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The Southern tribune. (Macon, Ga.) 1850-1851, July 20, 1850, Image 4

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NOTICE TO UIILOLItS. MACON A. WESTERN RAIL ROAD,) Macon, March 41It, 185<l. ) TPROPOSALS are invited by this Company L for the erection complete, of anew Bri« i; Freight House at Griffin, thirty feet wide,by one hundred and twenty feet long. Drawings and specifications w ill be furnished on application to ihe subscriber. EMERSON FOOTE, Sup i march It 9—ts Superior Teas. -fr-jgj A splendid lot of TEAS, both v fß Green and Black, warranted fine, just received not from the Canton Tea Company of New York, at W. FREEMAN’S Cheap Store, Cherry Street. march 1 1 Depository oft lie Southern Itiiptist Publication Society, .Vo. 41 Broad Street, Charleston, S. C. tltllE present Agents of the Society have the L pleasure of announcing to the Baptists of Georgia,that they have recently fully replenish ed theii Stock of BOOKS. They have now at their Depository in Charleston, as complete an assortment of Denominational and Theolo gical Books, as can be found in any Southern City. Their entire Stock having been purchas ed for Cash, they hope to he able to sell on the moat reasonable terms. In addition to the usual discount, 5 per cent, will he allowed on every hill cashed within thirty days from date. A Catalogue of the Books kept at the Depository has been recently published, and will be for warded by mail to those who desire it. GEORGE PARKS A CO. Agents S. B. P. S. july 6 25—ly Works Issued, BY The Southern Baptist Publication Society The Way of Salvation —By Dr. Howell. 12nio. pp. 336. Price 87. J cents. Taylor on Restricted Communion—lSmo. pp. 96. Price 10 cents. Advantages ofSabbath School Instruction By Rev. C. D. Mallory. 14mo. pp. 46. Price OJ cents. A Decisive Argument against Infant Baptism —By Rev. J. L Dagg. 18nio pp. 52. I’riceG.j cents. Also, for sale, Fuller on Baptism and Communion—l2mo. pp. 204. Price 50 cents. Williams’ Miscellanies—Bmo pp. 400. $1 50 Kitto’s Daily Bible Illustrations—2 vols. 200 Alexander on Psalms. : 1 25 Mothers of the Wise and Good. 75 july 6 26—ts NOTICE \I,L those interested are hereby notified that . Four Months from this date, 1 shall apply to the Honorable Inferior Court of Bibb county, when sitting as a Court of Ordinary, for leave to sell the Real Estate belonging to Mortimer II G. Nixon and Calvin W. Nixon, minors,situ ate at Vinevillc, in said county. JOHN D. WINN, Guardian, may 11 18—lm NOTICE. ALE Persons interested arc hereby notified that l our Mouths from this date, we shall apply to the Honorable Inferior Court of Bibb County, when sitting for ordinary purposes, for leave to sell tile Real Estate of Mortimer 11. G Nixon and Calvin W. Nixon, minors, situate in the City of Macon, on Cotton Avenue. PRISCILLA NIXON, ) „ , JOHN D. WINN, 5 G " ard,an " june 29 25—4 m Choice Tobacco. TUST received a small lot of superior Chew s' ing Tobacco, considered by those who have used it, to he the best in Town. Also on hand a supply of delightful Smoking Tobacco, mild, richly flavored and cheap. For sale by E. L. STROHECKER, may 25 Druggist. Aromatic Vinegar. A N Excellent remedy for Nervous Headache i\- for sala by E. L. STROHECKER. june 1 21 N’APOLEON CAPES—A new and superb article. Parisian ditto, of every style and price. Just received by aprilG LOGAN & ATKINSON. ti LOTUS, CASSI MERES, DRAP DE > ETES, and summer slufi’s of every quality, just received by aprilG LOGAN & ATKINSON. MOURNING GOODS—Mourning Silks,Mus lins, Lawns, and Batiste,a large assortment just received by aprilG LOGAN & ATKINSON. Ladies’ Dress Goods. V SPLENDID assortment of Ginghams, Bar ges and Muslins, for morning and evening dresses. Also, an endless variety of rich and brilliant summer SILKS,etc. Just receivedat LOGAN & ATKINSON’S, april 6 13 -VTUSLIN SLEEVES AND CUFFS—A new -L*J_ and beautiful article, just received by april 6 LOGAN & ATKINSON. Hams, Buttrr, Syrup, Ac. C CINCINNATI Sugar cured HAMS ' GOSHEN BUTTER New Orleans Sugar House SYRUP A few Jars of very white Leaf LARD. AII of choice quality, just received and for sale by GEO. T. ROGERS, dec 1 Cherry Street. So'.rcc's Fine Cut Tobacco. SOMETHING very superior, just received and for sale by GEO. T. ROGERS, sept 29 Northern Rutter. (Y)A FIRKINS PRIME BUTTER, of the >£- " ' well known quality received every Fall fresh from some of the best dairies at the North! Just received by \V. FREEMAN, doc 8 New Rice. IjMVE Tierces of prime quality, just received and for sale by GEO. T. ROGERS, dee 1 | b|i!rn«li(i Bridal Dresses. \ FEW magnificent BRIDAL DRESSES, Y with trimmings to suit—very fine and fash ionable. Ladies would do well "to call and ex amine them, at april 0 LOGAN <SL ATKINSON’ S. Flour, nicitl, Corn, RAgON Hams, Sides and Shoulders; Lard’ Irish and Sweet Potatoes—in store and for * a, « by J.S. RICH ARDSON, Cotton Avenue, march 24 17 i-»*!•* *' ?*'('*’ Cl'UbSi siii<l Nlirimj;sj, H ' LivV Night from Savann ill. a! march 3o W. FREEMAN’S. INTO. CASH STOKE. INAO rIMI E subscriber is now reeeiv ing a Stock o* A STAPLE GOODS suitable for the coming season. Among which will be found a great variety of Brown and Bleached Cottons from j to 12 4 wide Linens of all widths, from 4 4 to 12-4. Damask Table Diaper, 8-4and 10-4. Damask Napkins and Dollies, Iluckabaek and Scute li Diapers, Furniture, Dimity and Fringes. Together with a general assortment of all kinds of Good* usually kept in a Dry Goods Store. The public are invited to cali and ex amine before making their purchases. feb 16 GEO. W. PRICE. LOGAN A ATKINSON, T T AVE the pleasure of announcing that they | I X tiave received and are now opening at their new stand, corner of Cherry and Third Streets, a very large and entirely new stock of FAjVCV '■ DRESS AJYD STABLE GOODS. These Goods have been carefully selected in the largest and | most fashionable houses in New Y'ork, are war- | ranted of superior style and quality, and will be sold on very moderate terms. april G IB RUSSELL A I! II It EH 'll, \RE now selling their desirab'e Spring and ‘ . Summer GOODS at cost. All those who ; want to buy cheap articles will do well to give us a call at our old Stand on Cotton Avenue, at Benton's old Corner. ju ne 8 22—ts FANCY DltV GOODS. QUMMERSII.KS, changeable Brocade Silks, O Chamelion Dress Silks, Foulards, Battiste, Tissue, solid colored, plaid and printed Barrages, Black Satin Gro de Chine Plain Gro de Rhine and Gro de Swiss Figured Poult de Soie Flounces French Jaconets, printed and plain French Muslins, do do Hair Cord Muslins, Lawns and Organdies French Prints and superfine Ginghams Black & colored Silk Laces, Fringes & Gimps Embroidered Collars, Capes and Cud's Ribbon Cuff's, Neck Ribbons Embroidered Swiss Mantillas and Sacks, Long Shawls and Scarfs, (all new style) White and Black Silk I.ace Veils Kid anil Silk Gloves, Mitts, &c. Just received and fur sale very cheap by march 9 KIBBEE & DICKINSON. LINEN HOODS. | AND 10-1 Bleach’d and Brown Da- O “tx mask Table Linen Bleached Table Cloths, great variety &. size Napkins, Huckaback and Russia Towelling Birds Eye Diaper, Russia Diapers Table Covers, Linen Lawns Barnsley Sheeting, Pillow Case Linens Heavy Linen Shirting, very desirable Bro and White Hollands, Russia Duck Irish Linens from 30 cents to $1 25 London Drillings, White and Fancy Color’d Grass and Brown Linens, Linen Drillings Plaid Coat Linens, new style Linensfor boys Planter’s Heavy Linens, for pants The above Goods are all fresh and desirable, and will bo sold at a small advance, bv march 9 KIBBEE & DICKINSON. SU4IMEK GOODS. C ( E N T I. E M E N in want of the following I Goods, will find our assortment good, and prices right. Black, Blue, Green and Olive Cloths French L)oe Skill Cassimers Fig’il Black “ Fancy Styles “ Gro De Eta, Dra I)e Eta Milan Cloth, Mohair Cloth Lima Cloths, Chine Linens, Brown Linens Barnsly Drill'gs, while &.col’d Grass Linens Suspenders, Cravats, Gloves Boots, Congress Gaiters Panama Hats, Pedal Straw Hats Leghorn “ Palm Leaf “ Fine Brown, White and Striped half Hose march 9 KIBBEE & DICKINSON. LOGAN tV ATKINSON, F RESPECTFULLY inform the public that V they are now disposing of lheir Stock of Goods at jYkw York Cost, at their new store, corner ofTbird and Cherry Streets, formerly occupied by Messrs. Graves & Wood. O’Ladies are particularly requested to call and examine the Goods and prices. march 2 B —ts Family and Maple Goods. IOGAN iV ATKINSON are now opening a A very large assortment of Staple and Domestic Goods, suitable for plantation or family uses, which will be sold low for casli or to approved customers. april 6 13 BONNETS AND RIBBONS. 11 i CA'F.S New Style Fashionable Bonnets .Ur 20 Cartoons Ribbons, (great variety) Ribbon Gimps, Ribbon Trimmings Black and Col’d Silk Lawns, and Fringes Just received and for sale cheap, by march 9 KIBBEE & DICKINSON. Prints, Ginghams, Ac. rA A PIECES English and American Prints -J A A 200 Pieces English, French,and Scotch Ginghams 100 Pieces Printed Cambrics and Lawns 50 “ Paper and Col’d Cambrics Muslin Ginghams, Linen Gighams Bleach'd Drillings, Musqueto Nettings Furniture Prints,Canary and TR Prints Just now opened and for sale low by march 9 KIBBEE & DICKINSON. Beauty anti Economy Combined. 'The Old, Virginia ffi/e-iloitsr. ( Phcenix-like ) has from its ashes arisen, with all its various virtues, its Original colors to bestow. riIHE Subscriber most respectfully informs J. his customers and the public generally, that bis establishment has been re-built, and can now be found on (EJ* COTTON AVENUE, West of the Washington IIaU,j~H where lie is fully pre pared to execute in the best manner, all the various branches of Dyeing,Renovating and Re pairing all kinds of Ready-Made Clothing, and Ladies’ Dresses, Shawls, Bonnets, and all sorts of Fancy Goods damaged by use. Ladies and gentlemen will please label all articles scut to this establishment. Goods from all parts of the State sent as be fore, shall receive prompt attention, and be for warded back with care. Factories and others having warp tilling to co. lor, will find it to their interest to test the virtues of this estahlisheinent. Persons wishing Home spundyed, will please observe, for black the warp must be purple or blue ; for brown a cop peras color, and for green the warp must be white • O' Cash must be paid on the delivery of Goods JOHN C. I.OGAN. O’ Ladies, by railing at his establishment, will always find specimens of his workmanship on hand. april 20 15—ts Porter. rpEN Casks of Byass celebrated Porter for * sale ay W FREEMAN. march 30 New Portable Soda Water. VNY one having cold water, can at once pro duce Soda Water, sweet and flavored as with the finest Syrup, effervescing pleasant and healthy as any at the fountains. For the sick or travellers to rectify bad water, this is a conveni ent and pleasant beverage. For sale in boxes low by J. 11. A W. S. ELLIS, Cotton Avenue, near Cherry street, june 29 Macon, Ga. The Southern Cherry Peetorul. L'OR Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Consumption, I A c.—A pleasant and concentrated prep .ra tion of the Piunus Virginia, or Wild Cherry.— The medical properties of ibis Southern tree are here chemically prepared in combination with kindred principles so a* to constitute an agreea ble and effectual remedy lor all complaintsofthe lungs and breast,coughs, asthma, croup, whoop ing cough, bronchitis and all curable cases of consumption. The price is half less than usual for such medicines. For sale by june 29 J. 11. AW S. ELLIS, Macon. rTMIE GREAT SOUTHERN REMEDY— J- For Cholera, Diarrhoea, Cholera Infantum or Summer complaint of Children, Dysentery, Cholera Morbus, Vomiting, Pain in the Breast, Ac—Recommended by the most eminent Physi cians, for family and plantation use—a never failing remedy for the above complaints. For sale by ' J. 11. AW. S. ELLIS, june 29 Sole Agents, Macon. /COMPOUND TOMATO PILLS— The vc- V 7 getable remedy for diseases arising from impurities of the blood, dyspepsia, scrofula and all chronic diseases—also a substitute for calo mel, as a cathartic in fevers and all bilious affec tions. For sale by june 29 J. 11. A W. S. ELLIS. HAIR TONIC AND RESTO- Ii R ATI VE—F or preserving, restoring and beautifying the Hair. When the hair is falling out a beautiful head of hair may' be produced. It also beautifies the hair ol any, and is richly perfumed. For sale by june 29 J 11. A W. S. ELLIS. IE MON SUGAR—An article for Lemonade 2 superior to Lemon Syrup, for sale by june 29 J. 11. A W. S. ELLIS. IIGHT I LlGHT!!—Another cask of that 2 good Lamp OIL at $1 per gallon, lias just 1 arrived. Always on hand CAMPHINE, and ; the hestquality of Burning Fluid of my own manufacture. june 22 E. L. STROIIECKER, Druggist. DR. HOWARD’S TKICOPHEROUS—Pre vents baldness, invigorates the roots and fibre of the Hair, and imparts to it a soft and ! glossy appearance. Price 25 cents a bottle.— 1 For sale by E. L STROIIECKER, M. I). O ANDERS’ Roach, Rat and Mouse EXTERy O MlNATOß.—Families pestered with these destructive little animals, can be lid of the an noyance by using a box ofthe “Exterminator.” Price 25 cents. For sale by april 27 E. L."STROIIECKER . Fresh Congress M ater. ITAVING made arrangements with the Pro. 1 prietors of the celebrated Saratoga Springs, I shall be prepared to furnish the Water during the season, fresh and in good condition. A lot just received and for sale by april 27 E. L. STROIIECKER, Druggist. Pure Cod Liver Oil. 4 NEITHER Lot of Rushton’s Genuine Cod - Y Liver Oil just received. The increased demand for this pure preparation, nnd the flatter ing accounts from Physicians and others, of its efficacy in releiving Pulmonic and Scrofulous affections, fully sustains the high reputation ac quired at the North where it lias been fully tested, april 27 E. L. STROIIECKER. M. I). To Milliners. I 4 ONNET Ci I.UE, of superior quality, is kep 1 F for sale bv march 9 E. L. STROIIECKER, M. I). Cigars, Cigars. LWFTEEN Thousand Cigars variousbrands— x among them are some genuine and most ele gant Cigars. Lovers of a good article will be certain to get it at W. FREEMAN’S, march 30 PROSPECTUS OF “The Southern Press.” AN Association of sixty-three Members of Congress, Senators and Representatives, have constituted the undersigned a Committee to superintend the establishment of a Southern Press at Washington City, to be devoted to the exposition and defence of Southern Rights and institutions —the dissemination of correct infor. mation as to Northern Policy, and the course of Political Affairs generally, without reference to the old party lines of Whig and Democrat. Ar rangements are now in progress, promptly to in sure the issue of such a paper under the title of “THE SOUTHERN PRESS,” for the conduct of which, suitable Editors have been engaged, who will also receive the aid of a number of eminent and able contributors. There will be both a Tri- Weekly nnd a Weekly issue—the latter to contain substantially the same matter as the former, and intended to reach those points of the country whose mail facilities are limited. A Daily issue will be added hereafter, should it be deemed advisable or necessary by the press and people of the Southern States. The paper will not be exclusively political— but will embrace on itsbroad sheet the General News ofthe day, Domestic and Foreign, by mail nnd telegraph ; Commercial and Agricultural Intelligence, Literary Criticisms, Original Es says, Literary and Miscellaneous ; and, in short, all those items of general interest, the collected aggregate of which constitutes the interesting and valuable Newspaper. Great care will be taken to give full and correct Reports of the Proceedings and Debates in both Houses ofCon gress, as well as the action of the local Legisla tures on the Southern question. A limited number only of Advertisements will be received—the main object being to furnish a large amount of reading matter. The paper will be printed on a sheet equal in size to those of the other Washington papers, and the material will be procured especially for the purpose. It is confidently hoped that every true friend to the South will aid in procuring subscribers, and forward the names, with the amount sub scribed, to some Southern Representative at Washington, forthwith. Postmasters are authorized by law to remit subscriptions free of postage. terms .• For Tri- Weekly during the Session of Congress, and Semi. Weekly during the recess, the price will be, per annum, ; $5 00 Weekly paper, per annum, ; : 2 50 The price of subscription must be paid inva riably in advance, and the cash accompany the name sent. All persons procuring ten names shall be enti tied to receive a copy gratis for one year. A. P BUTLER, JACKSON MORTON, R TOOMBS, J THOMPbON. W\ hsvgton, May 25, 1850. “I Tread no Step Backwards.’’ I*UBL.MC ST.iTi:.fIM:,YT OF M. S. THOMSON, M. D., MACO.V, GA. a period of over thirteen years, it has been the province of the undersigned, to present to the people of Georgia, and the sur rounding States, the results of the use of inno cent Vegetable .Medicines, in the treatment and cure of disease, as contradistinguished from poi sonous substances, to which from childhood they have been accustomed, and to whose pernicious effects upon the constitution, many of them are livin" witnesses. The success w hich during this long series of years, has attended his administrations, has, in many instances, been such, as to overcome the most inveterate prejudices in favor of the old order of things, and to produce instead thereof, a conviction that even in medicine, as in other branches of the physical sciences, new ideas may he advanced, and results achieved, that our ancestors would have deemed impossible, hut which our posterity, thanks to the enlightenment of a coming age, may find easy of accomplish ment. This success in curing diseases of the most hopeless character, after all other means had failed, and that too, in many instances, without seeing the patient, has long been the subject of general remark,exhibiting as it does, in bold re lief, the difference between restoring a case that lias been absolutely abandoned, and simply rais ing another, that hundreds of others could cure. Such cases can be pointed out in almost every county in Georgia, where some poor, decrepid, helpless being, after testing every local means without avail, have sent off’, as a dernier resort, a description of their diseases to a distance, in many instances hundreds ofmiles, and received hack those health restoring remedies that have restored them again to health and to society, to their own astonishment and their neighbors’ wonder, putting at nought the sneers of antago nistic interests, and adding new finger posts at every post office and cross road, pointing the way to the city of refuge. Without subjecting himself to the charge of presumption, he would yet boldly say, that he firmly believes that nine.tenths of the so called incurable cases in Georgia, are yet within the reach of medicine, and can be cured by pursuing a proper course of medicine, with the exercise of necessary care and perseverance, on the part ofthe patient, which in all cases of a lingering character, are of the last importance. The great facilities for this kind of treatment presented in the cheap postage system, has been taken advantage of by thousands who happily can indirectly attribute their present good health to that noble specimen of liberal government ; | and there are thousands more who may reap the same advantages, by simply pursuing a similar course. Let the afflicted, if ho cannot write himself, get his neighbor to do it for him, give a history of his case, age, habits, nnd symptoms, the same as i {talkiug to a physician. If able, and it is convenient, enclose the fee ; if not con venient just then, a due bill for the amount will answer, (this obviates the inconvenience of ma king accounts at great distances,) and if not able, pre-pay and mail the letter to his address, when medicines suitable to the case will be compound ed and sent with full directions. The charge for treatment is only ($5) five dol lars, monthly, a sum sufficiently small to obviate the fear of risk to any one, and yet sufficient to preserve him from loss in his extensive admin istrations. This done, call at the post office in a reasona ble time, and receive your medicines with as much precision as yon would a letter; prepare Nnd UNO tbom :u dimetod, and persovero ; report progress monthly, or oftenor, as may be necessa ry, and closely watch the progress of the cure. Having been long and extensively engaged in the treatment of diseases peculiar to females, lie would say that they may avail themselves of his knowledge, with the utmost confidence, in his prudence and integrity, so that in writing out their symptoms, they may express themselves with the necessary freedom. J n some of the dis eases of the renal and procreative system, the medicines being more costly, the charge will be increased. Such cases as require personal attention, will he treated on liberal terms in the city, where the necessary accommodations can always he had. Those wishing further information in regard to results, will address a post-paid letter to the | undersigned, who will immediately mail to the applicant such documents as must disarm doubt. M. S. THOMSON, M. D. Macon, June 29, 1850. 25—ts MACON DRUG STOKE. JIIAVE received in addition to my former - extensive Stock, by late arrivals, a large and well selected Stock of DRUGS, CHEMICALS, PERFUMERY &, FANCY ARTICLES, which will be sold at a small advance on previous cost The proprietor now offers one ofthe most com plete Stocks of French, English and American Drugs, Chemicals, Valuable Family Medicines, Perfumery, S,~r. ; Soaps, Brushes, Combs, and other Fancy and Miscellaneous Articles, in this country. Also, All the various Patent Medicines, Pills, Sarsaparillas, Liniments, Ointments,Syrups,&e. for sale or advertised by any other Drug Estab lishment in this city. E L. STROHECKER, M. D , Druggist, Corner of Third and Mulberry streets, june 22 opposite the Floyd House. SPRING MEDICINE. OYRUP OF SARSAPARILLA Persons O desiring to escape the Fevers of the Summer Months, would do well to make a free use of this Syrup as a beverage, being a pleasant puri fier ofthe blood. For sale low by the gallon or bottle, by J. 11. & W. S. ELLIS, may 4 J 7 To Physicians. mllE undersigned have prepared for the eon- X venience of those who do not wish to have recourse to Patent or Quack Medicines, the fol lowing, according to the “Formula ofthe United Slates Dispensatory,” being the base of popular Remedies, viz: Syrup of Sarsaparilla, Syrup of Wild Cherry, Syrup of Seneca, Syrup of Ipecac, Syrup of Stillingia, or Queen's Delight ; Extract ofßuchu, Saturated Cherry Pectoral, by the •>allon or quart, sold low by J. 11. & W. S. ELLIS, Druggists, Near the Corner of Cotton Avenue, may 4 Cherry Street, Macon, Ga- TO DENTISTS. HAVING been appointed Agent for the sale of Messrs. Charles Abbey & Son's cele brated Gold and Tin Foil, and for Messrs. Jones, White & Co.’s TEETH, I will keep a constant supply of these articles, and all Dentists' In struments. lam now opening the first lot of Impression Cups, Scrapers, Burnishers, Emory Wheels N0.2 to 7, Files of all kinds, Scotch Stones, Teeth Holders, Slabs. 800 Molar and Bicusped Teeth ; 1200 Pivot do. ; 2300 Plate do.; 1180 Gum do. AH of which will be sold at Manufacturers' prices, by june 1 E. L STROIIECKER. Bryan's Cholera Medicine. IT'OR the cure of Diarrhoea, Colic, Cramp, Pains in the Stomach, &e., is a most valun. hie remedy and no Family should be without it. Persons lenvingtho city and subject toeliange of diet and water, will find this an excellent Fade Meeum l’or sale by j inc 22 E L STROIIECKER, Drugg y FOR JUNE AND JULY. R. R R. RAD WAVS READY RELIEF for Pain, is truly a blessing to suffering humanity. The lame are rejoiced at its curative properties, for they can dispense with their crutches and walk. The weak bless it as an instrument in the hands of Providence, for by its healing and strengthening qualities they become strong. The bed-ridden welcome it as a blessing from high heaven, for it relieves them of their pain and misery, cures their diseases whether it be Rheu matism, Lumbago, Gout, Paralysis, Strains, Burns, Scalds, Sores, Sprains, and affections of ihe Spine, or contracted Tendons, for by its use they are enabled to arise from their bed of sick-j ness, and enjoy the pleasures and blessings of health. The sufferer of Ncuralga and Tic Dolo. reux, welcomes it as their only remedy in reliev ing them of the cruel pains, shooting like elec tric shocks through the face, head, and system, paralyzing in an instant their energiesand bright est hopes, for the Ready Relief is a powerful antidote for all Nervous and Rheumatic affec tions, and will cure this powerful disease when all other remedies have failed to give relief.— The sufferer of Tooth Ache, rejoices when he uses the Ready Relief, for it will cure the most torturing Tooth Ache in a few seconds. So quick, powerful and effectual is Radway’s Ready Reliefin all cases where pain is caused by external injuries or internal derangement, that it has relieved the most severe pains of Chronic Rheumatism during one application of the Relief. Its Superior Strength. —Radway’s Ready Re lief is also the most economical medicine in use, itcan he used with the most happy results, both internally and externally. Cramps in the Stom ach, Colic, or Cholera Morbus, are relieved in ten minutes, and cured entirely in fifteen or twenty. Also if you wish to make an ointment ofit, for the cure ofsore lips, chapped flesh, pus tular eruptions, take a tea-spoonful ofthe Relief, and a table-spoonful of Sweet Oil, or one ounce of Lard, and you have a better ointment or salve than any other article now in use. In fact, this medicine, when reduced to two thirds its own strength by adding as much spirits of wine, will give you better Liniment than any now in use. See that each bottle bears the fae-simile signa ture of R AI) WAY A CO.—None other is genu ine—price 25 cents, large bottles. The Crowning Ornament of Beauty is a Beau tiful Head of Luxuriant Hair. — The lady or gentleman who desires a beautiful article to dress their Hair, are advised to make use of Radway’s Circassian Balm—it possesses many advantages over all other hair tonics and pre parations. First, it cleanses the scalp from dan ruff', gives tone and vigor to the roots and bulbs, invigorates to healthy action the germ of life, which gives to the hair a healthy root, and forces the hair to grow—it cures baldness, stops the hair from falling out, makes it fine, strong, so r t and glossy, keeps it from turning gray, or be coming discolored. It is truly a luxury to dress the hair with this delicious preparation. Her Hair iras all Gone. —Radway’s Circas sian Balm, for invigorating the hair, cleansing the scalp, removing dandruff', and curing bald ness, is truly a valuable preparation. A lady who hud been sick for some time had lost every particle of her hair, previous toiler sickness her hair would fall out : she was recommended to try the Circasian Balm as a hair restorer, sli« used six bottles with the most happy results, her hair is now fine, soft,glossy,long, aed luxuriant. This preparation makes the hair moist, fine,soft, and silky, and predisposes it to curl ; ye, with bald heads, weak hair, try a bottle ofthe Circas sian Balm, prepared by Radway & Co.,and you will soon have a luxuriant head of hair. Sold 1 for2scents in large bottles. Ask for Radway’s Circassian Balm, 161 Fulton Street, New York. Black Spots on the Skin. —During the summer season we frequently meet with persons who are sorely annoyed with black spots, about the size of a pin’s head, just under the lining ofthe surface—these spots are truly annoying and re pulsive in appearance ; they are nothing more or less than dust, the skin being warm and the individual perspiring freely, the dust closing up the ducts of the sebaceous glands, their oily se cretions are not given off’, and consequently a cheesy depositis the result ; this becomes rancid and turns black, disfigures the complexion, and often inflames and suppurates. Let Railway’s Soap be freely used, absorption will take place, and the spots speedily disappear. Also, if Rad way’s Soap was made use of as a Toilet Soap through the day, these spots, and other annoying excressenccs, would not trouble you. The extraordinary effects of Radway’s Soap in removing Tan, Sun Isurn, Pimples,Blotches, Pustules, Tetter, Rash, Scurvy, Morphew, nnd Bites and Stings of Insects, is truly astonishing; besides, it is certian of transforming a dark, dis colored and repulsive visage, to a clean and beautiful complexion. In all cases ask for llad way’s Soap'nnd take none otiier. N. B.—Radway’s Medicated Soap in steel en gravings are 25 cents, all others are counterfeit, o ok for the steel engraving. For sale by JACKSON BARNES, Macon ; Chapman, Hill A Cos., and Johnson A Tutt, Griffin ; and Rantin A Nissen, Atlanta, Ga. june I 21 Fine Chewing Tobacco. C 1 11. AS. LILIENTIIAL’S well known ) • superinrfine Cut Chewing TOBACCO, in papers and cans. 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Stir it well, and a beverage is produced, inferior only to that made from the fresh Lemon. Physicians in the country will find this preparation a valuable substitute when the fresh Lemon cannot be pro. cured. Prepared and sold by april 27 E. L. STROHECKER. Linen Sheeting. f LINEN SH FETlNG,extra cheap * oct 13 GFO W PRICE FACTION EXTRA A nmn hv Ihe name of C/..IPP ha« engaged with a yoang man of ihe name of S. P. Townsend, and uses hii name to put np a Sarsaparilla, which they call Dr. Town sentl's SnrsHparilla, denominating it G FJYUJXE, Original etc. This Townsend is no doctor, and never was; but wa* formerly a w orker on railroads, canals, and the like. Yet he assumes the title of Dr., for the purpose of gaining credit for what he is not. This is to caution the public not to bo deceived, and purchase none but the GFXUIXE ORIQI XA/j OLD Dr. Jncob Townsend's Sarsaparilla, having ori it the Old Dr's, likeness, his family coat of arms, and hit signature across the coat of arms. Principal Office, 102 Xussau st., Xew Pork City. THE ORIGINAL DISCOVERER OF THE Griitiiuc Townsend Sarsaparilla. Old Dr. Tow nsend i» now about 70 years of ace. and has long been known as the AUTHOR and DISCOVERER of the GEXU/XE OR IGLYA L “ TOHXSEXDBAR SAPARU./,A." Being poor, he was compelled to limit its manufacture, by which means it has been kept out of mar ket, and the sales circumscribed to those only who had proved its worth, and known its value. It had reached the ears of many, nevertheless, as those persons who had been healed of sore diseases, and saved front death, pro claimed its excellence and wonderful HEALING POWER. K nowine. many years ago, that he had. by his skill, science and experience, devised an article w hich would be of incalculable advantaue to mankind when the means would be furnished to bring it Into universal notice, when its inestimable virtues would l»c known and appreciated. This time has come, the means are supplied ; this GRAXJJ AX I) UX EQUALI. El) PR RPA RA TIOX is manufactured on the largest scale, and is called for throughout the length and breadth of the land, especially as it is found incapable of degeneration or deterioration. Unlike young tv IV Townsend's, it improves with age, and never changes, but for the better : because it is prepared on scientific principles by a scientific man. The highest knowl edge of Chemistry, and the latest discoveries of the art, have all Ixen brought into requisition in the manufacture of the Old Dr*s Sarsaparilla, The Sarsaparilla is well known to medical men. contains many medicinal pro perties, and some properties which are inert or useless, and others, which if retained in preparing it for use, produce fermentation and acid, which is injurious to the system. Some of the projierties of Sarsaparilla are so volatile , that they entirely evaporate and are lost in ihe preparation, if they are not preserved by a scirntfic process, known only to those experienced in its manufacture. Moreover, these volatile principles, which fly off in v.i|M>r, or as an exhala tion. under heat, are the very essential medical propertiet ttf the r«H»t. w hich eive to it all its value. Any person can boil or stew the root till they get a dart eolored liquid, w hich is more from the coloring matter In Ihe root than from any thing else; they can then strain this insipid or vapid liquid, Sweden with sour molasses, «nd then call it “SARSAPARILLA EXTRACT or SY RUP.” Rut such is not the article known as the GENUINE OLD DR. JACOB TOWNSEND’S SARSAPARILLA. This is so prepared, that all the inert properties of the Barsaparilla root are first removed, every thing capable of becoming acid or of fermentation, is extracted and rejected; then every particle of medical virtue is secured in a pure and concentrated form ; and thus it is rendered incapable of losing any of its valuable and healing properties. l’re|>are<| In this way, it is made the most powerful agent in the Cure of innumerable diseases. Hence the reason w hy we hear commendations <>n every aide In its favor by men, women, and children. We fiud it doing wonders in the cure of COXSUMPTiO'X, DYSPEPSIA, nnd I AVER COM PLAIXT; and in RHEUMATISM, SCROFULA , PI/A S, ( OS’/ JVF.XES.s, all CUTAXEOUS EH UP TIL XS, PIMPLES, RLOCTHES, and all affections arising from IMPURITY OF THE BLOOD. It possesses a irnrvellou*» Hicacy in all complaints arising from Indigestion, from Acidity of the Stomach, from unequal circulation, determination of h! »oil to the head, palpitation ol the Heart, cold feel and nanus, com emus ami not dashes over the body. It has not its equal in Colds and Coughs ; a id promotes easy expectoration and gentle perspiration, relaxing stricture ofthe lungs, throat, and every other part. Rut in nothing is its excellence more manifestly seen anti acknowledged than in all kinds and stages of FEMALE COMPLAINTS. It works wonders in cases of Euor A/bus or Whites, Fill ing ofthe. lt r omh, Obstructed, Suppressed, or Painful Menses, Irregularity of the menstrual (teriods, and the like ; and is as effectual in curing all the forms of Kidney Diseases, By removing obstructions, and regulating the general system, it gives tone and strength to the w hole body, aud thus cures all forms of Nervous disesvses anti debility, • and thus prevents or relieves a great variety of other mala dies, as Spinal irritation, Xeuralgia, St. Vitus' Danes Swooning, Epileptic Fits, Convulsions, her. It cleanses the blood, excites the liver to healthy action, tones the stomach, and gives good digestion, relieves the bowels of torpor and constipation, allays inflammation, .unities the skin, equalises the circulation of the blood, producing gentle warmth equally all over the body, and the insensible perspiration : relaxes all strictures and tight ness, removes all obstructions, and invigorates the entire nervous system, is not this then The medicine you pre-eminently need ? Rut can any of these things be saiil of S. P. Townsend’s Infer.or article? 'Phis xoung man's liquid is not to bo COMPARED WITH THE OLD DR’S, because of one G KANI) FACT, that the one is INCAPA RLE of DETERIORATION, and NEVER SPOILS, while the Other DO&3 ; souring, fermenting, find blowing Ike bottles containing it into fragments ; the sour, add liquid exploding, and damaging other goods ! Must not this horri ble compound lie poisonous to the system?— What! put acid into a system already diseased with acid! What caltse* Uys|*psia but acid ? Do we not all know that w hen toed tours in our stomachs, what mischiefs it produces ? flatu lence, heartburn, palpitation of the heart, liver complaint, diarrhiea, dysentery, colic, and corruption of the biood 1 What is Scrofula but an acid humor in the body ? Whn| produces all the humors which bring on Eruptions of the Skin, Scald Head, Salt Rheum, Erysipelas, White Swell Ing*, Fever Sores, and all ulcerations internal and external? It is nothing under heaven, but an acid substance, which sours, and thus spoils all the fluids of the body, more or .ess. What causes Rheumatism but a sour or acid fluid, w hich insinuates itself between the joints and elsewhere, Irritating and inflaming the delicate tissues upon which i| acts ? rio of nervous diseases, of impurity ofthe blood, oj deranged circulations, and nearly all the ailments which alllict human nature. Mow is it not horrible to make and sell, and xnfinitsly worse to Use this SULKINU, FERMENTING, ACID “COM POUND” OF S. P. TOWNSEND, ind yet he would fain have it understood that Old Dr. J*ce| Townsend s Genuine Original Sarsaparilla, is an IMITA TION of iiis Inferior preparation !! Heaven forbid that we should deal in an article which would bear the most distant resemblance to 8. P. Town send’s article! and which should bring down upon the Old Hr. such a mountain load of complaints and crimination! from A cents who have sold, nnd purchasers who have used P. Townsend’s FERMENTING COMPOUND. We wish it understood, because it is the absolute truth that S. P. Townsend’s article nnd Old Dr. Jacob TfiVl' iend’s Sarsaparilla are heaven wide apart, and infinitely 4i§‘ similar; that they are unlike in every particular, having not one single thing in common. As P.'Townsend is no doctor, nnd nover was. is no chemist, no pharmaceutist—knows no more of medicine disease than any other common, unscientific. uppro|i«Bßp)B3l uinn. w hat guarantee can the public have that they reiving a genuine scientific medicine, containing all the virtues of the articles used in preparing it. and which are ip capable of changes which might render them the AGENT® of Disease instead of health. Rut what else should be expected from one who knowg nothing comparatively of medicine or disease ! It require! a l«*rson of some experience to cook and serve up even a common decent meal. How much more inqmrtant Is it th&< the persons who manufacture medicine, designed for WEAK STOMACHS AND ENFEEBLKD SYSTEMS, should know well the medical properties of plants, the West manner of securing and concentrating their healing virtues, also an extensive knowledge of the various disease! which affect the human system, and how to adapt remedici lo these diseases! It is to arrest frauds upon the unfortunate, to pour balm into wonnded humanity, to kindle hope in the despairing bosom, to restore health and bloom, and vigor Into the fJNshed and broken, and to banish infirmity that OED DR JACOB TOWNSEND has SOUGHT and FOUND the op portunity and means to bring his i Is rand Universal Concentrated Remedy within Ihe reach, nnd t<> the knowledge of all who need »i that they may learn and know, by joyful experience. It* Transcendent Fewer to Heal- Fur sale by J. II . ,V \V . S . ELLIS.and J. A. & S. S . VIRGINS, Macon, Ga. 'liny 4 B Newark Cider. BBLS. Newark Refined Cider,ju*t t« reived and for sale by may ) GEO T- ROGF-B 3