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The Forsyth County news. (Cumming, Ga.) 19??-current, August 31, 1917, Image 1

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The Forsyth County News Vol. 9 No. 35. LOCAL AND PERSONAL Rev. F. T. Wills filled his ap pointment at Norcross Sunday. Several have been in this week and renewed up. Thanks The Board of Education held quite a lengthy meeting last Wednesday. So many visitors around Cum ming during court week, we can not name them all. g flifr. P, ffl. Settle and family of Norcross spent the week-end with relatives here. Mr. R. W. Shadburn of Bu ford is here this week attend ing court. Master Edwards Hughes of Atlanta is visiting relatives here and at Cuba. The horse swappers were here by a pretty good majority this week. Mrs. Light of Buford is vis iting her mother, Mrs. Sallie Tatum. Mr. G. L. Bowman of Buford spent the last of the week with relatives. There w ill he a singing at Rc anoke Sundry at 2;30, kher;- b >iv invited. A large crowd from Cum ming went to Lumpkin camp meeting Sunday. There was no praching at the church here Sunday on account of so many attending the camp meeting at Lumpkin. Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Fincher, who have been visiting relatives here and in the county, have re turned to their home in Atlanta. Friday was Justice Court day here, but there seems to be very little business to be looked af ter by this court. Quite a number of the schools of the county closed last Friday and most of the others will close this week. Quite a number from town attended the Quarterly meeting at Pleasant Grove last Thurs day afternoon. Mr. K. A. Kemp and wife have returned to Cumming and will make their home with Mr. C. T. Kmp. The masons have finished the brick work on the new garage,) and the wood work of the build ing is progressing rapidly. Allen & Harrison have 150 bushels of Appier seed oats on the road and will be here in a few days. Call and get some for seed. The price is right. Mr. John Ed Kirby, who join ed the navy some weeks ago and has been at home awaiting the call of the department, was called to report in Atlanta on Monday of this week. Mrs. Alice Mashburn, who re cently purchased the Nichols house in Cumming, is having some nice improvements made on the property, in the way of building a brick wall in front of same. Mr. Grady Allen, who joined the U. S. Navy recently, is at home for a few days on a fur lough. He likes the Navy fine and will return the last of the week to his duties. The brick work on the new Methodist church has been com pleted, and carpenters are busy finishing up the inside of the building. They hope to have it completed in time to hold ser vice there Sunday week. We-are requested to say to the public that the protracted meeting will begin at the Bap tist church om-Friday night of this week instead of on the Ist Sunday night. Rev. Chas. T. Brown, an old Forsyth county boy will assist in the meeing. Mr. E .E. Brannon is here this week meeting his old friends. Crops are beginning to need rain pretty badly. Rev. V. V. Braddy is engaged in a meeting at Chalcedonia. Mr. Tom Martin of route 1 is spending awhile ip Athens. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Sams of Berkley, Va., are visiting Mr. A J. Sams and family on route 2. Mr. G. A. Bacon and wife of route 6 are spending a few days with Mrs. M. M. Lipscomb. Mrs. Mary Evans and child ren of Monroe, Ga., are visiting relatives around Coal Mt. Miss Pearl Forrist spent a few days last week with rela tives in Hall county. Mrs. Annie McArthur of Whit field County, is visiting Mr. A. N. Pilgrim and family on route one . Mr. J. M. Day of Maryville, Tenn., accompanied by his son, is spending a few days with rel ativs near Haw Creek. E. W. Mashburn will pay SI.OO per bushel for green beans strung and broke up. Give him a call. Don t forget that schooi be gins next Monday, and start the children in the first day so they can keep up with their classes. Charlie Hendrix is teaching a singing school over at Friend ship this week. He says he ex pects there will be 100 scholars before the class is over. We are requested to announ ce that there will be a singing at Bethlehem next Sunday af ternoon at 2 o’clock. Every body invited to come. We are requested to announ ce that Rev. Paul Stokes will preach at Piney Grove Satur day night. Everybody invited to go out and hear him. Mr. Ephrain Buice and Miss • ‘hlourise Anglin wehe happi'y married Tuesday afternoon, W P. Blackstock performing the ceremony. Mrs. Mattie Mullinax and children, who have been visit ing relatives in the county, have returned to their home in Ath ens. Mrs. T. B. Wall, and Mrs. J. A. Collins of Davisboro, have been spnding a few days with their parents, Rev. and Mrs. J. W. Gober. The ladies of the M dhodist church are selling dinners and lunches at the Mashburn hotel this week, and are realizing a good sum for the work on the church. Cols. L. E. Wisdom of Gaines ville, Howll Brooke of Canton, J. P. Brooke of Alpharetta, J. V. Poole and Geo. F. Gober of Atlanta, If. B.,Moss and Fred Morris of Marietta and E. C. Brannon of Dawsonville, are among the visiting attorneys here this week. E. W. C. Leads Prayer Service The Girls Eight Week Club rendered an interesting Psalm at the prayer meeting Wednes day evening, Aug. 22nd. The program was as follows: Song, Day is dying in the West Prayer. Song, Come Thou Almighty King. Scripture reading, Psalm 24. By Miss Georgia Hayes. Song, Psalm 23. By Club. Recitation, Psalm 100. By Miss Ophie Smith.' Recitative, Psalm 121. By Miss Robbie Seabolt. Responsive reading, Psalm 19 By Club. Sunshine in The home, Rower in The Life. CUMMING, GA., AUGUST 31. 1917. PROGRAM Forsyth County Sunday School Convention, Churrii at Cumming, Ga., Thursday, Fri day Sept. 13tf and 14th, 1917. FIRST SESSION. Thursday Morning, Sept. 13th. 10:00 Hymn No. 274, “Come Thou Almighty King.” 10:05 Scripture Reading and Prayer: By Rev. J. W. Gober. 10:15 Co-operation in the Sun day School. (Two 15 minutes talks.) I. Co-operation between the the Superintendent and Teach ers. By Mr. J. T. Leckie. 2. Securing the Co-operation of the pupils. By Mr. A. C. Kennemore. 10:45 -The Challenge of the Teen-Age. By Mr. B. F. Spe row, Secordary Division Super intendent of the Georgia Sun day School Association. 11:15 Song 11:20 Qualifications of Success ful Sunday School Teachers and Officers. By D. W. Sims Gene ral Secretary of the Georgia Sunday School Association. 12:00 Adjourn. Dinner on the ground. Come and bring a basket. SECOND SESSION Thu sday Afternoon. 1:45 Hymn No. 329 “Love Di vine.” 1:50 Scripture Reading and Prayer. By Mr. E. S. Sherrill. 2:00 Reports of County Offi cers: President—Mr. T. F. Davis Secretary-Treasurer—Mr. E. F. Smith Elementary Superintend ent —Miss Mary Patterson. Presidnt Division No. 1— Mr. T. J. Pirkle, President Division No. 2 Mr. J. T. Leckie. President Division No. 3 Mr. E. S. Sherrill. President Division No. 4 Mr. J. C. Buice. 2:15 The Program and Session By Mr. D. W. Sims. 2:45 Song. 2:50 What to do Between Class Sessions with Teen-Age Boys and Girls. By. Mr. B. F. Sperow. 3:20 Conference and Ques tions Answered. 3:45 Adjourn. THIRD SESSION. Friday Morning, Sept. 14th. 10:00 Hymn No. 278. “How Firm a Foundation.” 10:05 Scripture Reading and Prayer. By Rev. F. T. Wills 10:15 Evangelism in the Sun day School. By Judge H. L. Pat terson. 10:45 The Sunday Session of the Teen-Age Class. By Mr. B. F. Sperow. 11:15 Song. 11:20 Results of Co-operation in the Sunday School Work. By Mr. D. W. Sims. 11:50 Freewill offering for the support of the work. 12:00 Announcement and ap pointment of committees. 12:10 Adjourn. Dinner on the ground. FOURTH SESSION. Friday Afternoon 1 :45 Hymn No. 297. “Hark! Ten Thousand.” I:SQ Scripture Reading and Prayer. By J. C. Buice. 2:00 The Sunday School That Meets Its Opportunity. By Mr D W. Sims. 2:30 The Needs of the Teen- Age. By Mr. B. F. Sperow. 3 :00 Song. 3:05 Conference. Conducted by Mr. D. W. SSims. 3:30 Reports of Committees and Election of Officers. . Forsyth Superior Cuort. The regular term of Forsyth Superior Court Was convened on Monday morning, Judge N. A. Morris presiding, and Solicitor Clay and his assistant, Col C. L. Harris, looking after the in terest of the State. Mr.— Tilebaum, who has been appointed Reporter for this circuit to succeed Harold Hawkins, who has resigned to accept a position as Clerk to Judge Jenkins of the Court of Appeals, was here to take down the testimony. The Grand Jury organized by electing P. D. Brown as Fore man, and after the charge by, the Court they retired to their rooms and began the work of in vestigating the criminal part cf the court business The following are serving as traverse jurors: Panel No. 1. 1. Claud H. Brooks 2. W. Taylor Fowler 3. Thos. H. Estes. 4. Thos. J: Henderson 5. Wm B. Bagw ell 6. Henry W. Orr 7. Ira V. Ragley 8. Geo. A. Gazaway 9. William J. Buice 10. Thos. D. Green 11. Bennie H. Henderson 12. James H. Mathis Panel No. 2. 13. Henry G. Cox 14. Joseph H. Hayes 15. Janes M* Rider 16. James W. Hamby 17. Ed L. Jones 18. T.jJ, Pilcher 19. JV S. Hall £o. A). W. Tallant 21. Si. A. Hemrick 22. Jot n W. Hawkins 23. Claud L. Brown 24. Luther J. Westbrook Panel No. 3. 25. W. H. Montgomery 26. James T. Brannon 27. Wm. P. McFarland 28. Alex L. Fowler 29. Ed D. Dover 30. T. W. Barron 31. Monroe D. Harris 32. John H. Castleberry 33. Jos. M. Thornton 34. Jos. L. Satterfield 35. William A. Tumlin 36. Andrew H. Stewart 3:45 Adjourn. NOTICE—The meeting indi cated by this program is an in terdenominational meeting and every worker in every white Sunday School in Forsyth Coun ty is urgently requested to at tend. The Forsyth County Sun day School Association is auxi liary to the Georgia Sunday School Association, whieh is a co-operative effort on the part of all denominations to improve Sunday School conditions and Sunday School workers. It ad vocates the latest and best meth ods of Sunday School work and stands only for those interests that are common to Sunday Schools of all denominations. The plans and methods sugges ted by this Association are prac ticable for all Sunday Schools, as they do not touch on Church doctrines. The work is by way of suggestion, not by authority; therefore, it helps many, it hin ders none. The object is help ful and brotherly co-operation, not organic union. The officers of the Association are leading Christian business men of all evangelical denominations. T. F. DAVIS County President. E. F. Smith, County Secretary. 37 Certified for Service The local board passed on exemption claims Friday and Saturday, and after giving due consideration to those who filed claims, they have certified 37 men for army service. They have passed on 275 claims, leav ing 143 claims yet to pass upon of those who have been exam ined by the local physician. Those certified for service are as follows :- William Roscoe Echols Boyd James Rufus Bryant Candler B. Hawkins Watson Green Vaughan George Brice Goolsby John Henry Burruss Rufus H. G. Duspain Emmett Grover Hamby John Henry Blanton Robert Monroe Bennett Edward Hampton Martin Roy Neese Wingo Robert Lee Callahan, James F. Boyd Homer Virgil Tatum Frank Hulsey James Wm Hardin Benj. A. Stnone Bryant E. Nuckolls Samuel Linton Wallace Marcus Linton Holbrook Clarence A. Bennett Ottis R. Mashburn Ben Mitchell Tallant Stone Rice Perry Newton Edwards Lynn Bryant John Wesley Tallant Harris Wm Moore Henry Lee Hamby Jesse Ervin Robbs William Alfred Jett Lemuel Cliff Creamer. Henry Jewell Millwood Buell Roper James Doyle Ledbetter. Some of these have claims for exemption before the dis trict board for the Northern District of Georgia, yet to be passed upon. Keeping Sweet Potatoes Editor: I see so n.any nice sv'eet potato patches in Forsyth county and hear so many com plaints on keeping them, I thought I might give some points that might be helpful to some. To keep sweet potatoes in good condition they must be well matured, carefully hand led, well dryed or cured after being put in the house, and kept at a uniform temperature after they are cured. To tell when they are ripe cut one in the patch if they dry quick they are ready to gather, if watery they are two green. If possible they should be gath ered before heavy frost, and ground is dry. After they are cured properly cover with dry chaff, pine straw or forest leaves, deep enough to keep at uniform temperature. There is no econemy in hilling up in the field, better put them in a house where you can keep them from rotting, and get to them to use any time you want them. For any information on build ings call on me at my office on Saturdays’, Yours to serve, S. J. Smith, County Agent. Teacher’* Institute The teachers Institute of For syth county will be held in Cum ming, Aug. 30, 31, and Sept. Ist. All teachers are requested to attend and bring as many of your advanced pupils as will come. Respectfully, A. C. Kennemore. 75c per year. Some Gravity to This Gas Our friend, ire Constitution, has many reporters on their staff, but we venture the asser tion that Bro. Walter Cham bers is a “star” among them when it comes t-j dishing out gas. Some weeks ago the sheriff of this county captured a fine Cad ilac automobile, together with about 80 gallons of whiskey. Saturday af.crnom i is car was dir.en to Atlanta by two dep uty sheriffs, and was there taken charge of by parties in the city under bail trover pro ceedings. This the Constitution’s corres pondent taks advantage of for a sarcastic article against the officers in this county. They state that C. W. Garr, loaned this car to a party for a trip to Chattanooga. We call the attention of this paper to the fact that this was an error. The party had been to the moun tains of north Georgia and had procured some eighty gallons of juice and were returning to the Gate City with it. If they had been going to Chattanooga this county would have been considerably an out of the way route. They state that there were three deputy sheriffs with the car. We suppose Corbin Brady was one of ’em, and Keeler Ben nett the other two. They go and say that the party spent all their money tak ing in the sights of the city. All these people had been to Atlan ta before, and knew more about their city than Bro. Chambers knows about the real conditions under which the said car was captured. In fact, a deputy sheriff w r ho has the nerve to try to route the whiskey gang in Atlanta, would have plenty of nerve to secure a loan in that city, and any of these men in the party could have borrowed money with which to come home on, if they had wanted it. They would have enough to call on the Sal vation Army for the money rath er than do without if they need ed it. We venture the assertion that you could take the engine and gasoline tank out of the fine Cadillac car, stick Bro. Cham bers in their stead, and run to New York and return over the national highway, and when it got back, you couldn’t miss the gas used on the trip. This won’t work on a Ford however, Oh, no. A Ford is a light car and the gas would be of too high gravity for the Ford to stand the pressure. DAVES CREEK The school at this place clos ed Saturday. The children re ceived a nice treat. We are sorry to report that Miss Nona Hall is confined to her bed with typhoid fever. Hope for her a speedy recovery Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Hall vis ited the formers parents, Mr. John Hall Tuesday. Mrs. Patsy Buice is visiting her daughter Mrs. Berry Gil bert. Mrs. John Hudson and son Willie, has returned home after a pleasant visit to her father, Mr. George Waters near Bir mingham. For Sale or Rent I have for sale or rent a nice home in the town of Cumming, with good conveniences. Call to see me. R. E. Hope.