Hodges. Aug. 5, tf. GREENWOOD & (f AY WARE-HOUSE AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. COLUMBUS, GA foA\N\ THE undersigned have formed a Co-partnerehip under the above firm for the transaction of a general Ware-House and Commission Business in this city. From ihe long experience of Mr. Greenwood, (in the lan firm of Greenwood 5j Cos.) and Mr. Gray (in the late firm of Stewart, Gray t C 0.,) they flatter themselves they will be able, by giving their undivided and personal attention to all busi ness entrusted to their care, to give general satis faction, They will be regularly supplied with the latest foreign and domestic intelligence, which will always be at the serivee of their patrons The usual CASH ADVANCES will be made, and Bagging, Rope aod other goods furnished when desired. E.S. GREENWOOD, W G GRAY. Columbus, July 13, 1858—wtw3m. wßippiiiMws ni ■IF ALL SIZES ANl> QUALITIES FOR LE AT Rock Island Paper Mill Office, IN FRONT OF PALACE MILLS fEKMS CASH. iunelfiwtwtl Msh Poteen Whisky. THE subscriber is now manufacturing the real Irish Poteen Whisky, at his place one and a half miles from Columbus, which he warrants to be pure and genuine, and equal to the best Poteen Whisky manufactured under ground in Ireland Apait from its being a healthy and pleasant be verage, it is an excellent remedy for Colds, Diarrhoea, Worms, &c For sale by the bottle at Brooks Chapman’s Drug Store, at Brassill & Co’s by the drink or and by the gallon at tho distillery. ~ marfi —wtwtf A. BRANN AN FOK ‘ALE. THE Subscriber nas on hand a few STII.LS for aianuii Turing Peacii Brandy or Wlits which he wit - T ery low ALSO, Tin, Sheet Iron and Japan Ware, every description, w id can be bought at the iowes rates oneon sb t uotic and ua liberalterms. J. B. HICKS,Agent t jnlylS v vt Next laor below “Sans Souci” Rroad -street. Lands for Sale. Andrew S. Garr and others, ‘J State ot Fiori vs | da, Middle Cir ! Lewis Curtis & Nath’l Thurs- in Leon Cos ! ton, Trustees of the Apalachi- ! in Chancery, cola Land Company and others J PUH SU \NT to a Decree rendered! n this cause the s ,b-cr;ber will -o 1 by auction at the pla ces hoc time- re ein spncified, a 1 the lanas be loiiiiiiig to said Company embraced iu tbe“forbes I Purchase,” and Fytng in ho counties of Leoo, i Wakulla, Gud'ce i and Liberty viz: the lands lyirg in the first iwo named will besold at Ta on the seventh (7;h) day of De ! cember, a: and those lying in the last two, wiiibe ! soid at Quincy, on the fourteenth (14th) day ot December next. ; These lands, comprising about a million oi ! acres,extended fiom the St. Marks to thr Apa lachicola rivers —th. y exhibit every variety oi timber indiginous to thai latitude, including,of j course, live oak,cypress, cedar and jumper; tbs 1 soil is adapted to the growth of grain, cotton— ! long and short sta de, tobacco, and sugarcane. | The waters abound in fish, and the forest with iimeriais for ship building and naval stores. TERMS—Oce third of the purchase money to be paid in cash, the balance m one and two years in equal installments. With eight percent inter est lr< m < ! ate of purchase ; titles to be made by the Receiver when ail the purchase money is paid. The sale will be positive and without reserve. JOHN BEARD, Receiver. f*e. Tallahassa, Aug. 28, 1853. eept2—w3m ii HOGS, DRUGS, DRUGS, BROOKS & CHAPMAN, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DRUGGISTS, SIGN OF THE NEGRO J* MORTAR, CO LI MFt US, G EORGIA. aave <m hand,and are constantly receiving .a larg and well selected stock ot DuUGU VIE I GIN ! .8, II EMI AIB, OENTM. AND SURiiIGAL IN STKUM GNTS. PAINTS, Oil,, DYE STUFFS, And all other articles pertaining totheirbnsi mess, which ihey offer at the lowest puces, and warrant them fresh and genuine. FAMILY MEDICINES,. As well as Physicnnjs hills, put up with neatness and dispatch. Prescriptions accurately prepared at all times of the day and night. fanctTgoods, LUBIN’S Handkerchief Extracts, fine Cologne Waters, ti ie Soaps and pomades, also Hair and Too'h Brushes of English and French manu facture Sold by BROOKS & CHAPMAN, tfop; 23. d—tf SHANDIES AND WINES. 17OR Medicinal and culinary purposes. Sold by I; BROOK S A; CH APM AN. Sept. ?3 d—tf. POHTEH AND ALE Cf OLD by O BROOKS & CHAPMAN. S3 pt. 23. d— tf. TOBACCO AND SEGARS. QOLD by O BROOKS & CH APM AN. Bept 23. d—tf. BURNING FLUID. a OLD by O BROOKS cS CH APM AN. ep 23 d—tf GREY POTASH. LN jars or otherw; r e. Sold bv BROOKS & CHAPMAN. LEAD AND OILS! Union Whin* L ad, Linseed Oil, Sperm Oil, Whale Oii, Lard Oil Neatsioot Oil. t’rain Oil, &.c. Sold by BROOKS <&, CHAPMAN. pl. 23 and t f Loa T . ABREAST PIN in the Shape of a hunch of . grapes, near the Methodist Church The finder will be liberally rewarded by calling at dtf BROOKS & CHAPMAN. Bacon! Bacon! VyE Lave now onband and wiilbe constantly rs ceiving, Prime Tennessee Bacon —Hams, Side and Shoulders, which we will sell at tiietowesiGoms mission House prices. Mar 20 —w/ktwil E. BARNARD & CO Great Inducements to lii.\ D BUYEli^l 1 offer the following genuine bargains 6 8 3ffjtyjl to those who wih buy Gaud in Barbour - If Hi cou ty, Ala, 1, wpl sell my home place situated miles -outh of toe town of ihaytoo, at $8 por acre. This place contains One Thousand Acres,‘6Uoare cleared, 100 fresh, uoa ■•ell, and is one of the nandvome-t places in the country The grow interop, which purchasers are invited to examine, will speak for the productiveness of the land. The woodland is heavily timbered with oak and hickory. The imp ovomentsare of the best character, embrac ing a two story bouse, with eight rooms, weil built and in good repair The health ot the , iare is ex cel ent, beyond al> doubt; and there is an abuu dance of the best water ouces in excelled order, and the plantation improvements as good a ouid be desired. 2 In immediate connection with this place, I will sell a body of 500 acres, 3no acres open, first rate fences and th other improvements pretty good. Price $0 pe” acre £oid separate or in connecuou with the home p ace as preferred. 3. Also 9<!o acres of tam. three miles distant from the other places, known as the mid tract. <>n this place there are 300 acres land open, balance wet! timoered. Health and wate’ excellent and the iaud strong and productive Price six dohars per acre 4. Abo, several Desirable Building Lots, 111 the town of Clayton 2 ‘lgP’C’ome soon and buy bargains. J HN 11. .MILLER. Clayton, Ala Aug 20, 1858—wtf. A Valuable Residence and Planaa ion for sale Situated i4 miles east, of Columbus Qgras&Jatowu as the Widow’a Dower, in the I iginal Ellerslio fa-'m, or the th jgggj i residence ol lhe late General Charles ! Philips, of Harris county, Ca., comprising 525 acres j of as *ood farming lands as tnere now are iu said co.. ! 275 acre- well timbered woodland, the open land is | have laid out mostly for 10 or 15jears.t>nt e premis I ea is a splendid, lar o, convenient and commodious l Brick Dwelling 11 <use, the smoke house and kitchen arebota of brick, the outbuildings are somewhat dilapidated. The location is heaitny, water good an an excellent neighborhood, co tigtiousto churches, schoole, &c., four miles from the Muscogee Railroad it is in ever, respee one ot the mos. desirable farms and residences in Western Georgia. Terras will be liberal and time accommodating. ApplyAo Maj Henry Moffett, or P. J. Philips,a Columbns, Ga. October If, I STS —w2m P. S.—lt will bo sold private I }’? D desired, and ti ties made tndDputable. VALUABLE Cliattahoochee Elver La^ds. FOR SALE, g\T A LOW BRICE. I jgiSiiP THE subscriber offers lor sale 3200 aeres j I ot land lying and fronting two miles on 1 | the River in Henry county, Ala.. 15 miles i ! below Fort Gaines, Geo. (to which place the j j South Western Rail Road is nov. heiugextended) j ! and 5 miles above Columbia, Alabama The | tract is susceptible of division into two very desi- j | rabio settlements—lies very level, iswell watered ! | tho location remarkably healthy, and the purcha | >er could have the corn, fodder arid stock at a low rate. Being detrrmiued to sell, those desiring a i bargain, will not be able to find one more dis j posed to give them one than I am. I shall keep ; this advertisement standing until I sell. Come and j look for yourselves, or for particulars address me j at Columbia Term easy t<> the purchaser. ANGUS McALLISTER. Julv 20 ISsß—wtf. Augusta Constitutionalist copy weekly till forbid, i CHEAP AND VALU/3LE LANDS, vga THE snbsciber offers for sale his settle- i of 930 acres °f land in the 7th Dis-: of Worth County,*l3o acres cleared , together with 150 heed of cattle, 70 head of sheep and about one hund head of Hogs, for the sum of S3 ”00 cash, or good paper with in* terest from date- 4 _ T oct23. w6t THOS. W. KENDALL. PEYTON H. COLQUITT, t Editors JAMES W. WARREN. < NUMBER 49 VIUSCOGIiE HAIL HOAD. Change of SchedttU^^^ ON and artedth© Wlh -Inly. 1858, ihe Karnlng •**•*> Train w . leave Columbus at 3 .*•> P. M. and ar rive at Macon at 9*B * A . at Leave Mao>u at l5 \ *T- arrive at Columbus at 3.45 H VI 4 .. .. . u I'ho Morning Mail Train will leave at 4 10 A. M. ‘"wl’N.*c.©“.ril p’ M-V,.,©.. dumb.. S.MA J. t,. MtISTIAN ,B©pt. ‘olumbus, July 15—tw&wt. CHANGE OF SCHEDULE. DOUBLE DAILY SERVICE. MONTGOMERY AND WEST POINT HAIL ROAD COMPANY. MONTGOMERY, Nov. 19,1857. ON anuatior this dateine PASSLNGER TnalNß >u ©w oau Wi be ivoruen i>\ tQ< <'Uowu>>. BCH GDUL* : DAY TRAIN. Leave Montgomery m * Arrivt at West Point 3.30 p. m Arrive at. Columbus P* nl. —Leave West Point 9,30 a.m. Leave -olumbus. 10.00 a m. Arrive at Montgomery 4.00 p. m NIGHT TRAIN. Loav< Montgomery 5/20 p.m Arrive at Weal Point 1‘2.5< a.m. “ Columbus I,ooa. n ttouiruing— Leave West P0int...... . 7.30 p.m jjavt’ Columbus • 7.30 p. m Vrrivi at Montgomery ’2.30 a.m , t'nrougii tickets cun be obtained (lo Double Daily C.moectlonH) to Atlanta Chattanooga ami Nasnv.lle, ami daily connections to Huntsville Memphis ana Knoxville. ft. G. JONES Enfi’r & Sup. FREIGHT ARRANGEMENT BETWEEN ATLANTA&,COLUMBUS. Be an arrangement between the Railroad Com* panies composing the two routes trom Atlanta to Columbus, concluded at their Convention at '*&• vanuah on tiio luth instant, L was agreed that the following rates between Atlanta and Columbus small govern, taking effect inn the tlrst day o* .Way 1857. VIA WEST POINT. Corn per bushel, lie. Wheat, i2. Oatsri. Bacon Whisky Flou>- in sacks or barrels, per lOUlbs. 35c Ragging, Rope Lard in cans or bbls., per UK) lbs 45c < oal, Pig Iron, by car load, per ton of 2000 lbs. $3.75. VIA MACON. Corn per busel 14c. Wheat 15c. Oats 10c. Bacon, Whisky, Flour in Sacks or Bbht., per 100 lbs, 44c. Bagging,Rope Lard, in cans or bbls.. per 100 lbs. 55e Coal, Pig Iron, by car load, per ton ol ‘2OOO lbs. $4.68 .1. MUST!AN, President and Superintendent Muscogee R. K GEO. W. ADAMS, Superintendent Southwestern Railroad. EMERSON FOOTE, Superintendent Macon and Western Railroad. GEO.G HULL, Superintendent Atlanta and LaGrange R .R. SAMUEL G. JONES, Engineer and Superintendent M.&.VV.P. Rallro&u May 30, 1837—w&-twtl. MOBILE AHD GI&ARD R . R. k HE asfeuger fit Freight Train will leave Girard 1. at 2 P, in daily connecting at Silver Run with a daiiyiine of Stages to Viliula, Glennville.Eufaula, Fort -lames, and Marianna,Fla. And at Gueryton daily, with (ho stages for UcheeOlivet, Euou, Chun nenuggee, Midway, Hardaway, Pero and Union > prin s. L ; vtng Gueryton at 4 A. M., daily, the Cars will reac Cirardat 7 A M.. connecting with tht Ope lika am: Muscogee Trains. „ gf Duplicate deceipts must accompany Freight shipped Ail freight mustbe paid before goods willbt discharged. oigh. re ivered at the depot before 4 o’clock P. M. win be shipped the following day. Ft eights lor stations No. I (Fort Mitchell,) and N0.5 tt-oi -ous’) must be prepaid. Vay must in ail cases be paid in advance ;uHN HOWARD, uar2s 1857-w&twtl. Kngineei Sup CHAGE OF SCHEDULE. SAVANNAH & CIIAULEbiON BTBUPICRBT LINE. RUNNING IN CONNECTION WITH THE North Eastern R. R. of South oa. niF SPLLNDID AND FAST RUN NIN G STM AM EH GORDON, F. Barden, Commander, leaves Savan 1. for Charleston every Sunday and IVedncuday afternoont at 3 o’clock, and connects at Oharleston with the morning train of the North Eastern K ilroad, going North. Returning leaves Charleston every Monday and Friday night at 8 o’clock, (after the arrival ol the carson theN.E, K. R.) and arrives at Savannah ea.-iy next mornings. liy this route pasmngeie can obtain through tick ets to and from Savannah,Ga. and Wilmington, N C. Having a through freight arra tgement with the Central ti. ioad and its connections, all freights be tween Charleston and the Interior of Georgia, con signed to the agents of this iine, will be forwarded with despatch ami free of charge. J. P. BROOKS, Agent Savannah. E. LAFITTL s- ‘.O, Ag’ts Charleston dan 15— w&lwil BEDELL & WEEMS, HAVE removed to the corner formerly occu pied by VV A Redd, &. Go , lately by Watt and Sappington, w here they will keep constantly on hand, a Weil selected stock of anooBRXFS, consisting in part of Bacon, Bagging and Rope Sugar and Coffee, Liquors, &c. Ail of which they ofLr at the lowest market prices. Aug. 30,1855. wtf. FIFTY NEGROES WANTED. HAVING made our arrangements for fthe Fall trad-*, we desire to purchase 50 or Sixty Likely Negroes, ot good character, consisting of yonng men, women, plough boys,and gPls, for whom the hig rest marketprice will be paid. Persns ha ving negroes t ~>r sale wilifind it to their interest to give m-a call. We will receiveand sell Ne groes on Commission and no efforts will be spared to make satisfactory sales, for those who may .place their negroes in our charge. Liberal advances always made on negroes when desired. Call at the Auction and Negro mart of HARRISON <& PITTS, aug2l—wtwtf 50 & Cl Broad Street.