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Macon Georgia telegraph. (Macon, Ga.) 1836-1844, June 30, 1836, Image 4

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MACON GEORGIA T E L E G R A P I> Kt G8 lKxs&scxarss, & c •i fresh supply just Received by J. XI. &. XV. S. ELLIS, Masonic EM!, Colton Avenue. Anion? which arc the following MEIUCIXES, Ac. Sulphate Quinine (french) Cuntlinridcs, Fly stone, Colocynth, Court plaister. Castor oil (fresh) Sweet oil do Charcoal, pulv. Corks velvet, Calomel, Antimony, Aloes, Kheubarb, Jalap, Digitalis, Opium, Prepared Chalk, Acetate lend, do ettpri, do Zinc, Arseniate potassa, Ether sulphuric, do nitric. Nitrate silver, do potassa, Phosphate soda, an iron, Sulphate iron, do potassa, do soda, do magnesia, Borate soda, Phosphorus, Manna flake. Ointment hyd. potassa,t do Iodine, do Veratrine, do Itch, Oxide mercury. Extract Jalap, do Butternut, Ilyosciamus, Gentian, Belladonna, Taraxici, Rhubarb, Nux Vomica, Rhatania, Cicuta, Glycyrrliiza, do do do do do do do do do Sulphate Morphine, Ac, :nte do Iodine. Acetic add, Ox«lic do Citric do Prussic do Tartaric do Ammonia, do (Aromspts) Antimonialis pulv Veratrine, Strychuino Emetine, Rbcnbarhine, Croton Tiglium, Secale cornu tuni. Oil Sinapine, Oil cnntlmridin, Pyroligneous Acid, Ifydriotnte Potassa, Pipeline. Oil black nepper, Irish moss, .Musk, Chloride soda, Citrated kali. Chloride Lime, Medical mustard, in pots, Opium denurcotizea, Cyanuret potassium, Comp. Tonic extract. Carrageen, (prepared) Spigelia comp extract, BIiir moss, Precip. ext. bark, Peruvian do Cnlisaya do Toxa do Rod do Chamomile flowers, Senna, f’va f-'rsi, Ilorehound, African Cayenne, Rav berry bark (pow’d) Blood root, do Colt-hicum, do Goldenseal, Slippery Elm (pow’d) Quassia, Gentian (pow’d) Cori. Aurant (pow’d) Lobelia and seed, Hemlock, Skunk cabbage, Squills, Gamboge, Hops. Mezerinra, Alkanet root, Cort camarilla, do sassafras, Ladies’ slipper, Golden thread, Saffron, Cinnamon bark, Powdered ginger. Root do Curcuma, Mustard seed, Mace, Cloves, Nutmegs, Caraway seed, Anise do Coriander do Arrow root, Aqua Fortis, Anodyne (Hoffiuau'a) Borax, Black lead, Brimstone, Blue stone, Juniper berries, Cubcb do Oxide bismuth, Bees wax, Burgundy pitch. Balsam coptvi, do tolu, do Peru, Blac* drop, PATENT MEDICINES, Arc. Lees pills. Compt fl’d ex’t Pink Root, a odeldoc, f y G. W. Carpenter, ^Mmnh •“ *“*' * *X-** • - * * T IIE Subscribers have resumed the Drug Business, at their old stand, formerly Ll- lis, Shotwrll & Co lately occupied by .Mr Win G. Brown, opposite the Central Hotel, under the firm of H. & J. SHOTWELL, who intend keeping a very general assortment of Goods peculiar to their line of business, together with n great variety of miscellaneous articles that maybe difficult to be found elsewhere. Their Slock is now very extensive, having received by late arrivals nearly all their Fall and winter supplies, a general enumera tion of which could not be given in an advertisement. Some of the Articles received are. (Drugs A Medicines,) Rochelle Salts. Hellebore, Iceland Moss, Flos Ben- zoine, Juniper Berries, Lapis Calnminaris, Henry’s Magnesia, Madder. Mace, Cayenne Pepper, Black Pepper, Alspice, Hemlock Bark, Bay berry do, Poplar do, Cinnamon do, Golden Seal, Sumac, Sem. Anisi, Aqua Amnnia F F F, Sulph Quiniue, Sago, Gum Gniac. Indian Turnip, Skunk Cabbage, Hops, Pep permint Lozenges, Oil Spruce, Acidulated Lemon Drops, Coriander Seed. C. P. Castor Oil, Cort Au rant, Cherry tree Burk, White Vitriol, Muriatic Acid, Pink Root, Gum Myrrh, Seed Lac, Seneka oil, Lob elia, Lemon Balm, Sweet Balm, Ext Colocynth, Pul. Gui Arabic. Ground Race Ginger, Balsam Fir, Pearl Barley, refined Borax, Bole Armenian, Cera Alba, Lunar Caustic, Cloves, Prepared Chalk, Cubebs, Ca- nella Alba, Rust of Iron, Sup. Curb. Soda. Castor, Calamus Root. Cowhage, Mazerion, Sassafras, Bals am Honey, Cninfrey Root. Dragons Blood, Oil Lav ender. Lemon, Bergamot. Ext Bark, do Liverwort, Strirnine, Emetine, Digitalis, Elm Cork, Flos of LI- NEW DRUG STORE. 2>R. £E. £OOM£S O AS just received a large assortment of DRUGS 6c MEDICINES, at the Store oue door below W. B. Johnston’s Jewelry, which he will sell at mo ierate prices; among which are PAINTS, White Lead, Itcd Lead, Black Lead. Litharge, Verdi gris, Chromic Green, Chromic Yellow, Spanish Brown Yellow Ochre, Slone Ochre, Umber, Venetian Red, Lampblack, Rosepink, Terra de Sienna, Vermillion. Prussian Blue, Osborn’s water colours. OILS, Linseed, Sperm, Whale, and Train Oils, and Spts. Turpentine, Copal, Japan, Coach, Leather, & Picture Varnishes. BRUSHES Flesh, Ilair. *Int •"raining, Varnish, Furniture, Tooth, Paint, Nail, Com Shoe, Scrubbing, Sweeping, Dus ting, Velvet, Whitewash, Clothes, Horse, and Velvet Brushes. PERFUMERY Cologne, Roar Honey, Florida, Lavender, Jfc Orange Flower Wate.. Vromatic Vinegar, Bears’ Oil, Antique Oil, Chlorine Tooth Wash, Cream Soap and other Shat iug Soaps, Wash Balls, Drop Dike, Essences of Rose and Cedrat, Extrait de Meil, Flake White, Hair Powder, Orris Root, Milk of Roses, Oils of Orange, Bergamot, Cedrat, Cinnamon, Lavender. Neroli. and Roses; Oxy-chlorine Lotion. Petri Powder, Pomatum, Powder Puffs. Preston Salts, Piak Saucers, Fancy vi als, Toiiqiiin Beans, Vin de Rouge, Vegetable Rouge, & Macassar Oil. DYF. STUFFS. Anuatto, Cudbear, Fig Blue, Fustic, Galls, Indigo, Madder. Nicaragua Wood, Alum, Turmeric, and Ground Logwood. MEDICINES. NEW SPRING CLOTHING. HORACE FITCH S S now oponiug at the store opposite th- Washing- Hall, a new and handsome assortment of Spring and Summer Clothing', which lias beet Drifts Sheriff Sale. iAN the first Tuesday in JfJLY next, ttill be sold. Tf before the court house door in the town of Jackson, Butts county, within the legal hours of sale, Lot of land No. 42, in the fourth district of original . — . - .— Y 1-. i ■ -ht;' i ly Monroe now Butts county, countv, containing 20: been by L.Jritch, and wUTBesold more orlesafleviedo nu ’ ' * F OUR months after date, apn!icn„.. to the honorable Inferior court ofj "i. 11 be made ty when sitting as a court ofOrffinarv r. . Lot No (203) two hundred and three' ‘4 trtrt of formerly Cherokee now Waiter ^ ^ 4- thfi hpnpfit nftho lioLn r*n a Count,, r « r nb x ,'"’SF’T* 5“ **•*> iMeSS'KSSJeAl^ii^c£MuSTS!^i i A, “r D '' “"7 r Colin .‘ b “- rotent Barley, Breastpipes. Brimstone, Cayenne Pep per, Spanish Satfron, Atnmoniaret of Copper, Sago, Emetine, Cicuta Plaster. Ext. Aloes, Cinchona, Col- ocynth, Klnterium. Jalap, Kahiuca. Nux Vomica, Rhu barb. Rhatania, Lead, Savin, Sarsaparilla & Cubebs, Dandelion, Valerian, Opium 6c. others. Phosphate of Iron, Red Oxyde of Iron, Tartariz’d Iron &c. Ginger Powders, Hamilton’s Elixir, Magnesian Aperient English Caloin,.!, IIoiTurau- Anodyne, Oil’d Silk or Hat Case; Iodine, Jujube Paste, 1-actucarinm. Lan cets. Patent Lint, Lupuiiue. Lobelia, Aledical Spoons , Oil Aleppo, Gold Thread, Hydriodntc Potass, Mustard Seed, Spts Nitre, Oil Wormseed. Croton Oil, Olive Oil, Bismuth, Oil silk, Sanfords Bark, Tamarinds. Gum Copal, Syrup of Liverwort, Turkey Opium, Ca ihurides, Flowers of Chamomile, Oil Pepper mint, Bermuda Arrow Root, sugar Lead, Refined Li- iiuorice. Ergot, Nux Vomica, Corrosive sublimate. Mops, Gum Arabic, Precipitate, spts Hartshorn, Carb Potass. Alcohol, sarsaparilla, Epsom salts. Nitric Acid, -Ether, Alspice, Pepper, Tartarised Antimony, As- phaltum. Adhesive Plaster, Acetate of Potass, Bals- cheap for cash, consisting in part of Super block, brown, green and olive camblett f. Coats, *• “ “ *• “ “ dress Coats, “ “ “ •• “ bombazine, f. do. “ “ “ “ “ “ dress do. “ 11 “ •* “ summer cloth, Brown and white grass linen frock coats & coattees, Brown and white German and French linen do. do. black and green bomazine coats, pants. French & German lin. do bl’k & green camblett do lasting & Circassian do olive & brown do do Dutch and mixt do br’wn & white grass lin do white and buff niersailles do do drilling do vests, do do imp. cord do do do linen & doe skin do fig. <fc rib. mersailles do crape drib & honey comb plad & spotted do do pants. do 6c. fig’d shelly do merino, casimer. lasting do English & French silk do cantoons and cord do bl’k & fig’d velvet do cloth 6c casinierc do Florentine and bombazine with a general assortment do of common do with a good assortment of white & grass iinnen short common do Ftue Iinnen and cottou shirts, Iiniien and cotton drawers, Angola nett shirts and drawers, &c. &c. Also, stocks, collars, bosoms, gloves, cotton, random, linen, black and white silk half hose, black horse slun, buck skin, black and white silk and linen gloves, su«- W. Hutchinson, by virtue of court of Bibb county, in favor of hu W. Hutchinson, property pointed out by the plain tiff’s attorney, levied on and returned to me by a con tsable. May 14 J. VV WATKINS, Sheriff Gum Arabic, do do do do do Camphor, Scammony, Myrrh, Asaftctida, Gniac, Pearl Barley, Syringes, Honey, Otto roses, Magnesia, calc’d do carb. Isinglass, Quicksilver, Seidlitz powders, Soda do Saratoga do Sponge, Tamarinds, Wafers, Sarsaparilla, Red precipitate, White do Black do Pearlash, Annatta, Indigo, Spanish float, Logwood, Fustic, Copperas, Spanish brown, Venetian red, Madder, Fig blue, Nutgalls, Alum, Cochineal, Spts Turpentine. Venice do Starch, Salt Tartar, Sal Ammoniac, Glue, Rosin, Jujube paste. apmnti’a anti-dyspeptic Dalby’s carminative. do Pills, Peters’ do Hunters’ pills. Hoopers’* do Anderson’s do British oil, Bateman’s drops, Thompson’s ye water, Godfrey’s cordial, Salts lemon, Worm tea, Effervescing magnesia, Botanical drops, Swuiiu's Panacea, Indian’s do Ess Iceland Moss, Cough Mixture, Fluid ext sarsaparilla, Syr Liverwort, Comp sarsap. copivi. Bleaching Liquid, Mead’s Pills, Issue plaisters, Elixer life, Ginger beer powders, Medicated Oil silk. Digestive Elixer, Pile remedy. Chlorine tooth wash, Bay rum, Balsam honey, Cough Lozenges, Extract coffee, Cullen’s liquid magnesia. Potter's cathoiicon, Rowan’s Tonic Mixture, Relfei Vegetable specific, Oil Wormseed, Ext fliichn, cubebs & F.xt. Boneset, Tonic Extract. PERFUMERY A: BRUSHES, «Vc. Hair Powder, Almond paste, Pearl do Ground paint brushes, Rouge, do sash do Mi Ik of Roses, Oval Varnish do Cold cream, Camel hair do Cream Almonds. Badger’shair do Florida water, various sizes Granting do do do do do do Flesh do Ilorso Hair Nail Comb Too tit do Cloth LUIUUVHI- Shoe do ass’d do do do do do do silver wire, tm do Cologne do Lavender do Rose do Boars’ oil. Ward’s hair oil, Marrow Pomatum, Grange Flower Water, fymw K&W, Camphor soap, Musk do Einntlicut do Windsor do do do Brown, Wash Balls, Curling fluid, Antique oil, Lip Salve, (Persian Otto Shaving do Rose.) Shaving oil. Tooth powder, (superior) Powder Puffs and boxes, Erosive do I’rostou salts, Extract Bergamot, Smelling bottles, do Rose, Tapers, 0 , u *k> Dutch cologne, Honey \\ ater, Atkinson’s Depilatory. -Shaving cakos, J SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS, Ac. Amputating cases, Cupping glasses, ^trepanning instruments, do do with ai Galls, Isinglass, Magnesia, Mercurial Ointment. Blue Pill, sulphate Quinine, Conserve Roses, Black Drop, Jujube Paste, sal Ammoniac. Bay Rum, Oil Cinna- . mon. Acetate Morphiue, sulph do. Comp Ext Buclia, j do of Liver Wort, Ext sarsaparilla, Ext Pink Root, 1 Comp Ext Cubebs, Piperine. Iodine, Butler’s Magne sia. Kreosote, Assafu-tida, Nutmegs, Tapioca, Manna, Oil Rosemary, Canadian Balsam, Ext Valerian, salt Petre, Glaubers salts. Concentrated spts Ammonia. Faints, Dye Stuffs, Oils. 250 kegs White Lead in oil 25 do Venetian Red do 30 do Spanish Brown do 2000 lbs Soap Stone Paint do 0 kegs Yellow Ochre do 20 canisters Verdigris do 900 lbs Spanish Brown dry 200 lbs Venetian Red do 800 lbs Yellow Ochre do 1500 lbs Spanish Whiting do Red Lead, Chrome Green, Kings Yellow, Verdi gris, Prussian Blue, Stone Ochre, Rose Pink, Lith arge, Spanish Pumice Stone, Umbar, Lamp Black, Ivory do, Chinese Vermillion, Black Lead, Chalk, do Red, Carmine, Water Colors assd sizes boxes. Drop Lake, Spanish Float Indigo,Calc’d Plaster. Wa ter Lime, Terra de Sienna, Green Blue mid Black Paint mixt, Blue Brown & Green Smalts. Frostings, Bjue White Brown and Purple. Gold Bronze, Car mine Saucers, Pink do. Logwood in sticks, do ground and chapped. Fustic, Madder, Camwood, rad San ders, Copperas, Brazilletto Wood, Annatto. 300 gals Linseed Oil 400 do Spenn Oil fall strained 350 do do do winter do 180 do Spirits Turpentine 300 do Train Oil 1 bbl Liver Oil, I do Neats Foot 1 bbl Copal Varnish, Japan do Black do, Picture Varnish. Coach do. Patent ana compoutul .rictliciues Swainjs \ eruufuge, do Panacea, Thompson*a Eye Water, Green’s Tonic Mixture, Rowan’s Tonic Mix ture, (for the fever and ague ) Harlmm Oil, Gowland’s Lotion, Potter’s Cathoiicon, Barclay’s Comp. Sarsa- parrilia and Cubebs, Dalby’s Carminative, British Oil, Opodeldoc, Judkin's Ointment. Lee’s W. Bilious Pills, N. L. Turlington* Balsam, Bateman's Drops Jesuits Drops, Cephalic Snuff, Aromatic do, Wal- 7 8 * torture or Cough Syrup, Carpe nter’s Prepara tions, Henry’s Aromatic Vinegar, Welch Medicain- neca, Denari-otised and Powdered Opium, Phospho rus, Piperine, Pocket Instruments. Hydriodate & Ox y-muriate of Potash, Potter’s Cathoiicon, Liquor of Po tash, Dragon’s Blood, Seatou3, Stoughton’s Elixir, Strychnine, Powdered Valerian, Riiubarbarine, Sali- ciae, Sanford’s Bark, Lac Sulphur, Syrup of Liver wort, One Stethoscope. Swann’s Panacea, Seidlitz Powders, Tamarinds, Tincture of Colchicuro. Wine ofColchicura, Trusses, Turbitli Root, White Hellebore, Colchicum Seeds, Acetate "f Colchieunt, Aromatic Carbonate of Ammonia ; an Assorfmetit of Patent Me dicines. and all others in common use, Garden Suds, and Shop Furniture for Physicians.— ALSO, Coaching. Cupping, and small Scaling. Instruments: and one second hand set of Amputating and Trephin ing Instruments. April 29 Pratt’s Nipple Shields. T HE Medical College of Georgia at Augusta have giv<*r tlieir opinion of the superiority of Doctor Pratt’s Nipple Shield to any thing else hitherto offered for the same purpose, which opinion cuu be presented if necessary to physicians and others. The opinion of Dr Baber and other physicians in Macon who have examined the instrument, accords with that of Doctor Dewees and the Medical College of Georgia. The Instrument is for sale in Macon by the subscriber only, price .55, with printed directions. H. LOOMIS ponders, a variety, Spittilfieid, pongee, flag and ban dia lidkfs. Italian plaid, fig’d and red bordered cravats, white do. stripe rousiail belts, braces, fine brown linen, (for childrens’ aprons) blue, black and green broad cloths, white drilling, bombazine, and merino enssi- rnere, fine palm leaf hats, commou do, children'll leg. horn do. and caps, also, a large assortment of Slats, Shoes, Hoots, Sc. which I iuvitc my friends and public to give me a call at the store next door to W. IS. Johnson. Gentlemen wishing their clothes made to measure at the North, by leaving their measure with me can have them made in the best and most fashionable style, march 31 40 HORACE FITCH. N. B. Those that have not settled np their lasty ears’ account will not forget that Iwantmv dues. II. F. ,WM. H. BURDSALL, AS Just received a new and extensive as sortment of Cninpbcll Sficrilf Sale. O N the first Tuesday in J UL Y next, will be sold be fore the court house dour in CampbclUon Campbell county, between the usual hours of sale, the following pro perty : One lot of land. No. 695, in the first district and third section of originally Cherokee now Campbell county, levied on as the property of William Kiuibro valentia’ do a,,t * Ftheldred Auston, to satisfy 0 Fi Fa front Cainp- i bell superior court, one in favor of David Clinton vs William Kimbro, and one in favor David Clinton vs William Kimbro and Etheldred Auston, both issued from Campbell Superior court. Lots No. 962,6 and 16. in the 18th district and se cond section of originally Cobb but now Campbell county, levied on as the property of P. J. Murray, by execution issued front tfm superior cout of Hall coun ty, in favor of the officers of the court vs P. J. Mur ray—property pointed out by an attorney. Lot No. 678, in the 18th district and second section of originally Cobb now Campbell county, levied on as the property of Smith Wells, principal, and Berrian Williams security, levied on by a Fi Fa from a justices court of Walton county, in favorol James It. Garrett vs Smith Wells and Berriaa Williams security—.poin ted out by Berrian Williams. The half of h t No 69, in the eighth district of ori ginally Coweta now Campbell county, as the property of Thomas Pace, to satisfy a Fi Fa issued from a jus tices’ conn of Campbell county, in favor of James G. Lyle, vs Thomas Pace—levied on and returned to me . Heady-made Clothing, Superfine blue, black, invisible green, Adelt brown and green Broadcloth Dress Coats, laid, olive by Isaac Burson constable, property po'nted outbv John line, plaintiff’s attorney. May 26 DAVID D. SMITH, Sheriff. Also will be sold as above, Lot of land No 142, in the eighth district originally Coweta now Campbell county—levied on as the pro perty of William H. House, to satisfy anexecutiou in favor of Josee Dunn, which was obtained against the said House in Troup county, September term, 1830, in favoruf said Josee Dunn—propeity pointed out by plaintiff. Lot and a half of.Iand, No not known, it being the possession whereon George Harris’s widow now fives, in Campbell county—levied on as the property of the estate of’George Harris, to satisfy an execution in fa- , , . win 1 Inferior Court cf c. 1 ty, when sitting for ordinary purposes for i 6 * 8 ” c °on the negroes belonging to the estate of a ? e sell son, a minor, deceased. March 22 IR-ic^ aDlm f.Ael THOMAS S. CHAPPELL, WILLIAM NELSON, ’ Ufa,’* F OUR months after date,application,-,,',- . to the honorable the inferior courT^ county, when sitting for ordinary p„ rpo " of . Fa y«i e te sell part of the real estate of Abner FI ’ r ° rle »Vft of said county, deceased. May K i a , c WILLIS CHAMPION t, , ^ FRANCIS CHAMPION'S^ F OUR months after date application , a to the honorable Inferior Court”^ county when sitting for ordinary purpos e, i^ sell the real estate of William Sewell faw/ •! aTe >» ty deceased. L S THOMAS‘E?* June 9, 1836 50 I ^OUR months after date to the inferior court of Pik e coun , , be *»iade ordinary purposes, for leave to sci],rL s,t, ‘V<> r gross of Frederick Sessions, late 0 r „J d an d nc- *d. May 19 ASA SI Ssml^Me- IOUR months after date, annlirat.„» to the Inferior court of Houston T tn,(t e leave to sell the real estate of William Sn" 1 '^ for Hf Feb 1 l C 0 OUnt 33 deCeaSed ‘ TH0Jtf AS POLLOCK* S IX months after date. I s |,7i]'Trrrr-— ces of the Inferior Court of Jonesconnt^ Dsti ' tor ordinary purposes, for niimioio,, ,- v ’ dianship of the orphans of Philiv I G 'ur- county, deceased. TIMOTHY* McPIlTpfe^ June 4 inn "WUN, ytordian. UiOttGlA: Houston County Superfine blue, black, brown and green Cloth Frock | ver ofL B Watts—properly pointed out by the admin- Coats, I istrator. May 23 JOIU C A I* LTON Dtp Sh’ ff. Superfine blue, olive, green and mix’d Cloth Coattees, J ’ Carroll She rill Sale. “ and blue, steel mix’d and fancy colored Sattinet; YS^K.L be sold at Carrollton, Carroll county, on the Coattees and Frock Coats, , V V first Tuesday in J ULY next, within the law- Super. blue, black, invisible green, drab, brown, olive, ful hours of sale, r Felder apply for letters of "Xdiui'TjL.t-* 81 *** the estate of Henry FelkeJ, deceased- lslratl on on These, are therefore to cite and admonish nit gular the kindred and creditors of said dcLtlul SU ' appear at my office wit/un the time VeS ^ " Civcn Gh OItGIA .* Campbell county — —, entum, Hygean Syrup, Mend’s Pills, Walker’s Drops, Morrison’s Pills, West’s Pills. Rheumatic Medicine. Sphon’s Digestive Elixir, Little’s Lotion. Nipple Salve. Bleaching film'd. Ess Mustard, Citrate of Kale Consumption Specific. Cerate of Copaiva, Cosmetic Cold Cream, Hays L’nintent, Chapman's Mixture, Bullard’s Oil of Soap, Scotts Pills, Hamilton's Worm Lozenges. Judkin’s Specific Ointment, Scotch Oint ment, Hoffman’s Anodyne. SurricaM aiul .tied teal Instruments Pocket Instruments tn Cases, Silver Spring Lan- “ Doctor ter of much public importance to possess a means of lessening the terrible sufferings of sore nipples, I have much pleasure in being able to say that the “ Shield' you ofter for the preventing and the cure of this mala dy, is better adapted to this purpose than any I have heretofore seen. In the two or three instances I hive known them to he used, much satisfaction has been expressed ; -•nd I have no hesitation to believe it will generally succeed. I am so well persuaded of this at this moment, that I cannot forbear to express a wish that tur city through the various apothecaries tnay be supplied with them. I am yours, &c. Philadelphia, \3thjan. J»34. Wit. P. Drivers.” Pa*cnt feather Brooms, do do Dusters, do do Brushes, Fitch Tools, Counter Brushes, Hat do Crumb do Dissecting do Pocket cases, -Spring Lancets, Evans’ thumb do Dentists’ cases, Tenth keys, do do (moveable but- Gum’l.Viims, u* -a* 1 *' Medical spoons. Scarificator., Scales and Weights, Abscess Unects, T ee th Files. 1 tourniquets, .UMTURE, 6lc. consisting of all arti-les in the lute m cestarv for ihe«,,»„i„ -r ..7*,, .!? s ,n .«*« pumps, Giiui elastic catheters, Silver do Seton Needles, Spring lancet blades, Tooth claws, tic Syringes, Melalic do, Stetheoscopes, Apothecaries Scales and weights, Spatulas ass’d, Metalic Staff’s and Sounds, Hair Sieves, Medical Spoons. finishes Ground Paint Brushes assorted sizes, Varnish do, Sash Tools do, Badger’s Hair Blenders Graining do, Camels Hairdo, Fancy and plain Hair Brurties assor ted, Palters do do, Cloth do do, HatCruinb Brushes. Hearth do, Dusting do, Counter do. Shoe do, Hat ters’ Brushes, Ta'.le do, Flesh do. Shaving do, Fur niture Brushes, Whisk Brooms, do Brushes. Glass 1 fare, Store Furniture. Window Crlass Window Glass assortedsizes from 7 by 9 to 22 by 28 inches, Coach Glass, do Picture Looking Glass Plates, Tincture Bottles from £ pint to 2 gallons, do Specie assorted sizes, Salt Mouth do, I to 8 oz Vials, Ground stoppers White and Green Vials assorted, Nursing Bottles, Globe Bottles. Graduate Measures, Glass Funnels, Retorts and Reservoirs, Proof Glasses Drum Vials, Otto of Rose Vials, Pungents Tubes 01 Fillers, Glass Lamps, with shades, do without shades, Glass Candlesticks, Suspending Lamps, with shades^ extra shades. Cologne, tea ter Fancy articles, Soaps Double distilled Cologne Water in fancy and plain Bottles, Florida Wa er, Milk of Roses. Orange Flow er Water, Lavender, Harrogate salts. Pearl Powder Pomatum. Macassar Oil, Rose water, Oil of Roses’ Musk^German Cologne water, Honey water, Preston (cut glass,) Metalic .having Boxe», CarneVs Hai/peu cils Wash Balls Otto of Rose Vials, Variegated soap, do Transparent for .taring, Rose soap, do Cinnamon do Ceylon, Lughsh Windsor, soda soap. Conrt Plas ter, Teeth powder. 1 _ . , „ Miscellaneous Kitchen s Patcut Cocoa, Lucifer Matches, Bar soap Vanegated do,, Fine and Coarse sponge Cox s Cum mg Knives, Clay Pipes, do Glazed, Lanin Glasses Lamp Wick, Bees Wax. Diamonds. FwScE Chalk, I.mery coarse and fine, Black sand, Pearlash Casti o soap, Scotch, Rappie and Macaboy snuff, sha- Box f - H-wwr, Glue, Blacking, Ixinon syrup, Barbers shav mg Cakes, Chloride Lime, Wafers Tu- pera ^eu-iiDg \\^x, starch, sand Paper, Indelible’ Ink’ Corks, Cork Wood, Violins, do strings, Bellows. Ma gic Matches. Swifts, Bath Brick, shellac. Intending lo be permanently engaged in this busin ess, the subscribers will use every exertion in their power, to render it worthy the patronage of their old and new customers. Orders by etter will meet the same attention as if made in person. HARVEY SHOTW ELL „ . . r . JACOB SHOTWELL. Painting of every description carried on bv Macon Jnn 14. 29 II. & J. SHOTIVELI jtAiL'IvIOviAi. ' J.A. &S.S. VIRGIN Hatch Makers If Jewellers, Would inform their friends and the public, that they have remov ed their establishment to Cotton Avenue, to the store recently cupied bv J H & W S Ellis,drug gists, where they will be happy to serve, any who may favor them with a call. They have in addition to their former' stuck, just received from New York a large and splendid assortment of Watches, Jewelry, die. of the latest fashions, winch they will sell cheap for cash—consisting of gold and silver levers, anchor es capement, duplex, lepine, alarm and vertical YVatcli- gtcei g uard Pins, Finger Rings, gold, silver and steel Spectacles, gold and silver ever potnted Pencils, silver table, tea, salt and mustard Spoons; Sugar Tongs, soup and cream Ladles—all of which will be warranted free from alloy ; silver Cups, butter Knives, Castors, sil ver plated and bronzed Candlesticks, Trays and Sniff ers, Musical Boxes, Accordions, Flutes, FJageoIetts, Fife*. Drums, &c. Swords, sword Canes, Knives and Pistols, among which is Ruggles’ pocket Rifle, that will shoot fifty yards with precision; Gold Foil, Den tist Files, shell, silver, gilt and horn Combs, Card ca ses, Pocket Books and Purses, silver Snuff boxes, sil ver Toys, silver Thimbles, Scissors, coral, gilt and glass Beads, steel Pens, and a variety of other articles usually kept in their line. N. B. We have the best of materials for repairing Watches of all kinds. S. S. V’s practical knowledge of the business induces him to think that he can. and will give satisfaction to all who may entrust their work in iiis hands. Spoons &c- engraved- Oct-1 Watches, Fcivclry, Silver IPnrr, Sc. C. G. St. JOHN W ATCH Maker & Jeweler Cotton Arcnne op posite Washington Hall, Respectfully in forms his frieuds and the public, that he mu taken the store formerly occupied by the Hawkins tide Bank where he is now opening a new and splendid assort ment of WATCHES & JEWELRY of the best qual ity and latest fashions selected with great taste and judgement expressly for this market, among his assort be found Gold ’ Lot of laud. No. 197, in theniutli district of Carroll county, levied on as the property of James McCart ney, to satisfy a mortgage Fi Fa in favor of Thomas McGuire and W'illiam Beall vs said James McCartney. April 21 44 JOHN DEAN, Sheriff. B Fnycttc Sheriff Sale. EFORE the court house in Fayetteville, Fayette county, on the first Tuesday in JULY next, will be sold, within the lawful hours of sale, and green Cloth Pantaloons, Blue, black and fancy colored Sattinet Pantaloons, Y'outh’s cloth and satlinet Dress and Frock Coats, do do do Pantaloons, Black and blue Cassiinere, black and colored Velvet, black Florintine, black Bombazine, dark aud light colored Valentia, English Silk, colored and white Merseilles Toilinet, Swansdown and Sattinet Vests Camlet Cloaks and Great Coats, Mixed, brown Cloth & Patersham Box Coats, Lyon Skin Overcoats, Fine Linen Shirts, Collars, Bosoms, Socks, &c F. F. L.EAVIS, .HFItl H.l.FT T.1IFOll. T ill, subscriber has just received a supply of Spring and Summer ('lotliing, made of the best materials, which he will sell low for cash. He invites persons to give him a call. Tailoring; Dusiness done as usual at his shop with despatch, and in the neatest manner. He tenders his warmest thanks for past patronage, and will endeavor to deservea contin uance nf the same. F. F. LEWIS. April 21 43 Mulberry st. opposite Central Hotel. N. B. Those indebted will please call and pay their dues—he must have money to meet the demands a- gainst him. F. F. L. WASHING TON HALLT THE Subscribers have taken that com modious ami well known public house in the City of Macon,—the Washington Hall, lately occupied by Mr. M. D. Huson.— By the unremitting attention of both of them,, they flatter themselves that their House will ob tain for them a genera) patronage from the Public.— They have secured the valuable services of a Lady, ! » , ,, , , . ,,, .. —-— whose reputation as a manager of a public house, 'is I A ‘ ‘ an or<ier °J thf honorable the Jnje- inferior to no one in the State. T~^ m rwr . G f urt ,/ or c 9 ltnt 9 °f Twtggs. when sitting Their tables will be furnished with the best the coun try affords, and their bar with the choicest liquors. The Stahlesare attended by careful aud experienced Ostlers. MUSTIAN & MOTT. Feb 5 1835 36 CENTRAL, 5IOTEI. and others, levied on and returned to me by a constable lOl^ acres, being half of lot No 139,75 acres, being part of lot 150. both in the 4th district of originally Henry now Fayette county—levied on as the proper ty of. Seaborn Pate by an execution in favor of Man- son Glass, Asa Hulsey and Elisha Hill, commissioners, vs. Hamlin L) Matty, principal, and Seaborn Pate and William Pate, securities. May 20 ALFRED BROWN, Dtp. Sh'ff. Also, will be sold as above, The west half of fraction of laud No 144, in rhe 7th district of Fayette couuty—levied on as the property of John Angling sen. by an execution in favor of John Burke—levied 011 and returned to mt by a bailiff'. One fourth part of lot No 20, in the 7th district of Fayette county—levied on as the property of Edward Kent by an execution in favor of Rice P Iinoles and others—levied on and returned to me by a constable Mary Knowles’ interest in lot No 102, in the 5th dis trict of originally Henry now in Fayette county* levied on by an execution in favor of VV VV Coker vs fi It Denson and Mary Knoles—levied on and returned to me by a constable. May 20 ANDREW McBRIDF. Sheriff T ill th Huron, Georgia. S establishment is now under the control of the subscribers, who pledge themselves to ren der comfortable those who may call on them. PETER J. WIf.LIAMS. Feb25 35 JOHN D. RAMEY. as a court of ordinary, will be sold on the first Tuesday in dCL Y next, before the Court House door in Marion county, within the usual hours of sale, Lot of Land No. 90, in the 4th District of said coun ty, sold as the property of James Desitazo, deceased. ; I errns on the day. m :{1 "RICHARD DESHAZO. Adm’r HERF.AS Sidney Wilkerson anntu, . for le:ters of dismission from the F ,° Thomas W. Wilkerson, deceased: he Estate of These are therefore to cite and admonish all and lar the kindred and creditors of said deceased til P appear at my office will,in the \Time prescribed lit, "be granted! * *** SCid Llltrs W Given under my hand at office, Jane 11 IStk 52__ L. P. BOMAR, c c. a F or ,i, Te “ ® 0,,a| sKcw : ard OR the apprehension and delivery of C. STR1C LING, Who deserted from the coimanv cavalry commanded by meat F-nn r™,,- *~ * H ” C 15 . Captain of Mb Carairy n<ri 1 a i.'o 1 * ?ive , an reward of FIFTY 1 lo f the “I’prehcnsion Of said Clades in the IVM , n mI . e,lgag0d as a substitute for mjsrff in the Bibb Cavalry, and furnished with a Horse and Equipments, and Sixty Dollars in cash. lie is Mm fh e feet two inches high, fair complexion, middle size prominent chin, is a cabinet maker by profession ,„d has worked id Cohimbns and in Macon-said lie’w«s a native of Union district, South Carolina-supposed to be between 25 and 30 years old-of about 135 pounds weight. Having sold a horse that did cot be- long to hun. it is to be hoped the officers of the Law \vill be on (lie look out, that this coimunnialescoun drel may be arrested and treated according to his de- scr ' r s _ JOHN SPIILYGER. Macon, June 23,1836 52 Federa I Union, Southern Recorder. Mi ner. Recorder. Columbia Hive, Unicuvi’llc, S C. pa- per, and New Orleans Bulletin will publish the shore three tunes and forward their accounts to this office. fashionable Hat di Cap Store MULBERRY STREET, MACON. - — iuw^Di the most approved makers and rated to suit the clim ate and a general assortment of Ladies & Gentlemens Gold and hilver Patent Levers Lepine and plain Watches. Fine Gold Chains, Seal*, Keys, Ear rings Breast Pm-and f inger rings. Gold and silver ever pointed pencils, Gold and silver spectacles, silver spoons, PM and pocket knives dirks, canes, pistols, , • , dic - . T V? e ,‘: ler with a grew variety of otlier arti cles.kept 111 hishno N. B. Hehas selected tho best of materials for re- Pnnv'f^ Wa i^‘ es ? , . ,d J v,il give satisfnrtion to those who mav favor him with tlieir custom. Oct's?” ° f:>!,l Pi C R atrona g e 's respectfully solicited. 18 W ,,, Pniwls, Vnrnislieg, * c . j t y ell, tian Red, Chrome Yellow, Whiting. lerrude Scinna, Spanish Brown, Linseed Oil Snts Turpeutine, Copal Varnish. Japan Varnish. Leader artnsh. Picture Varnish, also. Glass, Faint Brushes, ire. fell 18 3a By J. II. & W. 8. EI.LIM s lf - Cooke, ‘ l0, WO; Broarticaij Jl'ete Fork, Ore i-.lin for sj|h every description of Cabinet Furniture, such a* Sofas, Sideboards, Bureaus, Ta- 1 bi Looking Glasses, Uedsteds, hair M ttiesses. and every arti- cle in the furnishing line, which will he sold low tor cash or on time. Goods packed for shipping at short notice. April 21 i;| ;1di GLOBE TAVERN, CHziiou, S'oaoo O’vnniyi C-'a> T HK .Subscribers (late proprietors of the Clinton Hotel,) lender our thauks to our friends and patrons for past encouragement, and respectfully beg leave to nuuouuco to the public, .that we have removed to the commodious House known as the globe Tavern, situated in the business part of the town, aud fronting the Court-House. Having leased this stand for several years, with the intention ofrenewiug the lease or of pur chasing the property, wo cousider ourselves per manently located, and shall continue to improve our accomodations us the comfort of customers shall require. Our House is uow opeu for the reception of Travellers or Hoarders. We shall at ail times endeavor to keep such a House, as will ensure public patronage; and we hope to afford such ac commodations as will prove satisfactory to those who call on us. ^ The usual great promises of good TA BLES, BAR>, &c. we think unnecessary to particular- _ A die first Tuesday in JULY’ next, will be sold jLW at McDonough, Henry county, the interest of John M. D. Taylor, deceased, also, the interest of N’o- ah \\ . Taylor, a minor, in lut No. 197, in the 7th dis- trict of Henry cotinjy, sold by order of the court of or- dinary of Butts county, for the benefit of said minor, and die distributees of said deceased. April 7,1836. CHARLES BAILEY, Adm’r of X IT. Subscriber having tsiauusimu ii Macon with a view to a permanent residence, wm keep constantly on hand a general assortment of . Hats, Caps, Purs &c. compnsing every variety of style and quality, raulr called for at a similar establishment. Amoig his a> sortinent may be found U" Tavlor ' , ^' 0r 4 ^ eC a - ana *"<*'• B®aver, Satin Beaver, Oner, Castor Roarum •iic-—Hood Lots and other conveniences for Dro vers, readily furnished. WOOD & WEEKES. January 20, lg,’J4 19 tf NEW LIVERY STABLES •Bid Carriage 1.depository. AUGUSTA, GEORGIA. €. ^hVER, respectfully informs his friends, that O N the first Tuesday in AUGUST next, trill be sold bejorcthe courthouse, in Greenville, Meriwether county, within the legal hours, under an order of the In ferior court of Bibb county. Three-fifths of lot of land No. 16, in die eighth dis trict formerly Troup now Meriwether county, sold a « the property of the orphans of William Pace. may5 45p 8EBOURN HIXSON. Guardian O N the first Tuesday in JVLY next, will be sold be fore the court House in Macon, under an order of the Inferior Court of llibb county, sitting for ordinuro purposes, v 4| acres, beinga part of fractional lot No. 45, West Macon reserve, with the improvements thereon, it be ing the place where the late Joseph Wood resided at the tune of his decease, (being No. 13, of YViudsor Park.) Also. 4 acres, being a part of lot No. 62, West Ma con Reserve, (and No. 10, of Windsor Park)—sold as the property of the orphans of said Joseph Wood, for the benefit of all concerneiT. May 12 46 REBECCA WOOD. Guardian wool Hats; Mens Fur and Hair, Seal Caps, Boys bkek, bine aud brown cloth Caps, Bombazine do black and drab sdkpltish a new style, Merino and Circassian N-cic, the m ; ! ,S ,on p^experience and personal attention to L ° r m ring hats in some of tbe i, nd , tellf>,VC e * t “ b,1 ? hlne nts at the north, he isww- .1; 0 a »sure all those who may favor him ’via ' that he can farl »sli them with an arti- r!n 1 for I cbea pness, neatness and durability shall be fully equal if not superior to nnv before ofterediu the southern market, As his work will lie principal- ; manufactured at his establishment in Moron, when desired he vvi.I finish hats to order in any stile to suit ie purchaser From the facilities thus obtained and ioiu assiduity and attention Xo his business he hopes to deserve as he trusts he will receive a liberal share of patronage. Oct 7,1835 n-^xtr . , „ GEORGE A KIMBERLY ILF VI anted Beaver, Otter, Muskrat and Raccoon skins 0 „ I aluablc Fund for Sale. N the first Tuesday in AUGUST next, will be sold before the court house door in the town of Perry, Lot ot land No. 54, in the 14th district of Houston county,-sold by order of the honorable the inferior court of Houston county, while sitting for ordinary purposes, it being the real estate of Joel Jackson, do ceased, sojd for the benefit of the heirs and creditors, leritisof sale, 12 months credit. May 14 48 JOHN’mr. • he has Leased the Ware-house and Lot. known j ll.L be sold on the first Tuesday in September as lLirlnu’s,late Mr. John Rees, near the Planter’s N, ,le *U before the court house door, in Camp- Hotel—and has all those superior buildings construe- ™‘ l ,n ” lw ’ ,, — ted into Stables and Carriage Houses.—lias on hand, and will keep, a general nsortnient of CARRIAGES for sale of the letest fashions and hestfiuish. Discon nection in this branch of his business, is such, as to in duce him to lielievc, he can offer greater inducements to t'-e purchaser, than any like Establishment at the 8011th. His Stables are all Dirt Stalls—teide, high and airy ; can accommodate any number of Horses on Li very Irom J to 200—price per day. each Horse, longer or shorter time, 50 cents.—Horses and Car riages of every kind usually hired, can he had on the most reasonable terms. The proprietor pledges him self to do every justico to his Friends—who may pat ronise him. J * SCSr’™ rbiimi Z. • I H. * w. a Eiu.9 i (too Vnncina done at this Ofiice.. Err tup Oil. Gallons Winter strained Lamp Oil very handsome—just received and for sale Jnn , 4 on by II. & J. SHOTWELL. Jan. 14. 30 Opposite the. Central Hotel. A n,,, „ Line For Sztle. PPLY to WILLIAM DANII L, who has made pr . *f?. D «? n,c "t* fw « quantity, and will be deliv «ira h, V ho P’ or , , ’y any place in the ettv for cash. April 25 44 WM. lL' in the ANIF.L. F ,?r? ,n . 1>r< ‘* lcnsivc Commentary, DR sale at the store of J. H. & W, rf. ELLIS. Agents and subscribers will call and set their copies. April B 41 5 Molasses a in! Dale Ilouc. HHD8 Cuba Molasses prime quality, 100 Coils bale Rope, best quality, 5lay5 45 for sal o by REA <t COTTON. WANTED. C ASH will he paid for one Road Wagon and four or five Horses—Mules would be preferred. , _ . „ Eor Sale. 1 Pair of Extra fine Northern Carriage Horses, 7 and 8 years old, of line blood, price $1200, sold lbr no fault. 1 Pair Sorrels, 15$ hands high, 6 and 7 years old, fine Travelers, well broke, can be recommended for family use—belonging to a private gentleman who is going to travel, and wishes to sell immediately. 1 Pair Daik Bays, 16 hands high, 6 and 8 years old. sound and gentle—and 1 Saddle Poney, youug and rr, „ . ALSO > Two Barouches, I Buggy, 1 Sulky Gigs; nil havebeen used some.—Sold for emrfiand .two _Mny_24 3m, 50 a “ d Lmsecd Oil for sale april 20 44 by J. H.& W. S. EUilS. , 'V, ' , u uoor, in t amp- bellton, Campbell county, within tho legal hours of sale, two thirds of „ A . . 1 Acres of Lot ofLaml. No. 94, in the 7th district of originally Coweta now Campbell county, for the benefit of "the orphans of William Jones, deceased—Terms made known on the day of sale. JAMES McCRACICIN, Adm’r. June 18 52 F OUR months after date application will be made to the inferior court of Butts county, when sit- ipplicati to the inferior court of Bntts „„„„ su . tmg for ordinary purposes, for leave to sell the land and negroes belonging to the estate of James Ander- son, late of Butts county, deceased. Mav 27 40 DAVID KIM BELL. ) JOHN ANDERSON, \ Adm F OUIt months afterdate application will bo made to the inferior court of Heury county when sit ting for ordinary purposes, for luave to sell the lands belonging to the estate of Wiley Heflin, late of said county, deceased. WILEY'J. HEFLIN Jupe2 49 Ex'’or. F OUR mouths after date application will be made to the honorable the inferior court of Butts coun- ty when sitting for ordinary purposes, for leave to sell bt No 28 in the 3d district if do weta county, for the benefit of the orphans of William Payne, deceased May 28 49 ABNER BANKSTON. Guar. F OUR months after date appheation will be made to the honorable the Inferior court of Favetto county, while sitting as- a court of ordinary, for leave to sell all the real estate of Jesse D. McIntosh, late of said couuty, deceased, this 24th February, 1836. 36 i>. B. HEAD, Adm’r. MARGARET L. McINTOSH, Adm’rx. *° Tailois. Nr ORMA I ION is wanted concerning Wyllts H- , L- COl ^, a , . ravnlbn " agent for the subscriber?, in teaching Cutting, Obtaining Subsciibers, to oar Re- ports of the I* ashions, and collecting for tliesnbscribcrs and Daniel Oatman. As the subscribers have not heard from him in gome mouths, they hereby warns)! persons against paying him, either notes or account', and will be very thankful for any information that will furnish them with a cbm to find him if living, as we fear some evil has befal e • him June \ „ SCOTT & PERKINS. «*w5J 60 Liberty street. New Yon-'- O x. , , tost and Found. , N the 27,h day of May last, a Negro Boy was de livered to me by a waggoner in Augusta, with 1 request Ua 1 would take him to Ilsncecl- county for the purpose of delivering him to his owner. I received the boy and brought him home, butcould not find his owner. He is obout ten ycars old, four feet two inches high, and daik com; lexioti. Hesivs his masters none i- Thomas Wimberly of Hancock Cenntv, but froin-' 1 the enquires which I made. I am certain there is' 10 such man in the county. lie also states that he was lost from his owner. The boy is still in my possession, and being desirons that his master should find him 1 take this public mem- od of making known the (acts. I shall keep him a reasonable time and if he is 00 called for, shall deliver hint to the public outhonties 0 the county, to be disposed of as they may think prepf‘ ■ dining which period, I shall he ready to'delivor Iks' ‘ the owner, upon ptoof of his right and payinentol 0 > penses. NATHANIEL GRI66S- June, 14 52 22t Ifaiieockcounly\Jyjb- Hoiise and Lot For Salt** , THE SUBSCRIBER offers for his House aud Lot on Cheriy strec , situated, containing I IliSIBeLi * n A pleasantly situated, contmnmg ^ 11 i i 1 good rooms, and every neccssarvcU',, - ding. JOHN IIOLZENDORL- 52 E t June23 5t For Sale. . „uhout A comfortable dwelling bouse | af buildings comjilete, situated on ( 1 j street and Cotton Avenue, a situation with one or two lots on - 11 * t . ter, will be sold on reasonable term» Por terms apply in Macon te Mqr 26 49 H’.M. DANfEi cash.