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'live wire caused fatality. 16l *T* I.INEYIAK KLEfIHO. Cl'run l> MID-AIR. |( ~.p dash nrrd la Ilia Ul a<l „ r l 01l t.urty fl t tin- Uroand. H Mill Hr Wo> Dead YVtirn Hr siruck— Vrra Had llrro Ulnar* ranis rd by Krvrrr atorni—Large (Kind Collected YY lirrr Acc Idea I IlnpMciicd. , uta. Aug. SI —A trag'dy occurrwl Mri'd str*t till* afternoon about * \ kon the met populous square, a* of last evening's severe electric riorm. ,e and electric wire pole* were . kI y 1 gbtnli g yesterday at different In the Uy. anil there were one . | llt ls Int hres ffiit were put out i;( : u t ,i,image, but the most *crl>ua ro of the severe eketrir storm was In ~, ruining out or dynamos, light cir- Itre ulai m Loses and Interference iind ttnfe with Ihe teleplwm* ser in ronseuucine of this the linemen j,, ben hard at work to-cls>. I* afternoon William R. Deloach, a i> none company lineman*, climbed the ii |oie on street at Schwelgert's ncr to stialghten out seme dlfUcultlea . rig the liundiid or so wires centering t ,,,r,. To ataady this gloiil pole, which I probably so f*t high, guy wires run '0 thcr poles In tlie vlcinlly. One of 111 esc t straight across Broad street, and t* . wires of the eb ctrlc railway In nt r of th'j street. To prevent con | betwraf) flu*. guy wire, and the live „ o the electric railway, a plank I tened to ib. guy wire hangs below It i oi-t ween the live wires. In yesterday's storm this Insulation was , u - ./ranged and the guy wire# sagged ~n on Ihe live wires of the railway puny. This was unobserved by Llne- I Deloach, and when he reached the lvi wire. In the pole, he flung . g over It and rested his thigh upon II In an Instant a deep gash was burned leg and Deloach tumbled headlong i, ib asphalt, thirty or forty feet below. A lady who was walking on the slde * a and chanced to he looking up at the screamed ns she saw him fall, and a number of other persona saw and heard body fall headforemost upon the pavement. Electrician# say Deloach was desii before he hit the ground, but ef fort, were made at resuscitation. They prowd futile, and the umbulance, which ~ ■, arrived to remove him fd the hos pit il was called upon to carry him to !ti.- undertaker's. Instead. An Immense crowil gathered after the • lent. Deloach has been a lineman (>r the Electric Railway and Electric Light Company for a number of years, bet at the lime he was In the employ of the Rell Telephone Company. Me was 25 years old anil married. He has frequently been heard to say thnt he ild meet his death on a live wire. THE I’HEHMVTKIUA* CREDO. luiairlm Bnh mltted Iy rommlllff on Crrrtl Revision. Pittsburg, Aug. 31—Thu Committee on Crnl Revision. appointed at the it e tin* o( the Presbyterian general as irmhly, has issued a circular to the Pres t.i ries of the church reciting the au iiouty for the appointment of the com a to ascertain the general feeling in Muni to the |*ro|Kwed revision of the c ! and requesting the Presbyteries to I ttasltl. r the following Inquiries: Do you desire a revision of our Cent > ,on of (tilth? Or • ~ti.l—l — Io you desire a supplemental e*;>lanalor> statement. Or ' Tnlnl lay you desire to supplement our | doctrinal standards with a briefer statement of the doctrines most sun . netted among us. expressing In dm I the fultb of the church It I.!-, . ly to the system of doctrine con tain' i in Italy scripture and held by the reformed churches? 'Or Fourth Do you desire the dismissal of tlti whole subject, so that our doctrinal •u.\ ..mis shall remain as they ere. with tan ant change whatever, wheiher revis i • il. supplemental or substitutional?” T • ircutar is signed by fifteen mem if the committee, A* follows: Charles .V Jin key. Herrick Johnson. Samuel J. N Ils. Daniel W. Klsher. William Me- Klbbin. tieorge B. Stewart. Samuel P. scr her. Henry Van Dyke, Benjamin Harrison. John M. Harlan, Daniel R. .Viv.s. K. W. C. Humphrey, William R. trahtie. John E. Parsons, Elisha A. Fraxer. The presbyteries are requested to re rerd the affirmative and negative votes. Foil AN ATROmiH CHIAIE. Negro Nlurdrrer, Tom .lonea, NVsa Kteealed at Hslrluh, N. C. Kale|?h. N. C., Aug. Sl.—The execution ■f Tom Jones, the negro murderer, took !•: i here to-day. H-- kept his nerve on tic allows and died in live minutes after i • drop fell. He was baptised and join id the Catholic Church Monday. The crime he committed was one of the r t atroelois ever commltteed in this tale. On March 22 last he killed El'.a J ies. his paramour and her 12-year-old |> lighter and burned their house to hide 1 , i lme, roasting, beside the bodies of victim, four of her children. the )i ingest of which was an unnamed ru. uth-old babe, of which Jones was the fat bar. His trial and conviction follow'd within a week of Ihe crime and he was sentenced to hang May U. but owing to t delay col sequent upon an apfgul to it Supteme Court, the execution was de layed until to-day. Al'amTVl I'OTTOJI YEAR. Itrrelpt* from All for *he 1 ear Wrrr liTfl.THd llnles. Augusta. Ga., Aim. 31—The cotton year t>r IWMWiO closed to-day ami according to tie figures at the Colton Exchange. Au > uta's receipts from all soureea for the > ir were 273.786, a decrease of 3t>.oeo bales from last year. The atock on hand 10- • y I- .1.121 on lee. against ,973 a year ago. A .miser's cotton mills consume! during tie year. 72.934 bale*, and the shipment* f ora ihls market during the year w-re .7.0 bates. SAYS IT IS A HfILY tt AH- Preacher Talk* tn a German Regi ment tiff for t Mnn. I'erlln, Aug. 3!.—At a China regiment's flag consecratlori yesterday Pastor Woelf- Ing. pointing to the Hating croaa In the folds or a flag, said: "It Is a crusade. It Is a holy war. Is t'rnational law has been broken and tne li" of humanity have been trodden un derfoot. Oriental barbarism has risen t Occidental civilisation." Strikers to Go .to AY ork. fir HIT. Wales, Aug A meeting of 1 r kers at Caidlff to-day confirmed ttie a lion of their committee In agreeing '*> a r sumption of work, the company h.v i- acceded to the demands of the * ‘kers. About SO.iflO colliers went to "oik ti:Ut morning YY 111 l ux. lat ely Comment. W.i hlngtoo, Aug. 31—The official cob tm '.ion of Ue appolat men! of Cardinal ■ heather as prefect tn Rome of ite ' oagTega:ion of the Index, was received t re to-d*y. The news I* expeetsl to ‘-use itvciy rnmmimi in clerical circles. ■ ' aM *va: j v. MITCHELL Rll'Ecn STRIKE. hays t un.iMHi Anthracite Miners .Ate Likely to (in Hat. Indianapolis. Aug. 31.—"1n my opinion there will be a strike In the anthracite region of Pennsylvania and it will be the biggest that the United Htaus has ever known." said John Mitchell of the United Mine Workers of America to-day. Mr. Mitchell has jui returned from a trip Must, during which he was present at the convention of miners of "The situation |n a nutshell.” he con tinued. "I* simply this: We have formu lated our demands for an advance of about Si per cent. In wages and the re moval of certain conditions that exist In the anthracite r.glun. "If Ihe strike Is ordered I believe that Itoisin men will eventually come out. It do not know Just what percentage of the anthracite mils re are in the Mine Work ers' organls-iilon. but I flrraly believe that Vi.issi men will quiet the tlrst day our men are ordered out. If the bituminous mtners attempt to supply the market for the an thracite dealers will lie compelled to call out all of the men In such l-Vluto *., supply this country. AA tlltK OP K NIGHT* OK PYTHIAS. tllllcers C'bosen and I nlformril Rank Drills rnallnnrd. Detroit. Mich., Aug. 31.—The Supreme Dodge, Knights of Pytht.w. to-day con firmed the re-appointment of Cen. James R. Carnahan of Indianapolis, ns major general, commanding the uniform rank. The following members of the Hoard of Control were elected: L. Cl. Aldrich of Mbislsdppi. C. K. 8. 'Neal of Indiana, and John A. Harvey of Illinois. The Hath bone sisters, at their flrsC ses sion to-day, elected three of the supreme officers ns follows: Supreme Chief, Mrs. Dell Cllaxler, Iowa: Supreme Senior Chief Rell (Jninlao, Illinois; Bu|>rrme Junior Chief, Mrs. I-Mi A Monroe. California. The competitive drills for Class A, and file hatmlton drill* continued to-day. H.AH AMOCIATION ornCBRI. Lawyers Concluded Tlielr Annual Meeting and Ydlourned. Saratoga. N. Y., Aug. 31.—The American Bar Association concluded Its twenty third annual meeting with a brief session to-day. The rc|iorts of committees on uniform lads and on law reporting and digests were submitted and adopieiL The following officers were elected: President, Edward Weimore, New York, secrlary. John Hinkley, Baltimore; treas urer. Francis Itawle. Philadelphia; Exec utive Committee, the president, secretary and irvesurer, and IT. M Rose, l.lltic Rock. Ark ; William A. Ketcham. Indian apolis. Ind ; Henry (leorge Tucker. L-g- Ington, Va.; Rodney A. Mercer. Towanda. Pa., and Charles K. Llbbey, Portland, Me. MINES ARE ('UWKO IHIAA'.V. | .Agrerasenl Mat Yet Rrnehed ns to Wages of (pal Mlnera, Knoxville. Tenn., Aug. 31.—0n account of the failure of miners and the coal op erators at Coal Creek to agree on a wage scale to-day the annual contract with miners will not be signed to-morrow as has been the custom. The miners de ckled to adjourn the conference until Sept. 10. On account of this failure to agree, all coal mines In Coal Creek. Jelllco, Mtd dlesboro and Intervening points, with the exception of two or three, are closed down It is not a strike, as both minors and operators are hopeful of reaching an agreement by Hept. 10. About 3,W0 miners are affected. H ANDED KtlH AS ASSAULT. William lllnck Executed for a Crlm lual Outrage. Belalre, Md., Aug. 31.—William Black, colored, was hanged here at 7:4l o'clock this morning. He met death with con siderable calmness, although he was plain ly very nervous on h* way to the scaf fold. and ho* for several days past been In a state bordering on .-ompleee collapse. Black died for a criminal assault com mitted on Miss Jessie Bradford, a 13- year-old girl, who lived near Aberdeen, this county. Great pro-mu lons were taken t, avoid lyneiilng. which was feared even at the las: moment. TtA'II BILUYHIANB KILLED Conflict With Roumanian Peasants Ended Fatally. Vienna. Sept. I.—As a result of the ten sion between the Roumanian and Bulga rian government*, due to the demand of the former for the suppression of the Macedonian Revolutionary Committee, u frontier .nnfllct look place yesterday be tween Roumanian and Hulgarian peasants at Verclorova. a few mile* from Ihe cele brated "Iron Gate" of the Danube, on the Roumanian side of the stream. Two Bulgarians were killed and many of both parties were wounded. DEMOCRATS OK INDIANA. Campaign Oprnrd With large Moat- In at Indianapolis. Indianapolis. Ind., Aug. 31.—The Dem ocratic campaign was opened here to night with large meeting. Sherman Steele, nephew of John Sherman of Ohio, who this week allied himselt with the Democrats presided. B. K> Shively of South Bend, was the speaker. He discuss ed trusts and Imperialism. TWEITV-EIGHT PtIIIOAEO. Made Seriously *lrk by Ealing a Plenlc salad. Prospect. 0., Aug. 31.—Twenty-eight pcr|Ons were poisoned here yesterday m an out-of-door dinner at the reunion of the UlSgerstalT family. Several were tn a serious condition and were not out of danger until to-day It Is thought the lioiftonlng was caused by a salad, of which the victims partook freely. Clrlnnatl Millionaire Head. Cincinnati, Aug. M.-Uavld Simon, con sidered to be the wealthiest man In this city, died to-day. aged >3 years. His fr tuoc Is estimated at 33U.090.6W. Hi* only heir l me wife of ex-Congressm.m Charles P. Toft, proprietor of the Cln clnr atl Ttmes-Star. TIB Plate Strike laeettled. Pittsburg, Pa.. Aug. 31.-The Important conference untuy beta'een tbe tin plate manut wturer* nnd workers, did not bring about a settlement of the wage scale, but *u h progress am* ma.le that all are hopeful of an agreement to-morrow. Railroad President Head. Kansas City. Mo. Aug. 31.-A special to the Star says that E. 8. Washburn, president of the Kansas City. Fort Scott and Memphis Hailroad. died at his sum mer home at Rye Hj a h. Me., to-day. Reciprocity Approved. Managua. Nicaragua, Aug 31, via Gal veston Tex —The Nicaraguan f’ongress to-day approved the commercial reclp pjclty treaty between Nicaragua and the ratted Sta>e American Coal for Ynxfrta. Pensacola. Fla.. Aua 31.-A local oal company closed a contract to-day for lt -tons of coal to be shipped through this port to Iflutae, Austria. THE MORNING NEWS: SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 1000. FAILURES SOMEWHAT FEWER. A LIGHT MONTH COMPARED WITH OTHERS THIS YEAR. Atony Hands Thrown tint by the Closing of Steel llllla cotton Movement la Slow nnd Last*—lron Market !• Shown steady Im provement—No Progress In the Root and Shoe Industry—Cotlou Mills Are Quiet. New York. Aug. 31.-R. O. Dun A Co.'s Weekly Review of Trade will say to-mor row: Commercial failures during August were 735 In number with liabilities of 37.323.9 W. Manufacturing failures were 171 lor 32.- MS.tar,; trading. 519 for 33.565,667 and other commercial. 42 far |7V2.s9a. There were on!> two banks with Rabo- Itles of 3146.UD. This Is the best monthly statement for 1900 thus far, but shows an Increase over the corr*|>ondtng month In ih two preceding years. Steel mills m the Cumberland District and some In Indiana have shut down, throwing many bar-is out. but part of these wlil be traits.erred to other deport ments of the new Crucible Sleel Compiny. Otherwise the working force Is Increas ing. and hope Is expressed of an adjust ment w-Wn the anthracite coal miners. Heading Company miners are said to vs oppooed to a strike, aud some others are In the same position. Another Important influence of the week has been favorable weather for the devel opment of corn over the greater txirt ol the surplus earn states, though heavy rain* in the spring wheat regtou have re tarded harvesting. The cotton movement is slow and late, but weather condition# average tattler ex cept In the Carvllnus. Prices changes are small. fa the Iron Rnslnesa- Steady Improvement ts seen In the iron market. It Is not marked by large ad vances. but wherever change occur# It l In the right direction. It is claimed by some authorities that orders currently booked segregate more than present pro duction und shipments. Special conces sion# to secure prospective business are withdrawn, and buyers seek contracts for prompt delivery. In some line* mills are actively employed-wlth orders for months ahead, and lontracts running lo June were placed this week Sales of iron ours were made nt 31.40. and 31*10 Is quoted for Res semer pig at Pittsburg. Western stove manufacturers have been buying freely, .ind more bridge builders sign-.! contracts for structural material Merchant steel advanced on increasing orders, while do mestic purchases of cotton ties were large, although rather He. Copper exports av erage I.fIMO.cOO pounds a day. ami Ihe mar ket kln a strong position. Iron ore han dlers have made (rouble at Cleveland, and the Industry will be embarrassed by delay In unloading vessels. Further reduction Is shown In the output at the Connells vllle coke ovens. In Other Lines. It is not possible to report progress in Ihe hoot and shoe Industry, unless it can be considered encouraging that continued Inactivity t the shops must tn time re duce stocks lo a point where order* will nvnn r* sumption of op-ratlons. There Is g quiet at both cotton and wo 1-n mills The only manufactur ers showing any Interest In wool at Bos ton ar.- those with government contracts that must be Ml led promptly. Prices of wool arc itnchang and, and Western hold ers have not lost any of their coofldance. Sabs at the three chief eastern markets w* re only 4,214.700 pounds against 5.062,- > In the previous week and 6.328,700 a year ago. Failure* for the week were 173 In the United Flat s against HI last tear, and 19 In Canada against 25 last year. EH Ai’Kll FROM SHERIFF. Negro (little Thief (lot Asay With the Handcuff* On. Tallahassee. Fla.. Aug. 31.—Dick Co lloid now enjoys the reputation of being the only negro who ever escaped from Sheriff Pearce. A few days since Mr. Pearce drove out to Ihe slock farm of T. Q. Rawls on Jackson, where Co s had stolen fifteen head of Mr.Rawls' fai beef cattle, and hail butchered ami sold several head before he was discovered. When Mr. Pearce arrived he placed handcuffs on Colleld In order to bring him to prison. When he and his prisoner were on the wagon ready to start for town. Mr. Rawls concluded that he would go along to see that the negro was safely* landed In jail, and he climbed Into Ihe from scat wiih Mr. Pearce. The day being unusually warm, they drove alowly along watching ihr negro, to see that he did not escape. While driv ing through a thickly wooded tiection. they looked back to see how Ihe negro was getting along. and the bind had flown, though they had not driven thirty yards. Both men spisng out of the v* hide snd bolted for the woods, but they did not find Ihe negro, and have not seen him since. An examlnat on for state teacher s certificates was op nod here to-day by lion W. N. Sheets, state superlntendril!. The September examlnat ions will com menor in the various counties next Tues day. Mrs. Amanda Cohen, a native of Ohio, but for a quarter of a century, a resident of Tallahassee. Is dead at the age of 8. R. Bridges, representing the Alka he-t Co-operative Lyceum Of Atlanta, Is here arranging for a course of lectures snd high grade concerts for the winter teaion. Rems Notes From Dssglts. Douglas, Os.. Aug. 21.—Last night Sher iff W. M. Turner brought up and lodged In Coffee county Jail Ed. Smith, colored, charged with assault wl(h Intent to mur der Luther Murphy June 7 last. Deputy Sheriff K M. Lendon brought up and lodged In Jail Charles Kailes. un der thrie indictments, two (or assault w-iih Intent to murder and one tor mis demeanor. Douglas was visited by refreshing show ers yesterday afternoon snd night, with prospect* for more to-day. But too late to henedt the cotton crop. Col. J. F. Stone was In Ihe city to-day. Regular train* on tha NVaycross Air Une Railroad ran through to Vickers, eleven miles west of Douglas, yesterday. Residence Hlirnell al tldttgi. Odum. Oh.. Aug 21.—T0-day. about 12 o'clock, the dwelling and kitchen of Mr. Spencer Poffett was consumed by tiro. The lire originated from a stove flue and was under such headway before It was discovered that It was Impossible to ex tinguish It. There were only a few ar ticles of furniture saved, as there was no one there at Ihe time but Ihe lady mem bers of the family The toss will amount to about ,*. with no Insurance. Another t twillle Proplsd. Chicago. Aug. 21.—Real estate men to the number of fifty, .representing sixteen > unite the mortgage, loan and real cents 1 agents and investors of the I'nited Biases for mutual benefit and protection. A commit tee of inspection was appointed, and will report to-morrow Governor's ANlfe t on % fetell. Ban filego. Col.. Aug 21-Word has hsco received from Knsanast that Mia Ryer ,„n nlfe of the late U*v George Hyereon of lamer California, h id been found guilty sf manslftoshter In killing a Mexican boy, and Is earning out her aefUuicw The manufacturers of Royal B: ~~ Powder have always declined to proch cheap baking • powder at the sacrifice quality or wholesomeness. The highest grade and most hi< / refined ingredients only are employed i Royal; hence its well known superiority. It is always the cr : Royal Baking that the consumer suff; ■ Powder costs j n pocket if not in healt n only a fair price, by accepting cheap pow • and is cheaper j ers a s substitutes for and better at its Royal Baking Powder. price than any m _ mm m m Care must be taken to avoid baking powders made from Sffmsiar artUde sn ahmi Such powders are sold cheap, becausethey cost buta few esnts per pound “ Just as good and cheaper" is a 4jLjY #.-cs jm; fffjf fraudulent erv, intended to deceive the unwary. Alum is a Cr ww m%am corrosive acid, which taken in food means injury to health. ROVAL BAKING POWDER CO., 100 WIUIAM ST., NEW YORK. GUARDING IMPERIAL CITY. (Continue! from First Pagr.J • to th Americans, while tits Japanese hold three others. It was also derided to commemorate the occupation of Pekin by a m-ireh of all Ihe troops through the Imperial e!?r Aug. IS. Many of the eunuch guard* have left the palace and have surrendered themselves. Th* Inmates of th* palace have been assured they will be well treated. FORCES TH IT TOOK I'IHT. Oecnpnnts of Imperial Palace to lie Well Treated. Washington. Aug SI.-The following tel egram was received 10-day at the Japanese legation: "A telegram from Pekin gives strength of the Billed forces which took part In the relief of l’okin, as follows. Japanese. 6.600 Infantry; 220 cavalry; ISO engineers and 53 guns. Russian. 3.ED infantry; ISO cavalry, and 22 guns. British. 4,832 Infantry; 4n cavalry, and 13 guns. American*. 1,800 Infantry; ISO marines, and 7& cavate;.. and guns. French. 4< marines and 18 guns. On the 25th seventy Chinese surrender ed. Of these live each were detained by the Japanese sad British forces for tin purpose of ascertaining the state of af fairs among the Chinese, the rest being set at liberty. On the 27th more sur rendered. most of whom were guards and court official*. One of them, a military officer, after being brought to the Japan ese headquarters, where he was kindly treated, was sent to Ihe palace to make the necessary preparations for the parade of the allied forces through the palace to be held on the 28th In commemora tion of their successful entry Into the city. Asa large number of court ladles were found In the palace, every precaution was taken to protect them from Insult and assurances were given them of the read iness of Ihe Japanese farce* to supply them st any moment with food and other necessaries. SEIZING l-l. OF H ANCHt'RI A. Husainna Wlll Own the AN hole Thing When They Gel Mukden. Bt. Petersburg, Aug. 31.—Official dis patches say the Rue*:.till have occup.i-d Tsl Tat Kar. which leaves only Mukden to be captured In order to place the whole of Manchuria In Russian possession. Ap parently there H no Intention to rlux Chat hold Gen. Kouropalkln. the Russian minister of war, has Just ordered two batteries of Krupp guns to protect th> Uin iurUn Railway. Eight n* batteries ot qu|.*g flrers will be distributed among tin- four new Siberian arm) corps. The dispatches my Chinese sued lor peace but the Ru s'an general said his orders were lo pro ceed and Ihe Chinese retreated. TO INVESTIG ATE VICRSMOVR. Imperial Edict Issued as t Vnng tse OMeials. * London, Herd. I.—'The Shanghai corre spondent of the Times, writing Aug. *>. •ends a report that an imperial edict was recently laaued, ordering Cbauao Shu Chino, commissioner of the railway and mining bureau, and Hsu Tung, guardian of Ihe heir apparent, to proceed south to investigate the conduct of tile Yung Tmc viceroy*, and that they have already started from Fao-Tlng-Fu. The corre spondent says that this rumor. U cou gracid, is undoubtedly serious. t APT I HE OF l;K. OLIVIER. Good Work linne by a Smalt Rand •if Britishers. landon, Sept. L—A Queenstown dls patch. dated yesterday, describes ihe ill malic capture of Oen. Olivier during Ihe Boer attack on Wlnburg. Eight Queens town volunteers sortled from the town and took up a position In a donga, through which the road passed and be hind the Boer position. As the Boers retired through Ihe don gn In single file they were captured one by one and put under charge of a couple of men, out of sight, until the Colonials had captured twenty-eight, Including Oen. Olivier and his three non*. As 209 Boers were following behind in fairly close order, the colonials then be gan hard volley firing, with the result that they killed six lloera and frightened off the others who had no idea of the ac tual number In the dongn NO IIE.AIMM AKTKRI VET. Denineratt Base Not Decided (In a l.nenlinn in New Nark. New York, Aug 21.—T0-night former (lov. W. J Stone, of Missouri, chairman of the sub-committee of the Democratic National Committee which will have Cha-ge of the Western headquarters, at a cooferttice with several of his asso ciates. Including ex Senator Arthur P. Gorman. cf Maryland, Congressman James D. Richardson of T<, in n ort'y leader in the National House of ftepr. sentatlves, an i Hit D. J Cam pau national commit! • man of Michigan, announced ihat no decision hod been reached as yet concerning iiea.?:|uarters. He rxp.amed that several members of the e mnn tar had n t yet r* ached the city, and that It might be teveral days before the isec'on <ould be announced. Ac .or I K to M 8t ne 1 Is n t the m tentton to locale Lr.:. an 1 expsnale h a iquactars here In Nt ; w York, hut mod ,rai- vised rooms suitable for Ihe dis tributions of II erature and the arranging for campaign speakers. HUH ul* FINK HOHRHR. filna LIP* sold lo Murphy for More Thao g Iil.twti. Lexington. Ky.. Aug 31--Mr Murphy, owner of Tower of Candles ami Kaffnelto, has bought King Lief of John D. Smith of this city. The reported prl.*s Is $16,010 and 1 per cent, of th* winning* of the flrst year. \V C. Whitney, owner of Bally Hoo !!)', has made J. W. Forsythe an offer for ib<- half slater o Daily Hoo Bey, a yearling Ally by Hindoo, out of Hallo Hoo, John E. Madden, who trained Whitney's colt, anticipated the Fulutlty victory amt purchased the dam and the full brother of Bally Hoo Bey by Herstde. Hart Hoswelg Who bred the famous Nancy Hanks (31*4) died at hh> home here at a late hour last night. Will Develop till Loads, Lexingh n, Ky.. Aug. a —The stuck beid ets In the 811 County (Ml Com cany which hoK 'i* of oil iand In K:ox and Hell cou tides, in conference here to-day decid and irf develop tbs land on a very birge scale Six we'ls arc ex pected to be In operation by Oct. L New Passenger Association. OkWwood Spring*. Col., Aug. .—Repre sent. ittvr* of twenty-ono rat.roads, who ore it. session here, seem o favor form ing * new irans-conllnental pissenger association. Independent of any of the grant:nt sssoctationa HOLLAND'S II tilt El.ot IWORK. Coulil liavr I p the New York \N Mllottl lleloic Seen. bfew York. Sept. I.—A special to tne World from Newport, say*: The big cruiser New York could have been sunk to-night as she lay at anchor In Narragansett bay from a torpedo fle-d at her by ihe submarine boat Holland Not only would ihe New York have suf fered. but the tug Leyden w0u.,1 have goto- to the bottom too But It was all practice, a night tack, nnd I* was most successful, proving that the lloiiur .t boat is n most valuahh part of the United fltair* navy. After dark the torpedo boats Morris and Rogers and the Holland were sent outside the breakwater soon to be followed by the Leyden. Tile last-named tug took up a position at I hr- entrance of the harbor. As the others made the attack an attempt was to be made by ihe Leyden to pick them out wttti Mqychhght*. So far os the torpedo boats were con cern*.! it was successful, they being found at will, but with the Holland It was dif ferent. and after she had plunged unde* th* water she was not seen again untU ah* was found at her dock when the Ley den went in after her. The crew of the Holland say that the deck n f the craft was dry all the time they were under wa ter. The Holland approached near enough to the Leyden lo Are a lorpado and then turned, crossed the bay and went within a abort distance of the New York with out detecLoo. The h ia! ASS operated by a fall navei • Yew. in charge of Lieut. Caldwell. Naval officers aie more than pleased with her performance. RTRO-AMKHIt AN t til M IL. Kcsoluttons t nndentnlag Action ol New Vork Pnllee. Indiana pulls, inti.. Aug. 31.—The Afr-v- Amerlcan Council con- luded Us sessions to-day. the last feature being an sefttresa by Booker T. Washington, who was rt ■ ’ivwl i.|th great applause. He eonflnei his remarks to vugsestloiis for the bet :ermetu uivl uplifting ot Die race. He declarnl Write must be avoided, and that frutton with the whites Is unnecessary. !*tltlailelphlo Wes chosen ae the next place of meeting, the convention lo be held In August. IKI. The following resolutions were adopted: "This council not only approves but hi rewilh send* greeting lo our brethren in New York City, and bids them Oud Sfeed hi their manly fight against mob law and police Injustice. The thanks of tills council are tender ed to the journals of New York, who with out any regard to party affiliation, con demn In unmeasured terms, the Inhuman conduct of Tammany policemen, who. in stead of giving protect ton to fleeing and defenseiros men, women and children of the negro nice, were found to be among Ihe chief violators of Ihe law." Ceremony Over s Famous Hollo. Helena. Mont.. Aug. ll—Wlth pomp and ceremony, the relic of Hi Leo. which wxa presented lo the diocese of Montana hy ih* Pope, was transferred yesterday evening to Its resting place under the altar of the Cathedral of (he lincred Heart. Tin; wax hgute encaaea the remains of a 13-year old boy wno died for hts faith centuries ago amt whoae bones were found In the Catacombs. Fought to tyUraw. Rochester, N. Y.. Aide M.—Hobby Dobbs of Pittsburg and Mike Donovan of Roch ester fought u 15-roun-i bout to a draw at Kalla Field Athletic Club 10-ntght. liryuu Going It* Wont It fiend. Lincoln. Neb.. Aug. 11.-Mr. Bryan left to-night for Chicago on hts way to Houth Bend. ImL, where he speaks to-morrow evening. DKKI.ING* FED THE TROI T. Flak In a Colerade Hon-hery Llvefl Sumptnonslj fr a AVhlle. From Ihe Denver Poet. Oame and Fish Warden Holland, who recently returned from a trip of Inspec tion, says the greediness of the big fish lias caused keen disappointment among . •, - . I . r*. - TH* sequestered ponds of Ihe mountain hatch ery attract the. ducks, which are wont to settle 'town on Ihe limpid sheets of wa ter. A few of them have mail* their homes there. They are the wood duck, and round the grassy edges of the pools have laid Ihelr eggs In well-hidden nests. The hatchery men. whose eyes are train ed hy the study of flsh eggs and lltfia fish to notice things minute, soon discov ered the presence of the duck eggs and began a quiet watch for Ihe hatching One day recently two egg shells wees found broken In a nest and at the edge of Ihe water sat two downy ducklings near the mother duck. Quietly the de lighted discoverers irpproa.4ie<l nrmrrr tor s better va w. A bunch of reeds Mfllf wsvlng In the soft breese shielded them In Ihelr effort for s few moments, but an unlti ’ky footstep Into the shallow wa ter caused an atnrmlng splash With a quick whirr of her wings up rose tho mother before the eyes of the startled men and slowly settling near by she In vited all danger to herself But the hatchery men were not hunters snd were not looking tor her. Hastily they stepped forward, ankle deep In water, and beheld, huddled to gether close to the reeds, the apprehen sive ducklings. Wondering how well they could swim after half s day's existence, one of the visitors sploshed the water sharply with hts foot Away from tha protecting shore sped the two tiny ducka over the transparent water. Their watc hed fret soon parried them a dosen yanks from the big two-footed Intruders. Down In th* depth ot the pool lurk aomtt huge trout, whoae keen eyeo are over watching Ihe surface for grasshoppers, minnows and food of alt kinds. Rainbows, they are. and os the ducklings scudded across the top of the pool the beautifully colored aides of the trout flashed brilliant ly as they rose In haste from the bottom. The first one dashed so recklessly at tbs nearest ducking Ihat ho mlesed his a Ira and shot a yard oul of the water Thera was a loud splash as the Mg flsh fell back and thoroughly scared, soft-feathered birds began to paddle desperately for the shore. But fate was against them, and they ware not permitted lo swim >ix feet. Too lata the man realised the danger of the tiny fowls. In another moment a slower but surer flsh opened B wide mouth st the right moment amt eagerly swallow ed one of the two feathered fuglttvao. Tha other a* caught by two trout at tha sastM Instant and dragged beneath Me sot fees in the twinkling of an eye. Down Into the crystal depths went tha duckling and after an Instant's choking sll was still. The circles cat Ihe top of the pool Widened until Invtalblo and the trag dy was over. The mother duck, whose eyes had never left her young darted above the spot where they had disappeared, with shrill cries, and utterly disregarded Ihe pee senes Of tne men. who. slowly retracing tholr footstep- told anew yam a> Ihe dinner laid- to the surprise and regret of the others, v.ho ha-1 also been watching for the appearance of the little ducks. Moving a Bin Danish Tower. To widen a business street the round tower in Copenhagen-IF) feet In bight—la lo be bodily moved a distance of fifty yatda. _ Plant Field Trials. Sioux Falla. Aug 21—The Anal contest tn the Held (rials was run yesterday, tt bring In the oil-aged clues Zephyr U wag awarded Best prise and Dots Daisy sec ond. Josta Brighton took third money. 5