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The Grady County progress. (Cairo, Grady County, Ga.) 1910-19??, October 14, 1910, Image 1

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. . *. , 4MH.' Lm+0 m UAi ‘.I •*. I .. ■ • - J- t ,^1.1. km****" •?'$ ? v f.->•: ,-.'|%?| 1 VOL. 1. CAIRO, GRADY COUNTY, GEORGIA, FRIDAY,. OCTOBER 14. 1,91 OF On Last Friday By Bishop H. C. Morrison. CHURCH HAS SEATING CAPACITY OF 400 A Neat Frame Structure—About 300 In Attendance Although it Was Raining—A Sumptuous Dinner Served at the Church. The Methodist church at Cal vary is one one of the two church buildings dedicated in two su ccessive days of last week bv Bishop H. C. Morrison. The other is at Maybraw,. in Miller county. v These ijwo churches, with the one at Patten, in Thomas county are the results of Tent meetings conducted at these places by Rev. F. A. Ratcliffe, of Cairo. Three hundred and forty mem bers came into these three churches at these meetings and three substantial edifices were built to house the congregations which had been organized. In the last three years, as a re sult of the evangelistic work of Mr, Ratclilfe, about one thousand have joined the church on the profession of faith besides three hundred and fifty by letter;, fif teen chunffies have'been organ ised and nine hous^"-ihf worship .s„u . '< tht The membership at Patten, over two hundred and fifty, is the largest of all these congrega tions, while the church edifice at Calvary, dedicated last Friday, is the finest. The Methodist folk in and around Calvary have a house of worship in which they can take pardonable pride. While many assisted in its erection, it was ■only made possible by the energy and liberal gifts of a few.Among the latter, your reporter takes the liberty of mentioning the name of Mr. Joe Higdon, who has recently moved to Cairo from Calvary. In calling special at tention to Mr. Higdon where all did §o well and among them some of the other churches, ^invideous comparsion is not intended, nor made. The church is a large attractve frame building painted white. It has pretty gothic windows, a neatly arranged pulpit, and the ' seating capacity is four hundred. Continued on last page. its kind ever instituted in Georgia.’ Solicitor Wooten was assisted in preparing the petition by Bacon and Burson, of this city, and Tip ton and Passmore, of Sylvester, at torneys employed by him under a resolution of the grand jury ap proved by the judge. The judge’s order is to the. effect that the Commercial 'Club, a cor poration, its officers, members, em ployes, etc., be restrained from fur ther exercising any of, its .franchise or charter powers and from selling, handling; or dispensing alcoholic* spirituous, malt and intoxicating liquors, or in anv way, directly or indirectly, handling, mixing, serv ing, dispensing, furnishing or pro viding for its officers, mem hers, or any person or persons, any of the liquors above described, at-.ts place of business or elsewhere. ' ; I GIVE TO GARRY PISTOL APPLICATION BEING EF OR CM! For ■■Ofif, / L . Cairo’s New Bilking 1 Institution. BE KNOWN AS FARMERS & MERCHANTS Will Have Capital Stock ol $39,- 000—To Begin Business About November lSlb—W. TV Craw ford, President; W. L. Wight, Cashier. In this issue of Thk Pkoorbss will be seen’ the apnlication for a charter for The-.; Fanners & Mer chants Bank of Cairo. Application has been filed with Hon. Phil Cook, secretary of sjate, and after advertisement Once a week for four weeks,-as required byflaw, ALBANY’S CLUB POT / GUT OF COMMISSION (Commercial Club, Whose Hos pitality is. Known A11 OVer South Georgiu, Forced by Ordinary Herring Has Received a Supply For All Desiring to Pay the Tax and Give Bond. If you want to keep out of trouble by carrying a pistol ypu should go .at once and See Judge P. H. Herring and giVebond and pay-for your privilege.- Under the new pistol law, if you desire to canty a pistol where it can be seen .'O j must give-bond and take out a flense. Fifty cents vra-give you a li- but you must have goodjsecuricy. This license does not give you the privilege df carrying the pistol concealed.) Judge Herring has j ust received the bonds and license, and those desiring to carry a pistol^ should call on him and get a license. It you have no bond and an officer sees you with a pistol in your hand a case can, and probably will be made against you. Mr. C. R. Muggridge was the first person to take out a license In Grady, doing so Monday. the charter will he granted urn! the promoters of the new institution expect to organize, issue stock and he ready for business by November 15 - 1 The friends and promoters of the new bank am enthusiastic over .the prospects for the success of the new institution. -•>. riqmeof Cairo’s best business men are large,stockholders' and a large number of the mostsubstantial farm- era’.hav’d."bought.stogk in it, all of which insures large 'deposits' ap’d a jberal.shareypf .the..'business of the GETS INTO TROUBLE BY CARRYING PISTOL Two Charges Made Against W. W. Pippin For Carrying Con cealed Weapons. Already the new pistol law, which was published in The Pro gress last week, has got W. W. Pippin into trouble. He was caught Monday carry ing a pistol without-a license and 'also for carrying concealed wea pons and was given a fine of $75 for the offense. This is the first case in Grady county under the new law. NO. 13 and for his services he will be com pensated by live dollars per annum. The irideruicii who serve their town free of charge and graft are: Messrs T. M. Redd, J. G, Kincaid, H. D. Payne, J. P, Faulkner add J. G. Moore. The clerk of the council upd city treasurer is Mr. E; L. Al derman and he is tho;best paid of ficial in the city, getting the mu nificent sum of twenty-five dollars per annum for Ids work. The town marshal is Mr. T. Iv. Prevatte and they believe that he will he able,to prevent disorder if such a thing is possible. The peo ple of the town number about o' hundred and fifty, hut they are all enthusiastic about the future of the town. * TWO. MAKE THEIR ESCAPE FROM JAIL Georgiu, -v -Judge to Shut Up Shop. Albany, Ga., Oct. 8.—Albany’s locker club, known .as the Commer- . cial Club, which was indicted by the grand jury yesterday for viola ting the prohibition law, was this afternoon closed by the sheriff and its stock of liquors nailed up, on an injunction order issued by Judge Frank Park, of the superior court. The order was granted upon the petition of the solicitor general,Col. W. E, Wooten, on information furnished by the grand jury. The proceedure is said to be the first of Well Pleased Pawnee, Ga , 9-27-1910. Grady County Progress T. A. J. Majors, Editor Dear Sir: — I like Thk Pro gress fine. Enclose you will find Postal Money Or- for $1.00 to pay for year’s subscription for your paper. Wishing you much success. Yours truly, J. W. Coker. Whigham, Georgia. R, F. D. No\ 6. ounty. • . \ r j\\ K'VjQ-iiro only I^ifople, there are, by the lust ccn- sujs, over 6,000 ('people in Cairo dis trict, and they return over $1,500,- 000 worth of property for taxation. \ Grady county has about 20,000 people with a tax digest of about $3,500,000. There are now only three banks in the co.unty with a combined total capital stock of $85,- 000. The friends and promoters of the new enterprise claim that there is a good field for the new bank and that there will be no dimunition of business with the old ones. Thomas county has eleven banks with a capital stock of over $700,- 000, or about three-fourths of a million dollars. * This county has four-fifths of the territory that Thomas lias,, alxrnt 65 per cent, of her population and 50 per cent, of Thomas’ tax digest. Yet Grady has only about 12 per cent, of the capital in the hanking business that Thomas county has. \\\ T. Crawford is to be president and W. L Wight, cashier. At first the promoters thought of making it a national bank, but as a national bank can not loan money on real estate, and because it is more expense and takes longer to organize n national bank;' they decided to make it astute bunk. Burned the Window Facing out and Removed Iron Bars—One Up For Assault and One • Foi Stealing.* Two prisoner made a, get away from Grady county jail some time during Monday night. They were Sandy Hand; who was placed in jail Saturday un der the charge of criminal assault upon a little 9 year old negro girl, and who identified hirr. while walking the streets oj airo. The other was known a: ‘Hobo Jack” and was- gonyiptec week for stealing a gun. , ; <Ht as given six months if*' the' ■hair-gang and' i\*as being hek* ntil the authorities called im. f They secured their freedojn bj burning the window facing ir hall of the jail out, thus being able to remove the iron bars. They made good their escape ’Bacco Barns Being Burned Around Amsterdam FIVE WERE DESTROYED IASI WEEK Disgruntled Tobacco Growers Arc Thought to Be Behind iEr> Movement—Growers Have Or ganized to Protect Themselves Night riders have recently be- PINE PARK SELECTS /The Mayor Gets Five Dollars Per Year and the Treasurer Five Times That Amouut-They Have Begun Their Olllclal Lite. The i-iwn of Tine Park lias begun i's legal, active municipal-life. At the meeting of the town council, held last week, the officials of that town, recently incorporated hy the acts of the State legislature, for mally fixed their duties and pow ers. ■ * SMr. B. A. Alderman ia mayor SOME OF THE OFFICES If No Interest Yet Developed Ir Polltlcs-There Are No New Announcements. There was nothing doing in citi politics in Cairo the past week. N<» one in either the first, seconr or fourth wards desire to be cursei for the next twelve months hy thei: neighbors and the people generall.i for failure to do their duty as citj fathers or for doing same. At leasi chose wards have not nominate! their candidates. If-this state of affairs continuer the thiydwardites wiil have to cal another meeting and nominate i ticket for the town as they seem t< lie the only ones who have political ambition. gun the destruction of property in what is known as the tobacco region of-Georgia and Florida and comprising the southern parts of Decatur and Grady counties and the northern part of • Gadsden county, Florida. The trouble so far has been confined to: the Attapulgus and Amsterdam sections of Decatu r county where five tobacco barns have been burned to date. Three barns being burned on the night of October 5. The farmers and tobacco grow ers met and organized a society for self protection one night last week. It seems that the princi pal ones who are destroying pro perty are disgruntled tobacco growers who do not own any pro perty or barhs themselves but Eire lflerely lessees of lanji. They hay^'r^jpd^hdnferior grade of. ,-tobacco for the r pftst three.tyears y (ind.seem to before at' the A, Toli^f Tobacco Syndicate because chey cannot get full price for their product. The barns burned were pro perty of the Cohen Syndicate and were filled with tobacco which was -going through a curing pro ::ess preparatory to shipment. There is considerable uneasi ness throughout the tobacco sec tion for fear that serious loss of noth life and property will' be sacraficed unless steps are taken co check the trouble. This sec tion is fast assuming the lawless ness displayed by the tobacco- growers of Kentucky and Tennes see a short while back. The state authorities should bake a hand and check this law lessness before it assumes a ser ious aspect. HOUSES FOR RENT Which Proves Thai Cairo is Grow ing at a Lively Clip Is Cairo grbwing? Well just take a search for a house and you'll see that there is something doing in the growing line. Notwithstanding that the car penters have been kept busy all summer there is a dearth of houses to rent. This scarity of dwellings is an indication that Cairo is growing at lively pace. At present the ‘‘For Rent” sign is taking a long rest,. and the sign of ‘‘Houses Wanted” i- being displayed. • . - V Lt ' ' I OUT Oil The Griggs Monument Funds Be ing Raised In Grady Gets An other Boost. Grady county’s proportion of the Iriggs Monument Fund is growing <loyv but sure. Congressman Griggs worked for ,he best interest of the people of his section and the amount re quested of the people of G rady is onall, and there should be no .rouble in raising same. The following additional amount has been subscribed since last Thursday: W. L. Wight $ 5.C0 Previously acknowledged._ 12.50 '■ *v Total - 17.50 Hunt up B. M. Johnson at Wight & Browne’s drug store and give him your subscription today. When in town call around and let us put your name on Ttui Progress’ mailing list.