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Jackson herald. (Jefferson, Jackson County, Ga.) 1881-current, September 02, 1926, Image 1

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The Jackson Herald By Holder Sc Williamson LARGE CROWD HEARS HOLDER AT JEFFERSON _____ Candidate For Governor Addresses Large Crowd In Court House Yard at Home-Coming Gathering; Op poses State Bonds; Favors Paving Roads on Pay-As-Go Plan; Favors Strengthening Banking Laws; Op poses Increase In Taxation, and Opposes Extra Sessions of the Legislature; Also Interesting Speech?* by Visitors. A large crowd of Jackson county citizens, together with representa tive citizens from many other coun ties, including Gwinnett, Banks, Hart, Floyd, Clarke, Walton, Franklin, Hall, Madison, Barrow, Oconee, Baldwin, Effingham, Miltci, Forsyth, Dawson, Habfersham, Brooks, Bibb, Fulton, DeKalb, Rabun, White, Cobb, Ogle- i thorpe and Coweta, assembled on the court house lawn Saturday afternoon to hear the first, and perhaps the only speech, which John N. Holder, candidate for governor, will deliver in his campaign for the governor ship. The meeting here was in the na ture of a home-coming for Mr. Hol der, and he was here at the invita tion of the people of his home town i to make an address, outlining the campaign issues and answering some of the slanderous attacks being made upon him by his opponents. Mr. Holder arrived here from his duties at the State capitol about noon, and was given a warm recep tion by his many friends. A huge banner was stretched! across the public square, and era- j blazoned in enormous red letters was this slogan, “Holder for Gover- j nor.” In the court house grove, at j the .corner of South avenue .ad Washington street, loyal fellow townsmen had erected a large stage and decorated it with flags and flow ers. Out in front temporary seats for about a thousand persons had been constructed, but the seats were not sufficient to accommodate more than a small portion of the crowd. Conspicuous among those who oc cupied seats On the stage with Mr. Holder was J. J. Mitchell, of Harris burg district, Jackson county, Mr. Holder’s first school teacher. Mr. Mitchell, who is in the eighties, was given a special chair directly in front of Mr. Holder because of 'his impair ed hearing. He has been devoted to Mr. Holder throughout the latterV entire life and is most eager to see him become governor. Among those who were seated on the stage with Mr. Holder were: Captain J. H. Enftis, of Milledgeville, president of the state senate; J. C. Turner, president of thg.First Nation al Bank, of Jefferson; E. K. Lump kin, of Athens; E. M. McDonald, of Jefferson; Mayor W. H. Epps, of Jefferson; Judge J. S. Ayers, of the city court of Jefferson; P. C. Hol brook, of Franklin county; Dr. A. C. Holliday, of Athens; T. S. Johnson, former state senator and now presi dent Citizens Bank and Trust com pany of Jefferson; Judge H. S. West, of Athens; Dr. W. I. Hailey, mayor of Hartwell; Colonel H. H. Dean, of Gainesville; Dr. J. C. Verner, of Com merce; W. L. Collier, of Macon; C. U. Born, of Lawrenceville; J. M. McClure, of Norcro&s; J. W. Oglesby, of Quitman; Rev. J. Robert Jordan, pastor Commerce Methodist church; John F. Shannon, editor of the Commerce News; Thomas J. Shackle ford, of Athens; O. 0. Simpson, of Norcross; Dr. Craig Arnold, of Dah j lonega. Mayor W. H. Epps, of Jefferson, presided, and presented Judge J. & Ayers, who in turn ’’’.'"•'oduced Mr. Holder. Speeches were also made by J. H. Ennis of Milledgeville, H. H. Dean of Gainesville, W. L. Collier of Ma con, and T. J. Shackelford of Athens. Music was furnished by a band from Athens. Mr. Holder made a ringing ad-i dresj, and was v wamly applanded. Space forbids our publishing the full text of his speech, hut he was strong in his assertain that there is but one issue in this campaign—whether the State shall be loaded down with a tremendous bond issue. Mr. Holder charged that selfish Their Golden Wedding (From Winder News) Fifty years ago last Tuesday, Au gust 24, Mr. J. M. Jackson and Miss Missouri Austin were married by Rev. Philip F. Lamar. Mr. Jackson was born on the west side of Beech creek. Dock Lay now owns the place, and Miss Missouri Austin was born on the east side of the creek, where J. W. Casper now resides. These two fine citizens were born in this section, reated in this sec tion, and have lived in this section all of their lives. They were mar ried August 24, 1876, and moved to Jug Tavern in 1879. Mr. Jackson built the first store in the small vil lage. Mr. and Mrs. Jackson are the only survivors of their families. On August 24, fifty ye&rs ago the day was very much like last Tues day, raining about the same time of day and the sun shining about the same time. There was a bright cloud which sent down large drops and immediately the sun shown out. It looked 'like the firmament was fill ed with silver. The drops of rain were unusually iarge and the sun shown unusually bright. There are only five persons living that were at that wedding. Mrs. Jud sou Jackson, her daughter, Mrs. Birt Jacobs, and Charles, her brother, Mr. R. L. House, and Miss Phoebee Hardi gree, who later married Mr. Carruth. She and Mr. Carruth were attend ants, also Mr. Z. F. Jackson and Miss Josephine Austin. Mrs. J. M. Jackson was the first girl that Mr. Jackson ever visited. He was 3 years and fotir months old at the time. His mother took him with her to see Mrs. Austin, and Mrs. Jackson was a babe in her mother’s arms. There were no buggies in those days, so he had to ride horse back in his mother’s lap. One thing that impressed Mr. Jackson on that trip, and that was a beautiful white door knob on the front door. To these fine citizens the best wish es of a host of friends is extended. May they celebrate their diamond jubilee. Mr. Edwin Tribble, who has been attending Mefcer Summer school, is at home for a short visit before re turning to Mercer to begin his studies as a member of the v senioi class. special interests, \fliich would reap vast profits from a state bond issue, were behind the opposition to him. He declared that under the law the "State highway board has 786 miles of additional state highway to allot and that it will allot every mile of it. He said that the intense activity of the Macon Telegraph against him is explained by the expectation of the paper’s editor to be chairman of the state highway board in the event the Holder opposition is successful. He said the present governor, who had sought to oust him as chaiman of the state highway board, had since endeavored to entice him from his op position to bonds by offering to make him chairman of a bond commission to spent $70,000,000. He said that his opponent from his home county had offered to -retain him as chairman of the highway board if he would not run for governor. He declared he is running his own race and is not allied with any other candidate nor in combination with any one. He shewed that the highway de partment had,made almost phenomen al progress since he became chair man of the board. / He pointed out that beginning next year there would be available $13,- 000,000 a year for highway purposes. He announced his support of a program of educational expansion— both in the common schools and in stitutions of higher learning. He declared in favor of strengthen ing the banking laws of the state so as to give the greatest possible meas ure of protection to the deposits of the people. He said he had not made any pro mise of any office to any persons and would not make any such promise. He announced his opposition to any increase in taxation. He declared he would not call any extra session of the legislature unless matters of gravest necessity required i immediate attention by that body. He said he would advocate the eli mination of all waste and duplication in the state’s activities and would advocate the economical handling of all the state’s moneys. JEFFERSON, Jackson County, Georgia. OFFICIALBALLOT State of Georgia Dcm-jc-atic Whitt Primary September Bth, 1926. (Erase the names of those for whom you do not vote) For United States Senator (Vote for One) WALTER F. GEORGE _ . RICHARD B. RUSSELL For Governor (Vote for One) GEO. H. CARSWELL L. G. HAP.DMAN JOHN N. HOLDER J. O. WOOD For Secretary of State S. G. McLENDON For Attorney General (Vote for One) J. HERRMAN MILNER GEORGE M. NAPIER For State Treasurer W. J. SPEER For Comptroller General WILLIAM A. WRIGHT For Commissioner of Agriculture (Vote for One) J. J. BROWN EUGENE TALMADGE For Commissioner of Commerce and Labor H. M. STANLEY For State Superintendent of Schools (Vote for One) N. H. BALLARD FORT E. LAND For Commissioner of Pensions (Vote for One) W. SAM ASKEW JOHN W. CLARK For Prison Commission E. L. RAINEY For Public Service Commissioner (To succeed Paul B. Trammell, deceased.) (For unexpired term) ALBERT J. WOODRUFF (For full term) (Vote for One) W. R. FRIER ALBERT J. WOODRUFF For Public Service Commissioner (To succeed J. D. Price, deceased) ' (For unexpired term) (Vote for One) G. W. LANKFORD CALVIN W. PARKER For Associate Justice Supreme Court (To succeed 11. Warner Il’ll) H. WARNER HILL for Associate Justice Supreme Court (To succeed James K. Hines) (Vote for One) R. EVE JAMES K. HINES For Judge Court of Appeals (To succeed 0. 11. B. Bloodworth) O. H. B. BLOODWORTH For Court of Appeals (To succeed Alex W. Stephens) (Vote for One) J. P. HIGHSMITH ALEX W. STEPHENS For Representative in Congress (Vote for One) THOMAS. M. BELL JOSEPH G. COLLINS HERMAN P. DeLAPERRIERE For Representaties (Vote for Two) IIOMEP HANCOCK J. E J. LORD W. B. RICE For Executive Committeeman (Voter write name of choice in blank) The above is a copy of the official | ballot to be voted in the election on I next Wednesday, Sept. Bth. An error occurred in the ticket published last week. It has been checked over, and all corrections made. Look over the j ticket, select the man of your choice, I and go to the polls on Sept Bth and cast your ballot accordingly. REV. NAT LONG AT METHODIST CHURCH A large congregation greeted Rev. Nat G. Long at the Methodist church on Sunday at 11 a. m. He occupied the pulpit in the absence of the pastor, Rev. L. B. Linn, who was away in discharge of his duties at a camp meeting. Rev. Long chose for his subject “The Life of Four Dimensions,” bas ing his thought on the comparison of the lives of Methuslah and Christ— the former covering a period of nine hundred years, and the latter only thirty years. He pictured the life of Christ, its length, breadth, width and depth, in beautiful language, and showed the lives of every one must be four-square in every particular. His sermon was heard with much at tention and interest, and many ex pressions of approval and congratu lation were extended the young preacher at its close. Jefferson delights to honor this Jackson county boy, who has chosen tp work in the Master’s vineyard, and whose efforts to prepare himself for this noble calling have met with such wonderful success. HON. J. G. COLLINS SPEAKS Hon. J. G. Collins, of Gainesville, condidate for congress, made a fine address at the court house in Jeffer son, on Monday of last week. He had a good audience, and they dompli mented him enthusiastically upon his speech. Mr. Collins is a young man, of pleasing address, and makes a good impression upon the public. Mrs. P. Cooley ar.d children visit ed Coi. and Mrs. I. A. Oaks, in Law renceviiie, Sunday. Holder Is Indorsed By How rd Ennis in Jefferson Talk Captain Howard Ennis, mayor of Milledgeville and president of the Georgia atatc senate, in a short ad dress here Saturday afternoon strong ly indorsed John N. Holder for gov ernor and declared he will sweep Georgia by an unprecedented ma jority. Captain Ennis, who was on the platform while Mr. Holder spoke, was called upon by many members of the great crowd after Mr. Holder concluded. Responding in a brief speech, Captain Ennis said: “I live at Milledgeville, 30 miles from Macon, and a reader of the Macon Telegraph might assume that no one but Carswell has a chance in the governor’s race. I served in the legislature with both Mr. Cars well and Mr. Holder. Mr. Carswell dives but 20 miles from me. | “I selected Mr. Holder ns my choice for governor when I considered the records and abilities of both men. “I am sure the old ship of state will be safe in his hands and I am also sure Mr. Holder will sweep the state by an unprecedented majority. “Let me tell you a little about that senate investigation of the charges against Mr. Holder. I war. president of the senate and living within 30 miles of Macon, I knew Editor Anderson, of the Macon Tele graph. I knew of his rabid charac ter and animosity to everyone who would not bow to him and knowing of this I made especial efforts to get the best possible committee to investigate the charges against Mr. Holder. I appointed on this com mittee Senator Collier, of Mr. An derson’s own district, and one of the best men in Georgia. I named as chairman of this committee Senator Hutchinson, who preferred the charg es against Mr. Holder, and who in troduced the resolution calling for an investigation. I also najn-'d on this committee Senator Dickson, a friend of mine from Jenkins county and a long time associate in the leg islature, an honorable and high class man, and two north Georgia senators high character and ability. “I requested this committee to go thoroughly into the charges and make an unbiased report. The report wad made and Mr. Holder was exornerat ed. My mind was entirely satisfied. “I am charged by some with sup porting ring politicians—Yes, I am in the good government ring. In my city, county and state I stand for good government and I stand for John Holder, who I know will give Georgia good government.” BRIDGE PARTY GIVEN RECENTLY BY MRS. ARCHER {From Atlanta Journal) Mrs. A. H. Archer entertained for her niece, Miss Zolite Johnson, Mon day afternoon with a bridge party. Miss Elizabeth Gleason won first prize, while the consolation was giv en to Miss Hattie M. Mcllheran. The following guests were pres ent: Mrs. Hearn, Mrs. Thompson, Miss Hortense Archer, Mrs. A. IT. Archer, Miss Zolite Johnson, Miss Henrietta Thompson, Miss Hattie Marguerite Mcllheran, MiSs Elizabeth Gleason, Miss Sarah Sue Burnett, Miss Rachel Burnett, Miss Margaret Burnett, of Rome; Miss Carolyn Rid ley, Miss Betty Hortow, Miss Suzanne Adair, Master Billie Hearn. Miss Hattie Marguerite Mcllheran gave a spend-the-day party for Miss Henrietta Thompson and her guest, Miss Zolite Johnson, on Wednesday. Miss Elizabeth Gleason entertain ed also for lovely hostess and her guest at a matinee party at the How ard Saturday morning. Miss Margaret Wallace gave Miss Henrietta Thompson and Miss Zolite Johnson a picnic and swimming party at Idlewood on Wednesday afternoon. WOMANS CLUB NOTICE The first meeting of the womans Club since the summer recess will be held at Martin Institute, Monday afternoon, September 13th. The faculty of Martin Institute will be guests of the club. Prof. O. C. Aderhold will talk on, The Help The Club Can Give The School; and Mrs Hewlett Aderhold will discuss, Co operation Between School and Club. Every member is urged "to be pres ent and bring anew member with them. Hostesses: Mesdames J. A. Wills, Hewlett Aderhold, W. T. Wills, and M. M. Bryan. Thursday, September 2, 1926. EXCHANGE NOTES Item* of Interest From Among Our Neighbor* And Friend* (From Winder News) Ho*ch-Roherta Married at the (First Christian church August 26, 1926, at 9.00 o’clock a. m., Mr Russell Preston Ilosch and Miss Corine Ellen Rob erts, both of Hoschton. This was * quiet marriage with a very few personal friends present. The cere mony was performed by Rev. John H. Wood. The bride and groom went to Atlanta and other points on a bridal tour. Mrs. Hosch is a teacher in the Fifth District Ag.r cultural school. Winder Ha* A New Golf Course Recently the men of Winder or ganized anew golf club under the name of Sims Golf Links. They have anew and attractive nine hole course under construction consisting of 200 acres. When this course is complet ed Winder can boast of one of the best courses in this section. All the adjoining towns’ golf bugs arc especi ally invited to join. This club is going to be handled on a paying busi ness basis. Membership fee, if paid by September 1, is SIO.OO. Dues 60c monthly. Miss Nell Carroll entertained a large number of the younger set on Tuesday evening at her homo, honor ing her guest, Miss Kathleen Ogle, of Atlanta. Games and music were enjoyed and refreshments served at the close of a pleasant evening. • • (From Commerce News) Mrs. Pittman Die* Suddenly At Her Home At Bore* Mrs. A. O. Pittman died sudden ly at her home near Berea church 0 last Sunday night. She had attend ed chuhch, and on her return to her home, had retired for rest. Some i ten minutes thereafter, she died sud- I denly, and went to her eternal rest. I Had sfio lived until her next Wrth- I day she would have been 54-years of i ages She is survived by her husband i and two children, one son, Mr. A. R. Pittman, of Hollywood, Fla., and lone daughter, Miss < Viola Pittman. She was a sister of Mr. J. L. Dun son of this place. When 14 years of nge, she joined the Baptist church at Cabin Creek, and after her mur i inoe she moved her membership to Berea. The funeral rite; were per formed at Berea by Rev. O. 11. Col lins and Mr. T. C. Hardman. Let’* See Them Tackle Thi* And now comes a writer who hops up to says that the girls of to-day ai better cooks than their mothers. They may know more about nick nacks, but we’d like to see one of them tackle a pone of corn bread J cooked on the hearth In an oven, as did our mothers, or hake johnie cakes on a board on the hearth in front of the fire. Inue Bond* fo Keep Rain From Making Streets Wat We had a shower of rain one night recently and the next naming the mud in the streets was right sticky. That’s an outrage. Let’s is sue some sort of bonds that will keep the streets from getting wet when it rains. Brown-Barber A marriage of cordial interest to frtends of the groom here was that of Col. Rupert Brown of Athens, formerly of Commerce, to Miss Gene vie Barber, on Tuesday morning at the home of the bride’s parents in Athens. The marriage was a very quiet affair, the ceremony being per formed in the presence of the fami lies of the young couple. Immediate ly after the ceremony, Mr. and Mrs. Brown left for the mountains of North Carolina, where they will spend their honeymoon. Col. Brown practiced Law here for a number of years, and his many friends who are following his career with interest will congratulate him on his happi ness. (From Christen Index) Dr. W. H. Faust assisted Pastor Geo. W. Garner in a meeHhg at Mount Olive, Church, Pike County, last week, in which seventeen were received into the church. The week before, Dr. Faust was with Pastor Marshall Nelms at Clark’s Sta.ion and this week he is” a -isting Dr. B. J. W. Graham at 'Hapeville. _ Found, an auto casing and tube, on rim, on Jefferson-Pendergrass road. Owner apply to Bennett Wood. Vol. 51. No. 18. , Says Holder Will Get, 75 Per Cent Of Votc3 In Gwinnett Norcross, Ga., Aug. 27.—Although it was organized but a few days ago, the Norcros* John N Holder club has between 360 and 400 members, and is growing very rapidly. Don IK. Johr.ston, well known lawyer, ia i president of the club and Dr. O. O. j Simpson, n leading physician, is I secretary and treasurer. i “John Holder will get 75 per cent I I f the votes cast in Gwinnett coup said Mr. Johputoi) Friday, "110 is exceedingly popular with our peo ple. Information received from vari ous sections of the state indicates that Mt. Holder will carry Georgia ~y lie largest majority .ever given a gubernatorial candidate. *li* ane mic) may become ss frantic and furi ous as thay will, but they cannot drive the vo'es away from Mr. Hol der." There are two other large Holder clubs in Gwinnett county—one at Lawrenceville and one at Buford. Mr. Holder was recently'the guesd of honor of the Norcross Civic dub, and was given a tremendous ovation. SOUTH GEORGIA EDITOR SAYS HOLDER WILL WIN BY TREMENDOUS MAJORITY i Atlanta, Ga.—“lf the rest of the State Is like this section, John N. Holder will roll up one of the larg est majorities in the September pri mary that any candidate for gover nor in Georgia has received," declares C. B. Allen, editor and business manager of the Moultrie Observer, cne of th< ; most influential daily, newspapers in South Georgia. “Mr. Holder makes a good candi date, and a very effective fighter," Mr. Allen v said. “He is calm, and stays In good humor. He has the firm conviction that there is a way to build roads in Georgia without ai State bond issue. He is going to lead those who believe with him in a supreme effort to prove that this contention is right.” Editor Allen points to the fact that Mr. Holder will not be drawn, j Into a ci, t.-ovcisy at'this time about i “ machine.!," though Mr. Hol ' der may be able to prove that there jis a political machine in the State, and that he bear, the marks of its 'attacks. • “Mr. Holder l“. looking ahead," said Mr. Allen. "He remains in the,niid dle of the road. He has the peo ple behind him." MISS ROBERTS V/F.DS RIJSSELU P. HOSCH Of cordial interest to a widl cir cle of friends throughout the State was the marriage of MisS Corine Roberts, of Brawlton, to Mr. Russell I*. Hosch of Hoschton, which was solemnized Wednesday morning at 9:30 o’clock at the First Christian church of Winder. The ceremony was performed by the pastor, Rev, John H. Wood. The bride, who is the daughter of Mr. William W. koberts, of Brasel ton, is an attractive young woman of charming personality and wide popu larity. She is a graduate of the Fifth District A. & M. school and of the Georgia State College for Wo men. Since her graduation she ha been a member of the faculty of the Fifth District A. & M. school. , Mr. Bosch belong* to a prominent family of North Georgia. He is the son of the late Russell A. and Ta bitha Hill Hosch. He received hi* education at the University of Geor gia, and is a young man of sterling business qualities. } After a wedding trip, Mr. and Mrs, Hosch will be at home to friends in Iloschton. ii —■ * I MOTHER AND HER DAUGHTER STUDY AT EMORY UNIV. ( . * * A mother and daughter, studying together at Emory University for the first time in its history, will complete a quarter’s work there uj) the close of the summer session teia week. They are Mrs. E. R. Feagiijl and Mi - Clefc Feagin of Orlando, Fla* Mrs. Feagin is specializing in edu cation, while her daughter, a seniof next year at the Woman’s College irt Tallahassee, Is concentrating fy mathematics, preparing she said, t& become an electrical engineer. Uni versity (mficials said both are making splendid records.