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VOL. 2. AUGUSTA, GEO. THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 1S27. NO. 57. EVERY MONDAY ASDTHUREDAV AT 2 O'CLOCK. P> M< n iv'irrl’*'* Brick Buildings, opposite Mr. Cummings 1,0 haW Buildinss, M liitOoh Street. DIRECTIONS. q„i r s of Land and Negroes, by Administrators, Execu- • Guardians, aro required, by law. to be held on the forenoon and three in the afternoon, at the Court-house of • he county in which the property is aituate^-Noliee of these a ilea must be given in a public gazette .-1A1 \ uayo nrevious to tbe day of sale. ' Notices of the sale of personal property must be ,.iven in • in inner, FORTY da vs previous to the day ol sale. Notice .0 the debtors and creditors of an estate, must be piibUshcd for FORTY days. , r *. n e Or- Notice that application will be made to the Ctrart of dinar/for levactosell land, must be published for FOLK MONTHS. It lias been a matter of much surprise ;o us, how such respectable members oi the Editorial corps (to say nothing of others) as those whose opinions we give below, can so alter their sentiments with respect to General Jackson, as now to From the Richmond Enquirer of March 6, 1=~-L j “We pass over the earlier scenes tnat i were exhibited at New Orleans in Decern- > her and January, 1815. We shall not en- j ter into an examination of the question, • whether martial laws ought to have been , proclaimed, or the legislative body put in j a state of surveillance. These extraordi- j nary measures, however harsh, might have been necessary —and there arc crises, when the safety of the People is the su- , preme law.”But why so riaorouly main-| tain martial law, when this necessity seem- ; ed to vanish ? The British army had , withdrawn. Mr. Livingston had arrived on the 1st of March from the British fleet, whither he had gone to effect general cat - tel : through him Admiral Cochrane had announced the arrival of a vessel from Ja- maica, with news ofa peace having been j agreed on by the two countries.” The j same intelligence ‘had reached N. Orleans i from another quarter. On the 7th March i General J. received an express,from the j Postmaster General, Learing comnviuica NEW STORE. I DRAWING NEXT MONTI I J. P. SETZE, CORNER OF BROAD AND MINTOSII STTEETS. Has just opened a well selected Stock ot ST A- GREEXE $ PULASKI Monument Lotte ;iy, 4-4 SECOND CLASS. To be drawn in Savannah, in five da;. < draw ing, under the superir.tendance of llie Commis sioners appointed by the State of Georgia The first draw ing to take place in the month of December next. The prizes all floating from the i u*rver..- . ment, except the prize of $2,000, which will b.' S Irish Lmen, in whole and half j deposited in the wlieel on the third dn . ami tie prize of s6,000, w hich will be deposited in the wheel on the last dav. EAGLE TAVERN, C2ff TRUST, AUGUSTA. HF SUBSCRIBERS respectfully tender their grateful acknowledgments for the liberal part * ir< r J • _ . _ C friondc and m Hi!* OG Lf JV/UA ujjho .,e|rvw j „ ’■« „ im „„t •*. Hods fro™ ibeGwnwnl, i. » -<*; | U ■ERffS-SSS - ’ _ _ j : ^..ri.vrr tV»o lutp siimmer. tfiev flatter themselves that it will now ena- hud ton; and not only as the first warrior of stood that the Treaty of Pe>, J® . 11 _ s pned the 24 *>f December. 1814 his eountry, but Us mnf| able statesman. sien Have there been any changes in the Ge neral’s habits, intelligence and general qualifications, front what they were iu 1824 and previously ? We will not blame been Was it n-'t time, then, to close the odious scene of militarv power I Did necessity require thatjMr. Louallier, a memberofthelegisla- ture, should be urtisted and confined? That Mr. Hall, District Judge of the Uni ted States, for issuing a wiit of habeas stve repairs and improvements during the late summer, €hey flatter themseh . . - ■ —sible comfort, convenience and satisfaction, to all who may be induced ble them to render every po: to favor them with their company those who have good reasons lor change f , n application ofMr.L. should him- of opinions; but there has been such a | be se ; zi ; { j i dragged to the Genl’s camp, complete summerset turned by many ofour ! detained in close custody, and then sent be- Editoria! brethren, that, as there is no cor responding change of men and measures, we are obliged to entertain some singular surmises on the subject. Read what fol lows, and judge if we havo reason to be surprised. From a newspaper edited by the present Editor of the Enquirer, M. M. Noah, May 18,1824. “ Whatever public opinion may pro nounce upon the motives and objects ol ihe Hartford Convention, ihe ferocious, ille gal and violent measures, contemplated bv Gen. Jackson, would be a fair sample of his mild Admi listration, If A D V AN- OED TO THE PRESIDENCY.— Oliver itfromwell and his armed host—the disbanuWg the Council *>f five Hundred by a Militarv Chieftain— wttld be Die ex- J 1 "t ill— * */. IT !? r \ V amides we should bate in that MELAN CHOLY EVENT.” [From the same of May 25, 1824.] “ While we admit that the menibeis "f the Hartford Convention sho tin all have been punished for their wicked and de testable conduct, we are tv4 les shocked at the cruel, immoral, illegal intentions <4 Gen. Jackson towards ih.rt body Bui what can you expect of a man, w'm n 1801, was proud ol the name ot • !«.e|.ub- lican, and who, in 1816, advised me P <■- sident to put down the ‘ inovsier par^y,’ and that names were mere ‘ bubbles!’ — l Vhat an escape we have had /” [Froiitfho N T . Y. Evening Post of Dec. 30. 18181] “ Gen’l Jackson from the ino'oen: he was intrusted wi'h comm .id, has avowed and systematically made his own will and pleasure the sole rule and guide of all his actions; he has suspended the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial functions of the States, with arbitrary sway ; he has insult ed the Executive ot die United Suites, ;u whose pleasure lie h 'Ids his commission, spurned its authority, disregarded and transcended its orde r s : he*has usu-ped the high preiogative of peace and war, enf.ust- ed^by all nations to the sovereign uttlmri- tv of the State, and by our Constitution, to Congress al<>tie : he has abrogated the known laws of nations, and promulgated a new code of his own, conceived in mad ness or folly and written in blood : he h as, IN FINE, VIOLATED ALL LAWS HUMAN AND divin ', and violated them with impunity! [From the Albany Argus of May 18, 1824.] “ The fact is cleai, th i Mr. Jackson has not a single feeling m common with the Republican Patty. The reverse ot lhat—he desires, and makes a merit of de siring ihe extinction of if, [alluding in his letter to Mr. Monr m.] “ It is an idle thing in this state, howe ver it may be in others, to strive even for a moderate support of Mr. J tekson. He is wholly out of die question so far as I nde yond the limits of the encampment, “ un til the ratification of Peace is regularly an nounced, or until the British shall have lelt the Southern coast I” That the District Attorney Mr. Dick, who applied to Judge Lewis for a hjubcas corpus to liberate Judge Hall should himself be attested 1 And that an order should be issued, also, for the arrest of Judge Lewis 1 Were these high handed measures rendered necessary by the circumstances of the case? Or do they not rather bespeak that species of tem per in General Jackson, which is disposed O MAKE HIS OWN WILL THE SOLE RULE OF HIS ACTIONS ?” [On the General's letter to Gov. Rabun.] “What would be the situation ol the Southern States, if, in the midst of an in surrection, they were compelled to wait, until ’be commanding officer of the United States should please to issue his order for ensuing their safety? Or where is the respect in which the States of the Union would be held, if their Chief Magistrates should thus be bearded by the military officers of die United States ? Or, where ,1 the respect which thece States might expert >o receive from the hand of a Pres ident, who should entertain such sentiments and express them in such a manner ?” Ffont the Richmond Enquirer, ol March 19, 1824. “ vYe have attempted to show, from the Course of his [Gen. Jackson s] life, tiom the confession of bis own respectable bio graphers that he cannot be possessed ofthe extensive’ information of a great states- man—that this defect alone is sufficient to disqualify him for the Executive Chair. “ We have attempted also to show, by the record, that be has exhibited at Nat- che,7. at New Orleans, and in his corres pondence with ihe Governor of Georgia, in imoeMmus and arbitrary teroper—icAicA The Milledgeville and Savannah STAGE OFFICES arc ^InVddition Ui Uitf above-mentioned 1 improvements, we will have ready by the first day of October, a,i elegant NEW STABLE, on Bay-street, just above the Bridge, convenient to the river, and capa ble of holding Two Hundred Horses, with a vacant adjoining Lot for their exercise. Drovers will find charge- as reasonable as at any similar establishment in the^city. Augusta, September 3, 1827. FIELDS KENNEDY. EDMUND BUGG. 34 tf illy qualifies him for the high station to WESTERN HOTEL, AT THE CORNER OF CENTRE AND GREEN STREETS, AUGUSTA. HE Subscriber has returned to his Old Stand, the WESTERN HOTEL, in Augusta where he his old Customers and other friends, who may be pleased to give him thu 4 ^ will entertain patronage. PLE and FANCY DRY GOODS, comprising , almost eve y article in that line, all of which j will be sold on very low terms for cash. Among which are the following, riz : and pieces Irish Sheeting. Linen Cambrics, Long Lawns j Cambric and Furniture Dimities Furniture and Fancy Calicoes and Plaids Plain and Figured Swiss Muslins and Robes i Cambric, Jaconet, Mull and Book Muslin Printed, Cross-baired and Striped do Italian Silk, figured and plain Gross de Naples 4-4 black Mode, Saiin and plain Levantine Silk White and black Silk Serges, black Bombazine Do. do. pink, blue, straw & green Florence Silks Bobiuet Lace Veils, Thread and Bobinet Laces. Edgings and Footing Black Silk Velvet. English silk <2 fancy I estings Black and white Italian Crape Canton Crapes and Canton Crape Robes Black Sincheus, Inserting Trimmings Pink, white, straw, and blue Crape I.eise Barege, Fancy Silk, and black and scarlet Meri no Shawls Scarlet figured Ratinett, black Bombazett White, red and green Flannels, green Baize Bird’s Eye and Tabling Diapers Striped Baraze, imitation plaid Gros de Naples Muslin Points and Bands, Tippet, Belt and Cap Ribbons Tapes. Bobius and Cotton Cords, Foundation Millinet Tortoise Shell & Horn Tucking k. Side Combs Ladies Curls or Rolls Clear Lawns. Corset Laces, Hooks and Eyes Steel Bodkins, Bedticking, Apron Checks, blue plaid and striped Homespun Bleached and brown Shirtings, Long Cloth, and Scotch Homespun Marseilles Quilts, Rose Blankets Bang Up Cords, Satinetts and Cassinetts Flag and German Silk Pocket Handkerehiels Black and white Silk Hose Worsted and Cotton do Men’s white, black and mixed Lamb’s \Yo<. 1 long and half Hose Buck-skin, Bearer. Dog-skin and Silk, Ladies and Gentlemens Gloves Blue, black and colored Sewing Silks Blue and white-brown Thread Orrel’s and Clark’s Spool and Floss Cotton Lace, Pearl and Bone Shirt Buttons Hemming’s best assorted Needles, Pins and Dolls Black rtnd white Silk Braid Red and blue Marking Cotton Hair Powder, Cologne W ater and Fire Screens, &.c. £tc. &.c- Also, on the River, n very large collection of FRENCH Highest Priz CfXTi SCHEMi jPaper Hangings, Ofthe latest style, direct from France, via. Charleston. The above assortment of Goods w ill be enlarg ed, as J. P. S. will be constantly receiving fresh supplies from the Nort+rr Nov 19 56 tf B. MI3IS. (TT An extensive Wagon Yard is attached to the Western IIo- — ’r1<ro IpuHs directly to it. 46 tj tel; and the street from the end of the Bridge lead October 15 Lace Goods, CHEAP & IN GREAT VARIETY. the which he aspires It has luii<; been maintained as a max im, that the man who cannot obey oug t not to command—ami the rule, iu the present case at least, stands upon this sound reason ; that the man who makes ‘his own will and pleasure the sole rule and guide of all his actions, ought not to be trusti d with the large poicers ofa Pre sident of the United States. We want for ;hat office a man who will cooly .nd carefully observe the law and the Con stitution : for these are but his goids in the administration of his powers. Now, is Gen. Jackson possessed of that coed and tem pered spirit ichich will fit him for an Ex ecutive Magistrate 1 Has he exhibited that spirit in past times? What says, for instance, the history ol his memoties in 1818?” From the Enquirer of March 12, 1824. “Do General Jackson’s friends pretend to say he is equal to Washington ? When 6© Elegant black and white Bobinet Lace Veils, . 3, 4, 5 and 6-4 plain and figured Bobbinet Capes, ’ Collars, Pillerines, and Half Hdkfs. Thread Lace Edgings and Footings, (a good as sortment. ALSO, Gimp, Mechlin, Dutch and Beggar's l.ace, Quilling, Pearling, &c. &C. Just received and for sale by CARLTON, COOK k KNOWLTON, No. 249 Broad-street. 56 tf IKOJY. 50 TONS SWEDES IRON assorted from Inch by 3-8 up to9 Inchef by ^ Inch. Round k Square English do. — FOR SALE BY THOMAS McGRAN. November 19 59 St Miniature Painting. Nov 19 RICH FANCY Ur© votes of New-York are in it. I , " 1 ‘ , P e ““- fh „ l0 destly lay claim to such a pretention •«'/ of > h0 1 ' «„ P ’ “ i i, will be time eiieush to answer them.- o[muons, he could not bo I no R mb. c. , 0( , M| . al j u is said , | ias gi „ e n some essays, j candidate. He is respected a. a alia , N ew -Orleans, &c. True, they were j soldier; but lie stands, iu l >e mm s ■■> tne fissavs . l)Ut were military oeople of this State, at an immeasurable | distance from the Executive Chair. His habits, aside from his politics, are quite too summary for that.’ “ The political notions id Mr. Jackson ! cannot be mistaken. Under the artful j disguise of elevating men most conspicu- i ous for their probity, virtue, &c. lie is j bent upon the destruction ot the tepub- : tican party. This must be apparent to j the blindest eulogist of his conduct. 1 he j plausible phrases in which these doctiinesj are conveyed to the public—the show ol magnanimity and liberality which they nut on—may deceive many—they may oven draw after them hearts which have been devoted to the welfare ot the great party which he contemns, but by which on many occasions he has been so gener ally seconded. But they need only to be jead and reflected upon bv republicans, to be discovered to be altogether unreal, and worse than visionary. They make a cliockerv of the lives and conduct of such men as Jefferson and Madison, who be lieved in, aud leut their exertions to sus tain a partv, which in return confided iu and sustained them ; and they belie the if fine essays ; but they were military ones. You might as well pietend that the Baron Steuben could write a masterly essay on the law of nations.” The venerable Col. Rutgers put the j first vote in the ballot box, on rite open- ; ing of the polls ofthe Seventh Ward, for j 0?d Hickory, and made the following speech to his fellow citizens. “ I am a very old man, fellow citizens. You have known me too long to suppose me capable of deceiving you. I desire to say to you, that the man who has passed through the wars of our first and second peril cannot be capable of plotting mis chief against the republic; nor can the man who has exposed his person and pledged his property in the hour of danger, be the foe of liberty and his country.-— There are but a few o* us left who wit nessed the first efforts for freedom and we are more than repaid by seeing our coun try, under the blessings of Providence, free and happy. Let us not suppose any man who drew his sword in the first aud ud war for liberty, could deserve the Combs, Fancy Articles and Perfumery. The subscribers are now receiving a very exten sive assortment of the above articles, consist ing of:— 60 black, white, scarlet and crimson LONG SH AWLS 3, 4, 7, and 10-4 square do.; together with a great variety of Worsted, Barage and Gro de Naps small Shawls, Rich, figured and plain Muslins, j Italian Lustrings and Gros de Naples, plain, fancy colored and figured Silks, Plain Garniture Belt and Cap Ribbons, Black, white k col'd Plumes, and Velvet Flowers, Large Tortoise shell, Tuck and Side Combs, Also. Hair Braids, Buff and Ringlet Curls, toge ther ,vith a general assortment of 1 AN Cl ARTICLES and PERFUMERY. Just received and for sale by „ CARLTON, COOK &.KN0YY LION. Nov 19 56 tf T HE subscriber respectfully informs the in habitants of Augusta, that he will wait up on Ladies and Gentlemen desirous of having their Miniatures painted upon ivory. Specimens of his work may be seen at the room nearly op posite the Eagle lavern. French Language. Ho will also instruct two or three classes of Young Ladies or Gentlemen in the French Lan guage, aud in the art of Miniature Painting. J. Hinkley. Nov. 12 54 6t ELEGANT FURNATURE Pianos, Looking Glasses, Fancy Chairs, at reduced prices. ALSO, A first rate Horse and Gig. 1 Prize of $0,000 is £0,000 1 JJ 99 2,000 2,000 1 9J 99 1,000 ! ,000 1 1) 99 000 00© 1 }J 9 9 500 60© 1 99 99 400 4<K> 1 99 99 300 300 1 99 99 200 2 m 1 9) 99 100 000 20 99 99 50 1JMM» 30 99 99 20 000 180 99 99 10 1.800 1800 99 99 5 0,000 2044 Prizes 295G G000 Ticket S. $21,000 Tickets $5— Ha ves $2 50- -Qmirter* 31 25- —to be bad in the great* at variety. of numbers, at BEERS’ Fortunate Lottery Office, No. 2-£I Broail-stieet. Nov 12 54 tf T CLOTHING. HE Sub*criher espectfuliy inf‘"-m? hi* has on hand an extensive assortment <>! ( !,t • TH ING. of every discretion, all manufact w d in this City, whi; h he will dispose of, wholes;. I- ami retail, very low, for cash or approved paper. MORRIS HENRY, Upper wing City Hotel. Augusta, Nov. 19 56 3t JUST RECEIYT D, ^ N excellent order, a few Kitts ' “ ■ 'T.T* 73"•> preserved i:i Spires express ly for family use, one Salmon in each Kitt, and warranted equal to any ever ofleied for s tie. 1o be bad of S. REA, HU Gran's buildings, filticinUish-.Hrtfi, Nov. 12 54 f HF All persons having Claims, will please to present their accounts; those indebted will con fer a favor by settling without delay. Orders for Furniture in N. York, will he thauk- fullv received and promptly attended to, by JOHN H. OLDERSHAW. Nov 19 56 4t Jftolasses 4* Whiskey. Landing this day from the Steamboat Hamburg, 5© Hogsheads Molasses, 30 Hogsheads Baltimore Whiskey, and wi l INSURANCE. Thu Steamboat Com- panvtwll Insure upon Cotton ib their Steam or Tow Boa s, at t quarter per cent premium, taking all iitU» which -is usual with other Insurance Offices. WM. P. HUNTER, Tnnsnrtr. S. C. DUNNING, Preside -t. Nov 19 56 9'- T be sold on the most iiberal terms, for approved paper. KERRS k GRAH AM. Oct. 29 HALL & HAWDIN. HATS 4* SHOES. M T Having purchased the Slock of GROtCFJilFS of Mr. A. P. ROBERTSON, would again invite the attention of their friends and the public gen erally, at No. 151 Broad-street, where they [in tend keeping a constant supply of Choice Groceries: exertions ol all the great and virtuous men who have all along advocated and extended the jloctrines of the republican party." seco— v. . T character which his enemies give him. 1 give you the ticket of the old republican party and I offer it with additional plea sure, because it is the ticket friendly to! Enquire at this office. General Jackson.”-A'. V. Opened This Day, \ XTRA fine blue and black Cloth and Cas- E si mere, | Very fi* e steel-mixed, brown, olive, claret, diab , and London smoke Cloths, Extra fine ste*4-mixed Satinetts, Variety’s of \ estings, Corderoy’s Caroline and Tartan Plaids,^ Do. Stripes, Blue, olive and drab, very heavy, Lion skin, scarlet and crimson, Plush, Real Merino Tartan Plaids, Cloak ClaspSr Stc. kc. The above Goods will be disposed of by the Piece only, or or made up to order, of the *?; tes ^ and most approved fashions, very low for asn or approved paper, by FOSTER &HENR5. Nov 19 56 3t FOR SALE, a hand some, well finished FENCIBLE UNIFORM, which will be sold low.— Sept. 20 39 <f THEY HAVE OX HAND, ^T. Croix and New-Orleans Sugars, Loaf and Lump 4°- Waite and Green Coffee, Cognac Brandy, Holland Gin, N. E. Gin, Canal Whiskey, superior qualify, Cictli and Teneriffe Wine, London Porter, Imperial Gunpowder and Hyson leag, Pepper and Spice, Table Salt, Spanish and Common Segars, Chewing Tobacco, of superior quality, Sperm and Tallow Candles, Swedes and Russia Iron, Cotton Bagging and Sacking, Newark Cider, suitable for bottling, kc. kc. And at No. 151, they have a general as sortment of Seasonable HE subscriber wmuld inform his friends and the public generally, that he has just recei ved, by kite arrival;, from New York, a large as sortment of HATS—viz ; Gentlemen’s Beaver, Black and Drab, Fine and Coarse Casters, do do. Fine and Coarse Rorems do do. Men’s and Bovs’ fine and coarse Wool Hats, Youths’ Hats’'Black aud Drab, Children’s Hats, Fur 6t Hair Seal k Cloth Caps Morocco Caps. kc. kc. Also, a lurge assortment of Gentlemen’s, Ladies’ and Children's Shoes, Gentlemen’s fine Boots, &:c. kc. All of which lie is disposed to sell on the most reasonable terms fot Ca-h or Cits Acceptances. J. Barry. 49 tf I AUGUSTA THSMES. HE Propririor of the Avars A ! h:.a- hy the M.iiu.ger, 04 CROCKERY, CHINA, Oct. 25 FOR SALE, | A first rate Northern I pSi? made GIG, with a superior sett j of HARNESS. Apply at this office, i Nov. 8 53 6t Eire Insurance. TRE is authorised by the M.iu „ , _ „ er FIFTY DOLL-KS for the best original Poetical Address, to be spoken at rite open ing of the Theatre, on the 19th Dec., not exceed ing 60 lines, nor less than 45. The Old e-ses must be direct d (postpaid) “To the Proprietor of t e Augusta Theatre,” who will select thre* literary gentlemen of the city of Augusta to eij mine them, and award the prize of hi ra » merit. Addresses must he forwarded helot r-the lOthof December, and the names ol I In ir authors enclos ed and sealed in a separate piece of pap, r. which will remain unopened till the selection is in uie. Sept. 27 ^ I IFF Publishers of Newspapers will pb-.-se to give the above weekly insertions in October onF November, fcsubserve the interests ol the 1 •main. and Literature. TO PRINTERS. K EPT constantly on hand,by the subs. ribe/. at his Store, No. 279 Broad-street, a gr a- eral supply of PRINTING PAPER, of all sizes, which will be sold low for cash. THOMAS EV4.N5. Augusta, Nov. 8 53 tf DRY GOODS, All of which is offered for sale on the most ac commodating terms. _ „ June T ’<> ■’ Wells 4* Kibbe "OULD invite their friends and the public W Yn"general, to call and examine their j T HE HOWARD INSURANCE COMPANY, ; of New-York, continues its Agency in this ' | place, for the purpose of Insuring against Loss i or Damage by File. Buildings of all kinds, House- j bold Furniture, Merchandise, Cotton in the j Warehouses. Rates of premium as low as those of other oln ces, and all losses promptly adjusted and settled. Office on Jacksoh-street, between Broad and Reynold Streets. A. CAMFIELD, Agent. \ g Property in the interior inay be insured bv giving a written description of it, and apply ing as above. Augusta, Geo.Oct. 29 50 I;n NEW GOODS, which they have received this day, and they are ready to make any articie of gen teel dress. P. S. Five first rate Journeymen Tailors will find steady employment and punctual^ par^ by applying as above Oct. 25 W.&.K. 49 tf Prime Goshen Butter. L ANDING this day, a few- firkins Prime Go shen Butter, selected for family use—ior sale at No. 317 Broad-street. J. Catlin & Co. NV 19 56 3t ill' GLASS WARE. T HE subscriber has taken the -t-tre 3d dour below M’&enzie k Bennoch’s Comes, No. 305, (with extensive Back Stores au-ici.euj where he is now receiving and opening 300 Packages Crockery, China ami Glass Ware; Comprising a large and handsome ■. .orluieid vf Staple Sc Fancy Wares, All of the latest Manufacture and Pa»»eros, -e* lected and ordered by himself ex, . s ; :or i:> Market. Together with an assortment o.'l iquor C Looking Glasses, Brass Suspending a c Ltd nrd Lamps. Plated Castors and Cordis* ‘ ~ta; ;!s. M n< Jugs, Jars aud Churns. IV ine Bottir x r. t o. Wholesale and Retail, which wni be sold a fair t-riccs for Cash or approved p; et WILLIAM H\RR1S. Persons in ehtuti to Ware Ac Harris, <>i f.ivseif. are requested to make early payment, a* lunger indulgence will not he given. WILLIAM H SP.RIS. O’ The Georgia Journal and ’ a* on Messen ger, will please insert the above weekly for four months, and forwatd bills for payment to W. H. Augusta, Oct. 35, 1327. -to w4m Stores to Rent. And immediate poss.-s-do.-i given The Brick Stores 273 ami 2t t Broad- street. They are both targe and con venient Stores, with Cellars and Store-houses. For terms apply 10 ' B. YY. FORCE, No. _~3 br<r>«d-*t Nov.*I'D : 5 A