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The Jackson progress-argus. (Jackson, Ga.) 1915-current, July 09, 1915, Image 7

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PROFESSIONAL CARDS J. THREATT MOORE, Attorney At Law. Office in Crum Building, Jackson : Georgia Will practice in all the Courts. c. L. REDMAN, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office in Carter-Warthen Building, JACKSON, GA. DR. O. LEE CHESNUTT DENTIST Office in New Commercial Building back of Farmers’ Bank. Residence Phone No. 7. $100,000.00 TO LOAN on farm lands. Rea sonable rate of interest. See me before you borrow any money on your farm. W. E. Watkins. DR. J. A. JARRELL Physician and Surgeon Office Mulberry street. Residence phone 152-2 —Office 152-3. Jackson : : : Georgia. DR. CHAS. R. EITEL Osteopath At the Calumet Indian Springs Telephone Connections Professional Piano Tuning, Regulating & Repairing. First Class Work Guaranteed. Drop Card and I’ll Call. J. T. MAY O Jackson, Ga. "N DR. C. D. HEARD Office in Mays Building, Resi dence Buchanan Hotel. Phone Connections. Specializing in Diseases of Wo men and Children. E. M. Smith H. D. Russell SMITH & RUSSELL Attorneys at Law Office in Warthen Bldg Jackson : : Georgia Andrew Carnegie Says: “It is not capital that men require, it is the man who has proved that he has the business habits which create capital.” The greatest proof of business habits is the HABIT OF SAYING. When you an account with us you simply press the Button of Prosperity. Why not call and talk it over with us Now? Farmers Bank, JACKSON, GEORGIA. L. O. Benton, Pres. J. B. Carmichael, Cash. Interest Paid On Time Deposits LEGAL ADVERTISE MENTS FOR YEAR’S SUPPORT [Georgia, Butts County. Mrs. Ethel Carmichael having made application for twelve month’s support out of the estate of J. Gordon Carmi chael and appraisers duly appointed to set apart the same having filed their return, all persons concerned are here by required to show cause before the Court of Ordinary of said court on the first Monday in August, 1915, why said application should not be granted. This July 5, 1915. J. H. Ham, Ordinary. NOTICE OF PROBATE Georgia—Butts County To T. O. Asbury, of New Yojk state, and R. E. Bankston, who now resides at some point in the Philippine Islands, greeting:^ Whereas, W. J. Bankston has filed with the Ordinary of said county a pe* titionto probate in solemn form the last will of Mrs. Adella Moss, and has represented to the Court that you are heirs at law of said testator, this is to notify you that said petition will be heard in the Butts Court of Ordinary to be held on first Monday in August, next, and show cause if any exists MONEY TO LOAN ON FARM LANDS Brown & Brown McDonough ga. SAM LEE First-Class City Hand Laundry Next door to Joe Leach’s stables. Jackson : : : : : Georgia Patronize Home Industries R. A. FRANKLIN, Dentist. Office Over Woods-Carmichael Drug Cos. Jackson, Georgia. THE FARM ERS CO-OPERATIVE FIRE INSURANCE CO. OF GA. S. B. Kinard, Gen. Agent. J. Matt McMichael, Local Agent. JACKSON, GEORGIA. CHICHESTER SPILLS DIAMOND BRAND LADIES t Aak jomr Aruglat for CHI-CHES-TER S A DIAMOND BRAND PILLS in Red *nd//\ Gold metallic boxes, sealed with Bluet O) Ribbon. Till NO OTIU. Bar F your \/ Dnnbt and aak foe CHI-CHKS-TER S V DIAMOND BRAND PILLS, for twenty-five years regarded as Best, Safest, Always Reliable. SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS a"* EVERYWHERE TESTED why said document should not be es tablished as the last will of Mrs. Adel la Moss. This July 5, 1915. J. H. Ham, Ordinary FOR LETTERS OF ADMINISTRA TION To all whom it may concern: Homer M. Vaughn, Jr., having in proper form applied to me for perma nent letters of administration on the estate of H. M. Vaughn, Sr., late of said county, this is to cite all and sing ular, the creditors and next of kin of H. M. Vaughn, Sr., to be and appear at my office within the time allowed by law, and show cause if any they can, why permanent administration should not be granted to Homer M. Vaughn, Jr., on H. M. Vaughn, Sr.’s estate. Witness my hand and official signa ture, this sth day of July, 1915. J. H. Ham, Ordinary. FOR LEAVE TO SELL Georgia, Butts County. Notice is hereby given that J. B. Car. michael, administrator upon the estate of J. A. Carmichael, Sr., has applied to the Court of Ordinary of said county for leave to sell land and bank stock belonging to estate of J. A. Carmichael, Sr., for the purpose of distribution Said application will be heard at the regular term of the Court of Ordinary for said county to be held on the first Monday in August next. This July 6, 1915. „ J. H. Ham, Ordinary. How's This .’ Ye ofer •* ::e Tlr dred Debars >-*■ v;t and f 1 ‘ r cwy c:. e of Catarrh thw ti'i-...... i.j curd L y Hall s CatariL Cu;e. F. J. CHZXr: & CO.. Toledo, O. Wo, t. undersigned, hive known F. J. Chtn’ev f r the last 13 yea: 3, and believe him ji rfeetly honorable in all business trails ■ lions and financially able t.> carry out a y obligations made by his firm. FAT IGF Ah DANK OF COMtVIEUCF, Toledo, O Hairs Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mu cous surfaces of the system. Testimonials = .. n t free, price 73 cents P’.r bottle. Sold by cl! Druggists. Tabs Ur.U’s Family Pills for constipation. Undertakers and Embalmers .Oldest and Most Efficient Undertakers in this Section Expert Licensed Embalmers Our Undertaking Parlors Modernly Equipped to Furnish the Best of Selections in Caskets and Robes The J. S. Johnson Company Day Phone 121 -:- Night Phone 84 WATERMELON’S SMILING ON VINE SAYS PLOW HANOLES For the last 3 months the far mers having been going early and late, but 20 more days will about round the thing up, and then we will take a stroll through the cool woods and walk the shady lanes and take a rest. This year has been a hard one on us, but we are thankful to inform the world that the crisis is over. Last spring we tried to borrow a little money but all the banks turned us down. So I got a little peeved, went home and hunted up all my old discarded clothes and shoes, clucked to old Nell and joyed up and down the furrow, and planted everything that is good for man and beast. The re suit is blackberries are ripe, can taloupes and watermelons are on the vine, and roasting ears are nodding in the summer breeze and the yellow-legged friers are roaming the poultry yard and we can go to mill wilh new wheat any time we get ready. When we lay by I will sleep till sun up, then stalk into the dining room, take my better half under my wing, give her a good old genuine hug and set down to as good a breakfast as John D. Rockefeller. Plow Handles. CASTOR IA For Infants and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bought Bears the Sjtf Signature of /-CC4C*U/bi You Need a Tonic There are times in every woman’s life when she needs a tonic to help her over the hard places. When that time comes to you, you know what tonic to take —Cardui, the woman’s tonic. Cardui is com posed of purely vegetable ingredients, which act gently, yet surely, on the weakened womanly organs, and helps build them back to strength and health. It has benefited thousands and thousands of weak, ailing women in its past half century of wonderful success, and it will do the same for you. You can’t make a mistake in taking CARDUI The Woman’s Tonic Miss Amelia Wilson, R. F. D. No. 4, Alma, Ark., says: “I think Cardui is the greatest medicine on earth, for women. Before I began to take Cardui, 1 was so weak and nervous, and had such awful dizzy spells and a poor appetite. Now I feel as well and as strong as I ever did, and can eat most anything.” Begin taking Cardui today. Sold by all dealers. Has Helped Thousands. CALOMEL SALIVATES AND MAKES YOU SICK Adis like dynamite on a Sluggish liver and you lose a day’s work There’s no reason why a per son should take sickening, saliva ting calomel when 50 cents buys a large bottle of Dodson’s Liver Tone—a perfect substitute for calomel. It is a pleasant, vegetable li quid which will start your liver just as surely as calomel, but it doesn’t make you sick and can not salivate. Children and grown folks can take Dodson’s Liver Tone, be cause it is perfectly harmless. Calomel is a dangerous drug. It is mercury and attacks your bones. Take a dose of nasty cal omel today and you will feel weak, sick and nauseated tomor row. Don’t lose a day’s work. Take a spoonful of Dodson’s Liv er Tone instead and you will wake up feeling great. No more bil iousness. constipation, sluggish ness, headache, coated tongue or sour stomach. Your druggist says if you don’t find Dodson’s Liver Tone acts better than hor rible calomel your money is wait ing for you. ad. Assessment Notice The assessment of the real es tate of the City of Jackson for taxation for the .year 1915 has been made and protest to said assessment must be filed with the clerk of Council within fifteen days from this date. This July Ist, 1915. J. A. McMichael, Clerk.