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The Post-search light. (Bainbridge, Ga.) 1915-current, January 06, 1916, Image 6

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527 E. Shotwell Street BY DEPOSITING 10 CENTS AND INCREASING YCUR WEEKLY DEPOSIT 10 CENTS EACH WEEK. YOU WILL HAVE *127.50 AND INTEREST NEXT CHRISTMAS. HELP YOUR CHILDREN TO JOIN. IT WILL TEACH THEM TO SAVE AND PROSPER. IN 50 WEEKSi 1-CENT CLUB PF.YS % 11.75 X-CENT CLUB PAYS 15.50 . 5-CENT CLUB PAYS' 65.75 10-CENT CLUB PAYS 127.50 WE ADD 4 PER CENT INTEREST, r YOU CAN DEPOSIT 25 OR 50 CENTS. OR *1.00 OR MORE EACH WEEK. COME IN—WE WILL TELL YOU ALL ABOUT IT. COME IN AND GET A CHRISTMAS BANKING CLUB BOOK FREE. (Ibr ■alniirldfr. ■[first National iBank Capital $125,000 THE FAMOUS HAMCNC CHORUS IN THE BIG MCS.CAL TRSTWAL ™ T *“ THEATRE. FOR ONE NIGHT FRIDAY JAN. 14TH. PRICES 50C TO $1.50 COSTUMES FOR SOUTHERN WEAR Serge, Taffeta, Faille, and Moire-Poplin Favored For Suits. MEDIUM AND SMALL HATS New York, January— For those of us who are fortu nate enough to be able to step as it were, from beneath the dourly wintry skies of the North into the sunshine and flowers of the South, the shops are fairly overflowing with linens, soft silks, cool looking suitings, the most feminine of hats, parasols and all the other accessories thot ive colorings are sometimes used as the closing of collar, or down the front, forming unusually at tractive trimming details. The Habit of Taking Cold. With many people taking cold is a habit, but fortunately one that is easily broken. Take a cold sponge bath every morning when you first get out of bed —not ice cold, but a temperature of about 90 F. Also sleep with your window up. Do this and you will seldom take cold. When you do take cold take Chamber lain’s Cough Remedy and get rid of it quickly as possible. Obtain able everywhere. We put on Rubber Buggy tires. The Motor ! Bike Co. I wish to state to the voters of the county that I will at the proper time make my announ cement for Tax Receiver of Dec. atur county. I am making this statment for the reason that I hope my frinds will not commit themselves this soon in the cam paign. Very Respectfully John E. Drake. Don’t you think one black pile is as good as another, there is a big difference in good and poor coal. The Bower Fuel Co,, hand les only guaranteed to give you satisfaction coal and cost less than elsewhere. THE BOOSTER EDITION The Post-Searchlight has secur ed the services of Mr. S. H. Rountree, an expert special edition man and with his help the paper will issue a Big Booster Trade. This edition will be sent all over the county and will cary forty pages of Decatur county stuff. Cuts and illustra tions of the best lands and in dustries will be sent out for the inspection of the possible home seeker. Mr. Rountree has been doing this kind of work for years and is an expert. He will call on the business men of the county and will give them a full explanation of the. work. anil an me inner tiLGussuritrs mui that go to make up the summ % Georgia. cosume. When the various European countries unconsciously exerted their influence on styles by their entry into the war, or their equally difficult stand of neut rality, the bolero was again introduced .into the woman’s wardrobe, it being the Spanish note. It is a model that has al ways been a great favorite. It is generally becoming and may be made at home with results as good as if fasti ioned by a tailor Fine blue serge, soutached or trimmed with a design in gold braid or galoon, is most often seen in the bolero models; often the upper potion of the pleated or gathered skirt is of taffeta in black or the same tone as the serge. Collars and cuffs of taffeta and taffeta covered buttons are DR. E. C. SMITH DENTIST Hold - Crown $3.50 Set Bridge Work $4.00 of Teeth $5.50 Teeth Extracted Without Pain. Office Belchei^Block Hold the Fort For We Are Cormainig m This Space Next Week * n<1 Colds are caused by perms. Fot I id vjl rinDt Quick relic/ take The Giant Grip Germ KDa Johnson’s Tonic . 9M Mi Mfe, wi* ii. also used with good effect. In both the suiting and the soft silks being fashioned into frocks and suits for southern w’ear and early spring, the popu larity ot ^stripes and checks is quite as marked as it was last season; the combination of black and white and soft ,gray is also noticeable. The soft wool suiting in checks ranging from the very tiny patten to the aggressive checker-board desingns are all good, relieved with a touch of 1 vivid green, rose, or orange; black taffata and moire are also effective for trimming these suits and tailored frocks. The striped silks are usually com bined with a plain satm or silk, in a tone that harmonizes with or is an effective contrast to the predominating color in the strip ed material. Sheer fabrics, crepe Georgettes, chittoncloths, silks voiles, and the various other trimming purposes as they have been for the past few seasons. Blouses of chiffon-cloth, chiffon and similar materials, dainty and becoming to a degree, were never very durable. It was really hearthbreaking when one had a particularly becoming and a rather expensive blouse, to have it begin to puli out and wear under the arms and at the elbows after only one or two wearings. This was partially done away with when cotton net was intro duced for lining these waists; this season we have the net blouse itself, often lined with net or chiffon-cloth. These waists are delightfully sheer and they have wonderful wearing quality. Often the net blouse is trimm ed with a linen cluny, or another equally pretty lace in a rather heavy pattern. Then again collar and cults are of a picotedged Georgette in a delicate tone of rose, yellow, or pale pink. Novelty buttons in quaint effect- Aluminum Ware is . Free to Our Customers..... We will give away absolutely Free to customers of this store, a com plete set of The World’s Best Quality Brand Aluminum Ware. Guar anteed for twenty years. Every time you make a cash purchase you will receive a Free Aluminum Coupon corresponding to the amount of your sale—you save these coupons, when you have the necessary amount of coupons to entitle you to the one (or more) pieces of Aluminum Ware you desire, bring the coupons to us and take away the Aluminum Ware they en title you to, Absolutely Free. In this way we share our profits with our customers. We know our regular trade will appreciate this, and continue to trade with us, and undoubtedly favor us with greater patronage because it will pay you to buy everything here. Then too, many who have not traded with us will be glad to secure a set of this beautiful Aluminum Ware Free also, and this will increase our trade considerably, so in that way we both benefit, the store and the customer. Call at our store at once. See this beautiful ware and get started for a set. As a further Consideration we will give these coupons to our thirty day customers that pay their bill not later than the Fifth Day of each month. Get your set as quickly as you can. TONGE BROTHERS Phone 119 217 Broad St. when you fire-up some Prince Albert in your old jimmy pipe or in a makin’s cigarette. And you know it! Can’t get in wrong with P. A. for it is made right; made to spread - smoke-sunshine among men who have suffered with scorched tongues and parched throats! The patented process fixes that—and cuts out bite and parch. All day long you’ll sing how glad you are you’re pals with color of unsalable c to imitate the Prince Albert tidy red tin, but it it impossible to imi tate the flavor of Prince Albert tobacco! The patented process protects the national joy smoke You take this testimony straight from the shoulder, men. You can smoke a barrel ofP. A. without a kick! It hands out all the tobacco happiness any man ever dreamed about, it s so smooth and friendly. It’s a mighty cheer ful thing to be on talking-terms with your pipe and your tongue at the same time—but that’s what’s coming to you sure as you pin your faith to Prince Albert! Everywhere tobacco is eoli you’ll find Prince Albert awaiting your cheerful vtstt. Buy it in toppy red bag*, Sc: REYNOLDS TOBACCO CO., Win.ton-Salem, N. C. Buy it tn toppy red bags, oc, tidy red tine, 10c: handsome L pound and half-pound huern• I dors —and —in that classy I ground crystal-glass humidor I with sponge-moistener top § that keeps the tobacco jo fit • I Bainbridge, Ga You’ve hit the right tobacco it 9 9 an ea$y job to chance the shape and color of unsalable branib that!