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Cherokee phoenix. (New Echota [Ga.]) 1828-1829, May 14, 1828, Image 1

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ewy chUmokee JcT^FO^. FHCEYIX. VOIi. I. 5EW 13 C HOT A, W JK OXESSUAY MAY-14, 1828. XO. 12. EDITED BY ELl-vS BOUDINOTT PRINTED WEEKLY BY ISAAC II. HAURIS, FOR THE CHEROKEE Nation. At $2 50 if naid in advance, $3 in six months, gr $3 50 if paid at the end of the year. To subscribers who can read only the Cherokee language the price will be $2,00 in advance, or $‘2,50 to be paid within the year. Every subscription will bo considered as continued unless subscribers give notice to the contrary before the commencement of a new year. Any person procuring six subscribers, and becoming responsible for the payment, shall receive a seventh gratis. Advertisements will be inserted at seven ty-five cents per square for the first inser tion, and thirtv-seven and a half cents for each continuance; longer ones in propor tion. ICJ 0 \11 letters addressed to the Editor, post paid, will receive due attention. GWy J tf a U 0- a a D h*i JF,6,6d. t»0ARXol>a TAJIT* HW* JIuTBAJI 1*4<®a. B®aE aiiWiia<®y ktji d^p o>ojra P4®>a, TGTZ TEdSO-J 0 DOR&o®Po8a. TG?"Z ^TiP TiiJO-A TB D0I»$o<>Pol>a., KT BS4 0 3 eJBvI P4<»a. DSa»Sc»EZ TB yw D0.T»6;S!Po5)a, O-y/lT DsfP ff’O.lB.l P4ol>a. Givyz <y>cai aiicsuacsjy, wr-w* d<*4 ©3©JBJI P4riia X»*aB!T’, TCTZ TF.iWCM” DO* jiSdepoia. ktjiz d^?p ytv <6i» (PsaBa* VUR DOJ^atb^atU. AGENTS FOR THE CHEROKEE PHCENIX. The following persons are authorized to receive subscriptions and pa} r ments for the Cherokee Phoenix. Henry Him., Esq. Treasurer of Uie A. B. C. F. M.' Boston, Mas«. Georor M. Tracy, Agent of the A. B. C. F. M. New York. Rev. A. D. Eddy, C inandalgua, N. Y. Pollard &. Converse, It chmond, Va. »Rev. James C vmpbelt., B' aufort, S. C. 'Col. George Smith, Star''■willp, W. T. Rev. Bennet Roberts—Powal Me. Mr. Thos. R. Gold, an itinerant Gen tleman. treasury. The person or persons o- beying such summons, upon present ing the officer’s certificate before the national treasury, for the service so performed, shall be entitled to receive one dollar per day for the time so en gaged from actual necessity. The constables, when executing their du ties in arresting & conducting criminals to the place of trial, shall also be en titled to one dollar per day for the time actually engaged, Each mar shal shall be entitled to receive for ty dollars, and each principal sheriff shall be entitled to receive thirty dol lars per annum, for their services from the public funds, in addition to their fees of eight per cent, for collections. The deputy sheriffs and constables shall also be entitled to receive eight per cent, for collections. By order, ’ JNO. ROSS, P'-es’t N. Com. MAJOR RIDGE, Speaker, his Approved-PATH * KILLER, mark. A. M’COY, Clerk of N. Com. E. BOUDINOTT, Clerk N. Council. CHEROKEE LAWS. [CONTINUED.] New Town Nov. 8, 1825. Resolved by the National Committee find Council,. That the law authoriz ing the appointment of light ho: se com panies, passed at Brown’s Town, on the 11th day of September, 1808, be, and the same is hereby repealed, and that in lieu of light hoi se companies, a marshal, sheriff, deputy sheriff and two constables, shall be chosen & ap- J minted for each district, in the fol- owing manner; to wit: The marshals to be elected by the national Com. and the principal sher iffs to be elected by the people in their respective districts; and the two con stables by the people within their particular bounds, for the term of two years. The marshals and sher iffs shall enter into bond and give two or more good and sufficient securities, in a penal sum of not less than one thou sand dollars. The sheriffs to appoint their own deputies, and for whose con duct they shall also be held responsi ble and bound. The constables, shall enter into bond ahd give two good se curities in the penal 6ura of two hun dred dollars. The duties of the mar- .shals and sheriffs shall be to make jf collections of all just debts, such as notes of hand, liquidated accounts and judgements, & to arrest horse thieves and other rogues and murderers for .trial, according to law. The duties of the constables shall be $*© same as that of the marshals and sheriffs, but they shall be confined within their respective bounds in ex ercising their official duties; and each icf the above named officers are herc- lby authorized, when in pursuit oferim- I inals, to summons as many men as may be necessary to arrest such criminals, [ and any person or persons refusing to [ obey, without any reasonable excuse, Uuch summons, he or they shall forfeit land pay a fine of twenty-five dollars for every such offence; to be recovcr- lahle in the same way and manner as jail other debts, and the fines so col- jlcctod, shall be paid into the national a rape upon so offending, New Town, Aon. 9, 1825. Resolved by the National Committee and Council, That all written wills, bearing the signature of the testator and signed by one or two respectable witnesses, and the same appearing to the satisfaction of the court of the dis trict vvhereiu the testator lived, or where most of his estate may be situat ed, that it is the last will & testament of the deceased such will and testament, shall be valid and binding to all intents and purposes. Be it further resolved, That nothing shall he construed in the foregoing, so as to impair or destroy the validity of any will having no witnesses, which may be found among the valuable pa pers of the deceased, bearing his or her signature, which will and signa ture, shall he satisfactorily proved to be the hand writing of the deceased Be it further resolved, That nuncu pative wills, where witnesses are call ed, and the testator, in the presence of two or three respectable persons, at his or her last sickness, make known his or her will, and one of the witness es being a disinterested person, such nuncupative wills being committed to writing in ten days after the testators decease, and the same appearing to the satisfaction of the district court to he agreeable to the testators last will and testament, such wills shall also be valid and binding. Be it f urther resolved, That where a person possessing property and dies intestate, and having a wife and chil dren, the property of the deceased] shall be equally divided among his law ful and acknowledged children, allow ing the widow a share with the chil dren, after all just debts of the de ceased shall have been paid by those obtaining letters of administration, a- greeably to law, and in case the de ceased leave a wife without children, then, in that case, the widow shall be entitled to receive one fourth of the estate, after said estate shall have been freed from incumbrance of all just and lawful demands, and the resi due of the estate to go to his nearest kin; and in case a woman claiming and having exclusive right to property, dies and leaves a husband and chil dren, her property shall revert to her children and husband, in the same manner as above stated and provided for. By order of the National Com. ‘ JNO ROSS, Proe’t N. Com. MAJOR RIDpE, Speaker, his PATH * KILLER. mark. CHARLES R. HICKS. A. M’COY, Clerk N. Coin. E. BOUDINOTT, Clk. N. Council. person, and committing such female, he o^ they, upon conviction before any of the dis trict or circuit judges, for the first of fence, shall be punished with fifty lashes upon tljfi bare back and the left ear cropped off close to the head; for the second offence, one hundred lash es and the other ear cut off; for the third offence, death. Beit further resolved, That any wo man or women, making evidence a- gainst any man, and falsely accusing him of hiving laid violent hands upon any woman, with intent of committing a rape upon her person, and sufficient proof havingbeen adduced in any of the district or circuit judges, to refute the testimony of such woman or women, she or they so offending, shall be pun ished with twenty-five stripes upon her or their bare back, to he inflicted by any of the marshals, sheriffs or consta bles. By order, JOHN ROSS, P|es’t N. Com. MAJOR RIDGE, Speaker, his Approvcd-PATH X KILLIR. mark. CHARLES R. LICKS. \. M’COY, Clerk N. Com. E. BOUDINOTT, Clk. N.Coun. New Town, Nov. 10, 1825. Resolved by the National Committee and Council, That any person or per sons, whatsoever, who shall lay vie, lent hands upon any female, by forci bly attempting to ravish her chastit* contrary to her cooseqt, abusing her New Town, Nov. 10, 1825. Whereas, it has been represented to the general council, that much in jury is sustained by the inhabitants living on the boundary lines, from citizens of the United States, feed ing and keeping their stock of prop erty on Cherokee lands, whereby horses, cattle, hogs, &c. belonging to the citizens of this nation, are ex posed to be taken off b such per sons, trespassing; therefore. Resolved by the National Committee and Council, That the circuit judges are hereby authorised and directed, to appoint an assistant ranger in their re spective districts, which border on thejboundary lines’ofthe United States, whose residence shall be nearest to said boundary line, and whose duty it shall be, solely to pay strict attention to such trespasses herein complained of,& to forwarn the frontier inhabitants of the United States in the adjoining counties, against placing, keeping and feeding their horses, cattle, hogs, sheep or goats on Cherokee lands; and to take up, post, and dispose of, all such property which may be tound within their respective bounds, agree ably to the laws respecting .estrays, and any citizen or citizens of the Uni ted States reclaiming and proving a- way any such property, and be unable to produce satisfactory proof, that he, she or they, did not wilfully place such property on Cherokee lands, to feed and graze thereon, the assistant ranger, in that case, is hereby author ised and required, to exact a fine of two dollars for every horse, gelding or mare, and one dollar for every head of black cattle, and twenty-five cents for every head of swine, sheep or goats, so proven away. Such fines shall be in addition to the fees al lowed by law to the rangers for their posting, keeping and selling estrays; but in case sufficient proof cai> be ad duced to shew that such property was not wilfully placed on Cherokee lands to feed or graze thereon, and that such property had merely strayed thereon unknown to the owner or owners; then in that case, the fine herein imposed, shall not be exacted; excepting the necessary expenses and fees allowed by law in such cases. Be it further resolved, That the as sistant ranger is hereby required to observe and pay strict attention to the same rules and regulations requir ed of rangers by law, and who shall al so be entitled to the same fees of eight >er cent, on the amount collected for :he fines herein imposed, the remain der for the benefit of the national trea sury. By order of the National Committee, JNO, ROSS, Pres’t N. Coro.. MAJOR RIDGE, Speaker PATH X KILLER. A. M’COY, Clerk. N. Com. ELIJAH HICKS, Clerk N. Council. aeoftArhaa eivy (potps. [tfStfO-3" DR Ah-ifli j.] tt ssju, 8 1825. D.3P dAGhO-Roiy Dtf Ah-W©!, jp/ics 11 8F<aa, 1808, DoaBTAa, uuy t„y« <Mpiiac®t.. aei.R0- <®y«v*z Go?y Eaet.^iGBo«t.L qf.wctr athGwty wpaz SAy KTa s.\y, drwpz o>yji JiiiAy P4<®a. sssc«,urz uf.?- <®a.2> G<»y J)D Rc^ritvI. 4RF.GCTR aut hority ivs^(*a4>. D-pp Deti0-x>ay uriiy R0V.0<®P<»U DR4TZ aeBhG«y Wl-Vl Dll- Ay hsacriY* b® Gc%y i*4di>a gl ssvG Daa. o-yaz aitAy di,wp Gt, d- hsaGr*rz no E&.et»^ai*- c»a Go®y. wpz JsaBir ThEGCTRZ aOBhG<»y DtT WP4 DIiAy A- JISP 0 J h0-a DIiVVPZ DZmXT, D(T T-l«y WF F.CVOT’B/l^ WiCvJlot;IvM>a. li^Z TcoSBP cpejBa P4<«a tgtz qor- a«To?a. wpyiz DiiAy (fo-r jep^a t- i*4<#a Gc^y Ecai6t>rr-oiy kt/i Dwy- »- o'o-R wpa Dh/. y (pep>5r-?a i*4o?a Terz o‘‘GXhar qea».n<r<a>a CtS.y ktji Dii Ay. o-yyiz DiiAy AiSjp o^ho-a p^a, DIAVPZ DZmXT’ G«>y \VP EC-em/)./) Tili- wpjtp D?-tia o^ejEa TP4- «>a Tcrz ^oirvidva. <niF.©- (tkz Dif wpa DiiAy aeciiGftiy o j Aa<TR eBSE, Dtf AiOP joi«o-.a^.a, Dtf Giiw®; jqAWo-,9 Ti-4(S>a y? cp.iparS, Goty jn- -a®M)i./ia K4osa; d& Tthh^cS-i-^a <I‘TPf DhZoTyM'y, DtT Dh-rT TSSTfT 5 AToSa Dh- Zcsyay, ntf n® Dhaa o 3 ep*5F?a,s> <i- oSt 5 , o j p./ic= tpeaj^. oya aiiAy a- OMiGcSy TJiVoP«Y* P4«>a GcSy T(Tb?a ri ll aii-a©<s)t.aa* reogtr Drf wr-a DhAy oyaz ahAy i*si 3 ^ra'* gw* c,oi)Soia sh^i®(«)T,aiiiT, D<f aD eiigtiV* s^wap IrAIrZitrP D^P O^eTP JIi^®«)t.aa G«y Airair tgtz Biii v a4dta o^iitsso-c^a. y c?z DhotiSca t.iiaT?«'a Co?y ^p ar.c,K- iica pr o^iiosso-fsa. tctz yis tcpg"^.- ,Sn«!p' l i?a*v* o^wacra^) Goty DiraTA a- ra'az’Tfu^Aiia^e TP4«ia, G«;y o j Jra i.4rS;a aesyrca Ds^a, TGr^aoP Dctsoy aph.?yiv*z k-YiapiiGoiA c«ya mpiiG- ,<?r^a. DisriV-z o>0Ti iiSPM)a«;P'M;a G- «>y DipTiBo-a. ysz (Fwacro-a DbaT- 4a G«)yz atiiiGory o^CJiUwo-a szapdDa DS’WSahT, GtrZ DSJBR?(»a HA 1 * D?4a rs hAa-a acir’ s4®oTi;a4T, dct o-ya DiiAy aoufiGosy sh4©oviia4T DiiZ«y- o'jy RIiIi^.«)F. Goiar TPS.TBR?« , a U l V* D?- aa rs RAa4 o 3 AacrR sii4©oiT.a4T.— 4E©crRZ aRRGoiy o-SciAa DS4a, aF.s- GTRZ WPa DhAy KDoEAa D54a TPSt- RRPdSa r’faBd" Sli4< M)Ra4T, D^FZ D- aa d$4 i*sJBRa?c«)a. g^iV’z D<«:AajTP D?4a DOTiIiPS, DRZ JAW D34a aCPOJB- Rp<j?a DIpIiGiSy, DcT GotA** KTa, Dtf 0— ya DhAy DiCAajtp D34a doerps Gator jaw D?4 TP'SJBRroia. DRay D,pp Riiw©i'r, GR .J©oM®,'aXRaGT ©IIA. so-u.y. *RGF' t6oia>(540, 0-ZoPWJ, DyEGGra, GP. R. rsti, aAJtfPoty ©liar, sivyo, aAtfSPoty d^p ssw©:. Wo6a p'4ot)a, Dtf G<«y aecava p ft H aotyii Cm,<\r oaty T!»t cpiiyRK jisih.'T'a o^iMwaataoep-ota, dug y w ajcp i-u-o-a- 4a ssw©i c*y jF.cvoa jR4©<*ia^.*,. jo.iispo-az r*4«a Rsacr o^.vaG^R lr-set TGf Dtf y>? O^RI TZ JOtfh. Oajl.0 DliI\SP- atu Gatyz GC5fOI*a 0-Y TSf’a G«y JEG,CVa U*V*Z (FTP RSFoiaritp-otfA c*y c=a dug yw ajuro-a D4stu usu- gt o 5 vacr-R upse G«y o j RrRa drz &a- t3otiP(®a Gc*y 3i Gu«U 0IRP*V*Z AIo?a J- &.t, gotiw* G«y cpeTF Rsi-o?ac%paa tgt Dtf y « DPB (F&.R 0 9 TF8<& ^>y JE(A.f?a Gays. (TRrrilR ^)RoTZ DR (F3a Dtf 4>oa- op jasip G«y jEG.Ga (F^aayii d<t JiEir o a 0TP TP4Jta Got yA/*v* S4wap Kfcay Goiy Rspaeabipdea. Dpay, qu so-tri.y. tr-Ztf- ca. R. D£P .lACTciy. svvy0, aAiUPo?y fswe;. tt s 10 sRza, 1825. *iray d,?p o i Gio-'&«y. Dtf aipivgiT, tcfz y<? 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Alray D.?P dSGR0-‘b<»y, Dtf AhAV©;, hSaGT JRhrRa O^liac: DRW* DaahT TGT- PMJWRRoDa AEoia 0»0TP P-R Goiy CPhrRa SAi TAiSJtfoia DRBQZ, Dtf DRWP DZoitP GoCy DRSWa SAI AtfJ4T, GLZ (PaiViP «- Si5r Dtf Difc JECu«a G«y O^TP TCRPotWO-a viirRa, grz sstfr rrw©i (PAoScru G^y i5B<r, Dtf oTtier^a guv cpc?itswo-a td- aPoDp-Mia, tr*v* Gcsy DoHi^Gr i*4o6a Dtf atsu” o 5 i»o-Tj4 Goty a®eci3”ara RStf 5 P4- <»a. Dtf aD *iray, aD Gray ?<®a ctr<»a- wa<»a o»Aa<ra* y« Dhswa soai raas- 40 TP4«ia Ajtfpz Kotut’ set 0“RrRa gl DRG&,adep'0®a Goty D«>Si4 Dtf DPB Tp- 4(*a, SAIZ TAJtStfJSa, Dtf GcHW* DAacr- ,jb<«)p(»a ya drZp<»e Go?y assp, Dtf sai AiSJ4 (FC«.R (PC5.3R (PG-VVO-a O’CtftfSVVO-a G- aty aiirR TDaPoiPosa. Dtf aD *h>ay EG.c5RRaw* RAJtf4e t- P4«>a y« 4<»ir» o 3 ac5!, t,w* o 3 F(*x4a o 1 - pet ©tuaiio?p«)az y<s DZcSisr drwpop Dtf DIiKTop eiiRdra DRBGZ D»\X'a T4aP Tap 4PA(T’0 TP4ofa Goiyz DRSNX'vR (ppy ©apo?a 4<»(r» c j sfo®e Goiyz <i<x<r o a acs DZiSSPoliPoDa DoJAaw* TG*RT0-a O’RI’Ra RRWeiZ Gt, SSitr JSRCT Dtf O’AaCTR G«y jhrR (pPc»x4a o»acsT TDaroepoDa, t,or Gciy AJ»P DCH.rSG?- TP4oia, Dtf G«S»T’ Ii- eo- Gatyorz a©0Co<r’d?a TP4*a. ntf aD o 5 h-ay, tgtz y« biiroDPtsa o>rp jjairZ DA.fc qaesez, Dtf «w>vo-e TP4»ia tcfcmsaua jKaffa o»<»xiiA«*T, 0 3 AaGTRZ Goiy JiBIrf’a TSSTJ^oIW* 0>ha- TT SStfr, 10 0-L?X, 1825. ergtw* ajea <7-yz?ao?R dr d^p arr- w©i o j er*r cphhr+A a re® a dg- tf 3 fait aiiaw e-ivy* Tap aotsa^aoiE sgbgt DIiCcIpR, GfSyZ RRcSO- SREtfr GolW’Z U- Ecaidao-aw* tp-t RoTsr Daa jeTi- ttpp, Dtf C^S, Dtf RX, Dtf TSST(T>. GtSyZ T- <r«!a *iray d^p doxo-RcTy dj Airive- j, wf Rssjir a4\ao\y Goiy aiio'cr dii- carii 0; 2s c tfT Daa r,«y Ah>aio jRaxa* yis oiRp aRaiv dgk<t ejipt, Goiy d©- pjiipoiy P4c®a o 3 0riT sobgt jR4&«;i!- aa prt, Dtf g«tV" 00-R aotiWawaac Goiy cpesu^oiaspoia. Dtf SR4©* oia RRO-oDRSPiiia Dh Call'll 0; Tast.w Dh ewyA Tap jraj<5 jo<r»t,a(S)AaA jotp ^TP, Dtf CoS, Dtf RX, Dtf DO JIiZ?© Dtf d© JiiJiyAiy; Dtf RRR^Ptsa, Dtf gay 40M)ai.O- AtWP LRt34Ii®P(®a, Dtf Mi0S- psa h£UG? S0£GT CPOFtf 5 TrRCvaolPc®a Gtr jR4©(®taa^i prt, o-racw-z ajvi o-epip euy iiRo-af<®a, Dtf yw b©- aF. DCoirR AAi-poia, Dtf DAacritoiPdea Gc®y JTP PRT S0BGT <P44it.olip«:aA‘*Z G«y J!idl<P WAAOrUJb B D4 rhair©a Dh Gwy* Tap Gt, o>0T’t,aiioEa* tdj«p- 0®a, TGTZ Goiy h(p(»2dia DPolSFoiyZ S0- cgt J4©c»i.aa Goiy *iraii> JBhva^ 4- -TP TP4c®a WP DS4a, CoSZ CW* DS4 R- XZ DIitCSoF Dtf D© JIiZS©, Dtf D© Jh- <®y.\ty yq<paoT gm Doj^jipoia tcfz T,zi'p<®a GJiyz (pehiiBO-a o'haw’Tfdia o^optf 9 jh4©o6i.aa Goiy o 3 Pac= PSJBRa- AiSSF Rhd34IolE, Dtf RhoDXliAaoliE, Dtf UiO?E; TGToiyiiZ DAMCraoDPoiaW* D4 IiSh®0-e PR SOBGT GWy (PBTFAa SAJi Gtr OJOtf’tvai.riliaA, 04 (M.GT-0P(rW* TP4- tSia 40O-£r0Z JIiGBT, T8T-Z Goiy MFoll- oiaLdia ph-hva ^>p4<®a »4ivap Kha- y o°0JBa»5. a.^oiyiizo- o’o-R shoi'XhA- \VO« D4 DJBa IrP4T Dtf aJBRa PR 0-6F- <r Jh4©oii.aa Goty (poJRa P4«®a jzf- h>4a. Dtf Gator <Mi-a>5 D0FJl»P<®y 60BGT 0=- OFIP Jh4©<»Raa Ah>ah. a>pac= O o 0PiT’ jh4®oti>aa jh©0(V(J»(«!a JGTAa^w* Geir»- apoaa DePd®»Foiy, Dtf Coeycew* tst t- PSJBRPoia, Dtf DotAaJT? DS4a DOIrhP- otpjta s4wap Kiray jaw D84a o=©tp hSPotaoiPota (A.oa.<s,®Ez d^p4" o j ©tp TP4Jia. o^hacsa d^?p ssxvsi, Gh j©<»j®, axoacT d^p ®irjr. SO-RLY. *R«" *oia^40, o-zopia, DyE®cra. GP. R. -rs»s, aAtfiPoty d^p ©iijt. swyo, UAJSPatY DJIP »SW©J.