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Southern enterprise. (Thomasville, Ga.) 1865-1866, December 20, 1866, Image 4

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J^TRMTURE rpHE undersigned has opened a Shop [ in Thomasville, for the Maunfactuxe and Repairing ot FURNITURE, Malting and Furnishing Coffins, &c., kc. PBg-<*<rp second door from the Print ing Office, on Jefferson street. £ 3 L. J SPIT?- ? Jan li , C m % Sind MS S. B HARRINGTON, DEALER IN EVERT VARIETY OF Household and Office FURNITURE! MAT.TRESSES, Spring Bods, cfco M RECEIVING It tM MWBM A FELL ASSORTMENT OF CHOICE GOODS! SELECTED WITH CARE EXPRESSLY , FOR A SOUTHERN MARKET! pkicem AS L.OW c r ■> i as j ‘ ‘ ANY HOUSE IN THE TRADE! WAREROOMS, * X* 178 Broughton Street, NEARLY OPPOSITE • * ST. ANDREW'S HAU,/ • *** V J SAVANNAH, GEORGIA. Nov 15 6nx • 7- r : - :* ——... . GEORGlA—Tlioitm* Comity. ON the first Monday in December next. I will apply to the honorable Court of • A®*™ comity, for an order granting leave to j seli the Lands and Home Place of James I lan- I • cock,-dec and, late of said bounty. : J. HANCOCK, ■ <><■: 18.2 m * Adm’r. . -(•KAKRIA Thomas Connty. I AV 11,1. apply to the honorable Court of Ordinary of said connty, on the first Monday in January next, for an order granting leave . to sell the Lands of A. M. Peacock, deeM. -4 T. J. PARKER, •r Nov B’Jrn Adm"f. J GEORGIA Tliomu* Comity. AGREEABLE to an-otder of Court, I will . sell before the .Court House door in Thoinas "yille, said County* within the legal hours of \ sale on the First Tuesday in December next, ! the Lands of VY 1’ Carter, dec and. Terms cash. ALEX. CARTER, Oct 4-td Adm’r. G EORGlA—Clinch Connty. WHEREAS, V, ilium 15. North having tiled his petition in this Court for Letters of-Dismis- | ‘sion from his Administration on the estate of- John Knolls, lute of said Countv, deceased:— These are therefore to cite and admonish all t concerned, to file their objections, if any they 1 have, otherwise said letters will be grunted jii terms of tlm law. H. MORG AN, •. ang 15 tim Ordinary. Two 31 o ntli* Xotiec. Ol'OK(<lA —Thomas ('onnlr. OX the first Monday In DwAntber next, I will anplv to the honorable Court of Ordinary of said County, for an order granting leave to sell the Lands of A\ illiam Collins, deceased-*- wie-jw's dower excepted. ELIZABETH COLLINS. Oct 18 2m Adni’x. Forty Hays Notice. GEORGIA—Thomas i on til v Agreeable to an ordi r and by authority from the honorable Court of Ordinary of said C'Hjrfty, will be sold before the Courthouse door, in ThomstsviHe. said County, within the legal horns of sale, on the first Tuesday in De cember next, the Beal Estate and Heme Place if AA llliatu Collins, deceased—widow’s dower excepted. Terms on ‘lav of sale. ELIZABETH COLLIN'* Oct 18-4‘M Adtu’x. GEORG’ I—Clincli Comity. ATV Days afterdate.and front the 15th day of November inst.. application will be made to the honorable Court of Ordinary, of sud Coumv. lor an order it ran ting leave to sell the lands belonging to the minor heirs of Rich ard Burehalter. late of saw County deed RACHEL BURCHALTER. Nov 15-60d Guardian. CEORRI.A Colquitt County. TWO Months from this date, and on the First Monday in January next, application will be made by the undersigned to tue Court of Ordinary of'Colouitr Count v. for an order granting leave to sell all the Real Estate of Jeom, late of said Count v. deed v . B. E. AVATKINS, Adtu'r. ! E. D. SMYTH E iy Cos. IMPORTERS AND DEALERS IX s. . . s ■ i • LI 11/ v\ M(I AND —. *r •• o Jx . V L 1111 gjf T Iff jT aft y / lilt/ I 41Jr~M m. JL. n >iUH’ i / . ’ ‘I V” • - * •■r $ a HAVE on han-d (and are constantly receiving additions thereto) the largest stock of the abovp goods that lias ever been offered in the Southern mar ket. Being Direct Importers and Manufacturers’ Agents, we are < fff . -, ; tl ■Jf ti i x*lr f enabled to offer these goods at prices IS LOT AS THEY CAI PE HIT IS TIE CITY IF IEV YORK! *y,. .. .... t j ! <, r Or any other Northern city, thereby saving the purchaser the extra expense of- Freight, Insurance and Breakage, and also the double profits of the Importer and Jobber. Lists of Assorted Crates, containing only saleable goods, will be sent on ap plication. ,-:il 07 Qneensware House, 109 Broughton Street, SECOND DOOR WEST OF BULL, .• savannah, - - mmmA, Nov 15 3 m In Thomasville and the surrounding Country. A Yew War just commenced in the South against all high prices ol Goods, as will he seen by calling at either ot‘ B. & L. GOLDBERG’S STORES, Where you will find all lends of Hoods sold at NEW YORK COST and EXPENSES Consisting in part of the following articles: CALICOES OF AM. KINO* AND DESCRIPTION AVD 41,1, OTIII-It KINDS OF DKV GOODS NKKWIin IN THIS COUNTRY (in AND SEE FOR VOCRSECTES! . .+ • I ‘ * r Ladies Dress Goods, all varieties. Gents Furnishing Goods, new style ALSO—Silks, French Merinos, All Wool Delaines, Alapacas, Saxon Stripes, Irish Poplin, Scotch l’laid, Muslin Delaines, French, English and Ainericah Prints, ’ Flan nels, Opera Fllnnel, Balmoral Skirts, &c., \c. A full stock of the Latest Styles of CLOAKS AND MANTILLAS SHAWLS, SON i TAGS. BREAKFAST SHAWLS, \ANDYKES, NUBIAS, and all kinds, of WORSTED KMT GOODS. Also, the Latest Styles of Ladies Hats, Ribbons, Trimmings, Flow | ers, ic., \e. . ’ I STAPLE AND FANCY DRY GOODS, HATS, CATS, BOOTS AND SHOES, CUTLERY OF EVERY KIND. CROCKERY AND GLASSWARE, WATCHES AND JEWELRI—in short-, every other article 1 . which yeu may wish, can be found at either of U. & L. Stores One ai the old Stand, the other next door to John Stark's Confectionary. COME AND EXAMINE FOR YOURSELVES BEFORE PURCHASING ELSEWHERE In conclusion, we would return our thanks for the very liberal patronage bestowed upon us in times past, and now ask a continuance of the same at the Cheap Store of B. & L. GOLDBERG. The Very l.atest News-Cotton Rising ! • • ! COTTON NEEDED VERY MUCH BY THE MANUFACTORIES HIGHEST PBT .CES EVER OFFERED IN THIS TOWN FOlt COTTON—PLEASE CALL ON US BEFOKR SELLING TO ANY BODY. 11. & 1.. CJoldberg. October J 1 41 . ts Great improvement in Setting Machines ! Empire SHUTTLE MACHINE I i Salesrooms, 5.30 liroadwav. X. A'.. Jso Washington St.. Boston, I Chest nut St.. Philadelphia. Patented February” 14. 1860, r 11H Is MACHINE is constructed on entirely 1 new principles of mechanism, possessing many rare and valnahle improvements. having been examined by the most profound experts, and pronounced to be Simplicity and Correction Combined. It has a straight needle, perpendiunlar action, makes the LOCK or SHUTTLE STITCH, which will neither RIP nor RAVEL, and is alike on both sides ; performs perfect sewing on every description of material, from Leather te the finest Nansook muslin, with cotton, linen, or silk thread, from the coarsest to the finest number. I laving neither CAM or COG wheel, and the least possible friction, it runs as smooth as glass,-and is Emphiiticnlly n Noiseless Xliichiiie! It requires FIFTY PER CENT, less power to drive it thrtji any other machine in the mar ket. A girl twelve years of age can work it steadily, without fatigue or injury to health. Its Strength aid wonderful ’ Simplicity- of Const met i'on renders it almost Impossible to get out of order, and is GUARANTI ED by the company to give entire satisfaction. AA’e respectfully invite all those who may desire to supply themselves with u superior ar ticle. t > come and examine this Curualled Machine. One half hour's instruction is sufficient to enable any pet-son to work this machine to their entire satisfaction. Agents wanted for all towns in the United States, where agencies are not already estab lished, Also, for Cuba Mexico, Central and South America,to whom a liberal discount will be given. EMPIRE SEATING MACHINE AIF’G CO., 536 Broadway; N T . Y. July 25 fim | Notice to Debtors r P 811 following are the names of some whose A oO"ks and papers have been placed in our i hands for adjustment and settlement Little & Hunter, Books. X'otew find Accounts. ! Baum A. Srhifi. books, noies-aml accumgs. Bryan A: Reneau, books, notes.and acc'ts. (. arrojl & Martin, lu-couiits. * Holcombe A: Cos., Savannah, accounts. Estate J. M Vickers, deed, and I*. N. Vick I ers, notes Estate R. R. Evans, dec’d, notes and acc'ts i .Earate AV. It. Stegall. M. ]>., deed, books’ notes and accounts S. I-. Dupou. M. D.. aceounvs. 11. M Mitchell. M. D., aeeormfs. * Robert Love, books, notes and accounts. Debtors to these persons are requested to i call , and see it we cannot agree upon some plan of settlement that will be mutually satis factory to all concerned ; Mild'thereby save the : trouble and ej-pen.-c of tedious lair suits. 1 Persons in this County who are indebted to i ‘EM M B Hunter, or John Mi-Mullan of Brooks, are informed that the Thomas Countv claimsof these gentlemen have'~een plat dd iri ‘ our hands : and the Brooks County Debtor* of Little & Hunter, and Bantu A- Seliifl. H re noti tied that Messrs. Hunter A McCall of Quitman hold the claims ag-ainst hem- C ,0- g BRIAN A HARRIS, **P t27 * Att’y-i at Law. K*uictiui ri AI,l ; IGIIA\ Pll.Lgarecomposed ” simply ot Vegetable Medicines. They are Cathartic Pills, acting upon the Stomach, I.n er and Bon e s containing no A rsenic.C ,1- otnt.l, Blue Mats, or anv otlier Mineral sub* stance. The great advantage the Proprietors claim for these Pills is that, without the aid of Calomel Blue Mass, or any other Minerals, they will cure the most obstinate cases of I hills and Fever, Dumb Agile. Periodical Headache Neuralgia and all affections of a like character. Follow the directions, and von will find they will do all that is claimed'for them. Ii v one box v and their own merits will recbn.niend them ever afterwards- OPWe have used Galligh ax’s Pills. and huv* ueveg- known them to fail to cure when the directions were followed, and unhesita tingly recommend them to public favor: Hon I H Watts, Fix-Governor of Ala. Hon 1 J Judge, Judge Supreme Court of Alabama: Hon Kob’t Dougherty, Judge 9th Circuit of Alabama. W m G. Mailer, Sheriff Montgomery Alabama. lion Alexander li. C’litherall, Montgomery, Alabama. ° * Col Jas H V* caver, Montgomery, Ala. I"1 ( rawford Bibb, Montgomery, Ala. Maj K A Banks, Com. Merchant'. iv T . O La I’, 1 -j’ Kq- Mayor Wetnmpka, Ala. Mike 1 W oods, Attorney at Law, 20b Broad way. Xcw York. Daniel Sayre, Grand Sep. Grand Lodge, Ala, F A- A Masons, ° ’ ■STOI IYT & HALF,, ’ Sole Proprietor**. Montgomery, Ain., Wholesale Depots, ITarnil.Rislev A Tompkins 141 Chambers st. i N 8 W Morsdtm, N. Y.. Edward Wilder A Cos.. Louisville Kv E J Hart A Cos.. N. O La.. Blount A Hide. Montgomery, Ala SOLD BA’ E. SEIXAS, Tltomasville, Ga., | And all other I>ntj£gietfL TAN YARD. TTAA IN( ■ bought out the TA \ VARO *- f ,°f SrKff A Thoinasville •r * t 0 ‘’arry'on tT.e busings of 4AXXIXG the undersigned wdt pnrdmse 10,000 r*o Ujids OF GOOD HIDES, if delivered at David Harrell's Provision Store wiiere they will he paid for in Family Groce.’ nes or C ash- J The undersigned will also give a liberal pnee tor G O D OA K R A RK, for Taijuiu;. JOSHUA TAYLOR v . JAS. A. BROOKS. 1 7 6-6 m HARDAWAY & M’KINNON. WE HAVE RECEIVED V) C\ tg Y* t ('i fi CT AND SHALL BS CONSTANTLY ADDING TO OUR STOCK SUCH ARTICLES AS • ARE NEEDED AND USEFUL. IDVi-uittMuuiiii Mintin’ OCCUPY” OUR SAME OLD STAND. WE KEEP A FULL SUPPLY OF STAPLE AND DRESS GOODS, HARDWARE, CROCKERY, BOOTS AND SHOES, ®M)(0IliII (DI- Ml HI AND FAMILY GROCERIES. ,/ . ft * WE HAVE ARRANGED TCTSUPPLY OUR CUSTOMERS WITH * The Finest FLOUR IN THE UNITED STATES, * • * • Direct from the Mills at St. Louis, Missouri. We warrant it free of Y'ankee Deans, and Peas, and from Wheat made in 1866. We will do our best to mate voi feel easy and cheerful, and will sell you as Cheap as we can afford. We buy tor Cash and are prepared to sell at Small l’rofiis. HARDAWAY & McKINNON. have no Pictures of Steamboats, Rail Road Trains. Tele graphs, and Big Houses with Flags, to attract notice, but WE HAVE THE GOODS and intend to sell them. • . Oct 11 -ts thomas/ille; Produce and Provision Store AUG. F. FRANKLIN, V: PRODUCE & PROVISION DEALER, AND ’ •>. . OOKWSSIdiI PBERGHAHTv Jefl’ .IkKain’s Building, - - - - - - Tliomasvillc, Ua. di m. : . . • * *4. .” will pay the highest Cash Prices or give Goods in exchange for all descrip tions of Country Produce. Come and see me beiure disposing of what .you have. A word to the wise is sufficient. • Sept 27-3'J-lm ISKOROI.4 —Thouint, County. . |To /hr Honorable the Court of Ordinary of said County. THE Petition of W. F. Taylor, administra tor on the estate of H. J. M. Hutto, deceased, slieweth, that lie has fully discharged his duty | as,sueh, and now makes application fora Dis mission and discharge from said administration | and prays that notice may he given in terms of | the law. YV. T. TAYLOR, Adin'r. 1 G EURO lA—Thomas Ccanity. Court of Ordinary, Sept. 25, 18(1(5. UPON hearing the foregoing Petition, it is ordered by the Court, that said Petition and this order he published in the Southern Enter prise in terms of the requirements of the law. H- H.TOOKE. Sept ‘27-‘2m Ordinary. (HOFBGIA —Thonian County. To the ffoitO ruble Court of Ordinary of said County : THE Petition of WilHam P. 15r wn, Ad ministrator on the estate of George W. Brown, i deceased, she weth, that he has fully discharg etl his duty us such, and now prays that the notice required by law be given, that he may be dismissed from said administration, and as in duty bound will ever ptav etc. W. P. BROWN, Adin’r. GEORG lA—Thomas County. Court of Ordinary, Sept. 3, 1866. UPON hearing the foregoing Petition, it. is ordered by the Court that said Petition and this order be published in tiie Southern Enter prise six months, in terms of the law. H. 11. TOOKE, Sept 6-6 m Ordinary. ORORGIA —Thomas County. ‘To the Horror able Court of Ordinary of said County; j The undersigned, your Petitioner, Adininis- , tratoron the e.state of C. M. Young.deceased slieweth that he lias fully discharged his duties assuch:—He therefore petitions and. prays for i an order of said Court discharging him from i said trust, and as in duty In and will ever prav . etc. E. K. YOUNG, Adin’r ‘ i GEORGIA—Thomas County. Courtiof Ordinary, June Ist. 1866. Upon hearing the foregoing Petition it is or- 1 dered hr the Court, that said petition anti this order be published iu the Southern Enterprise once a week for six mouths H. H. TOOKE, Juue 6 6m Ordinary. (•KOR(<IA Brooks County. YY HEREA.S, .1. O. Morton. Administrator of the estu,p of J. B. .Archer, deitrased. makes application to me for Letters Dismissory from said administration ;—These are to rite and ad-’! monish all parties at interest, to file their ob 1 jections within flie time prescribed by law, otherwise said letters will be granted the ap plicant. J 1 G. McCALL. July 4 6m (). B. C. GEORGIA—FrhoIx County. BY’ virtue of an order of the Court of Ordinary of said County, will be sold on the First Tuesday in February next, b O . tween the lawful hours of sale, all of the Lands belonging to the estate of John YV. Fletcher. ■ ec’d., late of said County. Sold for the benefit of the heirs and creditors oT said deceased Terms Cash. ROBERT J. LEVAR. Bee 6-ti Adm’r, G FOKG I A—Thomas County. To the honorable Court of Ordinary of sail! County: .1 HE Petition of M. C. Smith, Administrator on the estate 61 Mary Horne, deceased, shew eth that he has fully discharged his duty as such administrator,and now makes application lor Dismission trom said administration, and prays that the usual citation may be given in terms oi the law, and as in duty bound will ever pray, etc. M. C. SYlltll, Adm'r. • GEORGIA—Thomas County. Court of Ordinary, July 11. 1866. ‘ • UPON bearing the foregoing Petition, it is ordered by the Court that said Petition and this order be- published in the Southern Enterprise in terms of the law for six mouths. r- 11. H. TOOKE, • July 18.6rn Ordinary. GFOKGI A—Clinch County. To all ir/ioiu it may Cohtvrn: \\HEREAS, David O'Quin, administrator of N. J. Higgs, Robert Higgs and YYTHiam Burkha.ter, late of said County, deceased, hav ing tiled his Petition in this Court for Letters of Dismission This is therefore to admonish all concerned, to l-a and appear tit my oliice within the time prescribed by law, to show cause if any they have, why said letters should not be granted Given under my hand,-at office, this July 2,1866. II MORGAN, July 1.6 m Ordinary GEORGIA—ThoniiiH Connty. To the Honorable Court of Ordinary of said County: I HE undersigned, vour Petitioner, admin istrator on the estate of Edward Brviui deed., slieweth. that- lie lias fully discharged his du ties as such, and now makes this bis applica tion lor a Dismission and discharge from said trust, and prays that the citation issue in terms ot the law, and as in duty bound will ever pray, etc. M. J. J. BRYAN, Adm’i. GEORGIA—Thomas County. C urt of Ordinary , June 6th, 1866 UPON hearing the foregoing petition, it is ordered by the Court, that said Petition and this Order, be published in the .Southern Enter- ’ prise once a week for ~ix months. II 11. TOOKE, June 20-6 m Ordinary.’ GFORClA—Counties County. Whereas, Jesse Hardee applies to me for letters of administration on the estate of C. J. Limeberger, deceased :,—UI persons are here by notified to file their objections, otherwise said letters will he granted in terms of the law. Given under uiy hand, October 29, 1866 „ • ’ VVM. G. ‘SMITH, >Y % 3hd Ordinary. €S FOKGlA—Thomas Connty. Court of Ordinary, Oct. 26, 1866. heren, G. G. Gibbs makes application to this Com t for Letters of Guardianship tor persons,'; ruperty and effects of the miner heirs, children of John Futch deceased All per sons interested are therefore notified to tile their objections in court, otherwise said tetters will be granted the applicant in terms of the law , on the first Moiuluy in December next 11, 11. TOOKE Nov 8 36d Ordinary. WACOM AX'S DIARRHEA MIXTURE. An infallible specific for incipient Cholera. Prepared by W. P. CLOVVKIi CO., May 16 Druggists. APOTHECARY TTAT.T.. W. P. CLOWER & CO., DRrGGisrrs Have renovated and refined the Store next to Young's Hotel, for tlie purpose.of-es tablishing a First Class Drug Store. The new firm ask for a share of pAtron-. age, and invite the attention of the citi zens to their well selected stock of Medicines, Fancy and Toilef Articles, Soaps and Perlnmery. Fine Green and lllack Teas, Kerosine Gamps and Oil, DYE STUFFS. Together with every other article usually kept in a well appointed Drit’g Store. Physicians’ Prescriptions carefully prepared 4—if Jan 24 DFtTJOS rilhe undersigned having purchase” the | elegant Drug Store ol Dr. Little, take pleasure in announcing to the people o r Thomnsville, and the country generally, that they have just received a full strfiply of fresh Drugs and. Medicines, Paints. Oils, Perfumery, Stationery, et,, etc. Call and examine for yourselves By strict attention to business, courtes ous and honorable dealing with our cus- j turners we hope to meritaud receive a.libes ral shave of patronage. WINN & CASSELS. James N. Winn. S.iMttp. J. Cassels. jan utf Fm:*rr DB.UGS! DU P. S. BOWER hits just retamed from New York and Philadelphia, with alarge | - stock of FRESH ill RELIABLE DREGS. Purchased with a great deal of care from the j best manufacturers in the country —embracing every article in the Medical Department— which lie proposes to sell jii as good terms as can be had in this market . • , . He would call particular attention'to hi* large supply of FANCY ARTICLES/ Sncli as, Soaps, Cologne, Perfumes, Pomade?, Cosmetics, Hah - and Tooth Brushes, Comb*. &,c., all of which lie can sell at. reasonable prices, considering the qanlity of the articles. He has some’preparation* which will restore to the bald head a beautiful suit of hair, turn gray hair to its healthy and natural color, and restore the bloom of youth’ t - > the faded visage He would call special attention t his large stock of PhaJon's Night Blooming Cc-rctt*. and ’ Laird’s Bloom of Youth. Give me a Calf P-. S. BOWEIi. June 20 * 25-ts Lu m ber FOR SALF. 7 5000 ft of good Pine lumber for stilt sit my ‘ steam saw and grist mill near Dupcanville. I am alsoprepared to grind corn in any quantity. ’ May 30 ROBERT RAINES. - - --ts As a Burial Cjses riIHE undersigned has now on'handfind for sale in Thomttsville a.large number of’, i’nlcnt yiefiillir It mini Car*, of all sizes—also, WOOD COFFINS ’ of all descriptions.: Terras cash on delivery. ’ ’ ISAIAH DEEKLE A aug 15 . * •• • srii A LL Persons having cbiims against the. /~\ Estate of Beujamit sekinger, same bite of Lownds County deceased will pre sent them properly proven,’ and those in : debted to said estate will please make pay ment to BEN’J'SEKINGER Jr’., ’ - • . Exut’r . M. M. CASWELL • Nov. 12 Eiut’r fp'VO MONTHS from date application | will he matleyo; Court of Or dinary, for leave to sell the real estate of 11. Strickland, late of said County decM". • ISAAC N. STRICKLAND Nov. 12. . ... Adm’r. t.mi’tg V—4'liucli County. TWO Months after date, from the 15th day of November• inst.. application will tie tnade-liv the undersigned, to f lie Court of Ordi narv of said Comity, for an order granting leave to sell lot of land nninber-514. containing 100 acres, more or less, belonging to the estate of John.Tomlinson, late of said County, dec’d WILLIAM TOMLINSON, Nov 15 dOd . ; Adtn’r. RKOIUtIA— Tlioiii:in County. OW the First Mondaygin January next, I will apply to t lie honorable tlie Court of Or ilinary of said county, for an order granting leave to sell the Lauds and Real Estate of F M. Rawls, deceased.• W. 11. RAWLS, - Nov S-'Jni , . Adni-'r. .* IMVO IIONTIIN from date application will be made t” Echols Court, of (Irdinarv, tor leave to sell the Lands of the estate ©f J as. Touohtone, late of said County, dec’d. . WM. TOUCIITONE, . ‘ Oct 11-liOd*. . Adm’r. (wEO){ti!lA—l’honiHH Comity. ON the first Monday in December next, J ‘ will apply to the lionorttble Court of Ordinary, •’ of said Jonnry. for an order granting leave t<> sell the land of Patrick WlildUeti, dec’d, of sttid county. J. HANCOCK, • • j * s ‘-in . . Adm’r. Notice to Distributees. . lo the Heirs at Law and Dist rihutces of) the estaii- oi .Mary A : kuisun ut Thomas Poun t v and State of Georgia, deceased : As the Representative of said estate, it is I necessary that I should know the names, resi- j deuce and number of heirs afid distributees. )e I gaily, ol said deceased:—You are therefore j notified to fnrnisii me with the desired infor malion. by or before the first Monday in Jan uary, 1868. which information is necessary, ! before a division of said estate can be hud ‘ t M. C. SMITH, uc) ‘ Adni'r. OEURGIA—KcIioIn County. 4\ HEIIEAS, John McTerrell, Administra- I tor of David MeTenrll, late of said county, I deceased, having tiled his petition in this Court, | for Letters of Dismission from said estate, this is therefore to admonish all concerned, to he and appeal at my office within the time pre scribed by law. to show cause if any they can, why said letters-should not be granted. - Given under inv hand til office, this August 1, 1866 TLOS. B. CLAYTON, aug 15.6 m Ordinary. j —— _ . Atliiiiiiislrafor's Kale. 117TLL be sold before the Court House door v t in Loundes, on the first Tuesday in De centlK-r next, the following property, to wit: Number 7, Block *4 4, being 4Vfe by 9*o feet, as the property of olomon Newsom, late of said county, decetised, J T. B. GRIFFIN, Nov 8 td Adm’r, Smallwood, Hodgkiss & Cos, COTTON. Fa c t o!r s • . A S’ D • • GENE RA E COMMISSION RMEBOHAHTS, \o- 10 Beaver-SI. Xew York. ,T. L. Sma i.i.xvooti. formerly Smallwood, EarVr A. Co-, and J. L. Sniallwotirf <V- Titos. 11. Hodckiss, Georgia. ) LateHoagki.-s, G.W. SooCt, Florida, > Scoft & C0.,- D. H. Poolk, Georgia. y New York. We are prepared througti R'-si Ount Xgliil^ to Advance on ami Moll C otton in all ill© Mon them •*• rln, or forward from Thro - I*ort to .\('w York or l.i * rrpool Uim-t, as our friends uiay prefer. Our eonnoctions in Civet-pool aresuch ar wifi give oilr customers all the advantages of tbitl market. July I 27 l y • BRIuHAM, HOLST & CO., COMMISSION AN FORWARDING MERCHANTS, 11. IW.ham,. ) SAVANNAH,’ C M Holst, > ■ C. 11, oi.mstbad. ) ■ Georgia. - slug 8 _ 6m. M. Y HENDERSON, G E N E It A E COMMISSION MERCHANT, (REMSIIART’S BUILDINGS.) Foot of Itnrnnrd At., Hiivniinah. kn> DF.ALKR IN ’ Hides, “Wool, Deer Skins and ? Bees Wax. • •• The hiirhi st Cash PricfeS paid at hli times fit any of tlie above articles. • • ‘ oct 35-JOl C. H. WILLCOX, Superintendent T. H. WILLINGHAM, WHOLESALE Grocers, I 13 Congress & 57 St. .lulien Nla„ KAVANIVAM, GA., . Keep, constantly on hand, and receiving per every Steamer, all kinds of • BEGARB, TOBACCO, Are., Ar. . ‘ • Ptomp* attention given to Orders aecom* panied with remittauce. . •* . apr 11 12m.’ TIN SHOP! BF. FUDGE has riow opened a # wholesale and retaiF Shop, oppo site the’Poat Dtice, oit Ja&ksoß Street. He is now prepared to - -do all kinds of TIN AND SHEET IRON tt tjRK,’ RE, PAIRING, &c. . • . - - . Guttering and Rocifiny done in the best style by • . lL i'. FUDGE. = ’ Apr 14 . ‘ ‘ ; ’* 15-1/ <4KOK<>l t—f liarh Couatt WHEREAS, Mary Sears applies lo me for Letters of Adtiiinistmiloii on the •of Matthew Sears, Ide of raid C©Huty, dec’d:—All persons are notified to file’ their objections, oUterwise *ai 1 U-tttr* will .be .granted in terms of the lav.*. Given, under my hand, Dec. i>, 1866. * : J. L. MORGAN, ’ • Dec 3-30<f ‘ . •.* -Dep.'ty Ord. GEORGIA —('•l^iiitt - t *uuty. , Cofert of Ordinary, July Tirtn. JBdf>. • -WHEREAS.Jert-iniah'B. Nornjan,admtni*- tl-ator on the estate of James M. Norman; Jer emiah B. Norman, ajdnkiuistrator on the estate of'William McCall; Seaborn'Weeks, adrart)!** tratoj* on the estate of Joseph Castleberry, have in proper form applied to me to be di niisseii from their said adininist ration* —Notlev is hereby given to till parties interested to fils their objection?! h. Court j.ot her wise, letter* of dismission will be granted Slid applicant* at the February Term of Cpurt ISAAC CARLTON. ’July 18-6 in • • • Ordinarr. t ~ ; EOKGlA—Colquitt 4'ouulv: \\/ JIEREAS Mrs. Nanny Lewis Admin • If istfairix 6* the afciate of Asa I,ewis deceased applies for Letiers of Dismission from said Administration. All ‘persons interested ase’ hereby notified lo take due notice'tliereof and file* tliei-r objections in Court, on. or before-tbe fiirst Monday in June nex-t, otherwise letters of. adminis triKion will btf * granted’tlio applicant. Given linden* my official signature this sth Jayof Nov. ISAACCARLTOx.* ., • . . Or’cT * Administrator’s Sale ■GEOßGlA—Colquitt County. . Agreeable 10 an order of the Court of Or’d. II rILL bo s °ld at the Court House doo* W in Moultrie in said County, era the first Tuesday in Januiry iioxl, Lot of land No. 125 in the’Rth district of said County, Sold as the- property of.Noel G. .Clark deceased far tlie benefit of Hie Heir* and creditors of s.iid deceased.- • FLOURNOY CLARK* . > T ov : s'th . Adm*r. _ ’ . Sale, . ‘• GEORGIA Clinch County . • IY7"ILL - br sold before the Court- House YY door of said -county on Uie firs!’ Tuesday - in January next, lot of land num~ ber 514, containing 100 acres more or less, - sold asilti - property of John Tomlinson, latu o's said County deed. “ . WILLIAM TUMJ.INSON. ‘ ’ • Nov. ,20th ‘ . Adni’r • Advantageous Oiler. riIHE undersigned will contract for th# I delivery of from 20 to 50 tons of Pe-. ruVian Guano at Quitman, Vnidosfa, Ons ley’s or Thomasvilie, at sllO per ton. Tfcu?’ quality (f tin - G nano is warranted to be the best. We will take ©rders from 1 ton ‘to 20. - . JAS . R.'.SMITH & CO., ‘ ■ Ousleys Station, Nov, 16„ 186jG, ‘tf 4FOK4i<IA — I inch < 01111:, IVherca*, Nniu-v Williams applies to me for Letters of (rtiardianship, for the tyiiior heirs of Elias Williams, late of said'Comity, deceased, all persons ate herebv notified to, file their objections, otherwise said letters will be granted in terms of the law. Given under mv hand this November 12, 1856 J L. MtVitGAN, Nov 15-30d Dep Ordinary* Administrator’s Salo be sold on the Tuesdry iq yy January next* before the Gourt House door in Diwuds County, lot No. 100 in the 12lh district, with the incumbrance of tlie widow’s dower, also 100 acres of lot No. 102 in the same district. Sold for the benefit of the heirs and creditors of Isham Walker lase of said County deceased.—- Terms on the day of sale. ELIJAH WALKER. Nov. 12th - Adm’r,