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Daily Savannah republican. (Savannah, Ga.) 1829-1839, November 02, 1839, Image 4

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F.i.ixm <*» , conla iuii|' itie* nf Opium. ion. to thu ex. r and b r writ of [nn.liia 8i. r ui'John Doc ex. deni. Snrnli G. IticYwd Uoc r i e. James and Propsrty pointed oul by lloir rv SngtiM nn-j of the defendant*. "s.-ptd'J ELISHA WVLLY, «. o. Q. O <1 I V SHERIFF'S SALE. N . ■ r,,>• Tuoidiiy in l)ec«mher noxt.will (>.• soi l hi lorn the Court house in tho city . ; in. ill. !; : we on tho Uinal hour* of*a!c<, id Run. levied upon by virtue nl'li f;i3, issued from the Hon. Court of Common 1*1.>.n. and ofOyoruttd Terminoi for tho city of Savannah. at tho iintauce of Tho Purse uni John Slorchl-mn, et al. v*. Uehoeen Uns«ell. property pirtnted out by Plantitrs at LEVIS. RUSSELL Shot iff. CITY SIII51MFF’S SALE. O N the first Tuesday hi Decumbur next, will bo sold before tho Comt House ini the city of Savannah between the usual hour* ofl sale, one mahogany Hide board, one pair |iiahngfl any card tables, «ue do end*, ono Mahogany] dinin'! taldo. nineteen *ti aw bottom chair*. twol pair ni-hovel and tons*, and one fender, levied upon by virtue of a distrain warrant. i<mied fiuiU the Hon. i i. nor Court of Chatham county all tlu* msUtVte of Rub’t II. Pettigrew, trustee of Eliza L Petti"Iew hi* wife, vs. Alx. II. 'let Donnell, property pointed out by plantitr* at* t 29 I I VI S. RUSSELL. Sheriff SHERIFF'S SALE* W ILL be aoid on the first Tuesday in November next, in llinesville, Liborty County, between ihe usual hour* of sale, the following property, vix: One -oriel Horae, levied on a* the property of A. Smyley, and sold undnr foreclosure of a mortgage in favor of S. B. Johns, net,’. 8. S. MOODY.o. s.L.c. EXELUTOR’S SALE. W ILL be sold agreeable to an order of the Honorable Inferior Court of Burke county, while silting for ordinary purposes, in the Town of Waynesboro on the first Tuesday in Jammy tfext Ono n net of Land, belonging to the estate of I-hMii Anderson, la to of *uul comity, deceased, lying i«n die water* of Rocky Creek, joining lands .if James Anderson mid B. Miller, and containing fourteen hundred and twenty four (142 J) aert-s, more or less, Sold for tho bene fit of ill*.* heirs of the deceased. J ANE II. ANDERSON. Kx’ix. JAMES ANDERSON, ) .... A. II ANDERSON. j 11 u "' ocl 2fi 2119 AIMIlXISTU.vrOU’S SALI2. O N the first Tuesday in December next will be sold before tile Colin House ip Chatham Comity, between the usual hours ot mile, in- following property, to wit: Lot No.. It), with imp'rnveuieiiis thereon. Wa-iiiu e 'toii Ward, city of Savannah, situated on Uiynii etreej Also, Lot No. 4*25, containing 490 acres,inure or loss, lung and being in Apphng County. Also, Lot No. 74. contaidng 250 acres,'more or less, in E ilimi Comity, T • Also. L it No. 162. containing 202J acres, more or I-**, in Houston Comity. Also. 2 - tares Planters’ Bank Stuck,of which per share lias been paid in. ;Soid hv order of the Honorable the Justices n f -V*- f-Hte-CeartsfChatham Coiiniy.wheiJ sitting i . ordinary purpose*, lor the benefit of th« heirs and creditors of the late John O. Cole, dt . -i BENJAMIN L. COLE, ° p t 4 Administrator. ,,„ea. greatest number _ r —a of Upturn, are ion for dam* 1 contained in Lnirdaumn Paregoric BlacU.drop, ii ii issued out of Deunrcotized Laudanum Extract of Opium and of Chatham Co such Other opiate preparations of this cltvw luilii ~ orto made and to which are justly attributed those disagreeable eflect* upon the stomach and nervous system which so ficquciitly follow their opeiatinn. and limit their usefulness. ‘ This Elixir mav bo adopted in nil those case* in which either Opium or its preparations aro administered with tho certainty of obtaining all theit sedative Htiodyuo and nntierpasmoriic eft feels without any ol these disngteeabhr conso- qiHUoua of hnaui4dia nausea vo.uiung com stipation tremors and a train of oilier unhappy symptoms which are often as distressing as those wiiieh it was applied to remove. The Elixir nfOpiuiu is not only superior to tho ariliirial compounds of Morphine, in its be ing moie mild permanent and miilutni ill i»s ol feci* bill the preparation pu**tiaM-* also a »upoi • i >r advantage to ilieir Solutions, in not being liable to decomposition or deterioration from vaitable temperature or long keeping: a serii oils objection to which the latter are exposed. Finallv, Morphine not being lltu full ropro sen ativo of Opimn cannot nb'iie, and tint in artificial combination too, produce all the chat* aciensuc ulfuctsofso triumphal a remedy. When so many of its other vnlablo priiicipleVn* Codein, Narcoin and -MemiVlc nchl arc -excluded. TESTIMONIALS. From Dr. Chilton, Me eminent Chemist of New York, in proof of the accomplishment of this discovery. Dr. John B. McMunn having made known to me the process by which he prepares hi* ••Elixir of Opium M and wishing mo to statu my opinion concerning it I therefore say. that the process is in accordance with well known Chemical laws and that the preparation must contain nil the valuable principles of Opium, without those which are considered n* duleteri on* and useless. J. R. CHILTON. M. I)., Operative Chemist, &e. New York. Dec. 29. 1890 Having witnessed the effects of Dr. J. B Me .Muon's Ehxii of Opium wo are of npiuinn that it is a valuable preparation and recommend it to the patronage of the profession. F. U. JOHNSTON M. D., Physician of the ♦ City and Maiiue Hospital. JOHN \V FRANCIS M. D- Lite Profi-**or of Midwifery in the College of Fhi* and Sun geoii*. N.Y. JOHN C CIIEESE.MAN M. D. Surgeon of the New York City Hospital. RICHARD K HOFFMAN M D.. .Surgeon to the Marine Hospital N. Y. and late Surgeon in the U S. N. JAMES WEBSTER M. 1).. Professor of Anal, and Physiology in the Geneva Medicul College N.Y. New York Feb. 18 1837. Ur. Mitchell’* trials of tho Elixir of Opium in the Hospitals. Now York. February filli, 1837. Dr. J. B Mc.Mmm. —Dear Sir—Ih-ive made repeated trials of your ‘Elixir ol Opium' in the City and Marine Hospital*, and find it to possess the anodyne and sedative powers of'he ordinary prepa<niions of Opimft, without pro ducing ihe excituietit, headiachu, nausea, and constipation, which m many case* tender those preprntious objectionable. Its effects are more permanent than those of Morphia. Yours, &e. C. I.. M ETC 11 ELL. M. D., Resident Fhysician, Njw York Hospital heokuia « u vniA)i < <*• To all whom it tiny c.-meiii: P. Wf-lir.liE.\s Cyrus St.* Inm* h-ith nppli; V V ,:l l"t i "*ll"li 'I'Ci'lilo! t»: ll-i.ity 1-1 * ; ol!» mi t'.i.mtv. 1*«>1 l.'tii-isv N.lniini-tia • \ >n on tho -state and elVi-et'"I Jam*-' II- 1> Foster, lata of Chatham Co* dcr- .-ed, Them aio therefore to cite and admonish, nil UEOREI V <’ll XTHA1I CO. To :.«l whom it in nmn'in: |l‘l{r.\S Man Walkoi. 1 '•in'- Ini'll applied j ^ $ to ;i, ■ 11 - !. tii- t '.mi t of t ‘"!i "V ‘ I Chat!, C,„inty . I o !.• :• f .\dunin-;i..tum on tii- mi l . if i> •Lmpsy N* il l’iit. in inn, la’i: of Chatham County ,l* » <*.i". *l. 1’ iI i • 1 1 ' I Ini.'lii'h, !i'l NOTICE. LI. person* hnving demands against the L I 'slut,* of the late Maj. Juo. Harden, do- Ci kindred and creditor* and singuliu tin , v .. . said deccai <l.i<» ti •» their objections (il any hnvo) to llte gmtiting . of tho administration of tho estate of the dcceaaeji to the applicant iu tho Clerk** Otlice of the said Court, on or before the 31st day of November noxf.olberwiso leliots of administration will bo granted. Witness, the lion. A. Fortor.oneoftho Juf lice* of tho said Court, tho 3laY day of Oct. A. D. 1839. . EDW’D-G. WlLSON. v oci3l , *" Dopfy Clerk c. o. c. c. indr«i andt * (ifany Uto me ihsintbj »« tho granting of the mlunnislrntion or il.a c.Htato of thn deceased to tho apphcnilt in t|)o Clerk’s otllco of the said Court,on or beforo tho 27th day of October noxt, other w tso letters of administration will bo granted. Witness, tho lion. Anthony Fortor.ono of tho Justices of the suid Court, tho 27th day of Sept, A. D. 1839. EDW’l) G. WILSON, sept27 Pept’y Cleiko. o o.c OEORGIA-CIIATIlA.R CO, To nil whom it mav concern: W HEREAS Mrs. C. Iv Stow, hath M»P«* tul to the lion- the Court of Ordinary of Chatham County, for Letter* of Adininistrii- liott on the rstnte and effect* of Mr* C.l'atti* soil latr'rrfClia'ltnn County dr*ron*eil. Tho*earn therefor** to cllr* and Htlnuuiish, all and singular tho kindred ami rredttot* ol the s iid file their objections (ifnny thuv havn) to die granting of the administration of tho o«tato of tho deceased to Ihe applicant iu the Clerk's office of the said Court, on or before tho 27th day of Gctoher next; otherwise loltors of administration will lie granted. W itness, tin*'lion Win. Thorne Williams, ono of die Justices of said Court, the 27th day ol Sept. A. D. 1839. EDWARD G. WILSON, sept 27 Depulv Clerk,c. o c. c. 0150II I.-* | A—A! II.4 Til A ill CO. To all whom it may coitcorii W HEREAS Geo. W. lluntor has ap* plied to tho Hon. tho Court of Ordina ry of Chiiiluim County, for loiter* of adminis tration'on tho estate and efibot* of Robert A. McCredio, lata of said county deceased, These nm tho refine to ate and admonish’ itll and •‘iugtilar tho kindred and croditur* of the, said deceased, to tile their objections (if any they have) to thu granting of the administration of tho estate of tho deceased in the applicant in lltb Clerk’s Office of tho said Court; on or ho. fiire the (Gilt day ofOct uexijotherwiso letter* of Vlmiiiistralion will ho gianted. Willies*; the lion AiiihonyFort nftlie Justices of tho suid Court, lllo lfith dav of Sept. . D. 1839. EDW’l) G WILSON. scprlfi Deputy Cletk c o. r o t OLOUCIA-CIIATIIAJI CO, To all whom it mav concern: W HEREAS Ann C. Futman.has applied to the lion ilia Court of Ordinary of Chatham County, for Letters of Adndnistro lion, on the estate and idler ts of R. II. Filtinati. lam of said county deceased, These are tfierefiire to cito ami admonish, nil and singular tho kindred ntid creditor* of tho •said deceased, -to file their objection* (if any they have) to the granting of tho ndnnni«tratioii of ill** estate of the deceased to the applicant ill tho Cleik’s office of tho said Comt. on ot he* fare the I2th<tuy of November next, otherwise |«3i«B,8pf adiiiiirniiiiitinii will be graotud. Wt'itess, tho Iloo. A- Forter. quo of the Justice* of the said Court, tho 12th day of Oc tuber, A. D. 1839. EDWARD G WILSON, oct 12 Deputy Clo'k c o c c. CO. 0150K01A—Cll ATIIAIII To all whom it otnv roncorn: W HEREAS George Oiivur.ha* applied to the lion, the Court of (JKltuary of Clinthnni County, fm Letter* of Administration on the e>ta1e nod effects of Henry I lemur, of Lincoln. Eoglaiuf but lato of Chatham County; Georgia, deceased. Them aro therefore to cito and admonish, nil and singular thu kindred and creditors of tho •hid deceased, lo file their objection* (if any they have) to the granting of the administration of tho n*i«to of Ihe deceased to tho applicant iu tho Cletk’H oilier,* of the said Con rt, on or before tho, 12th day of November next, ntherw ite letters ol administration will tie gtauted. Willies*, the lion. Wm. Thorne Williams, ono of the Justice* of the said Court, the 12(h day of Oct.'A. D 1839. EDWARD G. WILSON,' oct 12 Deputy Cleik c.n. c c. GUARDIAN'S SALE. A GREEABLY to an order of tho Court of Ordinary of Liberty County, will bo soldi on th* fir»t Tuesday in November next, at the Comt il.. in Hine-villo,. tho one tenth (ICh part of a tract of Land known a* Palmyra,' for the bonctit of Louisa M. .Stevens, a minor. JOS. QUARTERMAN, Guardian, sept 1 177 EXECUTOR'S SALE. O N the first Tuesday, in November next, will be sold at hi* late residence at Wahlr ortrville. Liberty County, nil the personal estate and c (Virus, t slave* excepted) of tho late Aueh# tus O. Bacon. Terms made known on tho day of sale. WILLIAM LAW, Executor, sept 13 181 AD >II.NI»Ti£\ I RIX’S SALE. be sold on tho si-cpud Tuesday in T ▼ November next. i > the highest bidder, before the Court Homo dour, llinesville.Liber* ty County,between the usual hours of sale.oue negro woman mined S uv. for (ho ^benefit of the heirs and creditors of Jo*. Norinin, lato of Liberty County <Ipcc i-cd. *«pt » MMix NORMAN,F.x’trix. IN COUNCIL, 8 2TU SEFTEHI- llER. 1839- * |J EBOLVED, That Whitaker street, from MM* ilie Bay to South' Broad street, sh ill be paved, in conformity to the 17th section of an ordinance, entitled »An Ordnance for regula ting the election, quailtlcntion and duties of the City Survey or, to fix tho.iimnber of feet of por, ticoes railings, enclosures and pavements, mid to regulate tho samp, and for the better keepirq of lb,; - | tares, streets ni,r| pul,fie p| aRe * am wh-tr v«-* and dock* of the city of Savannah free and eh* tr of nhitruclioii*. and for other pnrpo 8 *s c .iiiiected theiewith.’ Passed 19th Augii*l! 1839—and thatitotico be given according!) .— Those who lake Opium and its ordinary prei parations, cannot be igooraot of the fact that il* distressing and pernicious effects result from the operation ofitv deleterions principle*, and that the tremors l-mgiior and lassitude with which its devotees are afliicied, and for which they repeat the dose to relieve,are sensations ofns owner eu. lion. But in consequenne of the exchidon of those deleterious principle* from the Elixir of Opium il is nm liable to derange the function* of the system, nor injure th« constitution nod general iienhiipieuce us nigh superiority in all ihnso cases, in which the long continued and liberal use of Opiates are indientod and necessary to allay pain & sp ismodic action,& induce sleep .V com posure. as iu cases of fractures, burns or scalds, canceious ulcers, and other pninfiil affections. And to those persons.who fin necessity or vilin* ted in:!ulgun(%| have been necuntomed to the use of Opium, this preparation will afford a gratifying snb*titnte by which they may relieve themselves fin tho thraldom of pernicious & too frequently inveterate habit. Dircttonsfor using the Elixir of Opium To a child a mouth old, or younger, give from half a drop to u drop; to a child about six months old, from 3 to 10 drops; and to udnhs, Iron. 10 to 60 drops, (and even double or treh.e that much,if tho pain and other sympiioms be Severn and urgent) mixedi it two or three t*a spoonfuls of water, according to the size of thu dose. As die administration of eveiy medicine should bo governed by its effect*.it is proper to begin with ihe^inallestdosepuid increase or repeat it atpto per interval* until the dusired etfucts nro pro. duced- O* JOHN B. McMUNN. of South Middle town. Orange County. New York, who is alone tho di-*coverer of the Elixir ofOpiiiiu. is the on ly manufacturer of it. And none can be germ inn without his name written ill foil on the out 1 side label.* It is to b« had of the principal Druggist* and Apothecaries in New York. Fhiladelphia, Balti more, Boston, and in uinxtnfihR principal cities and 'owns in the United State*. vFnr sale by PORCH Ell jfc LAROCHE, sept 23 i'0u rut: ^Extriiel from'*««* mbpt*?*. Kl '< l1 •*' * * ' I ’ 11 FELT, c. c, pro turn GEORGIA—Eli A Til A HI CO. To ail whom it may concoro: W HEREAS William Law, Adin’nr of tho estate and effect* of Mary M. Haig and Agnes Haig, deceased Jioth applied to the llmi the Court of Utdinaryof Chatham County for letters DismisMiry. These are therefore to cite and admonish, nil concerned, to file their objection* (if any they have) in the Clerk's office of the said Court, on or before the 3d day of January next; otherwise Idlers Distnissory will be granted. Willies*, the linn. Wm.Thorne .William*, one of the Justices ofthe said Court, thu 3d day of July, A. D. 1839. EDWARD G. WILSON. July 3 Deputy Clerkc. o.c. c, roused, ofl'amdc! pu sent limn without delay ft tlio-u! indebted to -aid Estate, a make p.iyuioni promptly, t«> (i'i'.O. \V I I7l)t. aro reqi ost pay mailt' (|I1U» (I to and *d to EL" LOV SOTirr g'OIYLEll w. vmirM; C, A„ ntl V. « u», i,,, i„ c „'y p' . will InwioitV W to lit .1111- ■, IV OTIC E. ft 1,1, persons having demands again cum L. F. Fohtcy, lato of Camden ty, deceased,‘are requested to present tin for payuiouuaud all persons -indebted to him nru requested to make payment to the suhi«cri- huts. W. II CLARKE. ) VIC TOR POINCY, } Executors, D. C. ACOSTA. V aug2l 171 II NOTICE. Louisville. Ge professional bn-ii nee and punctuality. Ho *vviil ? ,e ."'"h Huimrior Court* of p,,. iltiiko. Sciiven 0Untle * of tl Montgomery,’ ’ ® Iani ' hull^ 163 id tii 1 NOTICE. "—— ’ 1 miUJS! d * will . | A m 1 B 'o Ih» Plante*.* D„,v„ ril , 0 f “0' GEORGIA—CHAT IIA lift CO. To tdl whom it may concern: W HEREAS Lewis J. 0. Fairchild, Guar dian of Christopher. Day, an orphan, hath applied to thtrlloir. the Couft of Ordina ry ofClntham County, for Lutter* Distnissory. These are therefore incite and admonish, all Coni-onied. to fily their objections (if any they Itavo) iu tho Clerk's office ofthe said Court, on or before tho 2d day of Nov. next; otherwise letter* distnissory will he granted. Witness, the lion. Elias*Re,*d. one of the Jus tides of the said Court, the 16th day of Sept, A. D. 1839. EDW’D. G. WILSON, sept 16 4 Dup’y Clerk c, o. c. o. LL persons having demands agejhit the estate of David Thomas, Into of Caindon Comity, deceased, nro requested to present thorn in terms.of tho luw;oud .thoao indebted to’ make payment to G. W. THOMAS, Adm’or. * Jeff-rson.Atig.22, 1839. nng 26 173^ aimr,- SlocU ofttld Uank. In lh. V*?' ,y nn B U5 >U 9 ■ PiUI -BWCff - -K&CO. A5BOUS ,v UA.soat g^Trrr- /t‘, HI LbNDIU "‘mtilfnam of . iSL silver mill Mnol ftnzor, nf ....n C "''"“N • NOTICE. F OUR months after date, application will bo made to the Justices ofthe Court of, Ordinary fur tho County of Camden, lor leave to s-llnllilto Real Estate, and Bank’Slock, be longing to tho estate of Joseph Tliomas, Into of Camden County, deceased. G. VV. THOMAS, . -JOHN TOMPKINS. j L * or *- nng 26 174 * NOTICE. Jj^lOUR months alter date. plicatinn \yill nppli Iu) ttiatle to the Jnstino* of the Comt of Ordinary for tho Comity of Camden, for leave to sol! all thu real and personal estate of David Thomas, late of said County, deceased. ~niig26 G. W. THOMAS. Adm'or. GEORGIA—CSS ATI! ARi CO. To nil whom it may cbuccfn: W HEREAS Wm. Ileory Fitts. Admini* rtator Estate James I). Fitts, late of Chatham Comity deceased, hath npplted to the Hon. thu Court of Ordinary of Chathath County, for Lettera of Didn’tf*sory Tiieso are therefore lo cite and admonish, all concerned, to filo their, objection* (ifany they have) in the Clerk’s office of the said Comt. ott or before tho I6ih day of March nextjotherwise letter* dismissorv win he granted. White**, tho Ifon. W. Thorne Williatns.ono ofthe Justices of tile said Court.the lUfliday of Sept. A. D. 1839. EDW’D. 0. WILSON, sept 16 Dep’y.Cletk c. o. c. o, CO. NOTICE. JjXOUR month* iifter ditto, application wiH be made to tho Hon ihq Inferior Court of mm county, while sitting f* n Court of Ordinary, for leave to sell all the Real Estate and Slaves, belougitig to the estate of Einntiup! Do La Mothi. deceased, lor tho bouefit ofthe hwr* and creditors of said estate. SOLOMON SI1EFTALL, Adm’or. jnno17 143• nimisliip, in cbici, of 'w,!o*, f ,*SSj^j»L hnudm.: Emet,on,»ml Mwhh* S c,^ MpkOOlulfljJly fnrsalo by Mr 3ll »pi POKCIlElt & LA U0CI1E mi!- lo Slg " or ;!‘ 0 0 " lilc " oiS»; O|'po»no MOFJFATT'S LlFEPuTT,. T PHCF.NIX UITTtus M * UESEmodicineshavo Ion. Loon L. mid npprccinlfjd Tor lhci,„f „ miu immedmio pmvor, of ro« “ I lioalih Li poi,on, .ufioring undtr at —wsub? jSpfasfricsTri' ry individual in the community. Unlika*MI host of pnrtiicioiis qtinckeriot. wbffi?. vegetable ingredient, the Life P || « ' '**A ‘°My-fi t»M. .nd,, o "Z niiiinu.liv. krnnte, normi, oilier i„i,S ’ ' uny f'.rm whmovur, 'i'licy are einirel,.. posed ofoxlrncts from rare and powerful lire virtues orwl.ich, ihot.yh orul Indiian, and rocomly lo nlmriiiHcoiiticul ohomislH, ore olliuMh., , '' UllltiWII lit ilia In,,nr.Ill, I * • . NOTICE «' F OUR montlis after date, application wit. lie inhde to (lie Justice* ol the Court of Ordinary for tho county.of Liberty, for Icnve to sell Harriet, belonging to tho esintoofAlox. Me -Ivor. S. SPENCER, may 13 Guardian for the Minors, GEORGIA—CHATHAM To all whom it may concern: W HEREAS.Mary C. Barnard. Adminis tratrix ol Estate Samuel Adam*,late of Chatham Comity, deceased, has applied to the llonornlde the Court of Ordinary ofChathum Comity, for Lettera Distnissory, These nro therefore to cite and ndtufftish, all concerned, to file their objections (if nny they have) in the Clerk’s Office of the said Court.oh or before the sixth day of November next; oth* enviso Letters Di*rai**ory will bo granted. Witness, the Honorable M. Myers, one of tho Justices ofthe said Court, the sixth day of May. A. D. ono thousand eight hundred and thirtvmiue. • EDWARD G. WILSON, , mav 7 Pnpniv Clnrko. o- o.c* NOTICE* F OUR months after date, application will he made to tho Hutiornble tho Inferior Court of Bryan County .when silting ns a Court of Ordinary, for lenva lo sell all the Real F.stnle of Catharine Sikes, late ofaaid county docons, ed, for tho benefit of tho heirs. SAMUEL 8IKES, Adm’or with tho will annexed, sept 27 186. UHtltAM ci.nniy. w iilu jiTlIin, ,« n CoihI nr J" l "' l o P'etemlcr, ■ - ■ ’ ■■ •cioncai mid wnro n,»«ibeforemlminju,,.,-' I so linpimy cflicncioiu n comlniiaium “ " THE riltENlX BlTTEUa r.Bc CO. GlvOItGIA—CIIATIIAill CO. I’o all whom it may eoticerot W HEREAS Henry F, Willink. Executor of the last will and leitument «»f David Ftdgo. late of Chitlhatn County deceased, hath applied to the Honorable the Court of Ordinary of Chatham County, for Letter* Distnissory. These aro thejrefiiro to cite and admonish, nil concerned, t,o fife their objection* (if any they have) in the Clerk's Office ofthe said Court.oil or before the 3d day of Jatiuuiy next; otherwise letter* di*mi*«ory will he grained. Witiie**, the linn Elias Reed, one of tho JitVlice* tho said Court, the 3d day of J'oly A D 1839. EDW’D G. WILSON, July 3 Dopnty c. o. c. c. G EOliG I A—CII .4 T11A HI CO To all wfioiii it may concern: W HEREAS Andrew Dixon, Adm’or of theestate and effects of Dntiiei Foley, lato of Chatham County, duceused. hath applied to the Hon the (Jour! of Ordinary of Cluahuin County, for Lot'ers Dismissory. These are therefore lo cite and admonish, all concum-d. to file their objections (if nny they have) in the Clerk’s Offic e of tho said Court’, on or beforo the 3d clay of January next; other' wl*o letters Disimssmy will he granted, Witness tho Holt. A. Porter, one of the Justices of tho said Court, the 3d day of July. A D 1839. EDWARD G. WILSON, july Deputy Clerk c. o. c. c. GEORGIA—EFFING IIA Hi To all whom il mav concern: W HEREAS Thomas ll. Brow, Adminis trator ofthe estate of John W Graham cJncpnsed. has applied to tho lion the Coinl nl\ Ordinary of Effingham County, for Letter* Uis* misery. These are therefore to oitn and admonish all concerned, to file their objeciiors (if any they have) :n tho Ckr.k's Ofi’ni of the said Court, or, or before the 2d day of January next; other, wise letters dismi*-ory will be granted, Witness, the lion. C. Powers, one of the Justice* of the suid'Court, I ho 2d day of July A. D. 1839. july 6 JNO. CHARLTON, c. c.'o. x^o ADHllNlSTR 4TOR’S NO NCE. ^ l.L per*nn* indebted to thec-sinteonValtor ./%, Dubois, Into of this county, aro requested lo make payment to ihesiihsfcibers, and llitwe to wbotn lie* is indebted will present their nu counts within the time proscribed by lawful payment. CLAGHORN& WOOD, ana 5 Qualified A<lminf*!ra!ors. GEOItOlA-eilATIlAiH CO. Toall may coueorn. ‘ W HEREAS, PH Woodruff, Adm’or of ostato William cGibson, deceased, hath unpiiedto the Hon, the Court of Ordinary of Chatham County, for Letters Distnissoty, These are therefore to cite and admonish, all cotirerned. to file their objections (if any they hove) irt tho Clerk’s office of the said Court, on or before thu 6th clay of Nov, next ; other, wise letters Distnissory will be granted. Witness the Hon. E. Reed, one of tho Justices ofthe said Court, the Gih clay of May A D. 1839. EDW’D G. WILSON may 7 Dopnty Clerk c. o. r. c. GEORGIA—EFFINGHAM CO. To all whom it may rnureru: W HEREAS Eliza McGahagan. Adminis* tfntrix ofthe estate of Wm. McGahagan decoa ed^has njiplii-d to the Hon the Ocmri’of Ordinary of Effiogaam County, for Lcttors Dis- il ElHii o EC El V ED. '>«) ■/. oct 5 »01 tOUUE, i?Floid K'Mige.for sale A. PARSONS. 0 TOBACCO. ■■ BOXES Leftwiuh’s Cavendish Tobacco, on hand and for sale by h oct 4 ■ • A. PARSONS, TO TII 15 COVERS tfF A FINE HEAD OF HAIR.1 T Vl E Casailo Oil for baldness and falling off of the hair on the head, is known to stand pre-eminent above ail preparations of the kind. It is fret ** tree from nvi-ry thing of u deleterious turo. ami has been pEceksfiilly used whetiotln er much colcbrnled comoodtions have failed. Three muuth use in b tldness will effect a new and rapid growth of iiuir.und in one week will prevent the Imir from falling oft*, leaving the surface of the head inoLt and delightfully smooth. Price 76 cla per bottle. ForYiieby oct 11 A. PARSONS. CASTOR OIL, dec. ffO BBLS cold prnaiud Castor Oil <i do Plantation do do ^ . ' 2 cask* Fliix Seed [2 do Chloride Lttne 1 do Rotten Stone, 2 do B.-rtli Bricks 2 do Pearl Ash, J do Sulurutu* st received jaml for sale bv " JOHN E. STILWELL, Corner of Broughton and Wliitakor sts. oct 12 Oppo-itu the Mansion Hottse. fll HE Cn.Ada Oil i**o deiiomioated hecnitse jo. it«» rufnposed of vogetahle mgreiiienl*, and it* virtue* are pre einiiiuntly displayed in lh- following respect*: It possesses ptoperti-n of Him most saliibticms naliirn which the. xcm if and aft imputilie* of (lie hair; tionri-h- iw the Infir and prevent* its falling off. and lea* _ SBirjp tho liability ofthe hair to torn greyjsirengtlt /"f-en.* tiie weakest hair, and ptnduces a luxuriant growth; give* a vigor to Ihe hair which soon produces an inimitably natural curl/ and p«e* vents its falling out iu a damp aiiiiu*pliere, or during exercise; renders the hair either -natural or artificial, bes'itilqilv soft nod* pUjnsant; bur stow* an inestimable gloss and pleasant pur, fume to the tresses—in fine, render* the hair dress Iransceudently beautiful, promotes the growth of whisker*, eye brow*,.mustache*. Ac. To children’s hair its effects are singolarly-fjen* eficial, is perfectly ittoxious. and may v\ itli safe ty bo applied lo the youngest infant; it eradi* cates the daitdruft’caNieraud superior to combs, soap. Ate.; is extremely pleasant to the infant, gradually strengthens tiie hair, and augments its growth ho as to produce a ueaiiliful head of hair. Preserves the hair after sea bathing, vio lent exercise, and is of preeminent utility fur K erson* travelling by sea or land, preserves the air, rendering it peculiarly pleasant, and trl- ways dressed, tins wonderful effects on the hair in hot or cold climates, and is held in high e*ti •nation by distinguished 'persons abroad, Fold wholesale and retail by the Proprietor Thos. Quirk, 490 Broadway New York, and by appointment, by ANSON PARSONS, xept 20 Savannuh.Ga. Agent. GEORGIA—EFFINGHAM CO. I’o all whom it may concern: W HEREAS Mrs. Naomi Woitmnn, wld* n\v. Administratrix of the estate nod eft-els of Wui'hrm \\ -i'liiiu. d-iea'ed h ull applied tu the Hon- the Court of Ordinaly of Effingham County, for Letter* Distnissory, These are therefore lo cito and admonish nil concerned, to filo their objections (ifany they have) in the Clerk’s Office „f the said Court.on or before the 26th day of January nexl; oliieri wt*e Letters Dismissory will be granted VV.ittic*, the Hull. C. Powers, ono of the Justices of 'lie said Court, the 26th day of Ju ly, A. D 1839. J o 11N E11A RLTON, Clerk c. o. k. c, j'ily26 160 TOO i’ll WASH iV BRUSHES. f 'i ILOKLNEmiK Wa»li Kreusal • do do Orris do do An wiortment of English and Americah Tooth Brushes, receive d and for sale hv JOHN 15. STILWELL’, Corner of Broughton and Whitaker sis. oct 12 ( >i"■ ><-;t'! -t11,; M;in :iou House. OARS. «nperior Ash Oars, just received and for sale by each, net 23 (’LAGIIORN & WOOD. WHITE LEAD, 01L,.AcJ "B /fN 1 KEGS English .White Lead wnr» JL’AF'If ranted, 250 do Am. No i and 2 10 bhls English Linseed Oil 10 do Whiting. 10 do Chalk 60 kegs Spanish Brown, in oil 100 .canisters Patent English Chrome Green a superior article for doors, shutters, ships cab ins, Sic. Just received and for sain low. by sept20, G. It. HI>NI)KI‘ KSON. CONFECTIONARY i boxesr BOXES Patent Steam Refined Con- V fectibpary. well assorted, 30 a 50 lbs; ich. Just received and for sale by sop 18 G. R. HENDRICKS' GEORGE* —BICYAN CO. 'I o all whom it may concern: W ill.III.AS Samuel Sikes has made np. plication for Letters of Administration with the will annexed on the estate of Calhap ine Sikes, late of *<tid county deceased. These aro therefore to cite and admonish all and singular the kindred mid creditors of said deceased, to file 'heir objection* (ifutiv they have) in the Clerk’s office ofthe Court of OU dinary, within the time prescribed by law; oth Orwtse letters of administration'.will be prattled the said .Sainiiol Sikes. j Willies*, (Tie j Ion. Israel Bird, ono ofthe J list ices of said Court of Urditm of July. 1839. J. hm july 10 153 this 9lh day TH, c. c. o. GEORGIA—EFFING tfl A HI CO. I’o all whom il tuny t o cent: W HEREAS John M. Ltict s, Administra tor of tho estatenf Wiliinut McGHhagin. net-eased, has upplied to the Hnl the Court of DiMuissmy^ ,:ffinghaln Cl,UHt y» fur Letters -These are tlioroforc to cito and admonish /III concerned, to file th6ir objections (ifany tlmv have) in the Clerk’s office ofthe said Court, oil tu before'the Oth day of March next; other, wise loiters distnissory will he grained. Witness, the Hmi. C. Powers, one of the Justices of the Mid Court, Iho 6thday of Sept A. D. 1839.. JNO. CHARLTON, ' ' j * c. miasory, ^ w ,, These are therefore to city and admonish all concerned, to filq th«ir objections (ifany they hove) in Ihe Clerk's Office of tho snid Court, oti or beforo the 6th day of .March next; other, wise letters disinixsory will he grant'd. Witness, the lion C Powers ono of the Justice* of the said Court, the 6th day of Sept A. D.1839. - ‘ oeptfi JNO. CHARLTON,c.c.o e.c. AH *1 IN 1ST BATOR’S NOTICE, rilF.MPORARY Letters of Administration JL has been granted to the undersigned oil the estate of Matthew II. Drakn, deceased:— This is to givfl notice to nil person* holding ’property belonging to said estate, to give up. or render an account ofthe same without de* luy, and to all persons indebted to muke pay* men- within the time prescribed by law; and lo those whom lie is indebted, to render iit their account* within tho time, duly attested. ORLANDO A WOOD, nua 9 Temporary Administrator. expiring embers of health, to n i throughout the constitution, as the pbi, llf snid to be restored lo life from tho nslioi of'! II own disolution. Tho Ittfoenlx lhttc r sue,, :!, ly vegotnble.composod of roots found only , n c , lam parts ofthe western country, which »iiti nilibly cue rlvEHS AKD kiiifl,! will never fliil In ermlicme cmirvlv iliil iilTecle nf inercury.Infinitely looner tii,nthenM powfirrnl pio|iarutiiiiie nrsor»a|mri||,, ,rv|3 imtnHiHiiioly cum ihe daletminnlimi nininhi, TU Tin: IIKADt neve, ftfllhfiKlhShJ I deni i» young fcmaltn nnd will lie fi.m.J, ttrail I remedy in ell ceiie* nf nertnus deii/ityudmk I Hess uuIih mnsi ini|,eired cuiiuinnioiii. I A. n remedy for Chronic and Iriflannuian Ilia olfieoey oftlie |>| rai ,u |lin will he dennnwliiiied by tlio use of a tie. Tho nminl dose uf ilieae bitter, ii L 'vino glean wuler or wine, and diiiqi lily niny be taken Itvo or three iimeaad.r,il__ hn mi htim before meala, or n lea. qiimUtrl rimy bo Inkon ntuli tinea. To ihnw who jri | nfllicled with indigeation niter meals, thrabirl torawill prove invnlunblo, na they rcir gnult | iucrenac the nction ofthe principal tkcer., M. I them to perforin their fnncliotia. indembitl .tninoeh lo diaclinrgo into tho bowels .I,:;,, is ofiettaivo. Thus indiaealion ii easily a apeodily removed, appettla ii alor«d, IML_ motitha of the nhnorbnnt veasefa being clrnwl, I luilrilion ia fneiliintcd and airengih energy of mind nro iho hoppy raanlli. ' 1 For further pnrticnlais of M<,(fill's Life i and I’liocnig Hitters,apply al Air. .MiifT.m'i, 1 No 6IG Urnndway, New York, where tl • I cm bo olilnined lor35cenu. 60 cents, or j per boat mill tho Mitlcis for $1 n |3 per tie Nmnermie certificnlea of the woode elfir ney or both, may be there inspecied. For sale by A. BARTofl. At liia Store on tho Day, corner of Urayton Si. I uov23 -* 1 NiiTIOE. A El. persons having claims agniusl the lato John Dailey, Esq of Camden County,are reqiioiletl to lliom properly nllesleilpiud tluiso indebted, will plenst, make immodmlo paymentlo 0. W THOMAS, I, , , ftOBT. LANG. ‘T Admr * Jefferson, 3d Oct. 1839. oct7 192 NOTICE. A LL person*huviug claims agniusl the Into Jeromiuh Cnyler. E*q. are lequcstod to present* them, properly attested; and those iii'tebted, will please make payment tu •WM. II. CUYLER, Qoal. Ex’or. oct 2 188t(e TIIE TOKEN, A ND Allamii-Souvenir, a .Christmas nnd Now Year* 1 Present for i84t)‘, edited by S. G. Goodiich, with 10 engraving*. The Youths' Keepsake, for young people, with engravings and cuts, Southey’s Life of William Cowpor, Eeq. in 2 vo!s. Man, 111 his physical •tmcture^nd adapta tion*, by Robert Mudio. I vol. * ( • Woman as alto xliould lie—1st. 1.^, appro- 2d. The inti ii ' HAVAN.4 8LGAR8. HqA|I‘ I’Y tljonsaiid shp’r old Havana Segars, JI several choice hratuls, Cnnuoisours will do Well to examine them For sale hv oc »9 G. R. HENDRICKSON- J GARDEN SEEDS: US l received per brig Augusta, afresh supply of Ihe following Garden Send*, warranted crop 1839—Short Top Scnrtet Ra» dish long scarlet do, long blood Boat, blood Turnip do. early York Cabbage, large Butler, sea do. Sugar Loaf do. For sale by * A PXRSONS. OTTO BOSE LIP SALVE. "RJ EC El VEI). a fresh supply Olio Rose Lip JI% Salvo. For sale by _»« M A PARSONS SIVA I HI’S PANACEA. DOZEN of the above celebrated Pa. iioceit direct from Swaim’s Laboralo. . Iiiladolpbia. Received and for min by r *« 1^ A. PARSONS, A cent ROWAND’S TONIC hFiXTURE, OR VEGETABLE FEBRIFUGE; -«-■ never failed in a single instance to cure the Fever and Ague, or intormit* tout fever, when connected with no other di*- na«os, nnd when punctually and persnveiingly us.-d. It has been found equally useful iu all that circle ol diseases allied tu their origin, nn* inro. no I treatment to favor and ague, viz:— Nervous Weakness, General DcbiHty, Remit lent Fover, Dyspepsia, Bad Appetite, Henri, hum. Water UniHh, Flatulency, Jaundice, D>s, entery, Diarrltma, Ague Cuke, Costivoness. Bilious Fever. Which proves it to be one of Ike most valuable and important ef family rued, icmes. and deserving of tho exalted character it tmw enjoys in every pnrt or North America. I repared Solely by the Proprietor, Dr John Iff. RoWand. No. 249 Market strnet, Pliibidr-b pnia. ond can beoblaihed at wholesale or retail at the store of <}. R. HENDRICKSON, oct 18 Sole Ag^m, Savannah. Ga. FOR TEETHING. a I DOZ.Ivory Riitgs L6 do Gain Kla'Miio Rings, received at lor sale by ANSON PARSONS. priate sphere of Woman, of Christianity on Woman. 3d. The Clirj education of Womaq—by the Rev Winslow, 4th edition, M The Complete Farmer nnd Rural Ecot#-.# m .. - 1 ■*- "‘wniost intiuW-H ci'-pr iiiiir OUEY HEADS. A TKINSON’S Vogoialilu 11 yo Till Turkish do Kuwland'n KmoOM ofTjrrn or imperial Pi- Du gcnuiiiii Maoaa,ar Oil, highly rrcominial- J ed fin changing gray or red hair, ivliulil A-1 lo ii poruiimiim end beouiiful brown or link, j A anpnly just received noil for mile by '■ ' '' (1. Jl HF.NDUICKSOM ocl 9 l-EAItl, ASH, %VASHING SO DA. &c. 6 CASKS Pearl Aeli 3 keg. VVu.liing Soda- B do Sul Drotlia 20 liiixo. Cnlgalo't No. 1 Starch 10 do Fig Blue. Rccoivod and fur nltlf I ool 21 A. PARSOiVS. * LEECHES. A SUPPLY or fiuo Spaiiiik Looebtiol finoordor. lOl reeelved anijiJKjJ'Jf " - - HKNPmOSiWBr nm 21 O. H. OLD CAVENDISH VOglCM Tg o)5 BOXES Loltwich’a sup r o!dCmn j. M:\ — iiir •tale by del 19 dial, ToIuiiacii, juut received mid W G. II. HENDRICKSOo. 203 TOO’M'H POWDER J OHNSON'.^Camphmat-d iJenirifice. Antiscorbutic do, do Pentrl Ho jm^I for sale by A. PARSON- •ci 10 195 continuing a compendiotH epitome nf 'fflTiiiosl important braiir-be* of Agricultural and Rural Eoonnmy. by Thus. Green Feieender, 4th edi tion enlarged. The new Americnu Gardener, containing practical directions on the culture of Fruits and Vegetables, by Fesserder, 13th edition. Mrs. Gilman's Ladys’ Animal Register, and Housewife* Almanac for 1840. Marshall Hall's Pjuciicn of Medicine, revised and enlarged by Dr. Jucob Begolow, fiwt A* mericau edition. Tho American Conveyancer, containing a largo variety of Legal forms and Inslrumonts. by Geo. P. Curtis ofthe Boston Bar. Ctjfiis’ Admiralty Digest. Thu Trial of Jesus before Cainphas and Pi* late.being arefumtiqu of .Mr. Salvador’s chap, ter. by M. Du pin, translated from tho French ' Dictionary of Latin .Syoonyinea, for the use nf school* and privato stiidunts. with a complete Index, by Lewis Rumsliorn, from iho jFreiich, by Francis Leilier. oat 23 W. TII RNE WILLIAMS. fulJTLEH'8 EFr , ,r'',? tE ‘' T MAGNESIA APERIENT. I F OR dyapiqi-iii «r indigvrtwo, ■ '‘.il'iy,. B'J’rv.* 1 ". •'™ d “ cl ‘ 0 ' FOll COECtUS, COEDS, &c. R ECEIVED ii fr.ah anpply ofCurrom Lo. ze.ngua. For aillo by a ■»- A. PAIISONS, BVl'TKK AND CHEESE. io FtUKINS now Gii.Iiuii Duttor, 35 liiixoii ii,'iv do Chcvsu, just ronoivad per Niiwurk, und fin aalo by ■ • ncta c; L. McNISH^ . STAItCH. DA BOXES Culgiuo’a No! 1 Starch. For HP aiilo By " cia A. PARSONS. ..fRENCH ClIEMICAES. gJULPIIA Il> Quinuiii, Suiphiiiij and A K3 Into Ilf Aforphinoi Croton Oil. Oil nf DI . Aoo- ... ,, , . ufBI/ipIi ro|ipoi. Kriiitaoto. Pineriim. Pro,aio Acid, id- diim, r.uictiiiQ, Ext. Nux Vnuiicn, llydnidiim. PoldMn.&d, Juat rcccivod per N,'work nnd lor mile by G. U. HENDRICKSON, oct 3 ISO 1N«L — 1 di 111 DOZEN Mnytinrd As Noye'a all' l NFSy purior Block ink. Ill j pi bottloa ’ 50 <’■’ do do Red do 2 lilila do do lilackink By lliognl'n 3 do do do do, 2d qiuilily, fur "inking collon Hg«, Arc. Jim received'and fora,iln by G, R. IIENURICKSON. IICI3 483, Hicniach, linbiliial cnalivcneB., rinil,lr: ! ii ’ 1 , ue«, gout,gravel, Aic.cnd highly voln ( V. _ Ut A fin.dh RUPP! genllo cooling pnrgulive. A fieib ia| m HM vcluabla nicdicilio sultibV ANSON PAKSONJ july 3) 162 - HOWLAND’S KALYB® F ull ike face end •km, °. r ' “,,2» lonco lo tho aupport of female Powerful of effect, yol mild of nifiinW ■ admirable apecifio (a preparalion W“I!J delightful balauniio exolica, end perltw; from mineral, or oilier pernioiou. poaaeaaca balsamic propcriics of "“’P. orgy, it oradicnlea leu. frt;t:klos, p^_ redno»a, and nil culanouiia • rl '?''W [,, realizing n dalicnlely cliiar. fair •' trun.l'nrma oven iho most nallow i [0 , into radiant whlloneu: render. k«™_ „ akin delightfully -ofl end aninodil imp* face, neck end arms, a healthy o J lilminiinnd. Iiydno porsoveraiioo in • jl lion, prninnioan froo and , "i |, i 1 , cise of lliiwo imp'orinnl fnluBillisy whictiarn nfilic ninuial nerfseitJ co niiJia snmiiion of heallli and niiaiiiiqfiM mice of u baainifnl cotn|>ioxio«- |ic | 0 jnili*' A freali anpply of llna valiiabl'» 1 LofiS J vuived.and fiirenloliy n»g P> l«3 ——=7"TT BLANKETS,KEIISEVSi l ’ NKLS, Ac. BALES pnflil Blanket.' K „d 15 canon twilled wool and c0 " O 15 Canos twilled Cloths 0 bale. Rod Flannel. 3 do del unbleached Sl irtmJ 3 do 3.d do do 11) dll Welsh Flaiilicla 1(1 do Slllinhliry do *2 da liniil'iiiohod Cuntoti 12 do bleoeliad do Received and y ^ ■oral 23 ■ ■■o •nJy i tin Colton do Receivjj no uomm «” , r .. r cnlf ■l Pfr bhfii/.ffl;’'® ■ BEHNi, GbORGB W; . |1JBJ , sc pi 23 Shad's Ut-ilR "l‘ BHI m