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Seminole family receives award at luncheon at Rock Eagle 4-H center A Seminole County farm family was one of nine added to the state’s honor roll of Master Earm Families, in recognition services at the state’s 4-H club center at Rock Eagle recently. Mr. and Mrs. Jno. I. (Phil) Spooner of Seldom Rest Farms received a handsome trophy after their selection was announced by the Co operative Extension Service of the University of Georgia and the Progressive Farmer magazine, at a luncheon meet ing for farm,' business and professional leaders from GEORGIA, SEMINOLE COUNTY. Because of default in the pay ment of the indebtedness secured and evidenced by that certain se curity deed from Rosie Lewis to Southern Acceptance Loan & Dis count Corporation dated Novemb er 1. 1963, and recorded in Semin ole County, Records in Deed Book 42 at page 420', transferred and assigned by proper conveyance from Southern Acceptance Loan & Discount Corporation to J. E. Ar lino under date of September 4, 1964, and Pursuant to the powers contain ed in said security deed, and the laws in such cases made and pro vided, there will/ be sold at public outcry, between the legal hours of sale, on the first Tuesday in No vember, 19Q4, at the Courthouse in Seminole County, Georgia, the following described real estate, to-wit: , l-Acre of land in town of Donal sonville, Seminole County, Ga., be ing known as the Henry Williams place and further described as following: Being 210 feet square and bounded on North by land of Rainy Mack. East by lands of Hen ry Wooten, front 210 feet. South on Bainbridge and Donalsonville Road and bounded on west by lands of Rainy Mack being same property conveyed by W. R. Mer rell and others to George Lewis by deed dated October 30, 1948, and recorded in Seminole County in deed book 17 page 588. Said sale will be made to the highest and best bidder for cash, a good ajpd sufficient deed thereto will be delivered to the purchaser, and the proceeds of the sale will be used first for the payment of expenses of salo, secondly toward the payment of the indebtedness secured thereby, and the balance, if any, will be delivered to the said Rosie Lewis, or her legal repre sentatives. , (10|8|4jw) This sth day of October, 1964. J. E. Arline, as Attorney in Fact for Rosie Lewis. Announcing the opening of QUICK LUNCH RESTAURANT IN THE DANIELS BUILDING ON US 84 ' Operated by Arthur and Patricia Alexander OPEN 24 HOURS A DAY SEVEN DAYS A WEEK i - ■. ;■ / fa Serving Regular Lunches, Short Orders Ala Carte Orders,,' Steaks, Sipecial Salads and Sea Foods Regular Lunches During Week Sunday Dinners sl.OO Barbecue Friday, Saturday and Sunday PLEASE GOME TO SEE US! throughout the state. Extension Director L. W. Eberhardt pointed out that the nine .families bring to 106 the ed since the program started in 1927- .-.4 c. To earnVhe Master Farm Family designation, a family must obtain most of its in come from farming, must have a wholesome family life, and must be leaders in their community,, county and state, Dr. Alexander Nunn, editor of the Progressive Farmer, pointed out. Mr. Spooner runs 500 Here ford brood;cows on his farm here. In addition to his com mercial herd, Mr. Spooner maintains a small registered herd to produce bulls for his farm and for his neighbors. In addition to his pastures and feed crops, Mr. Spooner grows and markets corn, cotton, pea nuts and pecans. Many honors have been won in show competition by ani mals bred on Spooner’s farm. His son, !1 John Phil Spooner, has collected many top awards in show* competition, too- Spooner is a member of the State Board of Regents. He is a deacon in the First Baptist Church, and a member of the Donalsonville Lions Club, of which hiS is a past president. He is also active in Farm Bu reau ' activities, and he has i served as president of the I Seminole County chapter. Al ' so, he is a past president of i the Flying Farmers of Georg i ia. He and Mrs. Spooner have held many offices in the Pa rent-Teacher association chap ter in Seminole. John Phil Spooner has grad uated from Seminole County High School and is now at tending •' Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College m Tif ton. He is an Eagle Scout and holds the God and Country Award- Jim Spooner is a stu dent in Donalsonville Ele mentary School. Among those attending the luncheon /were Mrs. John 1. Spooner, Sr., of Donalsonville, Mrs. Annie B. Hotne, Albany, Mrs. Spooner’s mother, and H. Jack Holland, Albany, Mrs. Spooner’s brother. < I - Visits Parents /'Weston Lee, student at Troy State Teachers College, Troy, Ala-, visited his parents Mr. and Mrs. Chester Lee for the week end. ________ * * * Praises Indians If SCHS’s Indians never win another football game it will be compensated for in a far greater measure than the mere difference in scores re veals. When Coach Snell made reservations with Green Top to serve a light meal to 26 football players, before they left Friday afternoon to play in Ashburn, to us it was just a routine matter. However, when those handsome, immac ulately dressed, well manner ed young men began to file into our dining room I felt myself swelling with pride as I realized they were our own Seminole County boys on their way to represent us in a game of sport in a far remov ed county. I experienced a feeling which I cannot resist relaying to the coaches, the parents and to the young men them selves. If they never again win a game I can truthfully say they are perfect gentle men. Frank Rachel Notice to the Public I would like to take this opportunity to thank the tax payers of Seminole County for absorbing all expenses involv ed due to my long, eight months’ stay in the county jail. 1 wish for these, Honorable W. I. Geer, Mr. Dan White, Mr- Joe Ray and Mr. Luther Hastey, to know that I appre ciate all mercy and considera tion shown unto me on Octob er 13, 1964 when I appeared in court for the crime that I was so charged. I extend my thanks to these, Attorneys Mr. Julian Webb and Mr. Ed Stapleton for representing me and work ing in my behalf. Had it not been for these two men, I would not have had the help that was so necessary for me to gain the consideration that was shown. Special thanks go to Mr. Roscoe Burke and Mr. Jack Zorn, minister of the Donal sonville Church of Christ. John A. Davis, They’re Making Progress The Sr. Hi-Y has played an active roll this month in the “Good Sportsmanship Cam paign”. v . n This was emphasized re cently at the Seminole-Pelham football game. Also, the club helped sponsor a float in the pre-game parade. This club is progressing very well and progress is what we need. Glenn Knight, reporter At Wholesale.. t A T 1 . hatwau PAIHX 1 10 BEAUTIFUL COLORS Only $2.85 per gallon Rushing Oil Co. US 84 at Morris Troy Barton, director of field services, Macon, will be the guest speaker Monday night, October 26, 8:00, o clock at the annual membership meeting of the Seminole County Farm Bureau, at the courthouse. B Not Tell tfl i the Whole Truth, I tapaJ— ■—■ R Senator Goldwater? I I About 1 - | H • YOUR membership in the NAACP. • YOUR role as a founding member of the Urban League. 1 Q • YOUR contribution of S4OO to finance Arizona U school integration. R U • YOUR leadership in integrating Arizona’s Na- K tional Guard. • YOUR leadership in integrating Arizona’s movie ■ theaters. • YOUR role' t WW member of the Phoenix City Council, in integrating that city’s airport and M restaurant R M • YOUR co-sponsoring of legislation to provide a H Civil Rights Bill for the State of Arizona. ■ • YOUR support and vote for the 1960 Civil Rights x Bill. • YOUR criticism of Bobby Kennedy for not H Q pushing hard enough on prosecution of alleged U civil rights violations in Georgia and in the South |fl • YOUR co-sponsoring with Jacob Javits a bill N applying FEPC restrictions to federal contracts. R • YOUR support and vote on two occasions for the ' s creation of the Civil Rights Commission. • YOUR support of Adam Clayton Powell’s civil Q rights amendments. U N • YOUR hypocrisy in supporting the civil rights R U bill of 1964 up until its passage was certain and jra N after you became a candidate for President. H U • COME NOW, SENATOR, let’s tell the whole / truth to the people of Georgia as you have told s ’ fa the truth to the people of Washington and other M PI northern cities when you said, “I think that the R U Attorney General should have the power to use M N a very tightly-drawn law AIMED LIKE A RIFLE H U at the precise problem in a school district .... U || yes, I would use it (the law), if elected”. pg • AND, “I am unalterably opposed to discrimina- fa PJ ation or segregation according to race, creed, or R U color or on any other basis, not only my words, M M but more importantly, my actions throughout the R M years have continually demonstrated my feeling U H in this regard ... I realize fully the federal gov- R M ernment has a responsibility in the field of civil M ” rights. I supported the civil rights bills which Q were enacted in 1957 and 1960”. N • And finally, Senator, you said last month: “I R |fl would vigorously enforce the civil rights bill of U N 1964 ... for it is only just and right.” R r j Remember what the first Republican N President, Mr. Lincoln, said: "You R ■ can fool all the people some of the R B time . . ... but you can't fool all Q N the people all the time." R: h iN Q /■' . w R p DON’T BE FOOLED H I Vote Straight Democrat’s I H J .-.j R ■I R Tms PAID POR n la Georgia Democrats *• J