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The Barnesville gazette. (Barnesville, Ga.) 187?-189?, August 31, 1899, Image 8

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THE KNIGHTS OF DAMON . . ■■■ The Old Reliable National fraternal Order •• Offers to the people of Barnesville the cheapest plan of SAFE In surance ever formulated. Though Fraternal in character, it em braces all the essential features of Old Line Insurance, . It does not take up burdens in the beginning • j s a s!!3sss l sn l ?i. l s?s;M Jtstass; ms sss was? skis !s, b s, , s,°s. , t y otnfc nd " oush Policies issued of from sl,ooo to $5,000 the full amount of which is paid in case of total disability or death. Membership premiums are payable monthlyly, quarterly or annually as preferred. Initiation and lodge attendance not compulsary. Payment of premiums cease at Life s expectancy, and old age benefit paid. THp> admission fee of $6 is prorated monthly. Premiums remain fixed. , , ... The Knights of Damon has a strong conclave in Barnesville. Will you not become a member ? Ladies insured on equal terms with men * For further information apply to L. H. PATTILLO, Special Deputy* MATTHEWS HOUSE, BARNESVILLE, GA Council Proceedings. Council Chamber, ) Barnesville, G a., Aug. 21th, 1899.) Regular meeting of council called to order by Mayor. Present Aldermen Rogers, Prout, Anderson and Hanson. Absent Gray and Stallings. Following bills approved by finance committee and same ordered paid: Dispensary, $12.50; electric light and water works, $34.50; street and public property, $40.30; Coupons, $l2O. In regard to appeals of Mrs. L. A. Murphey and G. E. Huguley both assessments were reduced (,$500) five hundred dollars. Major instructed to have water from two or three wells on Ann street analyzed to see if same con tained any typhoid germs. Council reconsidered application •of P. F. Matthews & Son for rebate on license and same was refunded by vote. Following report was made by tax comifiittfce; , v> • , 1 -• f , 1 ■ V ■ To the Hon. Mayor and council ot the town of Barnesville:— We, your tax committee, having' carefully examined the tax returns for 1899 beg leave to submit the follow ing report: We find that the following named parties have failed to return any per sonal property: Georgia Underwear Cos., Oxford Knitting Mills, Mrs. Mc- Candless, J. M. Reeves. Staftord- Huguley Hosiery Cos., J. R. Jackson. Mrs. Nottingham. Ludwig, E. W. Whitaker. Tom Moore. The following parties have return ed their personal property at too low a figure: Mrs. W. W. ArtioM, J. C. Collier Cos. Royal ftss, Absolutely Pure Makes the food more delicious and wholesome V KOVSI WM sowpas CO., KC TO**. The following property we think assessed too low: Georgia Underwear Cos., Oxford Knitting Mills, Ilanson Crawley Cos.. Summers buggy Cos., J. G. Smith & Sons, Turner & Prout. We find that the total value of property returned amounts to nine hundred and fifty thousand dollars, ($950,000) and recommend that the tax rate for 1899 be made 1 per cent. Respectfully submitted, I). 1,. Anderson, Ch'm. ) J. W. Hanson, Tax Com. H. H. Gray. ) August 21 st, 1899. C. and T. instucted to carry out law in regard to persons not giving in personal property and to assess property given in at too low a valua tion. , Moved and carried that assessments on property of Georgia Underwear Cos., Hanson-Crawley Cos., Oxford Knitting Mills, Turner & Prout, J.G. Smith & Sons, and Summers Buggy Cos. be referred to tax assessors, with instuctions to assess same at true valuation. Matter of fixing rate for 1899 was referred to adjourned meet itig Thursday afternoon, Aug. 24th. at 4 o'clock. Council adjourned to meet Thurs day afternoon at 4 o'clock. W. B. Smith, Robert Holmes, Mayor. Clerk & Treas. Council Chamber, Barnesvim.k, Ga., Au". 24, 1899. i AdjQurned meeting ot council call ed to order mayor. Present, full board of aldermen. Moved and carried that tax rate for 1899 be made 1 per cent. City attorney \ias instructed to draw amendments to charter and run citations in Gazette, to cover the following: Increase of punishment from 30 to 90 days; change corporate name from Mayor and Council of the Town of Barnesville, to City of Barnesville; Make water and light dues collectable ,by fifa as in case of taxes. Provide for police surveillance of public property out of city limits. Provide for water and light commis sion. Nothing further, minutes read and council adjourned. W. B. Smith, Robert Holmes, Mayor. Clerk & Treas. Don’t Stop taking Scott’s Emulsion be cause it’s warm weather. Keep taking it until you are cured. It will heal your lungs and give you rich blood in sum mer as in winter. It’s cod liver oil made easy. 50c. nd $ 1. All druggists. About Insurance. Attention is called to the advertise ment of the Knights of Damon. This is a strong order and is managed by some of the best business men in Georgia. Mr. L. H. Pattillo is in Barnesville to talk to the people about the order. Rather a Uooil Ruke:OtY. Mr. P. J. Moran, in an article in the Atlanta Constitution, says: “As an illustration of the manner in which the farmers of the country have lost 1 1 eretotbre. it is only necessary to re peat a statement recently made by Mr. Hester, of New Orleans, that out of an annual cotton receipt of one million three hundred thousand bales in that city over thirty-seven thousand bales were made up out of samples which had been ruthlessly plucked from the bales by the men who handl ed them, which should have gone in to the parishes of Louisiana." Not the least tneri'. of American Cotton Company's Roundlap bale is that be sides its other economies it prevents this unjust tribute from being levied on the farmer. Pike County Court. The Zebulon Journal last Saturday contained the following about the ses sion of Pike County Court held last week: County court was in session Mon day, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, Judge Dupree presiding, and Col. J. J. Rogers acting as solicitor. The following is a list of the criminal cases disposed of; State vs Sam Collier, misdemeanor not guilty. State vs Joe Kent, misdemeanor, not guilty. Frank Wadkins, concealed weap ons; guilty, 8 mos. or S4O. Otis Jackson, simple larceny; guilty 2 mos. in jail or S2O. Robert Moreland, malicious mis chief; guilty, 30 days in jail or sls. Val Jackson, simple larceny; guilty, 8 mos. or $45. Louisana Barber, simple larceny; guilty, 6 mos,or $25. G. W. F.ubanks, wife beating; guil ty, 8 mos. or S4O. Beware of food Samples. Quite recently in New York two deaths occured from poisoning by the use of powders sent to the victims by mail. In Leavenw’orth, Kans., the other day nearly every doctor in town was called to attend the children who had gathered up, eaten, and been made ill by samples of an article left at houses by canvassers for advertis ing purposes. Alum baking powders have always been favorite articles for this sampling business. Yet there is nothing more liable to lead to danger than the prac tise of using the various samples of baking powdei left at the door. They are presented by irresponsible parties in appearance are not'distinguishable from arsenic, and indeed, in Indiana some time since one package was found, after it had caused the death of the housewife, to have been mixed with that poison. It is safer to refuse all samples or medicine offered at the door. Pure cream of tartar baking powders sell upon their merits, and are never ped dled or sampled. COAL ! COAL 0 COAL THE VERY BEST JELLICO 300 TONS IN OUR YARD NOW Bought in June # Perfectly Clean: We burn the slack and fine coal in our boilers We are Prepared to sell you the VERY BEST COAL at the price °f CHEAP COAL# J. 6. SMITH & SONS. ECZEMA CURED BY BOTANIC BLOOD BALM (B. B. B.) FOR Bad Blood Itching, torturing, scaly Eczema, Pimple* and Skin Humor* are outward evidences ot m deep seated Blood Disease, hence to really cure to stay cured s thoroughly tested Blood Remedy like Botanic Blood Balm (B. B. B.) is required. It is the only remedy strong enough to reach the cause, expelling the poison and humors from the blood, thus drlviugout every vestige of the disease. Botanic Blood Bnlm cures after doctors, salves, external or internal remedies hove failed. ■JftUC Yf||| Itching, burning, scaly, crusted, or pimply skin, blisters containing pus or watery fluid, skir. red, and an itching beat, with or without sores, on legs, arms, hands, neck, dr face i Then take Botanic Blood Balm (11. R. B.), wh ch will cure you, leaving tho flesh free from blemishes, Itching, or sores. Eczema on Children. Children are very fre quently afflicted with Eczema or sores, sometimes affecting entire face and scalp. Dive the child mild doses of Botanic Blood Balm (B. B. B.) and the aore* will toon heal. Price sl, per large bottle (aix for ), at drug (tore*. Perfectly safe to use by old or young. Sample Bottle Free. Bend 2 stamps to pay postage for free sample bottle and book. Describe trouble, and free persona] medieal advice given. Address, Blood Balm Cos , Atlanta, Georgia, E. A. STEPHENS, ATTORN EY-AT LAW BARNESVILLE, - - GA. Negotiated. W. W. LAMBDIN, Attorney at Law, BARNESVILLE - - - GA- Will do a general practice in all the courts, State and federal, es pecially in the counties composing the Flint circuit. C. J. LESTER, Attorney at Law BARNESVILLE, - - - - GA. Farm and city loans negotiated at low rates and on easy terms. In of fice formerly occupied by S. N. Woodward. 1 STORE FOR RENT. * My brick store occupied by Whit akers market, is for rent. Appljr to Dr. J. L. Fogg, Mr. G.E. Huguyyo* the undersigned. f! Mrs. Emma GuttenbercAk- Pimples, s . km Eruptions Burn and Itch, Scales, 50/ . es /