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2 MARCONI'S LATEST WORK WITH AERIAL TELEGRAPHY. HIS “LABORATORY" \ THE SHORE AT POOLE H \ll lIOR. He Ik H\per imoii f inji There With Cylindrical Tin < nn*—Hon He Pro to Prevent Ihe ••JnDiiniiitt’* of Hl* Apparatus—Ha* Overcome the Chief Defect of Ihf Wlrol<;M System anil 1 Now \lle ( Hake 1 iiMtrn iiient* That Cannot He Inter f erred Willi —How tlic \ounj; \i -810-ltnllan Work*— It I* <>nl> by Hrnson of Infinite Patience and Often %fter Mnn> Failure* That lie Is %hle to Take Fomartl Steps, fin* Many \mbflions— •*I am N onnji anil Perhaps >ln> Do *ninctliifiK After a W lii I*. Copyright. 1900. by Herbert Wallace. New York. July 20.—’When Marconi left , JN < friends tha; h*: im tl*.l to • rul rnu iof file, time thi~ .- mmer or. the bit of •• fi- i lying* to the north cf Pool* Harbor—on Che English channel—which h- a.! his “laboratory.” U is the ytranc -t labora tory ever established by any i- anti.-; in 1 even those who ore famill .r with th ordinary form of wireless telegraph! ap paratus would scarcely he able to t< og niz* the kind of work he does in it. For Marconi has changed the form of his cx perifnental work—cylindri il tin cans make for him more onv< nb tu . ai>a Hie r— — —7 | lb- ' sii^iii TrWpiffißfith*" 'i • . , 1 - ' ' Marconi Instruct ing- Ills Assistants. •ml radiators than vertical wires—an.) tables covered with tin cans, wires ami miscellaneous instruments nre scattered about on the beach whenever he is it work Some who seen the appar atus with which he is experimenting at present taken it for a set of tile measuring instruments; others have sup posed his devices to be arranged for ttik lng the temperature of the s< t water; it has even been euspocted by (he fisher men who have tvntc fir'd hint with wonder*, that his tin cans and i.ibb sand wires formed parts of some new-fangled const fishing machine. Marconi chose the strip of beach Poole Harbor because it is remote. "Here,” he said one day. “I can be alone •nd <lo my work without fear of inter ruption. and what I once do here on a •mall scale, I can do anywhere in a larg er wav.” The chemist leases that he holds the world in a crucible; so he does 1n elements, and a chemical fact one a proved in his laboratory Is true every where. So it is with Marconi's laboratory with reference to wireless telegraphy,, •nd he is proving important facts an l making discoveries of principles that will hold when ether wav* shall be as fear lessly handled, end spoken of as ly as the steam engine or the electrical current is to-day. Whnt Marconi Ik Seeking. It is now almost year since Prof. Fleming of University College. London, addressed the British Association for the Advancement of Science, on wireless teleg raphy, and, in sending gre* ting* by the Marconi system te the French Associa tion across the channel db ov : and ihat soitk- of the messages exchanged were de tected fifty miles beyond their destination. Messages sent from Boulogne to Dover were read in the , at ions at Chelmsford •way across the hills of Kent and beyond the fog and smoko of London town. The achievement was remarkable, even though the public refused to be surprised. Proba bly nothing short of wireless messages half way round the world would excite unusual interesi now. and doubtless many are wondering whe.her anything more will come of wireles-s telegraphy than has al ready been accomplished. But Marconi has not been contented to •top at the attainment of a hundred miles. There were and are s;ill too many un solved problems for him to r. >t his labors. To prevent the inter■ pti< n < f <\: patches •nd the “jamming" of tin* ins;i ;im* nts, to attain longer db.aiKcs., to m:ts:er the se cret of “tuned'' ether wav. s. and to ; p ply the system practically to shipping so as to increase the safety of vessels at •ea—these were a few of the things he has set out to do. Already the li t'.e strip of coast near Poole's Harbor has witnessed some of these solutions. The writer had the plensi - I of spend ing several weeks recently w 1 h Marconi at the Poo’.e stall n. and of watch ing •he work from day today. Hn<% morn ing began with r wireless conversation with the Isle of Wight station, when or ders were given to the man there to “stand by" later in the day and meantime to look out for any unusual **theiial” oc currences. The English navy was exper imenting with wireless telegraphy at Portsmouth, forty miles beyond, anti the Isle of Wight installation kept up a lively action while thes** experiments w. re going on. Asa rule Marconi wn kept informed •s to the progress of tin* navy, while the navy was unable to "tap” his messages. It was not a fair game, as the admiralty begett to realize. Now they have arrang ed with Marconi for the installation of his •ystem with the latest improvements on some forty vessels. But that, in spite of lls Importance, is another story. Nothing is ever attempt'd at Marconi's laboratory that lias ever boon done before. To be sure, the stations were set up along the beach in the sairrc way •< h morning, but no fact once discovered and verb -d needed to be repeated. Man-'M's r.uylim U. "If I do it once. 1 can do It again un der the some condition;." To the laymaivit would that Mar coni's station* were set up in the same way avtry day, but the initiated observer could not fi to see that there were dif ferent arrangements each day, and at no time was there a station at Poole like the pole-suspended wire we have come to as sociate with wireless telegraphic appar otu- The vertical wire was replaced by a cylindrical can scantling on end and the earth wire by a similar can lying so as to make good connection. To the regular transmitting and receiving Instru ments were added coils and resistances for the purpose of varying the capacities of iupright cylinders. For better con du ting. Ihe receiving station was placed nra! the w ater’s edg**, Itnd the earth can partly sunk iq the wet sand. The instru ments were generally arranged on tables, and in heavy winds, of which there were many, the vertical cans had to be stayed with guys to keep them in position. Fact* I'lrwti t heories \flerward*. With such apparatus. Marconi began a seri* s of experiments la?i winter w hich have already led to the discovery of many j important facts in regard to wireless telegraphy, and have solved many of the I most elusive problems that have ever been I encounter dt in the development o’ anew science. Marconi often works syn hetically in stead of analytically. He doesn’t waste litre and *nergy asking why a certain cause produces a certain effect; lie says, "This cause does produce this effect; l don’t know just why, but it works this way. and that is enough.” This attitude of mind has led many to charge Marconi with being a business man instead of a scientist, and, in so far as being scientist means being impractical, this accusation holds good. Marconi is in truth h scien tist. but he constructs his conclusions from actual e\|>erimens and then veri fies those results by theoretical proof, in stead of making conclusions and verifying by actual trials. “My mind works that way,” says Mar- coni, in speaking of the subject. “I tar ry a sort of ;raveling library about me," he added, pointing to a pile of the most abstruse scientific works, “which I read witji a great deal of Interest, and yet I don't work out my problems in the same wav. Bui I get a great deal of satisfac tion when I verify actual experiments by mathematical proof and find everything jan it should bt ’ The scientific spirit is | certainly not lacking in the young man of | ?*’ who fimte in rending treatises on exact electric measurements, variations of vibrations, differential cal culus and kindred topics. Solved flit* “Tniills'* I’rohlrm. The most widespread cry ngainst the usefulness of wireless telegraphy has been been based on the fact that in te ceptlon of and spatches was for a long time possible. It may not have occurred to the objectors that the same fault may be found with wire system of signalling. Hut by mentis of variable conductors and capacities, Macon! has worked out a sys tem by which only certain Instruments can receive certain messages, A. hundred wireless instruments tapping out a hun dred different messages or recording a hundred different dispatches from as many different places ranging in distance up to —let us soy—one hundred miles would be most marvellous, yet Marconi is now able to do that and much more. He has taken up the old problem of “tuning" messages and worked It out practically. He obtained his results on.'y after many experimr ms—one cannot realize how many without having seen them. There is an infinite number of possibilities, but once the proper relation is established between the transmitter and receiver, only a re turn to that relation will bring the true result. A slight variation of the proper resistance at either end is enough to make the receiver inoperative. It is easy to #!' how almost any number of sets of instruments may be arranged, and with a different ratio or relation each acting without Interference from any of the orh | ors. There is a familiar analogy in dif ! ferent tuning forks responding 10 differ j rut notes of a piano, only in the electric | tuning there arc many more possibilities, ! since the electric vibrations range from j one million to billions per second. When the ether wave maker produces a vlbra i tion of 400,0C0,00),000 per second he creates ►light, and when be gets a vibration of trillions per second, he has the X-ray. The problem of prevention cf intercepted messages has been attack? 1 by M Tom masi, who. as reported recently *o the A -ademie .les Signers, used two transmit ters at each station, one of which trans mits the desired message, and the other termed the “blind" transmit ter—a series | of meaningless dot and flashes. By keep ing the range of the blind transmitter a little less than the other, the apparatus J may be arranged so tlm only the real message Is received at the station and any i receiver interposed for the purpose of tap ping will receive both message and the | jumble of a r dots and dashes, so that | the real message is not distinguishable. Multiplex \erlnl MeMangrn. But this plan does not obviate the pos sibility of *n outsider setting up a receiver very near the o her and out of range of the blind transmitter, nor >;et of setting lup a countci transmitter ’ which shall “join" ul! signals Intended for the regular , station. .Marconi's present arrangement ' pro veil is interception of niessages or Jam j niir.g of instruments, and. moreover, per mits the use of a large number of installa tions in the same place. In reality he has improved on the multiplex system of wire telegraphy which is so useful. In the use of the arlnl wire. Marconi Biliousness, sour stomach, constipa tion and all liver ‘ills are cured by Hood’s Pills The non-irritating cathartic. Price if) cents of all druggists or by mail ol C.I. Hood & Cos., Lowell, Mass. THE MORNING NEWS: MONDAY. JULY 23. 1900. ! often found that ihe vertical wire would | become charged with atmospheric elec tricity and the operator might receive a shock in making the change from ihe transmitting to th< receiver cir- u!, the air and earth wires being directly connected to the receiver. This difficulty was obviated by laseri ing a small induction coil in the receiving circuit, the primary of which is connect ed to the coherer and the secondary to the earth and air wires. The ether waves act on the coherer by induction and the atmospheric electricity cannot since it has free passage to the earth. Another recent improvement is a modi fication of the Morse key by which the “change-over” from the transmitter to the receiver may be made automatically.. This prevents the operator from acciden tally operating the transmitter when the vertical wire is being used in receiving. Per*l*tencc, Patience and Pluck. Marconi sometimes works clays with out apparent result, but he is never dis cour .aged. "I am about as well satisfied,’ said he one day, “when I fail in an experiment as when I succeed, because if I try u thing faithfully once and it does not work. I can dismiss that possibility. After i have tried a great many tilings that fail 1 get the thing that succeeds, and I don’t have to repeat experiments in. future trials.*’ It was interesting to watch him in the “tuning” experiments. There was as much satisfaction in his face when one of his assistants signalled that no effect was produced as when strong effect wiv noted, he simply varied capacities and resistances until the right relation w>s produced. Then he began another series o? experiments. One day he was asked: “How do you know this is radiation? Isn’t it earth leakage?" For answer he disconnected the vertical wire and pressed the key. There was no effect on the re ceiver down the beach. “We don’t know all about this yet,” he said, "but we know the effect of the few things we have tried. I believe it is ra diation—ether waves. The scientists have theories about it,” he went on, “but very tittle is known. It seems curious that the.-e waves should follow the earth’s ; curvature, as we know they do. One man ; believes they collect at a point on the other side of the earth—the antipodal point of the transmitter-and that may be true.” In the evening Marconi reviews the work he has done during the day, and plans the experiments for the A day’s work is a valuable thing to him. because he has the feeling that to-morrow may bring some great development. No kind of weather hinders him. He will only stop work in the rain when it is severe . enough to “short circuit” his batteries or make a shock from the key possible. On stormy days, when work outside is im possible, indoor experiments are carried on from one room to another. The spirit j of work is dominant, and it is always in- j telUgent work. “ ’K rout** us out at night | sometimes,” said one of his assistants, j “At Salisbury we started work one morn- i ing at one o’clock because the nights were good and the days bad.” Persistence, pa tience and pluck are embodied in Mar coni. Drugged Miles by n Hull non. The spirit with which he works is il lustrated by one of his experiences at Salisbury. For days he worked trying c* periments with Vertical wires hold up 1y balloons and kites. High winds playe 1 havoc with the kites, but there was no giving up until good weather came so that a fair trial could be had. On one ooeas sion a balloon broke loose, but Marconi seized the trailing rope and thought to make nn anchor of himself by winding the rope al>out his waist. The baboon, however, was not to be restrained, and, after dragging Marconi four miles across country, it left him against a fence which happened to be in the way. I haven’t any proof, but I venture to say that the young man made his way back and went on with his work, without the interference of u surgeon. It would be like him. At present Marconi is busy with plans for the extension of his work along the line of greater distances than before at tempted and with contracts for the use of the system at sea. as well as on land, where wire systems are not in use. One of his men is at Burkum, Germany, com pleting the establishment of the installa tions for ihe North German Lloyd steam ships and making stations at a Hghthous.* and lightship there. Another assistant is locating stations on six of the Hawaiian Islands and instruments for the complete outfit are now on thy way there. The use of the system in South Africa has been chiefly confined to signalling be tween the Kngßsh ships along the ebaat and stations on land, though Ird Rob erts has made good use* of it on land in some instances. During the recent fear of a Boer p’.of to blow up the English ships the wireless system showed its advantage. The International Company, recently or ganized in France, will place the Marconi system in use along rhe French coast and on the French naval fleet. In addition to all these operations, the installation of the system on forty English warships should ke-ep Marconi busy for some time. Certainly the wireless telegraph has. ceased to he a scientific toy; it bids fair to be one of the most important elements of the future world’s work. Hut Marconi lakes it all modestly. “I don’t think I have done very much yet,” he remarks, “but I am young and perhaps I may yet do something worth while.” Horbern Wallace. TO TALK TO COTTON I.ItmVMHS, Crop I'rodpoGN In Sumter Other Amerleun New* >otrs. Americas, (la.. July 22.—1i0n. J. Pope Brown and Hon. Harvie Jordan of the Cotton Growers' Protective Asscociation. will address a large assemblage of far mers in Americas next Saturday, July 28, upon the important subject of marketing the cotton crop to the best advantage. Several hundred farmers of Sumter anti adjoining counties will come in to hear them. Seasonable rains have fallen within the past week and crop prospects continue good. The corn crop, already made, will \yc the largest and best in several years. The cotton prospect is likewise good ut ibis Htn". though a protracted drought now would injure it greatly. Americus needs more dwelling houses. There is hardly a desirable house vacant in the city. Americus merchants look forward to the besi fall and winter trade in ten years, and many who leave this week and next for tin North will buy stocks accordingly. Even at ibis season, usually the dullest of the year, business is quite satlsfatory, and all Indications point to a splendid trade during the cotton st ason. Between 75,000 and 80,000 hale* of cotton were handled in Americus during the past season and the warehouses and compress did a splendid business. Receipts during the next season will be quite us good, or better. Ill** W IFE h\\\ III>I DROWN \ml w Vv lend Will* M. 11. Mclliikli Died From Heart Disease. Jacksonville, Fla., July 22.—M. R. Mc- Hugh. shipping clerk for Swift & Co.'s branch office here, was drowned at Pablo Beach to-day, being caught by the under tow. He tame here from Atlanta. Ga.. six months ago. The saddest feature was that his young wife stood on the beach screaming with agony, while he was being drowned. Ben Poliak, who was with him. was seized with heart disease atid was carried from the water in * seemingly dead con dition. Four physicians worked over bint for two hours, but in vain. He was a clerk at Benedict, Poliak & Cos. a and brother to the junior partner. SUGLKTEIIHY FOR BK> ATE. l.iKlitninu Ofimnue—Appoint ment for Stuncliffe. Amerioua. Ga., July 22.—1n the- primary election in Schley county yesterday Hon. H. H. Singletary was nominated for the defeating Major K. S. Bakl win by six votes. At the primary, May 15. the two candidates “tied" thus neces sitating a second election, which was nearly as close as that of May 15. .Mr. C. W. Collins of Arlington, and Miss May Page, of this city, will be united in marriage on Wednesday next. During a severe thunderstorm here yes terday lightning struck the chimney of a dwelling on Lamar street, shattering it and also knocking the plaster from the walls on the inside of the house. A pis tol lying upon a bureau in one of the rooms was fired by the concussion, three cartridge* exploding without injury to any of the inmates. Dr. R. J. Stanchffe, a veterinary sur geon here, received yesterday his appoint ment ns surgeon in the cavalry service nd ©--uignment to the Eighth Cavalry, now' In Cuba. Dr. Stancliffe stood tin ex cellent 'examination, being one of six to succeed in a list of ©bout 150 applicants. The hgnericus Light Infantry, forty strong, now in camp on Cumberland, will return home Thursday. Several members returning yesterday report that the sol dier boys are greatly enjoying their slay on the island. THE M*;\VS AT D! HIsIN. Two Import ant Meetingd— Nomina toinn. Dublin. Ga., July 22. —Much interest is being manifested in Dublin over the com ing meetings of the Georgia State Horti cultural Society ard the Slate Agricul tural Society on Aug. 1 and 8. Recently the County Commissioners donated $l5O :o the fund being raised by the citizens of Dub lin for the entertainment of the members of i h se societies, and the City Council of Dublin added $1 o to the fund. It is probable that a part of the entertainment will consist of a ride down the Oconee upon the steamers City of Dublin and R. c. Henry. Vo terday the Populist par.y of this county met at the Court House for the purpos' of considering the refusal of Mr John Wilkes to accept the nominat on of Senator and Mr. E. L. Wade, the nomi nation to the oflice of sheriff. Mr. Wade s reisurs were considered good, and Mr. A. M Biown was substituted in his stead, but Mr. Wilkes was prevailed upon to consider the matter for another week. The impression is that he will agree to be came a candidate in w'hich event the full ’icket will br* as follows: Senator, John# Wilkes; representative. J. R. Baggett; or c3l rary, M. S. Jones; clerk and treasurer, A\ J. Joiner; sheriff. A. H. Brown; tax collector. B. B. Linder; tax receiver, W. R Hudson; surveyor, J. D. McLendon; coroner. D. G. Pope; Count y Commis sioners, M. M. Hobbs, R. E. Grinst-ad and 11. T. Jones. TATTNALL'S TEACHERS TO MEET. Interesting: Programme at Claxton This Week. Claxton, Ga., July 22.—This will be an interesting week in Claxton. The 300 teachers of Tattnall county will meet here fti annual institute and the pro gramme mapped out is one of much In terest and of great benefit to teachers and visitors. On Monday night the famous "Bill Arp” will lecture Oil "Behind the Scenes.” He will be sure to draw a large house and give the audience an evening of splendid entertainment. At 31'a. m. on Tuesday Rev. S. W. Walker will speak on "Twen tieth Century Possibilities.'’ Tuesday night there will he a debate between eight teachers—four on a side—on the question of “Expansion.” At 11 a. m. Wednesday Hon. YV. W. SheppardYof Liberty will de deliver an address. Thursday evening there will be a concert by local talent Prof. E. A. Pound will deliver an ad dress during the week and Hon. P. W. Meldrtm of Savannah is also expected to speak. The exercises will be opened Monday, July 23 by County School Commissioner Odom. An address of welcome will be made by Col. John P. Moore of Claxton, which will bo responded to by one of the teachers. Claxton is preparing to take care of teachers and visitors in good shape, and i is hoped that all wtl! have a pleasant and profitable time. DESTRUCTIVE FI HE IN ALBANY. Opera House and Other BnJldlngi Burned lit u Loss of A'-.ruHt. Albany,' Ga,, July 22.—Fire broke out shortly Ix fore 12 o'clock laet night in the Sale-Davis Opera House block, which nar rowly escaped complete destruction. The blaze originated in the cellar of the Albany Furniture Company's establish ment at the corner of Broad and Jackson streets and was raging fiercely when the firemen reached the scene. It was fin ally got under control, however, after .t splendid fight. The principal losers are the Albany Furniture Company and the Sale-Davis Drug Company, 40 whom the building be longed. The Albany Furniture Com pany carried a .-lock valued at from *7,000 to $9,000 and insurance of less than **5.000 In the Hartford, the Traders of Chicago, the Hanover and the Continental. On the building and opera house furnishings, the Sale-Davis Drug Company probably suf fered a loss of $3,500, a portion of which was in the Hamburg-Bremen, the Hart ford, the Western of Toromo and the Phoenix of London. The names of the other companies involved could not be learned this morning. The total loss is estimated at about $8,500, most of which is covered by insur ance. THE LETTER W \S A FAKE. Itut Rronn Went to See if His Broth er Was in Jail. Americus. Ga.. July 22.—A Mr. Brown, of Savannah, reported at the sheriff's office here yesterday .and exhibited a let ter bearing the name of hts brother, in forming him that the writer was in Sum ter cqunty Jail under sentence, and to send a large sum of money with which to pay the line imposed and secure his re lease. The letter vis a fake, and the Savannah Blown was thus put to much expense and trouble for nothing. BRAD FIELD'S FEMALE REGULATOR gives nature the mild assistance needed for the regulation of the menses. It is of wonderful aid to the girl just entering womanhood, to the wife, and to the woman ap proaching or going through the turn of life. Women who suffer from any unnatural drain, any bearing down pains in the lower abdomen, falling or displacement of the tvomh, can quickly cure their troub les at home, completely away from the eyes of a physician. A few doses taken each month will regu late the menses perfectly. large battle. Mid by druits for sl. The Bradftctd Rnalator Coapiov. Attain.,Ga. AFFAIRS IN WILKINSON. Bond Election To-morrow-Result of Primary Satisfactory. Irwinton. Ga.. July 22—On Tuesday, Jjily 24 Wilkinson county will hold an election to ascertain whether or not the county wfil issue bonds to erect e new jail. It seems now that the people will vote against bonds. Irwinton has at last become connected with all the Middle Georgia cities and villages. The primary election for county offi cers held in this county last week gives entire satisfaction. In the race for eher ff. John M. Burke defeated the present sheriff. B. I. Stevens, only ten votes. At first there was some talk of a contest but !t has all been settled and there will be no contest. This election was conducted in such a maner so a? to unite the Demo cratic and Populist parties. Four years ago. this county being in the famous Tenth district, was one of the hotbeds of populism In the state. But all the popu : lists voted in the Deino*cr;iiie primary of , last week, and there will be but one ticket in the field this fall. night some fiend went to the pauper farm, broke into the room of a blind wo man and committed, that crime which has caused so many lynehings. There is no clue to the guilty one. but if he should he caught, he would meet full justice*. Henry Stubbs, the negro w'ho was sent to the penitentiary for life last April, has been given anew trial by the Supreme Court and is now’ in jail her*’’. There has never been a negro murderer who has the sympathy of the whbe people as this ne gro. The negro he killed had a pretty bad repute lion, and had previously shot Stubbs off his mule from ambush. When Stubbs got well he met the negro, they had a few words, and 'Stubbs shot and kill ed him. It was a plain case of murder on Stubbs, and the jury could do nothing but find him guilty and recommend him \° mercy of the court. Every grand juror and every juror that found him guiliv expressed a willingness to sign a !*dition for his pardon. AFFAIRS AT ATHENS. Funeral of Dr. 11. H. Davii-Grrnt Gnllirrliig of Maaonm. Athens, Ga.. July 22.—The funeral ser vices of Dr. B. E. Davis were held this afternoon at Emanuel Episcopal Church, Rev. Troy Beatty officiating. The build ing was filled with relatives and friends of the deceased. The honorary pall bear ers were Prof. L. H. Charbonnier. Dr. H. f<\ White, Dr. H. H. Law’rence, Cant. J. U. Ruchtr, Capt. J. W. Brumby, and Mr. I.arhdr Cobb The active pall bearers were Messrs. H. J. Rowe. James Dozier, Frank Hardeman. Henry Carlton. J. H. Hull. Sylvanus Mor.i. George Lucas and James Barrow’. Dr. Davis was one of the city’s mrsi prominent dentists. The city is making elaborate prepara tions for the Masonic gathering on Aug. 28 and 29. Every lodge in the Eighth Ma sonic district will be repreatmed here, bringing more ihan 600 Masons to Athens where they will be the guests of Mt. Ver ron Lodge. The following chairmen of committe s have been named: On finance, H. R. Palmer; transportation, J. F. Rhodes; initiation, W. F. Dorsey; ban qu t, T. W. Rrid; music. Dr. J. A. Rub enstfin; r*cep in. M. G. Michael: barbe cue G. M. Pooth; dev oration, W. J. Gare bold; programme, M. G. Michael. The lo cal Mes-ins intend to make this the larg est and moat important gathering of Ma sons ever known In the Eighth District. The Beat Preacrlptlon for Malaria, Chills and Fever, is a bottle of Grove’s Tasteless Chill Tonic. It is simply iron and quinine In a tasteless form. No cure —no pay. Price 60c.—ad. —He Must Be.—“ Yes, he boasts tha? he has lived nearly seventy years without ever having been inside a bank.” “What is he? A bank director?”—Chicago Times- Herald. UECTIvai. '*AGXoTTT N E^rA^\U?Vr~V(r"l^^ O. F. Regular meeting S:3O o’clock this (Mon day) evening at Odd Fellows Hall, corner Barnard and State streets. All members are urged to attend. Visiting patriarchs fraternally invited. J AS. VAN BERSCHOT, C. P. J. S. TYSON, Scribe. SPECIAL NOTICES. aTTKd Prom Mr. M. J. Solomons. Secretary and Treasurer of the Chatham Real Estate and Improvement Cos. Savannah. Ga. Springs Cos., Suvnnee, Flo.: Gentlemen—Noticing the advice of your advertisement to “Drink the water at home"—being prevented bv business en gagements to visit the springs, and suffer ing from a feeling of general debility—l began drinking Suwanee Springs Water “at home' and ot my office. After a three weeks use of the water the feelings of de bility have disappeared, and I feel quite rejuvenated. Can attend to business with alacrity. In appreciation of this phenome nal notion of Suwanee Springs Water. I feel it my duty to offer this, my testi mony. of its intrinsic worth—WONDER FUL IN EFFECT, SUBSTANTIAL IN BENEFIT. Trusting that others may be as fortu nate to read and follow the advice of your truthful statement. I am gratefully yours, M. J. SOLOMONS. ' BONDS FOB SALE. Valdosta, Ga.. July 21, 1900. The city of Valdosta offers for sale and will receive bids until Wednesday, Aug. 15, 1900, at noon, fifty 5 per cent. 30-year Sanitary Sewerage Gold Bonds of Five Hundred Dollars each, interest payable January and July of each year. Address marker! “Bond Bids,'* % C. R. ASHLEY. Mayor Valdosta, Ga. BPECT %L NOTICE. All bills against th° British steamship Melbridge must be presented at our office before 12 o'clock m. this day, or payment thereof will be debarred. STRACHAN & CO.. Consignees. Savannah, Ga.. July 23, 1900. SPECIAL NOTICE. All bills against the Austrian steamship Eros must be presented at our office be fore 12 o’clock m. this day, or payment thereof will be debarred. STRACHAN & CO., Consignees. Savannah, Go., July 23, 1900. ESI IM A TEN \V A \ TED for the demolition of burned portion of the Chatham Academy buildings; speci fications, plans and conditions to be ob tained at the office of HENRY URBAN. Architect 33 Provident Building. NOTICE. Neither the master nor consignees of the British steamship Sportsman, J. t\ Hoy. master, will be responsible for any debts contracted by crew of said vessel. J. F. MINIS & CO., Consignees. NOW IS THE TINE TO RENOVATE. We renovate and remake with hair ticking moss mattresses $4, hair and wool mattresses $5. We get the size of bedstead and make your mat tress to order, without extra charge. Fine curb'd hair and moss mattresses a specialty. Our medicated renovator will purify and clean us well as Increase in volume your feather btds and pillows. Renovation of feather beds 15. bolsters $1.50, pillows 76c. Ail work guaranteed first-class. NATIONAL MATTRESS AND RENO VATING CO.. Bell Fhone 1136. 331 Drayton street. BISIKESS -NOTICES. WISE MEN SMOKE LE PANTO CIGARS ' We Wash To Perfection. Office 307 Bull Street. Telephone 700. SPECIAL NOTICES. TABLE D’HOTE. 50c—DINNER-oOc Dinner 1 to 3 and 6 to 9, Monday, July 23. Claret Wine. SOUP. Okra and Tomatoes. FISH. Red Snapper. Egg Sauce. Potatoes ala Duchesse. Sliced Tomatoes, Queen Olives. Chow Chow, Mixed Pickles. ROASTED. Rihs of Baltimore Beef, Dish Gravy. Breast of Veai, Brown Gravy. ENTREES. Lemb ala Orlandalse. Boston Baked Beans. VEGETABLES. Boiled Potatoes, Rice, Stewed Tomatoes. Cabbage, Butter Beans. PASTRY AND DESSERT. Peach Pie, Assorted Cakes. Cheese, Crackers. Rice Pudding, Lemon Sauce. • French Coffee. At LEVAN’S CAFE RESTAURANT, 111 Congress street, west. PRESERVE TOllI SIGHT By wearing glasses that not alone enable you to see, but correct every defect that may exist. There is no guesswork in our methods We have the latest and most approved scientific apparatus for accurate eye test ing. We make no charge for consulta tion or examination, ar.d should you need the services of a physician we will frank ly tell you so. Our crystal lenses are perfect In every respect, being ground under our own su pervision. They cannot be compared In value to the kind offered as cheap by the so-called opticians or Jewelers who han dle inferior glasses as a side line. DR. M. SCHWAB & SON. Exclusive Opticians, 47 Bull Street. N. B.—Oculist prescriptions filled same day received. Repairing done, at short notice. BIDS WASTED. City of Savannah, Office Director of Public Works, Savannah, Ga., July 10, 1900.—Bids will be received at this office until 12 o’clock noon, city time. Tuesday. July 31. 190), for the manure from the city stables and the street sweepings, etc., from the streets and lanes, to be ed at city lot for one year from date of acceptance of bid. The city reserves the right to reject any or all bids. En velopes to be marked ’’Bids for Manure,” etc. Bids to be opened in the presence of bidders. GEO. M. GADSDEN, Director. BIT OSLY THE BEST GINGER ALE. The best is the Wheeler Brand of Bel fast Ginger Ale. made by Wheeler & Cos., of Belfast. Ireland, from the celebrated Croinac Springs of that city. These springs are the property of Wheeler & Cos., hence no other Ginger Ale manufac turer in Ireland has those waters but themselves. The Wheeler Ginger Ale is made from pure Jamaica Ginger Root and not from Red Pepper, as others are; one Is deleterious—the other is a tonic. For Healthfulness and Purity the cele brated Wheeler brand of Belfast Ginger Ale is the best. LIPPMAN BROTHERS. Sole Southern Agents. Savannah. Ga. P4INTS, OILS, VARNISHES, WALL PAPER. Get onr prices on the best goods for your building. ANDREW HANLEY COMPANY. WALL PAPER, PAPER HANGING. We carry complete assortment of latest style papers, and employ only best artists. See our goods and get our estimate be fore giving out your work. Our prices the very lowest. SAVANNAH BUILDING SUPPLY CO., Corner Drayton and Congress. Phone 519. TUK WAT TO CLEAN CARPETS. The only way tc get your carpets prop erly taken up. cleaned and taken care of for the summer is to turn the Job over ts the District Messenger and Delivery Cos., telephone 2. or call at 32 Montgomery etreet, and they will make you an esti mate on the cost of the work. Prices reasonable. They also pack, move and store furniture and pianos. C. H. MEDLOCK. Supt and Mgr. LAItUL. WAHLHOISIS AND OFFICE! to rent, located head ot Broughton atreet, on West Broad, now occu pled by the Savannah Carriage and Wagon Cos. A they will give up business In the city on June 1, l offer It for rent from that date. H P. SMART. lIUAUS EIUCtTUD By the American Bonding and Trust Com pany of Baltimore. We are authorized to execute locally (Immediately upon appli cation), all bonds In Judicial proceedings In either the state or United States courts. and of administrators and guardians. DEARING & HULL, Agents. Telephone 524. Provident Building. $25,000. One of our rllents has placed In our ltands IJu.OtJO to loan on good Savannah real ealata at reasonable rates of Interest. BECKETT & BECKETT. 84 President street, east. ADLER, JNO. R. DILLON President. Castilel- ' C. T. ELI.IS, BARRON CARTER Vice President. Asst. Cashier' The Chatham Bank SAVANNAH. Will be pleased to receive the account, of Merchants. Firms, Individuals. Bank and Corporations-. * Liberal favors extended. Unsurpassed collection facilities, insur ing prompt returns. SEPARAIESAVINGSBEPARIMEM INTEREST CO>l BOUNDED QUARTER. I-Y ON DEPOSITS. Safety Deposit Boxes and Vaults rent. Correspondence solicited. The Citizens Bank OF SAVANNAH. CAPITAL $500,000. - Vtcaecmi *iaukiu4 UoiIDVH. Solicits Account! of Individual. Merchants, Hanks and other Cornn. rations. Collections hnndlcd with safety economy anil dlapatch. 1 Interest compounded quarterly allowed on deposits in our Savina. Department. Safety Deposit Boxes and #tor. Vaults. •" BRANTLEY A. DENMARK. Pre.lde-. MILLS B. LANE. A | oe p re .ldea. GEORGE C. FREEMAN, Cashier. GORDON L. GROOVER. As.t. Cnahleu, SOUTHERN SANK of the State of Georgia. Capital SSOO 0W Surplus and undivided profits 4401 000 DEPOSITORY OF THE STATE OP GEORGIA. Superior facilities for transacting a General BarfkThg'lßisineea Collections made on ail points ~— accessible through - "banks and bankers. Accounts Of Banks, Bankers, Merchants and others solicited. Safe Deposit Boxes lor rent. Department of Savings, interest pavab'* quarterly. Sells Sterling Exchange on London C and upwards. JOHN FLANNERY, President. HORACE A. CRANE. Vice President JAMES SULLIVAN, Ceshier. DIRECTORS: JNO. FLANNERY'. WM. W. GORDON E. A. WEIL W W. GORDON. Jr. H. A. CRANE. JOHN M. EGAN. LEE ROY MYERS. JOSEPH FERST H. P. SMART. CHARLES ELLIS. EDWARD KELLY. JOHN J. KIRBY'. THE GERMANIA BANK SAVANNAH, GA. Capita! $300,004 Undivided profit* 50,000 This bank oilers its services to corpora tions, merchants and individuals. Has authority to act as executor, ad ministrator, guardian, eto. Issues drafts cn the principal eltte* !• Great Britain and Ireland and on tbe Continent. Interest paid or compounded quarterly on deposits In the Saving Department, Safety Boxes for rent. HENRY BLUN. President. GEO. W TIEDEMAN. Vic* President. JOHN M. HOGAN. Cashier. WALTER F. HOGAN, Ass't Cashier. iSiiii CAPITAL, $330,000. Accounts of banks, merchants, corpora tions and individuals solicited. Savings Department, interest paid quarterly. Safety Boxes and Storage Vaults for rent. Collections made on all points at rea sonable rates. Drafts sold on all the chief cities of th* world. Correspondence Invited. • JOSEPH D. WEED, President. JOHN C. ROWLAND, Vice President, w. F. McCAULEY. Cashier. No. ItW, Chartered, IS6* THE HMS Hi H OK SAVANNAH. CAPITAL, sooo,ooo. BUKPLUS, SlOO.Ous. UNIX LA* STATES DEPOSITOKX. J. A. a. CARSON, President BEAUNE GORDON, Vie* President W. M. DAVANT, Cashier. Acoounts of banka and bankers, mer chants and corporations received upon the most favorable terms consistent wltk safe and conservative banking. ■USIIUCSB notices. For Rent, Residence 118 Gaston street, west. All conveniences. Can be rented from Ist August. Apply to CHATHAM REAL ESTATE AND IM PROVEMENT CO., 14 Bryan Street. East. To Newipgf Publishers. For sale, a Forselth Newspaper Folder; will fold sheet 21x42. It Is In good order. Price $lOO. It coet originally $l,lOO, but we have nu use for it and want the room It occupies. It will be an Invaluable adjunct to any newspaper office. Address ' MORNING NEWS, Savannah, Ga. i •m SPECIAL NOTICES. MOSQUITOES will not trouble you If you u*e SHOOMI SHEET. It Is a pleasant perfume. MELDHRMA I* a toilet powder that Instantly dl<* pel* the rilnnirrcenble odors nrlwfnS from perplratlon. OLD STYLE COLD CREAM selves quick relief for ian burns and skin troubles. OOLOMOM9 CO*