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The mirror. (Florence, Ga.) 1839-1840, September 28, 1839, Image 4

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S: till ter sheriff antes• ~f VnL. Lbe sod. on tiic lira PuesJ iy in W i_*CTQBB.< next, b.ioio .liocouri li ,i ■*r 111 t e town ot A.l nci.t, *5,, n. *r > iiiiy, wnliiu the n-< il uouisoi *al . 1 1 • 1 • «> * ni -ir. l 'er'y, to wit: I, tot' Land N 29. totttw -’itn Di*tn< t o;' ii. 1 • v L. i« .:*w Sa titer m ■my lev* .1 01 nte prjjWrtt.ui ili vey B-t'l. to •uiiis t, IJ it il il II 111 l OOlUfllbi . 11l IMT Cfllll . i’i . . I,- 01 Janie* * nr led'-i vs. Il irvey •<;.! \ ,1 Lot of Li id N». 107. 1 I t i|ii' if tj • itei'ly L'C now Suui'er co. levied 01 1. ; 1: pr->,i-ity of Si nuei F trns to jjf, ii* n;i ro n ■'*uwt«*r > toenor Cos tr , in 11 *■ >r o', the o fi :ers o! t/» i". vs. S.i n mi Fi ~, s i loin W. tl • toer, Ins Attorney at Lw. l>oß I’PONED S VLR. ]\’ lt l,£ s2l at tic »w!•* ti’ir and I’l'ir-'. Lii o' Rail No. li-’. it lb: -i7t ‘1 l> s iri.-t o's, u-riy Lee -n . Jj infer potpirj, le.sjj '•» 1 as tli3 prmx-r'v of Jim-s A . B„|*,’, 10 sati'iy one fi f.tfriii a Juaice.s <J 1 ; rt of S.i liter cMI it , in I *vnr 01 John K-i is, vj J.i nns \V. Btitiey .111! Gr.-.* 1 M. V 1 • tier, ,»r ipeftV ti M ite I 0:11 bv (< •:>• 1 i\[. \V.I-.31e levy mil ■ in I returned to 111* bv a constable JOHN KfMMSY, SliTitr. P OSTI’ONKD SILK. A' ! > t iti»’ and r’ ’ r - T,it of La i 1 SI. Ml. i • fV ' tri •( <>f for tm'ly t. :e 111*' S unfr cnaii'y ievi'lo.t .is th ; pr »:> ’«}’ '*• ' l »>’• t 1 s iris fy -Jo l>y Ii lis fro na J os'ices Cos irt of -i in - co tnty, one of tie ii las ih furor of M M. Cl carry, vs. J lines H. May, and ti - others it favor of oilers against sail »I,v. jirvierty pwiite 1 oat by the I -fcudaiit, levy mi le aa.l returned to me by a consta ble. \t, oi oae Bay IT arse, levied on as property >.f W’llev Oil n ire, to sn’is y one ti fi lain s inner Interior Conn io favor of O is.voi 1 A Bopas, vs. slid Oil *jref prop* et'ty n iinte 1 o:it by ia *tt \\ ai re.t* OiC ;s M. vV 1 1 I'd BL Id ii, D. Sh’ff. A 1 -nst 17, tS39. A P 0.3 I’ PON ED MORTTVOZ SALL. I rill be all at >hc suit i>l: is abas-, ot Ike fait Tua lay in -Vnie iber ned. T!io raaiai'iini' Stock of <1 > > Is nnw on hml co isistiag of D.y (lands Mud Wires, Crockery vares 1 id oilier articles two tedious , , ~l*.,tii> 1. at! levied on as tlie. property of Rmylass il. Brnvn. to sitisl'y one Mort en refi tl fro n Sa nt v Inferior Conrt, in fa vir of J i'll <l* San full nil William P. 15 ml. vs. Diug'ass 11. Brown, property Doi ited not in said ii fa. (1 fi id id N M. \VHKBLER, D. Slt’ff. Ang Ist 17, lßdS thee Bb".riir& sles. ■* JT{LL be sold, on » lie first Tuesday in Y OCrOIER n.'Kf, at Idle court lu ise door in (he. mum of Starksville, » itii iis tim us nil hours of sale, tiiu following pro perty, to wit: Lot of Land No. 173. in the Ist. district Len county, levied onus the p-openy ol Rob*rt Faircloth to satisfy three ft fas, ts -8 tod fro n a Justice Court of L ..irons coun ty in favor of C. W. Horn, vs. sai l clotli pronei-tj painted o it !» plat out, levy rail: art I returned t i me bv constable. Also La; of L n 1 No. 210. in the 2 I dis trict of Lee county, levied on as the prop erty of Armstead llowett, to satisfy two fi fas issued from a -In nice Court m' Lee c maty in favor of E. Daniel, vs. said Hew ett, levy male and returned to me by cousta" 1 bio . . T ' Lot No. 77, in the Ist district ot l.e" county, I vied on as the property of Wil Bennett, to satisfy three ft sis issued fro 11 a I mCca Court iu f ivor of D ivui < i ni. vs. WilVian Ddl-non, Briueipal and Wil ia a Bannett endorser, levied on and ret uni e l m meby a constable. Also, Lot ot La id M 1. 133, in tne 11th district* of Lae coooiv. levied on as tll« n , 1 v» v if Al l re w Kollv, to sitisfy sun dry h fas, issued from a Justice Court of Tj ,* oiu•» i 1 f»v >r ol John I. I 1 or«i, vs. si, I £ p!y, levy made and returned to me by a co is»able. * \|s 1, Lit ifLanl Nn 44 tn the 12th dis trict of L• ■ •1 t itV lev ad .11 is 'he prop ertvof Jusiuh 3ndiey, t. smsiyift I. is t | from a I1" • ■ 0 > trt ol S impter c 1 m'v i 1 favor of ?> • lj 1 ilia B il'er, vi sat I .1 1<: 11 Bn llav nil lii 1 3 ■ ;*'rs. levy 111 ale an l ret an: 1 tn n: bv 1 const ib!<*. A. D Y 'v »N. Sheriff. alibi s ) l it -ik ire. Ni 3 1 m f ICI ' Ln. m 1 2 acre Lot. a,) I I half of Ti it N > 13 m h- T>vi if s'nr ;svillh, ill!-vie lon a? the prv»»riv Os Jms -a \ ..Me, to satisfy .1 fi fi is. i- I f'» ' fie 3 i .-rihr 0 turt ol S 1 nt ‘i* ’in lty, in : oi D ivis s nitti, v> slid iliir.’e. D HOFF, Dep. Snentt. A t'Jirs 19,1 833. ~i p (> ♦* lS' t-‘ >'*if V tle V. Whi.i, ,e s 1 1 ti-foi-e the Coni House doar , 1 tit '>vlof Lu n lltiu. 3t> w ~-t ’(i iiny,on tne Is' Tuesday mO( I') R i 1. :-‘ Ct, net v 1 c 1 til i usn ■* hours ot sale tan > r.v. Izpr i ie.uv. to •» *: 01 . „r V t, tw Ihi p ':s and hnin-’ss, tn k m n-lit pmi-rty "f I’.il-m-i O. Pickett 11 si’tsfv 1 iib iss in I out of tie Su lerioi Ciirtof 3te vari c unity, in favor of Aa dnrso 1 Mithows. Ain no el4.lth part af Lot Nl. 1 J.3. it tun 19 h district of 3te-v.ii county, taker a . t v,ovopnrty of Derrnll D. Bulges, u satisfy nfi tb issued out of rite Superiui C 1 irt of Oglethorpe county ir favor o Ji'll »V 10 l, it being the undivi Je i intere.; of the Deft. Alsu, No. 242, in the 2ith district o Stewart county, taken as the property ol Stephen Glover, 'o sitisfy sundiy ft fa * issu - I of 1 .fustic; Court of Stewart county, in favor of Jessj Wright an i other3. Ms*, Ni.23j, ii the 21th district 01 S-e.vart comity, taken as ilic proper y ol ,Tnuji'n 3j itt. 11 satisfy sundry ft fas is.ue.l out o. a lusti -e Court of St-wart county, i ifi-.-nrof Wil'ini B Batts aid others. Alio, thirty heal of likely H 14s, taken as th; ti.-.iperty of Divi l p. Fos.set*, tosnt isfv a ii fa issued o U of Stewart Inform Ci irt’in fiyny of (leoTge R. .'IcK -Lcy. Mi 1, No. (}4, iu the 33 1 li.xtriet of Ste-.v art c i mty, taken as the property of Wiley E irk, to. mtufy s-*hdry fi lbs issued out ol aj istico Court of Cowera County, in fivoi of Charlei Wind an io hers. .M. M. FLLMIN-3. Sheriff. August 33, 1339, GEORGIA —Lie County. W~ IBRK AS, Ann applies to n; for letters of Administmtioa on the estate of Suds Mercer, late of said county, dec ras • 1, Thiy is, therefore, to cite and admonbd; all ah l singular, the kindred and creditor' nf said leceaied, to ba and aopear at my of £S% withia the time prescribed by l iw. to ehew cause, if any they hav". why said let ley* -vha itd not be granted. Gii-a under my hand at office, this 4tl 3«S*t-imhe». 4 a U9. SAM’UC. WYCIIE, e. c. o. Adiiiiiiisti alors’ Sale. ON inc mat 1 ucsd.iy 10 October uext, be* fore toe vjo irt-uouse door 111 Irwiiiton Wdkiosbn comity, the iollowiug Lots «l Laud belonging to said deceast-il, a part ot v,if ti ediupri-.e the Vfilkinsou plantation, sold for a similar purpose, viz: 214 4*.h, Itu 23d, tit* 41ti, 2d 4th, 313 4th, 123 4ih, 17 t 41 h. -Jti* 3d, 124 4lh 25 4th, 20 4th, ’Zli 4th. 3u 4th, 262 sih, 2- , 3 sth, 206 sth, 104 4 li. ISI At ii, 1e.i6'h,297 4tti, 300 4to. 325 -{d, 319 3 t, 350 3d, 353 3d, 3j4 3J,511 lulu, (• ! 4t ti, 347 -Lu, 34 sln. 45 olli, 2e7 sth, *2;).; jib, 2,50 stli, 3U9 4th, 299 4th, 170 4th. -_>7<» 5.h. l;)0 41 ii 107 4ln 179 4th, 151 sth. ItiO sth. 130 51h,'20,» 4th, 207 4th,'94 4tli, ! 1t.,, <32 ill,, 210 st.i, lid 23d, 03 4th, 248 in. 275 4th, Ido 4tii, 27d sth, 400 I2lh, : and ;> I. 11 1 stii, 1 i.j sth, 13d s'u, in? 4th. > > 1 ; h. 272 4 h, 252 Ith. 263 4th, 280 4th, ■MO it'*, 247 4t!i, 231 sth, 231 4th, 233 sth, Ml’ itu. 2 ii 1 h, 33d 4t 1. 23 4 1 ii, 207 sth 17 1 1 1, 175-Lu, llid Ith. 203 sttt, 326 31, 211 .j'h, 132 stu, 45 sth, 153 3d. 159 23 1, 32 > .’3 1.1 Lit, No. not known, sth, a, ; --s; I lot in the town of Irwiutoii,d acre; * fit i'i Wilki'isou, No. not known, 10Id a cres; 1 I •' X >. 3>, 'Vuciion, 3d, 66} acres; a part of lot No 9 ). in the 4th, 20 acres ; a par el of 166, 4th, containing 52 acies; part of 1 i I, in 4th, coiOaiuing 70 acres; part of *OS, m sth, cont.iitig 50J acres; all the all v" lots of !;i id ly in' s in the districts an ue-t * I to fn-li numbi r. 'l'!,« n i -.ever il s ties of land to continue from day h* ’iy until the whole is sold T o an of sale, one third the twenty fifth day of Dec ember next, tin bain ice in two equal annual instalment*. 11. JONES, JOSEPH BOND, Adm’rs of Lewis B ind, dec'd. March 23. 1359 51 eowtf AI) >l[ NIS I’ It ATO It’S SALE 4 GREEABLY to an order of the hor 2jL or Ido tlie Inferior Court of Stearwt county, when sitting fur ordinary purposes, will be sold, 011 the tirxr Tuesday in NO VEMBER next, within the usual hours of salt, ii tii ■ court hotis • door of said county, the L’L AN r.ATION belonging to the estate of A. 11. S n’pherd, deceased, situated in said county, near the town o! '-'lorence, con taining 300 acres of fraction land on the riv er and 100 acres adjoining above, and four lots pine la id, first quality, lying broadside. Sold for tlie benefi of the hews and credit ors of said estate. JAMES M. SMYTHE, Adm’r. ANN E. SHEPHERD, Athn’rx. Atigust 13, 1339. 19 \ 47 1 L L b • -.ot I at the Court House door V V in Cuthbert Randolph county, on the first Tuesday in October next, Lot of Laid, No. 7, in the lOtii district of former ly Lee, now Randolph county, the same being part of the estate of Alexander Gar ret hers a Minor orphan, and to he si Id un der an order of the Inferior Court of the county of Sumter. ELIZABETH BUCK, formerly Elizabeth Joiner, Guardian. June 25, 1839. 12 VGRKEABLFTT. an order of the Hon orable Inferior Court of Sumter Coun ty wlie 1 setting as a Court of ordinary, will be sold on the first Tuesday in November next before the Court House door in Atner- ‘ ieu*. Lot No. 188, in the 17th district of Stew art county. Also Lot No. 243, in the sth di-tricl of Early county, ou the first Tues day in December next, at the Court house dnoroflhat county. Sold for ihe benefit of the heirs and creditors af Uriah Fuller deceased. WALTON W. FULLER. A Irn’r September 3,1839. 23 j ,4OUR MONTHS after date ap| licatmu JL will he made to the Hon. Inferior Court of Sumter county, when setting lor ordinary purposes for leav * to seil the roil estate ol Alexander Curiethers a minor. ELIZABETH JOINER Guardian Americus Ga. Mav 20 1839. 7 v ov .. R Months Iter dan- ipp ieafion i. will be made to the Honorable the fustics ol the Inf-rim Conrf of Stewart county, wh”n sitting for ordinary purposes •or leave to sell tl.t land belong' >g to tne estate of Albert 11. Shepherd, deceased. JAMES M 'MYTH, Adm’r. ANN E. SU ’ll- HERD. Ad. -’rx May 9 4 1850 1 4m [79 )U il MONTHS after and ■ e, :,p nation will he m i !e to the honorable, the in ferior court "f Sumter county, when sitting for ordinary parp for leave to sell liu real estate of Uriah Fuller, late deceased, of said county. WALTON W. FULLER, Vdm j May 1", 13'.)- JO months alter date, application ivui L ha nade to th - honorable Inferiorcour of Burke county, when sitting for ordiitan 1 nipo e. 5, for leave to sell Fra. cis, and h-r t vo children, Bi I and Moriah, belonging ; 1 the estate of 11. Mauird, deceased, or tiie benefit f the rri (lit >r.s solely. WILLIAM W. MAUND, June 26,1839 15 A !m’r. FLOItENuJE ACADEMY. 72 LIE ek arc. s* i of tlie Mile L)a| I’te-t 3. of the Fhireuce Academy, w M com mence 00 Monday next, 7th inst. unaar t 1 superintendence ot Mr. Georue J. M - Clk.skky, who comer well recon- landed as an instmeter of youth. Thefailon bg will be the rates of tuition, por quarter: Orthography, Reading and Writing $4 0’ do do do with Arithmetic, 507 English Grammar and Geography, 6 0 r Higher English Branches. 8 CC Languages. 19 Os The Female Department will comttnnv on the same day, under the direction cl MUs Maruaret Harvey. Os Miss liar vry’s qualifications the Trustees deem it un nceessaty to speak, as they are too well known to require any recommendation froq | them. The terms of tuition, will b; th sam -as state above, and for Drawing and Painting, 13 P-' Neeulpwork an extra charge of 3 C Board can bo had, for males am! so a.aicr in tlie most respectable houses, at /jisar.x ble prices. Jan. 5 39 BY THE TRUSbEIIb. c wunf/Ffu iTnltuue. GIF.ORGE il. ir. WM. J. WILLEk.B f respectfully inforuk the citizens ol Florence and tlm surrounding country,’hat they have permanently located themselves in Florence, and are prepared to execute in the most neat and workmanlike style, Side- Boards, Bureaus, Tables, Chairs, Work and Wash Stands, and Furniture of every description used in this section of the coun try. They flatter themselves, from their long experiento, that they will be able to give general satisfaction to those who may favor them with their patronage. April 9 52 HENRY A. GARRETT is the author tsed agent to take notes, receive cash and give receipts for any demands due the Mate and Female Academies ar FJorence. M 0 THE TRUbTEE» GEORGIA —Lf.e County. Jlu\e A<» i, to fora lest a Mortguge, in Lee Superior Ccurt. James L- Ross, 1 ¥Tappearing to tlie vs. A J Couit. 00 tliepe- Thomas lltiTiE*. y lition of James L. Ross, ol the in this Court, that Thomas Butler, then anil still of the county ol Bald win, iu said State, on the filth day ot Jat u ary, in the rear of our Lord, eighteen hun dred and tliirty-scvi 11, in the said county ot Lee. made and'sealed, and then and there delivered to the said James L, Uo", his cer tain mortgage deed, bearing ilafe the day and year aforesaid, thereby 11 ortgagii g io the Laid James L. Boss, the two lots or tracts of land, known as the h ts uun bored two hun dred and sixty-one and two hundred and se ventv. in the fourteenth district ot tile coun tv ot Lee; (the word fourteenth, in said m-' rt.age, abbreviated and wiitt.'ii feiutii, but intended fourteenth;) and !»•■* Ii ot said lots together, contau ing four hnndied a-d five acres of hind, tiior or less, tlie better to secure the pavnient of a cert.iin promissory note, bea’ing date the same t*nd year aforesaid, vvlib ! the said I hoinai Butler find then and there made and delivered to tlie said James L. Ross, wliereby, t>y the i rst and iy of February, eighteen hundred and thir ty-eight, the said Thomas Fuller promised to pay the said James 1,. Ross, or order, the sum of* two thousand dollars, vv.tli interest from the fir-t day of February then next, for value received, ami which said mortgage deed and promissory note, are nowhere pro duced in Court; and, ii further appearing to the Court that the sum < f eleven hundred and eighty-three Dollars and fifty-nine cents principal, bossies ii trr<st thereon, from the ninth day of January, eighteen hundred and thirty nine, is Still due on sad note ami un paid, anil the said Janies L, Ross having praye I tlie foreclosure of the said mortgage in terms of the statute in such case< provi ded ; and whereas, the said lanjes L. Ross is about to file his bill for tlie purpose of te- Ib- ming said mortgage deed. It Ts, 011 motion of James M. Kelly, attor ney for said petitioner, ordered, that the said Thomas Butler do pay into court, within six months from this date, the principal, inter est and cost due on said mortgage, or show cause to the contrary, and that on his failing so to do, the equity of redemption in and to said mortgage premises shall be henceforth, forever b irred and foreclosed. And it is further ordered by the Court, that the sai I Thomas Butler be served with a copy of this rulo three months previous to the next term of ibis Court, or that ser vice of the same be perfected by a publica tion of this rule once a month for 4 months, in some pn*die gazette in this Suite, previ ous to said term. A true extract from the minutes of tlie Superior Court, this 4th September, 1839. SA.M’L C. WYCIIE.CI’k S.C. mini 24 Iff OFFAT’S Ycge t ablcTi fe lva Pi!l»i mu) E’ltc r.ii tiSidci's. The universal estimation in which the celebra ted Life Piles and Phof.Sßx Bitters are held, is satisfactorily demonstrated by tiie increasing demand for them in every state and section of the Union, and by the volun tary testimonials to their remarkable efficacy which are every where offered. It is not less from a deeply gratifying confidence that they are the means of extensive and in estimable good among his aftlicted fellow creatures than from interested considera tions, and the proprietor of these pre eminently successful medicines in desirous of keeping them constantly before the pub lic eye.—The ssle o f every addinttional box and bottle is a guarantee that sonic person will be relieved from a greater or less degree nf suffering, and be improved in general health ; for in no case of suffering from disease can they be taken iu vain. The proprietor has never known or been in formed of an instance in which they have I'aiied to do good. In the most obstinate cases of chronic dyspepsia, torpid liver, rheumatism, asthma, nervous and billions head ache, costivencss, piles, genera! debility, sciofulous swelling and ulcers, scurvy, salt rheum and all other chronic affections of Ihe organs and membranes, they effect cures with n rapidity and permanency which few persons would theoretically be lieve, but to which thousands hive testified from happy experience. In colds and roughs, which, if neglected, superinduce the irmst lata! disease of the lungs, and indeed the vicera in general, these medicines, .1 taken but for three or four days, never ail Taken a' night, hey so promote th - insensible perspira ion, and so relieve tn system of febrile action and feculent ob structions, as to produce a most delightful sense of convalescence in tlie inoruing; iij‘l though the usual symptoms of a cold should partially return during the day, the repetition ol a suitable dose at the next hour of bed tune will almost invariably effect permanent reliefwithout further aid. Their effect upon fevers of a more acute and more violent kind is not less sure and speedy if t'ken iti proportionable quantity; and persons retiring to bed with inflainatory systoms of tho most alarming kind, will awake with the gratifying consciousness that the fierce enemy has been overthrown, and can easily he subdued. In the same way, viceral furgesence, though long estab lished, and viceral iuflamatious however critical, will yield—the former to s-nall a-ui ilie latter to large doses of the Lire Pills: and so also hysterical affections, hypocoti driocism, restlessness, and very many other v; ri‘ tics of the Neuro'ical class of diseases, vield to the efficacy of the Pkecenije Bitters. Full directions for the use of these medi ci es. and showing their distinctive applica bility to different complaints, a -co npany them ; and they can be obtains I, wholesale and retail nt 375 Broadway, where numer ous certificates nf their utiparralled suc cess are always open to inspection. For additional particulars of the above medicines, see Moffat’s “good Samaritan,” a copy of which accompanies the medicine : a copy can always he obtained of the different Agents who have the medicine for French. German, and Spanish directions can be obtained on application at the office, 375 Broad way. All post paid letters will receive immedi ate attention. Prepared and sold by WILLIAM B MOFFAT, 375 Broadway, New York A libeta! deduction made to those who pur chase to sell again. Agents— The Life Medicines may also I be had of any of the principle Druggists lu every towjj throughout the United Stales and the Csuadas. Ask for Moffat’s Life Tills and Phoenix Bitters; and be sure that a simile: of John Mr,-flat's signature is upon the label of each bottle pf Bitters or box of Pills. Prepared and sold by W. B. MOFFAT, 367 Broadway- New York. The move medicine for sale by THOMAS GARDNER, Agent. Sept. 14 S3 Illnnk Deeds, F 9R, SktjN At' Ttll*} OY!-'lCS. UNEXAMPIE9 MAMMOTH HCiIEAIE. rriHE following details of a Sch' tne of a J_ Lottery, to be draw uin Deteinbei next warrants us 'id declaring ii to be UNPAR AL LKLKD iu lire history of Lotteries. PRI ZLS, to the amount ituce never before been offered to the public. It is true, there arc many blanks, but on the other hand, the ex tremely low charge of §2O per Ticket—the value and number of the capitals, and the re vivalof the good old custom ol WARKAN- T'NGTUA i EVhRY PRIZE SHALL BE DRAWN AND SOLD, will, we are sure, give universal satislaction, and espe cially to the Six Hundred Prize Holders. 'I o ttiose disposed to adventure, we re commend early application being made to us (or tickets —when the Prizes are all sold blanks only remain—-tlie first buyers have the best chance. \Ve therefore, emphati cally say—DELAY NOT! but at once re mit and transmit to 11s your orders, which shall always receive our immediate attention. Letters to be addressed, and applications made to SYLVESTER A Cos. 156, Broadway, New York*; Observe the No. 156. $700j000!!! $5©0,0«0!! SIX PRIZES OF s2©,©©©!! TWO PRIZES OF sl@,o©o! TH RE 1 PRIZES OF B ©,«©©. GRAND REAL ESTATE AND BANK STOCK LOTTERYOF PROPERTY SITUATED IN N. ORLEANS. The Richest and most magnificent Scheme ever presented to the public in this or any oilier country. TICKHTS O.Vfj l• $ Authorized by an act of the Leg islative Assembly of Florida , and under the direction of the Commissioners acting under the same. TO BE DRAWN AT JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, DEC. 1,1839. SCHMIDT Sf HAMILTON, Managers. SY L VESTE R X C 0.156, BROAD WA Y NEW YORK, SOLE AGENTS. MO COMBINATION NUMBERS!! The deeds of the Property, and the Stock transferred in trust to the Commissioners appointed by the said Act of he Legisla ture of Florida, for the security of the Prize-Holders. SPLENDID SCHEME! 1 Prize. THE ARC A t)K, 236 feet 5 inches, 4 lines, on Magazine street; 101 feet, 11 inches, on Natchez sheet; 106 feet,6inches on Gr’viorstreet. Rented at a hout §37,000 per annum. \ral ued at . §700,000 1 Plize. CITY HOTEL, 102 feet on Common street; 146 feet 6in ches. on Camp street. Rented at §25,000. Valued at 500,000 1 Prize DWELLING HOUSE, (adjoining the Arcade,) No. 16, 24 feet 7 inches, front on Natch ez street. Rented at 1200. Val ued at 20,000 1 Prize do. Adjoining the Arcade, No 18, 23 feet front, on Natch ez street. Rented at $l2OO. Valued at 20,000 1 Prize do. Adjoining the Arcade, No. 20,23 feet front, on Natchez street. Rented at SI2OO. Val ued at 20,000 1 Prize do. No. 23, Nortli-east _ corner of Basin and Custom house street, 40 feet front on Ba sin, and 40 feet on Franklin st. by 127 feet deep in Custom house street. Rented at SISOO. Val ue,l at 20,000 1 Prize do. No. 24, South-west corner of Basin and Custom house st: 32 feet 7 in. on Basin, 32 feet 7 inches on Franklin, 127 feet 10A inches deep, in front of Custom-house street. Rented at SISOO at 20,000 i 1 Prize do. No. 339, 21 feet, 8 in chrson Royal street, by 127 feet 11 inches deep. Rented at SIOOO. Valued at 15,000 1 Prize, 2'Oshdres, Canalßankstock 100 each, 25,000 1 Prize do. 200 do. Commercial do. SIOO each, 20,000 1 Pr ze do. 150 do. Traders' SIOO each. 15,000 1 Prize do. 100 do. City Bank, SIOO each, 10,000 1 Prize 100 do do do do do 10,000 1 Prize 100 do do do do do 10,009 1 Prize 50 do Exchange Bank, SIOO each, 5.000 1 Pr>z“ 50 do do do SIOO each, 5,000 1 Prize 25 do Gas Light Bank, SIOO eni h, 2,500 1 Prize 25 do do do do do 2,500 1 Prize 15 do Mechanics’& Traders SIOO each, 1.500 1 Prize 15 do do do do 1,500 20 Prizes each 10 shares of the Lou isiana State Ba u k, SIOO each, each SIOOO, 20,000 10 Prizes, each 2 shares, of SIOO each, each Prize S2OO of the Gas Light Bank, 2,000 200 Prizes, each 1 share of SIOO, of the Rank of Louisiana, !20,000 200 Prizes, each 1 share of $100,.0f the New Orleans Bank, 20,000 150 Priz s, each 1 sharp of SIOO, of the Union Bauk of Florida 15,000 600 $1,500,000 TICKETS S2O—NO SII ARES. The whole of the Tickets, with theii* Numbers, as also, those containing the Pri zes, will he examined and sealed by the Commissioners appointed under the Act, previously tn their being put into the wheels. One wheel will contain the Six Hundred Prizes, an-1 tlie first GOO Numbers that shall be drawn out, will be entitled to such Priz. as may be drawn to its numbers, and the fm lunate holders of such prizes will have snch property transferred to them immediately after the drawing, unencumbered and without am, deduction ! June 18 11 tID IVERSONS having any Books in their ■ possession b‘ long'ng to th” subscriber, will lease return them to »h” Mirror Office. July 27 16 11. 11. BARROW The article published below, concercir.g ths new and | opuiar doctrine advanced by the illustrious Goehcke, of Germany, cannot fail of excitiog u deep and thrilling interest throughout our country. Matchless Sanative. FOR CONSUMPTION. y it y y i [ Translated from the German .] LOUIS OFFON GQELtCKE, OF GERMAN V THE GREATEST OF HUMAN BEN EFACTORS. Citizens of North and South America , r|; O Lons Orrax Gof.lickf, M. D. of -l Germany, Europe belongs the imperish able honor of adding anew and nutcious DoctriNf. of the Science of Medicine—a octrinc which, though vehemently opposed bv many of the faculty, [of which he is a valuable member,] he proves to be well founded in truth as any doctrine of Holy Writ—a doctrine, upon the verity of which are suspeuded the lives of millions of our race, and which he boldly challenges his op posers to refute, viz : Consumption is a dis ease always occasioned by a disordered slate of Mis l itre {or Life Principle) of the human body. ffT* often secretly Lurking m the sys tem for years before there s the least complaint of the Lungs c JJ)-—and which may be as cer tainly, though not so quickly cured, as a com mon cold or a simple headache. An invalua bly precious dectrine this as it imparts an important lesson to the apparently health / of both sexes, teachin g them that this insid ious foe may be an,unobserved inmate of their “clayey houses ’ even while they lino gine themselves secure fro i its attacks, teaching them that THE GREAT SE CRET IN THE ART OF PRESK R VING HEALTH IS TO PLUCK OUT THE DISEASE WHILE in THE BLADE, AND NOT WAIT TILL THE FULL GROWN EAR. This illustriousoenefaetor of man ts also entitled toour unfeigned gratitude, and the gratitude of a world, for the invention of his MATCHLESS SAN ATlVE,—whose healing fiat may justly claim for it snch a title, since it hassn signally triumphed over our great common enemy TION, both ir. the first an I last stages,-—a medicine which has throughly filled tlie va enum in tlie Materia Medico, and thereby proved itself the of Physi cians^j^T—a medicine, for which all man kind will have abundant cause to bless tlie beneficent hand of a kind Providence, —a medjeiuc whose wondrous virtues hove been so glowingly port ray *d even by some of our clergy, in their pastoral visits to the sick chamber; by which means they often be come the happy instruments of changing de spondency into hope, sickness iyto health, and sadness of friends into joy fulness. rnOELICKE’S is a medicine of more value to man 'han the vast mines of Atis'ria, or even the united reasures of our globe,-—a medicine, which is ob. lined equally from the vegetable, animal and mineral kingdoms, and thus possesses a thrf.f.-folo power,— a medicine, which tlmugii designed as a remedy for consumption solely, is possess ed of a mysterious influence over many dis eases of the I ,ina 11 system,—a medici"’., which begines to be valued by Phy deans ; w! j are daily witnessing its astonishing cures of many whom they had resigned to the g’aspol the Insaiiablf.Grave. DOSE of the Sanative, for adults, one drop; for children, a half drop; and for in ants,a qnarterdrop ; the directions explain ing the manner of taking a halfora quarter drop. <3 <3 *3 *? <3 *3 A cenificate from three members of the MEDICAL PROFESSION in Germany, in Europe. We, the undersigned, practitioners of me dicine in Germany are well aware that, by our course, we may forfeit the friendship of some of the facul tv, but not of its benevo lent members, who are uninfluenced by sel fish motives. Though we shall refrain from an expression of our opinion, either of the seundness or unsoundness of Dr. Gocliekc’s new doctrine , we are happy to sav that we deem his Sanative too valuable not to be generally known-—for what our eyes behold and our ears hear, we must believe. We hereby state, that when Dr. Louis Offon Goelieke first came before the German public, as the pretended discoverer ofa new doctrine and anew medicine, we held him in the highest contempt, believing, and openly pronouncing him to be abase impostor and the prince of quacks. But, on hearing so much aaid about the Sanative, against it and for it, we were induced, from motives of cu riosity merely, to make trial of its reputed virtues upon a numberof our most hopeless patients; and we now deem it our bnttndcn duty (even at tlie expense of our self inter est) publicly to acknowledge its efficacy it) curing not only consumption, but other fear ful maladies,[which we Hava heretofore be lieved to be incurable. Our contempt for the discoverer of this medicine was at .nice swallowed up in our utter astonishment at these unexpected results; and, as am* fer our abuse of him, we do frankly confess to the world, that we believe him a philan thropist, who does honor to the profession, and to our country, which gave him birth. The recent adoption of tnis medicine into some of our European hospitals is a suffi ent guurantythat it performs all its promises. It needod not our testimony for wherever it is used o is its own best witness. HERMAN HT.MULLF v, M. D. WALTER VAN GAULT, M. D. ADOLPHUS WERNER, M D. Germauy, December 10, 1338. & b b hi b b Post Office Chaplin, Wind ham, Cos, Con. July 20, 1838. Sir—A most wonderful cure Ins lately been effected, through the virtues of Dr. Go eliek’s Sanative, in the case of an elderly gentleman, who was fargsne and wasted away in CONSUMPTION, and considered PAST RECOVERY P V IIIS FAMILY PH A r SICAN. Tie is now eomparativ« Iy speaking, a WELL MAN. I saw him myselfa few days since, in company wirh’ltls wife starting on a journey to th” western part of this State. 1 1 e ascribes his escape from the very jaws of death, and his recov ery to health solely to the astonishing vir tues of the Matchless Sanative. He is a man possessing a snug property, but, says he, “I WOULD WILLINGLY PAY ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS FOR A SINGLE BOTTLE OF IT. IF 1 COULD NOT PURCH ASE IT f<’R A LESS PRICE. To him be Sanstim is above all value. WATER GOODELL, P. M. The above Medicine forsale. by THOMAS GARDNER'. A gem. Florence. Jan 26 The Cause of ftilious Com plaint tnnf a ».Mode of lute. \ AALLL regulated rihl pioporci,.nuie X¥-quantity of Uiitr ti|R»i. the stomach is al ways requisite lor the prin otmn of sound health—it stimulates digestion, and koep S the intestinal c.iuat free Rom all ob>truotinns On the inferior surface ot the liver is a Se cular which the bile is first p re . served, being formed by the liver from tl blood. Thence it passes into the stomach and intestines, and regulates the indiges tion. Thus »esei when there is a deficien cy ot bile, the body is constantly costive On the other hand, an overabundance of bile causes frequent nausea in the stomach and often promotes very sciere attacks of disease, which sometimes end in death. Fevers are always preceded by sym'toms of a disordered stomach ; as are also scorfiilous disorders, and all sympathetic I functional, orgauic or febrile’ diseases. From the same cause, the natural and heal thy action of the heart, and tne whole vas cular system is impaired and reduce I below its natural standard, as exhibited in pal pitations, languid pulse, torpors of the limbs syncope, and even death itself, in conse! quenee-of an overabundance of a peculiar oilensive substance to the digestive organs. The approach of bilious diseases is at all times attended by decided symptoms of an existing diseased state of the stomach and bowels; t.e. wild those signs which are known to point out ilicir contents to be of a morbi !, irritating nature; but whenever the alimentary canal happens to be loaded with ir-hating matter, some derangement of the healthy operation, either of the general system, nr nt some particular organ of the Lilly is ihe certain result; and when tins stale happens to be united with any other sym| toin- of lisease. iis elici ts are always thereby much agg'.iv ited The progress of organic obstruction is often so rapid as scarcely to admit ot' time for the applica iioii nt such aid as is to be offered by art y t, in general, tho premonitory symptoms ot gastric load are perceptible’ for a day or two previt us to the f vei ish paroxism, a p rind, when ti e most etficac'ous assistance may be given, by unloading the stomach amt alimentary canal of its irritating con tent., and thus reducing the susceptibili ty of disease* MOFFAT’S LIFE MEDICINES, should always be taken in the early stages oi Ini ions com; laints; and il perseveted iu strictly according to the directions, will positively effect a cure. i lie mineral medicines often prescribed in these, diseases, although they may effect a rcmp'uary cure at 'he same tin e ’ create an unhealthy state of the blood, and consequently teed to promote a return of the very disease which they aie employed to cure. Ii is tlii-,11 by the tiseof purgatives, exclusively farmed of vegetable coin no nods whiili, possessing within themselves no deleterious agencies, which decomposition, combination or altci atiou can deveinpe or bring into action, and therefore capable of producing no effect, save that whim is desir ed—that a safe icmt-dv Is found. T « I I. E I ILLS & Pi ICE MX BlT ’’ EII.S have proved to he the most foqyv in their elh'Cts in cases ot bilious diseases, of any purely vegetable preparation ever oiler e l to tiie public. Il the stomach is find, they cleanse ii by exciting it to throw olfits coni cuts ; if not, they pass to toe duo icoiiui ivi hout exciting Vomiiiug or nausi a 111 lh« stomach ; stimulating the ueighboimg vici rn, as the liver and pancras, so as Iy produce a mine copious fioiv of their seerefions mt» tho intestines; stimulating the exalrnt capillaries, termin.iling in the inner or 1, which ail increased flow of the useless particles ot the body, foreign matins, or e lined secretions, arc completely dischar fc'd. For further particulars of the above modi ine see MOFFAT'S GOOD SA MARIi’AN, ii copy of which accompanies the medicine. A Copy may also be obtained ol the different Agents who have the modi cine*. I">r sale (XjT 3 French, German, and Spanish di rections can lie obtained ou application t the office, 375 Broadway. All po t. paid letters will receive immediate attention. Sold wholesale and retail by WILLIAM B. M ’FFAT, 375 Broadway. N. Y. j A liberal deduction made to those who pur j chase to sell again. Agents. —Tin; Life Medicines mav ah-o he had ol the principal druggists in cverv town throughout the United .-Mates an l the G>i a las. Ask for Moffat’s Life Fills and Phcnix Bitters; and he sure that a sac : i ni It; of John M ass it’s signature is upon the label of each bottle ol hitlers, or box ot' pi'is. i’he above medicine for sale by 'i HUM AS GARDNER. Agent. September 14. 1839.- 23 A LA BAMA LANDiP FOR HALF. Cd N. half 8 14 30 N. half 4 14 30 S. half 6 ’ll 30 S. half II 11 29 S. half 34 19 £g W. half 29 16 26 ■S. half 29 18 28 E. half 21 22 26 S. half 52 18 28 N. half 33 20 £6 \V. half 26 15 24 S. half 29 16 25 N half 9 ]4 39 E.hnlf 9 10 25 K ntii e 33 15 25 Any of tlie above Lands will be sold on terms to suit purchasers, by application to John D. Fitts, Esq. Florence, Ga. or to the subscriber, at Marou. Sept 14 23 J. COWLES. (L/ - * The CM utibus Sentinel will insert the above in the place of my other advertise, ment in that paper. J. C. J. A. IS. JIAtOIV, ’ ATTORNEY AT LAW, STARKSVILLE, LEE COUNTY, GEORGIA. attend the Courts of the CHAT TAHOOCIIEE CIRCUI'I. Nov. 25 35 lv - \V II, LIAM Tr MAY Vlti-s-ney :<t Law, I .ee county, Ga. will practice in all the counties of the Chat, tahoochce circuit. March 10 48 lv K>r. Win. VI. I I artlvTTA;, LUMPKIN, GA. (N AN, at all times be found by those wish- J ing his services, at his office, sr t e house of M. McCullar, Esq. when not pro rngaced. J in 26 42 THE Subscriber will x.ttend to the eollec tion of all debts du; the late firm ol Gardner A* Barrow, up *0 April, 1839. Persons iudeb'ed to said firm will please make payment immediately. April 30 H it BARROW