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2 ARE TOO MANY CITY COURTS. H PIIKUR l Him III! TO Ml- %H M >ll HOI © %!••■: |%f rttor'* M <>••<•* WMI llrront ninitl That ••* l.ri|l%l*tnrr I real© no Xiirf Illy 1 I M ** %%4lh >nl Miirr I'tiaai ***** Profile Move *ocl Imu r!• % i*p* *• I* I row I’lfiy-lour * nnrta l*il I*o Marh Work on I lie 9i|i rente ourl. Atlanta. Oct i'-c.iy courts will prob ably N‘ dealt i blow ly tJo\ i .mdier In his anroal m* - .*- to * . fb nerol A#m bly. It |s \ r. Ik- v '.• the Haver nor will rfi ommer and t • * th* Legislature rre u j f, o tT) 1 1ii' f'th • ourts unless It Is hh solutely n< < ©#.-ary and then only In pi *' m bavins * - iffl itni population to warrant It. For several year* j*at It has been the rus>om of the Legislature to create Ity courts at any point deslr* <l, and .* pres* out thrll are some town- in Oaorgta not having over people which have Ity cour* nith the nm© powr as those of A f lant * Savanna!i Mai’on and Augusta The object of the Governors rerom naendition. It Is fait will be to relieve th* Mupreitt# Court of Georgia of the hard v*o,k It been doing for the pel four y*are I? i* laim l that ihe i*y coin* ore established mainly for 11 * • put pose of hav .tig th* privilege of direct appeal t* th* Supreme Court, inst* *l of going to the f*up* rlor Court A tlie matter now stand th© Georgia Supreme Court b* *r* appeal a from fifty-four different courts, •in.l the number of * *■*<•' *pb aled every ir a mom * to over 1 Gov Candler si vs th* *u#© of the courts* being so bird worked Is due to the large number of city courts, which have be, n established by the Legislature HBOIOHT SI IT FOB (MHVNIO. >lr *uaan Oeloacb \\ ant Telephone nnl Hallway t ompaaiea to l‘s>. Augusta. o>'t in-A few weeks ago an n< count was published in your columns of the tragic d*.ith of William leLoa. h. from a live wire on a telephone pole on Broad street. To-day suit was hied by Messrs Henry Hammond and Henry Co hen in behalf of Mrs. Susan Id©Loach against the Southern Hell Telephone *ind Telegraph Company and th*- August* Railway and Electric Company for The petition sets forih that lklasch was a skilled lineman, earning s7’* or more per month, with the pro*p. t of rising to greater earning capacity; that hr was 2* years old and the |.ft.ftft sued for Is based on his reasonable probabilities ,nf life It Is alleged that he whs In the pursuit of his business ami acting under orders from the company and was killed bv con tact with a guy wire, which should have been perfectly hafe. and which became a live wire by contact with the potential wires of the Augusta Bellway and Elec tric Company, through the negligence of both the electric company and the tele phone company Mr N H Baxley. .* well-known young merchant and Miss Josephln* Bignon were married at noon to-day at Kt John's Methodist Church B* v T B Kendall of ficiating A wedding breakfast was en joyed hv the bridal party at the bride’* home, after which Mr and Mrs. Hailey •eft for New York. PI.A* Foil MCTTMCREHT. Affair* of the Colonial rinh Pot In Vnmr fthape. Atlanta. Oct W-A committee of seven, with Albert Howell, Jr., as chairman which wo* appointed at the meeting of the Colonial Club |j*t night to confer with the creditors of That body and an attempt to secure them to their satisfaction, and thereby put the club on its feet again, met this morning t 11 o'clock In the of fices of Dorsey, and Howell, in ■ the Kiser building The greater portion of the club's membership was also repre sented After som* discussion a resolution, which In substance follows, was offered and pass*d <nd was accepted by the cred itors: **A full financial statement of Jh© con dition of the club was submitted to the meeting, iiti*l after discussion, settlement was elf©' ted with the unsecured creditors on th© following terms "Fifteen |m* cent • ash; 15 per cent. Jan 10. 1901. 10 per cent. April 10. 1901; 10 per rent July 10. 1901. and the remaining k per cent. Oei. 10. IM. the deferred payments to he secured by promissory notes to he executed by the club and to hear interest at the rate of ft per cent, after maturity. The creditors participating In the meeting recommend the acceptance of this settlement to all the unsecured creditors." At a large meeting of the club held last night at the club house, about %2.fM was raided hv ►ubscrlptlon. to the end that the Indebtedness of th** organization be liquidated AHHKHTED %* XI *PE< TH. €• rn l v and MmHh Believed In Know Something of Yloln King. Atlanta. Oct. 10 —Two men. Tom Grady and Lee Hmith. |*aper mill employes, ur© held at police barracks suspected of bang Implicate*! In the alleged abduction of Mins Viola King, a young woman, who formerly resided on Savannah street, pear the Fulton Bag and rot ton Mill (eor;e Awtry. another member of the crowd. Is ulao wanted by the police. Miss King |*ft her hom last Suturdsv and remained away during that day and all of the following Sunday In c*mpany with Georgs Awtry. Lee Smith Is ait ho 1- iy for this statement Kmtth and Grady mw the couple together and s|kr of the matter When It was learned that they knew Miss King and Awtry nd had •© *n them, they were arrested Smith *y* he knows nothing whatever stout the matter, but only saw the coupb It Is not known upon who#© complaint the two men are nr res ted The young w* man L said to have refuse I to return home when advised to do *• by the m n f*h© told them that she had no hr m* aa her mother had ask* ! her to remain away from the house on Havannah street The men nr, hooked as suspects pending an in vestigation of the . •E*XATIO\ Al. t HA HUES. Ilrltrs llrntliers of laldnaln %rerased of n berlnus Offense. Atlanta, Oc* 10 —The Prison Commis sion. Accompanied by Gov. Candler, will leave nezt week for Valdosta, where they go to investigate the charges made against the M< Re© mis demeanor convict tump by County Solicitor Edmondson. The t harges are of a sensational nature, the solicitor general alleging the M U**e brother*, owner** of the tamp, would ar rest negroes who were passing through the county and imprison them without court trial. If the charges are found to be true, the commission will institute pro ceedings against the men in charge of th* camp, Wedillnu at %%ajr nsaliorn. Waynesboro. On.. Oct. Hl.—Mr. L A ■ Black of Borow\ Ga and Mtss May Cur- 1 ter were qu.etlv marr ed here to-night h! 9 o'clock at the home of the bride. They left for Atlanta for u few days, after which they will make their home at Bar low. 44 The c ßest is the Cheapest ." Experience teaches that good clothes wear longest, good food gives best nutrition, and a good medicine that cures disease is naturally the best and cheapest. Hood's Sarsaparilla is the best medi cine money can buy. because it cures when all others fail. Poor Health “Had poor health for years . rains in t boulders, back and hip j, wth corutari headache. nervousness and no appetite. Used Hood'i Sanapanlla. gamed strength and can etmeh hard all dag: eal heartily and fleer enett. / took ft because it helped my husband In n ’hom it dae<e ftrenqih." M’%. t. J. Oifftls. H ooie Ldke. Mmn. •Wlf * ‘ I'S XORXIIA II.IMM IIHOH>KI>. Ill* llotl * .lust Re*ered—Hlddle (icnrui* ( nttnn Mill. Eatonton, <. . O lo—The body of 1! ! Bronson , Mormon cider who was drowned In Oconee river at Long r?hoale. In this county, was rais'd yesterday morn ing The man w.s drowned Saturday and had been in the water three ds>s and night* He smi found about half a mile below* the spot where he sank Eider L E Jordan ia me from Chatta nooga, the headquarter.- of the church In •he South, to take charge of the body, *nd left |.i-t night for Idaho, where the man's family live*. Bronson together wHh three other.-. ame to the river Saturday morning to crosr The tfiily Irwsif in s ght wa- moored to the bank on the **p|Hrit* *4*l* Hronsfxn. contrary to th*- advi<* of his companions, stripped and swum for the He whs < aught with cramp and sank. The director* of the Middle Gergta t’ot *on Mill t’ompany hav* let the <onlra<*t for building to M Mill in K Hon of Mll ledgevllle Work will begin tit once, the material being all on the ground It Is >.tld that this mill will t*e m operation by July I of next year. McMillan & Hon were the contra* tors who erected the electric om|*any‘s mill, Ju-t completed The- Mid dle Georgia. Mill will have two stories and a basement, will have t.nno spindles and I*o looms, and the motive power will be a SW'-horse power Corllas engine. MORE AHKRXTS HAUL Alan Latltr of the Murder of l.atfl morr Not f'auicht. Brunswl k. G . Oct. lh —More arrests have been made in the Lattimore murder •we to-day. but eo far the guilty man has not been apprehended There re rumors to-night tha: there will be re wards off'-red shortly, and it Is hoped this will aid in securing the right man Brunswick's rndlt.uv men are consider ably intereeted in the race for adjutant general, now on. awt some strong emloree mentt* of Col. Phil Bird have been for warded from here Hi- friend)* here urge him as the logical successor, due to his active work as acting adjutant general for many months pnd through familiar ity with the duties of the office. DIVIDEND OF Iff PEH I ENT. Ithen* Manufacturing < ompany In n Proaperu < audition. Athens. Ga . Oct. Ift —The annual meet fng cf the directors of the Athens Manu facturing company was held this e\enlng at the Bank of the I'niversity. The capi tal stock of the company Is IliVftOft. and the profits for the yegr were SII.OXI. They therefore declared * dividend of IS per cent The affairs of the company are in fine shape, and the mill lx prospering greatly uiab r the management of President T. IV Vine ant. FAIR OPENED AT ATI.ANTA. / Flni*hlng Tourlie* Bring Made by Exhibitor*. Atlanta, Oct Ift—To-day the Houthern Interstate Fair opened Its gates to the public. Several hundred exhibitors are In the hutMinc- and on the grounds to-day giv ing the finishing touches to their displays. By to-morrow It Is expe* te,| every work man will hr out of the en. loriire and every loose piece of timber will be removed from the buildings. Practically th* die lia\fr are complete to-day. Hundreds of visitors are in th** grounds viewing them 111 KNKD HO( NE AND OFFICE. Mr n m>r < hatta linnehee Floated Away From thr Flames. Columbus. Ga.. Oct. day this morning the residence and office of Capi. J. \V. Singleton at Fort Mitchell. Ala., were destroyed by fire Oxpt. Hinglet n Is the officer In charge of government work on Chattahoochee river. He man aged to save the government books and papers. The government steamer Chatta hooch >e was in danger. b*jt es. a|>ed by being float ed down the river to a point of ssfiiy not ED NOT HE DIM HANGED. Prof. Mtii|*nn Disregarded the Action of the Wrltnol ‘ttnnrd. Columbus. Ga.. Get. 10.—Prof. II P Himpson. th" principal of the Phoenix City. Ait public schools, refused to a bid a, lion of the loard in dl*mi>*lng him He was in • barge to-day, hut notice of tre**- pass was on him The pan now Is to arrest Htmpson If he attempta to enter the u boot building to-morrow Th** town Is gnatly stirred up over the matter. INTERFERED WITH A XIGV Woman Disregarded n *carlet Fever Placard at Her House. Atlanta. Oct. 10.—Mrs. Ella Huckaheo. who Hvet- at No 1$ Cooper street, was fined E> 75 In Police Court tlhs morning for intefering wph a scarlet fever sign placed at her house by the sanitary officers. The ase against her was made by Inspector Jentsen. Ordered New Primary. Montgomery. Ala Oct. Ift After a two lays’ m ssion the State Democratic Ex • utlve C’ommitie* to-night deeded ihif neither Willie Brewer nor C W Thomi*- on were regularly nominated for Congress it the Fifth district convention and has rdered a r.**w' primary. TO fl Hla A ftiLD IN ONE DAY. Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All druggists refund the money If It falls to cure. E W Grove's signature is on each box. 35c ad. THF. MORNING NEWS: THI KSDAY. OCTOBER 11. 1900. AA AS A GREAT MAH HE! I E. j Polities Nud Hot Meat* Nerved I p si* Ml I ledg e * llle. r Milledgevllle. iJ ’ —Tha barb* tie gtien by the merchant* of this city in the people of this *nl adjoining coufi !.,!*. w*as in very sense of the word a uiiliant and remarkable su* Every *>#timate of the crowd expo* ted was te aAJ*e*l Early o-dav from every aoctlon <f every adjoining <ounty peor*le began ,uring Into th* •. y From 7 until L . lo* k they , am* nrd by the tim#* du ner aviis MnQouci * i * *r* were fully S.WJ people on the ground Hot! Harvle Jordan was the fir*f .•uaker on the programme, and for an hour juM preceding dinner, he eoter aic.rd * !,* large crowd *nd eii* stel ap plause that wit* laig .and cont Inuois Just after hU fx - h a half hour wa* given for the p >p|, r# meet and shake hand with the publk* men present. When diruer was announced tho man agers of th* Vii* wer* a little uneasy as to t able ap t It y I*ut when the people finally got settled there was plenty of t*v#m. but non* t spat* The tobies were arranged in m square Ther were in ali Jevcn ta'*l©' a h Iftt* yards long and all were bountifully spread with barbe ! • ue. pic kb hr* and and red hot Brunswick stew, lemonade tnd i e water Af*r dinner Hon I’op* Brown nd | Hon t'harle- L Bartlett made spec, fie | Mr w * greet'd with a storm of j apt* ant- and wa- frequently Interrupted I durlr.K In np*e with ths* thunder of ; thousands of enthti*la*tic voh es ll* is |as i"puit with thi** part of his oonstitu eney a with bis Bibb county I eof*ie. ; Ihe thank * of the fieople who were pro j* n die f'ol Jo*- Fi I’ottJ* who start •*1 th- 'iue and personally engineered It to its great turteto, IN TftU I 011 MWroitT .N!>%%"!. '•'•ln AA 111 He flehallt at a tost of ftMHI.tNHI. New* York Oct. lft—The North German i L.ovd steamer Mam. one of the three I steamers partially destroyed by th" H*v i Iwiken lire, nailed to-day from Erie Basin, I where nhe ha* sin e been making tem | norary repair*, in low of (ho steamer Bu* n * Ventura and the *> ean tug Edward Luckenba* h for Newport News, where *he Is to be rebuilt at a o**i *f s*iunoo Th** Main Is the largest vessel of which | there Is any record mat has be* n towed ; j*o far on the ocean. b*dng over 10.600 tons. The Main later went into Gravesend Hay and anchored to await more favorable weather before proceeding to Newjayrt News. The. tow boats left her for the city. CHILDREN BITTEN BY A DOG. % Cow That Ala* Also Bitten Died a* a Itesnll of It. Columbia. H C , Oct. lft— Heveral months ©go a pet dog bit the five children of J Morgan Daniel, living t Low tides vii Is. and then hit a cow The dog wa> killed Mr Daniel was in doubt as to the animal be ing mad. but took his children to the Pasteur Institute at Baltimore for treat ment A few days ago the cow* showed symp toms of hydrophobia. It was put in a pen by Itself, and yesterday died There is naturally great anxiety in that family. None of the children have yet been af fected. Charleston's Exposition. Columbia, 8 C„ Oci 10.—Th Houlh Car ollna Inter.tale and We.t India Exposi tion Company, capitalized at sJ.'h usi ha. been granted a charter. It will give Ihe exivSiltlon in Charleeton. and has just a year to complete the work. Cotton Grosser, (elite. Columbia. 8 C„ Oct. lh -President IVll bom who hat* been travelingdhe state tn the Interest of the Cotton Growers’ Asko mnilon. says the movement t. being en thUKlastirally .uppnrted. The convention to meet In Columbia .luring the Stale Fair will be largely attended. Given More leave. Washington. Oct. lb—Brig Gen. Fttx hugh Lee. United Slates Volunteers, has been granted an extension of leave for twenty days. kEISTIHOS. yidjuTtirTitEL LODGE M. A regular communication of this w lodge will Ih. h< Id this (Thuixlvy) fffXf The K. A legte" will he conferred. Member# of M-ter Wlge and transient brethren ore fraternally Invited to meet with us. By order * PLEASANT A STOVALL. W. M J. A HERSCHBACH. Secretary. HOTIOEh LOOK Ot T for your horse. The cold wave will catch him without his blanket, and he I# Fable lo catch pneumonia. Our stock of Blanket, and Winter Kobe# ar* now on exhibition. Call e.rly and get llrxt choice. COHEN-KULMAN CARRIAGE AND WAGON CO. Broughton and We.t Broad. OIL B tRKCLH U WTED. Good price# paid for oil barrels at Mu tual Ga# Light Company 1 # works. Bay and East Broad streets. HOTtCE All person# are hereby warned not to hartior or Oust arv of the crew# of the bark* Alert and Atlantic, a# neither th# master# nor < onrlgnco will he responsible I for any debts oonliacted by any of said crew# I PATER SON-DOWNING CO. Consignee#. SPE* l l NOTH B. All bills against the British Steamship Crathocnr must be ptesenled at our off), e t* foie 12 o'clock m this day. or payment thereof will l*e debarred. STHACHAN A <'O. • r 'on#lgnees. 8a v ani ali. Ga , Get. 11, 190> '■'i a l (l. NOTICE. Neither Ihe master nor ronstgneea of the Dalian turk Marla Laura will be re sponsible for any debit contracted by th* crew. STRACHAN a CO.. Consignees. Savannah, Ga . Oa t. 11. 190) ('ll (Ml I mil va I I Mill II l 01l WALK. DMA) fset of ash. suitable for wheel wrights carriage makers, car works and Itcctlor lion'* finish. Also cypress lumber of all else# We have resume I cutting our famous brands of cypress shingles and will soon have a full line of them for #.<!.. vale royal mfo . .. |THb MAI TO (.LEAN Th# only way to get your carpets prop, tr y taken up. cleaned and taken .are of for th* summer It to turn the :ob over to the Dm rlct M.#ac"g r .nd Delivery Cos., telephcn- ;. or call at tl Montgomery at:set, and they will moke you an esti mate on the cost of th* work Prlo*. raaenr.ahl* They aim pack, move and tor* furnl’ur* and nlanoa , C. H. MEDLOCK. tiupt. ana Mgr. PIRE, PALATABLE, PLRCHASABLE ■ Dill t H IB 18. Cincinnati, O. •PKCIAL NOTICES. LEVAV, TABI.E D'HOTR UIAM‘.H. 6Dc-|)INNER-^ Dinner 1 lo 3 and < lo 9. Thui4a>’, O. t. U , CUrtl Wine. sour. Beef Broth FISH. Baked Trout. Win* Sauce. Potato*.- ala Ducheeee. Sliced Tomatoea. Queen Olive* Chow Chow. Mix'd Pakl-e ENTREES Chicken Croquette*, with Oreen Peae Rice Cake*, with Jelly. ROASTED. Prime Rltwi ct Bee,. Dl*h Grevy. Saddle ot Mutton. Brown’Gravy. VEGETABLES. Merited Botatne,. Boiled okra. Butler Sauce. Rice, Slewed Tomatoes, Sucar Corn. PASTRY AND DESSERT. Arp e Pie, Aeeoried l okei. Cheer* Crakers Cabinet Puldlnir I.emon Sauce. Drit> I’ofTee LEVAN'S CAFE AND RESTAURANT. UJ Congrere etreel, west NEW FAST TRAIN SERVICE 09 PLANT SYSTEM. Effective Oct. !, * new faet train. "The Savannah Expreea." will be operated be tween Albany and Savannah, Ga., on the following schedule: Leave Albany 13:90 n'n. Leave Tifton 1:M pm. Arrive Weycrosi HA p m Leave Waycross I 10 pm. Arrive Savannah 7:oa |> m Time. Albany to Savannah, six hours siul thirty minutes. B W WRENS. Passenger Traffl. Maniger. (.BI T tMr CI tlt 1111 OF SUINIBH. Park Avenue Hotel, New York city. ®ept a. i*93. V Hanley. Ksq Dear Sir: 1 have re celved eo much htnehr from Suwanee Sprtner water I 'eel It my duty to make a statement for the benefit o, those af flicted a I have been. 1 was a double sufferer from gout and catarrh of the bladder 1 now consider myself a well man. I trust Suwanee will soon be well known here. Yours very iruly. P O BIERNE. S F ft W Ry.. Ga. Division. Office of Superintendent. Savannah. Ga.. Nov. 13. IWC. Mr Andrew Hanley, Savannah. Ga Dear Sir: Hrplvlng to yours of Nov. 11. In regard lo lesiimcnlal, will slate that you arc at full liberty to use my name as to the bfiieflt to lx derived from Suwanee Springs Water. Very truly voure K. O FLEMING. Dti voc r Want to be a season ahead of erery one else on your style of Vehicle and Har ness ' If so cell on us. We are going to attend the convsntlon of carriage Deal ers In New York nex: week, and will be pleased to hare you call end talk the matter over with us. We win order you out any style of Vehicle for your eiem motion. Come and hare s talk with us We lesre on Saturday COHEN-KULMAN CARRIAGE AND WAGON CO. Broughton and West Broad Hi re re# E NOTICE TO TAX FATEHS. city Treasurer’. Office. Savannah, Ga.. Oct. 1. 1900 The following taxes are now due: REAL ESTATE, third quarter. 190t‘ STOCK IN TRADE, third quarter. 1900. FURNITURE eic , third quarter, I*' MONEY. MORTGAGES. etc. third quarter, tuna A discount of TEN PER CENT will be a I owed upon all of the above if pay m< rm Is made within fifteen dav*. after Oci A. C 8 HARDEE. \ City Treasurer. CAM 1 AMI BE-PHE.WF.n BRICkT We manufacture and sell all kinds of fan y and re-pressed brick, paving and building brick*. Our common brick ar the best for building put poms, being larger than other kilns make, and cheap (r Pee sarnp'e* and price* SAVANNAH BUILDING SUPPLY CO. Congresa and Drayton atre ta IIOORS. SASH, BLIND*. And everything In th* building material line. W* are headquarter* for these good*, with tb* largest and most com plete stack In the South. Buy While Pin* Door*. Sash and Blind* for your new home. ANDREW HANLEY COMPANY \( l A TED, Two thoroughly competent Rice Millers. Good salary and permanent position will be given to capable men Address with reference*. PEOPLES INDEPENDENT RICE MILL CO . Ltd . Crowley. La HU.MII tliairiiU By the Amerkts BonJiny ui) Trust l onipany of Haltlmors W are uu'bo - laed to **ocute locally (Imm-diately upon application!, all bonds In Judicial pro c■ dlr.f> In althcr IM (tote or United ■ atr< courts. and of admmlatrat ra an I guardt.m* DFARIVO & HULL. Agent* iTleph< n# Jll. Provident Build at rU I %l. MITK K. Neither tha m*i*r nor consignee* of the British *t>tmhlt' Puritan tnlll be re sponsible for any deb:* contra tej by the crew. STRACHAN A CO.. ronii|atn Savannab, Ua,, Oct. U, MOD. HAVE YOU CATARRH ? THEN TAKE Frank's Rheumatic and Catarrh Remedy. It will positively do you more good than any medi cine ever sole. Price $1.50 per Bottle, 6 Bottles for $3.00. WHEN CURED YOU REMAIN CURED. LIVINGSTON’S PHARMACIES, Roll and Congress. Branch 309 Bull Street. PHONE 383 And Let Our Wagons Call for Your Soiled Linen. SAVANNAH STEAM LAUNDRY II Congress Street, West. SPECIAL AO l it KA. ilirw %Ti wi?Tm w M.t, aPHIhuo tv A I EH I t RE*. There is but one cardinal reason: The water is a natural diuretic. Get hold of that phrwse In |t full mean ing If you please. Turn to Abernathy: "Nnlure’e way of cure of dteea'ie le by free diuresis" And Avennru(er "Natuie ■ are* for the kidneys That Is health " And Hl hat: "IlcaNh is Impossible If the diuretics he neglected V And the reason for faith In the future of the Spring? Ihn Juhalr ae wont to say to his pi llar,is "See Mecca. Die." The Suwanee Spring Is the American Mecca. Re- the spring f.lve. We ere sending our pa tient* to Pfori'M for their winters. Be particular and specify Suwanee Springs Put It in this way Tne water has a se lective action on the kidneys. Tha ax rretlon of the soild matter*—tha urea.uric acid, and extractive matter*— la Increased by It. In other words. It cause* bo elimination of the products o, trf* In creased metamorphosis of tissue And yet. notice that this Is done without any Impairment of the quality of the blond or sny lowering of the force# of th# or ganism Drink the water unsparingly. Drink It ad libitum The more the better Be per *i-*ent. liberal and faithful in He use Drink II regularly. ryt*irntlcally, day dnv after day. Bea Suwanee Springs Water Inebriate All you can drink at Livingston’s tor Sc. PH LAI II I 1 y til H 911.1,T Ry wearing glasses that not alone enable you to at*, but correct every defect that may extol. There le no guesswork tn our methods We have the latest and meat approved scientific apparatus for accurate eye tatt ing. W* make no charge for consulta tion or examination, and should you naed the services of a physician we will frank ly tell you po Our crystal lensaa are perfect In every respect, being ground under our own su pervision. They cannot be compared 'n value lo the kind off. red aa cheap by the so-called opticians or Jewelers who han dle Inferior glasses as a side Una. DR. U. SCHWAB A SON. Exrlualv* Opticians *7 Bull Strost. N. B.—Oculist prescriptions filled asm* day received. Repairing done at short notice. NOTICE. We nre now moving our Wholesale De partment to the commodious quarters 127 Congress street (formerly orcupled by M Dryfus. and will be In perfect shape in a few days, and be pleased to serve our friends. SOLOMONS COMPANY spkcim. nones. City of Savannah, Office Clerk of Council. Oct. i. !9<W A vacancy having occurred In the Board o, the Commiseloners <*, Pilotage by rea son of the death o, < ’omm.ssloner J J. Wilder, and by virtue of a irsoluMon adopted at a meeting o, Council hcl I on the evening of ihc Srd Inatant No t e l< hereby given an el-llon will be held at the next regular meeting of Coun cil. Oct. 17. * p m . to All th. unexplred term occasioned by the death of the said Commissioner Wilder All applications to on or before 13 to. of tn* 17th In.-tant WILLIAM P BAILEY. Clerk of Council ■lt OKLT THIS BEST GIKbCR ALE. The boat la tha Wheoler Brand of Bel faat Ginger Ale, mad* by Wheeler A Cos., of be.faat. Ireland, from the celebrated uoiuat opting* of tnei city, ineee apilnca are the property of Wheeler * Cos., benue no other Ginger Ale rusnufac turer in Ireland haa thoaa water* but themeelvee Tha Whaeler Ginger Ale le smile from pure Jamaica Ginger Root and not from Red Rapper, aa othera are. ona la daleterloue— tba other lea tonic. For Healthfulneaa and Purity tha cele brat'd Wheeler brand of lie!faa, tlinear Ale la the beet LIPPMAN BROTHER* ■ole Douthern Agents Savannah. Oa. MATTHKES, SATTREHEI. Have your mattre**** and ftathera ren ovated by our m.dnaied steam prove** before a change In weather take* place. (The only plant In Savannah i It over come* all tmpuntle* and r*rew* Ilf* and volume In all bedding material Price* on renovation of feathers a* follow*: beds IJ.PV bo ater* 11. pillow* Mfc: Cotton, moss and hair mattresses made to order Kina work, low prices Work guaranteed. NATIONAL MATTRESS AND RENO VATING CO.. Bell phone 11M. S2l Drayton street. Hit E *111.1.1 M. RICK FLOt R, HUE CHAFF. We have e new mill with all modern proceeee*. and machinery, and ere no tv teady for bueinera. We solicit your pat ronage and Invite correspondence; rice chaff free to patron* TUB SAVANNAH RICE MILL. CO.. T M Cunningham. President. John Screven. Jr.. Manager. OIR CLIENTS Loan money at sU per ,ent. on real estate security. BECKETT A BECKETT. Attorneys at Law and Conveyancers HAVE YOU RHEUMATISM ? AMIStIMK.VTS. grtV/ANNAtI THBA PEK. , PDRUCHI-BELDENI CO., IN REPERTOIRE Matin** To-dav 9 p. m., "TWO ORPHANS’’ Prices—Adults 2b-. children Ihc. To-nlahi x.3b o'clock. "A GEORGIA i RAi’KEH." Price#—loc. 3c and 30c, gAVANNAH TMcATErT SATURDAY MATINEE AND NIGHT. Oct. U. CHARLES ntollAN Presents the enormous dramatic triumph. David Relaxed'# Version of “ZAZA” As presented far over Mb NIGHTS IN NEW YORK Prices-Matinee 7Se, SOr and 25; Nleht, sls". sl.lO. 73c. 50c and ;:-,c Next Attraction—Robert Downing. Oct. it Bt’9lffKS9 NOTICE*. NEW Delicacies. Th**** ar© now for Ih© ffr.*t tim© offer©<l in thls city. I'a kud in next db jure; Shredded Codfish, 20c. Grated Smoked Beef, 20c. Jar?- on©-p->unl ©ach. Dlxcriminaf tiiK persons Mill b© plea.rl with th©*© article?, which were packed exclusively for section, is. i. Him a. Corner Broughton hid I Whitaker. PIIONEB 7*. Only 3 Days I.©ft In Mhirh to hav© an opportunity of ordering (subject 10 examination) any ttyl* of \ehlil© you may want YV© hav© hooked 23 mvn U! order#, to b filled al th#* Carriage !©!©' Convention to to h • 1 In New York on the. lath to 2ftth. Come to*day. Will bo p.etmid to #e© COHEX-kILMAN CARRIAGE AND WAGON COMPANY. How We Aid Happiness. By supplying the most m-vlern and artistic line of WEDDING PRESENTS - Sterling Silver. Cut tilts*, etc —from which c -lectlons may be made, and charging reasonable price# We tompete with all markets. HUNTfiR & VAN KEI'REN, Jeweler*. 143 Rull street. Ga. Phone 991 SWEET MAIDEN TOILET SOAP 5 cents. Grocers and Druggists Sell It. HENRY SOLOMON & SON, Whole#ale Lbctrlbutor*. 1 HARVARD M BEER DE SOTO Si HOTEL BAR LEOPOLD ADLER, JSO It ■ " President. r... lo *. C. S ELLIS. BARROV Vlo* Presldeal. >, t The Chatham Bank SAVANNAH “"'li will be pie sued to receive tn, of Merchants Firms. lndivqj a . , £““•* and Corporation* ' I ' 4t A Liberal favors extended Unaurpa.s| collection facility In* prompt returns. * w * SBSffOTJPiww I.T Off DEPttvtT*. Safely Depoelt Rove, , nd M , rent Correspondence soil tied *• The iteslai O* SAVA.VVtu M CAPITAL. $500.00a aslielaa A..„ a i.divu..u Merokeata, ia.ka ~g .u,, c . rUoaa. telUrtion. k.U1.4 wttJk •*•■•■*F aatl Aligatsk. later,., ~.r allowed on deposit, to oar, Safety Uagoat. Boa.. ~a „ Vasltt. BH.tSTI.RY A DEffMAMK P,e.,g.. k MILLS B. LAKE. VI,. ** GEORGE C. I HF.I Vtt, Ca.hle, fiOEIMff L. GROOVER. A sat. SOUTHERN BANK of the Stale of Georgia C P“'I N t Surplus and undivided profit* |+ at DEt'Usl lOilV OF IHE SXAIE of GEORGIA. Superior fadliiiee lot tr.nsaciing , General uantftng Tiij. r.ut ■ uoevtlons nude on all pointa acoeaslbl ihiough bank, anl tankseg, A. i.. .. ii. oi iiui.ks, B.iikei - ,7.i, end other. euh-Uad. Safe Deposi: Uoxm for rent. Dcpeittnent ot Saving*. Interest paytkie quarterly Sells Sterling Exchange on London q and upwards JOHN Ft.ANNPRY President. HORACE A crane, vice President JAMES SULLIVAN <~ n .b| r DIRECTORS JNO FLANNEHT. WM W. GORDON E. A WEIL W W GORDON Jr H A. CRANE. JOHN M EGAN LEE ROT MYERS JOSEPH FER.T H P SMART CHARLES ELLIS EDWARD KET.LT JOHN J KIRBY SiaiitM CAPITAL, *390,000. Account* of bank*, inarchant*, otvpcra- Hon* and Individual* solicited Savin** Department, uuueit paid quarterly. Safety Boxes and storac* Vault* (of rent. Collection* made oa *ll point* at rea sonable rates. Draft* sold on all lb* chief cltlsa of tba nor Id. Correspondence Invited. JOSEPH It WEED Prsaldsnt. JOHN C ROWLAND. Vic# PrealdaaL W. F. McCAUDEY. Cashier. THE GERMANIA BANK savannah, oa. capital O.'>* Undivided ptullta Hu.** This bank ofiera Us services to cut pore |iona tturch m a and individual* Ha* authority to act -a executor, ad> mlnlstratrr, guardian ate Isauea draft* on the principal cities I* Great Britain and Ireland and on the Continent Inter-*• raid or compounded quarterly or deposit* In the Savings Departm-su Safety Hnxen for rent. HENRY It I-UN. President. OE<l W. TIEDEMAN. Vice Pr**:d#r.t JnHN M HOOAN. Cashier tv ALTER F HOOAN A*‘t CaaMef. No. IMO. Chartered. Utt —THE— MIS Hill HI OF SAVANNAH. CAPITAL. toO.Oj. SURPLUS. mA UNITED STATES DEPOSITORY. J A. G. CARSON. President. BEIRNE GORDON. Vice President tv M DAVANT, Cashier. Accounts of lank* and banker*, mer chant a and corporations received up - * the most favorable terms conaUtent *ltk safe and conservative hanking The Chatham Real Estate and improvement Cos. ARE PREPARED To Make Loans On Reasonable Terms. To tom Pulls. For salsa Foraalih Meerapep** bolder; will fold sheet TANARUS, X. It la In good lOdar. Prtca 1100. It cost originally R... bJI we have no uee for It and want the rxn l| occupies It wtil be an Invsluabla adjunct o> say newspapar ofßos Addraaa MORNING NEWS, Sovuaa* u - THE GEORGIA STATE BIILDINO AND LOAN ASSOCIATION IS YORK STREET. WEB'- SPER CENT per annum alk>^Jf drpoelt*. wilhdrawvbl* on dm lnlereat credited quarterly 6 PER CWf *F-r annum *1 deposit* of even hundred*, with* able at annual period* GEO W. TIEDEMAN. *Pr*ldht. B H. LEVY. Vice President. E. W. BELL. Secretary. C. G ANDERSON. JR Tre*urer _ IF YOU WANT GOOD MATERI**' and work, ordar your Holograph*-* 4 printed stationary and blank book* ' r<— Morning Nwi, ■avaonah, Q*.