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The telegraph and messenger. (Macon, Ga.) 1869-1873, August 30, 1873, Image 1

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TELEGRAP AND By Clisby, Jones & Keese. MACON, GEORGIA, SATURDAY MORNING, AUGUST 30, 1873. Number 6,707 tieorxl> Telegraph Bulldlag, Smm Vala -rar-i ant M«McDg«r. oae -ear........CIO 00 biiioontt. 6 00 Or, Booth ICO (ia.WMkiT T. legraph end Mwuofe, out *yrar *00 gii oontba 3 00 Uimmetb W«eklyT«!i*repb ltd Mumjjm, " tit — -, olo ;ur 8 0. ftnbl* ri w.ya in adrenc-, tad pa;.er «topp«d ’ «bM tb< a,'iut j nu» oat, reoewed. XM conrottoataJ Tetograpb and Meuaaper rep- ftMSt* a largo circulation, pervading Middle.Sonth- „ ao) 8oo threat# rn Georgia and Eastern AJa- yjj,! u j Middle Florida. Advertisement* at rea- raUt In tba Weekly at one dollar per ^ 3tf t at throe*quarter* of an inch, each public* I w _ pamittancoA rbould be made by express, or mail is mnne) orders or registered letters. 9sv Gott.'x x* Moxiojxuy —Tee Advert! Hf of Thursday s*ys fire bales of tbe new crop if aoitoo were receive i in this ofty yes'erday, asking ssvsa eo far. By this time lss: year led than three bard red bad been received. A Dead Haas Ihino — Lst cotton f lenten rjitra! There baa at lari beep diaoorered eeterplller extermioator that beati Part* green 41 hello*. Ifl them eprinkle tbe plant *ith Cxeianatl vbiaky. The *orme carl up snd fr»d la ibelr obeeki it ocoe. Jut here developed a no* industry on Ihs leaks of the plac d U.nmee, ent in Ohio. Un ger the Adair county 1 qnor law, tbe huaband leys whisky, .boots at bis wife, wallops the A'.ljren. sod the aalooa keeper oomen doen m f lf>] ratber than .'and a prosecution. Oasscterprlitng oooplo with two children has parted enough ont of It to boy a quarter section tl ImJ is I >wi, and will go West tht, fall. A Krw UiMraninz farmer makea a novel prcpoeiUon to tbe Centennial Committee. He rests a “oentenotal obeese” mtdo—a cbeeae In lie grandeat and moat anbllme aeote of the lera, wetghiaghandredsof thousands of pounds, red one wbioh will aatoniah the world. The Btomoth enrd be proposes to hsve bnllt by Iks onited i (Torts of all tbe oheeae mannfae- tartee ta the Uolled Slates, each to devote one gay's projection to the formation of one Im- wmm, vast, amplitudinous, oolosaal, Brcbdig- s<tsa cheese. Tea Oirrossor Khiva.—It eppesra, after alt tbtl has been said and done, that Itnssta baa galeed very little by her capture of Khiva and He Kaivane. The stream, of that far away eoeatry are not navigable, and although tbe tieasier, are about to establish a Government sssvtee by steamers of very tight draught, there are ao means of transporting a large force Into lie heart of Asia. Droves of eameta are likely to banted If the Cx it's troops advance. Another UMntion of the truth that tbo boat laid solsens often “gang agloo.” Tbi Hartford Times baa jest discovered that while the term “two oapital.” of Connecticut la fnqnently naed, there baa really never been bnt tea, and that at Hartford, where the Htate effi eat are eetabltehed. It reads as follows: “The Legislature, under the old charter, met at Hart- tad annually In May. Then another brief fall seartaa was held in New Haven. In the adop tion of tbe pieeent Constitution, the State oapl Hi-tie place where tbe State officers are—was sot changed, but it was provided that tbe Beg- Matere ahonld ait alternately at Hartford and Nee Haven. Kkoxvius.—Tba Proas and Hsnldsayaa reapoetable citizen, named Hpitaer, died of cholera at Kogenvllle Jnnotlon, early yesterday morning, and a negro, on Monday Bight We learn that there are yet several raws of the disoaae In that place, wbioh are vwy aeriona. la our city, yciterday, numerous exalting rnmors were afloet on the street's, which were rapidly carried from lip to lip. The only death that occurred wae that of a German named Rath, llring la Mecbenioanlla, who died about noon, yesterday, after an illness of a few hoars. Porn Picnso ix ticusiin —The 8t Boats Dsnoerat lays: “Ton years sgo, If any packer badaerionaly proposed the dally slaughtering of Urge numbers of hogs daring Jane, Jaly, August and September, for paoking pnrpoeea, at points so far South as St Bonis, ha would bars been rated a lunatic. But now it is a foot teeompUahed—an Immense faot, and a great sad growing fact” A large establishment of that city employs a oolosaal refrigerator, after Helm Bros, patent, by whioh means, and tbe use of nlno hundred tons of toe, a current of sir as cold as a mtd-winter blast, oan be kept crediting through tbo meat-curiog rooms. Burns oa no llm.rn—The New York pa pers report Masaechnsetts, from Ospe Ocd to Horton Comer, convulsed on the Bntler qnes- UetL Butler opened a personal canvass by •temping last Tuesday, and one of his strong etnla was an arrangement that fifty towns In hit Interest ihonld declare for him the same sight. His opponents connt for him 450 votes la convention against 050 in opposition. Bnt H U said they are very uneasy. They are by »o means oertain of beating Butler. Too oon- ’ration whioh la to determine the fate of this B'ghtj battle is to be held on Wednesday, the Ifcb dsy of September, and if Butler ihovld dew the ariitocrtoy of Massachusetts how very rary nek they will be 1 The probability Is, hivsvex, that Batter wilt be again defeated. Tkt CrNTAaL Oaoax an un Tin an Trait — The Chronicle, tbe Administration organ in '--hingtoo, expanded itself last Friday morn- Ugtn a three column article upon three Freaf* dmtial Terms for Grant. The Chronicle's art!- tie for a fonrth term for Grant wiH probably he exteaded to four columns, and so on. That paper Insists that President Grant ehcntd be pet before the people for re election. It says that If be deatree the Presidency for a third Urea be can have It, for the people have learned le trust the baud that has guided-the Ship of Bute uo safely through so many perils, and they •ill keep him at tbe helm as long as tbe exigen- e wef tbe S;« te may need bim, and hi* willlog- to rv» the eonntry may make him available, article aljo points ont tbe fact that a third tvm was offered Washington by Congress and the Legi&l&tutes of never*! States, while Jeffer son, Madison and Muoroe were each formally by the Legislatures nod political bodies *erte s third term. Auiuu xx a Bjld Wat —Aeoording to the •tar of the Tuscaloosa Times, tbe present ^edition of Alabama moat be trnly bed— ^ expression of the Times, •• appalling.** treasury is bankrupt, her credit is annibi- **tod, labor is deruersl r d, oaeroas taxes y her people to tbe earth. Her public *^ s00 ^ 1 nw threatened with * a* pension, oor- *»on reeks ia all departments of her State pTernment, and so on, until tbo dark picture xnore and more dark and gloomy, ^-at has brought about this sad oosdition of r In Alabama ?** asYa our Tuscaloosa eon- *-porarr. And he replies that “but one rtf "tong* cAn be g ; .ren to the interrog ate wit—the rule of the scalawag, tbe C4r Pei-big5er and the negro, has been the ar- of this diaastrone overthrow of the for- | , - t e and hopes of a proa: commonwealth. A naan's party,* organized, manipulated oonlroiled by native apostates end hireling ’‘-’•c'.urcr# has done the mioehief.'* Tbxt Go—Some months ego It became **-vn to the authorities in Washington that was wrong in the Trenton poet. j 1 —-'*- A detective vu employed, aod in oon- *° J . 0<lon wnh tae Poetmaster, who waa knows ° h- mcooent, the nansl trap* were eet end ‘ ’ Ka,lt Y party was found to be tbeehief clerk' , 'or a oonaiderable time bad been making a •“thing of tt in the way of neing eenoelled "“o*. and oonoeaUcg by false returns bis upon the mooey^rder eeeoont. . , !1>, oonviotton ru thna rendered 00m- 1*"- dehaotive nttitled the eterk that be on parole. The bond of tbe Trenton Poet- eovera hie eonflAentUl eterk, eo that vniie the Government loeee nothing, the ebief , poeket eomething leee than $1000 through the malfeeaaooe of hie subonUnMe. Horn and lienktns. We are informed that the inereaee of acakcs has been eo greet in Georgia “atnet freedom" a* aeriooaly to embarraae planters. One of them told os the other day that he would not be able to gathers luxuriant crop of field peas now ma turing on a piece of low land on aoeoant of the number of anakee there, which were e mortal terror to the negroes ; and for the same reason he was obl'ged to decline cultivating some of the most fertile parte of his plantation. Tfc explanation of this anperabnndant growth of snakes may be found In the feet that vary fa' hogs roam about tbe woods “linct freedom,” or indeed, roam anywhere else. Whenever they attempt to roam in thetr native wilds Sambo ready with his knife, to out their throats aid dress them for his private baking pot. Now tbe bogs were death on snakes, and the bitea and stingi of the latter harmless to the seine. The pursuit and destruction of snakes, indeed, was tbe only sport or diversion aver in dulgvd In by oar plantation hogr, whioh in all other respects took a very sertons aod solemn view of life, end never otherwise indulged In anything approaohlng to levity. But when Simbo slew and baked the last plantation hrg belonging to bi* employer, the snakes found “freedom'* too, and tnoreased and multiplied nntiltbey have corns to be an inconvenience and a terror. And era they also said to be not only very numerous but very bold and aggres sire—make fight and seldom retreat from dis ci very as they use to do. One negro on a plan, tation, we see, lest week, was actually attacked by a highland moccasin, which bit a piece ont of his leg and came near killing him. We in ollne to the opinion that Stmbo will have to oome to terms end egree “wid da white man' to atop bog killing ont of respect to bis owq protection from tha snakes. Planters tell ns tbe snakes are ten times as numerous as they need to be In slave times. THE GEORGI A l’lCESV. Tire Virginia *< Conacrrallves ” and Hr. Davis. Some chap at Washington City, who was bard np for something with whioh to fill np hie daily bndget to the St. Bouts Bepnblioan, tele graphed the other dty that the Virginia “Oon esrvatlves” were greatly disturbed by Mr. Davie’ lata speech at the Montgomery White Sulphur Springs, and even went so far as to ohsrge that Mr. D. was in collusion with the Radicals to defeat the “Conservatives” at the coming election in Virginia. The Republican very properly ridicules tbts bosh, and tells ths Virginians that they greatly over-rate Mr- Davia' influence. We entirely agree with the Bepnblioan as to Us estimate of this Maroh madness of tba Vir ginia “Conservatives." Such drivel is unworthy of a people who have 30,000 white majority, and who have been claiming that they trill snrely bury Radioalism in November. If they osn’t and don't do what they say, they ahonld not endeavor to saddle tbe blame upon Mr. Davis. They had better. In esse of defeat, re fer to the resolutions of their oonventlon for a solution of the difficulty—especially to that one sugar coating Grant That will folly account tor their defeat if one is sustained. They bad a splendid opportunity of patting themselves flat-footed upon the reoord, bnt “policy,” “ex- podlenoy” or some other such jugglery that has keen so suooessfnl in turning over several South ern States to the Radicalsuggested a contrary oourse. Georgia set an example that Virginia might well have followed. She made a square fight and whipped it most glorlotuly. Wo hope Virgins will dc as well 1 bnt when we beer such ntteranoes as the above attributed to her people we don't feel qnlte so snre of it as we would like, Aa Important Decision. Elsewhere will be found a decision of Chief Justice Warner of theSupreme Court—in which Judge Trippe concurred—to the effect “that tbe law forbidding the vitality of judgments on notes whose consideration was slaves, is uneon stitntlonal, and that unless barred by the stat ute of limitations, snnh judgments oan be mads operative.” JnJge MeOay dissented. There were two eases involving this point before the coart. In one of whioh—the one we print to-day—the motion to reinstate on lbs docket was made within tbreo years from its dismissal therefrom, nnder tbe provisions of tijo Constitution of 18G3, which denies to the oonrls any jurisdiction to enforce oontrsols, the consideration of whioh was slaves. The lata deolsion of the Federal Supreme Conrt holding this provision of the State Oonatitntion to be noil and void, has given validity to anoh debts, snd this drolsion by onr State Supreme Conrt will donbtless have a very important effect upon the pecuniary stains of many persons In the State. , The “ Party of frogresa.” The Bepnblioan party is oalled by itself the party of progress. It has been nesriy thirteen years in power, and in that time, says tbe World, tbe government in nearly all the States in whiob that party has been in the ascendanoy has been transformed from one In whieh the people rule to ore in whioh corporations rule. Two of the Vioe Prealdenta of the party have been de bauched by these corporations, the chairmen of the moat important oommittees of Congress have been subsidized by the rings, and half a dozen Senators claiming to ba Bepnblioan Ohristi&n statesmen are tarred with the same brush. The controlling power of the Republi can administration and of the Federal govern ment his made such progress that Its notion is controlled by the e’Zi of Credit Mobilier divl- deeds and the spoils of oontraots, ending in back-salary grabs. Those who were tha deep- sat in all these are foremost in that party and the highest in the oonfidenee of the Republi can administration. This is-progress—in one direction. The I’cuneylvaanlrt Democracy Met at Wilkeebarre an Wednesday to nomi nate candidates for Judge of the Supreme Conrt acd State Treasurer. An attempt to make B. Milton Speer, an ex Congressman who voted fjr and took the back pay, Presi dent was resisted, and Congressman Getz, who defended Spoor, was hissed off tbe floor amid load applause. Ths platform of the Ohio Democrats was adopted, and Messrs. Ludlow, of Philadelphia, and Hutchinson, of Pittsburg, were nominated for Jadge end Treasurer. t rope In Mississippi. The Natchez Democrat says the news from the cotton fislds in that region ta growing rap idly more disoonragiug, especially from the neighborhood of Vidalia and Bake Concordia, where tbe worms have already stripped several plaoes, end are reported in immense armies working vigorously- Some of the fislds just across the river, in fall view of onr blcffj, have, ace Saturday, been entirely stripped of ver. dure. A correspondent of the Newton ledger, writ ing from the northern pert of that county, lays of the crops: “Corn ia good, especially the bottoms end reed-brakee. Some say that they have made more 00ru this season than they have in two preceding ooe*. Cotton ia tha first thing yon see on the plantation. I never raw such a quantity of it before. I ihtok at least two- tbirda of tbe cultivated lands are in cotton. It looks splendid. An average crop will be made no disaster befalls it." Tbe Yiekobarg Times rays that news of de- «traction, actual and contemplated, by the cot ton worm, ia now coming in discouragiogly thick and feat from all directions. A farmer writing to the Memphis Appeal from West Mississippi on the 30th instant, says the boll worm end caterpillars bave rained the cot ton drop of that section of the State in the last six os eight days. They will not mike e bale to etx seres, and that ia the finest oo<ton- grow ing section in the Stale. All they Lave to de pend on now la e few herd bolls, end the farmer will be reined. These are facts. Mb. Hrsstan CczasT, of Atlanta, swiDowed an of laid ream in the “Turf stloon” on Thursday zfternoos,bnt remedies were promptly applied ar.d he will not “band to hi* check” just yeL A Borez ox Ellis street, Atlanta, Occupied by Mr. George Sabhllz wa* horned Tfauroday after noon. causing a low of $800 or $900. The Buard of edacatlon of Atlanta have elected Dr. D. Wills, principal of the Boys’ High School of that city. The Atlanta acd Boruell Narrow gangs railroad is tbe name of a new road that tbe Con- atitntion as ye is to bn built within sixty day*, by Grant, Atrx 'Ud-r A Vo., who will eouunnoe work Monday. It will inn from e point on tha Air Line road thirteen miles from Atlanta, to Rocwell, in Cobb county. The Aia Lise Roes as a Darairn —T ie Atlanta Constitution learns from Col. B Y. Sage, of the Air Line road, that three year* ago tbe road carried 1,100 pensda of gtano acd re turned nine balsa of eocox, Tbe next year it transported 200 tons of gn 100 aid brought back 1,100 bates of cattoo. Laityetr It carried 2. 810 tons of gnaso end brio jht down 10.000 bales of cotton. Sow Moui ”F.cream -x "—The Americas Republican, of Thursday, copies—captions and all—the spexUI telegram from Wanton, Bee oonnty, on Tuesday to the TanTonara AM) Mxasxtcoca. gtvlog aa eceian* of thecicfession of one of the 8mitXvi!le murderer* and credits it to “a oorre«:>oud-n» from Snitbviile writing nnder date of tbe 26 It" ajnnsidering the thermometer this is rather “ebilly.” How To Ffzrzm CaTzapru.ta —The Them asvilte E iterprise hse the following: A farmer, a gentleman of iotelligenoe and observation, nnggexted to ns, e few dtys agn, that oatrrpillars might be prevented by alter cating the cutton land with other crops and breaking np the field# to be planted in oottnn, before cold«leather. He think* tbe cold would destroy vast numbers of the ooeoona, if plowed ont of tba gronrd at the proper time—that fields destroyed by them mart neceiarily pro duce future armies of them from tbe coo onus deposited in tbe eartb, and that changing the field! and plowing before oold weather wiuH eo retard their increase, as at taut, to throw them back upon tbe old periodical visits of from sev en to eight years. Mb. Robert Wnxiauinf Washington coun ty die 1 last Turrdey aged 85 years: and on Son- day night Mayor David F Dickinson of Rich mond county died at MoBean’a station nged 87 years. At one time Mayor D. was a distin guished member of tbe Richmond Bar, end a partner of General Tbrrai* Glrassock. Cbop Ret jots paoa Tab tout Couxtixs—The Conetitutionuliii* rays the bull warm is bneily at work on tba river plantations below that olty. Tho Sinderrvilte H-ra'd reports ornriderable damage from rue - , uni oalerpillar in that seotion. The Albany Central City says rust is doing harm in Worth oonotv, aid a carrespcnilant of tha same paper from B Aer 0 maty says tbe cot- ton crop in thateonity is “< complete wreck.” Hr. War O. Watiow. of Worth coun'y, was bitten by a rattle snake last U >nd*y afternoon, and at last acoonots was oaund.Tod in a very dAngerma condition. The Savannah Newa s*y> O iL John Screven, of that city, has snbaoribed for fifty oopies of tha new paper of the R -v. Okas. E Daems, D. D., of New York, oalled the Christian Age, to be sent to the Culveis ty of Georgii. Mas. Jas. F. Smith, of Washington connty, died last Thursday. Twoof her grown sms have also died this yesr. A Burrow oonnty eow cams home the other day, bnt “left her tail behind her,” in the woods, where it was fouod wrapped around a sapling. So much for fighting without looking well to tbe rear. Death is the Woods.—The SAvannab News of Thnrsdty has the following: Mr. K. D. Oaasels, a well known and hfghly respeotable citizen of Liberty oonnty, while walking on the railroad track near Johnston Station last Friday afternoon. 22d instant, beard a strange noise in the adjoining woods. He pansed for a moment to lirteo, bnt did not folly ascertain what it was. and came on to the sta tion, where he met several gentlemen of his acquaintance. He mentioned the eirenm- atanoo to them and atatt-d that he thought the noise was made by an alligator, but was not osrtain, aa it wa* In tha high wood#, where this creatnrn is seldom feu ad. At bis request some of ths gentlemen proceeded to the spot where be beared this onrtoaa coi#e and found an old gentleman, apparently sixty or sixty five years of eg*, lying dead abnnt e'gbty or ninety yards from the r diroad track.— An inqnest waa held immediately, and tbe Terdict was that be o*me to hie death from some unknown can.e; probably from tnnger or disease, as be bad no marks of violence upon his body. Several papers were found upon bis person, one of wbiob was a letter showing him to be a foreigner, addressed to Mes#ra. Jones A Son, signed Richard Clerk, direoMng Jones A Son to send bim money to the amount of twenty pound*, in ctre of the postmaster, Goldsboro, North Carolina. Tho deoeaeed was ehont five feet six inches in height, dark hair, slightly tinged with gray; bo-;rd of tbe aame color and grey eyea. end wore what Is oalled a sailor’s cap, of brown far. acd wns rather poorly dressed. It was ascertained that he paused Johnston station on the Tuesday after noon previous, acd tbe supposition is that be •topped in this obscure place for his night's rest, when he was taken ill and was noable to reach any house or make his sufferings known. lathe City Conrt cf Angaria,.a few days sinoe, Judge Gonld held that the asie's of a firm oonld not be slopped in tbo hands of a third person for a debt agzinstone of the mem bets of the firm, and refused to allow any eve- denoe, as to ths fnnd garnisheed being'the property of tho defendant only. ■What Capt. Evans Triune s or Poet Rctix, a* a Haebub —dipt. Evan*, of the ship “Lady Dufferin,”that reoently arrived at Port Royal with a cargo consigned to patties in Augusta and Savannah, makes the following statement, which we find in the Chronicle acd Sentinel: ‘My ship, the Lady Dnfferiu, arrived at Port Royal bar on Thursday, 2Xst of Augrut, at 2-30 p. M. We crossed tbe bar at 3 p ar.. carrying thirty feet of water over the bar, at two boars’ Hd». My ship was drawing nineteen feet From the bar to Bay Point I fonrd e’ght to ten fathoms of water. From Bay Point to the wharf I found five to »Sr fathoms of water. We arrived at the wharf at C 30 p. it. andmovid withoo' the aid of a tng. This was my seoond trip. Or the first trip the ship drew twenty- one feet, acd reached tbe wharf without the aid of a tug. acd could have dine ao just as easily had tbe ship drawn twenty.«'X feet, which ts the draught of tbe Great Esstem—the Urgent ahip afloat. The Lsdv Dnfferin is now dtechargiog one hundred and twenty tons cf oofton tie*, from one hatch. I assert that If pushed to do so. I oould discharge three hundred tons per day. The cargo is taken from the »Mp straight way. and without expense of wh#rf*ge or dray- age ia placed on the o#rs and landed in Angosta the following day. I was offered freight for Liverpool at Port Royal, bnt oould not lake it becenae with the cargo for Savsanih my ship would be loaded down to a deoth which would preclude my going beyond Venus Point, ten miles from 8av.mnah. For rtitp* of heavy draught. I consider Port Royal the best port on the South Atlautio ooash” Conznuatan that Grant, if re-*looted et alt, will owe hie elovettou hereafter, as beretofors, to the negro voton, we euggiet that "Pompey- lam” would bo a better aria for hie ambition then the “Cieaarion" now ao current.—Pfieri- burg Appeal. BY TELEGRAPH. Joins the ‘•Grancrrs,’* Kasby has turned up out in 44 lUinoj,** where, with a lot of bn ken down political hacks and efSzs seekers, he is running the Grangers strong. For the b:-ce£i of the same class in Georgia, we quote the following to 6how how they ought to get th*ci?e«Y*s up ts to oostume in order to get a g»d bold on the farmers. He BMrn: We hev assoosed a cartoon In soerrdanee with our cew sgriculrooral dep&rcher. We hev hesTY stogy boot*, bioo o*»r->.«uU tccV#*d into em. hickory shirt*, and brcal-brimmed chip- hats. We etch uv u« carry n blxck snake whip, instead of sesin, and snrUkle hp.y in oar hair every morning. Blathers ia so enlhocsi- sstic th a he daubs day on his boon every morniu, acd Biilins lock a whet stun acd rebbed the inside uv his hands three d«ya iadastrions- ly to get up a a*tiaf»etry ciDaa. We aidreen Mch other cz Farmer Billin'. Farmer Blither?, Farmer Pettu*, *cd Farmer Na.-by, and cur conver*&tob'*n ia price.pally aboz! sgricaI:oor&l matter*. Tbe other ec^ea i r.r, mcr* z :■*! however than dis-reahua ic thi* direct:Lno. BiUins wrw out in tbe country u*. and look- iog wise ez he passed a field of wheat, se J that them wcz tbe beat looiin wiut-r oats be hid mod he wondered whether tbo farm ers uv that section planted corn yet in Octo ber. He had found it better to sub-to.1 it in September, so es to give it a good start to pre* ▼apt WmUr-killin. OAT DISPATCHES. Tbe Xathanfi Murder—Tonfe«elon of an Alleged accomplice In tue Tragedy. Six Fa an cisc 3, August 29.—A man rutro-d Irvir?, in jail here, confesses complicity in the murder of Mr. Nathan*, in New York. He thinks tbe name of his confederate was lie* Killy. The housekeeper** sou got them to do the murder at tbe suggestion of Washington Nathan*. The basement door way left open. Irving and his companion* remained in the dark a ’me time, when a man oome down who said, “I have finished tbe old man.** They then wen*, up stair*. Irving say* he b&s In his house, in New York, some stocks, and a memorandum book, partly written in Hebrew, which he tmk from tb» old m%n. We only got between §6,000 and §7 000. living gives graphio de tails of the murder. A committee of surgeon* could not determine hi* sanity. He came here as a sailor m a Brilub ahip. The 5atban« Mnrder Confession. New Yoax. Aaeu«* 29 —It ia ascertained that John T. Iiv.og. who b*s been arretted in San Fraoefaco on hi3 own ooafemiou as an acoom- p!ioe in the murder of Bar j Nathans, is a well known New Yjik thief and burglar. His story ia probably false and invented as a means procuring a free ratura here. . Loyalty in Brooklyn. New You Angu*t 29 —Ex-deputy Brooklyn City Treasurer K •dm tu han been arrested on char?* of defaloitioa, to th9 amount of $203,000. F tribe*. S *venty labor? employed in rebuilding the Standard O.l-w irks ntmek beoause none of tbe society men were employed. They attacked the workmen. Tbe police restored order, and finally escorted tbe non-eociety men home. Burled In Potters* Field. Michael Angelo McPherson, who spent $25 000 ia the dafenoe of his brother, Daniel, for tbe murder of Albert D. Biobaidaon, died lut evening in Bellevue Hospital, and, h&viDg no friends, will be buried in pottera* field. Tbe Sbownlter Murder. BAiaTiznBX, August 29.—Show liter, who cut his wifu’ri throat fatally with a razor, and then his own, linger? at the hospital, and i? very vio lent. He has been put ia a xhort jacket and has not alluded to hi?crime. He was, original ly, from Uuiontowo, Alabama—studied medi cine aod graduated ia New York. Mrs Sbnwal ter, then a widow, waa urntroo of the OoLfade- rate hospital at Peters onrg. where Bhowaiter was assistant surgeon. He coacraoted .the small pox and the lady cureed him. The hos pital surgeons say Siowa’ter was perfectly sane when brought to the hospital lad night. Mr?. 8howaiter wa? Miss Career, of L\rcAster coon ty, Virginia. Railway Collision. P..uqhksipsie. AngU”t 29 —The seoond At. Untio express train ran into the rear of the firat train a mile «ju*h of Montgomery. Sev eral pa?feeng-rs were hart. Deutb of Fatb«r Kane. New Orleans, August 29 —Father Richard Ktne, editor-in-chief of the Ecgiiah part of the Pr^p^gdore C.tholique, died thia forenoon, aged 41 y-ar*. He waa Professor of Greek in St. ll*r j’rt College, and graduated M. D. at 18. Thrown rrom a street Car. Tj< uihViLLE, Angnst 29 —Captain Edwin flolduruoKH w.m thrown from a street car yes terday. and died of hia irjuries to-day. The deo M n'«ed w :a one of the pioneer* of the tobacoo trade in thia city. ftnrder of n Jnds*. Little Rook. August 29 —Jadge Elisha Mear-s of the Tenth Jadicial Circuit Conrt of Clarksville, J.liason county, was mortally wounded while going home to dinner. He died at one o*olock to-day. Railway Ace’deat. Tebbx Haute, August 29.—A collision be tween a paymaster’.* and gravel trains occurred to-day on the Vandilu road. Six are badly in jnred. The Great Storm—Fearful Losses. Halifax, Angu«t 29 —At Sidney, Cape Bre ton, tbo Presbyterian Church was lifted thirty feet The wharves wore damaged—six bridges swept away, and $75,000 damage inflioted on shipping. Thirty vessels are aahore at Point Caledonia. It ia feared many lives are loet. The north aboi© of Prince E !ward’s Inland ia literally strewn with wrecks. The 1< s -ea by the Halifax underwriter* a? far aa known are $2. 000.000. Postal Cons:res*. .Berne. Swiizzelind. August 28.—The pro j »eted Ivernaiiondl Postal Congress here is abandoned. From Germany—R ot* In Lelpsla: Berlin, August 29 —The Roman Catholio Bishop K^In, bas been sentenced to pay a fine of fonr hnndred thalers for an infraction of the Ecclesiastical laws, in ordainieg clergymen with out obtaining tho eanotion of the State authori ties. A di»p* f cb from L»fp«ng says riots have oc curred there in which a number of peasants were ir jnred. The authorities were oompelled to eall out the troops, who dispersed the rioters and restored older. Tbe city is now tranquil, bnt tbe troopl are posted at various points so as to be in readme.** to prevent any repetition of any disturbance?. It i9 not stated what oocaaiooed tbe riot*. NIGHT DISPATCHES. Pens lone. Washington, August 29 —The distribution of $8,0<)0.Chi0 in pensions commences on Thurs day. Toe biennial cximioation of pensioners alto com miners on Thursday. Surgeons are instructed to make the elimination thorough. A Pos *al Card Quarrel. The Po-t-doe Department is qmrrelliDg with contractor* over the inferior quality of tbe poaralcaida. Train Behind. Washington, Angust 29 — The northern train ia ru Uonr and a half behind, missing con nection inland, bnt connecting on the coatit. A Naval Note. Chief Engineer A. J. Kierated is ordered to Norfolk as inspector of michinery afloat, vice J. B K mball, ordered to report as fl;at engin eer of tbe K jrth Pacific squadron. Another Railroad Nlunghfer. Detroit, Mxcz., Angust 29.—Tba night ex press west on the Detroit and Milwankee rail road, consiaiiug of a baggage car, two passen ger coaches, one sleeping ear and two emigrant cars, last night became disabled in oonsequenoe of tbe engine throwing eff a driving wheel, about a mile east of Muir. It waa followed by a through freight train, which ran into tbe rear p is.-enger coach, killieg four women and one child and ir j anng ten other persons—emigrant?. Medical assistance was at once procured. None of the injured are dangerously wounded. Tbe Cropi ont West. Chicago, Augmt 29 —The Tribune has orop reports irom about forty conntiee in Illinois, embracing the greater part of the eorn growing portion of the State, and from twenty counties in different parts of Iowa. With the exception of half of the counties in I linois, all put the corn crop at only from one-half to two-thirds of an average yield, though in some localities, where the yield will* be short, there ia greater acreage planted than U3nal. Reports from Iowa vary similar to those in Illinois. Drought has ir jnred the corn very m&Tteri&lly, and tbe on is so far advanced that rain would hardly berefi: it. 4 Tbe Self-Sfyled Nathans Murderer. New York, August 29.—The Nathans murder was committed July 29, 1871. John T. Irving wae arrested the following day in Hoboken, here he was concealed, the charge being bur* glory and robbery. ~ Later.—It tnrn3 out that Irvicg’s arrest in Hoboken was a year previous to tbe Nathan murder. The New York police believe he waa in the State prison in July, 1871. Death lrom Abortion. Fxi.TT3f ;be, August 29 —Louisa Roaa, a young girl disinterred at HRgerstown for exadtination showed that abortion prodnoed her death, i woman acd a min were arrested. The affair les excitement throughout Washington connty. Murderer Haorcd. Cairo, Illinois, August 29.—William 0. Campbell was hanged to-day for murder. The fall broke his neck. He died axnoet instantly. Mitchell Cogswell Respited. Savannah, Ga., August 29.—Mitchell Cogs- •x-c... the cesrj sentenced to be hang today, was respited for fire days by the Governor. It VtaS alleged that he waa insane. lisle Dyfnjf. Dover. N. H., August 29.—Ex-Senator John P. Haleisdyirg. sjaop«i$ Weather fitateneat War Dap’t, Otfice Chief Sional Offices, WashicgtoQ, August 20. Prob&b'litiea—In the northwest and upper lake region the pressure will diminish slightly, with fc-gh temperature, light soctheasterly to eouibwrs; wind* and clear, or partly cloudy wea'.htr; for New £oi;l$od, the northern por tion cf the Middle States and lower lake re gion, less pressure, slightly riaieg temper ature, light southeasterly to westerly winds and partly eloudy weather; from the Middle mud Atlantic Coast, sou>hwestward over tbe South Atlantic aod Eastern Gulf States, high barometer acd light, variable winds, with areas of rain; for the Ohio Valley ai$d Tonniwm. Baignt cloudiness, with northeast to southeast winds and high temperature oa Saturday. Tbe Thunderer on «he Iron Traffic. London, August 29.—The Times, this morn ing, has an editorial on the iron question, the burtken of which is that in one of the finest markers England ever passessed, the trade in i: L|beicg gradually dosed to her. Her disasters iu direction are cot ended. The United Stales i« competing successfully for the control of tie iron traffic with Canadi, South Am 1 acd West Indies. They bave contested, under national disadvantages, bnt have best«u England in spite of these. She cannot •fforlto idle acd sleep away her time and wAste her nooey while competing with thrifty, active and intelligent na’iocs. Tbe Times thicks tench of tbe blame for this state of things it describes should fall upon strikers and trades unions. Loss of a Strip. A telegram from L:v*rpool announces the loss of the British ship T. E. Lemon. A portion of the e»w were drowned. Rebellion In tbe FIJ! Islands. Later advices from the F>jt Islmds are to the effect that a rebellion has broken out, and the rebels have mnrdered a cumber of white settlers. Late Spanish Intelligence. Madrid, August 29.—The Oarthagena inrur gent? bare liberated all the Osrlist prisoners ’ that city. The Carlisle, in tarn, liberate all Communist prisoners who happen to fall into their hands. Many Communists who have been inchoated in recent excesses, are fleeing to the Carlist lines and enlisting Gen. Campos has twenty-four Krupp guns in positiou before Carthsgens. Admiral Lob os is at Gibraltar with hia squad roc. Dr. Nbowaiter Dead. Baltqc'ire, Augost 29.—Dr. Showaller, who CQt his wife's and his own throat, is ddid. MIDNIGHT DINPATCTH-S* Report of the Wavnuet Commission. Washington, August 29 —Tbe report of the Wswasset 8i earn boat Commission is in the hands of the Secretary of the Treasury. Though not yet officially promulgated, it is understock that the first recommendation is the prosecu* tion of the Potomao Ferry Company for em< plojing in their service a captain and mste known to them to be nnlicecsed officers, and in violation of the exiting rules governing tbe s.eamboat service of the United States. It ^lso condemns them for allowing either the officers or crew of the Wawasset to engage as hucksters in the traffic of melons, fruits, vegetables, eto tbe prodao s of the Virginia and Maryland shores. Second—Tho prosecution of Capt. Woods and the mate, Mr Gravett, for accepting and serv ing in their respective positions, in violation cf steamboat law. holding that ignorance in either esse is no cxcu«e. It is understood that the report reoommends tbe revocation of tbe license cf the engineer for engaging in business as a trader, and for his failure to apply snoh means as were at his command to check the course of tbe fire. Tbe officers are also condemned for not mak ing an attenpt to distribute tbe life-preservers and lower the meialio life-boat; a’si, for fail ing to have a fire organization. Tbe Commission will report, that in their opinion the origin of the fire is shrouded in mystery. Arms for Georgia. General Young, member of Congress snd agent for the State of Georgia, receipted to- day for $35,009 worth of arms for that State. Tho allowance includes one bAttery of artillery, several thousand stand of smtll arms. 300 pistols and sabres for csvilry. and fired am- mnoition and equ'pments nf ceseary. General Young reports that the arms he has secured are of the most approved style. Irvins: a Frand. New York, August 29.—All advices indicite that Irving, who confesses to implication in the Nathans murder is a fraud. Jadge Caxdezo. who took an aotive part in endeavoring to find the murderer of Nathans, nays there is no doubt that the real murderer is Forrester, who is now in prison, and in time will be able to prove Forrester to bo guilty qf that atrocity. Car- dozo says Irving's story is a bungled affair from beginning to end. Fort Sill. St. Lons, August 29 —Advrors from Fort Sill 6ay General Davidson left the Fort to op erate agiinst the Indians, leaving only three companies to garrison the Fort. Much appre hension cxistR here that the report of the mas sacre may be true. Trl».Iof Nfeana Canal Boats. Albakt, Angust 29 —The final trial of steam canal boats for the award of $100,000 offered bv the S‘ate, came* ff on Tuesday, October the 14th, between Syrhonse and Utica. A Fatal Cave. Caiso, August 29.—A gravel pit caved near the village of Ridge, Llinois, and killed five. Expedition Against tue Ashantees. London, August 29.—The British Govern ment decided to-day to send an expedition from Cape Coast Castlo against the Ashantees. Sir Garnett Wolsely will command tbe expedition and will be accompanied by a distinguished staff of his old colleagues, of the Red xiver, in addition to twenty seleoted officers, who are to organize the n&tive Fdntee livies 15,000 strong. No British troops will accompany tbe expedi tion, bnt two battalions will be kept in resdi ness to oo operate if required. The expedition will leave the coast about New Year, and will return in March. Tbe operations are to be con fined to the cold season. Toe A^hautees must be driven home. Coomss3ie, the capital of Ashantee, has been borne d. No Room for Emigrant Agents. Berlin, August 29 —The government has ordered the expulsion of emigrant agents who afe not German subjects. Cotton Culture In India. A correspondent in Calcutta writes to the Fall Mall Gazette that Sir George Campbell is endeavoring to improve tbe cotton crop of Ben gal. Hitherto the Baugal cotton has been short in fibre and low in price. The climate acd tho soil hold ont a reasonable expectation of pro ducing a more vilnab’e staple, and the Lieut Governor has gone into the pnjtot with his charaoteristio energy. European enterprise oan produce a fibre in lower Baogal but little, if at all, inferior to the S ja Island cotton. But Eu ropean enterprise cannot make it pay. An Eag- li/ih planter or agriculturist must obtain so large return on his capital and supervision in In dia that be cannot compete with the native husbandmen in the actual roaring of any or dinary crop. Thn% the indigo planter doe* not himself grow the indigo which he macnfac- turos Into dye. The tea-planter cultivates his garden with a prefi: only b*oan;e he has to im port labor from a distance for the purpose, and his skill in organization thus comes into play. Sir George Campbell has, therefore, endeavored not au much to direct British capital to tbe ac tual cultivation of cotton as by practioal experi ments and a wider diffusion of knowledge on the subject to enable the native husbandman to enhance the value of bis crop. A series of offi cial papers is published in tbe Bengal Gazette on the subject Bengal has already the mon opoly of the jate fibre, and if its peasantry oonld only learn to mil.ze their advantages in soil and climate, they might, within the next twenty years, revolutionize the cotton trade of the world. It is satisfactory to find that the offi cial feeling against British enterprise in India disappearing in the presence of the actual resolts. TVbale Canght b/ Telegraph Cable* When the Atlantio cable was first laid one danger was thought to menace it near shore— the dragging anchors of ships; and qne in deep sea, the probable znuning against it of large fishes. The latter was treated by scientists a* absorb. A remarkable incident that happened this summer to tho Indian cable, three hundred miles long, between Kanachee snd Gwadur, proves that after all very strange things happen the depth of the sea. The cable broke aod, ships were tent to repair it. They grappled it, but on winding in the cable unusual resistance was experienced, as if it were foul of rocks, but after persevering for some time the body of an immense whale, entangled in the cable, was brought to the surface, when it was found be firmly 6ecated by two and a half turns of the cable immediately above the tail- Sharks and other fish had partly eaten the body, which was rapidly decomposing, the jaws faking away on retching the surface. The tail, which measured folly twelve feet across, was perfect, and covered with barnacles at the extremities. The sea being too rough at tbe time to make use of the boats, an attempt was made to haul the whale on beard, but i:s own weight broke it away from the injured cable as soon as it was above the surface. Apparently, the whale was at the time of entanglement using the cable to free itself from parasites, such aa barntdes, which annoy these animals that sea very much, and the cable, hanging in a loop over a submarine precipice, he proba bly, wiih a fillip of bis tad, twisted it rextud bins, and tuns came to au untimely end. A Startling E-<npa *aox the Grays — Baltimore, August 27.—A dispatch from West chester, Md , says; Wm. A, Matthias, aged 22 years, died at was supposed, at 3 o’clock fc'mu- day evening, of brain fever; the body was plaoed on ioe. Yesterday when the family had imbled for the faneral services it was notioed the skin had assumed a natural appearance, and examination showed life was not extinct Physicians were oalled, and Matthias ia reeover- ing. The Ccniiog Ilog Crop* We take the following from the Drovers* Journal, of Chicago. It possesses value as statistical statement: Toe entire number of hrgi produced in the West for the last packing se»tou did not fall far short of C 000,000, if we add the large number of Western hogs that were packed in Canada and our Eastern c ties to the number that was packed at tbe various packirg points in the West, and we now expect to see the number for the coming sea ion reach fuliy 6 000.000, and we ex pect to see them made fat enough to weigh as heavy as any equal number of begs have ever weighed heretofore. We expect to &ee this re sult because it will be the only course that farm erscan take fer getting rid of a goed’y part of their corn supply at something like living prices, and wh le we dvr not expect to nee an over-sup ply of pork, we do not believe it will bo pru- dent or 6afe for those engaged in raising hogs to expect any better prices than were real’zad during the past packing season for hogs, say 365 to 425 pounds as th* extreme range of prioas at Chicago. With all the world at peace, every sound operator knowa that it would never do to pack such a number of hogs as we now-a-days have to deal with, at prices that would give any material check to the freest possible consump ticn of the product both at home and abroad. Br the United S:ates census report ia*ely published, the whole number of hog* in all the States and territories is given at 25,131.569. Of this large aggregate Illinois has the largest number of any State, 20,703 363; Missouri shows 2 306 530; North Carolina, 1.975 215 Indiana, 1,872 230; K^ntuckv, 1.837,227; Ten, 1.828,690; Ohio, 1.728,998; Iowa, 1, 353 908. These are the eight heaviest hog rais ing States ia the Union. Among the smaller 8tates Vermont has 46.345; Maryland, 49,178 Maine, 45 760; Oaoneciioat, 51 9S3. The en tire number of hogs in either one of thsse four Scutes is but little over tbe number that has been recaived at the Uaioo Stock yards in a sin pie day. Ia Kics-is aud Nebraska the sapplj of hogs is increasing at an arnaz ngly rapid rate, those two youog States beiDg eminently fitted with soil and climate for the production of corn and hog?. _ A Gunpowder Pile Driver.—Thf re was ex bibited on Monday afternoon, at the whatf of Mr. Wendell Bdlman, Canton, a pile driver, the motive power of wbech was gunpowder. The machine is the invention of Henry Vogler, of Baltimore, and doe* its work in an effective and quick manner. It consists of a large gun- cap, wnioh fits on the he&i of the pile to be driven into the mud, and on the osp is placed a percus sion cartridge, invented by B. O. Niooll, of this oity. The hammer is held in its plaoe over the cap by means of a brake, and to start ths same on its downward course a brake under the con trol of a person at the foot of the machine re leases it, causing it to descend with lightning like velocity upon and exploding Lh6 cartridge, which in turn forces tbe hammer back to its old position, where it is h*!d by tho brake before spoken of. At the test Monday a pile was driven eleven feet through a hard bottom in the spaoe of fonr minates. Mr. O. P. Manning, civil en gineer, and several other scientific gentlemen witnessed the working of this nsw fashioned pile driver, and expressed themselves highly satisfied with its effectiveness and saving of labor.—Baltimore Sun. T HI3 un»ivalled medicine is warranted cot to contain a single particle of Mercury, or any injurious mineral subst&nco, but is PURELY VEGETABLE. For FORTY YEARS it has proved its g*eat val ue in all diseases of tbe Liver, Bowele and Kid neys. Thousands cf the good »nd great in all parts of the country vouch for its wonderful and peculiar power in purifying tho Blood, stimulating the toroid Liver and Bowels, and imparting new life and vigor to tho whole system. SIMMONS* LIVEK REGULATOR is acknowledged to have no equal as a LIVER MEDICINE. It contains four medical elements, rover unitsd iu the same happy proportion in any other prepar ation, viz. a gentle Cathartic, a wonderful Tonic, an unexceptionable A terative and a certain cor rective of all impurities of the body. Such signal succ?e9 has attended its use, that it is now regard ed &b tbo GREAT UNFAILING SPECIFIC For Liver Complaint and the painfnl offspring thereof, to wit; DYcJPEPSIA CONST 11* All ON, Jaundice, Bilious attacks, SICK HEADACHE, Colio, Depression of Spirits, BOOR 8TOMAOH, Heart Bara, eto. eto. Begulate the Liver acd prevent CHILLS AND FEVER. SIMONS’ LIVER RESULATOR Is harmless, Ia no drastic, violent mcdic’no, Ts sure to cure if taken regularly, Is no intoxicating beverage, Is & ffcultlees family medicine, Is tho cheapest modicine in the world. Is given with safety and the happiest results to tho most delicate infant. Does not interfere with business. Dees not disarrange the syntem. Takes tho placo of Qiinine and Bitters of every kind, Contains the simplest and best remedies. SIbmi!’ Liver leplator, tie Great Family Mi®, I, mann.'«tu.e J only by J. H. ZEILINT & CO.. MACON, GA., and PHILADELPHIA. Price ?l fO per nackago; aleo, prepared ready for uee in bottiee, 81 CO. SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS. Beware of all Counterfeit* and Imitations. PEB805AL. It may be observed that no attempt Is made to hnnt up out-of-the-wav. o- linker wa places, to find na-nea to Ldoree BIMMONB* LlVZB REGULA TOR. Hon. Alexander H. Stephens Jno. W. Beckwith, Bishop of Ga. General Jno B. Gordon. Hon. Jno OP Shorter ex-Govercor of Ala. Bev David Willis, D D.. President Ogletnorpe College. Bisuop Pierce (of Ga ) Hon. James Jackson (firm TIowellCobb A James Jackson). Attorney at Law, Macon, Ga. Jno. B. Cobb* B. L Mott, Columbus, Ga. Yellow Fever I Yellow Fever I Where is the antidote? Header, yon will find it in the timely use of Bimmouo’ Liver Regulator This vegetable cathartic and tonic has proven iteelr a sure PREVENnVE and cure of all diseases of the Liver and Bowels. Cholera.—No danger from Cholera If the liver in proper order, and ordinary prudence in diet observed. The occv*iooal taking of Simmons* Liv- Bcgnlator. to keep the system healthy, will ely prevent attic .8 of Cholera. july2.1eodAwlv• EXTRACTS FROM GEORGIA STATE FAIR! COMMENCING October 271!;, 1873! CENTRAL CITY PM MACON, GrA. .......a ro .. 60 60 60 25 100 FOR SALE. NE of the meet desirable places in Vin6ville t contaning 45 acres, good wells of wa- oomfortab'e improvemirnta. with wood enough last a family r four or five years. 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For best and largest display garden vegt&blcs. 25 For largest yit»l«l upland ot'on. one acre For best crop lot upland short staple cotton, not less than five bales 600 For beet one bale upland short staple cotton.. 100 (and 25 cents per pound for the bale) For best bale upland long staple cotton 400 (and 25 cents per pound paid for the bale) For tho best oil painting, by a Georgia lady... 100 For the boat display cf paintings, drawings, eto. by the pupils of one school or college For tbe best made Bilk dress, done by a lady of Georgia not a dress*maker. For best made home-spun dress, done by a lady of Georgia not a dress-maker For best piece of tapestry in worsted and floss, by a lady of Georgia For beat furnished baby basket and oompleto set of infant clothes, by a lady cf Georgia.. For handsomest eet of Monchoir case, glovo box and pin-cushion, made by a lady of For best half dozen pairs of cotton sock", knit by a lady over fifty years of age, (in golo).. For best half dozen pairs of cotton socks, knit by a girl under ton years of age (in gold)... For the finest and largest display of fema’o handicraft, embracing needlework, embroid ery, knitting, crocheting, raised woik, etc., by ooe lady..*.. For tho boet combination horse... For tho i eat saddlo horse 100 For tho best style harno*B hors a.. For the lire best matched double team. 100 For the best stallion, with ten of hi* colts by hisaide 260 For tho best gelding 250 For thol>(8t eix-mu!o team 250 For the best single mulo. 100 For the best milch cow 100 For the best bull 100 For tho best ox team l r 0 For tho boat bow with pigs 60 For tbo largest and finest collection of domes tic fowls 100 For tho best bushel of corn 25 For tho best bushel of poa« 25 For tho beat bushel of wheat 25 For the best bushel of sweet potatoes 25 For tho best bushel of Irish potatoes 25 For the beet fifty stalks of sugar cane 60 For tbe best result on one acre in any forago crop 160 For tho largest yield of corn on one acre.... 100 For the l&rgeet yield of wheat on one aero...* 60 For the largest yield of oats on one acre.... 50 For tho largest yield of ryo on one aero 60 For the best result on one acre, in any cereal crop 200 For tho best display tnade on tho grounds, by any dry goods merchant.... 100 For tho boat display made by any grocery merchant 100 For tho largest and best display of green house plants, by one person or firm 100 For the best brass band, not less than ten per formers 250 (and $50 extra per day for their music.). For the best Georgia plow Block 25 For the best Georgia made wagon (two horse) 60 For tho beat Georgia made cart 25 For boat stallion four years old or more 40 For best preserved horse over 20 years old.... 25 For beet Alderney bull 60 For best Devon bull 60 For best collodion of table app es grown in North Georgia-. 60 For best collection of table apples grown in Middle Georgia 60 Pickles and Sances. A LLSPICE. White Mustard Seed, Guiger, Celery Seed, Cloves, Anise Seed, Pepper, Cinnamon, Nutmegs, Tumeric, Mace, Muttard. As the season for putting up Tickles and Sauces is at hand, buyeis will find a full line of the abovo articles at my store. I have a large number of empty Bottles suitab’o for putting up Cateup, eto., which I will sell at 25 cents per dozen. Also, a quantity of one and two gallon Jogs, at 5 cents per gallon. ICE COLD SODA WATER ! With delicious Fruit Syrups, i s dispensed drily from Tuft’s Arctic Fountain ROLAND B. HALL, Comer Cherry street and Cotton Avenue angC6 tf One of the most efficient and valuable of the MINERAL SPRINGS OF VIR3INIA, Made portable and easily transmissible, oven by mall, in the form of a mass, which has boon entitled Alum and Iron Muss, A product obtained from the excalloot Alum Wells in Washington county, Virginia, Dr. Lancaster, proprietor, by the proesre of «vap.''rat ; ou ari'l pos- sesBicg all the w mderfnl virtatr- « t ?h« water in a concentrated, cheap, and convonieat I trm. ’Ihe Mass is a fin•• touic, altCa-auvo and absorb ent, and is especially u*efal to l&dios. It has been universally approved and Endorsed by Ihe Medical Profession, Wherever introduced, both aa a desideratum in their materia, and as tbo b st popular remedy ever offered, and has never failed to givo oath/notion. For sale by JOHN JNGAt.LR. augl7tf hole Agent. SODTH MACON DRUG STORES Prescription Department. I have secured tho services of MR. R. N. HOPKINS FROM LOUIbVILLE, KENTUCKY, W HO will have obarga of my proscription de partment. Mr. H. comes h glily recom mended as an experienced and careful pbarmacmiat and by promptness and attention to business, ha will commend Inra.-elf to the p»tron«go cf the citi zens of Month Macon. My preecript ou department has been etirolv re-oiganized and supplied with a fresh stock of drugs and modicines. S. D. EVERETT, Drugget. jalvl8eod“m Fourth street, near Arch. JAQDES & JOHNSON,, Agents far tha e&!o of BLACKWELL’S GENUINE DURHAM SMOKING TOBACCO. Trade (applied at Lowest Prices. &ug?8acdtf SWEET WATER MILLS (EAST TENNESSEE) SOLD BUST XXII FLOUR, MOSS ROSE XU FLOUR, VALLEY GREEN XX FLOUR, In Stand 49 Pound Sacks. For Brie by SEYMOUR, TIXSLEY & CO. r.ugl5tf REGATTA; Race one mile down Btrcam on Ocmulgee River, under the rulee of the Regatta Association of M aeon. For tho fastest four-oared sholl boat, race open to the world $15Q For the fastest double-scull shell boat, race open to the world bo Fer the fastest single-scn'l shell boat, raco open to the world 50 Forthe fastest four-oared canoe boat, race open ■ to tbe world B0 (3y canoe ia meant a boat hewn from a leg, without waeh-boarda or other additions.) The usual entry fee of ten per cent, will be charged for the Regatta premiums. MILITARY COMPANY. For the best drilled volunteer military compa ny of not lees than forty members, rank and file, open to the world f 750 At least five entries iequired. RACES. PUB8E ONE—1C00. For Trotting Horses—Gforgia raised; mile heats, best two in throe. let horse to receive $200 2d hoise to receive 75 3d horse to receive ... 25 prnsETWO—$150. For Trotting Horses that have never beaten 2:40 mile beats, beet two in tbreo. 1st horse to receive $300 2d horae to receive 100 3d Larue to receive FT USE THBEE— $150. For Trotting Horses—open to the world; mile beats, best three in five. 1st horae to receive $500 2d horse to receive K 0 3d horse to receive 50 ptbse r ora—$350. For Running Horses—open to tbe world; twc-mi!e heats best two in three. 1st horse to receive..^. $250 2d horse to 100 pubss five—$300. For Bannirg Horses—open to the world; two mile heats, best two in three 1st horse to receive „_..$3C6 iubsx six—$500. For Running Horees—open to the world; three- mile heats, best two in thres. 1st horse to receive.... ...$500 The above Premiums will be contested for nnder the rules of tbe Turf. Tbepitual entry fee of 10 per cent, on the &m:unt of the purse will be charged- • COTJNTY EXHIBITIONS 1. To the county which (through its Society orClab») shall farniuh ths largest atd finest display, in merit and variety, of stock, products and result* cf home in dustries, ailraired, produced or matufoc- tnred in the county .... Second best do 3. Third boat do 4. Fourth bast do •• aa) Entriw to be made at the August Convention in ^Articles contribited to the Con ty Exhibitions can also oompet. for specific pre-i ms in toe Pre mium Lias : for instance, a tue*. may contribute to tbe Exhibition of bis cmntj a bushel of Bread Corn, be can then enter it, individnally, lor pre mium 1*4- JnnriSeod id Lucj Cobb Institute, ATHENS, GA. MRS. A. E. WRIGHT, Principal. T HE Fourteenth Annual Session will commer ce on th3 10th d*y of Beptmber, 1873, with a full corps of Teachers. Terms Per Year. Primary Department $ tO ^0 Academic Department, Latin luclnded...... 40 oo Collegiate Department, •• “ 6100 Board per month VO »»* For further information apply to *.he Pnnc pal. or to JOHN H. NEWTON, President Board of Trustees Lamab Ccbb, Secretary. aug3tuAwe 14w Notice in Bankruptcy. IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE UNITED BTATEd, FOB THE SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF GEORGIA. In the matter of Richard R # Davis, Bankrupt. T O WHOM IT MAY CONCERN.—This is to give notice once a week for three weeks that I have been appointed assignee of Richard B. Duvir, Bankrupt, wno was, upon his own petition, ad judged a bankrupt by said District Court. Given under my hand, at Morgan. Calhoun coun ty, Ga , this 7th August. A- D. ib73. JESSE H. GRIFFIN, Assignee EsL of Bictard B. Davie. Baukiupt. angl3w3w* $1000 ATTENTION SPORTSMEN ! New Tori State Sportsmen’s Association. EXTRACTS F20M “REPORT 07 CO» MlTTXE CM STAND- ADD 70B 6HOT. n A LL manufacturers wi 1 have .even^sTy to conform, when rportmen rtquire that their shot shall compare with the standard of exceilenco which your committee has fixed. Upon the most critical examination, jour com mittee have determined to adopt as the “Ayem- o*.2T ht*ndard” the sc'ile presented to uu by Meaere- Tho* Otis Le Boy A Co . New York. R. NEWELL, Chairman, N.*M. SMITH. F. G- 8IONNB& . SpDitsmea and dealers desirous of having the above ^cai-E. or any information relative thereto, con promptly obtain the «$ms by applying to THOS- OTIS LE ROY A CO , New Yoik. Janfe28deod3m ONLY MANUFACTORY In this countiy where 100111186118,0311165563 — AND — Patent Wire Heddles Are mado under one management. Also, SUPPLIES used in COTTON and WOOLEN 51IL.La promptly foruUhod- D. U. BROWN, _July24 6.n Lowell, Mass , U. 8. FRENCH'S NEWlSom* C on. CORTLANDT and NEW CHURCH 8 , NEW YORK. On the European Plan RICH- AtiD P. FURNOH, son of the late Colorel Bichard French, of Frenon's Hotel, has taken this Hotel, newly fitted np and entirely renovated the same*’ Centrally located m tue BasiDees Part of tbe Dity. Ladies* and Gentle; usn's Dining Booms attacheu«- JaneI9tf G EORGIA. BIBB CODNTY.-Notice is hereby given that ray wife, Louisa B. Green, baa my full permission to do business on her own ©o- CQunt as a free trader _ aug8 lawiw JAMES W. GREEN.