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The Daily banner-watchman. (Athens, Ga.) 1886-1887, July 06, 1886, Image 2

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ornoiAL okoan or Cltref Attxn, and Clarks, Oconee * Juki annual lunosirrioN nates: Oaily, Suudiy, *1 .... WoWr. « T. U GANTT. “BHMOKEDOUT." Mr. Keene M too much Absorbed ill prominent nutters At present to come uome.—Htdisonian. \Ve clip the above from the Mad isonian of only last Satuitlay—the very day that Congressman Reese reached Hartwell so badly fright cued. Scab, must not consider Ids organ grinder Blackburn even a goo Iro i ni, or he woulJ have no tilled so important a personage by wire of his departure irutn his “post of duty,” and not let the poor le - lovvjkcep hammering on a plea that his own candidate was knocking into a cocked hat. It seems to us that this utter ignoring of Black- hum by his fiiend Reese is a pub lic acknowledgment of the fact tliai the Madisonian editor is about kicking 4 oyer ; his pot ef-.copgtcs sional soup, and he is one # idol that this fcurlk-tclin Epluiam i» very anxious (o' gei iffitorKd from. It flernis that of all men the horse rd- ilor 6f Ins daily 'otgan should haVe bent kept ipprjsed | of Reeie’s movement., espt daily when lie'ls- going to ink t so inipniianl a tie pa In blow up the vety foundation of t we were mistaken puhlishingThat the senate had A writer iri .yesterday’s Constitution, I mported adversfdv on Mr. JHack- o5f horses on wind-pudding, and -they can l at Madison. via. The maRfcr still only run a quarter, and that In c °al | hjtngs Bre. “ weather.” Carlton didn't make his quar | T 6 'ft. fl .Hi' .TTfT ! Reefe. shouId Jjave'Jpl .B'.ackbqrn know before he*tarted(° run that tor be fore they had to **fpftll” him by bringing in another hone. wild schedule from Washington City, so at to giv*.l)i* horse editor A — - ' - — 41* |||A G.wufr si llttl^ , I track. .Brother Blackburn should hold We clip the above from the edi torial columns of the Madisonian, which is of course equivalent to an I tjjne'to get off the ‘'post ofaluty endorsement of the same. Editor 1 Blackburn, tailing to answer the convincing campaign arguments, ,- we shot into him, has reproduced I his terpppj. He can do his candi- the above ill natured fling at a dite no earthly,, good .by spitting brother editor, clearly with the in- fire! The horae.e<litor of.the Madi- 'ent of giving vent to his bad hit-1 sonian is not -running' for office, mor. We do not know who ”6ld and the people do not know him in Urerne” is, but suppose he, she or I th s campaign. . ' ,r , . , lii, • . • l»« u.t -,aaiu it to be the same party that tried to I . u| j i,jure the Home Journal by sending Seab Reese cannot; shirk the re- similar communications to the Ban sponsibility of bihJeaders, who are net-Watchman and Capt. Carlton I i n 'daily communication, with him, about that paper. We may leed ^ht>, «Hth on<laCcordfffedt>>ded our horses on wind-pudding, Mr. Loaflletr'evety ittCmpf :a to u give Madisonian, but we have never col- th ' e i ma ll couhtietf Vtjual justice, icken one so badly|that he “deserted I (, as( i<| on population. : ' ■*' post of duty” and landed in our ■■ ■ ■■ --—— district without even notilying us I .The Madisonian is trying to tor- o( bis departure or his arrival. The I ,u f 8 ^ act thlt we ^renounced B.-W. editor did some right good I Carlton** far supCfjot to Reese giooining down in Oglethorpe I'if 0 ’ slander. B6sh ! You’ll unty, when we lound that section | S a ’f^ Wore 'votes by preach rent witlpdi vjsion . agkU strife, anti I pfsjfi solidly democrWu^-and I even after Scpn. Reese,, hat peace bud friendship.prevailed ' in |flattened it in your teeth by desert- his “post of duty” without noti sell'that we had some little hand in I O'') Hr . In- grooming Allen Candler, doy con: gross, from the fact that every' in dependent battery in the old 9th district was pointed at our devoted head 4 — aild jkt lhgcvii (t oost 'made qvorJos Shi ter, didn’t he? Then we lurned| around and did some mighty good grooming in-our mur melfC so all the fay. amfltjufas, ni qua ehlny. 'Are'found'Cll overwhelmingly republican, helped to groom it for a lew years, und iiow it gives a democratic ina-l jority. Then We did't good dealt to waul grooming liquof 6tit of the J county, Mr. Blackburn, and by .paj -r,t> oi .neariyjopi &iftjff: f ly took lier place .ih the. prohibit ■ auks, amt we so shaped (tie ' ci paign, too, as not to offend the ftel-| ings ot any one, and to-day slump tlmt ttyi'Sf'WOultr fear to ex-|iifutjry dealers VmlaKto? feKxa Black hum’s defense. Wc are anxioits nnw to know what companion whim- to the old slander gag that Blackhmu will try and put tip for his Seal)., as that “pn*t of fliltv" argunifnt- is~iiolon,er availahle. We would let a candi date .paddle his own canoe'wlo treated us.witlt sucl) contempt Reese has Blackburn- in <h sliitib.' s ri ■■ •' k .. . ■ ; .-'1 Thu |)»*0|»lt* «f Morjrnn do not fight nn- dur tho Athen* Hun nor. Do you catch 011, Urol her (iuntt?—Madisonian. II llic people of Morgan do not wish to be robbed of thejr political, right*, it aeon* to iih it is hi^h ti ne they wercfieleciing some other ban ner than tlic MudUo irian to *f»|>lit IIlicit*.!. Now, come, Brother (Unit, when did Dr. Car ton become ho powerful on the We will let SFab Reese answer this conundrum himirif by accept* iug or tluclinind 41ie. <?b<Ih?ngt» aent yc^ltriluv by Cn, t. Carlton. Tb r iulcUi^ent people of thin dintiiet will luuc up p.»inicat dvuasOy in Ut«kM» i und (’lurke countv will not be abb Ao Fmrr 1 * I,0p4til Miidisouian. CLARKESVILLE GA. This welt knSvn bouwatlll tM ran SMeuuSen >q W. D, YOUNG, Who la welt lrnewa lathe lotirlRl 6t the l«it thirteen yesm a* ProprmMOf,Ui*T»llolah Pulls Hotel. CUrke-ivillc Ms boon ft fitvorltr eamiMer resort Ter tho lost tiny years. Its fine climate, mineral water, and mountain soenoqr. etc.; with thro* churches, t wo lifery elablft*iitdfood drivers imsks it yfry desirable Ur hoslcli or pleamro seeker; It is only IS milei to Tsllufso FsJ.s, E MiIcm can so to the Falk lit* mlnutoe omS. E. a,K.. spcndllu* dsy snd return In tho erenlrg. Woihinf will be lpft tindrine to make thletbd $iisva% itnasp-'MISi -W ,uro .'iiSr. t 1 ' ' ' ! ' W. D. YOUNO. S3ATVRB& CURE FOB •lllcufe conitinstion.sick » 'JWchoAnd DTsPOptla. I regulatrs the bowels id enibles those of tcble Tallulah . Falls, Ga, on the Piedmont Alnlltt*, UteiCcm- IIochk and cottaget are ndwopen under new nianageinent. For rooms and lo mrinatlnu armlv to -- 1 * ' F. H- and F. B. SCOFIELD prohrietorj, late of hotel ttiratersklll.Oat skill N(otmtnins, N. Y., and, Lclandlio- toh, Chicago, ,i Excursion tickets will be fnifnikon sale dfekp at the railroad offices. ban Tallolah Rlip IkdqeenoO blacken or iujow the lath, oaueohsed* ‘MOrpruducaoonstipatkm—ofAor Iron smifr-fe**</• k o. l^WKUn, ft losdii« jagrrieian of Kpria*. ftlRdSlinn ta enjoy thalr food. It redusos' fever, tools the blood, Is Inval- . uatile in piles and Influm- m . „ ■ . - Why dloosseisftnd is just- S cmeadachBafflr 1 Mdi r . bold by even where. MILL! NERY. I mi now rodeivlnc * largo stock of 1 ' AItD' * should' l»o fo 0TSPEPS1JL« lan^nr ana CoV t Now York. DICKEY'S MAS. ADDIE ADAKc. PAINLESS-.EVE..WATER uesi roincdy ta Hie world tor-Rrsnuikted lids, frlca *b; conis<ft., ^ot^le. ^ Asp for ,lt. Hsto no ICE * CREAM pruhihuiuti flag over the Banmi v V«t<;l|i'i*'h and Uap, noHqt|yorf¥| fn.e to pen u single article in de- trii-e ol the cause, but etuigi- uur own 'side tort <t publishing coiuuiu lathe yor DllfFY'5 PURE D YhPK^a'A.*' drr *•-' with I 17 YOU WANT SUMS1HINO NICE CALL ON .C Vor ho has always ou hand H.'NoXlsViw,-.tartsitMsM. Fresh Cakes, Bread, Candies & Confectionery, tintingc tl» tin* Ki^lith diM^TcIv ClmCal j^j- \l iitliciniiiiin * —' •* •»** *■ ^ * w , lliv ,, iiMUHge 'any fnngic.»inn.d cm- Ifkaui' i«lS38l.i.iqM|HHkin^ plign this time.u' »uy oilier tnn-, people .onoug whon\ he has,, jivetll >t hat. But we don’t jiroj-n-e alway overlook them, knowing, .it u ith lolduil ■ hands anil m itiat Oe Av .-rhontst in ttip'ilvof.icy' Hancock reap all ther luiaor., and,' -it « cii wti-paritl-thit lie cWla 11M be *, I lucked dry Wilkes,.Cireooeuniill'ur- irtghnhitd' ' '— ■lain, lake political control of tin district. jm « ^ ' 1 •< It \ < » ft. | The Vanduxer reaolutiuu a. lir-t pro pored, war an outrage'mi fairni‘K.4 n.i.t an in Hilt on democratic pfrrrdent. ’|'|ie Moilimiumn does mil want its own eiuin- ty to rise on the fill of'anotli r.--Madi- 1 ..mi 111. the Vanduxer resolution was more than fair to the four large disaentiug Reese counties, which wt have proved to the satisfaction of every lair-minded man, we Will Keese dare to meet Car'ton on the stump? Wo dq .not r ber»e{e ( - X til it lie Arill. Reese was pt bis "post ol tint in Hanwelliwhjh -*Brer‘ HtuMiu was loiitfng^liim' 11 Wasiiiiigton Ci,y ■ —JzLQB l'r The lair-minded people ol, this district want tip’ still-minting ,co9'- ; pressman. Capt. Carltoircjiallmges Mr. Reese to a joint discussion be fore the people. * v ■ Wodllerif ReeffWtn try toTiiault the intelligent town white an election lor galeaia being held? since thrii'^idididate'i aspirants stump the county together, j„g ao y one. * .bdinliUBBIftiRVWIi we do nut claim to coetiql spy .ote 1 xc. pi our uwn, somehow or oilu r the counties where we Afire i\cd never tail to endoiqe .enjr i|r p.ic that we nuke. We may get in d and quarrel a little With' etcb itlier, hut it all comes right. While. passional!, nd at times go off mill-cocked, as it were, Mr. li'ack- »um, we never attack any man or c-pnii-i: uqy 'cVuse 'In our paper serious consideration, const qsence is that iur pi ake s ran 11 urn hr||g as gooJ as we should O' ver asyet failed to get the back- r 0R MEDICINAL USE NO FUSEL OIL , _ INFIRMARIE8. CONSUMPTION# •'ratua oi-, idt BURNHAM’S INl'KoVKo , STANDARD TURBINE kUKNUAM hKU«»., York I’a. hF.liAL .\6m : fis-llA.N*KS COUNTY »i or.|i"«A»VtKi.H. ti *jim iriYnsufi;- A UI1.1 of. T.tal'btraru^<UuiL>Sur.rlorCMrt NsrjIi T.rm IWSi-fl .pi.aiti g from the Muru fr is« H.tut IT tk.t ilie .l.r« In ihoaM.e 111 the ak-.r. sUWAcliebj l-ubllBallon .of Ih ■rS.-r qicb a. uunth let f> u mu till in Ik. oai her W.ii SSi-.B a-' i abUateii I A.UaOA^^r.j,]^, 1<); H. t-fftm*, Uh,t.otAiuira.r. Qmk«u Ba!»m rnvKTr.—I h«hby th-it tho above unit r u ft irextract Irouj tho minute* of Uaoks mp«r|ur Coujt, thicHay SJ, mayiswlm. L. N. TU UK, 0. 8. C„ It. C. ale and Umon Skaberl, oiiila'SI'ardw.-Se don't forget C. Bode "College Avenue And Clayton Streeth. ' ttrlllMIv. ?• i. * . VAX NOTICE. , .1 N atUntlcnf opporiuAllr tor ma Slat# ai d County Tax Returns for turglyvn at liillelana'a. Oi re, imm Ji given at tiiilclamV* Ot re, tmu June 9th. lo ly lat. inclualv. (Sundaya oxreplM) on which day IlsuTex lav ilofo wr work. No-1 roxlca lie. prom pi 1 Obe thousand hcklmfv Time p** ► unlcK in lor i bo work. Pm^ntaUMtlou the of time. Look out, make ft rhti boh ftvold lo I AX. 1 *' ih’ - ; DA Vila K. 8IM8, R. T. R. C. C. ITT to ciprkosTiae »:•■ a at LiftcwLShu...... .. . .^. line * m $:4§p M q?»^ar.Trrir~i/rr-rr.-lr?:.*-- ^ai at.-1. iflSS KB ZMa&BMaiBn oparsus «, Bat.Ti and aatorOa,, oat, ■ •■41'r i «uo pm iMt asiitasfiffia veraawe ttssnenovs? * * Amu ;t>. a.B*aNALo. uuvt C. W. CHBABN, uaa. raw. Aataa u, “' : .. . aipAiBMKi, Va. . , . RICHMOND* UAHVILU BA1LIWA* laataBarr. ikss, faiien Leave w <J«JnosviUft... v ... 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McDuffie; • tt iiAutok • j -ti rrris’M'ijtMtom- nSjah nut-on trial, eaCtaasitan—t u ‘ oflTon side-track* se'kterdMv * ” 4 •-Uj* ^iniiTBBury C. B. YERONEE. C Mumoer.. ddu 11 A. 1NSEFMANCK AGENTr 1 —“•j/frdfrjtjrfrb 1 'Jtf’f tk l ji “.. Companies. * "ft ,1881*18 BKFRKSBKTED «#0,<IW,0» ’ , Oftcecor. Tbonui and Clay ton’ft* -«•»” JWgf AJ«r SrflffiLKfJS w >.aTaaiMn,oitttAr i