Savannah Georgian. (Savannah, Ga.) 1824-1829, October 22, 1825, Image 1

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1) I # edited axd pitaalii it Up ’ .vw»m ^ «CT. 0* Mff IV o EO. fc WM.R0*ERT60N, ATMdirr fit* AiV*u*. >a*'A ! |i)R.1Sl f ■; ■ 'Mm** ■•■ e«B TJM CQ0NTSY, . : 18 published to meet Ilia arrangement of «wUii,i*»riM time* a #eek. (I^ctitfay .Tliurs-' diy.aml »<iurd»y,)>t tha Office ofJie JJai- lv Goorgian, litwJ coiitMtii all H«e Commercial, Political aud MisCellnneoin, m- Cluling aJveitiwsioenl*. publulied in foe Dai- 1-1 Tim Country -Paper, « *eril tn all rarti of mo state and Union, of delivered in Ibe oily, nl five dullara per annum, payable* advance. »literlireineut* ere inverted in both paper* ,l7i cent* per yq Wire-,• of-M ■ fiot inwtiuri. at«l,37| for every succeeding t the ship Emperor, the subscriber* ' hew received thirty-five packages or Gc^neQtug^Ifo^netfer- %mery, fancy Article^ &c. carefully selected hr-one of the nnrtnets now *tthe north, which addef to thoir for roer stock on hsnd.comprisaaan assortment ‘ ‘j extensive, and imrttailnjly smted for J a«KSSwa» ... _ abd-PamiHea; woOUdbweB to fotwawl their oidera. as they Will .be Bold at our uanal toerjeiw.. Druggiets, Shad's Building*. ’Juhr .1'8 | *' fiist invert tun . puhlicalion* Communications by Mail* K d - mual U Pott Sales of land and neyidee by ; AdminWra,- tnrs Eaecutnt* <>r Guardians. »r* retpnreil fc v law, to be lieM on tho first Tuesday In the mmitli, between the hour? of ten in the tore- ,od Ihree in I he afternoon, at the Court House uf i lie Connty in whirili the ‘ properly j, situate. Notice of tliew* sale* must bo jirei, in a public aaiotterwfy days preiii eus to the day of Hala. .’.... Notice of tiie sale of mn»t be given in hko manner, ,/otdy <**y» pcevtuq to the day of isle. . ,. Notice to mo Uebtoia and creditora of an rsUte, must ho published for forty days. Noliqc that application .will bo,made |o the Court of Ordinary for leave tb sell laud, mus; bo |iublished nine numlht. TMXXeletEV ACADEMY. 1/fR. PHILLIPS respectfully inforon ifj. the pubito, foul he baa a ucaucy fo dew more., . a*mroiwtngm„. . .... .. itgHik Grammar, Writing, Arithmetic Orography, Projecting if Mope, Attre- ncmj, Htitonj, Contnmtion, Polite Literature aaa Rhetoric, also, n • . ■ ■ LATIN AND PBEWH, ID’A separate room is proivdcd for the Yuung Lodirs . Miss PmuiPl under hiBfiupenntenaBnce instructs* m.fcw children in Hpullingz Ruud inp. Writing and Arithmetic. From lour to six Young (lentlemen may be accommodated with board. &e-in hii family. Every utientimi will be puid to their comfort and morals. ¥i\eu\ng School, for thu instruction of Gentlemen in the Eng- li>h tirsnmisr, Arithmetic, Buck Keeping by Double Entry, Navigation, and tlicfon- unr Obrerviirions; also,.the metbnd.,ol as- cstlaimng mid cl’ineasiiring thc dislaiicu of tho. Heavenly llndies, is open every evening from seven until nine o’clbck Fur terms, which nre moderate, plensn to apply by letter or personally, at bis, Acade my. corner of Brough lull and Lincol n-Sts. Sept«. ' 17 i«RM APPROVED Patent Vntpity dp do do do do do do do EE’S BlUOtfS TtirKngtonV Balsam ' WLLS of Life Oplnl for the cleans ing of the teeth Si gnma ' Belf’sAsthnialicPillB Bo Botanical I>f Austen’s Rpmedy Ibe Piles Hinckley’s, dn di Thompson’s Celebra ted Eye' Water Tiipmpson’a Teeth ’ Past* Squire's Grand Elix ir i r Jesuits Drops Tooth Ache do. dtp, of the above useful Atp Coifa Anderson’s Drop*’ Ameriosn 'C hutch’s Worm Ltiaengca Black Drop Henry’s,True’ Cal cined Magnesia Audler’s Asiatic Len- . Itive \ Roger’s :- Pulmonic iitergonb DalhyV Carminative A constant Patent Family Medicines, together with u si . Medt cities, tiig< emera] assortment of Drugs, Chemicals', .’erftimery, Fancy Articles, Dye Htoffe. Cut Glass Lamps* Lamp Glasses, letmp Oil, dtc. Ac. can be obtained at the storb of LAY & HENDRICKSON, May 36 - Druggists, Shad’s Buildings T HE Subscriber has si present on band a large stock of Bricks of superinrqua lity, which he offers in Bitch quantities-as may be wap'ed, at the lowest possible price. q| 1 tnKntnw°w l mrBfltnminnti^' ^l^mftlwfefSfiience oi his iowiTliitMo-' . ' _ . sxr...'c.v_ La Stitanilo las' AitllbA I/t IfPAD nllVIVH mers, he intends in fiitute to keep always a considerable supply in town •, 'tiinse in im mediate want of the article will be supplied hy application to Mr. James Roherts, either at his residence in Wost Broad Street, of :it Myers’Whart ' < HENRY MhALPIN. June 24 79 wiB pleas# «#k jhrMceiiitia John Abbdi JspiesAleKandoir WmBallfas' • Pfm Bahdy ■ J Borstow Geo Bsile J. Barfield MisaAiuiM Barnard <•'¥*.'j£r' , X" James Raima rd Mrs 8 Bryan t - James Bronghtnn t Miss Ann G Bird James H Bryan ■ Mis* Elis A Bour- i quin * Edward Rourqnin Robert BrriWer Mrs E -Boyd Wyl Brown Job TV Buies John Bull Mrs E V Burton- C. 8 W Canter t A M Cafrull Mrs Hariut Cnmmel Win Campbell Peter R Clifton James Conner George Couwsy WmCoe D. Mis* EMaasal Samsel MerSsn SKIP*’ Edward Munrbe Charles Mtilvey Col G' W McAllister Dorcas McGnwai) James McGill . ■ N.' lishplls Neanell* George (feiisonj f Theedwre NCl.oa Mary Nnsim Rose-Noble Rcboksh 8 Norton Ann Nowltin —i* Nicolsu' ' 1 ’ P. ' ? Susan E Patterson i Elirii Patterson {•Anh Page,,* | Nhthl 1 .Patterspn j Leans ro Perkins j Dempsey Pbillips } Capt Jercinith Pike | Mary F Pone j Cleininton Powers ’Thomas Page ' J Jiihlt Raima* ' < Daniel Rauishsrt j Elentir Rikcr > Joseph Itibero Robertson {tVilHom Robertson j Dr Chaa W Rogers ¥ —- L H Russel j Mesj Drwor AFoth- £'Ahn H Roe ringliam . ? Joseph Ross . Dels roc h | Charles Roberts . Cristopher Dixon JathesDnn. James Diidly .E, Nicholas Games Mrs C Etsson Aaron Everett F. Master George Pohm Edwd Farrell Simon Farrell Win H Fergurson , Cap Rob Fittumary M> Mlohail Galloway * Nancy- Gardner Wm Gibbln H. List: M. R.T.Mor- -»7W>n : Miss Sarah Morn- \ :• ir I Nancy Samuel Catharine bbearer James Bf.Scaly Joseph F Stevens yt ' Jani.- Stevetis yjime Stevens " John A St evens,Scnr Esther Stewart Joseph Stevens Jane Simons James M Smith John A Smith William H Smith John M Sykes A nn Sr-hyes John Simpson -'Vbfae:"—' ii son Charles Hnley Mrs Mary H Hardee Miss Ann B Hannon Gi-urgo Henly Mrs Lovina Iierno (livin.Higgins Mias Surah Harris Wrn Ilnfihiun D'V’Al,LIABLE DISCOVERY.xc A TWiwv&\ lot iih TfiVM rntiE Medicine,now uffered toilie public is one which has been fully subjected 1" the infallible test of experience,' and in every instance where it lias been fairly tri, til, it lias heen attonded with the most com plete success. In some of the eases,’ the pAients had been Uhmrriirg under the.dis- I live fur years, and during that period, hud | received the best medical advice, and'lied wen undergone a painful surgical opera tion, without permanent advantage. It is w (like those .usually advertised) offered u a cettatn cure for a long catalogue ofdis- eases,butthose afflicted with the complaint, for which alone it ia recommended, may re ly with confidence upon obtaining relief, twn in its worst forms in a short time; and themselves are the beat judges of tho itn- porUiice «f such a remedy. Price 60 cents p«t boi, with directions signed by the pro prietor. Prepared, and sum at . JAMES A. AUSTIN’S Brag and Chemical Strife, 273 NortATWril. Bl above calfovthill.' PhUadalphia. The proprietor hqa appointed Lav J-. nmnatcKsow, corner, of Gringress and "hitalrer-jtreete. Shad’s Buildinga, sole*- pate for the sale of thismedicine ip Sqvan- •»h. Geo. Oct 6 *3 MAHOGANY FURNITURE, Piano Fortes, Curled Hair Ma-r lhiSson ° u ut i trusses, Feather beds, RlclielJ i. oba BOLSTERS & PILLOWS, CHAIRS,-fitc. Miss Rose Julman —.— I Mrs H R Jackson T IIE subscriber offers forsalcthe follow- Symnnd Jamb iug articles, wurrantoU to be of the ] Miss 8 M. Irvllie bust quality:— ’ • Syqioqd Jr.ekstm Sideboards, Sets ofPining Tables Mrs Snrnh Junes Single do do Sofas, Tea Tables l.Jatnei Johflstnu Breakfast do. Dressing Tables Lewis Julinstoa Do. with Glusses, Card Tables Grace Junes Rosewood Work Tables, Muhogany do K. Secretaries, Bureaus , . ... P Kali Dnuhle and single Work Stands M C Kensir Ward Robes, Piano Stools • Mrs Ann M Keeb Mahogany Chairs, Curled Maple do | John Keen BnseWoou do I Sarah R King High Post Mahogany Bedsteads I Tarltnn Knight Do , do Curled Majde do I Titos Kockli: Mahogauy Field Bedstoads | I. Curled Maple do Mantle and Pier Glasses Cribs,Cradles, Easy Chairs Candle Stands, Window Blinds - Hail Lamps, Brass.Fenders, Wire dp Andirons, Tongs and Shovels Dressing Glasses of every description Piano Fortes Double.and Single Hair Mattresses Do do , Moss do - Festhqf Beds, Bolsters and Pillows CJliilAren’s Chairs of all kinds Windsor Cliairs.of every description Cots and Matrasses to fit. Also,, & large assortment of Brussels and Ingrain Carpeting and Uugs to match The above articles can be examined at the store in Whittakcr-Slroet, opposite Col. mn. I. Yf.MORRELL. [arch 15 93 nines Hcotfos SThomasSiilfivan Iriviab F Scrngga Siiza Sherman B Suifges; Alethiu Scrngga, T, Martha A Tiot :' 1 OapEdwardVernard W. Mary Wsllsco Richard W ayne 'Benjamin Wallin 1-Bcllinda Walker S Jane Walsh {Sarah Washington i Edmund Wurron. I George Weaver { John M West { John B Witter {.Emily White ! Williamson mom ihe kubmond iwdoiacsiv ..,WS IN GEORGIA- txlrvt t irffte/wlst a Citizen Ijf Georgia to hie friad in Pirglnju.--Concluded. "• •* I have mt yet seen the evidence going nprove hisroncem irv the death of M’ln- osh. Bill J'hive shown, I hope that.he inted M'liyosh. Tinge is strung reason,to ilieye fro/h Wliat I have heard, that hn was tha’ meyting rif the hostile IndietM where 'fntnsh’l death was decreed. ' One thing of/tain. he took no stem: to prevent h, b*( w,ji)«tifirs it. And q^.>r. ill- what vH tniosh’s crime f ■ That he yielded to the I request of the general govejrninen.r IstiAs file the n«e jif Georgia, while was Governor of that state, .j am led y/m are nriw convinced that had -hr Clark been Governor no notsc have been ibad.e, by Crowell at least, his treaty. I Would tell you many hinge about this man. who for same icxplicable reason* has been equally nred object ofMr. Monme ana Mr cainpun, and of Mt. Adams. The stats of Gsotgis.lhro’ ber legislature has preferred a solemn request that he bo removed. In stead (if promptly granting that request, tliqy bend * Mr. Andrews nerc, On in- quiriqg, who he is, it turns out that ho is- soother beloved protege of Mr, Calhoun’s, a cl'-Ac in thr navy department. This is tlm ■man fli-spatohed in investigate the agont’s- conducf. He did notluug impose upon the people of Gcqrgie. • “ Neat, in all the strut and pomp of mil itary consequence, comes General Edmund Pendleton Qainee. And whst aro his opin ions about men and other things in - Geor gia? * J . * * ♦ : * ■ *, « Suoh are the men upon wlmse reports you will bo called on to decide as to Gaqr- gian affairs. Messrs. Andrews As Gaines will present affidavits and- certificates by the thf'ritand, taken in the Indian nation, from men Who are notoriously the crea tures nod agent* of Crowell. 8uch ire bis brothers, Triplett, Hnmhljr, the interpreter, and the missssirinsries Smith arid Compere Humbly is a man not to be trusted | Smith is under dealings for his conduct by tho mis sionary committee of Georgia ; Compere will be called to accuunt, as I know some of tliose in this state, who sent’ him there, nre highly displeased with his prevarica tion. . “ I will say nothing nbout the evidence - ’HiirrfrrhiT' ■ , is • IV i oq. Domingo, f* *«»£ ? /»—N« Seametr, to Enmp«i p»r Month, ||»*^* T FiedmohEtoWtlM MM nh. i d(etdfui stdrni woe experienced over tha thnM' CWnflfi' ting ,tin t» ; Ordi*ary,10. t at midnight, the thunder and lighting were - Frefitkle.-SYf* imvV. nothing favorabln terrific,-•Bcbmpanied b» a destructive hail, to MM* in' relation tri Ffeishts ; To Eqg- driven by tiie wind.; Thustormlastod bn- ,iJ * t -'* A - ly a sliort time, but tliji injury don* was great. ’-Thu ijttenqfi darkness;, (says tbs Piedmoniete G iteiie,of the next day,) the sound uf the bells,- tlis crasri of ifm bail, & that'of the roofs and windows shattered,to piece*, and the moarcfful criewbf-tbe eoun- Freigi anfi, tho Continent jtlmy imSiively dull, and thu'- w<gbls: c until sively did), and thu'. ri'gqlir packets are eitb difficulty 81 Ivdovsnnt low rates? Tbe regular'packets to New Orli-aoe arid-th* southern poMs, are taking jq goodj fifeety at th* regular rates, but transient vestals are not in donuind- To Liverpool, Cotton, ib.r - • -* • ’ t ftofhe Corilinem, Ij cts. try people, inspired-afotv*hml terror, movri c astlf conceived tbati’dcacrilH'd. Athatt onn.iA-luck th*.fqry-of tim tempesf-»r : mt too soon to show us the extent of the disasterthe vineyards, - which promt ami the rlobeat crops, the fields.which gave the most flattering hopes, are become 4 desert, as for as the eye can resch, not a trace (f vegetation is to be, seen; the fields, the roads, the roofs, are covered with hail. It is noop, and the stonea ore still the ixo of as hen’s egg. On a wiite extant of country, not a note of a bird is to be heard'; tliejeo; t ie are gatheriitg tiiest up by basket fulls, filed sod mutHiated by the hail, and they, arawing . found In the farrows, number* of hares and , he „J* 0 fthn United Slaiek-tbe Whole li foxes, victimsbf thistrenwndousMWlstidn,(ft comp let«din one d.y.snd will pontlvelg. 1 ‘ NEXT SCHEME. BY SPECIAL ACT Of' ASSEMBLY. GRAND STATE LOTTERY OF MARYLAND; W>H iy-.ot Bpltiinort nri WEDNESDAY, the 9th November next; lUghent Prize ^30,Q00. : schEme, ■: "V\ I Priseof {30,Odd is {30,000 Dollars.. ' 10.00Q 10,000 Tbedsmtge done to tbd bouses mEJHMI tqk«- place in the city of building* is very considerable. It is impris- sibft to estimste tiie extout of the injury, hut it is certain, that the vineyards and K lantationsof Meige are wholly ruineed.— ’lie Storm swept some square miles of tbe Country. Half an honr baforp the atofm, the barometer was st 27 I. Reaumur's thermometer 19 degrees.” On the same day a -violent tempest was experienced at Venice. The rain was suc- ceedod by hail of the size of eggs, and the glass of all windows, not protected by shut ters. was broken The storm was severely felt by the shipping and boats, ' lives were low. 1 6,OHO 6,000 10 1,000 10,000 10 600 6,000' I 30 . too 3,000. 60 SO 3,000 1 100 20 2,000 200 10 2,1)00 400 5 2.000 1 20080 4 80,000 Scotch Courtship.— 1 “ Just before I wae| *0813 Prizes, puilen to my 'prenticetkip, having made f>ee qiioice to tile tailoring trade, 1 bade terrrible stound of calf love. Never shall 152,000 DoUam. 40000 Tickets—Not one blank tri a prise. The holder of two tickets, will bn certain I forgot it. I was growing up lang and I of. obtaining at leaBt one prize, and may lank as a wiliowwand; brawns to iny legs,! j r * w three. there wore nariei, ts my Dowsers of other Modc of Dhawino — 1 The numbers w;)i years too visibly effected to show. The be put into one wheel ss usual—and in the yellow hair hung down like a flax-wig, the I other wheel will be put thq prizes above thn length of my lantern jaws, which looked ! denomination of {4. and the drawing tn Tlins H Willinma Daniel Wilson William Williams Permela Wingate * John Y White * Joseph Wiggins { Ann Williamson { Hetty Woodruff U. i Y- Benjamin Lavender , Isaac Young Augustus B Long- J Ji nnott-G Young ——- » E R Young street I George Ijotig M. Mrs Maroyan James Msgill John S Maxwell { William H Young ? Elizabeth Young ; George Youlte { Z. i Geo J Zipperer Hubbard S Marshall qJoffrrBmi Zipperer GEORGE SCHLEY, P- M. Oct 1 Si ny nftwo men ought toe (tract notice, and he.belieticd., Those are Campbell and Wil liamson—tbVy are both brother* iri-lnw of Clark, and were warmly attnclied to his in'- terosts, and for aught that I know, yet are- Their evideriifo »fill shew the misconduct ifCrownli, Andrew* and Guinea, beyond ' e posebilits'of doubt. Yon will have seen that the Governor h»rsuspended intercnnreie with Gaines pn account of hitj^nenlcni e and insults. Tltorc was no other course for him to pursue con sistently with-the'dignity,of the office lie holds, unlesa.yhciowrrijfil ehnrncler of the states is givrip rip. I understood he has prepared a prittrist aeninst tho course of the Government'qf.the U, State*, which is said to be a mnat.etjy prnduclon. -Since Gen, G. has been in Georgia, he lias prim-ip*lly confincd himself to the com pany of Clerkand his friends. Ho declares h* would hnlteye Crowell to be an hoaora- hie man against the ovidendee af the con gregated world That by the God that rules the Universe, he believes the 0, S, Commissioners (Campbell and Merriw.e I her) tbe last, ope of the purest men I ever knew) were corrupt men, Ac. Ac. Lately a dinner was given to him at Monticello. in this state, which was attended exclusively by the friends of Clark. “ I do not knuw how our affair* wifi ter minate.” Tiie Scotch are t very, inqusitive people | Their variuuaquestion are deemed obtrusive led to a great length, itm yapneaa and stiff- ap-1 progress in the usual manner. The lOibOO petite, as,if eating and they had broken -up J prizes of {4, will be awarded to tbe odd or : acquaintanceship, My bluejacket seemed] even,numbers in the Lottcry, (|J,lbe case in the sleeves to have picked a quarrel with { mofJw*-dependant on tfo-.drpsrssmljTjn ' theelbows. The haunch-buttons, on the j DOLLARS—that fo to *ay, if the {30,000 contrary, appeared to have a strong liking 1 should come out to an odd number, to the anoirlders, a little Below which they j then every odd number in the scheme iiu showed their tarnished brightness. At the J y,, entitled to s {4 prize.: if the {30,000 middle of the back tbe tails terminated, I prixescuuld come out to an even, number, ! 1 — — haah mF Mbs* enadll 1 I IV -1 _ ..... I. _ — i (L- .aLwmaa leaving tho well worn rptr of my cordu roys, like a full irinon seen fltrough a dark haze. Ob! but I must have been * bonny lyd. My first flame waB the minister’s lassie, Jessie—a buxom and forward quean twa or three years older than myself.. Fein would I have spoken to hi!r,.but it would na do, she whiles gied mn i smile when ebe passed I advantage of dwtijMjwg the mo. She used to go to the well even regularly to every .alternate n night, wj* her twa stoups, to drew wfifcr af- j ochemo, so that the holder of t Notice.- ?pHE sahscrilier begs lriavo to inform bla .,■7 fiends and cnatouierb, that hri ha* JOHN FALLS WALKER into part. P' and that in future the FACTOR- dGB »nd COMMISSION BUSINESS w •* carried on under firm of Mwttln 81 Co* TjfJ will be much obligiid totbeir frieni thfi* c ,e l,le ' r cpstom, «nd : bvD*' i> : ir best exertions to merit the sfioia.— •aesablq advances wifi he node on el) '"per'y sent to their address, - ROBERT M ARTtS, * n, ,„• ?! Ktddell’e Wbsrf, Chirieaton. Z7 , Jfljc dllcllnisn. Ma ' FRESH lour Hams and Flour, &c. 1 OAA SUPERIOR IIAM8 in bags Drugs and Medicines 4UU h ' ■ . ' ,. „ - , I I do Cognpc Brandy J UST roqetved per ^ip Savennah. an| PorgaIeby HALL *. HOYT. additional supply of FRE8H DRUGS aud. MEDICINES, such as—1 Calomel, Suphate Quinine . Pulverized Ipieacutnoh Pulverized Cotoinho, Wliite VVaa Quassia, Isinglass, Cplc’d Magnesia . Henry’s Pulverized Rhubarb - Hair Powder, &c. . ' ,< ' A use, ip sTput,' ■ 500 Bottles pastor Oil, cold presyed, *, yyrysu|ic “ 800 do dp, •500 dp do . tatjon use 30 Barrels Glauber Salts . 10 do . Greun Coopofa* »d HulfBarretaindMege do !f.‘ 3 Barrel) English V Iefit»d, : Epsom -Mato.Jfl6e.-i • > 7 v, AH of wbirA-will bo.uojd toy fhf.efah or fp. | proved credit. '.IT North’ Druffgiata.BwniVB 1 August 2T r| v- ,. and are Carrie. _ ... „ gentlemen fell in iogetber, boili Iravefipr* Pn horseback, and strangers to each other, wheisthe followingconversation took placo: “ Raw-eveiiing. sir. rather," observed the one, with an Aberdeen lucent: ” Yea, ra tlier," replied tbe other. “ You will likely be a stangor in these parts," 'continued the Aherdue iiian, “ If I can," laconically repli ed the other,,(nuking neither to the-right hand or tbe left. •• Perhape, like myself yon may be -going to Banff?" 1* Perhaps,’ responded the other, yawning. V Ia that cow, perhape, you will pul up at Cullen ?" I may, or I may not," answered hia com panion. "Pardon me the liberty of tbe question, air! may I ask if you are a bsche lor?" “No.’*‘*Oh, married ?" "No, no" “ Sir, I beg your pardon, I may have unin tentionally touched on a paiftful subject your black dress might to have checked m inquiries ; I beg your pardon, sir—a ower ?” «. No, no, no," “ Neither a bache lor; nor married mas, nor widower, ia Hea* T.nnrlrill TVf ns till'd. Iven’s name, Mr, then what can you be f" laonaoil jyiUhtdJU* “A divorced man, and be d—d to yoo, s;nce A FRESR SUPPLY of Genuitlp London _ ou mgBt jj nowl ii exclaimed the stranger, , TUT •■«(• sal ■riilaklo fn* tsiodininal anil I'i, _. t_ I.— Loun and ,!a*hin» van I Fly Mai ket Beef o | HALF Barrels juat received by tbe £t l schr. Mary & Margaret, from New York, and for sale by J. B. HERBERT Jt CO. Oct 4 then all thp even Humbert in tbe scheme ' will be each entitled to {4. , Odd numbers are tliose ending with 1,3, 5,7. or 9. Even number! arc those ending with 2, 4, 6, 8, or 0. Tliis mode nt drawing not only enables the Commissioners to complete the wholo - my cniira e failed me at the pinch, though I Lottery iu one drawing, but hae the great ■'- -’ - l : i—i-J —„««.mII _ j— 1 — (be small prise* number in the ...f,—. r - ,„ twotickett(*->> ter thp manner q’ the Israelitee, at gloam* I tw, 0 shares nf tickets, one odd and one even mg, so I thought of watching to gin tier the I number, wifi be certain Of obtaining at least twa apples, which I carried in my pouch for I one prize, and in the same ratio for any more than a week for that purpose. H° w I greater quantity. , she laughed when I stappit them into her vhesent vein or Tt ket». hand, anil brushed by without speaking-— Wholes {5, H:,lvea {2 SO, Quarters (ill I itood at the bottom of trie close listening. I ^11 orders promptly attended to, at and heard her laughing till she was like to 1 split. My heart flap flappit in my breast like a pair, of tanners. It was a moment ol heavenly hope: but I saw Jamie Coym the 1 blacksmith; who I eyejCaloused a» my ri-I val, coming down to the well. I saw her gie him one of tho apples, and hearing trim say “ where is the tailor ?” with a loud gaf faw, I took to my heels, nnd never etoppit till I found myself on the little stool by the firo-aido and the hamely sound of my mo (tier’s wheel humbumming in my lug, like | a gentle lullaby. Of the Loan lately paid off by the Upt- led States, about a million end a half was I paid in the city of New-York. It is stated | LUTHER’S EXCHAJWfE office. VALUABLE MEDICINE. Antl-diii^Ue Pill*. fnirAHEn BV HEART JAMK0. A N approved remedy for Dyspepsia, op Indigestion, Habitual Costivcuyos, and Piles. It is' well known that Dyipepais ia one of the most trequent and formidable diseases , of.-our country. Its coinmem.ement is in- t dietted in diffbrent patients by-various , !hat the disbursement of this large sum has | symptom*, of wlfich the moat remarkablk greatly reliived the money market there I a Ve_ - - aud in other parts of tho-country. ) Irregularity of the bowels, ohatinato coo* j| tiyeneas, headach, commonly oalled nervour or sickly beadnch, yellowness pf the eyes and skin, acidity of the stomach after oat- I ing, alien called heart biiro, flatulence' of . wind nn the sLimitch, bitter taste in {he I mouth in the morning, foetid breath, drovf- I sines* after dinner, debility, lassitude, etna* I elation, depression of spirits, fizo. Piles being connected with- indigestion ' COMMEROLAJL. JVeic- York, October 8.—Bagging—Hemp, I yd 21 a 22; Flax. 16 a 17. 1 Cotton.—There w»n no import from, the! 1st to the 9th inst. The transactions of the week past in this ariiele baTg. been very | „ . „ .... limited: 300 to 400 bales only of Alabama 1 and costivenea. afe certainly and apeedfiy and Uplands have been sold, principally fori the Pills, home use. at from 13J to 144 cte ; a email A fresh supply of the shove valuiMe mo- inrcel of Uplands reached 174, and one ofrdicine ha's jnst been received, and' for sal* air Orleans 184 cts- W* contino*. our [by LAYdt HENDRICKSON.' hefoi ■* quotations as Louiaiatli. U __ Mustard, suitable for medicinal *nd I cfopping spurs to his horse, and daohirig out other purposes, jhat'taceivod and for sale by 0 f ainbt in no instant. LAY* HENDRICKSON, | r= Oct 1 Shad 1 ! 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