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' Weekly Telegraph and Messenger. ESTABLISHED 1826 MACON, FRIDAY. NOVEMBER 7, 18H4. VOLUME LVIII-NO. 49. CLEVELAND IT IS, .y SPITE OF EFFORTS TO MAKE IT AP- *" PEAR OTHERWISE. maw York Claimed for Him by a Very " Small. But Sufficient CONNECTICUT DECLARES FOR THE DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE. maw Jereev and Indiana In Doubt, but Almost Certainly Safe for the Right Sido. MICHICAN SAID TO BE CARRIED BY THE FUSIONISTS, In Which Case the Democrats Will Get Most of the Votes of Its Electors. A FULL REVIEW OF THE SITUATION, [T*L*01urHID TO THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. New York, November r».-The entire County Democracy ticket la elected by probably over 10,000 majority, there being not mo c than six election districts missing. Albany, November 5.-At 11 a. m , the Even ing Journal clalma New York State la In doubt and the official count will be needed. In this estimate Cleveland’s majority in New York •county Is put at 43,000. The Congressional del egation atsndi seventeen Republicans and seventeen Democrats. Brooklyn, November 5.-The result of the election In Brooklyn and the county towns caMCS great enthusiasm among tho Demo- erS and Independent Republicans who co operated with them in bringing about the vic tory. The figure* on the electoral ticket ahow that Cleveland has a majority In Klnga county over Blaine of 15,’62. Butlor's total vote is 2,wi, while St. John received 1,3C9. The Dem ocrat! have elected three out of four mem bers of Congress, and nine out of twelve Assemblymen. They have also elected their ■herllT, city Judge, comptroller and auditor, besides a majority of tho supervisors. In the Second Congressional district, Felix Camp bell (Domocrat) has 17,419, and Thomas Sheri dan (Republican) 11,701—Campbell's majority, 5,795; Third district, Caleb L. Smith (Demo crat) has 13,181, and Darwin R. James (Re publican) 19,615; Fourth district, Peter p. Mahoney (Democrat) has 18,993, and Bernard J. Uulholland (Republlcn) 13,293— Mahoney's majority, 5,700; Fifth district, Arch ibald M. Bliss (Domocrat) 16,838, Jacob Worth (Republican) 13,025; Bliss's majority 8,813. New York, November 5.—The latest re turns from New York State outside of Now York and, Kings county show that for l,i32 election districts air >ody reported from that section of the State tho average Republican plurality has bcon as nearly as possible 35. if each of the 561 districts yet to hear from re turn tho same average plurality they wi<l yield 19,740 plurality for Blalue. This, added to the 49,933 plurality shown by those already re ported, will make the Republican plurality, exclusive of New York and Kings counties, 69 673. The Democratie plurality in New York county, according to the latest computa tion, la 42,786, and that of Kings county 15,152. It appears therefore that the Democratic plu rality of 87,90S will be overcome with upwards of 11,000 to spare by the plurality with which Blaine comes to the Harlem river. This la contingent on the returns bolding ont as favorable for the Republicans as they have done up to thle time in the State at large. Asa matter of fact the later return i have been more favorable. The counties In which the lacking districts chiefly lie are Albany, AlWh-uey. Ca'tarar (ns, Cayuga, Chautauqua. Chenango, rHum: Delaware, Duchess, Essex. Fulton. Iiamlltou, Herkimer, Jeffeison, Madison, Mong imcry Ontario, HL Lawrence, Schcucctsdy, Scho harie. Steuben, Sullivan, Tompkins, Ulster and Weitchester. Naw Yoax, November5.—Fourteen hundred and > seventy-seven election districts in New York Htate outride thedUe* of New York and Brooklyn give Blaine S36.9H. Cleveland £5,7M, Butler M09, and HL John 17,060, a net Democratic tain of 11,326. Ithaca. November 5.—'Tompkins county Ives Blaine 431 plurality. Congressman root (protection Democrat), tho nominee of jnded and ^ jr sad telegraph bulletins and officers are thronged with anxious crowds. East S«oinaw, Mich., November 5.—This District, tho Eighth, has goue Democratic, but the figure* are not known. R. G. llorr (Rep.) has been defeated by Tarsney (fuslonlst). The Republicans concede a majority of 100. The Democrats claim 1,400. New York, November 5.—One thousand sfx hundred and fourteen election districts In New York State outside of New York city and Brooklyn, glvo Blalue 362,728. Cleveland 307,- 954. Butler 9,419, 8L John 18034. New York November 6.—The Post claims the election of Cleveland, and counts New York in the Cleveland column. New York, November 5.—The Commercial Advertiser says Blaine has 7,000 plurality In New York. The 8tut-, outside of the cities of New York and Brooklyn, gives Blaine 3G6 847, velaud 311,*79, Butler 9,547, 8t John 18, a net Democratic gain of 12,203. . ew York, November 5, 9:10 r. M.-r-One thousand seven hundred and twenty-three districts In New York State, outside of the cities of New York and Brooelyn, give Blaine 382,010. Cleveland 324,413, Butler 10,531. 8L John 19,969. Net Democratic gain of 13,546. Indianapolis, November 5.—Three hundred and aev uty-threo voting places ahow a Re publican galu of 12,595 and a Democratic gain of ".392—a net Republican gain of 5.2' 3. wnleh Indicates a plurality for Blaine in the Stale of 2,001 If the rates of galu continues. Nkw York, Novembers, 10 p. m.—One thou sand seven hundred and forty-two election dls' riots In New York State, outride of the cities of New York and Brooklyn give Blaine 3" ,404. Cleveland 332,109, Butler 10,560 and 8t. John 20,029. Returns from all the election districts in thts city give Cleveland a plurality of 43,23-* over Blaine. Tho city and county ticket of the County Democracy, headed by ez-Mayor Grace for mayor, la elected by majorities rang ing from 10,000 to 15,000. Full returns from Queens county give Cleveland a plurality of 2,671 over Blaine. Perry Belmont u re-elected to Congrras by 3.058 majority. t tic a, November 5 —Oneida county official, all but one election district, gives Blaine 13,- 793, Cleveland 18,890, Butler 182, 8L John 841. Nr.w York, November 5.—The Times claims New York State for Cleveland by a majority of 2,000 to 5,000. The Tribune, however, does not concede it. Olean, November 5 —The county clerk now reports th«t Cattaraugus county compete gives 1,398 plurality for Blaine. Troy. Novembers.—Rensselaer county com plete gives Blaine 345 majority. Catskill November 5.—Green county com plete official gives Blaine 4,1 7, Cleveland 4,152. For Congress, Lludsley (Republican) •,393. New York. November 5.—President Arthur remained In his hotel neatly all day receiving ‘Ispatches concerning the election. Mr. Levi '. Morton was among hla visitors. In the evening ho attended the theatre. Buppalo, November 5.—The excitement in the c ty is »till unabated. Both parties claim the Slate and tho different newspaper offices nro crowded with those anxious to hear the latest reports. Both parties have been paa ling the streets and cheering their randl- dntes. The main streets are crowded with ex cited people There have been a few distur bances, but not of a aorious nature. The latest figures, as full and authentic as it fs possible to give them at this hour, «re, on the vote of the city. Illaine 18.528, Cleveland 17,475, Butler 117. 8t. John 182; Blame's plurality in the city 1,063. Albany, November 5.—The latest semi-offi cial returns show a Democratic majarlty In the State of 3,266. It is not believed In Demo cratic circles here that these will vary moro than 200 either way. The Argus estimate* an electoral vote of 219 for Cleveland, 122 for Blaine and 6doubtful. Albany, November 5.—The latest figures re ceived by Governor Cleveland lives a Demo cratic majority In the atato of 2,766. Nkw York, November 5.—Iftca'chcricr county, with each town of Pelham and one district ea h in Ossining and Yorktown, gives Blaine 10,798 and Cleveland 12,057. Naw York. November 5 — Senator Gorman, chairman i-( the national executive commit tee, baa sent the following dispatch to the chairman of the State committee of Indiana: The vote In nearly every precinct In the State f New York, as announced In the polling places when counted, has been recrived, and shows a small but aafe majority for Cleve'and and Hendricks. Tho exact fig ures for the State will be given os soon as the returns are complete. There will be no count ing out tnla tune.” New York, November 5—One thousand seven hundred and seventy-one districts out- shlo of New York and Kings HI nine 390.000. Cleveland 3P.045, St. Johu 20,r- of 13. Scott county gives a Democratic ma jority of 305. a Democratic gain of 30. A Re publican g&lu of i,0.<0 is reported from Van derburgh county. Newton county gives a Re publican majority of 390, a gain of35. If the B resent rate of Republican galas continue, le State will be romarkably close and tho urall ‘ ay. 1 . Mmoi There 1- no chsuge In the Congressmen from the figures sent last night. Indianapolis, November 5.—Huntington >unty gives a Democratic majority of 20, a Republican gain of 113. Rush county gives a Republican majority of 363, a gain of 24. Indianapolis, November 5.—Fulton county K ‘ cs a Democratic majority of 162, a mocratlc gain of 59. Howard county gives a Republican majority of 1,072, a Republican gnln of 89. Miami county gives a Democratic majority of 253, a Republican gain of 27. Car- roll county give * a Democratie majority or 125, a Republican gain of 47. Htevan county gives a Republican majority of 906, a Republi can gain of 147. Indi iNAPOLis, November 5.—Putnam county gives a Democratic majority of 358, a Republi can gain of 33; Cass county a Democratic ma jority ol 484. a Republican gain of 331; Lathrop county a Democratie majority of 900, a Demo cratic gain of 66; Martin county a Democratic majority of 285 a Democratic gain of 46: Grant county a Republican majority of 75, a Repub lican gain of 147; Whitley county a Democratic majority of 36'J, a Democratic gain of 82. There la every Indication that the vote In the State will bo very clow. Tho Democratic committee claims the State at noon by 5,000. The Republican committee Is equally confi dent, but does not gve figures. Indianapolis, November 5.-In Indiana 673 voting places show a ne Republican gain of 5.203. This indicates a plurality for Blaine in the Htate of 2,000. Indianapolis, Novcmber5.—Got. Hendricks has been in receipt of telegrams from various sources all day, but has had nothing from the national Democratic committee since morn ing. He answered a telegram from Joseph l’ultzer, of the New York World, who asked his opinion of the result and the reasons that In bis belief led to It, and attached an Inquiry as to how New York had gone, in reply Mr. Pulitzer telegraphed that New York had I and and ITU as both nartlc., of Mo’no »looto_. B " ubUc * n ‘ b > Kingston, November 5.—Ulster county giv Blalue about 125 majority. The Republics! Meet Llndaler to Congress by abMttl.SUOand 8order and Has broach to the Assembly, roar Jr aria, November 5.—Orange cn >mh• wmm,, about 903 plural- •— -.... - — -* -—- — tty for Cleveland. Congressional and assem tlnu» of the election of a Deir.ocrat. The Wy estimates are nncUongod. Beach's ms- Eighth (Harris’s district) fs uot heard from, newspaper offices ere surrounded by largo crowds eagerly scanning the bulletins os they appear. There It a feeling of great uncertain ty as to the result In the Htote. At the Donna- C !»V C headquarters Blaine's majority outside York and King's county U placed at 4l.uw. while the claim la made that New given Cleveland anu Heudrivki » small plu rallty. which night be Increased, and the State was aafe for the Democratic electors. The following telegram from the Young Men's Indepcn tout committee of New York gave Mr. Heudricks considerable personal gratification, but it was not satisfactory as to the actual facts: “Believing that the war Issues are settled, the ludepeudeut Republican* of New York havo given you the Htato and voted in favor of administrative reform.” Thts evening an Associated Press reporter called upon Governor Hendricks, and was ac corded a brief Interview. "I firmly believe,” sold Gov. Hendricks, 'that Indiana has gone Democratic by a deci sive majority, and am Inclined t j extend my estimate of last night of 5,000 to 8,(00. As to New York State, of course I cannot be so cer tain. If the Associated Press figures are cor rect, they settle the state against us.” "The division of the Democrats then bo- vcIl C evcland and Rutler was due to the mplovmcut of the latter to work In tho inter cat of Birin "There Is no d >ubt that Butler was working for tho Republican managers ” At tho Democratic committee room, white the claim of carrying the Btnto by over 10.000 Is still kept up, tho further claim is made that tho Republicans are "doctoring” the returns to deceive the |>eople. Chairman UeudeMon says the Democrats have elected ten Congress men, and the Republicans Browne, with the two districts Eighth and Ninth, indoubt. chairman New, of tho Republican commit tee. says Browne, Johnson, Steele and Owen are elected to Congress and that tho first district is in doubt. The State la In donbt and la claimed by both parties. Indianapolis, November 5. — At present there Is no change in the situation os outlined i county .. Butler 10,i »'T Michigan Detroit, November 5.—The Free Press re ports from twenty-seven counties show a net majority for the fusion electoral ticket of 4,642 and for the State ticket of 4,078. The Pott (Re publican! claims the whole national and State tickets, it will be late in the day beforo there can be told definitely anything about there- turn*. The muddy condition of the roads pre vents returne fro n arriving from back towns. At tbls hour, 6:25 a. m., both parties claim the victory and a full count will be needed to let- tic the question Detroit, November 5.—At l o'clock this evening very few additional returns had been received from Michigan. It Is believed that the Republicans elect their Presidential elec tors. The contest between Be goto (Fusion) mid Alger (Republican) for Governor, la very Aosc nud both aides claim the victory. The fuslonlsts elect Congressmen in the First, Fourth, Sixth and Seventh districts, ail of which are Democrat*. The Republicans elect their Conjrcsstoual candidate* in the Second, Third ami Ninth districts. The fifth district Is still In doubt, but there are strong Indie*. Nothing *a<idtttunal°ha» been received on the Legislature. | Detroit, Mtcit., November 5.—The latest I repo ts received within the city show In creased Democratic gains in the Republican I counties If the present ratio «f gain contin ues th* 8tate will give a decided majority for the fusion electors and probably for the .State 867 and Hancock 26,52*. Blaine’s plurality Is 4*12; Garfield’s was 82^33. There la no choice for Governor, a majority of the total vote bo- l-g necessary for a choice. Currier will be chosen by the Legislature, which will be Re publican In both branches. Both members of Congress are chosen by large pluralities. Concord, November 5.—One hundred and forty-five towns give Blaine 29.186. Cleveland 26.194, st. John 1,026, Butler 208—Blaine's plu rality 2,992. The same towns In 1880 gar* Gar field 29,659 and Hancock 27,345; Garfield's plu rallty 2,514. In 145 towns Currier's vote for Governor Is 27,775, Hill's 26,794. Mason's 1,141, scattering 201. Illinois. Chicago, November 5.-The returns from Illinois come in very slowly. For the State at large the Republican managers claim the State for the Republican national t leket. It la expected that an approximate esttmate will be reached early this evening. One hundred and twenty-sevin precincts in the cltyof Chi cago, out of 171, give Blaine 36,612 and Cleve land 31,510. Nothing has been received to change the complexion of tho Congressional delegation aa sent last night. The Legislature on Joint ballot la In doubt. CHicAao, November 5.—The city of Chica go, with seven precincts mlsslu/, glvea Blaine 49,413, Cleveland 40,485, 8t. John 502, Butler 493; Ogl:sby (Republican), for Governor, re ceived 45,197, Harrison (Democrat), 50,327, Robbs (Prohibitionist), 433. Chicago, November 5.-In tbla State 774 pre cincts, Including 164 In Chicago Oglesby 164- 134 and Harrison 167.963. ogUsby’a plurality over all is 4,702. Chicago city gives Blaine 49,413, Cleveland 46,485, 8L John 479 and But ler 502. Blaine's majority over all 1,930. Of Chicago city Congressmen the Republicans elect Dunham In ine First district sad Adams in the Fourth and Democrats elect lawler in theHecond district and Ward In iheTbln. The Republicans elect ih-lr Congressmen In the Hlxth and Tenth dletricts. Chic ago, November 5 —Seven hundred and seventy-four precincts In Illinois, including 161 in Chicago, for Governor, give Oglesby (Rep.) over all 4/02. Chicago city glvea Blaine over all 1,919. • Chicago, November 5.—N. E. Worthington (Dem.) is eloctcd to Congress, Instead ofsto rey (Rep.) aa reported to-night. Chicago, November 6.—The uncertainty as to the general result prov »ked great interest Iti the later returns, and the day In the city has been one of high excitement. The streets were thronged all Tuesday night by waiting In front of bulletin boards, and tho excess of 10,00». They do not now _l ~ ore than ten Congressmen, admitting ie election of Browne, uteele and Owen. The Legislature Is unquestionably Democrat ic. Chairman New now claims tho Mate has given a plurality to the Blaine electors, but thinks the Htate ticket la In doubt To an as sociated pr as reporter Gov. Uendricks said be believed he had no farther statement to make concerning the situation. Naw York, November5.—The Sun has re ceived returns from every county In tho 8tate and reM»ed returns complete from fifty-four of sixty counties they give Cleveland 1,6:3 plurality. The Times gives Cleveland2,314 plu rality In this Btatc. The Tribune says the returns give th e 8tato to Blaine by consider able plurality. Das Moines, November 5.—The Republicans will carry Iowa by a plurality to 25,00 on the uatlonal ticket, 25.030 to 30,000 on the State ticket and elect Congressmen In 10 of the 11 districts. Weaver (fusion) was defeated In the Hlxth district by 563 votes. Galveston, November 5.—Late returns do not materially change the majority on the Democratic state ticket Cleveland's majority over Blaine la 100,000. Virginia. Petersburg, November 5.- Returns re ceived from several precincts In the Fourth C(B{retslonal district up to this morning show the foil owing: Blaine 4,161, Cleveland 2,377, Rivet (Democrat) for Congress 2,385, Brady (Mahono Republican) 3,153, Evans (Cameron Republican) 2,441. The retarns are coming In slowly. Lynchburg, November 5.—Incomplete tel turns from the Ninth district show large Democratic gains and Indies's the eleo.lon of Trigg (Democrat) for Congress. Park:i*ui'Ko. November 5.—Interest In the election is unabated to-day. and there Is much spe ulstlon os to tbo probable result. The re turns . re so mea<re and slow In coming In that it Is difficult to form any opinion os to how the Stale baa rone. The vote evidently la very close, both Republicans and Demo crats clalmlug IL Gen. Bolling, a member of the R*publican State central committee, aa; conflict ng nature of the reports allowed the adherents of both parties to cheer for the snr • cess of their candidates whon tbo Indications tended their way. Tho remarkable sight was •resented of these largo crowds still lingering n the business part of the city after the first editions of tho morning papera had appeared. The evening papers run hourly editions througnout the night to meet the craving of the people for the latest Intelligence from New York and other doubt ful H rates. As the day advanced the crowds about the newspaper offices was swelled to such proportions as to blockade travel, and while there was wild cheering by the Repub licans «nd Democrats alike, the behavior of the crowds was good. The returns fiom Illi nois came alowly, and it were of a nature to cause doubt aa to the possible majorities, but the Htate was generally concded to the Repub Means, both on the State and Presidential elections. The chairman of the Republican State committee claimed during the evening 20.000 Republican majority for Governor, and a Republican majority in both branches of the Legislature. Chicago, November 5.—Returns from 48 counties, up to mliulght, show Blaine's ma jority to be 12,436, a net Democratic gain of 0 035. There are still 65 counties to be heard from. Including Cook county. Carter Harri son. Democratic candldat3 for Governor, ruus -'Ightly ahead of Cleveland. (fine a ' -i' Rl B1 Ing ample allowance for these latter I am sure you have carried the State. [Signed] 8. B French, "Snp’t. Board Police," From New Orleans came the announce ment of Republican gains on members of Congress, and from Wisconsin and Michigan assurance that these States are f 11 right Mr. hlnlne remained quietly at homo all day receiving returns, and being still somewhat hoarse he spent most of the time In hla room to avoid the fat'gue of talking, to which he would have been subject had he remained among hla friends aa he did last evening. Maryland. Baltimore, November 5.—The Bun this morning makes the following footlugs of the vote throughout the State: The vote of the State outside of the city gives a net Domo crat majority of the 4,805. The Democratic majortles In the counties areas follows: Anne Arundel 314. Hal lorn 1 550, Caroline 36, Car roll 360, Harford 700, Howard 355, Kent 101, Montgomery 700, Prince George’s 191, Queen Anne Y a633,Talbnt 24, Wicomico f50, Worces ter. 758. Too Republican majorities arc aa follows: All ghany 428, Charles 177, Dorcet- ter 150, Frederick 345, Garrett 202, Washington 250, Calvert 263. The vote in Baltimore city was the Isrgest ever polled, amounting to 63,249. Cleveland's plurality Is 6,716 and ma jority Is 5,343. The vote for Bt John was 1,261 and for Butler 101, and of the six Congress men tho Democrats elect five, which Is a gain of one. Mr. McComas (Republican) in the Sixth district is re-elected by a decreased ma jority over two years ago. In the Third district Cole (Democrat) la elected by a plurality of 5,360. In the Fourth district Findlay (Demo crat) la elected by f.385 plurality. Flodla>'a total vote runs ahead of Cleveland's vote*In that district 198 votes. The delegation stands: First district. Charles H. Gibson; Second dis trict, Frank T. Shaw; Third district, Wm. II. Colo; Fourth district, John V. L. Findlay: Fifth district, Barnes Compton; Sixth district, Louis E. McComas (Republican). Massachusetts. Boston, November 5.—The Traveler stye Gen. Butler received a dispatch this morning from New York assuring him that Blaine had carried that State by from 6,000 to 10,000 plu rality beyond a doubt. Boston, November 5.—The vote of all the cities and towns in this State, with the excep tion of five small towns, foots us: Blalue ill, 304, Cleveland 117,559, Butler 23,311, 8L Johu 9,906. In 1889 Garfield had a complete vote of 165,205, Hancock 101,960, Weaver 4,548 and Low The Gubernatorial vote, which does not In clude the five small towns mynttoued, foots up Robinson (Republican) 1.T2.812, Kndlcott (Democrat) 106,617, McCofferiy (People's pariy) 22.99.1, Seely fPiohibltionlat) 8,uS. In lie Robinson had 160.092, Bu ler 159,229, Almy (Prohibitionist) 1,881. The following Congressmen are elected First district, R T. Davis (Republican), Sec loud, John D. Long (Republican), Third. A. A. meet the craving of the people for the latest Hannay (Republican). Fourth, P. A. Colllni Inl.lllimiioA Lnm Vnur V«.V .nA aAm 4n»K». (HoilUHTUt), Fifth, O.U. IlaVilCU (Republican), Sixth, II, If. Covering (Democrat), Seventh, K. Rockwell (Republican). This is » Republican gain of two Congressmen. Boston. November 5.-Dodge, the Republl- an candidate for Congressman In tho Sixth district, lias petitioned for a recount of tho votes. Tbcpljrallty of Lovcrlug (Domocrat) It 1.173. Jackson, Mim., November 5.—Every Con- undoubtedly will make compared Governor, with thirty three predseta missing. Cook county gives Harrison (Democrat) ma jority 1,8*. Chic Ano.November 6—Retarns to the Times from the State wp to midnight indicate that the delegation lu Congress will Benu Repub licans 12. Democratsfi. The prin t t delega tion stands: Republicans 11, Democrats 8. In dependent 1. Ths relume on memb rs of the State J.evlsUlure are meagre from roanv dis tricts. The Times claims that the LegDIature "■ bo Democratic on Joint ballet, while the 1 be Uepubdcau by a small are based on private telegrams. There Is feeling of great uncertainty among tl Democratie leaders, and but little enlbuitosi 1* manifested. At the Republican heodoui while reports have been received that Bialne ***£«* rod'ona and Michigan, and that Mat- sachasetts Is In doubt, with the probability of rHng fot Blaine. At the headquarters jfcjjets a frellnj of confidence that Blaine Is York, November 6.—At the headquar- Si» Mttooal Republican committee members of tae executive committee were In ‘"airily surly mood. Steve Elkina de- f^^.posRively to say anything whatever on the political outlook. At the he^qnartera of tka national Democratic committee Senator Gorman expressed the utmost cod Men re in tho turret* and election of Governor Clave- mottn.UM.luIorm.lU>. lob. hoi. tbit kU would eurtir N.w York hut. hr 10,000 It T. hr .u4 X.w J nrnf county compute give* Blaine *» plurality, but the nemoerttlc fount, ticket U .tartol .taxt No.ember .V—Tken U do further luertlon u to th. .Uction ol Calotte) Johu X. Hatfsfc**-* - &*- Thlrtjtklrt ' Vfw •be full we’tt the ett. on count. uffleeraJ tot major, Uruee (Count, Democrat and ettt I-.-*-®!; Oraat (fuaimanj). hvnt: Glbbt ucmocrauc. i no r If. The upper pen! peninsula, which stronaiy Republics greatly, nlasula tnd northern lower ..... h heretofore have been (publican have been cat down DsTaorr. November 5.—The latest reports on Congressmen live the fusion ticket six, all Democrats. Maybury in the First district, Comstock In the Fffcn, Wlnans In the Sixth, Carlcton In the Seventh, Tarsney in the Eighth end Fisher In the Tenth. The Repub licans elect three-O'Donnell In the Third district, Cutcheon in the Ninth and MofTat lu the Eleventh. Pall returns are needed from the Second district to d cldc tho ouestton, as the vote la very cloae. The Fourth district le claim d by both parties, and reports are so coat allctory that It is impossible to tell what ie result will be. , Detroit, November 5.-Four hundred and meventyiseven precincts gives Blaine 80.754, Cleveland 71.009. Butler 14,067, 8L John 7.913- a fusion plurality of 4,352. The same precinct* Igiva Alger (Republican) for Governor, 7?,7eS; Begole (fusion). 72,418; Preston (Prohibition). The latest returns from the Congress- district over H. B. ** Yoag, November 5.—Tho following la f iVT 'V77 , “*V' rmm (Tammany), 8S.391; Gtl Upub lean), 44 Ml -Grace’s plurality o- S** 8 * tojjfc riov controller, Lowe (Coumv ‘7 ».w l-tltt 7.7#. rnuMmt of MWcrmeu. Hum (Count. Dmuoeranr), «7,- '-rf.bmu.JTammttij), 71,0* OToum. (MDUbllfUn). Kjfts. Tb.r«.unj bctwMU Tuuunj Httl and “f'rntr Iicmocrar. hu ben much infra- •Hled brth. mull Ihoa fur acknowledged, wor tho moment the Tammany peopla are Wop.ll;rt by th. forea ol the blow which ha, ««.wlmlnlatand. th*T do notbmiuuto County DonMeraey merigeed Th. :. lu>4 “ poll, for tho bouoftt of Grace Tba Lorat, Draiorraey.ratart In a tlmllar T kc f-ell.'g among Iho l-Tlcraof both to. If onal ra.1 iu£ SLZZuThJld-TiSig *>• Uut tho awonal Wtwora tho fraSona ha. 'ow' lerrtand kMU) Total In the city. Xorraabcr 5. -Got. ctereland waa •V.'bo eiormlru chamber at hla naaal hour Rls eomboewm oiwt t*lk« over the iltuorion ae 4 Detroit, November f.—The returns rccelve<l this evening Indicate the election of the State I I and national fusion tlckeL but later figures F«rquh*r (Rep.) for Cowgrcee over Dan Look- mty alter thi« The Democrats now claim the J°*»B. Weber (Eepdin the Sto!*-. to-day that the liepubllcana wlll oarry 72; state by from 5,ooo to 7,000 majority, and this district by about 9,«J0 majority. Brady (Ma- hone Kipubltcan) clalma a majority of fra 4,000 to 5,000. Erans (Cameron Republlcai however, claims the district by from 400 to i majority. The returns from New York a awaited and read wl h the greatest Interest Richmond, November 5.-But few returns have been received this morning an do not change the result as heretofore telegraphed, except to fortify the DemecraU in claiming iu« m«Li by from 1,053 to 5,993 asjorl!*, w*.'h seven Congressmen certain and a close vote in the First dBtrlct Washington, November 5.—Hon. John 8. Barbour, chairman of the Democratic State central commute# of Virginia, says heestl mates on the basis 6f h m to-day from all p Virginia has given the Democratie electoral ticket a majority of at Least 8,000, and he thinks it mar reach If,000. Roanoke, Novrrab»r — 1 There la no clue to the munlerer of Llxxie Wilson, who was killed last eventog. Two negroes have been arrest ed, bnt their ease Is doubtful. The mayor bos offered a reward of 1450 for the capture of the The Republicans also claim the Htate by a Hear majority. The upper peninsula baa been beaM from in favor of the Republl- eous. but the exact vote is not yet known. The Congressmen will remain about the fame aa before reported. The Republican vote is In full on the lead ing candidates. To get the full fusion vote on the President, it la necetaaiy to add, the vote f lven separately for Cleveland and Batter, f the vo’.e of the State la decided for the S on ticks', aa seems probable at this writ- 7 p. m., Cleveland will receive six electo- votes, Butler six, and one i for Blaine. In voting the Greenbaci and Democrats voted for the samem.c twelve electoral places and for different men for the thirteenth place, which aUowe a chance for one Blalue eUctor. It was desired to find the relative atre gttiof the Greenback- ere ami Democrats, and hence the vote is sent separately. The reports *o far giro little In formation about the upper peninsular, which Is a Republican etronehold. but tho indies tions are that there are great Democratic gains there. Detroit, November 5.-Before midnight the Democrats at til claimed the election of the ■late ticket, but mode no claims to the na tional ticket. Blaine will probably carry the Stale, bnt U le not yet decided. The Repabll- eans claim that ho has tho State vote with peroral thousand plurality. murderer, and fifty extra police are searchlag the surrounding country, and a cltlxen'a meeting this afternoon offered an additional reward of tt.WQ. Petersblug. November S.—The Democrats are to-rlght claiming the Slate by 2,00j ms-1 jorlty. Senator Mahons clalma It for the Re I publicans by *000. Crowds treon the streets, toms received show Democratic gains and few looses. The Democratie majority may reach 0.UUO. The Democrats claim eight of ten Congressmen from the Stole. Richmond, November 5.—Official and etml- ficial returns from fifty-nine counties and all the cities of Virginia give Cleveland 11,781 majority. Thesj returns embrace many of the large Republican counties and Indicate that the State wiU give Cleveland from 9,000 to 10,- 000 majority. It is now quite certain that the Democrats hare elected eight of the ten Con- New York, November 5.—The latest advice* from Virginia, received at Republican bead-I quarter* In this city make the majority for Blaine from 7,0 0 to 10,000. Richmond, November 5. -The southwestern mountain counties in Virginia Indicate large Democratic gains. In the Seventh district o’Ferrell (Dem.) U elected to Congress over Webb (Rep.) by 3.000 majority. In the Tenth district the contest la so doubtful that no es timates are safe at preseut Hat bison burg, November 5—Semi official majorities In the Seventh Congressional dis-1 Iriet for Congress are: Rockingham 137. Re publican; Shenandoah 200. Democratic: War ren 841, Democratie; RappahanoeB 510, Dei cretl*; Uoge J»>. Democratic; Greene Democratic. Madison iM, Democratic; rick 1.028. Democratic; Albemarle 400, erotic; Clarke estimated) • 0, DemoeH | ■ Pxtkbsscro. November 5.—The Republicans] at midnight claim the state by M*» majority. I the election ol Brady (Republican) fog Ccn gre*e by 4 000 Tha Democreta claim the State by Vw majority. ,v«e Cleveland 59,888 and „ Halnc's majority Is 6,814. It Isa he remaining district i •ubllcan loss of 3,014, c lovernor, with thirty In Pennsylvania. Prmauao, November 5.—Blaine's plurality In Alleghany county Is 15,000. Tho full Re publican county and legislative ticket has been elected. James H. Hopkins (Dem.) was defeated by James S. Negley In the Twenty- second Congressional district by 1,000 ma- Joritjr. Thomas W. Bayne (Rep.) In theTwen ty-thlrd district has been re-elected by majority. PiiiLADELriiiA, November 5.-Bunncll (Re publican) Is elected in the Tenth Congres sional district. Curtin (Democrat) In the mtleth and Scott (Det “ “ sventh. The delegate •ubllcans and eight l... gain of four members. will be decidedly Repnbi branches, thus indicating the election of a Republican United Slate* Senator to sncceet I. Donald Cameron. Almost complete returns from sixty-three ont of ilxty-sevcn counties In the State show a net rain f< - — ‘ over Garfield’s vote ofIHKQ. cate Blaine's plurality over Cleveland will not bo less than 60,0 0. The four counties to bear from gave Hancock a majority of 1.077, but Blaine has gained olmoat unanimously all over the Htate. They will be more apt to In crease than decrease this plurality. PiiiLADKLruu, November ft.—The following named Concrraatnen are elected In Pcnnsyl vanla: First district, Bingham (Republican); Second. O’Neal (Republican); Third/Randall (Democrat); Fourth, Kelley (Republican); Fifth, Harman (Itepabllcau); Sixth, Everhart (Republican); Seventh, Evans (Republican): lilghth. Krmentrout (Democrat); Nintb. Hies land (Kepubllcaa); Tenth, Snowden (Demo crat); Eleventh, Storm (Democrat); Twelfth, Scranton (Repob lean); Thirteenth, Brumm (Republican); Fourteenth, Bound (Republi can) •.Flhoemh. Buniiell (Republican); Six- --upbell ‘ I>lunlh7"tkin'- (Republican); Mneteentn, Duncan (Gem ot); twentieth. Curtin (Democrat); Twenty- L.Boyle (Democrat); Twenty-second, Neg . (Republican); Twenty third, Bayne (Re publican); Twenty-fourth, Jackson (Republi can): Twenty-fifth, White (Republican); Twenty-sixth, Close (Republican); Twenty- seventh. Scott (Democrat): Htate-at-large, Os borne (Republican). The Republican* ca n four members, the present delegation standing Republicans sixteen (Inc lad lug Brumm,Green- backer). Democrat* tweive. Piiif.eitEfmi*. Novenber o—Complete re turns from «U irgltiotlve districts In the Htate except Wayne connty, show that the Senate will have thirty-one Republicans and nineteen Democrat*, and the House 110 Republicans. grcsslonal district lu tho Htato undoubts Democratic by 9,000 majority. Chalmers .. footed beyond doubt. CUreland'a m.Jorlty Is not lota than 2D,<jlo. M km rut*. Trnn., November 6.—Morgan (Dem.) dofoats Cha'mers 1 • the second Miss issippi district for Congress by 4,500. New Jersey. Niwarx, Novembers,—The latest State rc turns In Indicate Cleveland's majority to be from 3,ooo to 5,000. The Republicans elect four Congressmen. Harris In the First dis trict, Buchanan in the Second, Phelps In the Fifth and Lchebach In the Sixth. The Demo crats elect three—Green In the Third district, Putlcot In the Fi urth and McAdoo In the Seventh. For the Legislators the Republi can* elect eleven Senators and the Democrats ten, being 1 Democratic gain. The Republl can elect 95, possibly 87, As«emblymen and the Democrats 10 or U, Insuring a Republican majority. Tbrntox, N. J., November 5. T Ncw Jersey Is undoubtedly Democratic, unless Hudson county should give a much smaller majont’ than fa now claimed, namely 42)00. The Treri ton Times has careful estimates from counties showing Cleveland's WMlorlty to l' W. The estimated as* Title* In the coun ties areas followi: Republican—Atlft!!?!? *50, Burlington 4J8 -#|« rafw»u#«san Cumberland TOOL Essex 100, OloucMtof 550* Union 618 Morris 431, Ocean 450, Paaaaln l.wo, 80R Hudson 4,000, II^forfi^O^MiddleSj! majority 2,283. Jaasav Cmr, November 5.-The Republl can* have secured control of both branches of the New Jersey Legislature. Mobristown. November 5 Morris county ow. ino Koptibiicans or this county elect helrcutlro legislative ticket. The Lralslaturo s largely Republican, as at present. The Rat er ima St John vote was light throughout the Dalawnros Wilminoton, November^—Wilmington eily complete gives Cleveland 4.912 and Blalue 5,016. Newcastle county will glvea Demo cratic majority of from JOO to 500. Sussex wjll give 1,400 Democratic majority. Keut county Incomplete. Tho wholo Htate will glvo about 8,000 Democratic majority. The entire ticket Is elected. Missouri. St. touts, November 5.— Almost complete returns from the Eighth and Ninth Coogrei- sional districts In this city re-elect O’Nell (Democrat) In the former by 800 to 1,000 ma jority and give Glover (Democrat), In the lat ter. 2,000 majority. Returns from the 8tate are still vt/ymuch scattered, but It seems to bo ■afo to say that the Democrats will carry their Htate ticket by a round majority and elect their Congressmen In all districts excepting the Fifth and Thirteenth, which the Republi cans claim. ST. Louis, November 5.—John O. Prather, member of the Democratic national commit tee, received the following dispatch late to night, from a prominent member of the na tional committee at Indianapolis, Ind.: "It will take official count to dctormlne the vote of Indians. Large gains In Democratic counties and Republican losses to thetr coun ties snow 700 Democratic gains over the vote of two years aso. Eighteen counties are yet to come in. Cleveland has Indiana by many thousands. [Signed] Arthur II. Brown. Cnlifornln. Ban Francisco, November 5.—In California 284 precincts and wards In forty-four counties give Blaine 26,690 aud Cleveland 21,890. Tho same places gave Garfield 21,671 and Hancock 18,718. Han Francisco, November 5.—Four hun dred and eighteen precincts and wards In forty-three counties outside of Ban Francisco give Blaine 28,7 7, and Cleveland 21,601, against Garfield 23,m6 t Hancock 21.632. San Francisco, November 5.—Althomrh tho returns are still im nmplctethoyaresufficlcnt- I * ‘ full to show that the State has gone Kepub- can. Tito most conservative now estimate Blaine's majority at 2,0:0 in this city and 6,000 In the Interior, giving him a full majority of 8.000. Hut tee Republican victory goes fur ther. It seems, according to the last returns, that tho Republicans have wrested six Congressional dist lets from their opponents and what la equally Important tlie« have elected a sufficient number of tosislator* td to give them a majority on Joint tmllot, giving the Htvte another Republican Uuttod States Hcnttor. The gains on many of the local tickets have been very large. The State hoe literally Jtimpi-d from Democeacy to Repub licanism. Protection has been the cause. Oregon gives Blaine a majority of 1,600 and the Republicans claim Nevada hy 1,000. Naw Jersey. TKKnton, November 5.—Somerset county gives Cleveland 200 majority, but electa Thompson (Republican) to the Htate Senate. The Senate Is Republican by one majority. Cleveland carried tombertvllle, Hnndton county, ty 144 majority. Raritan township, Hunterdon county, gave Cleveland 166 ma J<Mty. Trenton, November 5 —In Monmonth ty the majority for Cleveland Is reduced to 1.000. Chattel (Prohibitionist) le elected to the 8enate, but by a small majority. Pidt- cock (Democrat), for Congress, is elected ‘ the Fourth district by3,UM majority. Tbvnton, November 5.- Gloucester county gives Blaine5Y) majority, and Farrell (Demo- —“ .215mi* '* claims tho S rallty. The rant. The complexion insure the return of States 8cnntor. Toper a, November 5, publican central <• Blaine's majority ill :»o. , ...... publican), Tor Governor, 40 t 0». publican Congi Legur • lb " 1 I nltPd mnltte. Ulature Is aln sly elected tho Vermont. Wiiitr River Junction, Novembers.—One hundred nud - von towns give Illi.ino 1 <’(), Cleveland 14,804, Butler 617, fit John 1 Blaine’s plurality 13,196 with seventy-threo towns to hear from. Tho same towns In IMF gave Garfield 7,C25» Hancock 15. .s7 and Weaver 1,117, or a plurality for Garfield of 037. The icmatnlng seventy-throe to was to ln> heard from gave Garfield 7,466, Hancoc k .\’ »t nud Weaver 9\ A proportional vote In this election will give Blaine a plurality on the ng- gate vote In tho 8tate of abont 23,500, White River Junction, Vt., November Return*reoelvedfrom 197 townsgl\- i. > m* 36.315, Cleveland 16.01*2, Butler 0$, st. Jolftf 1,389. Bolva Lockwood l. making a plu rallty for lllatne of 2,030, with 4C towns wanting. Tennessftff. Chattanooga, November 5.—The Republi can majority In this city for Rlatno la 1,5(0 and for Evans (Republican) for Congress 2,100. A colored man goes to the Legislature by 300 majority. Neal (Democrat) will ba elected to Congress by 200 or 390. Nashville, Novembers.— 1 The following Re- •ubllcau i •ngn-Asmon are elected in this I-Hi- r. ttii ' u* It.. I- rst .1, • I! Mik III tho Hcconil nnd Taylor in tho r«-nth Hm The rest of the Congressional delegation Is Democratic. The Democratic majority In tho Legislature Is constantly reduced. Halo (Dorn.) for Governor la probably elected by a a reduced majority. Maifioi Augusta, November 5.—Conflicting reports and rumors have been coming to August* all night, but the latest dispatches received by I Mr. Blaine this morning give him a majority of 5.090 to 8,090 in New York and confirms hla election. The dispatches to Mr. Blaine at 1 o’clock p. m. con firm pearlier ones this murn- lug oh to the Republican victory In New York, but give lower figures. * Florida sad Virginia are reported as claimed by the Republicans, the latter very positively by Mahon© and others. I Augusts, Me.. November V—At about 2 o’clock Mr. Blaine received the following I from Alhtny: -The majority against you lu thlseountyfs lees than 700. the State is sure!/ safe, con gratulations. J. M. Bailey.” At tbs some time a dispatch was received from Denver, staling that Colorado had gone Republican by 4JTO majority. Later tele grams from W. B. Somerville Indicates to- created Republican gains In New York. Lbwiston. November A dispatch to the Journal says: “Two hundred end twelve towns gtre Blaine a plurality of 14JI2.” 4 Augusta. November 5.—This city has beed excited all day over the election returns? Many congratulatory dispatches were received from all quarters by Mr. Blaine. Abostroro Senator Mahon© telegraphed a confirm of the report previously received from John 0, Wise, that Virginia nod nine Republican.! Tbls news was very c msdetcry to ih-e of Mr. Blaine's friends who were still doobt-1 ' New York. Early Hdd Connecticut. HAKTroBP, November 5.—Cleveland hss a plurality lu Connecticut of abont 1,000. Gov Waller fails of a majority by about 1,200. The election of Htato officers will go to the Legis lature, which Is largely Republican, and which will elect Hon. Henry B. Harrison, and also reelect United States Henator O. H. Platt. If ABTroRD, November 5.—The total vote fo Governor in Connecticut, every town being heard from. Is 137.316. Harrison (Republi can) gets 66 437. Waller (Democrat) 67,6*9, Palmer (Prohibitionist) l.Ml, Curtis (Butler) 1.377^4 Waller's plurality 1,253, Waller's minor- ^Hartford, November 4, 11 p. m.—Cleve land carries the State by 1,200 plurality. There Is no election of Governor by the people. Wal ler, (Democrat) falling of a majority by about 1.2U0 Thij LegG lot uresis largely Republican and reliable! and the rmulk~*wiU nos - be Norwich, November 5,—New tondon and Windhim counties, complete, give Blaine 2,085 plurality, and Uarrlson for Governor l,wi. Wail (Republican) la re-elected to Con gress by 2,442 majentf. Cokcobd, No»rm»»cr 5.-Two hundred and forty-one town* and wards give Bialne .19.106, Cleveland Sl.m It. John 1,425, and Butter 507; Blaine's plurality 4,118. Florida. Jacksoxvillr, November 5.—The Demo cratic Htato committee claims the State by 4,OX) majority on the State ticket. The na tional ticket may run a few hand red be hind. They also claim to have elected both Congressmea and to have a majority In the tog alatnre. The Republican committee claim the Congressman In the Second district, but give no figures. Jacksonville, November V—'The news re ceived since midnight simply confirms that of last night, that tne Democrats have alerted their entire ticket. Precise figures cannot be given until to-night or tomorrow, owing to tho lack of telegraphic communication with remote points BUbee (Republican) forCon- gres*. In the second district, is defeated by 801 to 1,10) majorl'jr. Tallahimre, November 5.—The counties of Florida we*t of Apalach'cola river will go Democratic by a major ty of 1,250. This see- tlon woo the stronghold of Pope, Republican candidate for Governor, ana leaves Perry (Democrat) In better shape than was expected. Davidson, the Democratic candidate for Con gress. runs ahead Of the ticket In several Jacksonville, November 5 -Unofficial re turns from ail but three counties la the Second Congressional district indicate the election of Dougherty (Democrat;, over Btsbee (Republi can. by 700 plurality The State Is Lemocrarie bylaw mapwity. Colorado. Den rta, Cot,., Soremcer 5.- Retarns from the Interior of the State i t scattering and Is- plete. None of the large city precincts heve yet reported. Enough Is known, bow- Indianapous, November 5,9 5) a. sa^-Three Uandr-d voting place# show a Republican gain of 4^te, and a Democratic gain of 2^713, a Richmond, November 3.—Cleveland's ma- Elizabeth, November A.—Union county, complete, gives Cleveland 70 majority, Gre ti (Democrat) tor Congress, has400 majority o Kean (Republican). Elizabeth City eU Grier fo; mayor by 922 majority. The < cnnnrll and board ol education stand n Republicans to seven Democrats. Wisconsin. Milwaukbr, November 5.—The Btatc Demo cratic central committee concede 700 to 800 Republican majority on the basis of the re- urn s so far mtlTtf fi*»4 Republican ccn* tral oommlttee claim abont 10,000, Milwaukee, November 5.—Returns front or or half the towns and wards of the State now assure the election of the Republican nation*) •nd *Ute ticket by not less than 10,. 000. The Republicans have elected six ont of nine Congressmen, with the First district, and Blxth In doubt. The following are the Re publican Congressmen elected, with their probable majorities: Caswell. First district, 5,000; La'slate, Third district, 1,000; Van* Shack. Fourth district. 1,000; Thomas, Sev enth district, MOO; Price. Eighth dls* •000; Stephenson, Ninth district, 12,000. contest between Guenther (Republican) and 8mlth (Democrat) in the sixth district la very close and the official count will probably be necessary to decide the question. Milwaubbk, November 5.-It fo now thought that the Republici <aa have elected their en tire ticket. secured the Legislature and gain ed four Congressmen. The returns from the Ohio. Columbus, November 5.—six hundred ami sixty-eight of the2,017 precincts In Ohio giro a net Republican gain of 12,0.4 over the vote of last month, an averogo of 18 per precinct. This voto will glvo a Republican plurality of which will probably be red need by tho returns from tho raral districts. Columbus, November 5.—Very llttto attcii on has been paid to Ohio to-dav, k< it 'ro* largely Republican. The majority will proba bly exceed 10,000 and may reach i ',ooo. twenty-seven Repsblioan counties show a net Republican gain over October of 6,73'», not in cluding Hamilton county. Went Virginia. Wheeling, W. Va., November5,10 •' \. m.~> The returns from this State are very meegHk QotT, tor Congrea* In tho flr>td. :ri f. n re elected, and reports from the -• n 1 district Indicate Barber's (fusion) election to Con gress. Wheeling, W. Va., November 5.—A gain of TOOmors will give Ulelnc the etato. Slxt<>i>n counties glvu a net Republican gain of l,uw. The returns com* In slowly. Wheeling, W. Va., November fi.—B*V0& COuutl*» out of fifty-two give not U« pui.llcnn gains of 1, e»)0 over the October vot- Again <>i <U0 more tn tho remaining mu : • u tl 1 S lve th* State's vote half to is: tint .<•> I hair > llutlcr. North Cnrolln i. WnrtfiNGTON, November ■> -Tho has gnnoeo overwhelmingly Domocra'.l that all interest has ceaacd to exist. Th- ihm-.. ruU have carried the first, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth Congrt Mlon- al districts, and the Republicans carn ltho second district, a Democratie >' of nno t’ongrvs man. It Is almost ccn «i that tho Democrats have a two-thtr U majority In tho Leg^Uture. Civil rights and th* fear of a re turn to negro rule tn the eastern co -in the work. evening. This will state Congresslontl Representatives stand seven KcpubPcans to two Democrat*. The retarns from 436 towns and wards ahow a net Democratie gain of 7,778 on the Presidential ticket, ae compared with 164). Hboukl a proportional gain be shown for the Democratic ticket In the re maining precincts, Bialne will have carried the State by 10,000 majority. Later retarns ere showing smaller average Democratie gains. Milwaueeb, November 5.—Returns and ee- iimatea turn. *, wi SUpabRein plSTBlRr !& Itli Htate at 10.000. Th* Republlconi elect 7 out of 9 Congressmen, Bragg and Rankin being chosen by the Democrats. This Is a gain of 4. The Legislature Is Republican in both branches. At midnight 2,000 Republicans are parading the streets of Milwaukee with band# and banners. Louisiana, Naw Orleans, November 5, 3:30 a. «.— Specials to the Times-Democrat and Picayune from the Third district Indicate the defeet of Kellogg for Congreee. In 04 Mery’s parish twelve polls have been heard from. These, with the estimates from four others, give Kell ogg 400 majority. In 1810 Darrell's majority was 1,604 In Iberia parish all but four pre cincts have been heard from. Gay’s majority 1* estimated at 204 In I860, Darrell's majority was New Oilcan*, November 6.-Complete re turns from tbls city, except six precincts not yet counted, giv* Cleveland 11,101 and Blaine 6,oo. In 1860 the Democratie electors received 17,328 end the Republicans 4,966. The pro* cincts to be heard from will Increase the Dem ocrotlc majority. New Orleans. November 5—Ex-Governor Mkbeel Hnbn has been elected toCongreea from the Seeood district by a good majority. Nkw Orleans, November 5.—The election ofex-Governor Uibi (Republican) to Con- grees from the ftecoo-l GUtrixt by 1,4X1 major- greaa trora toe . .. . uy, defeating Judge W. T. Houstoa, woo a surprise to toe regular city Democracy. Gov. Hahn was nominated by tbe # Independents Nxv^OaLXANS, November 5.—The friends of ■miner (Democrat) an l Morey (Republican) xuode General King's (Democrat) election to Congress In the Fifth district by 2 000 ma lty. Governor Kellogg's friends *.*mlt bis eat for Congress In the Third district by majority by B.J.U! lie* commit’.-*, report, th. mj.t.rtoa. dtrap- iwan ol K.IU Kultj, Unltad suta, l.rrUor <u r,utt Polat. II. htt w b«n tine. b. left l*re*a»ll!« tali o'clockUtt i.ttttit with hi, rmarcr lorS.w lb.r * HI, ‘ loortt thta k. bu km rioteDUr d< “ w ■ Xr.» orlrahi HoTcmbcr —Tr l offl.UI »oU ol tklR city: ltuin.««..i i l.rctRod, m.i rltr In t' -‘<"<' i Htory county by 1 •Property pmxst, and Victoria, ae known. Later—' No lines have been lost • wharvesheve I heard, no live* ,r.l~rtn f tkta M ^ Nebraska. Lincoln, November 4—The first Congress ional district contest Is doubtful. Tho D - ino- crate claim the election of Brown. The fifty- two prsrincts heard from give Bialne fi >2 majority, which further estimates have In- creased to 4,107. This Is nearly two thirds of the vote of the Htato and Ind • - amajorltj of about 17,0 A3. For Oovsrno* r Homo S uns ahead of JiD t -kef, and Darfa * ma will be btkiw wAwj jureya, arc com- ■loWiy and In a confnsed state. ViaotNiA Cmr, November 6,-But half the ballots have been ooontod op to fi p. m, bnfi enough t) show that Blaine, Wa-Muiro and Oregon. Portland, November 6.—The State is Re- pdbllcan by 1,500 to ffiOO majority, fudlca- cations are that Anaetrong (BepnbUean) to elected to Congreee from Washington TcTT •ory. Mlsslaslpol. | inx has be___ jd, only Increase the Demo- —.'acre Man uubrokea delcgn* tlou to Cougraaa, a gain of two for the Demo crats. The chairman of the Democratic cseo- utive commllte* claims the Htate by a major* Ity of no.ort. This Is final until the official voto is rooclved. _ A FEARFUL STOPM. High Winds nnd Wnvns [TKIJUJ HAPBKD TO THK AMOCtATl Fashes Point, Quibic, November 5.- V fearful snow and wind storm from tben't has been raging since midnight last night. All along the coast the wind * virago* set -.ty miles an hour, and the see Is trem**»d >u« *n-i has croeeedhighway* end Inundated all " © parishes along the coast The light hog and t.degraph office here are now complete ly surrounded by raging waves. The roads are ell undermined. The watch house and several buildings here and la tbls vicinity and aft Rlmouski have been carried away, besides g number of fences. A great number of people hare vacated their build ings at Klmonskl and much uneasiness Is felt In regard to the tide of to-night. The tracks of the International railroad and roadway have been washed away between Rli i men have raa—The signal a&4 telegraph * abandoned the station, having been e— t-elled to take to bouts. This Is the greatest storm known In this vicinity for years. Rimouski, November 5—The tides, which are usually very high at this season *f the leer, helped by faglng snow storms and chilly no i ihearn / winds, have ewotUen tre mendously, end the see which now running, I* the bees that hm visited tbls vicinity for rears, whole towa of Rlmonthl to inundated ai ivtng their bousMhfbc— ------~- d - ■••»**■« •« taken to the Interior fears are entertained