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The Barnesville news-gazette. (Barnesville, Ga.) 189?-1941, April 10, 1902, Image 8

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see our ZONOPHONE OR TALKINC MACHINE —^ It will be GIVEN AWAY. Everybody that buys a box of KENTON BAKING POWDER of us, is entitled to a chance. Remember, the machine will cost you nothing. You simply buy a one-pound can of Baking Powder for '2h cents, and with each purchase you will receive a numbered ticket and whoever holds the lucky number, will get the machine — FREE OF CHARGE. We Keep Nearly Rverything—Ask for What You Don’t See—Most Likely We Have It. B. F. REEVES, Bring me your chickens, eggs, butter, hams, shoulders and other country produce. Will pay highest market price for same. JOHN T. MIDDLEBROOKS Only the Best. THE HIGHEST PRICES FOR THINGS VOC HAVE TO SELL, i want your Chickens. Eggs, Putter, Hume, Potatoes and will give you t he very best prices possible. THE LOWEST PRICES ON THINGS YOUHAVE TO BUY. 1 always carry a full line of Staple and Fancy Groceries, and have them marked down to the very lowest notch and can make it to your interest to fry me. I have recently added to my stock of Groceries a line of FARMERS’ SUPPLIES, such as are necessary for every farmer to have. I also have a complete line of Crockery and Tinware. 1 don’t give trading stamps, but'give you the amout off on the prices. Don’t forget the place, I am not on the corner any longer, but am still in ‘‘in the ring” when it comes to competition, and can knock most of the rest of them out. Yours truly, John T. Middlebrooks. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure Digests what you eat* This preparation contains all of th*. digestants and digests all kinds of food. It gives Instant relief and never falls to cure. It allows you to eat all the focK* you want. The most sensitive .stomacts can take it. By its use many ‘thousands of dyspeptics have been cured after everything else failed. It prevents formation of gas on the stom :ach, relieving all distress after eat ing. Dieting unnecessary. Pleasant to take. It oan’t help but do you good Prepared only by F. DkWitt &00., Ohlc&flt Yho sl. bottle contains 2% tluicsthe &oc. size. Charles T. Yerkes, the Chicago, street railway magnate, was so much pleased with a portrait or Kiihself painted by Benjumi i Constant that he added a gratu ity of $ 10,(XX) to the check of $20,- (XK>. the artist’s price for the picture. Mr. Yerkes said that the extra SIO,(XH) was a token of ad miration for the artist’s genius, and grattitude “for you having consented to bother with such an uninspiring model.” As if a model able to pay S2O,OCX) for a picture could be “uninspiring 1” Constant, however, would not accept the SIO,(XX). He had his price for portraits, he said: “no more and no less.” He proposed, therefore, that the surplus be given to char ity. HICK’S CAPUDINE Cures all Headaches, Colds, LaGrippo, Neuralgia, etc. Your money back if it fails. 15 and 25? at all Drugstores. Kor sale by Jordan Bros. A AY. A. Wright An lowa lawyer’s letterhead, in addition to his name and office address contains the following: “He that loveth pleasure shall be a poor man. Chancellor Solomon. Practices in every court on this earthly ball. Expert title perfec ts* and buys and sells mortgages and makes loans. Am the red headed, smooth-faced, fro<>Vb* ■ i 1 r / slope, uuu uxwuys in toe caudle. Active as the nocturnal feline. Leonine in battle but gentle as a dove. Fees are the sinews of war. ? For Over Sint) Years. \ V Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing Syrup his been used for over sixty years by millions of mothers for their children while teething with per fect success. It soothes the child, softens the gums, allays all pain, cures wind eono and is the best remedv for Diarrhoea. It will relieve the poor little ’offerer immediately.' —SrrftTNJ'y its 3 C ot the iforlu .. o cents a bottle. Be sd*!! and 4 'k for Mrs. Winslow’sA Soothing Syrup, and take no otlie\biud. Fourteen Mistakes of Life. An English paper is said to have given what are called the fourteen mistakes of life’ as follows. 1. To set our own selves up ns standards of knowledge, and as sume that everybody else are idiots and fools. 2. Never to realize that other people are endowed with as liberal supply of intelligence as ourselves, and that they should lie so re spected . 55 That the personal pronoun “my” sounds bigger to the “first person” than the “second.” 4. To regard our own theories and ideas ns infalible, and that all others are worthless and not worth mentioning. 5. To endeavor to mould all dis positions alike. 0. To look for perfection in our own actions. 7. To worry ourselves and others with what cannot be remedied. 8. To refuse to yield in immate rial matters. 9. To refuse to alleviate so far as lies in our power, all which needs alleviation. 10. To refuse to make allow ances for infirmities of others. 11. To consider everything im possible that we cannot perform. 12. To believe only what our own finite mind can grasp. 18. To expect to be able to un derstand everything. 14. To live for time alone when any moment may launch us into eternity. The profit of a gold mine depends, not on the amount of roek crushed under the stains but upon the amount of gold which can be extracted from the roek. In a similar way the value of the food which is eaten does not depend on the quantity which is taken into the stomach but upon the amount of nourishment extracted from it by the organs of nutrition and digestion. When these organs are diseased they fail to extract the nourishment in suf ficient quantities to supply the needs of the several organs of the body, and these organs cannot work without nour ishment. The result is heart "trouble,” liver “trouble," and many another ail ment. 1 >r. l’ieree’s Golden Medical I Discovery, acting on ovey\ gun of the lEestiveand nutridv > n, restor. it health anil • ... r. It cures diseased remote from me stomach through the stomach in which they originated. "Golden Medical Discovery” contains neither alcohol nor narcotics. Cimt ol'Tlianks. Miss Eliza A. Gardner wishes to thank her Christian friends for their kindness during her long six'll of sickness, from which she has recently recovered. That God’s choicest blessings may rest upon each and every one of them as they journey along the rugged path ol life and after death re ceive their jeweled cr*uu in heaven, is her earnest prayer. C vfS. .T ~~ „r£ x *£L.. Bnmu, Kiitj Yiw Haw Aiways Bag! THE *r- NEWS-GAZETTE, THURSDAY- 1, 1802. OPKItA HOUSE. Mr. .1. Williams Maoy, New York’s Favorite Humorist ami Buffo Bas so Will Appear at Opera House April 14. — Mr. J. William Macy is the next attraction booked by the i management of the opera house. He is booked for the 14th of April and from comments of the press, Mr. Macy will no doubt give an I entertainment that has not been ! surpassed by any'previous engage ment here. Mr. Macy is under | the management of the Alkahest | Lyceum System of Atlanta, which j only offers attractions of the high- I est order. Here are a few press comments where Mr. Macy has appeared: “When Mr. Macy wanted his hearers to laugh, they laughed; and when the opposite was at tempted, the opposite was accom plished. There were grins, smiles, roars and there were tear-. His repertoire was well selected, and sc arranged that an audience could listen all night and still be unsat isfied. His voice is rich and his modulation perfect.” Detroit Journal. , “Mr. Macy kept his auditors in a constant roar of laughter.”— Brooklyn Times. “The impersonations by Mr. Macy were especially happy, and time and again set the house in a roar.”—Cincinnatti Tribune. Reserved seat tickets will be put on sale at Jordan’s drug store Friday. A VALUABLE MEDICINE For Coughs and Conns in Children. “I have not the slightest hesitancy in recommending Chamberlain’s Cough Remedy to all who are suffering from coughs of colds, ’’says (‘has. M. Cramer, Esq., a well known watch maker, of Colombo, Ceylon. “It; has been some two years since the City Dispensary first called my attention to this valua ble medicine and I have repeatedly used it and it has always been benefi cial. If, lifts cured me quickly of all chest colds. It is especially effective for children and seldom takes more than one bottle to cure them of hoarse ness. I have persuaded many to try this valuable medicine, and they are all as well pleased as myself over the result.” For sale by Jno. H, Blackburn. Two Banks Ituiining. The Barnesville Savings Bunk, which will soon be known as the Peoples’ Bank of Barnesville, opened for business Monday. Mr. A. M. Lambdin is the cashier and will give the bank all of his time and attention. Mr. C. 0. Rum mers, the president, is also devot ing considerable time to the busi ness of the bank. The Bank of Barnesville opened last week, with Mr. J. A. McCrary as cashier, and this bank lias been doing a nice business every day. The bank is well officered and is well equipped for business. Both the banks are ready to handle the accounts of nil custom ers and to loan money to the bus iness men and farmers of the en tire surrounding country. CASTOR IA For Infants and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bought Bears the Signature of TcUcJL*: Mr. C. T. Tyler represented the Pike county Sunday School Asso ciation, also tho Barnesville Meth odist Sunday School, at the State Sunday School Convention which was held in Augusta last week. Mr. Tyler is a wide awake Sunday School worker, and no doubt gained many useful points from the meetings which he attended. A Nice Trip Cheap. Elsewhere in this issue, the Cot ton Belt Route announce very low rates to Texas, on aecout of Con federate Reunion at Dallas. This road affords the very best service to all points West, and if you con template taking a trip out West this year, you will do well to write to Mr. N. B. Baird, Atlanta, Ga. who ix Trending Passenger Agent of th- ' Mr. J. W. Danison, of Atlanta, was in the city yesterday, repre sening the mercantile agency of of R. G. Dunn & Cos. Mrs. B. H. Hardy left Tuesday for Gainesville, where she will visit friends and attend the Pi i mour-Barnes marriage. Goon for Rheumatism. Last fall I was taken with a very se vere attack of muscular rheumatism i which caused me great pain and annoy ! ance. After trying several prescrip i tions and rheumatic cures, I decided to [ use Chamberlain’s Pain Balm, which 11 had seen advertised in the South I.Terseyman. After two applications of '+’* a Ke*T*- ,, v 1 was pti';}’ !> e*ter. aaei using one bottle, was complete!* cured. — Sallik Harris, Salem, N. J. For Sale by Jxo. H. Blackburn. Tired (Jit “ I Wa* vefy poorly and could hardly get about the bouse. I was tired out all the time. Then 1 tried Ayer’s Sarsaparilla, and it only took two bottles to make me feel perfectly well.”—Mrs. N.S. Swin ney, Princeton, Mo. Tired when you go to bed, tired when you get up, tired all the time. Why? Your blood is im pure, that’s the reason. You are living on the border line of nerve ex haustion. Take Ayer’s Sarsaparilla and be quickly cured. SftSjgS: Auk your doctor what he thinks of Ayer’s Sarsaparilla. He known all aboutthis grand old family medicine, follow hit* advice and ws will l>e satisfied. J. C. Ayer Cos., Lowell, Mass. Woodall a Candidate. Attention is called to the card of Mr. J. Dan Woodall, in which he announces as a candidate for the legislature from Pike county. He was in the race before and he promises a number of important reforms if elected. Mr. Woodall is a good citizen and none doubt but that he would strive hard to promote the public welfare if he could get to the capital. Catarrh Cannot Ho Cured with LOCAL APPLICATIONS, as they cannot reach the seat of the disease. Catarrh is a blood or constitutional dis ease, and in order to cure it you must take internal remedies. Hall’s Catarrh Cure is taken internally, and acts di rectly on the blood and mucous sur faces. Hall’s Catarrh Cure is not a quack medicine. It was prescribed by one of the best physicians in this coun try for years, and is a regular prescrip tion. It is composed of the best tonics known, combined with the best blood purifiers, acting directly on the mucous surfaces. The perfect combination of the two ingrediehts 1* what produces such wonderful results in curing Ca tarrh. Send for testimonials free. F. J. CHENEY A CO., Toledo, O. Sold by Druggist, 75c. Hall’s Family Pills are the best. Most attractively springlike are the literary features, illustrations, fashions and milmery in. The Designer for May, the dainty color plate* and cover add ing largaJy to the effectiveness of this number. Of espeaial interest are “May Day,” by John de Morgan, “The Art of Basketry,” by Jane \V. Guthrie, “Some Original Cottage Furnishings,” by Mary Kilsyth, and “Selections for the Recitationist.” The fiction com prises “White Versus Brown,” a capi tal short story by L. G. Wilcoxson; “Joseph’s Goat,” a parlor comedy by Mary Dawson; “What Came of a Dare,” by L. M. Montgomery, and the opening chapters of a continued love story, “The Apology of Ayliffe,” by the well-known author, Ellen Olney Kirk. “Effective ‘Gibson’ Garments” are charmingly set forth among the fashions, so, too, are costumes suitable for commencement of graduation day, and in the milinery department “An Expert” describes lucidly the construc tion of an up-to-date sailer hat, suita ble for traveling or generat wear “Pointson Dressmaking,” “Etiquette,” “Toilet Table Chat.” Nursery and Household Hints are all supplied in abundance. Smith’s Nerve Itestorer. This medicine is guaranteed to cure all cases of Nervous Prostration caused by overwork. It is a true Nerve Tonic and restores Nervous Yatality or Less of Manhood. It will not only relieve these nervous troubles and weakness but will reftore them to full vigor and manhood. Guaranteed and sold by N Jno. H. Blackburn. The only Guaranteed. Kidney Cure is Smith’s Sure Kidney Cure. Your druggist will refund your money if after taking oue bottle you are not sat isfied with results. 50 cents at Jno. H. Blackburns. • If You can’t sleep at Niglit use Smith’s Nerve Restorer. It is a true Nerve Tonic. Will cure any case of Nervous Prostration ; does not con tain opium in any form. Sold by Jno. H. Blackburn. One Cent A Mile To Texas. On account of the Confederate Vete ran Reunion, April 22nd to 25th round trip tickets will be sold to Dallas, via the,Cotton Belt at a very low rate of ONE CENT A MILE. This rate is open to everybody. Tickets will be sold April 18th, 19th and 20th and will be limited to May 2nd for return, but will be extended to May 15th if desired. Stop overs will be allowed at any points in Arkansas or Texas on either going or returning trip. Low rate ,<n .;n tickets will be sold from Dallas to all parts of Texas. Oki. noma and Indian Territory. The round trip rate from Atlanta will be $17.75. If you ever ex pect to visit Texas this will be the iln ..ce of your life to do so. For rate ! .a schedule from your heme town and for handsomely illustrated pamphlets describing Arkansas and Texas write to N. B. Biard, T. P. A. Atlanta, Ga., Six Million Boxes a Year. In 1895, none; in 1900, 6,000,000 boxes; that’s Cascarets Candy Ca thartic’s jump into popularity. The people have cast their verdict. Best ’ medicine for the bowels in the world. All druggists, 10c. WANI ED~Soghum Seed and Speckled Peas W. K. Wilk-nson, Barm s\ ' la. Our Greeting. '■ ,1 * 1 The Old Year is gone—the New Y r ear is here. We wish you well as the years 'change. We greet-all our friends with good wishes and are ready to make them happy through substantial savings and increased benefits both t-o them and to us, and at the same time thank them for their patronage during the year that has just gone. Beginning with the new year, turn over anew leaf in your flour department and buy the best —Brand Milled AZ-I-LE. Guaranteed absolutely pure. M. M. ELLIOTT & CO. Barnesville, Ga. J. D. HIGHTOWER, successor TO j. \V. HIGHTOWER DEALER IN Agricultural, Mechanical and Buiders’ Hardware, Farm Equipments, Water Supplies, Guns, Cutlery, Silverwares, Lisk’s non-rustible Tinware, China and Glassware, Decorative Brie-a - Brae, Crockery and Queensware, wooden ware, Stoves, Holloware, Paints, Oils, Brushes etc., etc. Agt for Deering’s Binder, Mower & Rake Forsyth Guano Factory. The Virginia-Carolina Chemical Company are manufacturing High Grade Fertilizers at their Guano Factory and Oil Mill at Forsyth this season. The factory is under the management of Messrs. Pres ton Maynard and Robert Reid of Forsyth. They give the mixing of these goods their personal at tention. They use nothing but high grade chemicals in the man ufacture of the goods. The am monia in these goods is derived from cotton seed meal and sul phate of ammonia. The botash is derived from imported Muriate of Potash. The available Phospho ric Acid is derived from Bone Phosphate. The}’ do not use Ger man Kainit or a filler of any kind. They are making the best manipu lated goods I ever sold, perfectly dry and free from lumps. I am shiping car loads of these goods to many towns in Middle Georgia every day. The farmers appreciate these goods from the fact that they can be distributed through Gantt distributors, which are now used extensively all over Georgia, much more easily and evenly than any blood or tankage goods can be. I feel that every business man in Forsyth as well as every farmer in Monroe county ought to appreciate the efforts of the Chemical Company in making as high a grade fertilizer at their Mr. George A. Wright, a former student of Gordon Institute was circulating among his Barnes ville friends Saturday. Mr. Wright made an enviable record while in school here, having held each year the highest office in his class. He has just completed a course in the Atlanta College of Pharmacy, and won for himself distinction in that institution. CANDY Genuine stamped C. C. C. Never sold In bulk. Beware of the dealer who tries to sell “something just as good.” Senatorial Meetings. The democratic executive com mittee of the twenty-second sena torial district of Georgia will meet at the court house in Macon Ga on Tuesday April 15th., liX)2, at noon, for the purpo°e 'f fixing a date for the senatorial primary, and for other purposes. Each member of the committee is urged to be present. B. F. Holder Jr. Sidney R. Green, Chairman Secretary. factory in Forsyth as they make at any other factory owned by them. The work at this factory gives em ployment to a large number of people. I hope at an early date that the Chemical Company will enlarge their plant at Forsyth by adding an acid chamber and mak ing acid phosphate as well as all other grades of fertilizers. This would give employment to hun dreds of people and help the town and county. Call at Preston Maynard’s bank and Watts & Alexander’s ware house, see samples and get prices of these goods before buying else where. We sell in addition to the goods made at our factory at Forsyth, Animal Bone Fertilizer, Blood Guano, Blood and Bone Guano, and Blood and Tankage Guano manufactured at Macon, Atlanta, and Newnan Georgia. We also sell Nitrate of Soda for top dress ing on wheat and oats. The farmers of Pike will find these goods at the warehouse of J. L. Hunt, Barnesville and those of Spalding will find them with Grif fin & Mitchell, Griffin, and with M. F. Swint, Orchard Hill, J. H. Reeves, The Rock, Reeves & Louis at Delrey, Ga. D. J. Procter, Agent, Virginia-Carolina Chemical Cos. Forsyth, Ga., March 20th, 1902. A pt rp 1* A.- Bears the lhfl Kin * You Have Alwajs Bought Sunday School's Sunday. There will be a service in the interest of Sunday schools at the Methodist church Sunday at 11 o’clock. Good music will be furnished by the choir and children of the school Short addreses will be nuue by the pastor, Mr. Chas. T. Tyler and Prof. Oliphant. Parents and adult members of the congre gations are espejialy urged robe present. SAVED MANY A TIME.; Don’t neglect coughs and colds even if it is spring. Such cases often result seriously at this season just because people are careless. A dose of One Minute Cough Cure will remove all danger. Absolutely safe. Acts at once. Sure cure for coughs, colds, croup, grip, bronchitis, and other throat and lung troubles. "I have used One Minute Cough Cure several years,” says Post master C. O. Dawson, Barr, 111. "It is the very best cough medicine on the erket. It has saved me many a se vc. spell of sickness and I warmly rx :i?ndit.” ihe children’s frvor ite. H. Blackburn, Barnesville, Ga. L. Tlolm*s, ; Milner, Ga.