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Savannah republican. (Savannah, Ga.) 1824-1829, November 04, 1824, Image 4

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Adlnmistrntor On Wednesday Ihe f,r. sold " ' Villi' '.December next, laic WHdence ot Allen iSiiik, tier'd, nil the personal property I'M; eonsiJtiniMlf'R nrgroes. ”4 head of mule, Cottle, Sheep, goats, and hog -, nnd household and kitchen furniture. Aim. .'4 head Oxen one carry log, 1 silver watch, and the present efitpof Corn and (odder. Condi tions ot sale Ctish. R. BURTON. Adin’r. Oct 14 ISO .MART DENMARK, Am’t, A itmiuist tutor’s sale, On the first Tut stint/ in January next, M i.I. lie sold before tho Court House in the W Cily of Savannah, the following property, being the teal estate of Andrew MM.ran, Into of Chatham County, deo'd for the heuefitof the heirs and creditors, pursuant to an order of Court. One tract of land, containing POO acres adjoin ing lands of Francis Tufts, JatnesRasco, and Ma ry Share-, known us Jonathan and John Fox’s tracts, about 12 miles from Snvunnnh. One vacant lot in lee simple, situated In Ewens- burg, on Margin ct-»t.Savannah, known by No. 23. Ui.e Ditto, also fee simple, situated in do. and blow n by the No. 21, with a dwelling house und other improvements thereon. One Lot in Uiccborough, Liberty county. 'Die purchasers giving bond mid mortgage, pay able in one, two und three year*, with interest from dale and personal security. GEO. GLEN, Ort :tii .in AduVr est. Andrew MM.ana. Jlxccvlor's sale, By J- B. Herbert <5* co. <■ On the first Tuesday in Drctmbcr next, "W ILL be sold at the Court House in this city \ » between the usual hours of 10 and 2 o’cl’k. ( lit Admiralty. I'XITEBSTATUS OF AMERICA,) DISTRICT pr GEOROiM [ .1 ohli W . Long ) vs. Monition. Ship Albion tftld cargo. 'i'o the Marshal of said District—• CF.r.ETiNo : CEO. GLEN, Clerk. y T 'HEREAS John AV. Long assignee of the un- VV derwritersnt Lloyds in London, in the Kingdom of Great Britain, the supposed insurers of tiie Ship Albion nud cargo, lias exhibited ids libel or complaint, in the District Court ot the U- nited States, for the District of Georgia; slating, alleging and propounding, that the British Ship Albion, laden with Mahogany, Logwood, and di vers other articles, was, on the morning ol die loth September last) by the. force of the wind and waves driven on the bench of Saint Catherines Island, in the District aforesaid, and there aban doned by hcrcrew; nnd tlmt much of the Cargo lias floated out of die said Ship, soinc pnrtof w hich has been token by George H. Johnston, Patrick iSainden—Superior (Hour*. October Tkusi, 1824. Nicholas ,T. Buy aru ) m/. . - jBEft-.' v.. ’ k Hole vVisi. Rug I'.md? ) O N the petition of Nicholas 4. Bayard, stating that Bag Sands, on the fifth day of June eigh teen hundred mid twoMy-fonr, for the better se curing die payment ot Itiscerluin bond or writing obligatory, bearing date die day and year afore said, whereon lie the said Rag acknowledged liiat- solf held and bound unto the said Nicholas.!. Bay ard, in the penal sum of four thousand dollars- conditioned for the paymet of one thousand dol, lars on or before the first day of October then next, and the further sum of one thousand dollars on the first dav of January then next, did mort gage all that tract, piece, or parcel of land, lying, being and situate on Cumberland Island in the county of Camden, and known by the name of thereof. Cotton Bluff, containing four hundred and fifty 1 acres, bounded on the north by lands of Shicrcr, on the (south by lands of Nathaniel Green, and on the west by salt marsh, together with the appurte nances—-and further stating that the said sums of sSiiptHM'or court—C'iiutham county Thomas K. Purse el. al. 1 W Complaints WS&Etei', and >■ IN EQUITY. Richard R. Cuylcr, o.x’r Wm Show, deceased. J TN tliis case, on the suggestion in the ilefeml- X ant’s answer, that certain pofsoMnot parties to this bill, residing in Scotland, claim to be en titled to u distribution of part of the undivided estate of Wm Shun,deceased, and on motion, it is ordered that all persons concerned do appear before the.Superior Court of Chatham County in the term of January next, tlieti and there to es tablish such thoir claims; und in default thereof, tluit tile undivided estate of the said W m Shaw, be distributed among the complainants agreeably to the deerep of said Court and that this rule be published onco a month until the expiration Island, below high water mark exposed to the sea That the Agent ot the underwriters at Lloyds, un der the impression that the snld Ship ana cargo were Insured at Lloyds, has for the benefit of ail concerned, sold the interest of the said underwri ters aforesaid, therein at publick sale to John TV- Long. But the said persons,- who have removed a pait of the cargo to a plnco of greater safety, claim to be entitled to salvage thereon, und pray ing process of this court to take the said wreck nnd the said cargo, or so much thereof, as is to be found within the jurisdiction of lids Court, into the custody of the Couit for the benefit ofthc said libellant, aud all persons roneeraed, and praying a monition against the said George, Patrick, ana All the haihttngs situated on the north western I George, and all other persons, claiming to be en- rornar of Lot N o thirteen Washington Ward, con- titled to salvage to appeal and establish such their -Ming oi ,i ! sit rv house with a kitchen and other I claims and also to all persons interested to appear, necessary improvements being the p roperty of the I and show cause Why the sold wreck and her car est. of In-nmtah Miller, dec. - Sold by permission ’ oft hr Hon. the Inferior Court of Cliaiham County and by order of thcEx’r for Lite benefit of the heirs | of said estate. O'oi 2 181 Administrator’s sale. On the first Tuesday in December next. W~ ILL be sold ut theMate residence of Jacob V V Futch, doc’d, late ofthc County of Bulloch; ell tin- personal property of said debased, sold for tiie benefit of the heirs nnd creditors of said o state, WM. DELOACH, Adtn’r. JANE FIJTC1I, A l-’t. wr :V " 184 Administrators sales. On the first Tuesday in December next, ATT TILL sold atthc court house iu ‘.hccoun- VV ty ol Effingham. , A tract oflnnd containing 202tncrr«, known by ’ the number 229- go shall not bo adjudged to the said John \V. Long, assignee, ns aforesaid, of the underwriters at Lloyds, and for further proceedings. Now therefore, vou the said Marshal, are hereby com manded to" attach, seise, take, and safely keep tiie remains of the said Ship Albion and her Cargo, wheresoever within the jurisdiction of this Court, or in the possession of whomsoever to be found, to answer the said libel, and you are further com manded to cite and admonish the said George, Patrick, and George, and nll ather persons, claim-, ing to be entitled to salvage in this behalf to ap pear before this Court, and there establish such their claim and farther to cite and admonish ull petitioner, it is ordered that the said Rag Sands do pny into this court before the expiration of twelve I , , months from this date, the sa/se veral sums of OL^Wfc vl money in the condition of the said bond mention-1 '-J’snn V« IW > " ed, together with the intorest nnd cost, otherwise that the equity of redemption of the said Rag Sands his heirs, executors, administrators nnd as signs, of, in and to the said mortgaged premises, be thenceforth and forever foreclosed. % - And it is further ordered, that this rule be pub lished In one of the Gasettes of tills stoto lit least once a month for twelve months, or that a copy be served on the said Rag Sands, at least six months before the expiration of tn,e time appoint* ed for the payment of (ho said money into court, and that such further proceedings he had ns are pursuant to the statute in such cose made and pro- Extract from the minutes, this 25th Oct. 1824. JOHN BAILEY, Clerk. A oct-29 200 • . .Extract from the minutes this 7th Jay of June 1834. A. B. FANNIN, Clerk. jnno 17 frri38 __ Superior court, Chatham county ’ January Tkrm, 1824. Aaron Cleveland nud Susan Cl his wife, r vs. , ,f Rule Nisi. Jacob Fnlitn. ) , f Aaron Cleveland and Su- tvho was Susan C. Bonn, stat ing that Jacob Fnhm, before the intermarriage Of the petitioners, to wit; on the 22d day ot June 1821, did in conjunction with one Joseph A. Scott, execute a joint bond to the said Susan C. in the pennl sum Of four thousand dollars condi tioned for the {payment of two thousnnd dollars with interest from date, on or before the first day of March then next, and that for the better securing the payment thereof, tho said Jacob did on the doy and year first aforesaid make his certniu indenture of mortgage, whereby lie mortgaged to said Susan C, all that lot of ground known nnd designated as Garden lot number ( -1 EORGIA. CluUlinm County-—Iiy the Hon. T the Justices o: tin: Inferior Court, aittlu'J for ordinary purposes, To ait whom it may uutii.eie. W hereas, John Dillon administrator of Ini-1 menu Dilloli. lute of Chatham county dec. has pe titioned the lion, court of ordinary,to bo discharge sd from his said administration. Now, these ore therefore to cite and admon ish all and singular the kindred nnd creditors ot the said deceased, the file their objeetUiis (it any they have,) to the granting of letters dismissory to tho petitioner, in the clerk’s ollieo, of the said court, on or before the 11th day of December next ensuing, otherwise letters dismissory will be grunted to the petitioner. Witness tho hon. John Cumming, ono of the Justices of the said court, this 11th day of June, A. D. 1824. S. At. BOND, c c. o. jnno 12 130 ,p EORGIA, Chatham County—By the hon. vJF the Justices of the Inferior Court, sitting for ordiuury purposes. To all whom It may concern, {ra- r 5£ G .!. A .J. B b * r!y . Com,t >' ~}}Y Elijah clerk of the court oi' ordinar'- ior Jr county 1,1 1,11 wiioin it may concern. Whereas William Law, Esq. applies dismissed from his administration on the i Davis Carter, late of said county, doc. These are therefore (o oil '• 3 J (if lr) li -Stuto ct f , and udmonlA all persons concerned to file thoir objcctm 5 any tlioy have) ill my oflice, within thotirtie crthetl by law J or otherwise the said «pn;ic.'if will he ilismissod from liis said administration' C • Given under my hand and seal, this 3d \ of May, A.D. 1821. E. BAKER, c c A 1 May 11 110 ’ V’INE months after dale application aTiprl ±1 made to the hon. Inferior e.ourt of the cniihi 8 1 of Bryan, for leave to sell all tho real estate 2| If’itliani Cubbcil<'c deceased, to he sold l’or ° lienelit ofthe heirs and creditor*. JOHN CUBBED..E, Adm’r jnno 17 188 Bryan County, i\f'INE mouths ufler date application iviiTr .... _-v ■ t nr i -1-X made to tho lion. Inferior court of I ii,,„ 5 Whereas Robert iaylor, administrator of Win cbuiU {or lnuvn to srll raaI nnd M. Kelley, Into ot Bu vs mini., merclmi.t, dec d, [fate 0$ Wo wick Lord, lute of Tattnall I ms petitioned to tiie lionoruhle tiie court of Or- dinniy to be discharged from his said administra tion. These arc therefore to cite and admonish nil and singular the kindred and creditors ofthc said deceased, fo filo their objections, (if any they have) in the dorks ofiicc of the said court, on or before the 8th day'of December next; otherwise letters dismissory will bo granted to the petiliou- *?. ' ■ ■ • > '. ’ ' ■ 7 ■ ■ V Witness tho Honoraoie John P. Williamson, one of the Justices of the said court, this 8th day of June, A. D. 1824. S. M BOND, c c o. June 8 184 al mid personal tj I Pllll C()l|h|t I ilcceasccl, for tho banfclit of tho hoirs duel r Jl tors. . E. WAY, Adin? 1 aug 31 §ol71 toTiS jVTlNE months oiler dute 1 sliall apply J.1 hon. Inferior court’ of Liberty «ou Icuvo to sell the real and personal propM^^t Wm L Baker, doccosed, for the benefit o; i|! b heirs and creditors. ‘ 19 THOS. B. BAKER. Adm’ r upril 7 8D .: !^i INE months after date application win bi J-1 made to tho lion. Inferior court of'lia||., c '. 1 -county, when sitting for ordinary nurpm S x UUKG1A, Chatham county—liy the hon. The leave to sell all the real and personal citat ofik nary purposes. To all whom it may concern. .j , Whereas William Davies, udmiiiistrators ofMar- tliirty nine, No 38, and also, that adjoining Imlf I Johnson dec. has petitioned the lion, the court pRrt of another lot known a* lot number forty | of ordinary to be discharged from his said ad- itnlning together eight and a half , n i n j 9lrn tj ( , Ui Jj Justices of the Inferior Court silling for ordi-1 len Denmark, docensod, for the ln-m-fit oftkafl heirs und creditors. '* ROBERT BIMITON’, Adlh’r MARY DENMARK, Adnib fob 28 48 Swaims Panacea. T HE Subscribers have just received from Phil adelphia n fresh supply of this celebrated Mc- dicine, and- have made such arrangements as to keep a constant supply of it on hand. Persons in want of tills article can depend upon Us being gen uine, us it comes direct from Mr. Swaim. v LAY 4- HENDRICKSON, Chemist nnd Druggists, Shad's Buildings. ort 7 185 Situation Wanted, two, No 42, containing acres more or less sitnateii to the east of the city of Savannah and bouuded to the. north west of unti/. ' These arc therefore to cite nnd admonish nil | and singular the kindred and creditors of said lie- jVl INE months niter the <IhIc hereof, spHfijl tion will bo made to tho Inferior court] when silling for ordinary purposes, for leave t’fj sell ull that lot or part of ground in the district c. Lot No 26, to the south mt by lands be- ceased.% file ,heir objecUons (if any they have) longing to the estate of {' i iu' 8 , ’ I in tl,c oflice of the clerk of the court ot qrdina- acres, more or less,bounded northwardly andessl. and ever)* person and persons, whomsoever hav ing or pretending to have any right, title, interest, I -wjY a young man who is well acquainted with | prejK-rty, claim or demand in, or to the smd wreck j the Mercantile business having followed it | for tho lost three years. He would accept a place orto the i cargo thereof, to be, and appear at a spe I rial Court ol Admiralty, to be held at Savonuah, on the Twelfth dny of November next, to answer . , -. the libellant in the premises that right and justice iota fbst. lying in the county of n , a y be donc i„ this behalf. And whatsoever you s i ta li do, in this regard certify and make known to the Judge of said Court,at the time and place uforesaid; end huve you then nnd there this writ. ) )*-or\ ui the Yellow River, fsventy five acres of •h is cleared, together tvitli some improva ts tlicreon and couwdrred u valuable tract— ; by an order obtained from tlic lioir. the In ferior Court ofthe County of Effingham, for the in any respectable House. Ail necessary recoin meiidatious can be had both in town or from the country. A line addressed to It. M. G. and lettat the Post Office will be particularly attended to. Oct 16 a!90 and tho west by the public road leading to Skldaway islnml whereon a brick yard is now established and known by the name of Fnluns brick yard- that there is now ott ,the-said bond or mortgage obligatory the sum of eighteen hun dred dollars with interest from the 23d dny of Jnnintry 1S23, and praying the foreclosure ot the equity of redemption of.tho said Jacob und ids heirs, executors, administrators and assigns _ in and to the said mortgaged premises—On motion of W. W. Gordon, attorney for the penonere— It is ordered that the principal and interest due on the said bcnil or writing obligatory together with the cost of this application be paid into tliis court within twelve months from tills date, or in cose of default that tho equity of redemption of said Jacob Fohm, ids heirs, executors, adminis trators and assigns be from thenceforth forever foreclosed mid that such further and oilier pro ------ —--V -J3 I utrga, IIIUIIT yi imm., uuunuiu >,ui urn <truty 8l1(li*iut! ry on or betore tho seventh day of Mnrcli next; wardiy by lauds late John PouUr.ns, uml mu ik otherwise letters dismissory will be granted the wim ii y by luniht of Williams, lielmigin -to the <•> petit oner. lute of James Boyd, and to bo soldtortho hear < Witness the lion. John P. WiUinmson, one of f, t of the heirs and creditors of said estate. tho Justices of the suid Court, tliis 7th day of — September, A. D. 1824. S. M. BOND, o c o c c. sept 9 175 Emanuel Rahn, hUe of said County dec. 1 ®' I County 1 '' JACOB GNANN, Jqnior. Administrator. 18! A', Mi. KICOLL k GORDON, Proctors for Libellants. Ail persons interested in the foregoing Monition wilt take due notice. JNO. H. MOREL, m.d.o. Oct 30 201 In Admiralty. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, > DISTRICT OF GEORGIA. $ George TVoodruff and others, j Pieces of Mohogany part cargo I Monition. Ship Albion J To the Marshal of the District of Georgia— GltEETlXG ’■— L. S. GEO. GLEN, Clerk. immediate payment to the Subscriber—accounts against the [ said estate to be left ^ ith Messrs S. C. ty J. Schenk. F. E. TEBEAU, Admr. ort 7 186 IN EQUITY. In the 6th Circuit Court, U. S. ) District of Georgia. ) II. Shull: and C. Brcilhaupt, Complainants, ts. the Bank ofthe Slate of Georgia, and others, Defen dants—Itcrloevtory Decree. Ci A T present this Court cannot proceed to a JA final decree, hut preparatory thereto, it j will order nnd direct that a reference be bad to published one of the Gazettes of this state at least once a month for twelve months, or that a • copy, be served on the defenduiitat least si/ month before i the time appointed for the payment of tho mon ey into court. Extract from the minutes, 15th Jnn, 1824. jan 16 12 JOB T, BO I.ES (j the register, to require end report the state of ac- _ counts between the M'Kinnes otid' the State Bank, HERE AS George Woodruff, Patrick Hons-1 upom the loan of §50,000, and by doing so it np- tonand George Johnston and Jacob Wald- pours by agreement, the Bank Square was pledg M Administrutor’s stile. ■ be sold on the eleventh proximo, by order ofthe Hon. the Court of Ordinary, j at t!io residence of John G. Butler, Esq. in Little Og 'cchee District; between the hours of 10 and 4 o’clock, at public Auction. < in'c Horse, Saddle ami Bridle, and the remain- jug stock ofcattle belonging to the estoteofRielTd Pillum, dcc’d. Sold for the benefit of the heirs atid creditors ofthe said dec’d. * - BENEDICT BOURQl’IN. nov2 |)203 Temporary ,‘hlm'r. EORGIA—Chatham County.—To all tchain it may concern-—Whereas,‘JosephR.Thomp son has applied to the Hon. the Court of Ordinary of Chatham County for letters of administration on the estate an d r.(Fccts of William R. HoHund, tato of Savannah, Druggist, dcc’d in bebaif of the Lchs and creditors. ! • 1 '] Ifese are the refore to cite nnd admonish all and f'lngnlar the kindred and creditors of the said de ceased, to file their objections (if any to the granting of the administration ofthe estate OlVc ofTho^CtSrt ofttefcre tho Stv I ^DUtriri, aii7nrayh\gA reas^iiaide‘^iVoge'or 1 weach ruse may severally suggest; also (he sums j re ^“ n o^it j‘. ordered VlTaT t“he'’ sriH-fTathan Ba' Jvcnth f doy of November next; otheroise iatterc I allowance therri#m. And wlurea. the Judge of j ^?."I %. d .° V*Y 5n . to thU . co . urt t twelve ™ nthl of ndmiivistration will be granted. Wliuess the Him. John P. W’iliiamson one of ihe Justice's ofthe saidCourt,the27thOrt.A.D. 1824. oci 27 IPS S. M. BOND, c c o. EORGIA, Chatham County—fly the hon. the V Justices of the Inferior court silting for ordina ry purposes. » ’ f' , To all whom it mny concern. Whereas Linns P. Sage administrator of Sprague Taylor, deceased, has petitioned tho honora ble court of ordinnry to bo discharged from his said udmiptstrationship. There are therefore to cite and admonish nil and singular the kindred nnd creditors of the said deceased, Ui flic their objections (if and they clerk of the court of or- ,. 19th day of January next ensuing the date hereof; otherwise letters dismis sory will he granted to the applicant, AVitness the honorable Thomas N. Morel one of the Justices of the sold Court this 13th day of Juljr, A: D. 1824. S. M. BOND, c c o. July 13 15£ G t LG11G1A, Cltulham County—By the ho/i. the I Justices of the Inferior court, sittiugforor- Hliperior court, L/liatimill COUIltV. I dinary purposu. John Rctan ) | To nil whom It mny concern. of two thousand dollnrs, puyable to the said John Retail', or order, on or before the 1st day of May, ls24 with interest at 7 per cent per annum, by WJ eP..., • , ■ , , his indenture, under Ids seal, bearing dntc the burg und George AValdburgnnd Edward P. Posted I specifically, in part, lor that loan, that the amount d a y B|) d y CRr aforesaid, mortgaged to the have exhibilefi their libel or complaint in the Dis- °f sales thereof; be so uppned, also the amount ot sa ;d j 0 im Retan, nil the undivided moiety or -I-... — • -“i I |, a)f ^ of aU thBt , ot „f |„ n d ( situate, lying and being in the city of Savannah, and known and distinguished in the plmi thereof by the number one (1) Tyt onncll tything Darby ward, together with the appurtenances, nnd further stating tlmt the said promissory note remains wlioly unpaid, vs. > Rule Risi. AVItereas Alexander M. Taylor, administrator of Nathan Bnker. ) 1 Joint Scott, deceased, has petitioned the honora- O N the petition of Jno. Rctan stating that I blc the Justices of the Inferior court,to be disriiar- Nathan Euker did on tho first day of May I ged from Ins said administration. 1822. tho better to secure the pnymcnl of his I Now' these are therefore to cito and admonish certain promissory note of that dute for the sum I all and singular the kindred and creditors of the ana | Ge nave exiiibileu ineir iuici or cuiniiimm in me ^>r ■ , . . ---- --- -- r _ trict Court of tiie United States for the District of tolls received at the south end of the bodge, from Georgia aforesaid, statine and propounding tlmt by the time it was taken possession of m their behalf, means of great labor ntiS exertion ofthc mana- »nd to report also upon such other discounts ns „,.nc nnH n,.*rn .I.ivm of ihe said lihellaiits. thev I the complainants mny insist upon as properto be gers, and negro, slaves of the said libellants, they have saved and preserved pieces of Maliognny wood, from the wreck; of the British ship Albion, made from the same sum. 2dly. That he enquire and report the number ! said deceased, to Me their objections, (if any they have) in the clerk’s oflice, ofthc court of ordina ry, on or before tiie 6th day of December next; otherwise letters dismissory will be granted. AVitness the honorable Edward llnrden, one of the Justices of the saill court, this fltli day of May, A. D, 1824. S. M. BOND, c c o. muy (} 106 ______ ^jUCOttGlA, Bulloch County—By the lionura- tbevhnvevl «4>icb Imd been wrecked in tiie gale of the four- of Bridge bills now actually out, with the holders USES I teenth of September last < and was driven ou the tbercot, respectively,^und such faeU Jendws to beech of the Island of .Saint Catherine*, in the | prove them pc<:tively, unit suc !> ‘ acl * ,cn “ m 8 l0 .1 the foreclosni'e of the said mortgage, honest and bona tide holder*, thereof n „ mn(inn n r w W Gordon, mini lie the court of ordinary of suid county To nil whom it may concern. . , . , „, i - , i AVhereas Robert Burton," administratorof tiie and the said mortgage in full force, and praying estate of Stephen Denmurk deceased both appli ♦Via fniwr.lnsurp nf I t’» /•.l.ikCi cst ? ELIZABK1H UOVDj Adiji’^. may 20 124 ? JVt INE months after date, application wiifiT, made to the Inferior court of Jh5i,,-; aw county fbr leuve to sell nil the ml property (. c - longing to the estate of the late Rev. Jno. 6tcV, deceased, lying in snld county, for the benefit of the heirs and creditors. ANN BECK, AdmT. npril 16 88 TVJ1NE monies alter doth, I shall apply ta7u| i. x hon. the Inferior court of the county of flnghatn, for leave to sell all the real estate longing to Solomon Gnunn, doc. of which all c« corned will take notice. ' JOSHUA GNANN, adm’r. I march 4 62 ■ l . I TV] iNe months after date application will ill _Lx made tothe hou. the lnfcrlorCourt of Chnt-V hum County, when settlrig.for ordinary purpmt-l for permission to sell the following real Maul for the benefit of tho heirs and creditors estate of N. S. Bayiud, deceased, viz : One undivided fourth of a tract of land, con taining about 6<X) acres, on Cumberland' Isiandl Camden County, known us l’liim Orchard—ana an undivided fourth of a certain Tract of haul situated ou said Island, containing about 600 i eras, originally granted to Gon. l.nchlsnd Mclc tosh, mid bounded on the south by the said 1’lmJ Orchard Tract. Also, a tract culled Lottery Hill situate on Ogeechce Road, 3 miles from Savannah, conti ing about (>00 ucrcs. N. J. BAYARD, Adm,r est. N. S. Bayard, j may 20 211 A LL persons having any demands ngai the estate of Francis Julincau, dcceai are requested to deliver them in properly uth cd,on orheforo the first day of Oct. next. Alls countsnot brought forward before that day vfl be refused payment by the umliTsir.m-d ciecutoif WM. GASTON. I jnly 10 149 the District Court for the District oforesaid, hath Uie north end of the bridge, from the time the ordered and directed the Twelfth dny of Noyem- south end passed intoMho hands c. -.he defendants Chatham County.—fly the Hon. 'as ofthe Inferior Court, ailing for ( M F.OUGIA ..IK theJudi tediunry purposes. 'J o all whom it may concern. Whereas John M’Nlsh, administrator of Isaac BniBn, dec. has petitioned the honorable the D m ., k Court ■ 4'Ordinary to lie discharged from his said I and place, aforesaid, before the Judge aforesaid^ i ration. her next; for all persons concerned, to be cited to appeal 1 atthe Court Hou e, iu the City of Snvan- nan, at ten o’clock of that day, and shew cause if any they have, why judgment slippld not pass os prayed; You are tlierelore hereby authorised und enjoined, to cite and admonish all persons, whate ver, having, or pretending to have, any rigid,title, or interest, in or to the said Mahogany, libelled, against as aforesaid, (o lie, and appear, at the time and place, aforesaid, before the Judge aforesaid^ to bent, abide by and perform all nnd singular these are therefore to rite and admonish I such judicial acts as ore necessary nnd by low ’ngulor the kindred and creditorsof the I required to be done in tiie premises; nnd further ‘ —* ir —*'—•—* to do and receive whotuntO law and justice shall appertain, under the - pain of tiie law aud con tempt thereof, the absence nnd contumacy of them and every of them in any wise notwith standing. And whatsoever -you shall do in the S remises you shall duly certify unto the said udge, at tiie time and place aforesaid, together w ith these presents. AVitness the Hon. Jeremiah Cuyler, Judge ofthe said District Court this twenty-ninth dny of Octo ber one thousand eight hundred and twenty- four. DAVIES & BERRIEN, Proctors. All persons interested in the foregoing Monition will take due notice. JNO. 11. MOREL, m.d.c. Oct 29 200 ♦ aid file their objections,(if any they have) in the Office ofthe Clerk of the Court of Ordina ry, ori or before the second day of May next, o *ti,: rv. ir-e letters dismissory .will be granted the pe titioner. YsdBt.- AVitness the lion.John P. AA’illinmson one ofthc Justices of the said Court tliissecond day of No vember, 1824; S. M. BOND, c. c. o. nov 2 203 * Owners and Tenants of Houses Talie Notice. rjpHE Managers and Assistant* of Fire Engines or their agent, or any public oflicei at their suit, and generally the state of accounts between Hen ryShultz and the Bridge Company; nnd also re port upon such discounts or charges, os the defen-, dants shall suggest and give proof of, es proper against the complainants or either of them.” Hzxry Skpi-tz, Esq. Sir—Please to take notice, that pursuant to the above reference, I am ready to receive tiie necessary statements of accounts and other infor mation; in relation to the matters therein contain ed, until the first Monday in December next, when I shall proceed to examine and report thereon. I um your obd’t. serv’t. GEO. GLEN, Clerk. Savannah, 14<A Oel. 1824. On motion of AV. AV. Gordon, attorney for the . . ...i months of this date, the principal nnd interest due on the said note nnd the cost of the said application, ed to the suiq Court for letters dismissory from suid administration. These are therefore to rite nrtd ndtnophn all nnd Aingultn; the kindred nnd creditors of-thc said deceassed, to file their objections (if any they have) iu the office of tho clerk of tliis court w’ith- A LL persons indebted to the estate ‘ ‘ 1 of Alex tier 'Murtinj'-late of Liberty County, Jccc-i! cd, are requested to make immediate payment. | It. F. BAKER, Vex’m AV. II. MARTIN, j may 10 §112 or in doiuit thereof, that tire equity » W tton of the said Nathan Ba|tcr olt and to .tiie saui | dismissory will bo granted the applicant. | n„rit! Witnass the hoiioiablc-Slicpheid AVillmms, one of the Justice,* of snld court, this 3d June, 1824. ELY KENNEDY, c c o » c. junc 4 132 mortgaged premises, he thenceforth and forever foreclosed. And it is further ordered, that n copy of tliis rule be served on the suid Nathan Baker, at least six months before the time appointed for the payment of said money into court, or published . - ^ - n mL S ul e ’„n wS2re«* Benedict Bourquln has applied to the j the Court of Ordinary of Chatham! p, 1 “rii» bplmlL^r bounty, tor letters of administration on tire estate fe r ,*!.}££■ “5- <»*• efects- of Richard IVIlura late of Chatham G ' EORGIA—Chatham County—to a|( whonrit if may concern. . requested to hand them in for payment, and tho* indebted to said estate will please make irattij diutejiayment. TI10S. M'CALL,) « P, BRASCII, r xrs ’ ‘ july 13 150 ' prcscrilied by the statute in such case made and provided. Extract from tho minutes this 24th Mny. 1824. may 7 2 A. B. FANNIN, Cirri:. (ET Although it enn be ascertained by the books I Superior remises you shall duly certify unto the said of the Bridge Company, what’ amount of bridge , . .. >' -- f- 11 -—**■-- 1 iiilis are at this time unredeemed, yet it nppenn to I be necessary from ihe oliove decretal order, that j the respective holders thereof should nlso be known. .The subscriber therefore respectfully re quests ell such' holders ‘of bridge bills, t; 'make County, planter, deed, as principal creditor. These nre therefore to cite and admonish ail nnd singular the kindred and creditors of the said dec. to file, their objections, (if any they have) to the An Act, To establish an office for Recording the Births; the Citizens of this Slate, in each County of State. ' * W HEREAS much inconvenience hos experienced in this state, from the unity of obtaining testimony oi persons to questions of right betore our courb 1 &na" J lP - rf ns emliarrussing difficulties 'frequently irapeaetw will on Monday, the Kith inst. proceed to Inakn sn examination of Buckets, Ladders, fic. ■throughout the City- All persons not complying with the following sections of an Ordinance for preventing accidents by Fire kc. will be returned io Council. Sec. 10. And be it furlhcr orduincd, That every bouse within the limits nnd Jurisdiction of this City .occupied and tenanted, shall be supplied I j je discharged from his said executorship, with buckets ut the of the owners of | Th ,, so thei . elore t0 cite wd adm ‘ oni Said premises, to the number of at least the num ber of live-places in the same, including such as mein the out-buildings, and the suid hucketsshnl! Wm - ' ' ' f' JiORGIA, Chatliam County—By Ihe hontyra- VX bit the. Justices of the Inferior court of Chath- am county silting for ordinary purposes. To alt whom it may concern. AVbearas Charles Gregory executor of Thtimos I G. Davis late of Chatham county, deceased has petitioned the honorable the court of ordinary to These are therefore to cite nnd admonish all nnd singular the kindred jmd creditors of the John Christopher. \N the, petition of AViliiam Berric stating . _. _* that one John Christopher, of the county known totkim by letter or otherwise, the amount I 0 f Camden, being indebted to one Heniy Sadler held by tiftm respectively, bn or before the Inst „ r order in n nolo of band, dated St. Mary's in Monday in November next, the better to enable ' - J -------- -- •*<- *•*•- '' lilm-to comply with the above order. HENRY SHULTZ. Hamburgh, Oct. 20. net 29 200 179 ; 1 Septs j suid deceased, to file iheirc I have, in the ofiicc of the ctions, if uny tiiey ferk ofthc court of b. equal in goodness and size to those procured 0| . di ,; aiy on or i.eforc tiie 7th day of .March next, [? r thy use of the .ty and painted,on winch shall Utheri^se letters dismissory will be granted the X in visible characters the name of the | ne {ittonei - .f said buckets ; ar d in case the owner of wiUll> „ lh .. ll( , nora bl(, Gcor, tiie j'ustices'of the'sciUl com^tfiis seventh day ofl'P c ?» liendpeli, commonly called nervous or sick-1 mortgage was made on lire 24th of Sepf. 1823, . • . * I ltf hnAMnoli'iioSL! nf tlio mrou niirl rl/m uniil. I T.. I.. !„»«,! 1... lit... inted in visible characters the name of the owne rs of any house or tenement should refuse or neglect to huve, the said buckets supplied ugrecably to this ordinance, it shall und may he, lawful for the tenant to procure the same, deducting it oat of cbis rent. Sec. 11 And be it further ordained, That the owner of every improved wharf shall furnish twenty buckets for the building or buildings on such wharf, nnd deliver them to Managers an ’ Assistants; of the Engines, on orheforo tire secon meeting of Council in July next; and the. receipt of any Manager or Assistant, for such buckets, shall be lleemed a full compliance with tliis sec tion, by the owner, for the number of buckets mentioned in suid receipt; And the owner Of v _., r ever.) store in the City, that hos no fire-phj«c or Bottles, Corks, Drill'S, &C. &C ihwofire- ^unirnmn {VAC ■. Vj. Ytiluable Medicine, ANTI-DI8PEPTIC PILLS, Prepared try Henry James. A N approved remedy for Dyspepsia, or Indi- 1A gestion, Habitual COstiveness, and piles. It is well known thnt Dyspepsia is one of the most frequent and formidable diseases of our country. Its commencement is indicated in dif ferent patients by various symptoms, of which the most remarkable are-— Irregularity of the bowels, obstinate costive- said county, on the 9th October 1822, in the stun of Five Hundred Dpllnrs, payable with interest from the dote on the first day of January then next ensuing, did mortgnge to tire sniff Henry liis heirs and:nssigns, to secure 'tir: payment of the note uforesaid with interest on the same—a cer tain lot of land iii.the town uforesaid being part of lot No. 1 lmginning at the west corners of a lot belonging to one Calvin Hayes, tlience rim ing south 100 feet on St. Alary* Street, thence north to Bryant St. cast 1o Hays’ land thence south to the beginning,-with tlic margin'attached to the same oirthe south side of * St. . Marys or Bay,st. being a hundred feet on; the street and running from thence, directly t<> the .'river St. Marys, together With nil and singulur every thing thereto appertaining,tlud thesnidHcnry Saddler, to whom and to whose heirs and assigns the i nid a-Wk'.l A t I I O.flU A i C/kttf 1 UtiO tration u ill be granted. , AVitness the lion. T. N Morel one of the Jus tices ofthc suid Court, the 19th day of October A. I D. 1824. t . : - , ■ ’ S. M. BOND, c c o. oct 20 192 G EORGIA Clmthutn Couufy—By the hon. the Justices of the Inferior court sitting fob ordi nary purposes.- To ail whom it may coucorn. AVhereas Riehurd R. Cuylcr, executor ol AVil- 11am Shaw deceased,hasp,ftitio’ned the hoh.cburtl 'nhesniKh’' nbd "lmt'tim saWClri'k^l' ■.fyrijyi,, u,AM These are therefore to cite and admonish nil and singular tiie kindred and creditors of tire said deceased, to file their objections (if any they hnve)in of the clerk of the court of ordinary <m or before, the 13tii day of January sembly met, and it is herely enacted by the ofthc sarile.i That from nnd immediately after the pasnaj ■ this act, it shall bo made'the duty ol the Clen.; 'j the Courts of Ordinnry, in encli.youuty rcs P et l !j ly, to.enter and roglstur, in a book to be kepijq that purpose, the names of nil persons who r.j report themselves to liim, or who inaybe »P®J by tlieir'pnrenls or,guardians, na>well as W 111 wlio may be hereafter born within tbesam cw and who may he reported as ntoresaid, upet> q proof'being made bv affidavit or oath t°, 1 , SMliJ *l.„ aU rieil; shall I which lie shall he culled upon to aiako, the c twenty-five cents. GEORGIA, Uiuimu) mi ur ntatire me 10UI pay Ol jununry \ rJT/iTTI/IM rOJINTV S next ensuing tiie date hereof, otherwise letters "’ Clerk's GWce of the Court of Ordinary. dismissory will hi- arnnted tV, 4 nolifinm-,-. fiM'f U A iCe °l th .f *«, hi September, A. D. 1824. S. M. BOND, c c o c c sepO 175 > Bank state of Georgia, SA VA NNAII, im 'Oct. 1S24. T HE Board of Directors having declared n. Dividend of $2 per share, or 2 per cent for the lust six month*, on the Capital Stock of this Baiik, the same, will be paid to tiie respective ’ I Stockholders tliereof, or to their order,, on aftd af- ter Thursday tlic2'.si inst. By order ofthe Board. Get 19 A. PpRTER, Cashier I ly headneh, yellowness.of the eyes and skin, acid- ity of the stomach after eating,often called Iienrt July assigned by deed, said 'mortgage to the pe titioner, there is now due on 'said' morlgage the d ^vte'tSh««S?n»TL° ' b0 I rrHE^itizeTs of Cimthanrcquiity are 'be* AVitness the honorable Ihomas N. Morel, one • B nbitfiad tlmt in-imrsunnce ot act ef JuI^a’dIK 1 . U,C ” !d CT bSnS!cS urp state.tinssetitiie 19thof^ july 13 160 ’ ‘ ‘ • ' *'*' - burn, flatulence or wind in the, stoinncli, bitter | sum of Five Hmidred Dollar*'wiili interest fi opi, Iftui n eti iiiii its (!,/• inoiininn, *’<<>t><l lisnnlli I i t l.t w . — | (Snei ’.1 . .. -w. f.._ il. .. ..1 ' taste in tiie mouth in the morning, fietid breath, drowsiness after dinner, debility, lassitude, ema ciation, depression of spirits, fcc. Piles being connected with indigestion and ens- tiveness, are certainly'and speedily removed by these pills. A supply of tiie above valuable Medicine, has just been received from the Patentee, und can the 1st January'1822, ail’d praying for.tlre l'orri'id- sure of the equity of redemption, injtiic suid John Christopher, his heirs aud assigns in the mortgaged premises and that the same he foreclosed liiw. On motion of Belton A Cotip, attorney for no-; tilioner, it is ordered thnt tlio princij'.iil und in- terest due on' the said mortgage together with stone house.or. houses covered with wood,occupi ed us dwelling-houses or kitehcns,sb*al) proyjdetlie same with a sufficient ladder, or linvc a scuttle or door cut through tlic roof of such house orhouses, large enough for a man to pa-s .through ednve- t)ionU;/,.uniler the penantly of a fine not excee- din- till, ty dollars. nov2 ' £03 JOHN HAL’PT, Clerk. A ! times VJorrisoii, HLl. he lound in future at liis office over Alt'- counting voequ of Calvin Buker. suleby LAY & HENDRICKSON, Chemists nnd Druggists, Congress,corner of AVhitakcr-strccts, Shad’s Building. • N 1NF-months alter date, iipplic.ulion will be made to the hon; the inferior Court of Bry- iin-County, for le/tiS: to sell all the real estate of I Sarah APKimlly, late of Bryan County dec, for the bcuefit of the heirs and creditors of said es tate. JAMES BUTLER. Adm’r. 2 go77 Ijp^ tditairied of tjic stiliseribers, who Imve been I thn costs of his applicant* be pulff into this appointed agents for the State of Geqrgin.' i .... LAY & HENDRICKSON, Druggists nnd Chemists, Shad’s Buildings. sept 12 17f{ Proposals, TTtOrt repniring tiie Bridge between WhUemarsh Jj' Island and Oatlunds,' will be received be- [ tweentiifij ntld tiie 1st day oi November- For particulars apply to TiMOTHYBAPiNARD,) Com’rs JOHN SCRIA'EN. > EDAV, F. TATTNALL. ) Ort 16 190 ton Dis’t. The Library T S open for the delivery of Book* on Monday, AVediresday, and Friday, from timee until five o’clock. Stlg 20 im within twelve months from this date, otherwise- that the equity ,of redemption bf tire said -John. Christopher his heirs executors, administrations and assign? be from thence forever foreclosed nnd that such other proceedings take place as are pursuant to the stutue. And it is further ordered tliat this rule be pub lished in one of the Gazettes of this slute nt least, once u month for twelve months to (lie time ap pointed for the payment of said money into Court. A true extract from the minutes. JOHN BAILEY, Clerk. .Tefferdon, 15th Mnrcli, 1824. / “I13EU.SONB indebted to the. estate of Jilita- j. beat Fell, late of Ciiatl'mm county, deceas ed, urc requested to make iinmedlnto puyinont to tin! subscriber, mid tiiosc to whom tlic estate i» indebted are rcqiicsted !<• exiiibil their demands duly authenticated. l’ETlTTi b’/IICK, Ex’r, july Iff Ljb ■ Bcgishi ure of this stato, passed tW']9thof. jW her,... 3,tire first sectiow of which is , t j I a book is prepared for the registry 01 birt«L ^ ' LORGIA Cimthum county—fly//ie hon. the I county. Office hours from nine, A. M. uurt V? Justices of the Inferior court of Chatham coun-\ p. jyj_ • , • /;/ Ut ling for ordinary p imposes. ’ ** ■ • To ull whom it may concern, ■ ■ AVhercis AA’iHinm'Dti.Vins administrator of Ja- These are therefore to cite and admonish all | Sland^HnmTlton * benefit of the heirs. r . „ ., n cH SUSANA.G.M’IN10SHj )jii SAMUEL M- Clerk ofthe Court of Ordinary of Chatham <- supt 4 _55 admonish all and singular, the kindred and creditors ofthe said deceased to file their objections (if any they have,) In thir office of the office of tlic. Clerk of| the court of ordinary, on or before the 7th day of Mm ch next, otiierwisc lettnis dismissory will be granted the rietitioner'.- AVitnesS the lionornhle John P. Williamson, T inai'rii 9 ■ 56 - ■ — HE pulilii; is appi'isi'.'l” that tlic lias title? to one ball ot a 69 ecio 9 J September, A. D. 1824. S. M. BOND, c e q c c. sup 9. 165 " uiienn lilt? iiummtuiu siunn r# vvimnniBon. l.iu mm onc'of the Justices of sald com t this 7lli day of land on AVlutc lHuii, adjo:imig ^|, 9 HHf-l’- ' liinv appUes-fol’leave to sell as pari p —liistitlos arts' of, prior date and record- t sons are forewarned not to , purchase or ^ on the premises. R- F- ^ l jnno 17 m—.frrl.ia ■ nr?HE Cffidersiimed GomtnlU’ e wmI i • • ^ B. posnls until the lOtli oi Novcujb - fl: , on tiie Exchange Vyhirii incites Jtdy^l being the taring, Coppering mid Glazing. 1 . , .-ot 1 to comet Will make application to Committeeforpnrticulurs. , Opt 2.1 IBB '{VINE montlis afterdate application will be -Lx made to (he hon. Inferior couit of Chatham county, lor leave to sell all tlmt lot in Savarinalf, known by'the No.’l, Ellis soiiarc, Decker ward, with then --” - ’ ' in Havana ward, with tiVp Iniildfnjjs real estate of John Smith, deceased; for the bene fit of tire heirs, jMpgMfga; FREDERICK HHKR, Adm’r. mny 15 114 i iiijiirov'cineiit-i tliereon ; nnd all tliat lot unali known by the No. 23, in Liberty