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ESTABLISHED 1832. HE WEEKLY BANNER. —— '°Vo. L °Ur t THE iJANNKR, FRIDAY MORNING, MARCH 24, 1911. 11.00 YEAR CITY Will TURN OUT 10 MEET COLLEGE ON WHEELS / i Citizens Will Qo by Hundreds This Afternoon to «he S. A. L. Station to Meet the Returning Agri cultural “College on Wheels,” Returning From Triumphant Tour of the State. CITY COUNCIL I MH DAY (From Friday's Banner.) The agricultural train will visit Ath ens today. It will arrive over the S. A. L- rail- v. ay from LawrenoevlIIe and Winder ui;d will roll Into the yards at the *#A. L. station at 4 o’clock this af ternoon. The train has made thousands or miles. It has gone into more than 120 of the 146 counties In the state; it has been everywhere greeted by hundreds and at many places thou sands of eager people, most of them farmers or thjse interested in agri cultural pursuits. Starting out from Athens, sent out by the Athens institution that is working wonders for Improvement In agricultural matters in the state, Its • orps of teachers and lecturers be ing Athens residents. It Is fitting that Athens shall turn out an even larger aid more enthusiastic gathering to meet and greet the train than any other place—for the vsry reason that It is OUR TRAIN nnd most of us haven't even seen it at a distance. The merchants are requested to dose their placefeof business a Uttle before four o'clock this afternoon and allow their employes the opportunity of meeting the train; the mayor anil several of the city officials will go this morning to Lawrenceville and Winder and return with the train; the others will meet at the city hall this afternoon at 3:30 and with the Cham ber of Commerce nnd the students of the several Institutions in the city a procession of several hundred will be termed to go down nnd welcome the train and its faculty back home. The students of the university, all depart ments and schools, will go down head ed by the band; the Lucy Cobb insti tute students have been invited to go; the State Normal school will go in a body; the city schools will at tend and the county schools have been invited to close for the day and come to Athens to meet the train and hear tba lectures and see the demon strations. Everybody Is Invited to go down to the station this afternoon. There will be something to Interest all—la dles and gentlemen, students and busi ness men, farmers and professional folk. They are all Invited to go and take part by tbelr presence In wel- crmlpg the train home. Specific Tax Ordinance , Adopted. Blind Tiger Case Tried and Ver dict of Guilty. People of Commerce Are Afraid “Owls” Will Establish a Locker The people are apprehensive at Commerce lest the establishment, or gunlzntlon, and inititutlon of a lodge of the "Order of Owls" will have as n side-line a locker club. The Com- ir.erce News sounds the warning as follows: The Ntws Editorial. An effort to organize a lodge of the Order of Owln In this city baa furnish ed the basis for a deal of speculation end Interest on the part of many of cur best citizens within the last, few days, since it Is known that In some Instances these organizations are ac companied by lookers kept by the or ganization for the benefit of those members of the order who enjoy a so cial drink of whiskey or other intox icants. Leading church members are discusalng the matter freely, and are ii.mewlut exercised on account of the probable opening of a locker in Com merce. We regard such a suspicion us practically unfounded. As a matter of fact. It la the custom of the organ izations of this kind, In the large cities, to operate lockers at the lodge i coma for the accommodation of those member! who desire to patronize them, but even in the event A lodge Is organized' here, we do not antici pate any auch a condition in Com merce. There is too much temperance Mntiment In Commerce to warrant llie introduction of a locker here. This lias been a prohibition town from the beginning, and the overwhelming sen timent here in favor of temperance and sobriety will not now tolerate aueh a thing. Further, the patronage received in a small town like Com merce would not justify the large li cense fee that must be paid before the locker can be installed. The lodge would have to pay the state the sum oi live hundred dollars annually, and with the patronage confined to the members of the order, It could not be made self-attJvafnttig. "gWf~%eslde*. we do not believe the men of this ’city t.ould attempt to force upon the good people of the town A thins of this kind, when it is known that such a step would Incur the displeaaure of sc mtny of the leading men nnd all the good women of the town. The News is not disposed to cross a bridge until we reach It. It Is always well to be forearmed but in this Instance we do not anticipate the Inauguration o' any such a repugnant and hurtful agency In our midst. We have such onfldence In the men of the city to believe that no such thing can exist here with their consent. If it should develop that our contidenre has been misplaced, then the Newa will come out in the open and hew to the line, regardless of the falling of the ehipa, oi the present we wsnt to assure those who are Interested that we be lieve their fearB are unwarranted, and that no such a step will be taken In C ommeree by the men of the city. The Congregation is Said to Have “Mounted Preacher” at Commerce The quarterly conference of the church at Commerce,' Broad street charge, has decided to “mount their tastor in charge" according to a story In the Commerce News of yesterday, which says: That Rev. W. L. Harrison, preacher in charge of Broad street work is ma king good, la evident from many straws that show which way the wind blows. He Is a hard and wise worker. He works seven days in the week, for the people who are committed to his care as a preacher of the gospel. The second quarterly conference of the charge, was held at Mt. Bethel last Saturday, and la said to have been one of the best conferences ever held on the work. Every church was well represented, and the reports made in dicate a healthy growth In all depart ments of church work. Sunday schools have been organized, teachers meet ings are hfeing heldl led by the pastor the missionary assessment for the charge has been paid in full, and the payments to date for the pastor were In advance of any In the history of the charge. Mr. Harrison Is quite a young man, and this Is his first year In the conference, having Joined last fall at Athens. When’he came to Commerce, he had neither script nor purse, and nr horse and buggy. Laat Saturday at the close of the conference the re presentatives of the different church es decided to mount him. A bicycle costs much less than a horse and new buggy and no corn and fodder 1b re- requlred. 80 they decided on a bicycle. The stewards have plans on foot to raise the money, and he will soon be tonipjied. This comes as an expres sion of their good will and confidence, further, as a token of appreciation of tlie excellent work he is doing on (he charge. So that while Mr. Harri- ton is not yet quite up with Rev. .1. \V. Tumlin, of Eiberton who owns an aulo and uses it' to reach his appoint ments, yet Harrison is heading in that direction. The people of Commerce are proud that they have such an ex cellent young man in their midst. NEW HARRIMAN LINE IN NORTHWEST. Spokane, Wash., March 23.—The management of the Oregon Rallroa l and Navigation Company baa flxe.l tomorrow as the day for the opening the branch line recently completed be tween North Yakima and Walla Walla. The new road, which forms a link in the Harrlman system, will assist In the development of the great Yaklmt ralley, one of the moet productive fruit districts of the Pa-lfic north- «e«t. Shake off the grip of your old enemy. Nasal Catarh, by using Ely’s Cream Balm. Than will all the swats. Ing and soreness be driven out of the Sender, Inflamed membranes. The fits of sneezing will cease, and the dis charge, as offensive to’ others as to yourself, will be stopped when the reuses that produce It are'removed. Cleanliness, comfort and renewed health by the use of Cream Balm. Sold by all druggists for to cents, or milled by Ely Brothers., SO Warren Street, New Tork. An adjourned meeting of the mayor and council was held last night, and besides the passage of the specific tax ordinance many matters were brought, before the council for »e- llon. A number of citizens appeared,be fore the council protesting against the petition for a near beer stand to be located on Jackson street. Later, in the meeting Chairman Young, of the police committee, reported on a number of applications for new stands and of the whole number all were re jected except one on Thomas street. Some changes In the specific tax cidinarce was made from last year. Merchandise brokers will pay fifty .dollars per year instead of twenty- live; real estate and renting agencies will be taxed fifty dollars instead of thirty-five; real estate agents remain the same as last year, thirty-five dol lars. A petition signed by a number of the hackmen asking that the license be fixed the same as laat year, five dollars for one-horie hacks and ten dollars for two-horse hacks, and the privilege of charging fifty cents fare from eleven o'clock p. m„ to 6 o'clock a. m„ and twenty-live cents from ft a. m„ to 11 p. m., was granted. Strict regulations wilt be enforced as to the condition of the hacks and horses and before licenses are Issued, an in spection will, be held by the police committee, and unless the hacks and horses come up to the requirements, the committee will refuse licenses. Council decided not to grant a re newal of near beer licenses at the corner of Broad and Thomas street*. In this building there are two stand*, one for white and one for negroes. At the corner of Broad and College ave nue, known as the book (tore cor ner, was decided agalnat; the one now located In the Commercial hotel building at the corner of Broad street and College avsnse, was declined as also was the one In tba Hodgson- Shackelord building on Clayton street. After the regular order of business hud been dispensed with, council en tered Into the trlfb of appeal case*. Only one case was tried last night, on account of the absence of some of the witnesses. Jske Montgomery was tried on the charge of keeping whiskey on bond for sale, and a ver dict of gvillty was returned. His fine was fixed at two hundred dollars or a sentence of six months on the streets. Other appeal cases were carried over until the next regular meeting ip April. Council then adjourned. At the Request of Women of the State Governor Has Named March the 24th. GRAND NATIONAL CHASE. Liverpool, March 23.—Among all classes of people the usual amount of lively Interest la manifested In tomor row's Grand National Steeplechase, handicap, the mosp. important cross country event in the world. There are sixty-one entries for the event this year, including Jenkintown, last year's winner, and Lutteur III., win ner of the grand national In 1909, and Puhlo, another previous winner. For Americans the race has an especial Interest, owing to the entry of Foxhall Keene’s Precentor JL Today la “Health Day Georgia.” it was- suggested first for a day of general observance In the Mate at a meeting of the Georgia Fed 'ration of Women s Clubs which was being held in Athens, and so Athens, which hat also been emphasizing the uted for a special effort along the lines this special day suggests, is spe cially interested. What two of the leading papers of the state say edl- torlally on the "Health Day," rtiay be Interesting. From the Georgian. By proclamation of the governor Friday, March 24, will be observed in Georgia as Health Day. The occasion will find concrete cel ebratlon in the schools of the state, where suitable exercises will be hell while in Atlanta a special prograi will be presented at the .Auditorium Armory, under the auspices of the cp schools, the State Federation of Wo men'a Clubs, and the Fulton County Medical association, Health la the one topic that In- tlmately concern everybody. It la re celvlng more attention now, than I; ever did in the history of the world. On it Is predicated every advancement of the human race. Healthy people are prosperous peo pie. Healthy people are happy peo- pie. Morality and good government flourish among a healthy people. It Is particularly appropriate that these celebrations should be held ir the schools, and particularly appro, prlate, too, that they should be foster ed by the women and the physicians of the state—a combination'In thr Interest of health and hygiene that cannot be productive of other than highly beneficial reaults For Atlanta particuarly the celebra tlon comes at a most opportune time. The city is aroused on' the subject of health preservation? nnd Is mam fasting It* aroused condition in com mendable efforts’to have aanitary reg ulatlons more, right If enforced and to have the disease-bearing house-fly banished from groceries, bakeries and meat markets. Health day will serve to solidify these efforts and the sentiments that have evqked them and to place the movement upon n firmer and more enduring bases. It should be generally observed. In I* and In Ita alma and purposes lie* untold good. DR. J. W. LYNCH Has Been Tendered a Call To the Pastorate of the First Baptist Church in This City. At a congregational meeting of the First Baptist church, in conference here, the committee on supplying the pulpit made vacant by the resigns- tion of Dr. Jenkens. recommenced as suitable pastor. Rev, Dr. J. IV. Lynch, of Durham, N. C. Newt at Durham. Durham, N. C., .March 23.—Rev. Dr. W. Lynch, pastor of the First Bap tist church, has been called to the First Baptist church in Athens, Ga„ and has the Invitqilon under favora ble consideration. Dr. Lynch is a Virginian, but bus spent ills partorate in North Caro lina and in Kentucky, barring a tin gle year in his native state. Ho live* tin years in Danville, Ky., the hone, of Central university; three ynd a hair years at Wake Forest; one year In Roanoke, Va„ and was called back to Wake Forest for tlx and a half years. He waa then called to Durham. STATE COLLEGE WANTS MORE MILK Will Undertake to Use the Milk From Small Herds and Make it loto Butter. HOUSE PACKED Despite Many Other Meet ings and Attractions a Crowd Packed First Baptist Church. 4-4 H4«44f « 4 4 4' 4 4- 4 ♦ TODAY'S PROGRAM. 4 10:00 a. m,—Rev. George * Gullle on the “Second Comtlig bf 4 4 Christ In Its Relation to the Gegi- 4 4 tiles. 4 4 10:30 a. m.—Rev. J. C. Maesee 4 4 at State Normal School. 4 11:00 a. m.—Rev. Joseph W. 4 Kemp. < ♦ 3:00 p. m—Rev. Geo. E. GuiUe. 4 4:00 p. m.—Rev. H. CriTBablc. 4 8:00 p. m.—Rev. J. C. Masses 4 in a special message for stu- 4 4 dents 4 444444444 4 444444 Last night despite the fact that there was a popular show at' the Colo nial theater, a carnival going on in another part of the city, and two im portant lodge meetings, a basketball game and reception at ’he Y. M C. A., and several other attractions, the First Baptist church was literally packed and jammed to hear Broughton In the last of his sermons to the Bible conference. He made his talk applicable to the local condi tions and current event*, and spoke very plainly and yet not harshly. He alluded to the city being the home ct the state's educational Institutions and deplored th« condition which al Many Scriptures were quoted, set ting forth these points. Dr. Mass**. Dr. Massec spoke about the patri ot ch Abraham, and among other things, be said; “The first demand that God nuke* of a man la the recognition of the lowed “beer saloons to be open »nitlj>overclgnty of God and Immediate GRAND RAPID8 DOG 8HOW. Grand Rapids, Mich., March 23.— Many famous kennels are represented at the annual exhibition opened today by the Butterfly Bench Show asio- (latlon. The dogs exhibited this year are more numerous and of a higher class than at any of the former ex hibitions of the association. The show will continue until the end of the week. KAISER’S DAUGHTER TO VISIT ENGLAND London, March 21.—In redponse to a special Invitation from King George and Queen Mary, Princess Vlctorl: Louise of Prussia will accompany Em peror William and the German Em press on their visit to London In‘May tr. attend the dedication of the Queen Victoria memorial. It jvlll be the first visit of the Princess to England. RARE CONFEDERATE STAMPS. New York, March 23.—The most no table sale of rare Confederate 8latex postage stamps that has ever Uken place in this city was begun today. The collection is that of the late Philip La Tourette. The itamp* are all of the provisional Issues. Among the choicest items in the collection are the Abingdon, Va., five-cent, on orange paper, and the Autaugavllle, Ala., five cent, on white paper. Many ether rare varieties are included In the collection, some of them valued at high as $2S0 Ach. From the Augusta Chronicle. The governor of Georgia, at the be- hut of club women of the state, haa designated Friday. Mnveh 24, as ‘Health Day," but it la pretty safe to say that half the peopte of the stale not know shat it means. Of Its ether half, lets than half of them will observe it. It Is a good Idea, though, and everybody ought to take part and do a little of the work pro posed for that day. since the benefit Is Individual as well as collective. To somebody with a fair amount of intelligence, somewhere else than In his country, the impression might be that the people over here arc un cleanly. when It becomes necessary for the governor of a state or the may or of a city find it necessary to issue a proclamation to get the people to ‘clean up." And, putting It bluntly. It is just about that: a great many people—too many of them for the good of the physical well-being of any section, as a-matter ot fact—are un cleanly about their premtaea, and delving Into science Is bringing that fact,, and the dirts, to the surface; that'* all there is to It. First,^ the movement began among a number or. cities where spring cleaning” periods were Inaugurated as they were In Au gusta some years ago .and now the movement has merely become state wide in Georgia. “Health Day" means that one dag has been set aside, on which the peo ple of Georgia are asked by their chief executive to rake under the houses, go away back in the corners of lota, where a snatch and a push heretofore has ptssed over the pile ot trash; dig out the old boxes and cans and rags and things; clean up the yard and what's on it as the bed-room or dining room or parlor would be cleaned up, and then spread around a little lime to purify the air and kill the germs. Incidentally, while these things are teing done, If gome little thing comes to mind that could be added to give a touch of beauty to the premises, add it. This clearing up, health movement, though, does not mean to rake out all the trash on the premises and litter ing the street with It—that’s only turning around backward and doing for the street what had beds prev- Another feature of the helpful' ness of the work being,pusued at the State College ot Agriculture Is found In the following announcement which has been Issued by the department ’or the Institution which haa animal husbandry In Its care: Announcement. The State College ot Agriculture haa begun co-operative work In its de partment of animal husbandry which promises to be a considerable help In a practical way to farmers In this locality who bars small herds of milch cows and find some dfOlculty In disposing of the product at a profit during a greater portion of the year. Resides teaching a course In farm dairying to the college students dur ing the winter term the butter main Ing laboratory will be kept In opera tion throughout the entire year. In doing this the college withes to tenure to the farmers a place where they can depend on a regular market at satisfactory prices. In view of the fact that the railroads charge a very low rate for carrying milk and cream, shipments may be made for a dla- Knee one one hundred miles or more end still be In a satisfactory condi tion for converting Into butter If pros- erly handled before leaving the farm. Expert help will be employed give the cloest possible attention to the manufacture and marketing of the product, end in every case where the cream Is handled In a sanitary man ner before It leaves the farm, first- class butter can be made and the best Trices obtained for It. Parties Interested In this work are urged to call on, or write at once for particulars to the Department of Ani mal Husbandry, Athena. Ga. lousl.v done to the far corners In the lets. And If the sidewalk and the glass plot In front of the bouse need attention. It doesn't mean to pass Item by because they are not In the yard; but give them the same atten tion, clean them up a bit, too. If the effort happens to be made In the coun try. where there are no streets, the roadsides or lane in front of the place Is the same aa the streets in the city. Medical science, In Ita search for the case and cure of disease, haa de veloped that fact that pretty nearly all of the human ilia come from germs or microbes of one kind or another, and that the way to minimise and eventually conquer the ailments is to fight the germs and microbes; starve them to death and stamp them out by ■ emoving those conditions on which they grow and multiply. Largely .hat’s what "Health Day'' means, and and then add to It a little study of the care of the Individual, and that's all there is to It. The movement Is a common-sense one, and a good one. It 'r educational, purely and simply. 4444444444444444 4 FIGHTS SHEDULED 4 4 FOR TONIGHT. 4 4 Sam Langford va. Bam McVey,4 4 20 rounds, at Paris, Prance. 4 4 Jack (Twin) 8ulllvan vs. Sailor 4 4 Burke, 10 rounds, at Milwaukee. 4 4 WIs. ' ♦ 4 Tommy McFarland va. “Psa- 4 4 nut" St Clair, 10 rounds, at VIn- 4 4 cennes, Ind. 4 44444444444444444 BAD CASE OF amp Caused Sore Throat and Ton- silitls. Restored bj Peruna. Mr. ,W. H. Honsley, Stony Point, Tennessee, writes; “Five year* ago I took a very severe cold which resulted In la grippe, I j never was so bad off. I was In bed several weeks, and when I did get np I had tonsllitia and ears Mr. W. H. Housley. tnroat. n tried to cure this for eighteen months, but It gradually got worse, A doctor advised me to have my tonsils eut out, but I did not like the Idea. Another doctor examined me, and told me the same thing. I finally got a bot tle ot Peruna. and after I had taken one bottle my throat was better. J bought and used a dozen bottles, and snw I was going to get well, and I did." In violation of state law in tho face ot our boys.” He took occasion to praise Judge West for his stand In etv forcing the prohibition law, and be •aid that "he sympathised with any city official who la trying to do hit duty." Netes on Yesterday's Serveea. "The coming of the laird In rela tion to Israel," was Air. Guide's sub ject at the 10 o'clock hour. He read from the lift chapter of Romans: -‘‘A blindness Ik part la ' up- pened Into Israel until the fulness of the Gentiles b* come in.' The speaker referred to God's three unconditional covenant*'with’Noah, Abraham and David gnd said “that covenant of God with Abraham con cerning the land of Palestine and ttat covenant with David concerning the throne cannot be broken." He then referred to tbe conditional co/manf recorded In Exod. 31:31, which was made with Israel, when God brought them out of Egypt, “which my coven ant they broke.” Their present condition Is the re sult of tho breaking of that covenant and la marked by four things. First, tbe sentence of Hosea, 1:9, "Lo Am- ml," I e.; “Not my people has gone rorth agalnat them. Second, God’s throne In Jerusalem baa been over turned and the scepter has been tak en out of Israel’s hand snd transferred to the Gentiles. Third, “Icbsbod,” ‘the glory Is departed” Is written upon the doors ot their gstss. Here be spoke of ExeUel's tison of tbe glory of tbe I-ortl leaving the tempi* at the tme of the Babylonleh captiv ity. Fourth, thoy are under tbe sen tence of Judicial blindness, pro nounced by the lips of Islah snd quot ed by Christ and Paul. A picture of larael'a present estate in the Book of Jonah, Jonah's experience- was a "sign” to the nation of Israel. Summoned to be God's witness to s Gentile city as Israel bad been called 10 be His witness to the nationr, Jo nah refused aud went to sea. Trou ble arose at once, and be went over- hoard, where he was swallowed by the great fish. The miracle was not that he wag swallowed but that be nas uot digested. The greatest mira cle of the centuries Is tbe Jew; swal lowed up In the sea fy nation*, but preserved, not assimilated by the ru- Ilona. On the third day Jonah wan re stored to the earth nnd the whole Gentile population of Nlnereh wan converted through tbe preaching of that one Jew. So shall It be when Is rael I* restored to their land and to rational Ills; they nhall become the channel of blesalng to all tbe ra tions of tbe earth. The desolation of Israel, of Pales- !ne at-j Jerusalem, are not forever. The blindness is to be removed from their heartr when the fulness of the Gentiles comes ik. The fulness of the Gentiles Is the cnurch, apd the com- >ng In' of that fulness Is the casting sway of that church to meet the Lord at His coming. The glory Is coming back again, when Christ return* as Messiah and King, and "the earth ■hall be filled with the knowledge of that glory as the waters covered the sea." The sentence “Lo Ammi” shall be withdrawn, for It in written “ye shall be the people of the Bring God." obedience to Him. 1. "Abraham had to leave home. 2. "He had to leave kinsfolk. “But he brought his poeseeilon. “It is well to bring all we can when we follow God, but what we can't bring, leave behind, and do not stay wlfll It. Don't trust God for tbe things He will give In tbe future only, but with wbat you already have. "Abraham knew only two things, its, the place be left and the place to which he was to ga God Is able to provide for our daily need. “God did not choose Abraham be cause of worthiness or strength of character, but because 'he believed God, and it was reefconed unto him tor righteousness.' "We need a revival of the conscious ness of the preseuce of nod in our doily llres. Abraham was taught In offering Isaac, that human sacrifice was Inad equate tor sin.” Dr. Kemp. , Dr. Kemp apoke at 3 p. m., on the “Element* In the Ministry of CbrisL" He said that the onitandln; ele ment* were there; (1). Praying; (2 . tanchlng; (3), preaching; (4), healing. He said th* world needed the church to show It* k) mpatbetlc heart In deeds as well sa creeds. Dr. Mabl*. Dr. Mtbie spoke -on soul-winning, and his special emphasis was on the personal touch. He gave several Il lustrations bow some of the grestsst workers here brought to Christ by tbe personal effort and not no much by the public preaching. Dr. Broughton. Dr. Broughton preached to o packed bouse on “Who Is on tbe Lord'a Side?" His text was Ex. 32:26. (1), Ho said the Lord's side was tho right •Ide. (2), The Lord's aide Is the side of sacrifice. (3>, Tbe Lord's side is uften the unpopular side. (4), The Lord's aide Is tbe rictortous elde. >- The prpacher spoke of tbe children of Israel going In sin and Mosea call ing them to nbow on which aide they stood. He sold the world whs look ing for men who would stand on the right side and when tbe world Ends men who are sincere, It will dtllght to do him honor. He llluatrated this by showing Gov. Folk, of Missouri, and Mr. Roosevelt standing for right* In tbe beginning of tbelr public life. He applied hla teaching to the pro hibition law in Georgia, and said w< had a law agalnat selling all Intoxi cants and what we needed waa den in office who would stand on tbe right aide. He said that when young men were sent to Athena to college, we taught them anarchy-by allowing the sale of beer in defiance of law. Dr. Broughton strongly commanded Judge West for fining a blind tiger 31,000 and said he wished Judge West had put him on the rock pile. He closed bln message by calling upon people to stand on the right ■Ide. RECEPTION FOR ROOSEVELT. Berkeley, Cal, March 23.—Presi dent end Mrs. Benjamin Id* Wheeler of the University of Californio held o reception In Heont Hall thlo after noon In honor of Colonel and Mrs. Roosevelt Colonel Roosevelt It htre lo deliver the series of art lectures at the university.