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Savannah republican. (Savannah, Ga.) 1824-1829, November 05, 1824, Image 1

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No. 206. .Vol. XXII. Tc nT'miMFJ&E, STORAGE, DRAY- gK WEIQUW. V* SAVAKMAII, mX Jnn - 1834 > nud now 5n operu,lon ' WHARFAGE. ,cis under 100 tons, perday J®. cenLl b.trTon LwUng ««* ftfpW toW'Jry Pro r-’' 6 duce. coch barrel or half do Rico l bale Cotton ■ * b® I loot) feet of Lumber 1 inoO staves * 1000 shingles *• , jotH) rccus 1000 hoop poles 4 cents. 5 y 4 lft 30 30 124 20 30 ravv>vooUoldbythcSolldft 374 1()0 bushels of corn, and grain of pli kind, in bulk • ‘ §5 100 bushels bmc m bulk _ JO lightwood or other posts, per ^ ftjfet on Landing mid Shipping G*»# v rofa sinull size, each • M tents fiOOlbs. and upwards • *» 1200 do • ‘ "a ccd Ihoroft lil? nnd nil k of coffee, pimento, sugar, and all other bags of such size, (grain ex •.nt.laiU *nch * * liquors 2 o? wines, nnd all kinds of liquor (cider excepted) dry goods in casks exceemng 20 gallons, and not over 83 gu linos * - i. wines or liquors and dry goods in casks under 20 gallons - is of dry goods,nndall kinds ol boxes under 4 feet square * * do do over 4 foot square 0 i.soap, candles, chocolate, cordials, oil, nnd boxes of like size *. 2 i. sugar,each * * *® les of c6rn, per 1000 • 25 i, the same as boxes, of osnaburgs, Russia duck,bagging canvas, each • • 2 of liquor or any kind of casks, ex ceeding 130 gallons • 15 ..j, loose, per gross • - 25 ter pots, each , - ■ • idles of puns, spades, be. each n,pcrloohusnels - - 26 lies not exceeding COO lbs* each exceeding 000 lbs. not exceeding 1200 lbs. exceeding 1200 lbs. hinge of all xinds, per coil * ip ovens with covers, nnd fire dogs per pall* ites of earthenware • • . >ese, per 100 lbs. o per cask • iirs, of 2 wheels • • is, of two wheels riages, of four wheels * $1 00 >, wihtlsoi andall sitting chairs, per dosen - • ' [ties, 2 20 3ft 50 8 2 37 25 12 I 1 , per ton • inoas udder 600 ll>«. over 600, not over 1200 lbs 12 2ft 60 $1 00 25 over 1200 lbs. pibouses i, empty tie, each * . jaljohns, each fits and chests of drawers c Wood, per cord .pcrmiintul i of nil descriptions (except In bogs) , per 100 bushels ppowder, In bbls. of 100 lbs. each do. in half bbls. do. lu kegs of 28 lbs. or under , window, per 100 feet, In propor tion for smaller - - 't i. exceeding 130 gallons of liquor or aiiy kind of merchandize 16 exceeding 03 and not exceeding 2ft 12J 1 130 gallons It tile, per 1000 . . , per ton . ■ les, raw or tnnned, per 100 loose, per 100 lbs. in bundles, each npers of Merchandize, each o. ofl’ota»oes, each RSfCaoh f °r Jqgi, each per dozen > . lb person |s of paint, butler, lard, biscuit, and f such size kegs . p ®hot and lead over 56 lbs. not over*’ I 500 lbs . 5 | liquors of a smaller size than 20 | gallons |e, per loo bushels * F per banal lis for plastering per 1000 les, each Ions, per 100 bushels 26 , in ropes,per 100ropes. iron, each Apples, per 100 otoesper 100 bushel • Ds of brandy, and all kinds ofil- qunr, exceeding 63 gullons ' do - , exc ? edin 6 130 gallons r . , c asks of wiue and other liquor, utlcr excepted) and dry goods in sms in jars • . j per 100 bushels . . . lets each nes. nuern and grind, each ' . ° Bermuda, per 100 * - “ '“rge mill per pair . over 200 do - . 2 30 4 10 25 25 124 1 124 20 o /"'■i ti I ces ep each 6 1 26 1 2 25 60 25 124 10 (1 0 Is or casks t ’• - ’ ® ■ ismM fWRm » brandy, puncheon of rum, nnd nil kinds of liiiuor in casksexcecdiugC3, und not exceeding 130 gallons - 20 Iron per ton, first und lust week 60 cents, intervening weeks - * 25 Every other article same as its wharfage* WKiaiuNa. Each bbl. or half bb. rice f 6 Hhd. of tobacco or sugar • • 15 I’nckage of Indigo • • -8 Rule of cotton * - -6 Each draft of light goods, under 100 11m. 6 do do do over lot) lbs. 12 do do heavy goods under 200 6] do do do over 200 per 100 lbs 3 DKAYAUF.. f» “» article jjfijjr," ZV T J^fgomg ra the package it. Pf/ ounti 'undcr its nm iaods lying o„ „ J* ' 13 "Malty contained, abject to a week’, !? r f more Man two nights, a y, or ago other ,0 f n R e . unless landed on Sal- oil,hy—i n SUch immediately preceding bmg day thereof u? ?' 5 On the second re. m, or be subject to storage as « ST °KAGE. 1st aid'last week nnd f Pnta for tho mine W nJ'' Dck nn dforea< ‘Ring week qce per-week tobacco per week reach inter- >ns UlSk C ° n,tunit >g more than 30giil.‘ ft cents 0 20 i 1 !. of sugar, tflolasues, PL . For hauling up the Bluff to any part ofthe city, articles not herein enumerated, ior 16UO pounds weight 00 cents Under 1500 lbs and not less than 10O 374 do 1000 do do do 600 25 Fora 1000 feet of Lumber 3160 do 1000 Bricks - - I 60 do cord of wood • • 150 For every bole of cotton - - 8 do bbl. or ltlce - . 18| do hhd of Tobacco - - 374 • do bbl of Flour - . . G.| And every other article in the same proportion; for hauling down the Bluff, or from one wl»«rf to nnother exceeding 1500 lbs - 374 cts. Under 1500 mid not less thuu 100 lbs 25 For each bale of cotton do bbl Hice do hhd Tobacco do bbl Flour And every other article in the same proportion. ARRANGEMENT OF MAILS* And regulations for the Post Office, Savan nah, Geo. January 1st, 1824. NORTHERN MAIL. Close every day at 6 a. h. Monday excepted. I)uc do do do 6 r. si. do 1 do By this route; a mall ismnde up every day, ex cept Monday, for Coosawlintcliie, Pocataligo, Beaufort, Jacksonboro’ and Collins’ Cross Roads —oil of Which arc closed the previous evening, at 7 p. M. Dr. A. DE LAROCHE. Opposite the Erchange, Savannah. - fS constantly receiving fresh supplies of gen- FRIDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 5, 1824. . nine DRUGS) AND MEDICINES, selected for Country Merchhnts and Physicians, which he will sell lor cush or upproved credit ut the lowest City price. •lust received, SULPHATE of QUIN IN A. f oct 16 IPO General Drug,dhemical&Faiiiily Medicine Ware House! LAY <Sf HENDRICKSON, Wholesale and Retail Chemists and Druggists JYb. 1. Shad’s, liuildings, Comer of Congress and IVhilaker Streets, Savannah. H AVE constantly on hand u very general as sortment of DRUGS, MEDICINES, DYE STUFFS AND FAINTS, PBRFUMERY, SfCe fyc. A great variety of Apothecaries Glass Ware such as wide and narrow mouth bottles, from 1 gallon to one ounce,composition and gluss mortars, glass lampsandlump glasses, smeltings bottles, gradua ted measures, Apothecaries vials white and green. Surgeons Instruments—Pocket sets, turnkeys, trusses, spring and thumb lances, forceps, sutulas, bougies, catheters, scales and weights, q-e. fyc. Patent Medicines—of every description, via: Seidlite nnd Soda Powders, balm of Quito, calcin ed magnesia, Lees, Andersons, and Hoopers Pills, Swuims Paiiacea, Balsam Iloney, Batemans and Churches Cough Drops, Itch ointment, ^c. All of Which are offered for sale on the in liberal terms for cash or credit.' Dj” L.A-H. Having enlarged their Establish meet and having made such arrangements as to WESTERN MAILS. Georgia route to Augusta and Hamburgh, de port at 4, a. Mi on Monday, Wednesday, und Fri day, via. Tuckoseeklng, Jacksonborolond Waynes boro’to Augusta and Hamburgh. Due on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 6 r. M. The closing of this mail, to Augusta, tukes placo every Tuesday, Thursday,and Sunday, at 8, p. m. except the intermediate offices on the route, the closing of which takes place at 7, P. si. on the same evenings. From Waynesboro’, o weekly mail departs every Monday, at 6, a. h. for Birds- ville, Louisville, Shonls ot Ogeccheo and Shevir’s Mill to Poweltom Relurnihe due every Sunday cvmmig, at Waynesboro’ anu at ShVunnah every Tuesday, at 6 ( r. rt. Carolina route to Augusta and Hamburgh, close on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdny,at 6, a. m. nnd depart With the northern mail at 6, a. m. to Parys- burgh. .. Due on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, at 6, m. By this route« a mall is made Up each eve ning before its departure for Robertsville, Mat thews Bluff, Lower Three Runs and Four Mile Branch. The mail between Charleston und Ham burgh, goes direct through Fiirysburgh on those days, both up und down. Separate portmanteaus arc provided lor tills purpose, at the offices of Charleston and Augusta, ivhicli meet each other atPurysbiirgh and ore there shifted, the down to Charleston, the up to Augusta, this supercedes the necessity of bringing tlint mail to Snvunnahat ail, arid thus expedites it twenty-four hours. 1 The mails for Mlllodjcvillc, ip Georgia, via Lombardy, Warrenton, Powelton, Sparta and De- vcrcaux’s store; also, to Alubama, (except the northern part) und Mississippi states, and to Che* raw, in South Carolina, via Alount Vintage, Edge* (Held, C. If. Ridge, Lccsvillc, Lexington, C. H. Columbia and Camden, to Cheraw, will Close di rect on the Georgia side, on Sunday and Tuesday,, at 7, p. m. arid on the Carolina side on Friday, at 7 p. M. The Athens mail, will also close direct on Sun day and Thursday, at 7 p. m. on the Georgia side. By this route, packets tor the northern part of Ala bama to Huntsville, fyc. and West Tennessee, arc forwarded. The Carnesvillc mail,viaDarby’sDouble Branch, Lincolnton, Goshen, Petersbrirgli, Cook’s Ofiico and Elbcrton, will close direct on Thursday, at 7 p. Mi on tho Georgia side, t SOUTHERN OR DARIEN MAIL. Close on Wednesday and Saturday at 6, p. m.— Due on Tuesday and Friday at 7 r. m. By this route the St. Marys mail goes direct on Wednes day and is due direct on Tuesday. BIRDSVILLE MAIL. Due every other Wednesday at 6, r. m.—Close every other Thursday, at 8, a. m. By this route mails are made up for Statesboro’ and Mitlray, in Bulloch county, Swancsboro’, in Einunucl, and for Louisville and Greensboro’. be continually receiving a fresh supply of goods, flatter themselx’esthat none of the kinuinthis city, can offer greater inducements to dealers. The Merchant; the Planter, and the Physician, can hero be supplied with almost every urticle in the Drug line, as their assortineut will be foundexten- s|ve and of the best qualify, under no considera tion whatever will the sale of impure or adultera ted articles be promoted. The utmost care will be used in the selection of good Medicines and will be sold at a moderate profit. It is upon these principles alone tlmtthey will endeavor to secure patronage. All orders promptly executed. The Georgia Patriot, and Darien Gazette, will please to give this advertisement six insertions and forward their bills for payment sept 28 182 Register of Debates in Congress. PROSPECTUS. A CCORDINGto an intimation heretofore given, there will bo published at the Office of the National Intelligencer, during the next session of Congress, and, if encouragod by the approbation of the Public, at every session thei ‘ ^.BATE reafter, a RE GISTER OF DEBATES IN CONGRESS, intend ed to comprehend a more full Report of the Speech es on topics of general interest, in each House of Congress,than has ever heretofore been published, or thud can be given to the Public through the or dinary and limited channel, the columnsof a news- laper. This compilation will be of the most nu :hentic cast,printed xvith great regard to accuracy, and in a form for durable preservation. This undertaking is riot of course intended to substitute or supercede the Reports ofDebntcsfor the National Intelligencer, but rather, by with drawing the heavy and extended Reports from its columns, to enuble the Proprietors of that Journal to furnish, every day, in a comprehensive form, intelligible Reports of the Proceedings and Dis cussions in the day preceding, on both Houses. The “Register" is necessarily an experiment, but it is an experiment the success of which we sec no reason to doubt. Every one who takes an interest in out- political history, ns well asall those Who engage in the duties of political life, ralist have felt and lamented the want of a Record of Debates in Confess, in a convenient form, xvith indexes which might lead the enquirer to any sub. ject debated, and to the name of any one whoen- gaged in debate. Such a work would lis an ele< mentury book for young politicians, and we have no hesitation in asserting that the possession of such a one, from the commencement of tho exist ing government to this day, would be of immense due to the nation, Were it only to Shew what has heretofore been 'said upon questions xvliich are continually recurring for discussion, and produc ing needless consumption of time by superfluous debate. What is true of the years that have past, will, ns soon as they are gone, be equally true of those in xvliich we live. It is not only, therefore, as a vehicle of present information, but also as a book Tor future reference —asa National Political Repository and Text-Book that xve hope this xvork xvill be both useful and ular. The Post-Office is open ex’erj’day in the week. (Sunday excepted,) from day light to'8 r. m. ami Letters are delivered throughout the day, except from 2 to 3 o’clock, r. m. and during the time of opening and makingup the mails. Persons wishing to pay postage when the office is sliut, can enclose the money with the letter, di rected to “The Post Master," and those who keep accounts xvith the office, and may desire thesainc, are requested to say soonnn envelope. WJien the mails which are due bn Suturday, ar rive too late to' be delivered that evening, the of fice will be kept open on Sunday morning from 8 to 9 o’clock, for the delivery only of the letters receded by those inails The inland postage of all letters, directed to be sent out of the United States, except to the Cana das, must be pnid xvhenthey are left at the office, or they cannnt be forxvardcd. V* Letters must be left at the Post Office with- iti the time specified, to insure going in the mail of the day; and newspapers half an hour before that time. As there are several places of the same name in the United States, it is necessary that the directions should be particular; the State should be distinguished, and xvhen it might be doubtful, Counties. When tetters, are not tor a post town, tho nearest post town ought to be mentioned. .Committees of Council. E1NANCE. LDERMEN Bulloch, Minis, Cumtning/ L STREETS AND LANES. ....—.i. Donsler, Millen, Wayne. k hMARKET —'>» Morrisoti, Shickj G&Udry. .DRV CULTURE. Waring, Bulloch, Morrison. health and osmetrv, — Habersham, Jackson, Waring. RUMl’S. ^ U 111 i D • - Jacksoq, Dcusler, Millen. LAMPS. - Cumming, Minis, Wayne, PUBLIC docks- - Millen, Gaudry, Donsler. EXCHANGE. SMok; Gaudry, Habersham. RNGIRES AND FIRE UUCKETS *- Minis, Jackson, Morrison. PUBLIC SALES. Harris, Jackson, Cumming HOOKS AND I.ADDERS, Wayne, llabefaham, Sliick. M. MYERS* e. c. sepf, 1C 178 popi From the lowness of the subscription to this ripdo xvork, it will be seen that it is no part of our cal culation to realize any present profit from it. On the contrary, we sliull, in all probability, lose mo ney by it for a year or two, hoping that thereafter its established character xvill ensure it a sufficient patronage to make it profitable. GALES it SEATON. Washington, September, 1824. CONDITIONS. The publication of GALES k SEATON'S RE GISTER OF DEBATES IN CONGRESS will commence as soon as the Debates at each suc cessive Session of Congress shall afford materials to fill a half sheet,(8 pages.) The work will be printed in the ocfaVoform, on a super royal paper, made for the purpose, and on a brcvjer typc,in double columns—each page com prising uearly as much matter as one of the co lumns of the National Intelligencer; It will contain as full and accurate Reports as can be obtained of all JJebafes on main questions and tions Member , „ each House on questions ivhich have been the subject of Debate, such Documents, connected with tlie subjects of Debujfi, as may be deCraed essential to enable the reader to comprehend them, and proper indexes fi> the xvhole. The Debates of the next Session, it is computed, xvill, with the Appendix, make a volume of five hundred pages, ut least, arid xvil). be furnished to subscribers through the Post Office, in sheets, as published, (or reserved at this Office, at the sub scriber’s option,) ut three doixars for the_ vol ume, be it more or less, tribe paid ih advance in all cases of transmission beyond the Umitsof the city. The sheets xvill be transmitted as completed xvlthout regard to qny particular days, os the pub. licatirin must of course be regulated by the prepar ation of the matte* 1 of which it is to be composed. The subscription will in no case, rinless xvithin the city, and not then, unless specially indicated, be understood to extend Jieyond the volume ac tually ,puid for in udvance. “To-rionlribscribers’tire' pi-toe will be four L dob lars, boundin boards.forthe voluflie now unnoiHie. C *The Debates of the Session of Congress frilloxY. ing the next, and of the first Session ofevery Con gress, will,'it is supposed, fill about oho thousand pages, or perhaps more, making one very larg volume, or txvo of a hundsomc steiwtlie first Ses sion of each Congress being neariy double the du ration of the second- The price .of thp Rce‘ st « r bere. Ootl2 188 1 A A LBS - NUTMEGS XUU 20 do Mace 60 do Cloves 500 do Ginger, (Pulverised) 10 boxes Starcli in bundles of 71bs each 150 do Cassia; or Cinnumon 150 do Fig Bluc(a superior quality) 400 do Pearl Ash 50 do/. Lorillard’s Snuff, 200 do do and Rcills cut Tobacco, Are offered for sale by LAY & HENDRICKSON, Oct 14 189 Chemists nnd Druggists, d’s buildings. Shad’i 1 A A BBS. GUM CAMPHOR X vf vf 200 lbs Peruvian Bark 30 do Opium (Turkey) 100 do Powdered Jalap 60 do do Rhubarb 200 do Cream Tartar 1000 do Epsom Salts 25 bbls Glauber do For sale by LAY fy HENDRICKSON, Oct 30 201 Shad’i Buildings. B Y the ship Corsair thesubscribersbave receiv. ed their fall supply of .GOODS, oonsistlng of a very general assortment of DRUGS, CHEMICALS, PATENT MEDICINES, PERFUMERY, DYE STUFFS, &c. All of which will be sold on (he most accom modating terms for Cash or Credit. Merchants, Physicians, and Planters are respectfully invited to examine them before they purchase. LAY k HENDRICKSON, A fresh supply of SULPHATE QAI NINE, re ceived as above. Oct 14 189 QA DOZEN of the true English Seidlitz Poxv O vfriers have been received from London, via New-York, per brig Monroe and for sale low by LAY k HENDRICKSON, oct 7 180 rilHlS article is highly X purpose of imparting un elegant gloss to Mahogany Furhituif* The large and extensive Cabinet Ware Manu factures in the northern cities make use of this composition to give their works a beautiful po lish. A supply of this xvax has been received per ship Savannuh. It is put up iri small pots und boxes xvith printed directions for use, and for sale by LAY &. HENDRICKSON, ang 12 108 i equul „ lww „ made by tho Messrs. Henry’s. Many persons in this city who have used this remedy give it a de- cided preference over all others. Families are solicited to givo it atrial as it comes much cheap er than Henry’s, being neatly put up in bottles at 37 1-2 cents each, and for sale only by LAY Si HENDRICKSON, sept 2 172 8 O superior Sweet Oil X Jmi 500 gulls, winter strained Sperm Oil 0 kegs Suit Petre 600 Bottles Costof Oil (in pint Bottles) 300 do Stoughton's Bitters, pints and quarts LAY 4' HENDRICKSON, . Oct 26 1S)£ Shads Buildings. J. Shinn’s Panacea rjlIIE subscriber, having discovered the com X position of Sxvaim’s celebrated Panaeea has noxv u supply on hand for sale—he has redu ced the price from $3 50 to $2 50, or by the d zen$24. All charitable' institutions in the United States, and the poor will be supplied gratis. If the citizens of the principal cities and towns will nppoiul an agent to order and distribute this Mediciue to the poor, it will be supplied. This Medicine is celebrated for the cure of the following dkeuscs : Scorfula or King’s Evil. Ul cerated or t'utrid Sore Throat, long standing Rheumatic affections, Cutaneous Diseases, White Swelling und Diseases of the Bones, and all eas es generally ol qn Ulcerous character, and Chro nic Diseases, generally arising in debilitated con stitutions, hut more especially from Syphilis or affections wising therefrom; Ulcers iti the larynx, fyts. and the dreadful diseases occasioned, by a long nnd excessive use of Mercury, 4'C. It is al so used in Diseases of the Liver. CERTIFICATES, I have/within the last txvo years had an oppor tunity of seeing several cases of very inveterate Ulcers, wiiich huving resisted previously the re gular modes of treatment, xvere healed by the use of Mr; Swaim’s Punocea, und I do believe, from xvhal 1 have seen, that it xvill prove an important remedy in Scrofulous, Venereal and Mercuriql diseases..' N. CHAPMAN, M. D. Professor of the Institutes and Practice of Physic, in the University of Pennsylvania. I have employed the Panacea of Mr. Swaim i numerous instances, xvithin the last three years, and have alxvays found it extremely efficacious especially in secondary Syphilis, arid Mercurial Diseases. I have no hesitation in pronouncing it a Medicine of inestimable value. W GIBSON, M. D. Professor of Surgery to the University of Penh. JOHN SHINN, Chemist. Philadelphia, tfov. 17, 1823. Each publisher of a newspuperin the U. States, is requested to publish this advertisement once a month, for one year, and send their accounts for payment. !AD£AI.. Georgia Justice N the press and will bo published in October or . November next, at the RecorderOffice, a nexv and enlarged edition of the GEORGIA JUSTICE. The improvements in this very useful book, are briefly noticed in the following extracts from the prefaced the new edition- “ Several yeurs have elapsed since the publica- an of the Georgia Justice, during which time there has been additional legislation upon many of the subjects contaiuediri It. In the present e- dition, such alterations as Were rendered necessa ry by subsequent enuettaents, have been, made the additional matter incorpurated.und several 'omis* sions in the original xvprk supplied. "Mr Princes Digest being now in general use, references thereto have been substituted for those which were heretofore made to Murbury Craxv- ford’s and Clayton’s Digests, and tlie annual pam phlets containing the laws of tlie state. A copious index has also been furbished and the work is submitted to the public, under a belief that i.ts acknowledged Utility Will be found to be iricreas- ed by the foregoing-circumstances." inr The price ot the book, neatly bound, in calf Will be Five Dollars, payable on .delivery. Any (Viw lii-onlxT nnntPQ u’illliA to >viii Uv3 iiuiiiauuu lirig to take charge number—Subscript!; , to gentlemeii who tfiay be i ’them. V Tlie different ricxvspapers in this state* Will please give the foregoing an insertion; Milledgeville, August 30. sept 28 182 50 for sulc by oct 25 1 dkati Cotton Bagging PIECES first quulity Dundee Bagpng, IIALL k HOI wt James Morrison/ vL bo found in future at bid. office’ Over the counting room of CalvSiiBi&fi*; Superior Court. May TfehM, 1824; G EORGE Johnston and others, complainants vs Peter Vanburgh Livingston and others, defendants, in equity in the Superior court, ot Chatham county, May term, 1824. It appearing to the Court by affidavit that Pe ter Vanburgh I.ixingston and Harriet E. Living ston, who are parties defendant reside beyond tlie state oftieorgia, and within the United States on motion ofcomnlninnnls solicitor, it is ordered that tlie said defendant do respectively appear nnd an swer the complaints bill xvithin four months from he date of this rule. And is further ordered that this rule be published once a week during four monlhsfrom this date in one of the public Gazettes of this State. Extract from tlie Minutes. A. B. FANNIN, Clerk> june8 134 An Ordinance, For granting License to persons for re tailing spiritous liquers or vending goods, wares and merchandize, in the Streets, Lanes, Squares or alleys within the limits of the City of Savannah and the Hamlets thereof. Sec. 1. Be it ordained by the Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Savannah' in Council assembled, and it is hereby or dained by the authority of the same, that all applications for license to retail spirit ous or limit liquors within the limits of the city of Savannah and Hamlets thereof, shall be in writing, and addressed to the Mayor, and which application shall con tain the names of two or more surities and upon such application the Mayor is hereby authorised if he deems proper,ut all times, upon the applicant giving bond, with txvo or more surities to be approved of by him, in the sum of two hundred dollars, condij tioned for the due observance of the ordi nances of the city to grant the license re quired—and should the Mayor upon such application refuse to grant a license, the applicant shall have the privilege of ap pealing from the decision of the Mayor, to Council—the said license not to continue iu force for a ledger term than one year. Sec. 2. Be it further ordained by the Authority aforesaid that it shall not be lawful for the Mayor to grant any licenses to retnil spiritous liquors of any discrip- tion or to vend goods, wares or merchan dise in any street, lane, sqare, alley, lot, or wharf within tho limits of the city of Savannah and. Hamlers thereof to any persons elected to nqy office under the cor poration (Port Wardens excepted.) Sec. 3. Be it further ordained by the authority aforesaid, that it shall be the du ty of the Treasurer, to make a fair and just entry in a book to be kept hy liim for that purpese of the names and places fif abode of all such persons, as shall have taken out license, and also of the sums of money and the names of the surities who have been received for the same, and lay a statement of tlie said persons to whom Licences have been granted, together with the sums re ceived for the same and the names of the securities so taken before Council once in each month or more frequently If so re quired to do. Sec. 4. Be it further ordained by the au thority aforesaid, that the form of the li cense to be granted by the Mayor shall be as follows viz: “This is to certify that — : — has given bond and security according to the ordinance of the city for two hundred dollars, for his faithful compliance xvith the laws of the State, and the ordinance of the city, which now are and which may be enacted, and of force in this state and city respecting taverns, punch houses, arid re tailors of spiritous liq-iors so far as the same relate to the city of Savannah and the hamlets thereof, therefore the said is hereby authorised to retail in the house where he noxv resides, street ward and in no other place what ever in Savannah, from the —*— day pf iri the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and , until the day of next ensuing. Given under my hand and the seal of the city the day- and year first above men tioned. c. c. Mayor. Sec, 5. Be it further ordained by the authority aforesaid that it shall not be lawful for any person having obtained a license to retail.spiritous liquors iri more places than one, under the penalty of a sum not exceeding thirty dollars, dr in any other place than’ the one designated in said license without first having given notice to the clerk of Council Of Iris, her or their removal, whereupon the clerk shall obtain from the Mayor, and in his absence, the Chairman a certificate on the back of such license, specifying the removal of and plhce of abode-—and if any person or per sons shall neglect or refuse to return their license, to the Mayors office, at the expira tion of the time for which the same were granted, or to return them for a certificate in case of removal as before required, lie, she, or they so offending shall forfeit and pay a sUm not exceeding thirty dollars. Sec* 6. Bo it further ordained by the'au thority aforesaid, that if any person or persons shall sell tef any purchaser of li quors three gallons, or upwards, and de liver the same in small quantities arid ,at different periods of times, lie, she, or they convicted of delivering a less quantity 1 at any one time than three gallons, shall be -fined in a sum not exceeding thirty dol lars* ■■ ' ' Sec, i. Be it further,ordained hy the au- thorlty aforesaid, that every person, hax’- ingtakenout a license for the retailing of spiritous liquors, shall have plainly paint ed in’letters pot le.~ s than three inches jn length on some conspicuous place over t ho door, on the outside of the shop, or house, nnd fronting the street, lane, or square B xvherein the spiritous liquors are sold, tlie name at length,of the person, so licensed together with the following xvords, “Li censed to retail spiritous liqUors” nmle.ieh nnd every person or persons violating this section of the Ordinance shall be lined lor each wedk after the expiration of ten days from the time of having taken out Ids, lief, or their license, in ri sum hot exceeding 30 dollars. . Sec. 8. Be it further ordained by the authority aforesaid, that if there shall bo fouridinthe shops or enclosure of any retailer of spiritious liquors within this city after drum beat at night any person or persons of colour, not tlie property of the oxvilcr of tho said shop or retailer of the said liquors, and xx’ho have not been sent there by their oxVricr orgitnrdinnsnnd w ho have not u written ticket to that effect, the person or persons so harbouring or enter taining such persons of colour ahull bo fitted in Usum uotexceediug thirty dollars —and the marshal, city watch, consta bles are herbby authorised, til enter tho S remises where such persons of Colour arc nrboured and commit theriito the coni mon jail from which they shall not be dischar ged until they have paid the oxpence of commitment. Sec. 9. Be it further ordained by the authority aforesaid, that it shall, not lib lawful for tlie Mayor to grant any license to any person or persons xVho nre nexv or who heretofore may have retailed liquors without a license Until the applicant shall have paid itito the city Treasury; the u- mount due the corporation for the time he so retailed without a license at the t rite of thirty five dollars per annum. Sec. 10. Be it further ordained iiy the authority nforefaid, that ftom and immedi ately after the passing of this ordinance, there slrnll be paid to the Treasurer of the city of 8nvanriah and hamlets thereof by each retailer of spiritious or malt liquors the sum of thirty five dollars for each license. Sec. 11. Boat further ordained by the authority aforef aid that it shall not be lawful for any persen or persons to ped dle or vend any goods wares at merchan dize in any street square lulin, or alley, in this city until the person so vending such goods wares and merchandize shrill have obtained from the Mayor in the maimer heretofore pointed out for obtaining licen ses for retailing of liquors, n license for that purpose and which license shall con tinue in force for one y^-. and no longer and at the time of receiving such licese he she or they shall pay to the City Treasury the sum of fifty dollars. Sec-12. Be it further ordained by the authority aforesaid that if any persojj pr persons shall expose or -offer for salo, of vend any goods xyares or merchandise in any street lane square wharf, improved lot, 6r rilley in this city without having previously obtained such license he .-he or they shall be fined 1 in a sum not excoed- ingthirty dolls, for each and cx ery offence Sec. 13. Be it further ordained hy the authority aforesaid that it shall not lie lawful for any peddler or vender of dor-ds wares and merchandize as aforesaid to o’ceripy with tables, benches or any other thing permanantly, any part of the street?, squares, lanes, alleys, .or wharves or to spread bis, her or their articles of mer chandize on the ground—and every per son, or persons violating this section shall be fined for each offence in a sum not ex ceeding thirty dollars. Sec. 14. Be is furthef ordained by the authority aforesaid that all licenses here tofore granted, be and the saipe are here by duly valid. < Sec. 15. Beit further ordained by the authority aforesaid that all fines and pen alties imposed by tins ordinance shall be levied and recovered in the usual manner and applied as follows, yifcnone half, to the use of the informer and the other half to the use of the city* Sec; 17. Be it ordainbd by the Mayor and Alderinen of the City t>f Savannah in Council assembled, aud it is hereby order ed by the authority of the same, that from and immediately after the passing of this ordinance, if any person or persons xvithin the limits of the City of Savannah, of Hamlets thereof, not, being duly licensed according to the tenor df this ordinance* shall at anytime keep ri tavern, ir.n, orcli- riqry, punch house, porter house, ale cr beer house or shall retail any wine, bran dy, rum,, gin, porter; beer, cider,- punch, spiritous liquors or strong drink under any name whatsoever, in any quantity -less than three gallons, lie she or they So of fending, arid being thereof convicted be fore the City Council, shrill forfeit aud pay a sum not exceeding thirty dollars for each and every offence* Sec. 16. Be it further ordained by the authority aforesaid, that; “ an ordinance for granting License to persons Keeping Billird Tables or retailing spiritous liquors within .the limits of tlje city of Savannah and hamlets thereof, and for other pur poses mentioned” and the. several ordin ance, amendatory of the .same, and “ au ordinance to oblige persons Keeping an Equality or E* O. Tables or other instru ments of similar construction used or in tended for the purpose of gambling to take out license for the same and for other pur poses therein mentioned” and “ an o/din- aricoto compel peddlers within the city of Savannah to take out licenses and for im posing restrictions relative to them” be and the -same are hereby repealed. ■ Passed in Council I O h < >ct. 1824* V/M. C. DAN!ELL, Mayor- Attest, M. Mrcxts, c. C/