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The Cedartown express. (Cedartown, Ga.) 1874-1879, April 11, 1878, Image 1

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, w / , /r, / V r)J r ' . / The Cedartown By Jno. W. Radley. Official Organ of Polk and Haralson Counties. Subscription $2 Per Annum; , VOLUME IV. CEDARTOWN, GA., THURSDAY, APRIL It, 1878. NUMBER PKOFESSIONAL JJI.ANOK & KINO ATTORNEYS AT LAW, cbhahtown, a a. (TWin practice In all tho Court# of th# Rom# Otrcnlt, In i-h* Supreme Court of ths State, and In the U. ». IHotriet Coart fbr th# North#™ District •f Georgia. Mev, 11,1B74. T. W. Jltl.NKR. I. W. UAREI8, Jn> ^ILNIMI * HARRIS, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, GARTKkBTTLT.B, Si. f3T Oppiob oa Mnln Street, next 4oor to Qll- eath A Bon. Mr. Milner will alteai the Superior Court e'f Polk coaaty regilarljr. March J. 1177-tf ^■ILLIAM M. SPARKS, Att#rmit A Counsellor at Law, CEDARTOWN, OA. 19T Will practice la all the court* of the Roma Olreultnad adjoining conatlue. novll, 1674 W. Iff. STRANGE, N. P. A Ex. Off. J. P. Roolc.mart, On. r-yjy Collections solicited, and money paid oxer pmiotnnlly. JAS. d. enlow, j. p. CEDARTOWN, GA. J5gf~ Ollioo at the Court Honse. All business entrusted in his hands will receive prompt attention. March 9, 1870-3 m OLD RELIABLE FEED, SALE & LIVERY STABLE, Wih. Komoy, Proprietor, ROME, GA- Bargain# offered In the purchase of stock, and stock entrusted to Inn care will receive prompt at tention. Give Uatney a cull. Hopt.t4.0u <|>777i \1/ fit country who is willing T work stendlly at the omployn hat we furulRh. $1*0 per week In your own to You need not 1>« away from home over nl, You can giro your whole time to the work, or < yonr apart moments. We Imre agents who waking over *20 pen' caif make money mat. cannot be made eu ct . bntdnuHB. It coats nothing P Term* and $5 ouUlt free, . H ai.lktt it Co., Portland, Maine 7 I# not easily earned In theso tlmca Inaklng over $*10 par day. All who engage at once can make money font. At tho present time money cannot bo made eo uaslly and rapidly at any otlier LEGAL A D VEll TISENENTS POLK COUNTY. Polk Sheriff’s Sales. Will bo Hold bofore tho Court ITouhc door, In Cedartown, Polk cotinly, On., on tho Flint Tues day In May 1678, between tin legal hours of Bale, the following property, to-wltl LotB Of land Nos. 985,10.12, 1038, 1055, 1050, 1073, 1105,1100,1120 and 1180, all in tho 2nd district and 4th section or Polk county, On., aa the property of C* W Ohtsulm, Executor of Thomas A Chisolm, de ceased, by virtue of one Polk Superior Court tl fa tu favor ol O W Feathereton & Co. vs. said Chisolm. AUo at tho same tlmo aud jiIhco, lota of land Nos 050, 684), 682, 088, 720,781. 758, 759, 700 and 7411 111 the 31st district and 3rd section of Polk county, Ga. as tho property of Joseph 11 Goddard, socuiity, by virtue of one Polk Superior Court 11 lb In favor of 8 P Smith * Hon vs. C M Camp, principal, and Jo- 239, 240 and 278 in tho 20ttt district and 3rd section of Polk county, Ga. as the property of L O W Phil lips, by virtue ol one Polk Superior Court tl I'a in favor of W A Stringer vs L G W Phillips. Levy made for purchase money. Deed tiled lit the Clerk's .ofllco before making this levy. Properly In posses sion of L U W Phillips. Also at tho same time and placo ono Wheeler and Wilson Sowing Machine. *“ *■“ *" “ 1 L Jenkins, by virtue of fa in Tuvorof Howard A Bald machine now in possession of said Also nt tho satno time and place, forty .4 ».i bush- ols of corn, moro or less, In tho shuck; Hity (50) bushels of cotton seed, more or lent , as the proper ty ol T R Akin, by virtue of a Pol!. Superior Court tl fa In lavor of J A Bale vs. T U Akin. Also at the same time and place, lof ol .'and No 474) in thu21st dlstrlci and 3rdsectlou ol Polk ~ ty Ga. sltunted on llsli creek, nml Jatnea I Right; levied on ns the |j Stringer, by virtue of ono Justice Court II fa from the 1223rd district. G M of Polk comity, Ga. In fuvor or W M Morgan, hearer, vs. snld Stringer. Also nt the same tlmo nml place, lot of land No. 500 in the 18th district and 3rd section ol Polk county, Ga. aa the property of J OSlms, by virtue of one Polk Superior Court 11 fa In favor or Krwlu, Stokely A Co. vs. J C' Si ms. April l tds E. W. Clements, Sheriff. b the property of Jamei "-"i Superior said .1 J. possession of July 20,1677-ly D. H. Ledbetter, Bgent. (Meeks’ Building,) OedLartowxi, ■ c a i ©■». Has just received u full line of FAMILY GROCERIES. which ar# offered to the public at reasonable price*. A»y thing flanally kept in a FIRST-CLASS GROCERY, caabe found in my etore. Give me your patron age, and 1 will make satisfactory prices. I have also opened a magnificent Stock of Jewelry, consisting la part of WATCHES, CLOCKS, GOLD & SILVER WARE. I Invite tho atteutlou or the public to the publl# to aa Inspection of these articles. Everything warranted a* represented. RJEP A.I TIUST Gt Of WATCHES, OLOCKS and JEWELRY, Promptly done and GUARANTEED. Remember the place. D. H. LEDBETTER Agt. ’ Meeks’ Buildiog. jaa.U-ly GeOUGIA-POLK COUNTY.—George W. Mor gan has applied for lettcra of Guardianship for the person aad property of Burton E. Moignn, Newton II Morgan, Robert J Morgan, Emory A Morgan Lenar D Morgan, Cora L Morgan, and Dollar D. Morgan, minor children of Joseph I) Morgan, de ceased. Therefore, all persons concerned will bo at a court of Ordlnury to be held In said county the First Monday In May next, to show cause, if any thoy have, why Letters of Guardianship should not be granted in said case. Given under my httud this March 10th,.1878. JOEL BREWER, April 4,80d Ordinary. 0 EORGIA—POLK COU.VrY.-George T Watts has applied for letters of administration on the on tatc of J. A. Fein, late of said county deceased. Therefore all persons concerueii will bo and appear at a Court of Ordinary to bo held In said county the fltst Monday in May next to show cause if uny they have, why loiters of admlnlrtmtion should not he granted In said case. Given under ray hand this March 23,1878. JOEL BREWER, April 4, 80 Ordinary. GriiouaiA-roi.K county.-w. o. Kuinin, Administrator, with the will annexed, on the ns tate of .Tames Carter, of said county deceased, hav ing made application fer letters of Dismission from his said administration, Therefore all persons con cerned will lie at a Court of Ordinary to ho held In snld COtiniy on tho First Monday In July next, show cause why letters of Dismission should not he granted In said case. Given under my bund this, March 0th, 1878. JOEL BREWER April 4,3m Odliiarv. I1AUALSON COUNTY. G"k EORGIA- HARALSON COUNTY.-To all whom It way concern, S. M. Brown having nppllcd for Letters of Quardinnshlp of the person and property of John R. Brown, a Lunatic of mild coun ty, tilts la to cite nil persons concerned, to bo nnd appear at my ofllco within the tlmo allowed by law, and show cause, II any they can, why Lotturs of Guardianship should not be Issued to S. M. Brown of the person and property of John It. Brown, a lunatic. Given mulct my hand and ofllcial elgnu ire, this 4th day of March, 1878. S. M. DAVENPORT, march 14-lm Ordinary. Haralson County Deputy Shor- iff’s Bala of Wild Land. IVILL li..old bofore tha Court nmlstdonr in Buchanan, Haralson comity, Uu., on tho First Tuesday In April next, between the legal tours of sale, for tho cash, the following described lots of land, situated in said comity, and known as Wild I^inds. Levied on under and by virtue of fl fas now In my hands, of the State of Georgia vs. said lots respectfully, and issued by tho llunornhlu Comp troller General of the State for nonpayment of tax es due tho State, to-wlt: for taxes due for the yearn* 1874,1870 aud 1870. Said lets pointed out in aaid fl fits and containing 40 acres, more or less, except ono lot containing 22,'< acres, eriginully Carroll now llnralsoti county. No. 3(>7, in the 7th district and 5th section, originally Cherokee, now Haralson comity, Ga. No. 950, In the 00th district and 3rd soction. Nos. (101, 426, 055,823,813,845, 767. 409, j,j j|jj g wu y for COHYCUient 407, 700,7o7 In the 1st district utul 4th section. Nos 1354), 1251, in thu 20th district and 3rd suction ol Haralson comity. Tlunnns Plillpot, H A Cunning' ham .James llapes. J W Spcarmuii nnd W W Dean, of Haralson, county, transferees of said rt fas. April4,tdn A. J. nUNT, Deputy Sheriff. From fHomo and Farm. My ClillilUftort’s Home. I often think of my childhood’s homo, Of the place my heart holds dear; Tho spreading oak and the clinging vine, Aud the brook so cool nud cloar; The little brown Iioupo, with Its oaken doors, In the shade ol the old oak tree, Whore nil was so cheerful and so bright To father, mother, nud tnc. (Wo throe were all; yes, ye were nil That lived In our dear home; Bister had gone, nnd brother bad gono Where sickness can never come.) The denr old st ile In front of the door, That pa made, Instsnd of a gate. Where I always mot him wLh a kiss, Let him come curly or lute. Our flowers were few. and none were rare, But wo prized them all tho more, and carcftillv watered them every day, As thoy blossomed near the deor: A honeysuckle nnd n Jasmine vine, A fetv roses, red nnd Wlitto, Some jonquils, violets, nml pinks, Per hi mod the air ut night. And to-night my thoughts have lingered, Fondly on those happy days. Tluit I spent in childish freedom, Ere 1 trod the world’s rough ways; And with dreams like tlieso have blended, Holier thoughts, that gently come. Like sweet messengers from Heaven, Of a higher, better home. Guardian's Sals. A Georgia—Poi.k County, OHKEABLE to nu order from th<} Court of Or dinary, In and for said county, will ho sold beforo the Court House door In Cedartown, Polk county, Oa., butween the legal hours ul sale, on tho first Tuesday in May next, tho undivided one-fifth Inter est In and to lots of land Noe. 1120, 1127, 1128, 1177 nud 1179, In tho 2nd district of the 4th section of Polk county, Ua. Bold as the property of Edda D. Chisolm, minor heir of E. D. Chisolm, deceased, for distribution. ATY8 CHISOLM. Guardla* for Edda D. Chisolm, April 4, tds. H i Libel for Divorce in Polk Superior Court. LUCY DAVE I Rule to Porfect Service, R 1 Rule iVE, J Fel HENRY DAVE, J February Terra, 1873. It appearing to the C'nurt by the return of the Sheriff, that tho defendant does not reside In tills county—and It further appearing that he docs not reside in this State, it is, on motlou of counsel, deredthat said defendant appear and answer at tho next term of this Ccurt, else that the case be con sidered lu default, and the Plaintiff allowed to pro ceed. And It is further ordered that this Hide be published In the Cedartown Express once a month Tor four months. * J. W. II. Underwood, J. S. C. R. C. Blanco <fc King, Plaintiff’s Attorney*. feb 28 ltu4m ORA MI J T ON’S 1.i< IS THE BEST. This Soap Is manufactured from pure mute* riuls; uud ns It. contains a large percent age of Vegetino Oil, Is warranted fully equal tp the.bust Imported Cast 11# soap,and nt the sum# tlflto contains all th# washing! A cleans ing properties or the celc- Ger man nml French Laun dry Soaps. It Is therefore recommended for tiso In Ihe Laundry, Kitchen nnd Bath Room, ansi for general household purposes; al so for Printers, Painters, Engineers and Machinists, as It will remove spots of Ink, Grease, Tar, Oil, Paiut, etc.. from the hands. Manufactured only by Crampton Brothers, 2, 4, 6,8 and 10 Rutgers Placo, nnd 83 and 35 Jefl'orsoti Street, New York City. For sale by JUB, GRABS, Cedartown’, Ga. oct 20-fitP G EORGIA—POLKCOUNTY.—W. C. Knight Ad- rmnistrutor on tho Estate of James Carter deceased having applied for lettefrof dismission from his sakl administration. Therefore all persons con cerned will ho and appear at a Court of Ordinary, to bo held in said comity oil the first Monday In July next, to show cause, If any they have why said letters of dismission should not bo granted In said case. Given under my hand, this March 0th, 1878 Mcli 213in JOEL BREWER, Ordinary. GREAT REDUCTION IN PRICES. We are the first to offer First-Class Sewing Machines, Twenty-Five Dollars 1 IN CASH, onni orahnentad Iron Stand anil Trcadlo. wlUi Walnut Top and Drawer, and necessary Attach- mente: and deliver Jt at any Railroad Depot In the Ualted Slate,.: v j FREE OF CHARGE These maebtnes are warranted to do the wholi line of Family Bewlng with more ease of management, and less tetlgne tor, than any machine now in two. Tl._„ Doable Thread Stitch in such a manner tliat they avoid the necessity of winding the tinder thread, and will sew from the finest cambric to the heaviest overcoat cloth. • “ •iwlng. Every Agents Wanted Everywhere, CENTENNIAL . A r > Wty JanMy. Libel for Divorce in Polk Superior Court. Superior Court, February Term 1878. Hia Honor, J. W. H. Underwood, Judge. LOU BROWNER 1 Rule to perfect service, JAMES BROWNER, f February Term, 1878. It appearing to tho Court by return or the Sheriff that the defendant does not reside In this county, and it further appearing tliat he docs not reside In the State, it le on inotlon.df counsel, ordered, that said defendant appear and answer at the next term of this Court, else tbi)t the case ho considered in delhalt, and plaintiff dlldWcd to proceed. And It le further ordered that tbla rule bo published in the Cedartown ExrnEsa, 'once a mouth for four months. J. W. II. Underwood, J. 8. C, R. O. W. M. Sparks, Plaintiff’s Attorney, inch 28-ltn4m. JACK TALIAFERRO, Sale Feed and Livery Stable. Broad Street, Rome,Ga. Best CARR taken or Stock. Prices reasona ble. Special accommodation Tor teams. My Polk I « ,, and Haralson county Irlends nro Invited to call nnd | CH W) 0*6 Wants Ot Ull. Correspondence Country Gentleman, The Scrap Book, Every farmer should keep a scrap book. Many valuable ivoipes, useful suggestions and beautiful thoughts are lloating round in the various newspapers, that may he preserved fere nee. Magazines should not bo mutilated, but bound and placed upon the libra ry shelf, year after year. Newspa pers, however,' are usually destroyed —thrown aside and forgotten—but if what is either interesting or use ful to you, is first, cut out and pasted in the scrapbook, it valuable volume, containing a vast amount of miscel laneous information, is rapidly com pleted, and always accessible. The matter may ho arranged un- duv.UiUVvcuI 41k\sci entific, the floral, the horticultural, the live stock, the ornamental, the household, the veterinary, and the miscellaneous. It every article is placed under its proper heading, no index will be necessary, and you can readily turn to the article to which you wish to refer. The value of such a book must be apparent to every intelligent farmer, and its compilation a pleasant amuse ment. The lives of valuable animals may be saved by reference to its pa ges; grain and vegetables may he cultivated more successfully, or oth er and better varieties obtained. Useful instruction may be found in vineyard and orchard, meadow and lawn, barnyard and poultry house. Many a pleasant, evening may he passed by ‘ho winter fireside reading itf. pages, for if tho selections are good, it will be an interesting and valuable encyclopedia. It is a book in which all should take an interest —the husband, the wife, the child— and it should contain selections suit- J. T. Fears, Agt. FAMILY GROCERIES, CONFECTIONERIES, TOBACCO, CIGARS, etc. which will bo sold nt Bottom Prices, For The Cash. Glvo mo n trial nml b'o convinced. Country pro duce. at highest market price, taken In exchange for goods. J3T* Walthall’s Brick Store. Main Street, Cedartown, Ga. feb.7-8m ADMINISTRATOR’S SALE. irURBUANT to A decoree from tho Superior .'Cotirt op Fulton cobntir, Ga., dated May 17th 1876, andliy virtue or an order from tho Court of Oidl- nary of Bald county Issued September U:U 1875 will bo sold before the Court Houso door in the town of Buchanan, Maralson couutv, Ga„ within the legal maarwisssii W. M. Hill (late of Fultou county, Ga.) deceased, and containing one acre more or Icsb. Also tewn lot nninbor forty-four, and bo part! of; IMA lot :No. forW-Mflht. and situated the North-east sldaof the public square in t lte, '. B ”^Son Grh^SSliedforexe Administrator, with vfjllannaxed. s applied for exemption of personalty, ibs upon tho same at 10 o’clock, A. 78 A Splendid Offexl’78 ¥l\e ANDJLOUI8VILLE Courier— Journal One Year for $3.15. , Two Papers for Little more than the price of One. Send us Three Dollars and recolvo your homo paper with tho Courier-Journal, tho best, wittiest, nrlgntest uud Ablest Family. Weekly In tho conn- no v. 29-tf Home CHANOE OF SCHEDULE. On and after SUNDAY, AUGUST 19, 1877, tho rains will rnn on the Rome Railroad as folloivs: I •) EVENING TRAIN. Leave Rome daily at. * 6.00 P M Return to Rome at.7 ..l... ....,. ,».S0 PM ' i -BATURDAY ACCOMMODATION: ' C ^ Leave Romo (Saturday only) at.......’...600 A M Returp to Rome at .<*(»» ,.8.001‘ M C. If. PENNINGTON, Gen’l Bnp’t. -t ap27tf JNO, B. STILLWELL. Ticket Ag’t Let the children have a depart ment ail their own, devoted to rab bits, pigeons, canaries, and otlier peta. You will thus instill into their minds a love of nature, a de sire for study and methodical habits. The coat of such a book is trifling, and those who commence the com pilation of one will Boon be surprised at tho amount of pleasure and profit afforded them. Unlike any other book irt your library, this is one of your own making, and you alono are responsible for its contents, like an author who writes one. It would therefore have a value all its own, and become a treasured heirloom for your ohildren when you are dead. A little chap had a dirty face and hia teacher told him to go wash it. He went away, and after a few min utes came back witji tho lower part of hia countenance; tolerably clean, while the upper part was dirty and wet. ; “Johnny,”said.tpo teacher, “why didn’t you wash your face?” “I did wash it sir.” “You didn’t wipe itallover then.” “I did wipe it a8j high*as my shirt would go ” “Spoakinfl about Mules,’, Remarked a six-footer, aa he cracked his whip, “I’ve got a mule ut homo which knows as much as I do. When you come down to kick ing, I want to bet on my mule. A friend dined with mo the otlier day, and, as ho seemed a little down hearted, I took him out to seo Thom as Jefferson my champion mule. I was telling him how that mule would flop hia hind feet around, and ho said he’d like to seo a little fun. Well, I took Thomas Jefferson out of the stable, back him up agin a hill, gin him a cuff under tho cur, and we stood hack to sec the amuse ment. It was a good place to kick his darndest, and what dy’o suppose lie did? In ten minutes by tho watch he was out of sight. In five more we couldn’t feel him with a twelve-foot pole, and—and—.” The wd began to yoll and sheer, and the nurutor looked around and asked. Does anybody think I’m lying? Would I lie tor one mule?‘Uight here under my arm is a pound of tallow candles to light the whole for me to go in after Thomas; and I got word not an hour ago that the hind feet of the mule were sticking out of a hill thirty-nine miles, as the bird flics, from where my mule went id” Keep your Ashos for Manure. Wood ash«s make one of tho most 'tilliable fertilizers within reach of tin* farmer. Thu unleachvd article has the more potash, but the leached n thought to be quite as valuable. In leaching they shrink a good deal, and lime usually added, which in- rouses their value. They are gen erally sold too, at leas price. Ashes • well suited to all farm crops, and e very beuefloial to the orchard*— Most, of farmers sell wood in the cities and villages, and, rather than go home empty, they should carry back ashes and other fertilizers to cplace tho potash, lime and phos phoric acid that have been carried olf in the tr- pt and animals solid. Ashes show immediate effect from their application, and at tho same time last long in the soil. They are very highly appreciated in the onion growing regions, but may be applied with equal advantage to ordinary farm crops. They should la; kept the surface aa possible, spread and harrowed into the seed bed, or applied directly to the growing crops. Make a business of saving, buying aud storing ashes during the winter, for the next season’s operations. A Smart Boy. Well, sonny, whose pigs are those? Old sow’s, sir. Whose sow is it? Old man’s, sir. Well, then, who is your old man? If you’ll mind the pigs, I’ll run home and ask the old woman. Never mind, sonny, I want a smart boy; what can yon do? Oil, I can milk the geeBe, ride the turkeys to water, hamstring tho grasshoppers, light tires for the flies to court by, cut the buttoua of! dad’s coat when he is at prayers, keep tally for dad and mam when they scold at a mark—old woman is always ahead.” “Got any brothers?” “Lots of ’em, "all named Bill ex cept Boh, his name’s Sam—my name’s Larry, but they call me lazy Lawrence, for short.” “Well, yon’re moat too smart for Never let a person hear you speak an unkind word to another. If yon must blow up your wife, do so in tho solitude of your home chamber. This will give you a reputation for amia bility that will cause your friends to elect you President of a charitable Mmu eociety. We admire tnT* cheerful and hope ful spirit of the colored man who, when struck by lightning, simply rubbl’d the abraded spot of hi* skull and remarked: “Out makes free times I’ve been struck; now, I shouldn’t wonder if it let mo alone.” Yao We can change a fifty dollar hill if you want a bottle of Globe Flower CoUgii Syrup, the greatest Cough and Lung Remedy in the world; or if you want to try it first and see if what the lion. Alex. II. Stephens, F.x-Gov. Smith, Ex-Gov. Brown and 1 Ion. Robert Toombs of Georgia, say about it is true, you can get it Sam ple Bottle for ten cents at Burbank it Jones’ Drug Store, that relieves an ordinary cold. The Globe Flower Cough Syhup never had an equal lor Coughs, Colds and Lung A flec tions. It positively cures Consump tion when all other boasted reme dies fail. Sample Bottles, ten cents. 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