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Georgia courier. (Augusta, Ga.) 1826-1837, April 29, 1833, Image 1

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YOL* 7. FUDLISHED EVERY MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY, AV % O’CLOCK. 7. M. tlYr. Howard'. Brick Building.,opposite the Fo»t-OflScc . Mlato.b Street. DIRECTIONS. Bale, of Lead end Negroes, by Administrator., Eiecu t ,rt, or Qaardiaai, are required, by lair, to bo hold on the ■rat Tuesday in the mouth, between the hour, of ten in the fweaoon and three in the afternoon, at the Court-hoiastf the county ; a which the property la *«raTe—-Notlcvtf t lw « .ale. auiat be given in a public gazette SIXTY day. previous to the day cf sale. Notices ofthesale of ftrsonel property must be given In like manner, FORTY day. previous- to the day of sale. Notice to the debtor, and creditors of an estate, muatb. published for FORTY days. that applicatiou will be made to the Court of Or dvsryfOT leave to sell land, must be published for FOUR Notice for leava to soil Negroes, must be published for MINI MONTHS, before any order absolute shell be made b wo >a by the court. POST OFFICE DEPARTMENT, Washington, 4th March, 1883. In future, the following rules and regulations ara to be observed: - Ist. The duties of the Assistant Postmaster* General, Chief Clerk and Subordinates, are di's tributad into three divisions.' The first, the Southern Division, under the superintendence of C, K* biBDSSR, the Senior Assistant, w'dl comprise the States of Virginia, (with the Di. t. of Columbia,) Louisiana,- North CaroHnh, Arkansas Territory, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, Florida Territory, Indiana, Alabama, Illinois, Mississippi, Missouri. The second, Ihe Northern Division, under the Superintendence of S. R. Hobbie, Assistant, will comprise the States of Maine, New York, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Vermont, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Ohio, and Michigan Territory. 2d. Eachjpf these Divisions shall -embrace an Office of Appointments and Instructions, and an office of Mail Contracts; the office of Mail Dep redations to remain as at present organized, aux iliary to both. 3d. To each of these Divisions shall be as signed four Corresponding Clerks, two for the office of Mail Contracts, and two for the Office of Appointments and instructions, a Contract Clerk, an Appointment Clerk, a Route Book Clerk, a Recordjng Clerk, and Clerks for regis tering orders, hues and other miscellaneous duties. 4th. One of the Corresponding Cieiks in each Division, shall be designated as the principal Clerk of the Division. 6th. The Senior assistant will be charged with the basinets of- procuring Mail rortmanteaus, Canvass Hags, Locks and Keys, and with all the incidental duties. A clerk shall be assigned to aid him in their performance, who, under the direction of the Assistants, respectively, s all keep the registry of the checks coun'ersigned tiv them. * fitfe, The business of forwarding Blanks for Accounts, Locks, Keys, Post Office Lists, Laws, 4tc. shall be performed under the direction of the Assistants, within their respective Divisions. 7th. The principal Crerk of the Division only, shall sign official correspondence, and.that, in vase of the absence of the Assistant. Bth. The third division, will be that of finance, under the superintendence of the Chief Clerk, O. B Brown, who shall be the I)neasurer of the Department. There shall be under his control the “Book Keepers,” the “Solicitor’s Office*” the “Pay Office,” the “Examiner’s Office,” the “Register's Office," and the “Dead Letter Of fice, to the last of which shall be attached the business of the general letter file. 9th. No money shall be paid into the Depart ment. directly to the Treasurer, nor paid out of if, directly by him. SUPEBIORCOUBTSs EASTERN CIRCUIT, 9 Counties. William Law, Judge, Joseph W. Jackson, Solicitor General. Bullach. Thursday-before the Ist Monday in November and the Thursday before the 4th Monday in March. Camden. Ist Monday in April, and the 2nd lb November. Wayne. 2<l Monday in Aptil, and Thursday after the 2d Monday in November. Glynn. Thursday after the 2nd Monday in April, and the 3rd Monday in November. Mclntosh. 3rd Monday in April, and the Wednesday after the 3rd Monday in November. Bryan. Ist Monday in December, and the Thursday after court in Liberty county. Liberty. Wednesday after the Ist Monday in December, and the Monday following the uourt in Mclntosh. Effingham. 2nd Monday in December and May. Chatham. Ist Monday in January, and the 3rd in May. MIDDLE CIRCUIT, 9 Counties, • William W. Holt, Judge. Cbakles J. Jenkins, Attorney Genera). Columbia. 2nd monday in March and Sep tember. Washington. 4th monday in March and September. Montgomery. 2nd mouday in April, and Thursday after the Ist monday in October. Tattnall. Thursday after the 2nd mouday in April, and the 2nd monday in October. . Emanuel. 3rd monday in April, and the Thursday after the 2nd monday in October. Scriven. 4th monday in April, and the 3rd monday iu October. Burke. Ist monday in May, and the 3rd monday in November. Jefferson. 3rd monday in May, and the 4th monday in October. Richmond- Ist monday in June, and the. Ist monday In January. NORTHERN CIRCUIT, 6 Counties. William H. Crawford, Judge. Daniel Chandler, Solicitor General. Tatiaferio. 3rd monday in January and July. Wilkes. 3rd monday in February and 4th In July. Madison. 2nd monday in March and Sep tember. Elbert. 3rd monday in March and Septem ber. Warren. Ist monday in April, and the Tues day after the Ist moaday iu October. Hancock. 2d monday in April and October. Oglethorpe. 3rd monday in April and Oc tober. Lincoln. 4lb mondny in April and October. WESTERN CIRCUIT. 8 Counties. Charms Douobirtv, Judge. Turner It. Tairrx, Solicitor General. Clark. 84 monday in February and August. Walton. 3rd do do JacksoQr- 4th do do Qwinnett. 2nd monday io March and Sept. Hall. 3rd monday in March and September. Franklin. 2nd monday in April and October. Habersham. 3rd do do Rabun. 4th. do do ' OCMULGEE CIRCUIT, 7 Copgtjii. L. Q. Q. Lamar, Judge. £©<var» y Solicitor Ocaerql, Baldwin. 4th ntonday in February and Aug. Morgan. Ist do March and September. Greene. 2nd do do Putnam. 3rd do do Wilkinson. Istmondayin April, and Tues day after the lst.monday in Oc'ober. Jones. 3rd monday in April and October. Jasper. 4h do do SOUTHERN CIRCUIT, 13 Counties. Lott Warrkn, Judge. Stephen F. Miller, Solicitor General. Twiggs. 3rd monday in March and Sep tember. Lowndes, Thursday before the 4th monday Jn May and November. Thomas. On the inondays thereafter. Dooly. 4th monday in March and September. Decatur. Monday after the 4th monday in May and November. Early. On the mondays after the court in Decatur. Baker. On the mondays after the court in Early. Telfair. 3rd monday in April and October. , Irwin. On the Thursdays after. Laurens. Ist monday in April, and Wednes day after the Ist monday in October. Pulaski. 2nd monday in April aod October. Appling. 4th inonday ii April and October. Ware. On the Thursdays after. FLINT CIRCUIT, 10 Counties. Christopher B. Strong, Judge Washiitoton Poe, Solicitor General Crawford. 3d Monday io Feb’y. and August Upson 4th do do Pike Ist dt) io March A* September Monroe 2d do do Fay*tt« 3d do do Newton 4th do do Butts Ist Monday in April and Thursday af tef the Ist Monday in October. Henry 2d Monday in April and October Houston 4th do do do Bibb 3d do in May anjd November *• CHATTAHOOCHEE CIRCUIT, .15 Counties Grigsby E. Thomas, Judge James P H Campbell Solicitor General Stewart 2d monday ip January and July Randolph Thursday thereafter Lee 3d monday in January and July Sumter Thursday thereafter Marion 4th monday in January and July Muscogee 2nd monday in February &i Aug. Talbot. Ist monday in Match and September Carroli 4th monday in April and October Harris 2nd monday in March & September Meriwether 3rd do do ~ Troup 4th do do Coweta Ist tuonday in April, and Wednes day after the Ist monday in October * De Kalb 2nd monday in April and October Campbell 3rd ■do do Heard Ist monday in May, and Friday after the 4th monday in October CHEROKEE CIRCUIT, 10 Counties. J. W. Hooper, Judge William Ezzard, Solicitor General Cherokee 2nd (Monday in Feb. and August Fsrsytli 3rd tin do Lumpkin Thursday after the 3rd monday in February a/id August Union 4ih monday in February and-August Gilmer Thursday after the 4th monday in August Murray Ist monday in March and Seftt. Floyd Thursday after do <-* Cass 2nd monday in March and. September Paulding Thursday after do Cobb "3rd monday in March and September INFERIOR COURTS,. - EASTERN'CIRCUIT. Way-'e Last monday in December and May Camden Ist do in January and June Glynn 2nd do- *do * Mclntosh 3rd do do Bryan 4tb. do do Liberty • 2nd do do Bulloch Ist do in February and July Effingham ‘ 2nd . . * do Chatham 3rd dp do MIDDLE CIRCUIT. Columbia -3rd monday in June, and De cember - " Washington 4th monday in January & July Montgomery Ist do in February and Aug. Tattnall 2nd do do Emanuel Ist do in January and July Scriven 2nd do - do Burke- Ist do do Jeff-rson ' . 3rd do do Richmo'iitl > 4th •do in June and Decembei NORTHERN CIRCUIT.. Madisph 2nd monday in January St July Elbert: ■ 3rd do do Pglethprpe 4th do in January and June Lincoln Ist do in February and July Hancock Ist , do in February, and 3rd in August ‘ • Warren " , 2nd do in February'St August Wilkes do in May and 4th Sept Taliaferro 3rd ’'•ffo in May and November WESTERN ' Franklin 4th Monday ii\ Jappary At July Rabun Ist do in July and Jan. Gwinnett’ 2nd do in June and Dec. Jackson 2nd do in January, and Ist in July - ' * - Clark 4th .do in October St 2nd in May Habersham 2nd do in July St Januarv , Hall 3rd do in June and'Dec'. Walton 3rd do in May and Nov. . OCMULGEE CIRCUIT. WilTunson. 2nd mOnday in July and Jaauary Jones. 4th do do .Jasper. Brd do do Baldwin. 4th do in May and November. Greene. Ist Tuesday in January and 2nd monday in June. Morgan. Ist monday in June and December. •Putnam. 3rd do do SOUTHERN CIRCUIT. Twiggs. 4th monday in January and July Low.ndes. 3rd monday in January,, and Ist in June . ' Thomas. Ist monday in January and July Dooly. 3rd monday in March and September Decatur. 4ih mouday in January and 2nd in June. , . < Early 2nd fnondayin January and July Baker 4th mopday in January and July - Telfair Ist monday in April, and 2nd in Oc tober - Irwin 4th monday in January, and Ist in July . Laurens Ist in June and December Pulaski 3rd do in Januory and July -Appling 3rd monday in June and December Ware 4th do do - ' FLINT CIRCUIT. Bibb Bfdmonday in August and February Houston 4th - * do in July and January Butts . 2d do in January and July Crawford 3d do in May and November Upson * 4tb do do Pike Ist do in June and December Monroe 2n*l do do Fayette 3rd do in June, and 2d in Jan. Newton 4th do in June and December Htftry 3id do do CHATTAHOOCHEE CIRCUIT. Stewart Tuesday after the Ist Monday in January and July Randolph Thursday after the Ist fhonday in January and July Lee 4th monday in May and November K Sumter Ist monday in June and September arion 3rd monday in May and November uscogee Ist monday fn Jape and December AUGUSTA, (GEO.) MONDAY, APRIL 29, 1833. Talbot Ist monday in February and August Carroll Ist do do Harris 2nd monday in June and December Meriwether Ist monday in May and Novem ber Troup 3rd monday in June and December Coweta 4tb do do DeKatb 2nd monday in July and January Campbell 2nd monday in June and Decem ber " Heard Ist monday in February and July CHEROKEE CIRCUIT Cherokee 2d monday in April and October Forsyth 3d do do do Lumpkin 4th do do do Union Ist do in Afay and November Gilmer 2d do do do .Murray 3d do do do Floyd 4th do do do Cass Ist do in June and December Paulding 2d do do do Cobb 3d do do do List of county officers, in the several counties of the Cherokee Circuit. LUMPKIN. Samuel Jones, Sheriff; Jesse L. Riley, Clerk Superior Court; M. P. Quiliian, Clerk Inferior Court; James Martin, Re <&iver of Tax Returns ; Thomas Moore, Collector; John H. Hanson, County Surveyor; Dr. Ira R. Foster, Cotooer. COBB. Win. Morris, Clerk Superior Court; R. B. Harris, Clerk Inferior Court; T. K. Martin, Sheriff; Thomas Tanner, Tax Collector; John Mullins, Receiver of Tax Returns..- UNION. James Crow, Sheriff; Arthur Gilbert, Clerk Superiur Court; Joseph Jackson, Clerk of Inferior Court; Lewis Gladdis, Tax Collector; Alexander W. Greet, Receiver of Tax Returns. MURRAY. Nelson Dickerson, Clerk of Superior Court; John Sloan, Clerk Inferior Court; James C. Barnett, Sheriff; M. W. John son, Tax Collector ; William Gillohoo, Receiver of Tax Returns. PAULDING. Joel D. Hicks, Clerk Superior Court; Elisha Brooks, Clerk of Inferior Court; William J. Hogue, Sheriff; W. G. Do tliat, Surveyor. FLOYD. Edward G. Rogers, Clerk of Superior Court; P. W. Hemphil., Clerk Inferior Court; Andrew H. Johnson, Sheriff; J. 3mith\vic.k, Surveyor ; Lemuel Milligan, Coroner; S. T. Mayo, Tax Collector; P. Ranholph, Receiver Tax Returns. CHEROKEE. John P. Brook, Sheriff; Franklin Dan iel, Clerk Superior Court; Wm. Grisham Clerk Inferior 'Court ; Luke Langton, Coroner ; Robert Green, Surveyor. CASS. • Benjamin F. Adair, Sheriff; Chester Hawks, Clerk Superior Court; X Ran* kin, Clerk Inferior Court; W. Dimroa, Tux Collector ; E. R. Forsyth, Receivei Tax Returns ; N. Goodwin, County Sur veyor ; John Pack, Coroner. GILMER. L. Hufsteller, Sheriff; Thomas Bur ndtt, Cioik Superior Court; Henry K. Quiilian, Clerk Inferior Court. FORSYTH. L. Strickland, Clerk Superior Court ; John Jolly, Sheriff. SHERIFF’S SALES FOR APRIL IN CHEROKEE COUNTY. Will be sold, at Cherokee Court-House, on the Ist Tuesday in May next: No. Pist. Sec. prop, of In favor of 284 16 4 Edmund Hicks, O. Maxcy 325 23 4 John Boise, \V. Boynton 257 28 3 Elijah Nash, Bayle 4 Webb 50 19 1 R. Bl .clistock, A. F. Woolcy 74 14 2 R. Wilkinson, John Waltham J 099 19 2 do. do. 307 11 4 D. Strickland, John Boyd 179 33 Alary Page. John Kelly 180 14 1 Joseph Roe, E &If Byne and Scruggs. 311 5-3 Samuel Forbes, John Boiie 1 175 24 . 2 H. W. Waterson, do. . 970 2 2 (». D. Luster, do. 485 33 W.W.Barrptt. do. 22' 19 9 James Eakin, Hide &, Boiie 102 8 4 Elijah Nash, Boyle &. Webb 699 18 * 4 M. Wilhight, Henry H. Field 321 4 4 James' kaggs, P. T. Biddle 1307 14 1 J. W. Glass. P. T Biddle 51 22 2 9. Williams, ■ do. ' Cs 6 .32 D. Cockran, Barden A Brown 132 2 2 P. T. Biddle, Smith 4k Wright - 167 6 ' 3 do. James M. Carter 587 1 ' 2 Amos King, Win. C. Osborn • 826 4 '4 James Atwell, do. . 229 6 2- John Griffith, do. 556 17 3 W. Mitchell, do. 259 13 2 M. D. White, do. 310 8 2 C. F. McKenzie, John Fife 223 .24 - 2 Riley Collins, do. 487 3 1 E. R Reynolds, J. 11-* W H Pope 40 23 2 W. llußbartl, F. Andoe 4389 ** 26 2 Eli Wood, R T Banks 275 15 2 T. Lovelady, Andrew Miller 205 .27 3 S. Peppers, E. P. Goodrich 307 11 4 D. Strickland, John Boyle. Two negroes, Phoon and Susan, and a carri age, property of Rheuben Thornton, in favor of Smith & Bobbin. , - One negro girl, Eliza, property of Joseph Wa terskin favor of Winchester Dumas. One road wagon, oxen, and lumber, property of Jesse Day in favor of Barron & Irwin One i idle gun, property of Thos. York, in fa vor o l John Boston. „ r ' JOHN JOXLY.'Sheriff. Sand Hill Property For Sale. TH£ subscriber offers his pleasant and*conveniently situated Lot and improvements, on the Sand Hills. The Lot contains ten Acres of ground, proyements consist of a dwelling House with 5 rooms, a Kitchen, with 4 servants rooms, and a Stable and Carriage House. There is a Garden and a number of fruit and ornamental Trees on the tot, also a well of good tyater. For terms apply to W. P. Beers or A. Richardson. JNO F. LLOYD. April 12 . Iw3w 44 NOTICE. THE Copartnership heretofore existing be tween the in the Practice of Law, is this day dissolved by mutual consent; They * ill both attend to the unfinished business of the firm until it is closed; and persons indebt ed to them for professional service can make payment tq either. WILLIAM SCHLEY. THO’9. GLASCOCK. new patterns Os Earthen and China Ware. T HE.ub,evicts halve recently received, per snips Olive Branch and Ganges, at Savan nah, from Liverpool direct, £A6 packages of Earthen and China Ware, which makes thei r fall stock in every respect complete, and embra ces every variety of blue, black, brown, pink, and purplfe DiHntr and Tea Ware—Persian plates, dishes, teas, bowls, atidjqgs, of entire new patterns, at prices unusually low—together with every article of enameled, edged, C. C. and Moco Ware. Their assortment will bear comparison' with any ever offered in the Southern country, and earnestly invite merchants, and others, who' havetisually bought in Charleston, or elsewhere, 'o an examination for themselves bGfore mak f future purchases. Prices will be found low a 1. terms liberal. Every attention will be paid to orders, both in selecting and packing—none but experienced packers being employed by us. They have also for Sale, every variety of cut and plain . Hall Lampr, Astral Lamps, and Shades extra, Billiard and Liverpool Suspend ing Lamps and Glasses extra, fine gilt China Tea Sets—Jugs, Plates, Teas, and Coffees, Li quor cases, be I*. B. TAYLOR & Cos. • No. 266 Btoad st. under the Masonic Hall. And 363, one door below the Merchants' and Planter's Bank. Augusta. Dec. 7 108 ts Steam Boat Office. Savanah, April 19, 1833. Notice.— -The annual meeting of the Stockholders of the Steamboat Company of Georgia, will take place agreeable to the Constitution, at their Office in the city of Savannah, on the second Mon day in May, next at 10 o’clock, A. M at which lime an election will be held for thirteen Directors, to serve for one year from that date. Absent Stockholders may by power of attorney, under seal, authorise any other Stockholder to represent them. Wm. E. LONG. Btc'ry <s• Trias. S. B. C. April 24 td 49 (CHAMPAIGNE WINE, &c. J. ml Baskets first quality Champaign Wine 10 boxes French Wines, consisting of Chateau Neuf, red and white Hermitage, Sauterne, be. Casks Claret Wine 10000 first quality Havana Cigars 2 bbls Northern Shell Barks, Brazil, Pecan and Hasle Nuts, Almonds, Prunes Raisins, in whole and half boxes, Figs, fresh Tamarinds, be ALBO, A few casks very fine pickled Cod Fish. LAMBACK b RUSE. April 15 45 THE SUBSCRIBERS , OFFERS FOR SALE. tJv V pieces Cotton Bagging on liberal terms. Also l In the Magasine 600 kegs FF and FFF Dupont’s Gtm Powder 10 do Eagle Powder in 26 Canisters 20 half kegs Eagle Powder do loose. PILLOT & LE BARBIER. March 8 Next Line of Fouv Horse POST COACHES, Running from Salem, N. V. to Wythe C. House in Virginia, three times a meek and back r JTHIS Line starts from Salem every Monday, _l_ Wednesday and Friday at 5 o'clock, A. M. and arrives at Wythe Court House at 6<o’clock, P. M. the next day. At the same hour that the Stages leave Salem, they also leave Wythe Court House and arrive aj Salem at 6 o’clock P. M. on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. This, Line is so arranged as to correspond in its ar rivals at Wythe Court House, with the arrivals of the Great Lines leading through the valley of Virginia.—lt also correspond in its arrivals at Wythe Court House with the arrivals of a tri weekly line running between that place and the Salt Sulphur, the Red Sulphur b White Sulphur Springs in Virginia, which has been lately estab fished.— At Salem n correspond* with the ar rivals of Smith's Piedment Line, and the Raleigh Line, both of which run three times a week. The Route passsees within a mile of the Pilot Moun tain through Bethnnia Betlmbara by Mount Air y, crossqg the Blue Ridge at Ward’s Gap, goes by Poplar Camp Furnace and the Lead Mihesof Wythe, and affojds some interesting scenes to those that admire the sublimity of nature. The accommodations of diet, lodging, be, are excel lent and cheap. The subscriber hesitates not to recommend his teams and drivers as first rate. His coaches are most excellent—being newly procured from Troy, New-York. Fare through the whole route 5 dollars—way passengers 6$ cents a mile. O* The utmost care and attention will be paid to baggage and other things entrusted to his care, but the subscriber will not be liable for acci dents. D. WALKER. 07 The Constitutionalist, at Raleigh. The Camden Journal and the Georgia Courier will insert the-above six weeks and forward their ac count to the proprietor a( Mount Airy, Surry co. N. C. March 1 6w 26 FIRE PROOF WARE-HOUSE, AUGUSTA, GEORGIA. 1 OFFER FOR SALE, my unexpired Lease on the Fire Proof Ware house w.'.ich I nbw occupy on Broad street—the lease of which ex pires on the first of October, 184(X The present moment offers greater inducements for men qf •capital, influence, and enterprise, to embark in it than at any period for 15 years past; and cir cumstances, entirely beyond control is the only cause of my wishing to relinquish it. The pro perty is offered at‘private sale until the first Tuesday in May next, and if not previously dis posed of, will then be sold at Auction, at the lower Market House. In the mean time, I shall continue to transact business for my friends, as usual, and shall use every exertion with them, for a continuance of their custom, to my succes sors. Terms will be liberal. i JOHN C. HOLCOMBE. April 17 46 td TO RENT. A comfortable Dwelling House, with all necessary out buildings, for lIslH a small family situated on Washing iUlßkton Street, with a good Gardeo, fee possession given immediately. For terms apply to JOSEPH FREDERICK. April 24 49 3t In addition to a heavy Stock on hand, the rubtert berS are receiving weekly, A GENERAL ASSORTMENT OP FRESH Intending to keep at all timing a large Stock which shatl be offered at rediiced prices, Would .nvite the attention of the' Country Merchants, and the public. 1 ALSO, Harness and Skirting Leather , And every variety of SHOE LEATHER, and all the materials and Toojs for Manufacturing at 273) Rrop4 Street. B. W. FOiiCE A Cos. U* FORCE’S Boot and Shoe Factory Jackson street, io the rear of B. W.F. b Co’s Store, where Boots and Shoes, of every discre tion are made ami repaired at short notice * Fel » 27 If Sheriff’s Sale. WILL be sold, at the Court House, in Jack son borough. Scriven County; on the Ist luasday in May next, between the usual hours ot sale. 300 acres of pine Land (more or less,) joining Lands, of Richard Scruggs, Claiborne Beville, and othera. ALSO, One Day Horse, levied on as the property of Thomas Reddick, tb satisfy two fi fas. from the Superior Court, of Scriven County, in favor of Roger L. Gamble. ALSO, 250 acres of Pine,Land(more of less) joining Lands, of Peter Reddick, Nicholas Barr y* Conner, and others levied on as the property Drury R, Scott, to satisfy three fi. fas. from a Jugijc«*s Court, in faVbr of Lucy Miller, Administratrix on Estate of Richard W. "“S’ sai <l Scott, as principal and James i ' tv** 6 *.’ s , ecuri ‘y 5 property pointed out by •fas. IV. Kittles, Levy made and returned by a Constable. ALSO, ~-, . - < ‘ I.Negro Man, named Shade, levied on as.the property of Abraham Buford, to satisfy Executions from.a Justice’s Court in favor of James H. Wade, levy made and rettirn ed by a Constable. JOHN C. FERRILL, Sherijr. A P r » 340 iand . TO RISNTj - And immediate possession given, A comfortable Summer residence, [fflß near ,he Milledgtville Road, 2 miles, l|||™_lrom the city, known ns Hall’s place present occupied by Wm. Wright, it will be rented for one or five years. For terms, apply to CHARLES L. HALL March 27 wtf , LOST CHILD. SSOO REWARD. A LITTLE GIRL, five years old, with fair skin, blue eyes, light hair, and a remark ably pleasant countenance, named CAROLINE HAWKINS BULLOCK, who can read very well, was lost on the 16th March, six miles east of CoUrtland, near the road leading to Decatur. Hundreds of men have searched in every direc tion throughout the neighborhood, and rto trace of her can be fouud. The above reward will be given for her delivery, and any informatiea re specting her whether dead or alive, thankfully received. , . JOHN BULLARD. April IS, 1833 42 tr - E7* Diligent search has been ifiadc and as no trace of the above child can lie fouud, the dis tressed parents have beeu induced to believe thill she has been stolen. All Editors will confer a favor on the deeply distressed, by giving the a bove nn insertion in their respective papers. DENtISTRYs fagSßp The Subscriber expects to leave this City, oh the instant—this is therefore to give Notice to his friends, and to those in particular who live at a distance from Augusta, who have communicated with him on the subject of his Profession, that if they expect his services during this visit, it is re quisite to give the subject immediate attention— he wishes tlietti to call without delay, as ha can not stay beyond the above time. Those, also, who have had operations partially performed, are requested to take the first oppor tunity of having them completed. His retain on the first of Aiigust next may lie anticipated, Bnd his utmost endeavors to render his operations as easy and* satisfactory in evejy respect, as can be procured iu any country. E. OSBORN. April 10 • * ; tiT 43 * VALUABLE HEAL ESTATE, FOR SALE. WILL be sold, ors accommodating terms the LOTS, sduated on- the south side of Broad ,Si re I, belov\ Campbell’s ; Gully and nearly opposite the Planters’ H&tel, comprising a front of 190 feet sn Broad street, *it is offered for sale, ih seperate Lots,’or the whole together, for further particulars, Enquire of Mr. Robert Waltoji at the Insurance Bank, or td WM. P. Augusta, Fob 25 V ~ j 24 ts ,• FOR jy&E, THIRTY_TWOf;Stt*RES IN THE Merckahts\& Elknters' Bunk. ENQUIRE AT THIS OTFIC^. March 8’ 29 ' r NOTICE. ~ FOUR months after dai<? application will be rhade tolhe Honorable Inferior Court of this County, for feave to sell the estate of Rob- McCoombs.-'d leased, consisting of Negroes, Household Fi..ntture, Land, fee JOHN S. COOMBS, Adm'r. Jan 3 Up jo4m for saleT AVERY desirable Summer residence near the Turknett Spring*, all necessary out buildings, such as Kitchen, Stable, Dairy, Spring House, fee. fee. with an excellent Gar den in which there are a great variety of Fruit Trees, Vegetables, together with a choice col lection of Grape Vines, of various kinds. The advantages in obtaining wholesome Water, which is convenient. a* there me several Springs near, are great. There are-about three acres of Land. Titles unquestionable. Enquire of Sterling T. Coombs, or A. M WOOLSEY. April 34) As NEW fcPMNb fcrOOpS. Fan L y r d , s r p, * D^«ods, ***** ! 6-4 Bombasines, black Italian silks Merrimack.and London /bints French Dnllg »nd tin*,,, Rpin CnssitnerL lush Linens in halt pieces, 6-4 Crape Shawji f ? )[ der^ a nd W 1 . andkerchicf *’ Lace Agings bilk and Yfelvgt stocks 6 b Bales 6-4 Dover brown Sheetings do 7-8 Jackson shillings do 3 4 brown do do 7-8 do J)rilJingf i . ».' AO, Z* 1 ■ -A variety of other Goods suitable f . or April 8 ■ iiiE hijbscrirfiT of Mr - <* . .»* tornd . nijy-SSSr. -*» 1 dnej and Staple JJfry-Goods And on the most reasonable . u °OS, and retail, at ,h. Strati,. 243 Feb 4 S- W WADE. — -15 it JU ST RECEIVED, ■ 50^11 Bb,S 01,10 vzoq do Cocoanuij 200 Picklbd Toiigucs 100 Smoked -dO - Smoked Salmon 1000 lbs Pjckted . tfo 10 kits Utilised do ' 5 '‘bbls Smoked Beat ~ 10 A^i. tE e : 25 •- . - s6 ; . Tlgt OESPECTFULLY infonusifa! lycil"rrom®iKo7eWho TO****"?' wh?ffS"iw l« strvim uriii ' . nee< * bis professlbh. ST •“danaa-inSl Fib* ' ,6 ' ' The New York Steam Packet; I>AVID brown, Capt. Jas. pKNNOVEBj WILL ....... 1,,, „ip, Ch.,|„,,„ and New-Yoik for the Season, by l«*V. mg new York on Saturday the 20/A April (Inst ) ami will depart from Charleston for New York on Saturday the 2*\ April(inst.) ind continue™ run as heretofore,leaving New York and Chair*. *°" *“ c )‘ *weceeding Saturday. This Boat is fill . and " *P lc, ‘did dining cabin sfejjtfhde. For passage only apply | 0 * WILLIAM PATTON, Agent, No. 6 Fitzsimons’ wharf. A P r i» *5 45 I6t NOTICE \ LL persons indebted to the Estate of ti fr\, MeCpoffibs, deceased, nie requested to make payment, and those who have Claim* against the estate will present them within tfid* time pre,<- ribpd by law. 0 FOR SALE-Sevehri famififci 0 f negroes, good House oetvants, Ostler*, and Ploughdmys •lr£S * and Application to the sub- Sato and Grist Milk. _ _ FOR #AiE, fflHAf Valuable tu«r of LAND.on Spirit imin » * hl ? un *y. containing about 17°° Acres, & lately in possession’ of Mr. B.Atc- Ki.nne, deceased—fhrougb the tract rums a never failing stream of Water, sufficient qf to work two Saw. and a GMsfrmiH, wfi qh pr.e how on it. newly built and in complete Operation.-* With proper attention 30Mfeet of Lumber can y*, cu ! P* r rt . ree ,oa . d i | . Steam' boat Wijod - ,. sos which there is great abundance and ready * sale) can be fealrttd to the river daily by each wagen, and the row) tb Augusta (nine miles) is among the ntoal level and firm in tiie State'— Os the Land, a large proportion is* of the best pine, interspersed with oak and hickory, and produces corn, cotton and potatoes equal to moat of uplands of more .expensive prices. Fog health, no situation in this county surpasses it having high and dry situations, with as pur# Spring can be found. This valuable property Is offered foi- sale, at « reduced price, and on terms that shall suit any person wishing to purchase. ■ For particulars, apply to . HENRY' MEALING. A f )r '. 1 0 wlip 41 . NOTICE. A LL Persons Indebted to the Estate of E. XX Wood by conti-acts made at the Store iti Augusta, are Requested to make payments to Mr. John Winter, wild is d-iely othorized to Receive the Skbne. *. .. Hale, Exe-r;’’ :Atqfasla, .March 4 • 27 wtd Alerfchant and Planters* Bank. The Directors are under the painful necessity of informing the Pbbiic, that the Bank has been compelled to suspend payment. The can*, es which have led to this result, are the heavy and cootinued demands that hare been mad* for specie, during the last fiy« weeks; and the re ports industriously circulated throughout the country, with a View it it believed, to Impair confidence .a the stability of the Institution, «nd bring in suddenly its wt.ole circulation for re demption. The affairs of the Bank will hr brought to a dose, as soon as possible; and £ tl.e meantime, the holders o» the Bills are cau tioned against parting with them at a sacrifice before fheir value is fully ascertained. ' c , JOSEPH WHEKLER. Pres'l. Extract froanfim Mindies of the Board April NO. 51.