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The weekly telegraph. (Macon, Ga.) 1885-1899, November 10, 1885, Image 1

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THE INSIDE OF ATLANTA. TIIE HEATH OFUIIEEVES. A Talk Kith the County Physician ns to tlio Case. An .a nta, November 6.—I met Dr. Boring, the county phyrlcUu. this morning and talked to him a little about George W. Cheeves, who died in Ful ton county Jail yesterday. “Ilia,” Mid tht doctor, "was a remarkably sad case. He baa been as crazy as a bed bug for months past, and for months 1 have been doing ail in my power to get him taken from jail and sexlt to the lunatic asylum. He should certainly have been adjudged a lunatic and re moved to the aaylum. It aeems however, that there ia no law which fits such cases. I went to Ordinary Calhoun about the matter. He had no power in the matter. I communicated with his counsel. They could do nothing in that direc tion, Atid 1 understand that Governor McDaniel haid that ho bad no authority over the caae." '*Did his confinement in the jail hasten his death?'* ‘•I think not Ho was as comfortably fixed aa possible under the circnmatances, and receivod all necessary care from bia devoted wife, who visited him daily, and from other ladles and gentlemen. “Hour long had he been In Jail?** 1 use of whisky in their pn._ „ he « a flue apeclmen « le If t0 £ B • V0 1 t ° P° ctor B - of physical manhood, tall erect, well-proportioned; J. B. Baird, secretary of the board of ana seemed all right There waa a good reason of health, was present nnd spoke against the m for brlnclug him h«e. and I .appoM th.« 1)in Tho me <Uenl gentlemen did their good rcafon for postponing the hearing of his I . . i \,„a twice. I don’t for one moment mean to aay host to keep the above from the press but that anybody was to blame for bis remaining ini the TKLEOBAMI would have it. They ex- Jail so long, or f>>r the utter falling of his health l 1)0c l to hold a laTtier meeting soon. while in confinement, but I do think that there 1 should bo a law to fit aurh Mtaa. Sulk Against Fltashnons.' He was insane beyond all question—and I don’t . - T . - a .. . think that a lunatic, even though he be charged Atlanta, November 7. —Sensational news with murder should he be kept in jail. There here to-night is that the general govern- should l*o a taw trod, r which *uch eases could bo I mclit hits ordered suit against 0. P. Fitz- broti^tl before the ordinary and rent to th. a^lnm.' rimnm ,. ute maIB h»t for Georgia. The What Came of Ilia l'lnylng Detective. suit was ordered on the bond to recover At Lavra, November 6.—In tbo Superior Court to-1 about $14,000 in excess of tbe emoluments. >9^ Tom MeKenzii aa. eonvleted of burglary ami I The bondmen nre E. P. Howell, Albert at. <1 to threo year, to the penitentiary. He Howell, Clnrk Howell's estate, W. A. Homp- waa charged with being an accomplice of the Rose , ... U'.i.v. a, r a v> t , iw tnn brother, when they etels a -act of dour from a I Uill, Pat Walsh, E. J. May, A. B. Lawton Bttmeod Bad Danville frelfht ear lait aammer. I and Abner Johnson s estate. The papers Judge IiU-banl Clark gave McKenzie a little lec-1 aI0 no w in tbe hands of B. H. Hill for suit. puties, TO nnd Mr. Bateman said the qnestion tonched practically tbe labor and school problems, wages would be lower, and school taxes must be higher if prohibition prevailed. Mr. Madison and Professor Wallis followed. They conld bnt follow tbe same argument, as the qnestion is over the same of individual right against sumpt uary law, and the tyrnny of fanaticism, as shown in tho year of Christ. When tbo Jews asked him what they mnst do with the coins with Ctesar’s portrait thereon, Christ answered: “Bender unto Ciesar Caesar's own.” Ciesar’s own has ever been an alienable right of liberty, which means the sale of all goods not in them selves wrongful. Can't Do Without Whisky. Atlanta, November 7.—Lost night a number of Atlanta physicians hold a private meeting at the city halt and formulated a series of resolutions against tbe locnl option bill. The gist of these resolutions that the doctors cannot get along without the ub6 of whisky in their practice. They will ITEMS FROM WASHINGTON. MR. MARBLE'S MONEY MISSION TO EUROPE. The Inatructlonz Issued to Him niul the MlnUttrs to Great Ilritian, Franco and Gerinany-A Naval Beitow on the Coaat of Florida. DISASTER ON LAKE SUPERIOR. *•2“ m “• Penitentiary, ue Howell, Clark Howell’s estate, W. A. Hemp- i5W PSS °Ln,fm R m 2 bill, l'at Walsh, E. J. May, A. It Lawton Janville might car hut aummer. and Abner Johnson s estate. The papers Clark gave McKenzie a little lec- ft ro now in the hands of B. H. Hill for tare and stated that In view of his youth and the «„ n Kit/Minoim' dam tact that lie scented to have been ledoff by bad Bom0 1 •*>“« l ' UOB » _“W company, he would make the sentence light Me- namely Park Woodward, L. G. I erklt Washington, November 8.—In anticipa tion of tronbles on the Isthmus of Panama, which ustuilly occur about this season of tho year, Secretary Whitney has instructed Admirul Jonett, commander of the North Atlantic squadron, to proceed with tho flag ship Tennessee, now nt Now York, and the GaI< ua, now on her way to Norfolk, to AspinwaU, nnd to cruise along the South and Central American const for a few weeks, and then return to Tnnipn, Flo. It is oxpocted that by the tinio the Aduiind reaches Tampa on his return all other vessels of the squadron will be there, nnd and tho Secretary's plan for n grand squad ron drill of the North Atlantic squadron off the coast of Florida will be carried out. Mr. Marble'* Mlazlon. Manton Marble, who returned from Eu- Tlio Steamer Algnnln Goes Down XVItli Alt on Hoard. Cuicaoo, November 9.—A Daily News special from Winnipeg says: A fearful dis aster occurred on Lake Superior, off Port Arthur, early this morning. The magnifi cent iron steamer Algonia, of the Cnnudian Pacific railroad, was wrecked nnd 37 lives lost. Only meagre particulars have been received up to tbe present hour. They cousist mainly of telegrams to private persons announcing the loss of friends. Mr. E. Dudgeon, of this city, re ceived the following telegram: The Algimla bav gone down. Your wife and two children are drowned. Mr. Dudgeon's wife was 33 years old nnd tho children were a boy and girl (> and 4 yonrs old respectively. Dudgeon is from Owen Sound, and wok sending bis wife and family back to Ontario. Tbe steamer left Port Arthur at 3 p. m., and was wrecked off Isle Boyal, just at the outside of Thun der Bay. A heavy storm prevailed all Sun day afternoon and night and the steamer lay to for a time. When tho weather cleared slightly the vessel started again, bnt made slow progress. In tbe morning a dense fog prevailed, nnd. tbe steamer felt her way along, blowing fog horns. She struck a reef and went down. All hands on board mpauy, bo would make tbe sentence llgbL Me-1 namely ■ Kcnzte is only 19 and balls from Decatur. Ho I J. B, Gaston, sued him for about $4,000 in secrete bis Innocence, and says that bis object to I The cause was bofore Judge McCny dating with the Bose boys was to play detective . . „ t . voai.rvnl his rieri.Inti Tho Charley. In order to get proof on him ““ re8crv , ““ "eenuou. me niil-y bis wife, who waa McKen- suit will disclose much sensational rotten- zio's first cousin. “1 believe tbzt Charley ness. Ilose killed hor," said be,''bnt he waa too sharp ... . ...... for them to prove it on him. He onght to bo hung I Atlanta * PrCM and Prohibit Inn. for it *” Atlanta, Dovcmber 8.—The two nfter- Crnelty to Animal*. 1 noon papers have come out at this Into day Atlanta, November fl.—It will be remembered I for prohibition. For a time it was thought that several weeks ago the barn of Mr. T. L. John- the Constitution would go wet, but it nos urna '™ tanked mU *by 'ST not taken any stand on the issue Ycster- a huge number of fine citUe burned. T learn to- day and to-day it xvas a general subject of dav from a reliable source that several Jerseys conversation that the (constitution Would which were terribly burned are still ltying in grest KO ove r to the prohibitionists at an early £?iu»A C V- ByUfl. I <0 not mean, to affirm any. evcut they will hive lo pay for them. My imiorin-1 thing 08 to how the pi rope a few days ago, bos reported in person are reported lost. The steamer was bound to Secretary Bayard and President Cleve- for Owen Hound with passengers for Toron- land the results of bis confidential mission to and other points east. Capt there in wbicb be has been employed silled last May. The character and purpose of this important mission is now first made public, nnd which nre fully stated in the following letter of instructions from Secre tary Bayard to Mr. Marble axul his circular letter to our ministers in England, France and Germany, Messrs. Phelps, McLsne and Pendleton, which show that the President, to and other points east. Capt, master of the vessel, and Mr. McKenzie, nephew of Hon. Alex. McKenzie, is the purser. Wrintzroo, November 9.—The steamer Algomn, bound for Port Arthur, left Owen GOVERNOR IRELAND CALLED ON FOR TROOPS. Suggested—An Arbitration Commit tee Appointed In Galvctton— The lloycott Suspended. LABOR TROUBLES IN TEXAS. I TIIK election^cm innate I Fraud. Discovered that ft tU Pi ! tile Res Cincinnati, November 7. — Inspection . tbe returns in the Hamilton county Sena torial case before tho Circuit Court dis- Tlie Request Refuseil-A Line of Procedare c ?'' K>nle remarkable discrepancies, du ring tbe examination nnd crosl-cxamination of County Clerk Dalton this afternoon, which in all probability will result in tho eloction of the entire Republican ticket. The esse is ns yet in a complicated condi- Galvxston, November 8.—A special to I tion, but the indications after to-day'spro- tho News from Austin confirms the report cecdinga point to changes in the official that .Superintendent Atkinson, of the Direct count which will nmko the county Rcpub- Navigauon Company, yesterday railed on liam instead of Democratic. Governor Ireland for military aid in order Tbo testimony was given altogether by to obtain possession of the company's prop- County Clers Dalton, nnd referred to tho erty. The Governor replied by telegram tliscrepardes between tbe total votes credit- to this effect: “I have no authority etl to the Senatorial candidates and the to issue orders to the sheriff, tohd number of names on the poll book. Go to a lawyer. Sue out a writ of seqncs- Thus in some precincts the total vote for tmtion nnd give it to tho sheriff. That will Senators, ns returned by Dalton, compel him to execute it, ami authorize I woul4 exceed by ft score him to sanimon a posse If all are nnable more votes tho total to execute tho writ by reason of powerful Totes registered. The court has not yet ilo- resistnnee, I will order tho military to aid eided how to count such precincts—whether ” to throw out tho votes of the entire precinct Less than one hundred struck on tho or only the «ce«dvo vote, or to divido tho Navigation Company's wharf, nnd tho toss on the excessive vote pro rati between Knights of Labor hero nt Galveston say that each candidate. Assuming that the exers- irikers are merely guarding the com-1 sivo vote only ho tak. n frets the Demo- pony's property. cratic candidates the result of to-day's ex- Horrros, November 8. -- When th sminntions will be about as follows: In to a request from the Knights who sro on a if the whole precinct is thrown out. 92(V strike in Galveston, they congregated on votes. Tho total BennbUcnn vote in this the wharf nnd refused to permit other precinct was 40. These changes alone Sound on Thursday last, mid was wrecked I laborers to load cotton. It is stoted would suffice to elect the Republican 8ena. Saturday night. The first known of the | that Superintendent Atkinson thereupon | tors, ^ But testimony was also taken in re- ipem disaster'wss'wben tbe steamer Artbabnsco, I telegraphed Governor Ireland to call of the some line, arrived nt Port Arthur late out the military, but tins tno Governor £ rd to precinct F, in tbe ninth ward, where e returns wero sent in on a Duckworth whatever the views expressed in bis silver this evening with the crew (thirteen men) refused to do. Mr. Atkinson then filed Club sheet and m a very loose man- letter, written at Albany before his term ot t j, c iu.fotod Algonia and two passengers notice in tho County Court to the effect ner. According to the decision of tbo —all that were saved. The Artliabascn, that his company would hold Harris court a few ‘m/? ^°’ f. n “ which left Owen Sound two days aner tho | county responsible for all dntcage to their | tire ^ precinct, which » Democrauc, Alg “ ‘ ‘ ' t thfY Wl ant .ayi that th«a aulT.rlnf calUepnMnta barrow- Ins apectacle. particularly tho uasulllccut bull. ;enerul that not to mention it - W ;- —. . ., ......... K .vc the appearanceol suppress- d ' IU ‘ n,u •»«'<“» put out . neWK> Kul |J uy Teiegnn,^ tlle llnr. are drellcatcd to tho Atlanta Society only paper that so far remains openly anti B P *. sip is so ere would g S apor will go, but the int of hi* great i-uiu. Thne line* are for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal*. Why He Lost the Ca*e< Atlanta, November 6.—In the City Court thl* morning In tho ca*e of \T. D. Reid to. toeM. diet wun luadc for defendant. Heeil wu a brake- man prohibition; but “money is orthodox," nnd so is the press. The FitzMimon* Item a Sensation. Atlanta, November 8.—Tho news that a ti. JgSS suit lias lieen ordered against Marshal __ embankment at tho foot ot Fitzsimons by the United States govem- spriug ,tr.. t 1,110 .ri ntht and broke bt* I inent, created a senaatinn here to-day. The DtM * appeared exclusively in tho Tklz- STStliSflSf ««, as did iUo that &en Longstreet abowod that lin'd waa drlnkto, when tho aceidcut had requested tho government to sue bim, occurred, h,uco tho t. rdict. I so os to have a final settlement between THE WINNING COMBINATION. him, his deputies, nnd the government The news of the doctors’ meeting was Four views of the Prohibition Quaotlon as also a surprise to Atlnntians, nnd on nil It stands. aides the enterprise of the Tiled bath was Atlanta, November 7.—I took a turn in heartily oomuionded. the min this morning and talked to four well-informed gentlemen about the result HIS FOOT CAUGHT IN A FROG. of the tempcronco movement. They nre a j Mach Davla Run Over and Killed by a leading merchant, a large liquor dealer, a prominent German and a representative col ored man. The merchant told: Switch Fuglne, Atlanta, November 9.—This morning about 7:30 o’clock Mack Davis, a car-coupler ‘I am rntisfied that tho anti-prohibition- in t h« Georgia Pacific railroad yard, was ists will get a pronounced majority of the run over nnd killed by a backing switch cn- bnsiness vote. The majority of tho Cham ber of Commerce are against prohibition, nnd n round majority of the merchants or Whitehall, Alabama nnd Peachtree, the principal business streets, favor nnti-prohi- gine. P , J - . A few minutes after tho arrival of the merchants on I w> .. freii-ht on the Georgia road, the en- ' fl 'no was engaged in shifting the cars near r . , . 1 ,„e switch this side of the Rntler street cul- lition. Tho business men s meeting of the vor t. Mack Davis wns standing on tho track prohibitionists held last night at the oourt ncftr the switch, snd just as the engine with house wns not near so largo as tho business nevernl cant bad cut loose from a portion of men's anti-prohibition meeting^held at the | the train, Davis got his foot caught in a g, and made a desperate effort to disen- ‘ fell U|ion tho the bockini passed over bim. His right leg sin arm were broken in sevend places, bis hips ‘ ‘ " ‘ .... irnil Uj % of office began, or those be may hereafter set forth in his first messr-go to Congress, promptly accepted the duty im posed upon him by existing laws of Con gress requiring a renewed endeavor to pro mote bi-mctaUic union with the leading nations of Europe: Dri-asthkst o» Statk, Wasswotos, Msy 13. 1HS5.— Manton Marble, Eaq., New York—Sir: Tbe Fresldeut has bad to view leverat succewf ul acta at the Congress of the United States from Starch, 1370, to July. 1331, which, authorizing the allver communion of 1370-77, the International monetary conference at Paria of Aprtl-Jnly, 1331, and alto He* gotlaUonn with foreign governments under the acta ot June 3,1379. and August 7, 1339. and the contin uance of asnie under the act of Jnly 7,1334, have sought to prepare for, promote and obtain the adoption of a common ratio between sold and .11 ver for the purpose of establishing universally the use of bi-metaulo money and securing a fixity of valne between these) medals. In rcninlianre with the uniform purpose Indicated to there various acta of Congreaa, to furtherance of thehr object and to execution of tho policy th« prescribe to tho executive, I am directed by the President, who recognizes your especial competency to practical monetary and economical services, to request that yon proceed to Kurope at the earliest date which iih&U salt year convenience,stul by rcwowl confer- enee with experts, advisers and of the principal governments of Europe, and to conjunction with tho minister! representing sP 1 the Culled States near these governments, partlcu- ligl larly with onr ministers to Great Britain, France and Germany, to whom yon will be duly accredited, to whom copies of this Instruction will ha confi dentially transmitted, and who will he directed to fact: Halo the object to view by every means to their power, by tereoual conference with the representa tives of there governments, duly authorized to tkU behalf. that yon areUt ministers of tho United Mates ascertain the presell opinions and purposes of there governments to respect to such an establish ment of such an Internationally filed rctatlrc value between the two metals, the ratio of weight between coins of gold and coins of silver, the free coinage of both metala at the nilnta of all, and the Internation al uso of both metals as money of unlimited legal tender. Yonr services to the government to this special confidential ml..ion will begin at once, and will end on or before the reassembling of Congress to December next I am, sir, your obedient scr- rant, T. Y. Bavaria DxrABTMKNT or State. WaaUtSOTON. D. C., May 14.1334—Robert M. McLanc, Eaq.. etc., etc., etc., Paris—Sir: Mr. Manton Marble baa been choren by the Prratdrnt re a confidential agent of the gov ernment of the United Slate, to vUU the principal countrtes of Europe, there to obtain the present opinion, and porpores of their governments touch ing a fixed two between gold snd silver and their unrestricted coinage and collateral nse aa money to domestic circulation and International exchange. The euclored copy of the Instructions given to been dnsh*3 by tbo waves against tbe rocks I Central railroad yard. I b J Republicans as to tbe irregularities and had finally been hurled upon the shore. a compbomisk nEAcniD. ID Kl P!® 1111 * w , ore T^ r ? T ^’, Thn pfaw ami two TtannonnoTH Mixed them- “ , 0 . 4 * . would bo thrown ont. Tixliiy s testimony, stora “eratSnml to “mgefarioSy in K- Aftcr 4 short disenssion the executive nsDn 'iton'. testimonyanhstantwlly supports SL JLonS 8 romrin«?on coinmitteo proposed to Huhmit the tho ohftrge , of the Republicans Omt tho the bench wntchinu the wreck bcit n^ninst tiieir fFievances against the Mallory coun tiDg was not commenced until several tne Deocn wntcmng tne wrecK ocai nf» » i Company to n committee of arbitration, to nSrah#^ n ftcr tho election, and that the re- Th! * co ^ ed ot a ™ Labo \? ml toms wcrobiimledtoTn'to Dalton in an un- Arthabisca'cttoio'ido'niz alxint noon to-dav fiv0 Mo , te wtoinal acta touching ^ed envelope, while he was making tho sssa?ctS5«K sg r^.rsB.'Ti.ys.Ma as*«■ t^k h toem o^bwu^thJ ArtktaTwhS that ** Kni ^ u we . re not *“ Tims it will be seen that charge.ssnfficicnt ito^S ret JSilto Port Arthur where she ,lemand ^ vcprcsenUUon with to wipe out tho Dciuxratio majority have M^n Vn'elock his evening other Ubor the slready been discovered, and E uow rc- arnved about 7 o clock this evening. | vvhar{| t j, c Knights of Labor would^ytcld | m:lin8 ( or t ) 10 investigation to proceed still ■f ‘ *ier. case tbo court decides the cafeinfayor men. Pending 0 f itepablicans tho Republican candi- tho ^arbitrators j on Qjq entire county ticket will con- two or three were credited a* many votes as were tho -- , ayvssrew.are. investigation is being con- tee will meet to-morrow. The mandate | ducted with caution anil may not end for it been insnred for $^00,000. ... I removing the boycott goe* into effect to- I‘‘.u Z&SSSiEER S-55!»3a¥3S«¥ 4 *tasassanasr- THE TEXAS CYCLONE. THE SITUATION AT .MONTREAL. }‘<«1 h?"" B '°f« od for ‘X^igbt toStc ™^t«tholr that the cyclone m Css.eounty AConstshtoltadly=-AR,.t:Narrowly U betogTeslS, Ld tho cotton ««>- th wr^ranls . AvwrUd.^^^^ | P = «e wwWwIBw. IJ ^genrtml movex/with ieelingthstthebseibOO*rf tbs | veloclt _ „ d *ti re ifl c roar, entahing ra l l» U »mbil.?i SfnvtoA tU b U dwellings and out buildings, acatteringtheir to be amicably mljnsted. I contents far and wide and -nrrying samo place several nights ago. It was not f ro( , ....— ho large by half in business men snd prop- j but failed nnd ft orty bolden. Mark my wortls—a majority track. A car attached to of the business men voters^ will cast their j train passed over him. HU ballots against prohibition." I arm wero broken in several p Tho liquor dealersaid: “The honor inter- were crushed nnd he was hurt intci.... v . csU of Atlanta will control nt least 1,000 jj e WM removed from the track nnd a mes- votca iu the coming election, and every one I gauger dUpatehexl for Doctor Fred King, of them will las cost against prohibition. v h 0 eamo quickly nnd ordered the mpn to The fight is whipped already. It U now j, e placed upon a litter nnd removed to his only a qeestion of the aize of the majority. j, oro e. A litter was soon procured. Davis I know u gentleman who has pnt np $aX) VIU still alive when it came, and conscious, on 800 majority for our aide. • He has h l , stated that he caught his foot in the also wagered a goodly snnt on 1,6001 anj f e n »ftor cutting a part of the train majority. 1 believe that he will certainly I 0 g by unconpUnjf. He wns lifted upon the win the former bet, and has a chance, and a unci and carried down Bntlcr street, snd good one, to win the latter. Tho fnct Uthnt I by the time Decatnr street, a square away, tho dry men who are willing to bet have WBH reached lie was dead, virtually given np the fight. This is dem- Mock DavU was s yellow man, aged onstnted by their uniformly refusing to sbont 25, and had been in the employ of put up their money even." the Georgia rood as car-coupler for a long * The German satd: •'The foreign vote Ume . jf e , polled will run easily to 1,«W. It ts almost aolid for anti-prombtUon. I don't believe lliat citizens wUl vote . nnd I ora in n position to know their senti mints. I have got to hear of a single Jew and other ministers of the United mates to whom like Instruction U addressed will U expected to assist him. Salt la dlflteuH to overstate the Import ance of the qneeUon and the momentous conse quences to the American peopl* which are In volved to its solution, too nacaaaity for accurate and full knowledge of aU facte end of the realto- tenUooa and vtewe of the loadtof powers of Europe Montoeal, November 9.—IVhilo .Sanitary Constable Moffat was doing isolation worl on Ottawa street lost night, be was attacked , „„„„„ ... by a mob. After lieaUng him and break- A TEURU ji, e CYCLONE IN ALABAMA, death and destruction tog bis arm, his assailants ran away. v HarJv Pittman and his three Yesterday afternoon vrhat might have I A Great Many Tcnton Killed and WmhM I , X B ix seven and etaht veart old, »*" - rerereirerew- sin* was nintuui its »Iia Lti.i I anil Much Property Dritro/eflc • - * •’ •• • •■»%»•« path* threo r __ old, and also’a ntoe-year-old boy named Rich- Sklma, November 9.—Friday night ono ftn j Hawthorne, were killed by the destruc- WttK a good worker. His home M-- st 34 Houston street. He leaves s wife sn.l one small child. According to the dozen German I statement of employes of the rood he was for prohibition, killt-xl by switch engine No. 49. THE 11I SAM SHOW who vrin vote for prohibition. A large m»- I w m J»tt r h It« Tent In Atlanta Tlila Week * *•-' -llnw Religion Fays. _ .. Atlanta, November 9.—Well, we me to The colored letuler said. The colored hftV0 ^ pqriimtetic Jii-Sam hi|>|>odromo vole i» divided. So far about filteen nun- j ^ ere jbU week. The two Sants, fnll of grace dretl have registered. At least one toon- ^ {aToni 0 f ma mmon, will harangue ■and of these -at a low estimate—wUl be I curt' for *antoprohibition. The 4 r * "f I Srir JuS&M. oTft. tobjretTf iti.ho,, Tame; chang. .i, I think, atqot one | lk>Ul reD#irfd irocks letters to Secretary B*j«d tod the Prrei- eaabla the Prealdcnt to lay before Conyrere Infor mation. conplext with proper amtseatlon which may make precticnhle each IrgtalaUoa aa wUl meet the grave emergency. I nod not l«sn upon yon the neceeetty of reticence aa to Mr. Marble e function*. Yon wUl naturally regard thta toateuetteo for the preeent ee pereonah wtthboLUus It from the Alee of the legation until the proper ttatearriree for making it ot record. 1 am, air, yonr obedient servant, T. F. Batask. Mr. Marble has spent the last four or five months in personal conference with the principal members snd finance minis ters of the governments in London, Paris and Berlin, and in consultation with the leading economists and monetny experts of the three great powers of Europe, inclttd- ing all the principal bi-metallists and also the foremost leatlen of the opposition in England Conversations of such a character, especially with leaders of government and of party, are of course confidential, unless it is de sired to create a difficulty like that which lately arose between Lord Granville and Prince Bismarck, concerning the alleged I advice of the latter on the occupation of Egvpt. Bnt the State Department pet nuts been s serious riot was nipped in the bnd by the wise conduct of the chief of police. W _ wll | A man in Bcrri Lane, who hnd the small- 0 f tbe moat terrific anil destructive storms t i on c f t hetr residence. The head of ono pox in Ms house, come out on his balcony eT er known in this State passed over tbe ch u,i V rs twisted off and carried 200 yards to take a breath of fresh air. Two isols- action of country just north of this city, {roIU lti bogy. Hm, Bruce, a widow aged ' - ' ' 1 beds, grow-1 gQ years, snd her daughter wero badly in- ■ and hou-tea ; ure j by the wracking of their rcstdencc, ,, _ , , . ,w. , heeou»l>» nu,, M It is supposed the former will die from bet hies, who took a csb and by torrents and appalling electrie discharges inlurie ,“ u ep ort» of other casualties nra to the central police station It started on toe Cahab* river, passed exp eeted. After tho storm a turkey wat for aastatanee. Chief Fardis anil Sergeant through Dallas, Perry tod Bibb counties, fo * nd completely stripped of hia feathers. Carpenter proceeded to the scene, and on taring a dead waste of forests, plantations, .pbe damage is *' the.chief urging tho crowd to respect the houses tod villages. Exploring tod relief — law they quietly dispersed. The constables I p^tta osy the track cf tho cyclone was have been dismissed for overstepping their on e-ludf mile wide. They have gone over duty. forty miles, picking np the dead and | tor Kieewetter flrctl five shots at VT. K, Mayor Bcaugmnd haa written a letter to wounded, am * Ht * —“ —* — 1 • Sir works, Le Monde Attack on an ExUte Coi.fitui k,.0., November 8. ector Lanccvin, minister of pnbhc longer tho track is. Thirteen persons have Capitc , in wMch he describes the newspaper been foond killed outright and forty or I Jnthe tilde aa tbe penonal organ of Sir Hoc- tlfty dangerously wounded. A number of hurt tbe chief magistrate of Montreal, persons cannot be don't_ know bow mneb | BlUott, editor nnd proprietor of tbe Sunday itd, “ ‘ ” “ ' are repaired wrecks • ' tnlkU k^Ths above wtimstes are m»<le by dote observotv, with good opportunity to watch the practical workings of the ram)>aign. There four big factors in the eleetion-thc business vote, the foreign vote, th* Minor vote and the colored vote—will de. ttl« the * A liberal estimste puts the total registra tion st 5.MX) votes, the least estimate at 5. U00. 4TLi'rA, V Novomii. i 7. An mth. sti toii-urohibitionist meeting was held to- Suhtstlhe coresrof Mari ttaondk.;: u- Srt- Street*. .Uthom.-t an ignominious LV.rt of the iirohil>;.l"..7'ts was mad* to de$ra the im!ti:i:"f full eff-vt byfcrep- ing the hall ctorexl to the latcrt hour, eto.. tliere troa sn excellent attendance. Jrek I. if tbe the town n ot would not he ,-t fJAt.1331 U I agitation prov at dry tho in' . ! .t if t it 1 priest once said to s Froieaiani wuo gave hint money, tod then asked him how it came that a Catholic would take Protestant money, “Money is always orthodox." And Sam Email finds it so. He has been very suc cessful in a business way with religion. It is currently reported that he sends between $20U and $250 every week to one Atlanta bonk for deposit. Ham Jones must be get ing rapidly rich, but I believe the orphan osylnm st Decatur is still in debt How does Jones make money? Here is an instance: A promi nent railroad man. whose rood ia • monop oly at a certain large town, offered Jones $1,000 to hold a revival tent meeting in the town tor two weeks, and Mr. Jones could not take it because of other engagements. It is fair to presume tbit those other engagements were remunera tive. If a railroad can afford to give $1,000 for a two weeks' tent meeting with 8am Jones aa tbe end snd middle man too, ought not tiie city to charge a license for tbo show? -Ex-Gov. Bloxhem, of Florida, is s can didate for the sorreyorahip of the Etats, a position which is worth $1,800 a year. tor. As he asks Eir Hector he may possess present may shed, this evening. ' The affray occurred lobby of the Neil House. One shot Elliott’s thumb, but otherwise no accounted for. Bales of I damage was done. Tbe cause of the attack to nse any infinence co tton were blown from gin homes and it a feud of about two or three yearn’ stand- , » to stop Le Monde's I bunt tod scattered everywhere. No two ing, during which &ut course, which the moyor anticipates I jocks of lint were left together. Anon Uht, has severel. produce much evil tod perhaps blood- [ driving with cotton to the city has been charging bim with official misconduct ou . tat The cotton and wagon were blown a several occasions. Both have mode statc- The returns st the health office show that quarter of a mile, and the man tod mnle mints in regard to the shooting which are there were forty-three deaths from small-1 carried off and cannot be found. Growing I capable of widely different constructions, pox in this city aud its suburb* Saturday, crops. potatoes, etc., were torn —a **-•-*- ->-*■• ——...-J— i - f ri)In the ground. Even trees and cotton stalks were barked. Belief par- ties are searching for tho dead and dying. Joseph Schnehler CJIven a Bath of Vitriol by I Everything is being done to relievo destitu tion. Tbe negroes are frightened nee death, and haddle about together or alone unclad in bashes and and thirty-eight yesteiday. A WOMAN’S REVENGE. THE ANTI-CHINESE AGITATION. ent IL-kii All Quiet nt Srsttlo—A M to Remove Chine**! From nan j num»oo. • , , . P Pobtlsnd, Obi., November 8.—Up to are frightened nearly to j n ^ hour last night aU was quiet at or Squat Scots,.. The President’s proclamation and iu> iiuiuc, i * , - . fallen ^ odvent of troopa have hod the effect of oath and ‘ r ** 4 - riapefled and speechless with fear toil breaking the backbone of the not, and no .trial, tod *® 4ble £ r. b £? n further trouble is feared, e is doubt their household is. The city Is being cto- ^ Fiasco,November 8.-Tbo K dent have recounted his discussions re specting an international bi-metallic union held with sn extraordinary number of —*- sons in those countries, of the hi. , competency in this regard by their political rank and inflnences or hjr their expert knowledge. Affair* at the Isthmus. In reference to Secretary Whitney's order sending the Tennessee and Galena to the Isthmus of Panama, the Star says: It is inferred that he is anxious to prevent an ontbraak similar that of hut spring, which will endanger the Isthmus transit, render- ing this government liable for damage, and 1,10,1 quotes a naval officer aa saying: ’ **We haven't received a Wil foe tbs burning ofAs- ptawall. hot It will Be aloas tils winter, and than there will be quite a howl rates*. Dasatee tothe extent et a fnod many uOUeadoUare ware reared by the bareteg of Asrinwall, and U looks vsry much aa If this wjverenxat would be corepsOedto foot the bill. We guaranteed to keep tbo treostl reoBtol abserld. 'Mr*. StraiUt'iiian,. Chicago, Norember 9.-Jo«ph 8chnei-|^and tier lies in a critical condition at bis home, 043 Third street. His eyes, month breast are horribly burned with vil tbe attending physician says there about his recovi he will lose his Schneider, borrowed, it is mud, $1,0001 Mrs. Ktradleman. He foiled to pay it, and sued bim. Site obtained judgment for 1 1 ., r * This waa not paid until abont two criminal , _ weeks ago, when Schneider ^got^ married. | ^h e Richmond Whig Publishing Company . , ento j % cry. tod'Xk toMyevent vasacxlforof'lAbo^'l eight. Some time tdnee dt 'a.l and wltete the wtotaofjhedestitute. mefllin|{of owed, it is raid, $1,000 from Mahonp’a Newspaper Falla. be held No Richmond, November 9.—In the Chan-1 taking action tor the removal of the ry Court of this city to-day the general | new from this city, total UU of Hcr^ L Poto^ twdnat 8 ., t .t^q.ttb.K,,,^! .a, The Knights have imaed a call fora mass all labor and trades unions, to November 28th, tor the purpose of ' of the Chi- promiaexi the matter with Mrs. Stradleman •Aed tor JuX ^Zlay granted to in- Ohsi a Ubel suit in the Cirernt Court hero tanrtiou ^.traiffiitg that eo^rrtionfrom UxUyagatotth.mtothwiof .thenational executive board of the Knights of Labor and two or three other officers of that by paying her $50. Last night he accident- junction restraining that corporation from ally met Mrs. Stradleman at tho comer of f urtli. r publication of the Richmond Whig, State tod Thirty-second streets. L^d appitinting Churl.-* Clark receiver, with|» ,, uiw 0 or utree otti. r o.u era « They had some words, whereupon th< a | ioii ,i of $1U,UUM. The receiver ia onlercd I order, asking woman, quick as lightning, dashed to continue tho publication of the paper and 1 the full contents of a bottle of vitriol into I mauage the bnauteaa of the corporation. J 0 "* 1 b his face. He waa removed to a neighboring I Clark haa been ImsineM manager of the I oj too Knights ot drag store, where it was found the liquid Wlxisg for several years. Pelouae’s bill expelled from tnal It* tailor, the mporulbllity rreted on ooi rev. W« tk. trao» brtore ISat A*slnw*ltwaabunted aad teflHosa ot dotlareot waa dretnqrad. Ite ,«o,la wae *mise*d aional 1. ctorer; that he was engaged as sncli Lalxjr and that he was that order on charges of con- Msrlattl In Ftitt, November 9.—Marioiti, the would- j are anally be a--Basin of M. tie Vreycintt, has been | petrol has prenoan can . . over the upper portion of his body, removed to nis borne. The woman after throwing the vitriol, and will probably not be arrested, aa Sehnieder informed the police he did not intend to prosecute, and requested that she be not arrested. Attempted InrrndiarUui. iu. :.rrox, Oht., November 9.—Kingston is suffering from an ephlemie of incendim- rism. Drring the past tow nights seven attempU to bum business bnUdings have been discovered. Citizens and merchants alarmed, and a special night ‘ ted to lookout for tdat . it. . | nre l Cincinnati, November 9.—All the gam-1 timed charoct biing houses in this city were closed imme diately on the appointment of the board of police commit iqnera last spring. They re- A Youngstown, (Ob', tnained closed all rammer. The night aftcr I Thomas Pugh, recently the election hut month all reopened, bnt I here and was thought to hare 1 ■ •» wttir within a week were ordered closed—the I tiered and robbed of $6,000. Heretnme. night that Chief of Police Uttdaon was I without the money and waa lodged in jotl arrestid. They remained closed during I on a »«eco warrant. On reflecting iu the time his case vm pending. Last Sat-1 he remembered where be placed tuc t unlay hia caae was continued for Last Sat-1 ho remembered where hep one week I when drunk. On being released jeetenlay to-night lock all were raided >n loads of men were tak opened. Abont I he n ooyerexl hi t sevend patrol I lbd'l.-n in astump iure from kttoo to the poUM | Ha baa now in-t.t >t. ,i tops] ■mtirw for tolae impriaomu' -t