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The Barnesville news-gazette. (Barnesville, Ga.) 189?-1941, March 26, 1925, Image 1

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(Unnunttum Number Georgia iFrbrratrii iflusir (Eluba Cerium GJtwi Barnesville N ews-Gazette. Volume 57 L A. COLLIER Now showing the wonderful line of “Griffon Clothes,” for Spring and Summer. Try a Griffon Suit. Three piece suits at $30.00 and $35. Two piece suits $15.00 and $25.00. Have just received a beauti ful line of “colorfast”. shirts for men. My new Spring Felt Hats for men are the prettiest and snap piest ones w e have ever shown. Prices $3.00, $3.50 and $5.00. f L. A. COLLIER “All the New Ones All the Time” Barnesville, Ga. YEAR ROUND STOCK Our store will be found a fine place to trade every business day in the year. Our stock of Jewelry and kindred lines will be kept complete at all times and the prices will be right. J. H. BATE & CO. JEWELERS and OPTOMETRISTS BARNESVILLE, GA. The Radio Season Is Here We Have Radio Sets From $35. to $450. Call us for a demonstration. Brown’s Garage “We Lead. Others Follow.” Phone 64 Barnesville, Ga. BARNESVILLE, GEORGIA, THURSDAY, MARCH 26. 1925 WELCOME FROM MASONIC FRATERNITY Pinta Lodge. No. 88, A. F. & A. M., most heartily welcomes to our little city the Georgia Federated Music Clubs. We rejoice at your coming because you are the means of enlightening humanity in one of the noblest of sciences—music—that science that gives the natural world communion with the . spiritual, a science that is especially dwelt upon in the teachings of this ancient fi-a ternity which came to dwell in the lives of Barnesville men in the year 1849 through the influence of such noble men as J. S. Willis, M. G. Howard, Frances Reviere. S. C. Campbell, J. W. Elder, D. W. Allen, L. W. Morrison, who secured a charter for our local iouge under the above name October 31, 1849, and they and their successors have en deavored to be useful in bringing to light the secrets of a happy, pros perous and contented community. We feel that your coming will lend renewed courage in reaching that high goal. % MRS. FIFIELD GOES TO HOSPITAL IN MACON Mrs. L. S. Fifield, who has been quite ill for some time past, was car ried to the Macon hospital Sunday, where it is hoped she may soon be improved, as she can there be Riven special treatment. Her condition has been considered critical and it is the earnest hope of all her friends that she may be greatly benefitted in Macon. SPECIAL SERVICE A Fredonia Congregational Church, Sunday, March 29th. There will be the regular session of the Church School Sunday morn ing at ten o’clock, after which the pastor, at eleven o’clo'-k, will preach on the subject, “Meeting Handi caps.” This is an extra service which your servant, the pastor, wel comes with cheerful alacrity. Let us make use of it. Our offering to the Atlanta Theo logical Seminary last meeting day amounted to one hundred dollars. That was a splendid offering. Dr. Sherrill and those connected with the Seminary wish to thank you for this concrete expression of your good will. —A. Constantine Adamz, Minister. HAD BAD FALL Mrs. Iverson Middlebrooks, an aged and beloved woman, had the misfortune to fall at the home of her sob, Mr. J. T. MiddlebrookV, last Friday, from which she sustained se rious injuries, which will probably confine her to her bed for quite a while. She had just recovered suf ficiently from a recent illness to be up and around the house, being, of course, very weak. While walking across a room a cat ran in front of her, tripping her up, when she fell heavily upon the floor, breaking her right hip, her shoulder and her collar bone, all injuries more or less serious to one of her age. Drs. J. A. Corry and C. H. Willis were promptly called and have been devoted in their service, as have all her loved ones and neighbors. It is the sincere hope of every body that she will rapidly improve and regain her health. O——— JUDGE REDDING IMPROVING RAPIDLY Judge John F. Redding, who has been ill for the past week, is much improved, which is exceedingly grati fying to his hundreds of friends in Barnesville and throughout this sec tion of Georgia. He was stricken suddenly and unexpectedly early last week and his loved ones and friends at first were apprehensive as to hi3 condition but he has steadily im proved and everybody is now hoping to see him out again in a 3hort time. Judge Redding holds the universal respect and love of the people of the community and since they heard of his illness have been very so licitous for his recovery. FINE INSURANCE COMPANY There is a very attractive an nouncement in the News-Gazette to day of the great old Metropolitan In surance Company, whi'h is repre sented locally by Mr. H. S. Butler, assistant manager, and Messrs. .1. T. Butler aad J. D. Burnette. These gentlemen are all well known and popular with the people of the com munity and they are having a fine patronage for the company which they represent. We hope you will read carefully the announcement which the com pany is making in the News-Gazette this week. A CLIPPING From the November, 1922, Issue of The Musical Monitor, New York City. Third Vice President orf Georgia Fed eration of Music Clubs, Mrs. C. M. Dunn, Barnesville, Georgia. Mrs. C. M. Dunn of Barnesville, Georgia, is among the live women who are really helping to make America musical. She was elected president of The Three Arts club at its organization in April, 1922, and tljis office she still hplds. In 1922 and 1923 she organized a Junior and a Juvenile Three Arts club and in 1924 the Gordon Glee club in the school where she is director of mu sic and teacher of pianoforte and organ. She studied pianoforte with F. F. Lincoln and pipe organ with Henry M. Dunham at the New Eng land Conservatory, Boston, Mass. Barnesville has only 3,500 inhabi tants but must be very much alive for it also has a Music Study club at the A. & M. College. All these clubs are federated with the Georgia Federation of Music clubs and the National Federation of Music clubs. The Georgia Federation of Music clubs showed its appreciation of Mrs. Dunn’s work by making her third vice president and chairman of Ex tension in the Sixth district last year. LITTLE MOTHERS’ LEAGUES; GIRLS SHOULD JOIN The State Board of Health has been very much interested in the organiza tion of Little Mothers’ Leagues, be lieving that this is a good work, and worthy of everyone's hearty support. The Parent-Teacher Associations and the Home Demonstration Agents of the Agriculture College have been of great assistance, in this work. Many classes have already been held In va rious parts of the State, and we sin cerely hope that our county will see to It that our school girls are given this very beneficial Instruction. The lessons are prepared and fur nished by the State Board of Health. The classes are Instructed by the teacher In the school, and when the lessons have been finished and the class, if of sufficient size, the State furnishes a nurse to examine the chil dren and to give demonstrations In how to dress the baby, how to give It a bath, how to prepare its food, the signs of illness, etc. To succeessful children she gives a beautiful printed certificate under the signature of Dr. Abercrombie, Commissioner of Health, countersigned by the nurse, also a “Little Mothers’ League” pin having the great Seal of Georgia in its cen ter, a very serviceable and artistic piece of jewelry. The information given is very prac tical. and will be serviceable through out the child’s life. There Is nothing In the lessons to which anyone can object, but all praise has been given them. The State Board of Health will < be glad to send the lessons to any school that Is interested and will take up with them the necessary details of the completion of the course. Another matter along this line in which the State Board of Health is interested Is the la.truction of moth ers about their babies: they call them ’’Mothers’ Classes.” The Parent-Teach er Associations, Women’ll Clubs or the mothers themselves can organize these. Any one interested should write to Division of Maternity and Infancy, State Board of Health, 131 Capitol Square, Atlanta, Ga Blindness in babies is preventable In a large measure. The thing to do is to put drops into the eyes at birth. One person in six suffers a spell of sickness during each year. WE SELL WHY* PAY MORE? PRE-EASTER SALE Beginning Friday, March 27th, and Will Last Until After EASTER A complete stock of up to date Dry Goods, Clothing, Shoes, Hats, Caps, Millinery and Ladies 1 and Children's Ready-to-Wear garments at Money Saving Prices Read our full page circular in this paper and then come to our store and you will he con vinced that everything is sold as advertised and that we can save you money on your pre-Easter purchase. Trade With Us and Save the Difference ELIJAH WISEBRAM 216 MAIN STREET BARNESVILLE, GA. “THE RELIABLE STORE” The FLORSHEIM SHOE SALE To give Florsheim friends the benefit of a saving, and to make new friends who will become permanent ones, we’re offering Flor sheims now at sgßs All $lO. Sweaters at $7.50 Clark T. Bush Barnesville, Ga. Number 49