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The daily new era. (Atlanta, Ga.) 1865-1869, December 15, 1866, Image 1

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the daily era. mai wr *i HM BirrioK ■ IMU,. K. * ».ij, ru— »—>4. i* asr. <■*■!»«■> ....... 2 m KiTII ttv AOVKHTISIftu. 7W*k W qUm Two Mentha. Wosth <—**•“" i**— *S’J Th.l(nm n*-> *#■ M 's * «■ «■ 4u e n>. »<w «Mi *•“* Utanrw tvaunan *»•- ,Jk * H.r • A4<* »* * j* Ta-eUarOa x U« ■»«-. im*.'* Om Mmu I Huh luu m> IJ»*.-d MmUMSKiita If • w*fwr |>fv»l «*» ,hf,# ■pn.lha vtil I*. UMrTWxi at a 4*m»Ux U"b us tarot* |- r •nL fr*u lit* ate.*. rates gur nr* al M Hus* or Ww. if Ikr Rml rnwr Bn. It Mill ftt -W> «Mhs*qN**H iuNftlAj. •*» MU T<*Na# •«*. Batess or u* doMiwl »A«i Um Bra* in ""hifrartlwtsasts MK be msrk*-l l“» Unm i.|<.m>M iii. «u imtflrl at tsotriji la ba .bwge/l m M |U kdirrtoaiNilß or n/*AI/-ss >4 *l«*d»a*ti. >*»• • oN- » te-sl H.NMN mn rtim rtra . sstb ft lu*« A* * u»»*ei»-o> ft” •Nkr stil agyar lor ft Im teaui Ihsn <»•» im ui U.rrt««i.N.U *ftda| U»* UnJ us -ftHtecate lU-'M VoiunUO cnMOUcftlMM. rwnUISUM n*isr*Ntl»»g •* Mpurtftot no**, ftiiwud from »wrj •Mart trrMMi Um Iftnw 1N»BN <4 B*. MftU .^i-AWt) UftTKK K Or TUI BAA • ur*rUM m TBA. ftUJB »CIUW». CO«HB» ‘»r Mft&icrTft oil* mu tTBU wr***T* ftiitlDif morning. uwc is um Geurglu Leglulnturn. [MtlWWl* RMB 101-t KM !■» M* HEX AT*. Thr Sftftftlft tart al 3 o rkack r. M. TW* Griicrnl was taken R-p and occupied the mn*tD<W of the sr*nu>ti Krfftlft( Bssstss. The Senate net at 7 o'clock »• M On motion. Um* niniidmilKKi of the O- nn ral Appiopiiniioo hill «ai |w4|h»u«l till U>- morrov Bill 4o ritrnd the aid of the State to thr MuftCltf! l Rai,irua4 Paamd . Ordaro^Oft* WTOgDEft or gr-n»m-i “'“tNW»TT*ui«~' labt<- Bill to provule for fanning out the Peoilen Uary Pnssnl -» r * ~*r*r-*- * Bill to In.-orporate the trr#h *jF Sin<»ift in Coweta county Ps*Bod. Bill to allow the i ‘nnjTutwrionrr* spjrmttewl by tlia Orth nary to *«*( apart 4 y-or'» aupp *rt to which which widow* and children are eau U«l I'iMwl *■ BUI to ftuieti I lh«- charter of Atlanta Fua ■ t Vkbimo r Pftfta-l r>il U> amend the charter of Brunswick Paa- l. liill for the relief of B. W. Puckett, of Cber*>k«H- l/at Bill to incorporate the Goorgia C*impany. , 1W Adjoumftd Mu uummim i Dao. 11 lhOv The Hetiat“- met at \f o’clock, paraoaul lo adjournment. Prayer by Rev Mr YarborOQfjh Th*« <»«n**rftl Appropriation bill *« taket^, op and l«Kt The To« bill wan taken up. and occupied the retnaiodcr of the morning Adjourned. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. Mu.i-Klmitiixc. IVeeuilwr 11, lHflfi. AflfiMoft »»*•!»■ ■oraa auxe oh rnui Ftnato*. To afttand th«* uuiM fitr the complatoou of | tha Air Line Raitmad A Mbatituie »c t sered. which to change th** name t«» that of the ScW York and New UriiMrift Air Lina Railroad. Kutmlitule adopted and paamtft T<* amcnnJ the art defining C*urt coutracl** Paaead To aaftrud the charter of Thnma*ville Paaaad T<> change the line between tVilooi and PttlaakL Loel- To change ihe line between Walker «n<l Chalo-vu Paftft*d To make it penal b» fl«horhunt on euchwird taodft iu Burke county Amend*- l ao a-* {*» f apply ite prov»a**»»ia l»* th«/*autir» *l Jeff t a»n. Troup. Slawart. Lib- riv. CPiun. Uau»p I*4l, H*nc. ck. GhMwctH'k. Edart. Brian, i'hai ham. tlgl«Uior|ie. FulU*u, h-arly and Wilkin CWL Pawn I For the relief of the aecuritnse of Uohefi Haudni IWI I o amend m-Ihhi 1 iS3«*f the tVela Pawed To amend aerttmi 1670 of the C’o«le (Al lown )H-r*»aa to h» divorced <*n the ground* *»f aix years maanity. ) lnd« hmiely fMM>tpno«*l T » authorize tiie u»r-*r • »r» i»o **f !» *n»« •teal and building aaa.KliatloUft by the buj~ nor Court* PouaxL rimti ainut >m Tuna r«**i'ia. T<> change the name of the Planters' C.*u vrntrou. PaaanL To iueorjiorate t'urtcravilb* *n I Van W rt Uailmad Company l’«* 1 Adjournad to 7 o'clock thu evsuing Kvraint Nr ••lon. avouTic an.iv* os nirn raiai* aaatnxa. T*» amend the charter «*f White PUnu* Paw* I T * vhangw the line (retweeu Twigg* a«d J‘*n e* Pa*aa-1. To deft nr the time when the lat* war ended bat To ti» >dtfy the U« relative U> l»itteri«*. ao a* x ft . rai*iug o* u. . vlo If - \ 1 build ait* and Wulow*' Horn* l’a-srd 1.. slier time of'holding Bo|»’n*»r < uri in ; If luwbm county h l’u m. .*r\KMaie kliitlle Uiv. r Mining <' m |M»uy Pae-ed I incorporate WilcotOtt Manufacturing Coqn pan v Paaahd « in iiienrporatr Rutherl rdMining t rupinv I'sAlM-d. To amend charter of th*- Savannah. Griffin and N**rth K*iir*>*d t uii*auy i,» mrorp«*rate l’hi*oul)l*w Miuniadurin^ (..11l fiat. \ PftMN'il To mc«»rp*»rat6 the People’* Bank at haltoii raaae.l T«» rt» th- salary of the Superintend* at, All j dit.»r and Traaaunw of the Western aud At Uotn U*lln*a«l. IW 1 y X relief of Mr* Irfxme Glover PftH*r 1 T ■ lb' - llbean»tde I ~.— and To am* ud the charter ob Fairburu Parsed For the r«ibi-t nl Jam** M Br\aut l- '•*’ To amend <'i ft. etl.wi . f tile I .. In. (toall*'*, theiasiie of new Ntat»* t«vii*l* iu lieu of h**t (, r atoleo bond* y pa**e ! I>> inc-’rp *rate the Hall and (’botakc Miu ing P*n«l To suthorUM the Maim and C* uucil *«f JlMiibridg* to lk»*..e latilds lor -t'*« k lt» tb* Alluitic and Gulf Kn»ln**<T' ••tnj**' ' P*-*- 1 Tha ra*Mlue *.f tUv «vaning w • - -I*"* »“ c*>ucurnug in Senate aui«uduM*ut* t-« II »* bill*, and in rwmliug Senate bills th* fir t and H.miw then adjourned till 3 o ch*ck to*ui*»r row morutng Mii.t-«i**tni.i.a, iVoember IJ. Nnrftlsg Unmlwn. Mr Waddoi moved lo tKvnwder yewtrrday 1 t*« fti Ihe aalariea the .-ffi •t --tli«. WaatMTi and Atlantic lUtlr id Motion loat n.iraS an.ij* on Tuara n»»i* T*» make anew circuit (out «*f Fulton connti only; t*< b*- calle*| the AtianUt ircuit. l a l , muura an in ov Tima raaa*oa. To amend sections 5a»4 an l iIVG of tb. Oslo. Paasad. To me rtsuata iRm Iron Miniug ami M*nu fa. Hiring t oaiptar *»# l>*de I'*»«• I *• For the (taidon of Creed T W ise, con dniMlad U» tile PmilteOt iary l.*r III*- pA*-ft«*d TANARUS" make valid certain de*i*ion«of (he Inf* n«.» Court* vs thta Rtat#. lend. To amend the charter of the Qreal Southern Insnranoa Ouniusai Paaavd r»» Urtti.e Ih# liability of ■t.*ckh*d<lar« tn bank* Po*t|**.ned f«>T preaant To make It illegal f*w |w*ns*nft to bathe on the Sabbath In any stream* on mmmls leading to place* of public worship Pnased 111 ilonlam r«>iuiu |s rs**na «*»u»|* nnl »it mrnm I'aaaed THE DAILY NEW ERA. atNTKL BAND. K4itof.| To ineirpWftU the AlatoobA Mining and IlMftMuniNl Company Sm»4 To add mm a l«liti*a»al mmrtum to the penal cola. < t>i pnnuh Iftilwii who daawri bftiplrae rhiWfrni » Paaasd To anth'Wiaa tha analog of rudroadft and ex press r>>Ui|amoi in *ny wmioty w»»ere said rail r<«<l or «x j«resa »•*/ h*v« an } famt To alter Nertion 4470 of tl»e C«d*. mu mm p# make it filial b* rum in h«*K* an<l other domes tic aiiimsU. Iv«at. «= y T*» amend —mum 37 *3 <*f the Lode l/W Tu (ksiftift Ilia ttk rf»-(joawe ktftiupi Lad* lo tb*- Stab OipkflM HobiA.' l*a»*e.l IhU 101 l <Umm n*'t g«> into o|Miratiob till Jan narv 1. Imi6 T*. provide a system of Oaorgia ftch'sila- Mr Mom- an srnenlmeat to submit this Ui thw |N**.pie ll Wft% down. T*> CllfU 1 tne Sid of the K<«te t*. the >■»>»• pb-iion •( the Savannah, (ir.ft'i toil N rtb Alsbams Railroad. Paaaad by a v»»t« of yu>* 7*A nays 4d Adjuoma*! to 3 o «h>ok. r u # Gr>-« nl*a**k* and Robacka are iadi*(*ensal>W til the public welfare, for •«*« >U*taiU* lb« pe rnniary betalth of the nation, whil* the <»ther prwaerves ike pb«••< •! hsmitb of the mdivni ualft osapwaftim thv nat. >u. <k F»*r Consumption and Asthai- Marsdeu * Perfiimi B*fm is a liuift*-d by tu«- proles*ion In h« tbs only .tar. Ur I mmlniuk tLat be' relied «u. l>o i<»r Wftut Job Printing *l«ne cheap and nsat i) ? ( VMM to Ibe F.aa < 4Bce "A Su<iUi (i>u>, (viimue. Few are *u*rt of tits Hapvuive of clwcfcing S cugb or - rw.ii’' in its flr-f »tsg«; that which in the beginning would yield I*l a mikl remedy, ifncglftwlod. *o»»® stfseka -the lungs Urutut licMK-tlfti i r»w-he« give sure and almost mime ftwrte relief. • l lifl irm b- ■« bare pror. and tb* efficacy by a |e-.t .4 m .By jtank. and n**e r»- cnn<«l te-iini >m*U trocn eminent men wh • luft-vr need them tutb«- ft M A K II I* 1: V A l< I> . S. 11. O VT>I \N. Vg« nt. While KntDud, llaliau and* >1 A It It I* i:. Wr »r*- u •• pru*' dk* r..l •!» **e.lrr» ill \tarl>l* * v* M'r\rurxT TAUt.I rt K m l\. / ;.!/> «t 4/» */o.\JU. 1 u\ » Fj.'fv 4 ■ an .M-r. ~ ;.i 1. n* •• i*.. ~f, f a*t«t IMU and tn I ■ •»+* li .1»u-u IJ %i»J «* ~s u ii—.r. * K_uir--«el tOepc* l ! anl* —ft*.. • OC£ AN 8 oFiso C £ BIE 8 .1 u*t Ifrcciird at JOHNSON k GORDONS, Ukllikall aitrrl. 1 I ti I 1 1 , N: • * H M I n ,r V* -IS* t k l-t Tft SIO' h iUrira 1 m^«**^*» JUrr» i« I H i .* Iva'r* l« U a«».-ara U*rr .« • Ham u* • -i « r .r 1 -*'»,•»* * l«*s lasrrt-la Ka ..*ai Halt Mi Uui« al Jolt N-v iN * »*oKl*l,S a. 4scft—r liMUi a liu.. I 5.4. mule a*. 1 wr-el 1867. ALMANACS * 1867. l ’rrr »f 1 Imt tfo ! THfl:rtHlMt* tl.MkNt ‘-r »**6T *, - Utn fr w<4 iJar .nw 1 •- * I.»»a* — 1 ■ . j .i>* .* ft ih THE GATE CITY MILLS I- m • I f Haft«r- |l«il r> •«. ' <Hl'!*'* 1 fa* i. *«• ■»« •**:. K r a ar l r r-fHNt « Mm. Imn WliiU ' .. ftJ-a.. i. ha- ! « L. i.Ki NVII.f » •ei-1 * i-u.. i'r>. < if IMxi-i.lx 1*111111.11; *llll, vui. m.m> xl ~'ixrj.L. Lumlx-r 1« >r. S.-11* Dour*, >a*h and Blind's mad-- 1# Order, \t tlir lowed Uarki l IGirr*. ft i.ftRIUM (•« 04 llf, : : ra DURYEAS’ MAIZENA CORN STARCH frfPftrtJ from it* imm t sv mu/ i.v ro/».v, Kim lit:-. Pail jj\. fruw. Cil*n lr_ it. Is unoqualod by any preparation from Corn for Food. DURYEAS’ GLENCOVE STARCH T«r <>i * v • rro .rurxrroaß •• »i. CHftU-i '*.l I .41. I'x‘fti r* t** ru *i it u r** • r«r»1. S’* •»•***» !*" »'• .» 1 •««• fta.l l ’l*f 4. a..-1 ft »durt«a w ... . II »•.. ■*—- mm 4* fmmlUrmS S-arUftM aft. 4 .».- r . h>• »—4 by Ihr fir.* La * w-akrta I» Fsw# »»•' a»i**nrx Th# OMh ft, lh- V--M l-l IT r * rr-...r4 Ihr H fVS r«.r W. *•!. . I'.» I. -«l t'h'M' •» |yi.a Imm Maruft-x-f*! I- t S'-* Si watift- *“™ i - t ;,*«*.• (>4i»/r.Mi mallftlWr ha** *r««itrr4 I ft- H4M* i**M* WI DURYEA. AfaU imm ruiioc a*.. New lock awv* lyt LIFE-RLiUVENATOR. MIiLM.IH nil Vft i ftK Y«»t 111 H> I ill VGI I 11 I o k it 1: > 1: a r 1 y K i: i J r \ / )'~r~r7r TANARUS; ~ r I* if J** pe. (xara-H.ii • 1 ■ H- l'nmu« ai. t 1 it. • .Xt- r I- a*l 1 f: ! J t; :.* 111. vr.l4 .kl I. -Itaio «• tuaftr thrlUvftrrur* leH.w h ;.| «**il. laasmu h*• it will r •». W th-.a t >.ith 1 I# Ui N-l .ft ftu.l eiMtbl# Uirii. 1. ll*. .»M asajt. *hr .U; a. ( »..»:r |« «unr ;»> It u - 1 ejs» sfly th • » bft’-e !*• «t mDacal . 1 a m*odm-»n <4 «wr*nUT) • if ihae, im-ftwnai.r, or .tißS'-r tVh'MI v. matte- *» »•« the .-aft** >4 ih* ttti j vj-xt* try nf sny hnsiwi x.r^ftt.. thi*> •hj-ti* |W» yarau 1 J kervmntf Uw.8.1 *1 a-..1f Sever. HinK HKftK ■ arts ImpWnr; i«*»u »«ils . \ i*••?*» In.-aja. 1 1* I’) “i 1 * »**•**. ivpr*— .1.. 1... .4 ft«-“;a. I-** j ' *l»W.t» n .-4ft »*l ><rr«».-.*f i*e* • * -Ux- .. »l»D*e ! ..Six I|. .ual lit'l •k-*'* l-sr-. a*» sv » >l> ”i I' ha* a 1 must and lighlful. le«»*t»’ a . eM.xtU)-*i ih } UelY.St. llrirM.MlJlUvb’ arc Ui •»,*•». pf -1' •' ’ l nef*..*•■ l.rNls! lift* .!*■ es»r.e*|H «I.i*e,l I. *. .k . .sjrr m liu- M.iNi * x.eil.m .at |>re, •»•»!* . , K-e-’W*- wtex »»> im,-r*i.fen e, ft«*f l**st thru * ft* I I. | ftl. Vi*•«»H. *e*U I,M a *l-o4j ft*.<l • «r- t>. RIOKIIttR. r» mHI K Ih. IV- I ll* *». IT I IIBIN'I 'h .HI ■ mh I* 1.-Mt’.l *x «»U> *i Oer* ui fr>HM aii “U*.-i trlMk* •*** »M --u ■ * ft I »■*»- M U.IC4-MII.M 11-f.ierV. M 11l n#U*‘Ul NeskieMM if aii krrsla. fta ll Will rr**«xr» th.- • a*i.->t -4r*nsl h •Xtta *e.w».Vrf*.l pees*uaeare |l al* • irniMMl i-MS . *«»! *4) «I*e rettef ir. f •(* sill, *l». ftr»l .t--** .ft brief |-(«uri<t».e in »*•*•«■ • b rvu * a»« the *».■»•.*, W» ■ *le«»<r U|Mil-.l • IH. IS.IIM pTllilla (Mai* a. 411.« fxw #5 M 44 I* lv.»*-s' -fts ir.**. railj H» .it i-y » - ) **■■• ii »wt» ■ h* ft-l trx-«*..i{ u« it mhx.s * in»i \ ft** mfkMw • I * e**al New l«*i so* JO t tubas ain ATLANTA, GA., SATURDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 15, 1866. lecau ft i mm. l jm r*i*fts». Imu .4 Me.* On | Last« <4 I -Vasst-Ns. Oft NEW JEWELRY STORE LEITNER A FRICKEB, Hkilrkall Mr— I AllmaU, l*-*r*U. ■.it...» u> Jrt * uimw, - • M-Xil* 'iltMMi THt IJtU.DtT *TtlC* Os n»F WATCHES, CLOCKS, JEWELRY, KUrtia, Silier mm* Plalei Wara, l-KHIILt A>U liTIIKK »|-E(Ti< Ll>, Gald Pens. <*<• , EVEN HhotONT TO THIR BAiIArT HV UiA* m V„r,c. **j <b»nl* ■r ANAer to pird.i*fr* wr M td. WftTCM Wullft Mftl'l A ftWULJTT ■ >r»U* >- hax Mil Ufti. MS U.*V have hea in ir*st by | • n.,» - • ranaea r* i .<MI 4-T^m. M; la.. I .*NI ,ul in U»s~»*nt'- ft«wl tb*4« a* j-*rh> ii. jo-rar! Irani.. u4* lk-t Mai fevrseuif (kaaft W‘ '*4-t a<*vU -e 'netH- »yt MORRISON A NEW MAN' ** Real Estate and Commercial Broken, Wtuntaftli sear mi«d >.^*asu fttlanla l.»«rf la, bu) *r. 1 H. . :•» 1-1 1-ertT « «»■ ftt. l -ran I'lkltW Ui«- U» ai •tier* iL Us MLaU IM.J ftasi IM-*4 *U kiuitft f r- laiul.a H.CMia. < .»T *h|it. fti-.ftc Ift M r. ID. .- r K I 'era AtLfteil* M —r. br » ,e ft-,a. I* J 4 H*' . ».*; AltftOM Ik M ••!!*' 1 la, ft 1 is 7 Ift M *«r. . *ft ft I ftfftl.U »» K Pft.l l- v ... -. ,H ■. I*l L Auauie 4--nt. h U a^ifi'-ftiis. Strnm B-r. W«ftU *e.-s. ft . c# M . in., fttais-rt '»• 4 » . . .4 Ua.- - • M i I *x, f>... K * M and M-.rtr I*i Mewtasn. .. M ..<• «* . % • N. Z id ft| fta-i. .l . i.* N • I-est >1 .r. mace. M rgai ft 1 . ft t'ar'i« .■*!> M - *-*• it lair*!*-* ft « *» . 1 ‘ ** * '_*'■{ * *V. a'/ 'V "■ ll'i.'u if il«. .O. 'J* . k I .IN .frsi ur iali h-«w Mksre-f e*af -State. sa4 a! t.c.. • .. 1. i- -.r 4 ■ • **’ .■ r "*- • 4i:-:* .. 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