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The morning news. (Savannah, Ga.) 1887-1900, June 05, 1887, Page p*O, Image 5

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THE MAD SURGEON. HORRIBLE CHILD BUTCHERIES IN THE NAME OF SCIENCE. Mysterious Murders That Terrorized the People of Lyons—Startling Ex posure of Fiendish Cruelty. From the Chicago Ren'S. From time to time, through the years 1832-3-4, the citizens of Lyons, France, were horrified and excited greatly by the discov ery of a senes of hideous crimes, the per petrators of which baffled all detection, and which seemed as unnatural and purposeless —the work of sheer diabolism— as it is possible for any crimes to be. The victims were in all cases children and youth, of both 6exes, ranging in age from fi to 14 years. In every instance the startling evidence of the crime was the same, simply the NAKED CORPSE OF A CHILD found in the middle of some dark, obscure street generally, though occasionally it would be discovered in the midst of a thoroughfare, where it would seem almost, impossible that it could have been placed without observation. These ghastly discov eries were always made near dawn or in the later hour; of tfie night. In some instances the little bodies had evidently been cold in death for several days, but 'in others they were still almost warm when picked up. In all cases the immediate cause of death bad 'been the same. Some sharp instrument had been driven through the spinal marrow at the base of the brain. But there was another uniformity in the manner of these horrible deeds, the inexpli cability of which was overwhelming. Every one of the corpses had suffered amputation of some member. Sometimes a leg was gone, sometimes an arm, sometimes only a toe or two, or a finger, or a pair of them. In all eases the amputations had evidently been performed by a skillod sur geon. Those who studied carefully the phases of these successive murders observed that the operations seemed to have been made in systematic series. Thus, in the summer of 1833 it was observable that every corpse found had suffered amputation of either the right or left arm at the elbow joint. There were seven that had been thus multilated. In the autumn of that year the joints operated upon were all knees—and there were nine ot them, In 1832 there had been no operations upon joints, but three ampu tations of thighs; five of upper arms and eight of fore-arms attested the industry of the fiend engaged in this awful butchery. It was generally understood that this must all be THE WORK OF A MADMAN, but, whoever he was, so cunningly did he conceal himself that his identity was not even suspected. His victims belonged to all classes of society, and in no instance was there any thing to encourage the suspicion that the crime had been perpetrated for any other purjiose than a passion for operat ing upon a living body, with the subseduent disposition of the subject in the most, con venient fashion by death and tossing away as worthless carrion w hen the operation was over. The physicians and surgeons of Lyons, alannwl by the manifest, growth of a tend ency, especially among the low er classes, to view them ell with suspicion, energetical! y exerted themselves to unearth the mysteri ously bidden brother professional whose re volting crimes thus endangered them all — for no one could doubt that skillful hands had done these bloody dcssls. They offered a reward of 200,000 florins for the assassin. Dr. Auguste Besmard, a physician of high standing—whose only professional fault was that he uad such a horror of blood that he never could be induced to perform a capital operation, or even to assist at one—beaded the subscription of that great reward with the sum of 50,000 florins. Dr. Gottfried Dumreicber, a German surgeon of excellent reputation, added 20.000 florins, and Dr. Nicolai Vitarbo, an Italian, gave as much. Then the others subscribed iu proportion to their means. The ingenuity of the best detectives of France was employed, but ALL IN VAIN. The mysterious butcheries still occurred at intervals. Late in the spring of 1835 the murderer's experimental amputation developed in a new direction—taking off arms at the shoulder, and there were no longer the deadly thrust* in the spinal marrow. The little victims had simply been allowed to bleed to death. By this time not a few physicians had fled from the city, fearing nn outbreak of the mob at any 'moment, that might result in their butchery as suspected ix-rsons. Of course each, as he disappeared, was vehe mently suspected be being tile guilty one, and was followed and watched by detectives, but the innocence of each in turn was de monstrated by the recurrence of the atro cities from the scene of which they had fled. Manifestly, the guilty one felt him self too secure from detection to care for flight. In the month of June of the year last mentioned, the veil was lifted, and in a most unexpected and starting wciy. M. Pierre Jacquelin, a well-to-do silk manufacturer of Lyons, bad the good and ill fortune to possess a very pretty wife, at least twenty years his junior. His fortune was so far good that she was one of the prettiest, plumpest, most voluptuous-lookiug and light-hearted of women, who never, in the slightest degree, troubled herself or him about, the possibly infidelities with which a man growing old sometimes seek* to beguile, by new attractions, his consciousness of advancing age. And it was so far ill, that Madame Cora Jacquelin fully indemnified herself for any short-comings in his marital relations toward her by kind re ciprocations of the very earliest atten tions of A LOVER NEARER HER OWN AGE. M Jacquelin more than suspected that such was the fact, but he was philosophic and, after due deliberation on the subject, resolved to feign entire unconsciousness of "'hat was going on, so long as there was no public scandal to compel Ins cognizance. An understanding to that effect, without words, seemed to have been arrived at between him #tul her, and the worthy pair got along very we n together. They had one child only , a charming little golden-haired girl • years old, named Florence, who did not at, el! resemble him, but he was very fond of h' r. just the same. She looked much like a very dear old friend of her mammas, an ibuifin named Carlo Farini, who bad loiig •Frii ‘a friend of the family.” Farini waa an actor, who had traveled jramh, possessed a great, deal of versatility, had picked up many novel accomplishments m the strange countries he had visited and "'as a reinnkablv handsome fellow, athletic, ngile as a cat and courageous. For eight or m.ic years past ho had liver! in Lyons, bav in? seemingly given up his penchant, for r"j l! g since making the acquaint nice of I ■ otty Mme. Jacquelin. Ho generally had engagement in one of the Lyons theatres, cut, if he had not had no reason to t rouble Jjmsclf about means, so long as Cora loved One evening in June, 1835, he and Mme. "wquolin were together in tbo room of the “tier when the steps of THE INOPPORTUNE HUSBAND c'w ? heard on the stairs, coming up to her .?’■, had returned home unusually “1 i.v from hi* piquet club at the cafe, where • 'vis wont to spend his evenings, and they >en too deeply engrossed with each J* r tonotice liis entrance to the house tu , r , *• so close to the only door of exit n7>H Ji 1 0 Wl|, M no longer—its upon former rv,,*' 1 . s "shda out to a closet on the t•!.. °i" an< * thence slip away when the old aiu!' t niH " had passed on i'uto hi* wife’s and the way was clear to the m,A P u thurt not let him find you here, exclaimed Cora, ‘Tor that situatio 0 and ' l*** h' xn to tako notice of the not }>• uueo&y<” answered her lover; T have been prudent, enough to look out for my lino of retreat iu case of such an emer gency as this. ’ As he spoke he donned his most ittrlispen sihle garment-- very rapidly. His shoes, had !**n Kicked aside and he could not find them in the darkness. M. Jacquelin was already knocking on his wife's door. There was no time to lose. In his stocking feet Farini slipped out of the window, seized the stout branches of the ivy vine that covered the gable wall of the house with its foliage, and working his wav along it, some twenty feet, clutched a limb of a Dig shade tree and swung himself over among its foliage, thirty feet above the ground. At that moment Mme. Jacquelin opened the door for her husband, yawned sleepily, and said to him; “How late you are to-night, my dear!” THE LOVER IN THE TREE-TOP listened uneasily to some sounds in the darkness below him. They seemed to be low, suppressed.growls and the gnashings of teeth. He fancied that he could'see a white form away down on the ground and two eyes that glared up at, him expectantly, hungrily. There was nothing supernatural about that presence. He knew too well what it was. M. Jaequelin’s English bulldog, silent and ferocious, was down there wait ing for him Decidedly, it would be unwise to descend. He clambered across to the opposite side of the tree, waited until the moon came out from among the clouds sufficiently for him to see what he was doing, and succeeded iu swinging himself into a second tree. In like manner he passed to a third and fourth. That carried him beyond a boundary fence, but out of reach of the disappointed dog, and ho descended to the ground. Of where he was he had not the slightest idea, further than that, he was in the open air, in somebody’s garden, surrounded by a very high brick wall with sharp spikes in its stone coping. A long, low brick house occupied one side of the inclosure. A car riage-house and stable were on a second side at right angles with the house. His arms were too tired for him to climb up the tree again, and try some more of that adventur ous aerial way. Clearly he had no other re source left than to enter the house—at the risk of being discovered and MISTAKEN FOR A BURGLAR and make his way through it to the street. He tried the carriage-house and stable, but they were locked up. Then he tried succes sively three doors in the house, and the third proved to be unfastened. Being in his stocking-feet, and having naturally a step almost as light as a cat’s, his tread was noiseless, and the house seemed de serted. Moving cautiously he passed through two rooms, a nallwa#,-. and, gaining confidence as he went, was about to push open another door, when, as his hand was upon the handle of the lock, his motion was arrested by a slight sound beyond that seemed to him was caused by the' upsetting of a bottle on a table. Listening keenly, he could hear some body moving about arid muttering exclama tions of impatience. Slowly nnd noiselessly he opened the door an inch' at a time, until he had a full view of the apartment before him, and stood al most paralyzed by astonishment and horror. The room was a large one. Some twenty feet from the door, beneath a very strong light thrown down from large lamps under a bright reflector, were two operating tables, upon each of which a body —that of a child or youth—was extended. Between the heads of those tables stood a third, on which gleamed an appalling assort ment of knives, saws, and other surgical in struments. A tali, thin mail, with a head bald like a tonsure, stood between the tables, holding in one hand a bottle and with the other hand mopping up some liquid spilled on the instrumental tabic. He dia hot seem to hear the noise of the opening door. Inan instant the truth flashed upon Far ini’smind that he was looking upon THE MYSTERIOUS ASSASSIN of the children, and that two victims to gether lay before him. Whether they were dead or only under the influence of some drug that stilled their senses be could not tell, but he suspected that they were alive, from seeing the man lift their eyelids and look at the pupils of their eyes. As he looked Far ini's eyes liecame accustomed to the light, and he recognized to his unspeak able horror the smaller child on one of the tables as pretty little Florence, the daughter of Mme. Jacquelin, and, perhaps, himself. The tall, thin man picked up a long, keen knife, approached the little girl and stood balancing the instrument, ready to use it. Among the many queer accomplishments that Farini had picked up in the course of his wandering life was an extraordinary skill in knife-throwing, that he had learned in Mexico, and from his habits in Spaniah- American countries, it had become a second nature to him to carry a big, heavy, long knife, two-edged at the point and keen as a razor. When he escaped from Mine. Jacque lin’s room that night he had left his shoes, but had not neglected to take his knife with him. thrust in its scabbard, under his waist-belt. Now he drew it, stood sidewise to give free play to his right arm, swung the long, ugly weapon by its point and measured his distance for throw ing it. The next instant, just as the butcher was about slicing the tender flash before him, Far ini’s knife flew like a dart of steely light ning across the room and TRANSFIXED THE ASSASSIN'S SKULL, piercing it completely from temple to tem ple. The wretch sank dead upon the floor, and Farini sprang across the room. Snatch ing up little Florcence in bis arms ha satis fied himself in an instant that she was still alive and unhurt Ho gave but one look of startled surprise and horror at the other figure exposed, a strange creature that seemed a monster. Then he fieri, with the child in his arms, to the street and the front door of his mother’s house, where his vigor ous knocking soon roused the inmates and brought assistance. A servant was dispatched for the worthy physician, Dr. August Desmard, who was a near neighbor, to come and care for the lit tle girl. In a few moments the servant re turned reporting that she was unable to summon tne doctor, whose front door was open, without entering the house, and she was afruid to do that. Another doctor soon appeared and restored the child to consciousness, when she said that she had slipped out of the house, after her nurse supposed she had gone to bed, had run out to see some little neighboring play ninte and was on her way home when a cloak was thrown over her head, she did not know by whom, and after that she knew nothing until she found herself again* in her mother’s arms. By this time the gendarmes had arrived, and Farini, frankly telling what lie had seen and had done, led them to the house from which he had res cued the child. There A STARTLING DISCOVERT awaited them. The child-murderer was no other than Dr. August Desmard, the philan thropist. who was so tender-hearted that he could not boa surgeon; and who offered a reward of 50,000 francs for the discovery of the assassin to divert suspieiou from him belf From copious diary notes found among his papers, it was made perfectly plain that he had for several years tieen insane upon the subject of amputations nnd the actual grafting on the human body of limbs mid members, and hud sacrificed a number of lives in his merciless experiments. The lit tle corpses t lmt he had used he got rid of by tho ingenious contrivance of a trap-box under the sst of his carriage, which he could operate from the inside of the vehicle, so u* to open its floor nnd drop the body through w hile going at full speed, without the knowledge of tho driver, nnd with scarcely a possibility of diseovorery The figure ou the other table was a hid - eous evidence of the doctor’d infernal skill. It was that of a lad about 15 years of ago that had been cut apart and patched together with fragment* of other bodies in the most surprising fashion. One arm wa* reduced so that the wrist, was but three inches from the shoulder. The other had been extended to uiuriy five fret iu length by added sec THE MORNING NEWS: SUNDAY. JUNE 5, 1887-TWELVE PAGES. tions, in which were included two elbow joints, and, to the infinite astonishment of other surgeons, those joints worked fairly well. The legs had been remodeled in the same wav. I’Altogether the poor wretch was a start ling proof that the operations upon him had tieeii conducted with the most wonder ful skill, and Dr. Desmard’s papers demon strated that it had been his intent, when he had completed his awful work, to exhibit him and confess what he had done in the interest of science. Thp tortures to which the lad had been subjected had made an idiot of him, and he could not tell who he was or how long he had lieen under tor ment. In a vague way he remembered that t here had been two others, permanent vic tims, like himself, but they had died, and their bones were found in shallow graves under the stable floor, as was also a miscel - laneous collection of arnt and leg bones of children. The boy lived but a short time. Dr. Desmard’s ltody was never given sepulture, having been given over for dissection, and his great fortune was confiscated for the municipal orphan asy lums. Farini never fully confessed bow he came to he in the doctor’s back garden, but it was readily suspected, and, indeed, merry Mme. Jacquelin did not deny her knowl edge of it when her husband died, which he did a couple of years after, when she be come Mme. Farini. * * * * Young or middle-aged men suffering from nervous debility or other del icate diseases, however induced, speedily and permanently cured. Address, World's Dispensary Medical Association, Buffalo, IIOSE. Gas Fixtures, GLOBES & SHADES. Garden and Street Sprinklers. EM Sint tali HOSE. Jft nl Perce Pips. Wells Driven and Guaranteed. John Nicolson, Jr., 30 AND Si! DRAYTON STREET. ICE. ICE ! Now is the time when every body wants ICE, and we want to sell it. PRICES REASONABLE! 20 Tickets, good for 100 Pounds, 75c. 140 Tickets, good for 700 Pounds, $5. 200 Tickets, good for 1,000 Pounds, $7. 50 Pounds at one delivery 30c. Lower prices to large buyers. x o x: Packed for shipment at reduced rate* Careful and polite service. 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SUMMER RESORTS.' i) ARTIES visiting New York during the sum mer cun find nicely furnished rooms at very moderate prices. Address Mlts. M. HALL, 129 West 15th street, New York. HAYTH HOUSE, FmcASTUE. Va.—Elevation, 2,<XV) feet; pure air; cool water; malaria unknown: grand scenery. Write for circular of Mineral Springs, etc. W. R HAYTH, Proprie tor ■ THE WHITLOCK HOUSE. Marietta, Oa' rn pacltv, 125 guests: large, well furnished rooms; handsome dining room; house lighted bvgas; large, shaded grounds: billiards, lawn tennis, croquet, and bowling alley, all five for guests. Hot and cold water, shower, electric and Turkish baths, all new Terms for board more reasonable th-tn other flrst-claa* hotels. M. G. WHITLOCK, Owner and Proprietor. TYHILBRiCK HOUSE, Fast Tilton, N. H 1 Wanted, 50 guest* at (his delightful Bum mer Resort for I hit season, 18H7 Heaut ful cli mate, excellent water and reasonable rates. Sit uated upon the shore of I „alre Winnipesaukee, twenty miles southwest Concord, within one mile B. C. M. Railroad. Open June Ist. G. A. PHILBRICK, Proprietor. / tOOD ROOMS: good table; shade trees; fine v * situation; terms reasonable. 8. ROOT, C'atskill, N. Y. MISCELLANEOUS. HAIR WORK of all descriptions: fine, light ventilated front pieces Impervious to per aplratlon; fashionable and becoming; just the thing for summer time: a large stock on hand; country orders for wigs switches, bangs, front pieces, etc., etc., cm-cr'nlly matched: 1 promptly mail b mgs trimmed. Childrens haircut ling by EMILE F. FEGEAB, late of Paris, London and New York, lint£ Broughton street, lfalr Btore. P ABY • 'ARRIAGES, Walnut Oilw.Mattresww, J 5 Bedroom and Parlor Furniture, Wardrobe, Safe*. Wicker Chairs, etc., for sale, cash or in stallmept. Mattresses renovated; Furniture re paired. rmm fox. Upholsterer, under Metropolitan Hall. Whitaker street. j7*GGB now hatching In Incubators at, BA VAN J NAII P< iI’LTKY YARDS, opposite Laurel Grove Cemetery. Eggs and Chickens for sale from fancy Fowls, Fekin Ducks. Visitors wel come. Ci LOT HI N'<; cleaned, repaired, bra Ided, altered > and dyed; new suits cut and made in latent styles; charges moderate; satisfaction guaran teed. A. GETZ, tailor, 31 Jefferson street. ( 'HEAP FOR UAKH Just received and for J sale at rock bottom prices, 200 cords of Oak and Pine Wood. Telephone No. HI at my office in H„ F. &w. R'y yard, c. A. FULTON TFyou want your Clothing renewed, cleaned, 1 repaired, braided, dyed, remodeled, altered to suit your taste go to S. WHITE'S, corner Jef fernnn and State streets. CAVANNAH INTELLIGENCE OFFICE, 118 ij Liberty street. P.ylmbh- servants always on hand. (Tty or country supplied. AI, r ANTED, trunks, togs and valises for it repair*! all work called for and delivered free. 33 Whitaker street, A SK your druggist for “ROBINSON'S Sticky / \ fly Paper!’’ price reduced to two sheets for ■to. MONEY TO LEND.—S9.<IOO to!* lent on good real estate in Savannah at reasonable inter est. Address I,EN DIOR, Morning News office. ROBINSON BROTHERS’ “Sticky Fly Paper’’ just the thing now; two sheets for sc. Try C IARBOLIC ACID for disinfectant, 15c. and V 25c. a bottle. I’ORTKR'B, 122 Broughton OICADURA KEY WEST CHEROOTS 10 for 1 25c. at LIVINGSTON’S, Bull and State st*. A\7ANTED, tell thousand ’customers to buy 1V Pearl Meal and Pearl Grits at 20c. per peck. SLATER, MOORE &. CO., 188 Congress street, NEW Raspberry Limeade; made from the fresh fruit LIVINGSTON'S PHARMACY, leader and introducer. Bull and Slate, streets. WfE are selling the best Butter at 25c. and ft 80c. tier pound; not Oleomargarine. SLATER, MOORE,V 1 'O. IkAHTCRAGEfor cattle, horse* and mule*. Inquire of JOSEPH H. BAKER, Market SUII liti. _____ (ANE thousand sponges large a* a hat, only / 15c. LIVINGSTON’S PHARMACY, Bull and State. TN order to reduce my stock before going I North, I will sell Kuchings ami other fancy So sis at greatly reduced prices. Mns. M. !OLB, 119 Broughton sfreci. 17 NGLIHH Tooth Brushes, only 2fle.; sulc. two J gross monthly. LIVINGSTON'S PHAR MACY, Bull and State street*. I K von want a nice "'hit* Duck Suit, or a nice White Vest call GAZAN S. UOX'T fail to call and see our 1 hlldreu's 1 :ar rlages Our goods are bought direct from factories and it enables us to rell them lower than you cun buy at uny public sale. Wo uleo carry a complete line of house furnishing gmslsat NATHAN BROS !• i'<mgri-** street. BELLE OF BAT TIMORE A Beautlfiii Com plexion. Lid is. ms* Mine, Konualea’s Paris- Inn Nut Oil and Mllkweol Powder. It removes and pres ents wrinkles, teaut ities and preserves the complexion, and keep* It youthful. For solo at DAVID PORTER K. 122 Broughton street. \V r ANTED.’ evervhoflv to try onr “C" Sugar. Vt we give you 21 pounds for sl. SLATER, MOORE A CO. LEGAL NOT M IBS. . SPECIAL NOTICE. is h‘M*by Kiven (hat th followinic hx’iil hilln w ill Ik* aiirl myed for liofuiY AMM**nihl/ of ueoncia At itM wxHlofi in July mxt, to-wit: A Hill to tx; itltU*d An s\ci to r*pual ho much of An Act "An A*t to amend the act the Tavern UcenM) in thin fftH!•, ap proved December l."*f h. iMOfl, ho far an I to Wilcox county. uid to flellno th* h*** of th* Ordinary “f Chatham county. In thin StaU*." an rf*lah*M to tho of Haid Ordinary t'b itharn county, ami to an the fr and of naid Oniiuary of Chatham county tfa* sanc ar** allowed the Orditia i1504 of Code of end for other purpoF*H. AIOO a Bill fo ho ontltlod “An Act to create and provido a of Afleoiwor* of r*al and property aubjoct to taxatiou for the couii'y of v bAtbiUu, ami for other purpoaea/* LU r>T>EN * BATES S. M. H. L.& B.S.M.H. PIANOS At SSO Each. PIANOS At $75 Each. PIANOS At $l5O Each. PIANOS At $2lO Each. ORGANS $24 Each. ORGANS At $35 Each. ORGANS t $56 Each. ORGANS At sls Each. The instruments above specified are beyond all question Cionuine Barjjains, and must, be seen to bo appreciated. Our ware rooms are titled to repletion, and. although busy as tiers in filling orders from all parts of the South, and our own Forest City as well, we have enough to go round, and therefore want your order to complete our happiness. CALL E A X-l Is Y. Ludden & Bates Southern Music House, SAVANNAH, GA, PIANOS MOVED. SHIPPING, Packing or Unpacking by expe rienced Notv York Piano Movers Work done safrl.v, quickly and without damage to premises or instruments and at low prices. PIANOS TUNED. BY the year or single tunings, and when we lake charge of instruments by the year we make no additional charge for string* or slight regulation of actions. There is economy in em ploying good tuner*. Mr. U. N. MOORE still looks after this branch of our business. Tj.&c 33. S- 3VC- EC; GROU M> REXT#. ARREARS FOR GRODNO RHT. CITY TnEASUBER’s Omw, I NAvtmuN. Ga., dune Ist, IW. ( rT'KK following lots are In arrears to the city 1 for ground rents, of which lesseosare hereby notified. CH AS. S HARDEE, City Treasurer. nßowv ward. Lot No. 13. 2 qrs.; east one-balf lot No. 24, a qr*.; lot No. 53, a qrs. CALHOUN WARD. Pot No. 6, 8 qrs.; lot No. 21, 2 qra.; lot No. 23, 2 qrs. CHARLTON WARD. Lot No. 1. I qrs.; lot No. Id, 2 qrs.; northwest one eighth lot 23, 2 qra.; northwest one quarter lot 24, 2 qrs.; north one-half lot No. DA, 2 qrs ; lot No. 2, 2 qrs. ; south one-half lot No. 14, 21 qrs.: lot No. 19, 2 qrs.; south one half lot No. 23, 21 qrs.; lot No. 32,2 qrs.; lot No. 33, 4 qrs. CHATHAM WARD. Fast, one-third lot No, 12, 2qrs.; lot No. 17, 3 qrs : east one-third lot No. it,, 2 qrs.; lot No. 82, 2 qrs.; one-third lot No. 87. 2 qrs.; west one half lot No. 16, 2 qra; lot No. 21, 2 qrs ; west one-half lot No. 29, 8 qrs.; two-sixths lot No. 33, 2 qrs. COLUMBIA WARD. Lot No. 10. 4 qrs.; south one-half lot No. 22. 2 qrs.; lot No. 83, 2 qrs.; east part lot No. 30, 2 qrs. CRAWroRD WARD. West one-balf lot 3, 2 qrs.; north one half lot No. 21, 2 qrs ; lot No. 38, 2 qrs.; lot No. 36, 2 qrs.; lot No. 3,14 qrs : lot No. 29, 2 qrs.; lot No. 34, 2 qrs.; east one half lot No. 71, 2 qrs. CRAWroRD WARD, EAST. One-half southwest part lot No. 1, 8 qrs.; por* tion lot No. 16, 10 qrs. ELOKRT WARD. I Ait No. 8, 2 qrs.; lot No. 27, 2 qrs.; lot No. 7, 20 qrs.: lot No. 10, 2 qrs.; east two-thirds lot No. 34, 2 qrs. FORSYTH WARD. Lot No. 1. 2 qrs.; lot No. 18, 2 qra.; south one half lot No. 17. 2 qrs; lot No. 21, 2 qrs ; lot No. 2. 2 qrs.; north one-half lot 17, 8 qrs.; lot No. 20, 2 qrs.; lot No. 58, 2 qra. KHAXKLIN WARD. Lot No. 25, 2 qrs.; west one-half lot No. 39, 4 qra. XKW raANKM-N WARD. East one-half lot No. 1,2 qrs.; lot No. 8, 2 qrs.; lot No. 17. 2 ora.; north |rt lot No. 7,2 qrs.; Jot west one-hair No. 14, 3 qrs. ORKENE WARD I Ait No. 4, 2 qrs ; lot No. 20. 2 qra.; lot No. 30, 2 qrs ; three-fourths lot No. 13. 2 qrs ; west, our half lot No. 18, 8 qrs.; north one half lot No 22, 2 qra,; south one-naif Jot No. 40, 2 qra. JACKSON WARD. West one-balf lot No, 7. 2 qrs.: north one-balf lot No. 24, 2 qra,; lot No. 33, n ore.; east one-balf lot No. 41, 2 qra.; west one-hall: lot No. 40, 2 qrs.; lot No. 46, 8 qrs. JASPER WARD. Lot. No. 43, 2 qrs.; lot No. 47, 2 qrs. LLOYD WARD. West one-third lot No 44 2qrs.; east nne-hnlf lot No. 62, 34 qrs.; lot No. 62, 2 qrs.; north part lot No. 58, 4 qra. LAFAYICTTE WARD. East one half lot No. 1, 2 qra.; west one-half lot No 4.1. 2 qrs,; east two-thirds lot No. 40. a qrs.; lot No. 44, 6 qra. LIBERTY WARD. Lot No. 1, 2 qrs.; lot No. 8, 2 qrs.; lot No. 10, a qrs.; lot No. 12, 2 qra.; cast one half lot No. 2". 2 qra.: lot No, 4. 2qrs.: lot No. 9. 2 qra.; lot No. 11 2 qrs.; southeast part lot No. 24, 2 qra. MONTEREY WARD. Last one-half lot No. 2, 2 qra.; lot No. 4,2 qra.; west one-fifth lot II and east one-fifth lot 12, 8 qrs. PULASKI WARD. I Ait No. 5, 2 qra.; lot No. 9, 2 qra.; lot No. 6, 2 qrs. TROUP WARD. Nort henst, part, lot No. 5. 2 qrs.: west part lot 25, I qrs.; southeast purl lot No. 6, 2 qrs.; lot No. 17, 2 qrs.; west one-halt' lot No. 14, 10 qrs. WARREN WARD. Lot No. 2, 2 qrs.; east one-half lot No. 15, 2 qrs.; lot No. 3, 2 qrs. WASHINOTON WARD. South one-half lot No. 4, 2 qrs.; west, one-half lot No. 7. 2 qrs.; lot No. 8, 2 qra.; northwest one fourth lot No. 19. 3 qrs.: west one-half lot No. 85, 2 qra.; lot No. 5, 2 qra.: south two-third* lot No. 9, 2qrs.; east part lot No. 18, 2 qrs.; west one half lot No. 30, 2 qra.; east one-half lot No. 85, 2 qrs. WESLEY WARD. Middle one-third lot No 3. 2qrs.; lot No. 15, 8 qrs.; west one-half lot No. S, 2 qra. HPRINOPIEI.n WARD. Lot No. 1, 2 qrs.; lot No. 8, 2 qrs.; lot No 5, 2 on.; lot No ML I qnt; lot No ftlm; lot No. 41, 2 qra.: lot No. B, 4 qrs.; lot No. 8, 2 qra.; lot No. 4. 2 qra , lot. No 6. 2 qra ; lot No. 33. 2 qrs.; lot No. 42. 2 qra.; lot No. 49, 2 qrs.; lot No. 83, 4 qra. All jierson* iiuving interest In the above lots are hereby notified that if the amounts now due are not paid to the City Treasurer on or before the 21st hmtnnl, I will on the morning of the 23d inst. proceed to re enter rdiug to law. ROBERT J. WADE. City Marshal. MEDICAL. will cube uata Protruding “IL tO . JV Never Falls. Ours C#urnt*sd. fy&tirk wa&mD*- Vtwr JjjKjf I>f''wwiMMiwhjn PVi, ,t * Sl *i< UIJM.MI. ' --i uE*vi> “ Hq^Ui*tHi,_o. \rr lion fctcre n.B Vulii.iiiHtnproveflPropß AT AUCTION. jJB 1.0. Laßoche's Sens, Auctioneers On TUESDAY, the 7th of Juno, in front of th Court House, we will offer That elegant 3-story Rrick Residence on Goo don street, second eust of Barnard street, facing Chatham square, with all modern improve manta. • —ALBO— Lot on the corner of Henry and f eme tery streets, containing two fine S-story Dwell ings on the front and two 1 -story DweliUKVofr the lane. This is good paying property,_and is good chance for speculation. Terms cash, purchaser paying for papers. 12 Acres Fertile Land and Residence. I. D.Laßoches Sons, Auctioneers On TUESDAY. in front of the Court Housoj during the legal hours of sale, we will offer II acres highly cultivated land and neat rest deuce, recentlv built, together with ham, out houses, stable ami fine well water. Tills property is about one mile from the ext tended limits of the city, and is very desirabll for truck farm or pasture. j Valuable Lot k Improvements, I.D.Laßoches Sons,Auctioneers On TUESDAY, the. Tth day of June, in front ol the Court House, we will offer Tliat, most desirable lot and improvement* (two dwelllngsi on the north side of Button street, second lot west of Lincoln street. l-fr This is one of the finest lots now on tbs market. _ HOUSE AND LOT AT AUCTION. I. D. Laßoche’s Sons, Auctioneers On TUESDAY, the Tth day of June, in fronjfc ol th* Court Hotyß<\ wo will sell. That two-story Kr&nv* dwelling on West Bonn* • lary Ix'tuoen Sims and Walker htreats; Lot 25 fet by ISO feet, more or loan. Terms rash, purchaser paying for pa perm. BEAUTIFULLY LOCATED COTTAtI I. D. Laßoche's Sons, Auctioneets. On TUESDAY, tbo 7th (lay of June, we iwilj offer before tbo Court House Jap That beautiful Cottage on Unit at ree tjpfr aded and Third street. Terms at sale. ' IJE FINE CORNER LOT ATICM I. D.Laßoches Sons, Auctioneers On TUESDAY, the Tth day of June, before the Court House, we will sell That eligibly located Building Lot on corner of Taylor, Price and Wayne streets. Title* guaranteed. Toips rTill" ~r for papers, n fiction, IfcUlliirSuiis, Auctioneers OnTTrsDAY, the 7th day of June, in front of the Court House, during the legal hours of sale, we will sell for division That half lot and frame building situated on the north side of Broughton street, hetweaa Barnard and JefTerson streets, opposite Weed & Cornwell's hardware establishment. Terms cosh, purchaser paying for papers. mai Himt. Macliery f MacfimlrF Cheap and Rood and Easy Terms, t EIGHT-HORSE POWER HORIZONTAL I KIHE BOX BOILERS (new). 1 Fifteen Horse Power (second-hand) RetUro Tubular Boiler. 1 Fifty-Home Power 'newt Return TnbiAa* Boiler. a Thirty Horse Power (new) Return Tubular Boilers. t Tweuty-five-Horse Power (new) Retain Tubular Boiler. J Twelve-Horse Power Horizontal Centra Crank Engines, on sills (newt. a Eight Horse Power Horizontal Side Crank Engines, on sills (news 1 Eight llorse Power I second hand I Horizontal Side Crank Engine, on wheels. 1 Six-Horse power Horizontal Side Crank En gines, on wheels (new). _ „ a Six-Horse Power Horizontal Side Crank En gines, on sills Inew). Also. Circular Saw Mills, Saws, Belting, Pip# and Eatings, Brass Goods, Inspirators, etc. Ais - Schofield’s Iron Works, MACON, GEORGIA. _ 1 ■ " 1 RAILROAD BONDS. The undersigned offers for sale at par ex-July Coupon $300,000 of the MARIETTA AND NORTH GEORGIA RAILWAY COMPANY'S FIRST MORTGAGE 0 PER CENT. FIFTY YEAR BONDS, in multiples of $l,OOO to suit buyers. FpiIESE bonds can he safely taken by Inves- I tors as a reliable tt ]-r cent, security, which will, in all probability, advance to ft points above par within the next three or four years, as this road will traverse a country unsurpassed for mineral wealth, for climate, for scenery, fos agricultural purposes, and for atfrsctivcnees to the settler. The company has mortgaged its franchise and entire Hue of railroad, built and to be built, and all its other property, to the Boston Safe Is-posl* and Trust Company to secure its issue of SO-year H ]Wr cent, bonds. Tltese Winds will be issued at) the rate of about $17,000 per mile, on a lute ex tending front lia., to Knoxville, Teun. A sinking fund Is provided for their redemption, it will lie one of the W*,t puying roads in the Houtb. It. will lie of standard gauge und will develop a region of country extending from Middle Georgia, through North Carolina to Knoxville. Tenn., where It will connect with lines Ending to Cincinnati, Louisville, sit. l.ouia ami Pittsburg. The road is now completed to Murphy, N. f\, and is to be pushed on to Knoxville its fast in the nature of tlie country will permit. The high flnuticin! standing and energy of the men priu < i|iully interested in It sufficiently guaranteestta early completion. Further information will lie furnished upon application to A. L. HART RIDGE, Bavatinah, Ga . or 1,0 BOOBY, McLKLI. VN * CO., 37 Broadway, New York. room HASTE. FOR TJ 1 K T EKTH. / \RIENTAL TOOTH PASTE. Cherry Tooth ' ’ Paste. iTisrtoal Tooth l’as'e, Shiflleld's l ream Dentifrice, Lyons' Tooth Tablet's, Arnice Tooth Soap. Thompson's Tooth Soap, CarboJla Tooth Soap. Tooth Powers and Washes all kind* ai BTROMJ'B BitUG STOKE, corner Bull and Parrr street Una. __ p* O