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The Newnan herald. (Newnan, Ga.) 1915-1947, September 16, 1921, Image 1

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i ■ 1 mm I The Newnan Herald tSffd && 188e - f I newnan, ga., FRIDAY, September ie, 1921 Vol. 56—No. 51 general presentments 'Of the Grand Jury Chosen and Sworn for the September Term, 1-921, of Coweta Superior Court, the Hon.' C. E. Roop, Judge of To the Superior Court of Cojvota county: We, the grand jury summoned and sworn for the September term, 1921, of the Superior Court, beg to submit the follow ing general presentments:— .CHARTER NO. 1881. REPO B T OF THE --—op thm- RESERVE DISTRICT NO. 0. CONDITION FIRST NATIONAL BANK M Newnan, in the State of Georgia,at the close of business-on Sept. 6, 1921. resources; il, a Loans and discounts, including rediscounts (ex cept those shown in c) ., .<$1,122,389 52 x Customers’ liability account of acceptances of this banlfpurchased of discounted by it., 10,000 OP Total loans -i; Deduct: -tf Notes and bills rediscounted with Federal Re serve Bank (other than bank acceptances sold) •2. Overdrafts, secured, none; unsecured, $469.41.. 4 U. S. Government .securities owned: ' a Deposited to secure circulation (U, S. bonds, $1,132,389 52 81,234 08 $1,051,155 44 469 41 a Deposited to secure circulation (U, S. bonds, , 6 AlTother United Stages Government Securi ties 131,000 00 36,746 00 ’Totei..,, '5.-Other bonds, stocks, securities, etc.: Banking House, none; furniture and fixtures.. '8. Lawful reserve with Federal Reserve Bank.... 10. Cash in vault and amouht due from national' ibanks. y. 11. Amounts due from State banks, bankers and trust companies in the. United States (other -than included in Items 8 and 10) 12. Exchanges for clearing house .v.... Total of Items 10, 11 and -12. 14. Checks 'on hanks located outside of city or town of reporting bank and other cash items.. 15. Redemption fund .with ,U. S. Treasurer and due from U.S. Treasurer..' 22,352 73 ‘167,746 00 18,375 00 22,352 73 37,791 00 64,541 36 70,564 82 4,700 24 1,323 22 749 37 6,550 00 Total. $1(375,753 77 $155,294 39 8,113 10 LIABILITIES. x 17. Capital stock paid in 18. Surplus fund .... 19. Undivided profits c Less current expenses, interest and taxes paid 20. Circulating notes outstanding.' Demand deposits (other than bank deposits) subject to reserve (deposits payable within 30 days): :26. Individual deposits subject to check 27. Certificates of deposit due in less than 30 days (other than for money borrowed) Total of demand deposits (other than bank deposits) subject to reserve Items 26 and 27 '36. United States deposits (other than postal savings), including War Loan deposit ac count and deposits of United States disburs ing officers 37. U. S. Government Securities-borrowed.,./ J .. .v. | 39. Bills payable,'other than with Federal Reserve Bank (including all obligatiohs representing money borrowed other than rediscounts)... 42, a “Acceptances” executed by this bank'for cus tomers, and to furnish dollar exchange 10,000 00 b Less acceptances of this bank purchased or discounted 10,000 00 $250,000 00 250,000 00 147,181 29 125,100 00 476,794 59 48,102 89 524,8^7 48 1,075 00 2,500 00 75,000 00 Total.. ...A. .$1,375,753 77 T STATE OF GEORGIA—County of Coweta, as: I, J. H. Powell, Cashier of the above-named bank, do solemnly swear that (he above statentCftt Is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. J. H. POWELL, Cashier. . Subscribed and sworn to before me this 13th day of September, 1921. Correct—Attest: . H.. J. Israel, Notary Public. ■N. E. Powel, ) Mike Powell, ' [• Directors. Frank L, Stevens, ) CHARTER NO. S4TT B BPOST O F THE OF THE RESERVE DISTRICT NO. CONDITION MANUFACTURERS NATIONAL BANK At Newnan, in the'State of Georgia, at the close of business on Sept. 6, 1921 , County Officers. We observe that the records of nil officers of the county are properly kept and . filed according to- law. We com mend each of such. officcrs for tile excel lent order and condition of their re spective offices. We find the books of county officials,' exempting the Oouuty School Superintendent, have not been audited since 1919, and we reconimond that they be audited. Special Taxes. We further recommend that officers in charge use their utmost diligence in seeing that all porsons-subject to regis tration for special taxes, register at once. County. Treasurer. We attach hereto* u report of the County Treasurer, which Will speak for itself. Convict Camp. We have inspected the chaingang, and find 4 Government trucks; 1 caterpillar truck, (State:) 1 -speedStruck; 1 White' gas truck; 3 automobiles; 2 gas tanks, (hold about 250 gallons each;) 300 gal lons motor oil; 1 lighting plant; 14 dump wagons; 3 two-horse .wagons; 1 one- horse wagon; 11 ,wheelers; 10 wheel barrows; 1 six-hotse road;machine: 1 grade plow; 1 soil plow; '50 picks; 50 shovels; 12 mattocks.; 34 sets harness; 2 saddles; 5 steel cages;'5 guard cages; 1 cook car;(all cages in fairly good shape;) 34 mules; 1 horse; 1-'cow; 14 hogs; 13 pigs; 1 set blacksmith tools;; 1 range Btove and cooking utensils; pro visions! on hand enough to last one week; 144 suits clothing; .70 night shirts; 72 mattresses; 250 blankets, in fair shape; 7 guard mattresses; 14 sheets; 28 blankets; 7 pillows; 2 auto matic guns; 1 Winchester rifle; 3 Smith 6 Wesson pistolB; 72 prisoners, (3 white and 69 colored;) six guards; one bridge man; 1 4 engineers; 1 mechanic; 1 super intendent; 1 road superintendent; 1 dog, (3 - recently lost.) We find all convicts in good condition. Live Btock in good condition, and the camp sanitary, founty Jail. On investigation we find the jail well kept and in good repair, except the .pad ded cell, which needs some repairs. Court-Hob^e. We find several leaks in different rooms out of repair, caused from closets and radiators, and we recommend that they be repaired at owe. ^ County Farm. We find at the County Farm 24 in! mates, (7 white females and 3 males,) and 14 colored inmates, (7 females and 7 males;) 5 mules; 3 coWb; 3 calves; 2 bullB; 49 hogs and shotes; 2 wagons; X buggy; 1 set blacksmith tools, and fa*m implements.; 200 chickens; I 150 cans fruit; 100 bushels corn; 6,000 bundles fodder; 100 acres planted in corn; 3 acres in sorghum; . 1 acre sweet pota toes; 72 bushels' wheat; 13 clump wag ons; 1 elevating wagon. We reconpnqnd that the dwellings on the County Farm* be repainted. Books of U. P.’s and J. P.’si We find all fairly well-kept, some very neatly kept,' some containing minor er rors, some have omissions. We recom mend that all J. P.’s and N. P.’s use the latest record book for the recording of cases that come before them. We find that a majority do use this book, and their 'records are clear and plain. Recommendations. We recommend' the appointment of I, B. Murphey for Notary. Publjc and ex-officio Justice of the Peace for the 806th District, G. M. We fix that $2 per diem be paid ju rors .and, bailiffs at court, .We also rec ommend that all other salaries now be- TREASURER’S REPORT. J, T. Kidd, County Treasurer, in account with First National Bank, Newnan, Ga. General Fund. 1921. Receipts. March 1, Balance in First Na tional Bank $ March 4. T. G. Furmor, jr..,’. March 12. T. G. Farmor, jr... March 19. T; G. Farmor, jr... March 29, T. G. Farmer, jr... May 5. T. G. Fnrntor, jr May 28. T. G. Farmor, jr 16. T. G. Farmef, jr SSii T. G. Farmer, jr 605.90 7.17 3.00 33.22 23.52 1,362.30 3.06 2.50 45.88 $2,140.56 Disbursements. 1, by voushers paid $ 138.05 5 No. 2, br voushers paid 1,080.11 ^ No. 3, Vy vouchers paid 146. 4, by voushers paid 5, by vouchers paid Mo. 0, by vouchers paid Balance in First Na ni Bunk 59.50 252.70 381.56 188.71 45.92 Unpl N: $2,146.55 ’ouchers hold by First nl Bank, of Newnan, ;la $ 7,742.32 vouchors held by Na- Clty Bank, of New ..... 37,493.63 1921. Mmvl tioi Mard ■Mari Road Fund. Receipts. - 8. Balance in Flret Na il Bank ..., $8,421.04 8. T. G. Farmer,jr, 0. T. G. Farmdr, jr... March 10. T. G. Farmer, jr... Marcli 16. T. G. Farmer, jr.. March 18. T. G. Farmer, jr.. Marsh 25. T, G. Farmer, jr.. March; 26. T. G. Farmer, jr.. March 2$, T. G. Farmer, jr.. March 29. T. G. Farmer, jr., April '3. T, G. Farmer, jr..'. April- 5. T. G. Farmer, jr... April' 6. E, C. Adeock April 6. E. 0. Smith April 6. E. E. Benton April 6. S. A. North April- 6. T. L. Lambert. RESOURCES. ; 1. a Loans and discounts, including rediscounts.... $364,110 50 Total loans ....’. <2. Overdrafts', secured, hone; unsecured, $320 78 44. United States Government securities owned: a Deposited to secure circulation (U. S. bonds, par value) $15,000 0D ■b All other United States Government Securities.. 9,850 00 $364,110 50 320 78 Total. 3. Other bonds, stocks, securities, etc; 6- Banking House, none; furniture and fixtures ’.$3,180 10 8. Lawful reserve with Federal Reserve Bank Cash in vault and amount due. from national banks 81. Amounts due from State banks, bankers and trust companies in the United States (other than in cluded in Items 8 and 10) “• Exchanges for clearing house Total of Items 10, 11 and 12.. A. 22,619 16 J 4.-Checks on banks located outside of city or town of , reporting bank and other cash items Redemption fuhd with U. S. Treasurer and due from U. S. Treasurer 24,850 00 7,050 00 3,180 10 15,413 16 13,307 70 8,506 91 804 55 66 92 ’50 00 Total., $438,760 62 LIABILITIES. U. Capital stock paid in Surplus fund Undivided profits. $11,809 89 c Less current expenses, interest and taxes paid.. 2,373 03 At Circulating-notes outstanding '. ■demand deposits (other than bank deposits) sub ject to Reserve (deposits payable within 30 ,, , da / s ! : o. individual deposits subject to check 1 • Certificates of deposit due in less than 30 days, (other than for money borrowed) Z Dividends unpaid. Other demand deposits Total of. demand deposits (other than bank de posits) subject to reserve Items 26, 27. 30 % and 30 214,723 76 • Bills payable, other than with Federal Reserve Bank (including all obligations representing mon ey borrowed other than rediscounts) $125,000 00 50,000 00 9,436 86 14,600 00 152,364 56 17,869 74 60 00 44,429 46 April 0, April 6. April 6. April 6. April 0. April 6. April 6. April, G, April J Apj 'Ap?lLL’ TAG.' Farmer, jr.. April 7. T. G, Farmer, jr.. G. N. Strong .... J. W. Williams .. R. L. Pitman .... T. G. Farmer, jr. A. H. Johnson ... J. P. Waltom ... J. R, Wise R. E. J. Winkles . j) E. B. Witcher ... tO, B. Brooks 265.47 29.50 182.08 2,913.00 14,327.11 174.05 81.00 210.75 2.30 1,553.00 1,111.00 248.00 J 32.00 70.00 52.00 52,00 172.00 53.00 72.00 25.50 144.00 224.00 132.00 128.00 130.00 144.00 1.00 387.05 April 10. T. G. Farmor, jr.. April 10. T. G. Farmor,jr.. April 27. T, G. Farmer, jr,., April 30. T. G. Farmor, jr,. May 2. T. L. Lambert May 2. R. E, J. Winkles .... May 2. O. B, Brooks May 2. S. A. North May, 3. T. G. Farmer, jr,.., May 3, T. G. Farmor, jr... May 5. E. C .Adcock ...... May 24. T, Q. Farmer, jr.... May 28. T. G. Farmor. jr.. June 1. B. R. Witcher Jlfiie 4. T. G. Farmer, jr..,. June 7. T. G. Farmor, jr.,, June 7. T. G, Farmer, jr,,, Juno 10. T, G. Farmer, jr. .. Juno 25, T..G. Former, jr... June 28. T.'G. Fnrrnor, jr... July 5. T. G. Farmer, jr.... July 7. A. H. Johnson July 11. T. G. Fanner, jr... Aug. 2. T. G, Farmer, jr... Aug. 3. R. L. Pitman Aug. 3. J. R. Wise Aug.- 3. G. N. Strong Aug. 3. J. P. Woltom ...... Aug. 3. T. L. -Lambert -Aug. 3. R. E. J. Winkles ... Aug. 3. E. E, Benton Aug. 3. J W. Williams .... Aug. 3. O. B, Brooks Aug. 4. A. H. Johnson Aug. 4. E. 0. Adcoek Aug. 5. T. G. Farmer, jr,,... Aug. 24. T. G. Farmor, jr..., Aug. 30. IV G. Farmer, jr,,,. Aug. 31. S, A. North Aug. 31. T, G, Farmorj jr..,. Aug,- 31. E, O. Adeock ..., Aug. 31. J. W. Williams .... Aug. 31, J, P. Waltom Aug. 31. G. N. Strong ,.,.. Aug. 31. O. ,B. Brooks .... Aug, 31, E. R. Witcher .... Aug. 31. E. E, Benton Aug. 31. R. E J, Winkles ;.. Aug. !fl. T. L, Lambert ... 93.81 11,75 8.01 22,509,11 48.00 4.00 50.00 24.00 811.07 199.50 4.00 10,010.05 18.00 4.00 5,000.00 14.70 ' 75.00 25.30 808.19 10,020.00 49.18 32.00 HI.65 3,000.00 100.00 55.00 Prof, and Mrs. J. C. Sorrell spent the wook-end with friendB at Ghlploy. Mr. Joe Ingram, of Atlanta, is spend ing a fow days with Mr. J. R. Ingram. Mr. Konorly Gold loft Monday for Dahlonega, where he will enter the N. A. College. Miss Love Carpenter is Bpending the week in Newnan, Misb Elizabeth Smith has returned to Burueaville, where alio will attend the Dlstrlat A. & M. School the coming year. Messrs. Mai and Wynn Vineyard, of Nownan, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. P. B. Vineyard. Mrs. 0. A. Haines is visiting in Se- noln this week. Mr. H. B. Pitman and family spent Sunday with. Mrs. Roxle McDonald, at Longstroct. o 10,00 60.00 230.00 80.00 199.00 35.00 105-00 139.38 36.00 144.43 478,05 120.00 6.00 98.75 105.00 90.00 15.00 260.11 ’• 89.00 08.75 25.00 55.00 $93,902,57 Disbursements, By vouchers paid $92,322.07 Sept. 1. Balance in Frst Na tional Bank 1,580.50 $93,902.57 Unpaid vouchors hold by First National Bank, of Newnan $32,929,34 Unpnid vouchers hold by Na tional City . Bank, of New York 00,620.03 » Pull for Newnan. Quit Laxathrus, Purges; Try NR MR Tonight—TtBtrnv FnI Right It Is ft yourself with colompl, oil,' mistake so- You 25c box of SHARPSBURG. Mrs, Will Prather and baby, of New nan, spent a fow days with Mrs. Roxie Bridges the qpst week. Mr. Herman Glass, of Atlanta, spent the post week with his aunt, Mm. J oo Colo. Better than Pills GE I ft For Liver Ills. Z«h 0 III OX ing paid by the county be reduced, where possible. We further recommend that when road tax is to be worked out on roads by a taxpayer that the taxpayer shail receive •credit for the regular wages being paid' by the county for labor. We desire to thank his Honor, Judge C. E. R’oop, for his able, timely and im pressive charge to our body. We desire also- to thank our Solicitor- General, Hon. Win. Y. Atkinson, for his able and courteous co-operation and as- , sistance in the varied-investigations con- ducted by our body. We also wish to thank our foreman, Mr. W. A. Bohannon, and our -efficient clerks, Messrs. C. E. Hamilton and F. R. Cline. Publication. We recommend that’ these presentments be published in the Newnan Herald, and- that-the sum of $10 be paid for such pub lication. We also recommend that Chas. H. Arnall be paid the sum of $5 for services rendered in the preparation of these presentments. Respectfully submitted, William .A. Bohannon, foreman. Andrew J. Bailey Louis O. Hutchinson Hewlette G. Bai|ey W. Elbert Lindsey Allen H. Lang James J. Reese Chas. W. Reese John A. Powledgo Robert L. Pitts Oscar 8. Mann James D. Murphy Joseph R. Brown Robert J. Stewart George 8. Darden - William C. Mc-Brid^ 25,000 00 Total . $438,760 62 ATE OF GEORGIA-*• County of Coweta, as: }■ H. H. North, President of the above-named bank, do solemnly swear that the statemenF ?c fr* Luxe*- nf mv Vnnwlpdpti and belief. ^ 1 statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. H. H. NORTH, President Coo^l^Gbed and sworn to before me this 14th day of September, 1921. u **ect-Attest: H. J. Israel, Notary Public. B & £° le - ) | ^S.'m^ BURN ’ [Directors. John T. Addy Abram P. Carmical . James T. Cash Luther E. Arnall James T. Bexley Frank R. Cline -and Cecil E. Hamilton, Clerks. The foregoing having been read in open court, it is considered, ordered and adjudged that the within' presentments be spread upon the minutes of this court, and that they be published as recom mended This Sejit. 7, J921. C. E. Roop, J. 8. C. C. C. Filed in office, this Sept 7, 1921. L. Turner, Clerk Superior Court. O F Every body knows what hand-embroic(ered i have Madeira Linens mean, but we believe we the prettiest collection of pieces ever shown in a small town. We are anxious that you attend this sale. ' For your convenience we are having this sale on Monday instead of Saturday. Madeira Linens have been very scarce and difficult to obtain. To put these goods in reach of every one we hayfe marked them at [dlose margin of profit for quick sale. 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