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Cherokee phoenix. (New Echota [Ga.]) 1828-1829, March 13, 1828, Image 1

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ewy CHEimi PMCENIX. «*=- VOIi. I. NEW ECHOTA, THURSDAY MARCH 13, 18». &D1TLD BY ELIAS BOUDIN OTT. PRIMED WEEKLY 11Y ISAAC SI. HARRIS, FOR THE CHEROKEE NAT I OK. At $2 50 if paid in advance, $3 in six months, or $S 50 if paid at the end of the year. To subscribers who can read only the Cherokee language the price will be $ 2,00 in advance, or $2,50 to be paid within the year. Every subscription will be considered as continued unless subscribers give notice to the contrary before the commencement of a new year. The Phoenix will be printed on a Super- Royal sheet, with type entirely new procur ed for the purpose. Any person procuring six subscribers, and becoming responsible • for the payment, shall receive a seventh gratis. Advertisements will be inserted at seven ty-five cents per square for the first inser tion, ami thirty-seven and a half cents for each continuance; longer ones in propoi- tion. ICP All letters addressed to the Editor, •post pa[d, will receive due attention. GWy JtfAUO-AAD hSJECt-GA. VGALXAA TAAJ” VW" JIitfBAA L4AA. ES./1E AhWIiAAy KTA D*pp O’O.JEA L4AA, TCTZ TEtfSO-3” DGJAALAA. TCTZ rt«P TA0-A TB DO,7>SA>Lo?~I, KT t)?.*! O’GJBcI L4A-I. D'M.SAiEZ TB y\v pe.I>SALA>.X, O-yAT D^SP O’G.JE.I P4M 1 .!. cvvyz cpc,r jiuc5hadty, wr*v* Ds-a (pe.TBa l4o?a v>2AE(P, tctz TEaio-ir do* JjSALAXI. KTALZ D>?P y'V djli O’SABA* UAH D0J>5A;Lo?A. CHEEOKEB TAWS. The following laws of the Cherokee Ma ri tion, we publish as we find them in prir: , 4 without any corrections, except what \\< [ suppose may be typographical emus. They l^havc already been circulated in this Nation in a pamphlet form.—Our readers at a dis tance will perhaps be gratified to see the first commencement of written laws among the Cherokces. We publish some that are not noxv in force. The repealing laws will 1 appear in the or >er of time they were pa-s- ■ ,ed. LAWS. Resolved by the Chiefs and Warriors |pm a national council .assembled, That it shall be, and is hereby authorized, for regulating parties to be organized to consist of six njen in each company; | one captain, one lieutenant and lour privates, to continue in service for the term of one year, whose duties it shall be to suppress horse stealing and the robbery of other property within their respective bounds, who shall he paid out of the national annuity, at the rates | of fifty dollars to each captain, forty | to the lieutenant, and thirty dollars to each of the privates; and to give then- protection to children as heirs to their fathers’ property, and to the widow’s share whom he may have had children fcy, or cohabited with, as his wife, at the time of his decease; and in case a father shall leave or will any proper ty to a child at the time of his decease rtvhich he may have had by another woman, then, his present wife shall be •entitled to receive any such property as may he left by him or them, when substantiated by one or two disinterest ed witnesses. Be it resolved by the Council afore said, When any person or persons which may or shall he charged with stealing a horse and upon conviction by one or two witnesses, he, she or ’$ney shall be punished with one hun dred stripes on the bare back, and the linufi^hment to be in proportion for ^-stealing propefty of less value; and ftiouhl the accused person or persons rise up with arms jn his or their hands. As guns, axes, spears and knives, in opposition to tne regulating company, and should they kill him or them, the fclood of him or them shall not be re quired of any of the persons belonging to the regulators from the clan the per son so killed belonged to. Accepted. BLACK FOX, Principal Chief. PATH KILLER, Scc'd. TOOCHALAR. £HARLES HICKS, F c» Brooms Town, Sept, n nth* Council. 1808. Jjc it known, That this day, the va rious clans or tribes which compose the Cherokee Nation, have unanimous ly passed an act of oblivion for all lives lor which they may have been indebt ed, one to ihe other, and have mutual ly agreed that after this evening the aforesaid act shall become binding up on every clan, or tribe; and the aiore- said clans or tribes have also a- greed that if in future, any life should be lost without malice intended, the innocent aggressor shall not be aecouiir ted guilty. Be it known also, That should it so happen that a brother, forgetting his natural affection, should raise his hand in anger and kill his brother, he shall be accounted guilty of murder and suf fer accordingly. And if a man has a horse stolen, and overtakes the thief, nnd should his anger be so great as to c ause him to kill him, let his blood re main on his'own conscience, but. no satisfaction shall he demanded for his life from his relatives or the clan he may belong to. By order of the seven clans. TURTLE AT HOME, Speaker of Council. Approved. BLACK FOX, Principal Chief. PATH KILLER, Sec’it. TOOCHALAR. CHARLES HICKS, Sc.-V (othe Council. Qosianallcih, April 10, 1S10. Whereas, fifty-four towns and villa ges having ctmvened in order to de liberate and consider on the situa tion of our nation, in the disposition of our common property of lands, without the unanimous consent of the members of the Council, and in order to obviate the evil consequen ces resulting in such course, we have unanimously adopted the fol lowing form for the future gover nment of our nation. article 1st. It is unanimously a- greed, that there shall he thirteen members elected os a Standing Com mittee for the term of two years, at the end of which term they shall he either re-elected or others; and in consequence of the death or resigna tion of any of said Committee, our head Chiefs shall elect another to fill the vacancy. Article 2d. The affairs of the Cherokee Nation shall be committed to the care of the Standing Committee: but the a ts of this body shall not be binding on the Nation in our common property, without the unanimous con sent of the members and Chiefs ofthe Council, which they shall present for their acceptance or dissent. Article 3d. The authority and claim of our common property shall cease with the person or persons who shall think proper' to remove them selves without the limits of the Cher okee Nation. Article 4th. The improvements and labors of our people by the moth er's side shall be inviolate during the time of their occupancy. Article 5lh. This Committee shall settle with the Agency for our annua! stipend, and report their pro ceedings to the members and Chiefs in council; but the friendly communi cation between our head Chiefs and the Agency shall remain free and open. Article 6th. The above articles for our government, maybe amend ed at our electional term, and the Committee ig hereby required to be governed by the above articles, and <he Chiefs and Warriors in Council unanimously pledge themselves to ob serve strictly Ihe contents of the a- hove articles.—Whereunto v/s have set our hands and seals at Amoah.this Oth day of May, one thousand eight hundred and seventeen. Approved in Council, on the day and • date above wr’lten. EHNAUT AUN AUF,H, Speaker to the Council. Approved of the within government by the head Chief, PATH X KILLER, mark. A. McCOY, Sec’v to the Council. CHARLES H'CKS. [.TO BE CONTINUED.} f A®0a(T»AA CPGTP Gwy GO-0 ra o re- llvIT-u yp a*a-4 RA ROZ L^EaSoiy OP&lv, D^P G^y JF ©oar’AA Tyc*xi»Ar <iog®a:aa4 L4">5 <jyj>P0- dZtfSGAAiS. Oo'ey AD dqGITAJTC- 04” o">Gtf 0- AlrtfEL. AD 0«y KGtfO-L CPO-R'V* yp RGZ PIiCShRA. TSP AS/L* Glir ALhlrtfBLIi, (PGb/lGBo? LC-A Hi A5~ tfEAA L4A;A. d^p Deto-Pcsy, Dtf ainvsy <ovy \~ yn.TV-iJJ Kyzjoffi-Lii hsac?- gu j nror ay»oa,f’t?.i ay; vr GAy aJcaaixl AotAiUPcSE, AL4 V *A> I C_> PO-A, G ca y AwAJUffii. Gwy tyohJisfu Goiy tAotrs. tg-z T'UAa o’tLiyr hyhPLAVK ap^‘ *a*v*otiyii tl4A>a, Ter t,,w AAt/tfjAVh4* AA, T>4AyZ AAAAZAcS V.Afl G«Y C ABoar^A^ iiA:A,'N'iAi-r. Vf GAy O’* IihAAWO-A. BAG (TGApIeV- Goty LII AyiiZAT T. ®pv yn o’er a ew/le o’hWiiAovA 40-z o>zu;-a. ryoh^odaz TE.kt^ ajijga*; G^yz Tcr-ot.i J) .-i a A a ct r dap ahwoi ye Grh/n>qi lAJBFAy.— G<>eyz jesro-A ^aa^ca gg d^p Bhwen ago arc? a dzcae. Tr.asoro"*' Z Gc?y /SAA.SJP ASea(T’A)A DPPlIrRT. G«yz Ly:^ <M>G“ ^IiASli'A AJt5F J1C AP^A* Dtf CPeAtTPAoTArS .IBOardi'A T* GFAA I-RT. Myii ci.yasF^ 1 ’ lsact*v m Gwy nron> U'V’ACrA- TE.l.IP) TSIO-r, DcT ASFAS-1' J>A>P TG-PAiWO-c^A^ TSTl-AA 1-Ii DIi G\vy urerT. GAy^ az o&,rac~ i-y AS-aA ThGhfji&T, r>{ t“ GFPitAJ/o Dh TSTPAA I-K GYy li^erT. Drf J01ic f c>-P BO Tt/iaAIi *L<TAyii I-SL' 0-'t)A^> »?)hSFo?\VIi. DAG ctR*W Sy^PO* o?B/tdr >50-AS F t* A A cT*. iSAG^Ay-'i DLAS,® DAIi>5G«v« Goiy cSSjiASP aj r 80' ar 0 ?A tapr, cpiitaa*v* lm;o >s<paaa. GAy*V> AZ TSFAt>5AAAA DIi TSA FA A DL lrhsro-; D<f SAA o T >LGc?y’i I y> D G G Ii F. At PA. I <V ’ h A. ALL LGrZA* cS>AA)Lc?A SIiffiLRT. GiJi'r AZ TyA5F IiSFA-Ao?E DL TSTPAA hSrO*T. Do' *LGrc?y/i GA>r tg^fawo-aa, ga>’ AA5P L09CXOCE ALhP Dh TSTPAA. TOT BAG /5AAAA--1R .I05ffXo?A* A,UP. DJiLGLGToSyh CPGtO-LA/j TSSr >5hSPAt»; Gc»y A^JP LLLOR >50-ASFAAAcF. DtT CFGWAyh GAy TyASP AilSP BIiBOAotF. Dh TSTPAA MIT, D4LA GWy SSAi SCI - AIr4AA. LiJ.W 1 ’ FWA <5IiO>Pc?\V/lc.?A IPr.bAR GWy SAIT. CAhWAyh BF>5P‘ 4AA, Dtf ay&OaiTAA TAPR TyotXhAA - GT.WAyii L'4o?A. LAA B-PPA«V» >*L4AA TGT^iZ DAPA*^ >5hr/l Ay CO ar A A TAPR, hSAS“Ayh Gwy SSAi htPOr, TA-LPA^- TSPATt/LI, TG* GAy<V* xShCPAA. CAyh tf>R BS/1«V»JS GAy. Dtf AySOC^tPAA hAPKG >5yDtf ^yhT4■^tAU' , >5y Ay©0Cv* J°AAi5. IiLGhE/ltftrQ^Z >5y o’>o?r TCT‘ PAW0-AA.5 TSTPAA LRT, PA yii A A AC~ tf>LGT >MiLSrO- Dh gwy I Ai Tff- GAy*Y’ >5hCFAA. SSAi Ay h GEC.hIrT,AA«V. EhGr*^ TLAtfFAS Dtf TKT’yAE jeLtfCMP DhBOcQ O-JOFAWO-KW’. GAy <lhL0U0-* C=0 LRT Dtf hSGPAv^GDO MI *AP TCTF" AW0-A.L5 0-GTFAA LRT DAG aiut-floiyh <Jh©eCv(PAA, Dtf CPhhT4-lAo?yh SGTAT 5 Jh®ee,rAAr^. GosyAyh o-jfaawo- seAiZ oEaiiL'A-a-A*’. o’AAycr bo ItSAA JPAS4AZ, Dtf <ThT4P tf>R JEGCvr - o?A>5, Po?yh *LCV .SUFALAlffiT, Dtf <S>E" a-PPh-BAA^Ayh LPT. O’AAAyh BO IrSAA, Dtf ifcRU- 1 IrBSOa.l-t, CPPTAyh EaatPA-V'* L'I*T, Dtf DlrAj-CP.A'V 1-t O-'TP (Po?XhArT. GAyAyh TGLO-PALAA. LAA>V° JB* tfO-rU 14 >5hEtSLAA TSTPAA LRT. Eh* cr*v- v?Z LSPAB/14, TSLIicSr^Ayh t.,V* irhsrc-0 3 W\oPci?r leLR 0 3 FAX4A h>SA* W®;,I EhCTC,- (PhEOCTA ASTP Ii>LR, Gt r GIiCJhBA ,I.y. AAZ t,W A A Aar.I <4“Z IiFRG 0-SFAt-L. DAG TGLO-lAI-AAAyh Ehcr*v* v?Z *qA,r Sh-aOAIfjl'IlT. GAy*Y* •?Z TG-O-hUO-A AAr5> DL IrhSrO- Dh TST* PAAt Dtf AA.5*r LR BO IprAc?A,5 C’aRA" CT DGGhEA.,Oy. DAG SLGr-PGAyh Th" s\va.iA,o OAy ear sh*ueo?i s .ia-T. s* (?\V«y(i D4 1,0" TGPfcS TCSffiXLUr, Go?y AIr>gOAL»l.Ir5. D4 S "Z tk</f GAJ r iGJf 9ALL Alr-aOATr/iA.?!. DAG Tttt i^.ICrAyh TlroTS^F.At*, GAy D^P TSTP .I]r>a«c?t..'lA try. IiSAGf**V" Tlroi Sc3 TahPS SCshAI., Ao3 AJ5P. O’A.WO-A TIrA?PAI-AA ,FR Slr-vlOAL-lwlT. Gir yp yre,y. XiO 29 doaea, 1827. ARGarA.i. rth-.iy AyEOGTA, Dtf iMeoTS^F.oiL Zf=" Gr Ky t\ OCsA, O'G, A>5 ihAr Tc50-/1A i,’G* ACTAA. ¥>IF DhASJ? hUhRAA SGinr* aAR; u«v° TEr5 «Ay Dtf wr-ji sAy o-yz DGPoSSPAy 'JL4AA. VSAErU" TAAP Sh^OALALPAA. GAy DhhAAA* A LA A DhZAyAE «P, Dtf XrGIrGUAAE TSSTr Gt> DJltf; SS^rJ GiSyZ LSJBBP1A L4AA D^P TS.IBRop.. AASAAA DS^A GAy AOLAhAA O-SAAA-Z WPA SAy, KD* AAAZ DS^A Dh-t'T GAy DGPASPAy, Dtf tfhAS4A L4AA AhhP OUiAL CPA, A J Fait A CPG7P TG-FoiAA/j Dtf LG5rGC;A GAy JhOqAORA AhhP, G«y tCTaiV" DL DhrALAA. (PtfSWAAAALAAAyh JE* OCA G<aor. JGT Dtf DhP Uttf Olr >5y O^AtiZ AaAs!?<l JEaGA, GAy TG~Z rSJiO 3 * AA, (PPAX-UA CPLBr GA«V* CPTF I.SPAA* ALAA JEaGA GAy CPA^-UA, Dtf EaA,S* •HA. TCC DAG DIAV'P Dtf DLB< *V" Dh* SWA DhZPAE GA-y TDAACTG ALA-J.. AAZ filtJiy A.IrVVOi EhG•■«V , h-ZLO, TCTZ y® LO DLBO Dtf T><lAy GIiRAA, GAy TLIrAV04fAA Dtf TDlrW04PAA CP* Z«yE, Dtf CPhZAyR G«yz DA/;C" a-ALAA DLBO Dtf DIiWP DIiZPAET. DotSAJZ, Dtf DLB, Dtf T<3o'<.y OIiRAA CPAr.JAA, Dtf CPhArAAA DAA.AJ1P TA* EhAA, Dtf TLEIiAA, DhPihoiA, Dtf AL* IrPiUAA, 0'^5* i loP Dtf JhvP^icI', LR S'PA/5, Dtf Dh'I'A>5, Dtf DhZAyALAA HAS TBIT 5 , jEa®A yhr l cphArAALAA; tot Dtf y® DIrWO4A, Dtf Mt-W04A, O'FASAAAZ, Dtf CPGFASAAA, T D IiU t V A o? L A A Dtf T DU* WAAL A A CPCS^h, Dtf IZCIi, SPA), Dtf S.MceAA, CroPPZ, Dtf D^VoIJt, LGERP* AAZ, Dtf LGCBRf oiA DC ACTAA; TG*Z GAy TEa-I, Dtf AEaivU, LoSA ^PP>5PCA Dtf (P6PV5FSA >5L4AA DGACTAA. Dtf Dc?A GAy Dlr^A JBO O'0rG*.TA >5L4* oi’A. *L(T Ir^-iG, TZP, cpeog-a. o-zcPtrA, wp.a SAy. ST1V. GP, AAiBFAy D s SP SSWOI. ©'aarS, usL.a ts spaa, 1808. TGO-LAA A A TS by, GIxl GhWAL-a Dh &IVy SAI DIu’iy. hSACT t,*V" DliZr- A* AL hSAC?- BO SGLSE, Dtf IiSACT tf.LCT Eli* ^^0, AA*V" CPRA^>5 DttfhoTLAA C«y AA CPPVXC: Jh©Garo?Ar5 hSACC IiLhlVAL^tT. Dtf GAU" GhWAU-a G-'iAy hSAGT tfiLG* D* h^ae, AA4- DLtfhAET TCTZ BO >5D* h.>a eirASEG /?>y GAy Tcrr,aaA LA.I o* P.5PSA >5L4AA. AAZ TGC-PAA GAcr J TCTZ Dtf >MiO-P* AWO- y® DGFOP aLGTRGW* riy. 0’C5 H S* hZ >50-UW10- DASE*V“ >50--4 LOFO-i *tr, 0 3 AS0-csA*rotyh l4aa; boz cp>4a o’Ar* AAA GSya CPArAALAA. TCT Dtf y® DASA Ml 1 DIrZAy4AA ap Wo? la a z s,Zo?yAy, L®rz o-wwo* AE O-ASPAAAAI-AA C.AFoTA CPaK*V" E* C,0-Stfo?A (pyE I)Ir-i A. GAyZ 0'L4A iC EaLTA >5I v 4o?A AI'AA tfat> Dtf DGL* BO Dlr-aA. c-'IuAC-A S.'Fry GhWAL'AT. UPJJCPW, DPIrAtftAy SSWOD tf-Lcr tzf, aEGCPR pyK.eorA. OZoPI-A, WP.A SAy. ST W. GP, AAiSSPAy SSWOi. (PorLOP DAAAwl TS JC5Ii, 1810. EIiGr-V" AASAAA 0-ySF TSSV AlrtVOV, *yZi'A>5, Dtf i5SL0-X)A>5 *SCvPAA LR DI. zaer oMr^ao hSAcr*v w .lstp lr z* csor jp.a®A osyAXhAr saa. GAyz SGA0-A4" IiLRO L4o?A, Eh IiSAGT ZCrG* r JIiWOC-A >5y. Dtf <5Irho?AAAE at-tfT* EaPAAA LR O-ASPAAAop hSACT*r o5Ir* Ay- F.hCT4" RWAP IrAJiW AA«V" t T 4" DLtfhoTLAA KyOGarAA ZCsOr L4AA. 1. AAZ DF/ty hSACT tf-L®* *lrt?aG. I£* TSS TAhr LSpUpAA L4AA, Dtf>P D0L0-* i)«y. wp js.TBr TAAr ohaeAwiA L4A A. CAyZ C.PAXAALAA GciyiV" WPJl TL^ALAA Dtf aGLtfA. TCf Dtf y® DhPoTLAA Dtf DfPAI-AA ©IIA, G* «yz DAO-LAALAA CPAICVT, OHiEOCrA* o?yh DOf^AA I-4AA aLtf Ct, C-A.OrLr 2. aaz JLtfo-r hEor Gwy sa: Jha* OAL.1A L4A.I D^P DOLC-LAy, Dtf CA*V* hSACTU" TSIrP LR JEC.GA TyAXIiArT Go?4" GAV dhaoAL.a.I L4A.I, DAG AA D^P D0L0-Po?y TCT Dh.OLAA C a^y-c’ DAL CTALh4AA, EhAyfi IiSACi* *I>CT Dh s sa«LAA LMVOI, GA4" O-’hEOGrA GAy iLcr rDh<:ao yw ve GAy ssaw* J1AA. 3. aaz DP.ny aaoALAA lr, Dtf o 5 * VAAAAK hSAG'4" TSTP JE<V©A TVAX* hAr Sh4o?.I, Dtf Shh4AA, y® *GLCPG NO. 4*. TDylPALAA aOLCA.V AALovA D®®J* LR Gtvy SAil'. 4. aaz opyiy, yLL Dtf ss.ia, Dtf AI’AA O’rA.aT TSTPAA BO 0 5 irL* TAP C DLALAA >5L4AA Ga IiAAa RX-T. 5' AAZ DP Ay, AA D,SP DGLO-PAX <f>o?r TGTO-tvSy L4A.I, TySAhT RS.JBR* tf?T LSABART. GAVZ aGr/ia LI'.ZPP* AA LhWOi, Dtf CPMIOCTA. AAAVIiZ O'hEOCTA TyS.T.aZ CPGFZIAA AJtexV* LR^ O-a AS A A 4", Dtf DASyr*V* I-4AA. 6. A&Z DP Ay, A,?) SaWAP GF.iy <5STP Ky©Ge,rotA SAPAPA«V TL4AA, A'^AArS 1.4" DP>5®a, Dtf GAy D^F DO” to-LAy JheearAA l4aa sawap GAy GP/1JS. Dtf O'hEeCTA Dtf GA4" DhASy* EAL, Dtf LhtIGi Dh.ay Jh©GarAwI>5 iCTAAA GAy GAr GF.1JS saVVAP. G* Ayz Gtr A At FA KA^h ACrL AKX'aS, Dtf. ^ii'AIr5L Dh D-6A SAiT. AA fLPJl DO-AF.JI .UWS TAAAAJT SMXSZ, tf-LG?; Dh^aO LhWOi AA TS LR Dtf GACT IwRT, SatV.IP IrAJSIV. TGL6T, CPIrAvLcVy SSWOJ. tf.LCT lrv-10 Adi IrAwCW, GAy C-Zo> LA, CPECCTA SLGC.AA. GP. R. ^’Sr5, AAiBFAy D.?p SSWCi gCANDAL. ‘There are people,’ continued the corporal, ‘who can’t even breathe, without, slandering a neighbor.’ ^ Q o - ■ ‘You judge too severely. ’ replied n'y. aunt Prpdy, ‘no one is slandered who does not deserve it.’ ‘That maybe,’ retorted the corpo? ral, ‘hut I have heard very sliglit things said of you.' The face of my aunt kindled with anger, vlfc/’ she exclaimed, ‘JIid — slight things cf :nc! what can any body say of me!" ‘They say,’ answered the corporal gravely, and drau ing his words to keep her in suspense, ‘that—that \ cu arc no better than you ought to be.’ Fury flashed fiom the eyes of my aunt, ‘Who are the wretches?’ ‘I hope they slander no one who does not deserve it,’ remarked the cor poral ject ingly, as he left the room. The feelings of my aunt may w ell be conceived. She was sensibly in jured. True she had her foibles.— She was peevish and fretful. But she was rigidly moral and virtuous.— : The purest ice was not more chaste. The Pope himself could not boast more piety. Conscious oftlu; correctness of her conduct, she was wounded at the remark of the corporal. Why should her neighbors slander her? She coulij not conjecture. Let. my aunt be consoled. A per son who can live in this world without suffering slander, must be too stupid or insignificant to claim attention. Cannibalism.— Extract of a lottos from Messrs. Tyerman and Bennett, to Mr. Loomis, of the Sandwhich Isl and mission, dated Canton, Nov. 1825; “We tuiichcd at New Zealand; and owing to the imprudence of our cap tain, the natives rose upon us, took us, and our vessel—and both, were in their hands about an hour and - a half. They stood over us with uplifted axes and weapons of destruction, as if waiting ti!J some signal should he given;—and wo expected every moment to he out last, and to he eaten as soon as killed. One of these horrid cannibals came and handled mv person to see what sort of food I should be for them. At length a boat arrived, in which was ji chief of inf uence and one of the Wr.«b leyan missionaries- The chief acted the most friendly part, ns w r e!l as the missionary, and we were delivered and peace restored. This very chief, who came as our deliverer, had a tew years before instigated a plot, and cut off a large ship”, and the whole crew were devoured, upwards of ninety persons. The wreck of this ship wap before our eyes at the moment of qujj* captivity.’’