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The Winder news. (Winder, Jackson County, Ga.) 1909-1921, December 23, 1909, Image 7

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Flanigan & Flanigan’s GIGANTIC DISPLAY QF PIANOS, ORGANS , BUGGIES and AUTOMOBILES. Two solid car loads (72) Organs just received. Car load Pianos will be here Monday. Nothing makes a more lasting Xmas present than a Musical Instrument. No house com plete without one. All these must be sold within the next two weeks, as we move into our new building January 1, 1910. Prices guaranteed. Terms to suit. Yours to please, FLANIGAN & FLANIGAN. CITY PRESSING CLUB In Basement of H. J. GARRISON Building. Pressing, cleaning and dyeing. Altering a spe cialty. First-class work, prompt attention. Phone 180. ALONZO HINTON , Proprietor. Headquarters for FIREWORKS I have on hand FIREWORKS of all kinds. Call on me. Your wants can be supplied at h nest prices. J. J. FOSTER, Pea Hill, on Winder-Jefferson y '* Road. CORTRIGHT^ LEATHERS & EAVENSON, WINDE * 0A Metal Shingles" last as long at the building itself. No trouble, no care; a coat of paint once every five years is all the attention they need. Yes, they're cheap, quite cheap, considering their ad vantages, and we’re sure you'll be more than satisfied with them from the minute you see them on your root THIS ia only one of the advantages of these ahingles. They’re fireproof, wind proof, make the handsomest kind of a roof, and when they are once on they’re there to stay, for **Cortright PROFESSIONAL CARDS LEWIS C. RUSSELL, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Winder, Ga. Offices over First National Bank. G. A. JOHNS, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Winder, Ga. Office over Smith <fc Carithers’ Bank. Practice in State and U. S. Courts* W. H. QUARTERMAN ATTORNEY AT LAW Winder, Ga. Practice in all the courts Commercial law a specialty. W. L. DbLaPERRIKRK DENTAL SURGERY. Winder * • Georgia Fillings, Bridge and Plate-work done in most scientific and satis factory way. Offices on Broad St. SPURGEON WILLIAMS DENTIST, Winder ... Georgia Offices over Smith A Carithers bank. All work done satisfac torily, Phone 81. RALPH FREEMAN, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, HosCffton’, Ga- All calls promptly aswered day and night. DR. S. T. ROSS, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Winder, Ga. Offices Rear Turner’s Pharmacy. EDMOND F. SAXON, M. D. WINDER, GA. Office over Turner’s Pharmacy. Residence on Broad St. ’Phone 11G. Attend all calls day or night. DR. R. P. ADAMS, BETHLEHEM, GA. General Practice. Telephone. Office Hours —7 to 9 a in ; 7 to 9 p m. ALLEN'S ART STUDIO. All kinds of Photographs made by latest methods. All work do aa promptly. Office on Candler St,, Winder da For the average man a vacation means escaping from his family. DNOT BELITTLE YOURSELF. Lew Chances Come lo the Self Depre ciatory Man. “Henry,” said Unde Hiram to his hopeful young nephew, 11 1 would not advise anybody to go around continually blowing his horn. We tire of men who do that, and we are apt to think of them that that 's all they can do, blow, “On the other hand, Henry, never belittle yourself; never be (Self depreciatory. -Don’t have a poor opinon of yourself, but if you Ido have such an opinion don’t ex press it. The man who blows his , own born may seldom be taken at his own valuation, but the self depreciatory man almost invariably is. “So never run yourself down or speak doubtfully of your own ability. If the boss is thinking of advancing you, and he should say to you some day, ‘Henry, we are thinking of trying you on this thing —do you think you could handle this job? you don’t want to say, ’Well, 1 haven’t had much ex perience yet in that way, and I really don’t know whether 1 could do that or not.’ ‘‘You don't want to say any thing like that, for if you do he’ll lie likely to think it over some more and end up by trying same body else, taking a blower maybe who can’t really do the work half as well as you could, but who’s got self confidence enough to say he can. “You don’t know what you can do till you try. Some men try and fail, but an astonishing num ber rise to occasions, developing strength or ability that others might never have thought them to pos sess.” —New York Sune NEW TIMOTHY. Mary Lou, little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. S. Smith, has been guite sick for several days. Mr. William Hardigree’s new home will Boon Ik; ready for oc cupancy. Mr. Bob Coruth spent Friday in Athens. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Russell have returned from spending several days in Atlanta. Mr. P. L. Duncan spent first of the week in Atlanta. Miss Blonde Phillips ha 9 return ed to her home in Oconee after seveiaJ weeks’ visit to her brother and other relatives here. Mr. Willie Smith has returned home, having completed the course in the Athens Business college. Messrs. Muller McKlroy and Walter Elder are each preparing to build homes here. Mr. Nathaniel Caruth has re turned to his home in Oconee after spending several days here looking after his plantation. Miss Bonnie Allen, daughter of Hon. J. R. Allen, supervisor of the census for the Ninth district, is to Ire the gue?t of Mrs. W. J. Russell next week. Hon. Young Daniel, of Winder, was in r.ew Timothy on business a few days ago. Mr. Montgomery, Sr., has been on a visit to Auburn. Mr. Brock, who was recently badly hurt in a runaway caused by an automobile frightening his mule, has entirely recovered. The people of New Timothy are extending their heartiest congratu lations to Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ilardi gree, l>oth of this place, upon their marriage Sunday afternoon; Rev. W. T. Hunnicutt performing the ceremony. Mrs. Hardigree, as Miss Maude Duncan, was extremely popular,due to her many lovable traits of cha racter. She is the only daughter [of Mrs. Nancy Duncan, while the groom is the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Hill Hardigree. Mr Hardi gree is a. splendid young man of sterling qualities. As To “Cussing” People Out. S->me people are horn pessimists. Thev are always seeking for some thing or somebody to “cuss” out. They generally find both. better get rid of the habit if you have ac quired it, for it’s both expensive and troublesome. Why abuse peo ple anyway? There are other and better and more, effective ways of getting even. When you find that you are just obliged to express an unfavorable opinion ofjanother person, don’t do so to the person himself, or any body else. Just get in a room by yourself and “cuss” all you please. Let the walls and the furniture be the audience, neither can talk, and* what they say will have no chance of going further. Then after you have expended your energy in that line you ought to feel better and he able to meet the man against whom you thought you had a griev ance, with a how and a smile. This will prove a far more satis factory manner of getting relief from an overburdened mind than the old method of meeting a person face to face and exploding your wrath. Some people acquire the habit of wearing a sour visage, and nursing their grievances to such an extent that they always appear to he in a had humor. Other people get the habit of dodging such char acters, and they soon find them selves shunned by nearly everybody except those who are in a similar condition. Grouch wearers are a nuisance to the community. Their friends, as a rule, merely tolerate them for sympathetic reasons. Nevertheless there are a good many people who seem to like to abuse others at every favorable opportunity, and are ab waye boasting that they have “cus sed” such and such a man out. They seem to l>e proud of the fact that theyiare able to abuse another person and get off without serious physical injury. These persons are not a credit to their kind, nor are they admired by anybody worth while,—Rome Tribune Herald. RUSSELL. Misses Marguerite and Harriet Russell spent last Wednesday Ih Atlanta. Mr,. Carl Cox is expected home tide week to spend the holidays. ' Rev. R. J. Hnff returned home this week from Madison county. He ha<l been to see his father amt mother, who were both very ill. Mr- and Mrs. Grady Palmer are now living in the house with Mr. and Mrs. VV. H. Burson, Rev. It. J- Huff and Mr. H. K. Causey have erected anew store house. Misses Mary Willie and Ina Rus sell, who are attending school at the Georgia Normal and Industrial Col ledge at Mil ledge ville, will come home this week to spend the holi days. Judge R. B. Russell spent several days at home last week. Mr. J. H. Hinsley passed through Russell Saturday en route to Win der. The friends of Mr. Zion Wright and family will regret to know that he will leave our town soon for his new home near Statham. Arrangements are being made by the officials of our Sunday school to give the children and young people of our town a nice treat Christmas Eve. A tree is be ing prepared, and every child in the community will be rememliered. We hope every one will Ije present.