The Savannah morning news. (Savannah, Ga.) 1900-current, November 02, 1900, Page 2, Image 2

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2 GEN. EVANS TO BE ELECTED. yeteiiyn* uiii inm*i >' Hi' Hi/- M UMMi l iMH\ M>* • * 41 r Mill t* *• 1 cn*lldll* lint Him Not *•• * ll* Will *•■ •14•• •• to 'rnr if ll.l**-H* *.* to \iiarm in I.* I l ' 1 ,,r Hie Reunion Wnio It •• luf lon to ||r* \t|o|ll In It* •I > • •• ' H. Ii N'hmil Historic*. At. .ii, js* Ft* ire is b* Ing br*n>. • jo A bv u.m to ib * of th* Hoorßla HlVl.ton ..f <* •.1 • • V. • T-.r ■> .1 Ir 1* /. VX will. •or F.v .) \l morning h had i r f t i r in i * of h* v Üb*d t*. t-* him ;• urge hm to r* tain 4 v' * ll* *M hi* tv.m ! r- t,' (' ; f--r r- - t • hut u It* w.-uPi s* u*t th J-X Uioii tf f win *.. •* rit nd. r*#*l him. •:* j- - ir* l r*p' Tip u . t- v • tiro *'ii ■ ih-. Ia i!‘ r <: n l ' tin* i -it it *b h nri'iii; *m* M 11 wtl I wil r .1 * ft- i * * t . Of t * ■*•' • lb* \ et.-t to i? i rrr . . , *ral w t r v *• in ftt -f ! t ih n. Eva* * • *on &*B 1 Ur lay t ■ • t u t it rn* r’ f r * * Not ! I H Will * . h* 1 n • ;n t ... . ( , f, !,/. < ' <f ? 1 ’*l- • ! to C t ftt *' *<*f % I *• *• -c Mmflar ratio* (I*o. Ev ir *X' Irti: i big nP**nd ai. • a? t r ** i *?d ** I •v* • ,t i,. !>#* i o !*■ rtfi hml xx 1 .; tbi me* ? . Mht\' t m hm h ii% i*m i: t'rnl IrKimn nt f**r it nil Nkm*l It lli't'or* sin r*in*- • nrt. \* it a. N l • M t*n ri*> court c i v' if n i ffiM. m *rn ( t*r-f*r- th* j Suj*r< >t ■*!!; •-* ttv. f th* : ti* i *ti f J • ‘ nun n . A t> liti Juit * ' Lum; k * ■hb t ! * it* ..mi l M .hi Inr xxn u -li r* pt ■ otid, and the arguilwnts by tn > . I nit 1 . . T’i* po.nI b t • •i . I wbflhrr or i*t • * s <*• it Mi*. i rtty * n 1 u ; ’ . Si i it ir tji n i H. .K .w>ral . . , K .,. . n Hi,. 1 if fv tli. t\t a o liefi-n t) • j court, litvlgc- **n cr..: . t*,t the* • urt is* ; h* ' - * [ ■ i ’ it • | brought up from th< .■ • of m* < or din* t r ii* *f 4 V |I .. i> M... I \V ..ra . . irr>* u ,Hn,v. in - lawyifji h M.*s ,r j ntiog ho ; ti ii* ! f r b* f . ii !*■?•■ tf. i (ittoil.* r vh n i.I • *• :*:'• tv? thl UK*- 1 I , v, { ■ •k• :t| If Mr lo*lK* poi V.- imt* *iu,-n : • i r * .*.!*• * • ■ ■ * . ’ f u Hi A Him a j |; t..i licit Jr* Vh*-* -■*•* k't:*: u itli i rh* join, mil on?, r■ i ti-■ t ■ ? • rt v * i * .n --r'ltuti • 1 on- ai* llufor.i lovi of Ihinl.-man. J i\i \ T i J l, At *i**r* ►>n of A !♦-!-.•• Aj .r . in*l John 1 Hail of Hall *V Wlmh* riy. soitiii:ii\ i*\is i\ murt.u^g. Til* I I ”f of (Im % mount Ia a- nn \ or t ft *‘fit *• rn A* V.-. i Th* Southern Kit!- j *■,*> ! t it* ! .' • •f <;• *•; .'h $:-m . • • • i ; ivn *!’ *i • t-ur hi- *- of !h N.*r;h> !**• rn.* lfX .ttmul WW* >.ir a: 4.'*• of ti* .inuMint in inK th** r#mi-.innjil rt■ f- -t iiu cm the pay• j tit* i t Th- rnonr . w ;> ! \ *;* k nn*t in: t*ir<m. * t r T • * ! xv -i by H (’ Anally*, tr- .-*ir r of the South* ! rrn Rath iv mr i • Thl.** |.,ivm * t .n!x $1 . * • mr. <1 u f*>r th* r* ■ :>} Tht< .moriri* w;!? h. nr V-± p* r . • n? Pit. r- ar. but it i no* iHio until 19!V Th* ** - i*h* r* hn offi r. •! ♦. piv ?h* v r Ttvi ri.nar f’**7 ** Ui<* it **n if th** p* t*• th** fund* t< 1 l * n**xv e.-po* In Ail ■r t T ff- r tx nia !• I* \i -a !• r.i An r w to h Aft rr* y <; •. of *h * it. but -o far (Jov. Pan <ll+r ft:• r* . v. I no * fh.-hil notie** of the *ffor It i not lHllrv< I that th.* money wouUl Ii • f>t* and •*, •' i iliv : it Ii r mt.-r* st from n* w until J*-‘ "1 i? wnuM be hit; In* to an **t thr payment It pr s. n? tTMM t s in ii him. iti:a nun. Votnf ’lrilnr* of \**%\ ftult.ll nu m for Ton 'lntli* U M1.710.T11. AtUit ta Nox 1. * *i* r* < *rl butkl n: ' * of A * I ord f‘*r t >.♦ a i ’'•*. if ' I nil! ov.ri any buiidlnk? r* *-or*l in tin* city hi*< r. In round . r t * total •.•-* .f hmM lnr- T' < toi In Atioti’u i i.-aot** r i.rd . * * th- i‘<• *W* of I llr.: 1* i ■ lor Frat k A IMttman n city hall, wa nr m Th* e*>*t of huddinc* rn t. i in Atlaf * .1 iru i"• t * mi*i h • Ih", it: lading • r , ,n .i *. 7h* 7 and This fin- ram< within fh.* •*•' f r*rv*hln>4 th*- t" Ii- <*r*l A* <i . *\.r mu * \xhr h itf *'X *. in 1- 7 Rl.lil I ION OF till Ol\ %Hl>. I*<>tm 1 1 .f Prn|*i*i. to llo|l it I’aiTi Two \run. Atlanta, Nov 1 11* * l It lb an, t • lVi •u is* tnemi'-r *•! t u Hu* from Un coln. v\ ill Introdu < n 141. w*xi vv.*k to aiak- th* orxUnort* of .. th* *imts. in (I► r;I i **b • ttv* . i two . ir the fcim* n?i tli. *d h* r offi. • r a •ad .f *v r\ four >* it *. t t . ; -ui liw Mr flogiin i\* h* h jt?< rr*d with a nuin tier of ih in.i r.*:. min •- .f Ibm, arl man* *aid> < t!.. iii , . of whom m th* and a i charm* b i **l. Kullon'a llalmim*** Full* till Atlanta. Nov I- T . tnuual statement o' • **• m* v < 'omr m • -v it. * o* lpt rnl *bM.iif *<■ ni* tit frut Oftoher. IRW* to Spt Ifuft has been pt* i‘ir* l What will attract r -n-ral mmimnt It* t i* f.i't that v. ;i If Just x- jf h*-r wt a I. *I - utiri of fib’l*72l7, thl year th* itifti bni nn it* o* iy $27. Mb' a .liffcri'tlp' of 757 92. (irn. W mill 4to llnnnn. Miami In Nov 1. -O* n Leonard rtiimrk* .1 hero to-dax cm th** *1 lu h 1* at Kan txv tui which bft at one© f w llnvitn.. M W.w-l wlii r*m* n at H( Ai./uvi.t.i foi i w. ♦ k or ?Wo Hereford’s £cid Phosphate Relieves Fatigue. A wholcaomL- acid tome relieving the lassitude of the sumriiar inonUi^, \mmt% nunc oj wrapper. Till PM IAHYTI7MMN U\4|l, orx.iutnllMi if flu- s.lfin at Mil limlui x ills 4 Mi 1. vl'.a , (la , N.x 1 ~Tn* tn t t* • a.. t vr b• n ai*’ in sit ■ r* *m n *vry *a!u T *i* ir* x • m arly a huiwir. and in th* nom* • of m UlUlt‘ni) The cll>* 1 prairtl iy turn* 1 oi. r to t cm at. I ( • e ntire- * iflac* n ! l;, Pr* :•% l i.a it I nil *ab* r*l noma . on V'. wilt: . *. • a r ill and w f * t 111 ~y, r y- it tci ♦ aw. Th first in©* ting of th* >* >I for or- K<i(i>4dilufi oak j*l• *t in I re-bytrtan ■ 'hurt !i ; t nlclii ent 7 h o'< I** k a* which *im i. • mi; 1 j •/ > in* >ii v . ,(•'*< i • *1 • tcilM? ni-*lir 11 ** f. After 11. * errmui Rv\ S !„. Mot Is rial* 1 cic/k jarf..!..| n. *ii .Sun 11 ’ * ;** * ta* • a* a* 1 i• m v *! .n; * ni/. and f* 1* w It V W. of A t r , li* i. *d Ma* on Mie| !• IK, It* X *1 •< s. ft ->■ of V 'L: us I ■ ri 4-. u u ■ < rk Wa.ltn PM Hm NI. It 4 MEM \Tl.f> birril lb** .Inti • t lliulrhiiret nml Hite Mu roe *1 Cos IN-ufli. H *ieimr*t, <i* Nov 1 I.uth* rWn l * .ti w t, trt* h f-r* Mti *r (‘rnm irtt • *rn|,ty for - illr ' a V * * k fr*m an dr i -r. - 1| tradinr and o*it In S-uitn ■in | .no Comp rv t*r* H* wu fin** f . *.r 'ijrly I • >n t• *• r* * l lb w * *.t *1 .ti Im town > f Tid-i ni'iiaili • •.'M:* im 1,. r\ h- rna*l at atfeillpi to *n f-ut lb fam.l t control the hr* , m i h* at *f th Jet wer* burn* I t.a-**M,-r li- lMiy t a ui itlt * ?umil r n.* • <J i t* a, . n 1 ref and x.*rk • ' t|. \ .til vx.l n At Oi ** * 'tr,. •‘♦ink ul, art r* i.fy *. mwi'in r tai u>* * . .Ton . ’**t In t o friction In lean I r | <|l?*l •.! Willi the exception • lit ti v* t in th* ti* I.f It na brought c l pn .id tm farmers r* happy , .1 %( KH4I\% II.I.E'U IH4J s< \Mi;. I’.artl<|imUe* 'liorlo U rrr 4 teiiartl !•> Po xv *b r lllti ts. J ks.mxdll*- Via, Nov 1 What w r* *fti* . ll'* pronounr* l In Jack anvilb to b* - iric p.ik i.x lew d**vdo;*e I t-nlay t * hav* l*i lh* oinrus xxui tiiie* and by la ivy l*ii.aiiiu< on the St lo;mA> rtvi r n*'*r Portion for \lf Prater. Atlanta. N**v 1. Th*- pr! ■ n commission h.' nmnilnp - -*nm i*d iNir*l*n for Alf Prater. * nv cttwl *n - 5 ? ion -Minty for tea lit>' a hr- ** aal • w nerving a tvxclv t'iorph>‘ s* nt* i• •* in th* mi - U ■m**aiior imp t Ogltdhot?•• I Tt'cr a f w years >; wt. n wi-kiPK mat. he were it* vogue* tn *:* rat hi. wa* something **f a celebrity a.' known, a- h* ‘’mountain wonder “ in* r- <emmi'i<*4*tlon f*.r pm don la boss) m I*l on th* Kjotjt*! >f ill oea'th 4 oluuiline' vtri-i I Frair. • *p4rr' i+. ♦ r*t Nov I * me- Yv it ;rt-rfcrred with ?Je fair to-day ?*ut lid no' pfevef.i th* l> ! . XX u n iid . which proved a N Piliful * ginning m rmd. Fifty atyi* -of vchlcl. % mad- J*i th* luvil Cmrwiny wa re In lln . t!v 4* -*> a I ir.i , i up #1 hr i rn:' • w .iiimi, Tn*’ .-1, . • *-f ii* ■ . r.g -sik:*pay wonon drtvirg log curt*- *. i*r rt -x% , .a ■, drj\. * * wa an • ii T .-morrow \# Mill iry day. when fJov. Can*lU*r and Oov. Juhns*on of Ala aiuhi. aral *w* ny Or -rgbi .mi \la •cu 4 iiilbtury c mpa-i- * will t* prc**rjt l,|i rponl 4 niton Mntlftflr*. Uverpooi. Nov. 2 - The follow ing are the weekly cot* r. * t *ti i TANARUS tl ' ll* ill k r I 4S *m* I**'a{ f-aJ. Am**rici 41 •*> Encash rpii f **r takings. ♦>.(■*• Total *xjHf> . • , iinport **f ui; kltieis, 17*'imj-irt. Am r . an 174,00*) Quan titx afloat il l kit I o - quai tity • :!*.it American. >■<*.*•’ Stock .*f cell kin*l- - *. -r.*k. American. 2Vt.*> T*> -ib* <*t u.atton ?* Total sal* - la ex{*.*rt* ts. i/eo Many 4no * of \|>tieiil!clt|. At!.in#a Nov. 1 Th* r c* • in** to l. , if ti word rn iv !..■ u . i In tl a . -Hiiiis 'lnn. i |H-rfe- t . pid mi of ipf* mlicltva in At- Itnfa Nt a •lay po->< ; without bring ing n- w * .i-. • * light, buritig th* past xv -k Mr U K* - iiii.inm. M i* r lb‘tl**-rf nittfer, ati.l Mr km Wd|||ou have been operated upo .ii*i ■ his afternoon Mi*- Irene* lilisM h underwent an operation for the si up* dire is* Dp*tli *f Mrs \\ if D*vta W n< -imro. li.*., Nov 1 Mr II luvb, xxlf. of lb n Will irn H l*xl (lb *1 ,*t h**r hum* h. r* ti in * .*rly hou r (Id* morning Sh* xv.i umx * i >.illy b lov* <1 hv ail xvhr* knr-x\ hfr Th* fun*ml <>k |l.* * irn h* r !.(• ro -td. n . .it 1 *V.‘lock tills ufurnoon vrnrx tiii: i <h i;ii nni works OFr THE 4 4i1.11. LixaMv** Bromo Quinine Tablet* cur* a okl In mie d;ty N.* < ur**. no pay. ITI e 25 tpntf -ad. 31 NIC*II Ni l 14411 -I. 4 I,On|:D. I'ri|>ririnr Illll3tr*| I'ferlcd In a lH*>|*ukirknrx NN nrrntil. Mr John Mill - I n*l Mr. Wxl ■ • * r. • fitly ill *1 Hi* M*r all 11** i t!>?n Mrs* \ R Mal!dt*- have been nrv id wllh a dU| o K-nry w irrar?, sutnl out in M iwisMrali Naughtin’s *urt. nn I t<- l.i > *t 1 o', Lk xx HI turn c • ,*i of th© |*r* n!r's over to all fT4' r. Ml lxfstd *♦!• t I . |’.< fr tn Mr? Ma I t’* only a t tod dm. i o. igtiilng to fix xv * -klv b'2 Sd In *h an! |!2 V* ai n* t -• !l *• Mr M :b tl< s tni*'H ii.*?-. ll* i il l h* |*urA toil not im* th* r *m* nt **l I? xx * for thL um thut and. •* i'*l ib* xvrri.iMt ' r h* hone*' xv *v i > •.1 Xf t r*l.ix after the |i|Hrs were r\**-l, .? l xx!!' Im- i o-Mtl t**-*lii> up tu 1 o’ I* k. whi n the *xfTb r of th* *'<>urt will lake p*i!***'■*ion of the* pr’ml* 4.1 t NM> HP HI M K lliil sii'tt In llnlprlnltx Their Cltlef ni n lln*i*i•• •* I l’n-nli:lil. (riaud Fit hem B**ck *f tin Improv* I Orb rif R 1 Mii will arrlx** in ih< Hy to day and xxill pax an *>th ial visit t right * Ksvann ih Tfih** . \:p qu.irt*' - In the t>ld Cello wa building The Gri I t 4 h<u *\**?iip dy t:. xxo k of tlu order and will dCvti-M s )<•* :. iMri.iir i • t th** ord r and of m t4-r*-t t. th* Rc-tl M**n The P*l Men h.\ !.*fn loc.king forward to th** vis t of th* Grand Sa* h* ni xvlth p • *-i t an:l l patitMi.*- an*l lux*- mad© pr*p*rutb, o • hoxx th* it sppr* -l.itlon of ’ c Jo* r -'t (••rr*Hl upon them Th** re-dun *ti night w ill 4:oiK*lude xx nil a b.itupiel *t xx hb h th* Gttiml Hachem will L* the guest **f l onor | NN4> ( III.IIKEII I Mil Nils t Nt 4.111. Ntrr*f*<l on lli* Ogrrehre itn*l l*> Pu trnl mu ii 4.od’>ol(l |ld Aort .irr* ■t*‘*l >*•-’• t*: , ‘. !•> I’ tlodhoM. who charged t in they hav* for • om* tlni* J 1 *o r(.bina ih* •: of M? A leek Fan * ti. al*out a mil* frm ihe city, on th** (-•• • h* mad The thieve*, toik prsrtbally everything that w i< In th* slur In aiding tr.-, rain and mis • lan*on A xx . o.:>■•*! Ilf tM * stuff xx a hr ii,;-* I I > k , *: thi prliotu-r? Ilici- ai 1 Mo*n will !•. glvn n hearing before Re order ILrt rl is* this morning. THFMOKNING NEWS: Fill DAY. NOVEMBER 2. 1000. NO :. %14 I 114 ft I %Ki: I i/1.1 111 Ml 1 laeeiry nl I itr(lm?tut l* nml • '!- chine for ItrcArillng Them. The arili , i *k*- he* b- rcfeorM**) t hi. lea n felt \\ Jn*aJ *y in JiijltMinviU*’ w* r t f t ill city, e * •r MV MI. b< *1 *v r and t>> in . d r only rn* *-r?f:na • Mur* i- ii aj im? o ?* rtgardli .•. .. i a pk* r*ri. nu It i *•* ! in i • ui* r ’ >x - lb. pu,.’;* f-i know |y w ha? rie an * eaer^h tjuak- fho k r r* ••irdcNi It I** do ! Ue >i i ti • • ! etti •' **rih I #n*-nt of whit) • • ••i. *1 feattin i** > j xtrero- Jy ' • r*iulun wit atu • tie, •v- r rnox •m* t * cf wbl *n i v clu** t* j * Irmi* *! i a -*i ,* i*not*-gra.*i>e**i • ■ >i pi* par* ta which s con* in 12y r m* ing !>etor* fa- .•! • b mein- of *1 k- j w .rk *hi ‘*e <4 .* .id i u rn in Eurth*p; • art -i two • ii - Jap • of t inn* r ru- 1 an** fr • tb. *o • x . v* btiiding of th* - *rtr r i ■ . ■ •)*• *lt? ttr*" * w i i go!.* . mi .nUmii* 11 Th*. • *!%•#• t - h*- . im. r i . ■ t ? • n- * *• < ftin •> aid *-ff. ’ - .mp i■ ?! X* I • ?* ■ :*e nt T - f* 1 ’ .* ♦ J.-4 4it on V bit- > ‘ t It P ! - !*•..! • ■'* . • -'Hi *1 at h* ib*. It f ? o'lirtn. H . in ■ Prof M;4ti*. t i 'Pi.** ?> * fhi i >)• iln onp it* *1 ti a he vv.x * tn th* • •.• ft* *mi t v to ( iy ml fr, ■ \ f rrr* ird t • ;-.n i 1 ! • irih erne*:ii to fr*n * w . i . . i I'.uiuh* t 1 - i mdirn m - ~ fti. - is ha ‘M u ; Tn . irt *•.*- • ? >i . - rip • n or critical r* cion, and i Th* rh I * *re dirt ' ?‘ ‘ m< , ? or. *i*l i Is m ’ it * ro;M *‘ • ■ 1 ■'.*■ f ’k i , u • i •t > * .■ th* W*. f the ■lth < <m|Mlt!l * did i ti *■ 3 :• 8t red over • ‘--it ... ■ the • ft *‘f*. i *'• : • - h •mlti . •>. b * atl.-ll o* h- *i ‘turbain * ir Itiented ri a i ki.owi. * u ately Ju-; how long l wl.l ■ *i. to propagate u * distu; ; sc* fr sn *1 fr rent : tirt*- f th* earth To further l ido; p it rh* Mrr-dn*-> •” ?h* rigid * h?ral ••?* theory th** follow tug is £l\* An tartheuak* n Hofne** ’ *k u{*’> to ?xhow lit th* tsie of \Nufht, whi y ry V Igiitlv in ex* -• . f ’he time take.a m w on? ft ni thi \\ ■ i I d* a> ♦hmigrb ltorr* i' -' '**• nidi furtmr *lt Ti iv IN • Xl*! ti* 1 > • i*. !.I * thn? rh din?urbr'-e fr* to lkern-*.> i' transmitted • irom h tio Id <>r whib th i? f *>m the NVcst ln*lt travels mostly thr*>ug* •he molten r glon. and l* •■> • *:*i- ntdv much h! w • r lilt I in I •ilforne. Ycrterday morning the t oy* • f t**c Sa viti nlh l‘ref. ii.uory Sensed n*i* t b first n;*i tin* * In uniform T cn piny num *. rsny ov* r f*rtv n* ol a .m nt ♦ titabb bowing Th K or* 1 tv* h • ,j r •; i r* .*r ir. v * r cb i* !* iv. k i handled thnlr num* w * 1 The u* lnrm i mob nfter 11 b*b *' with alack trimma ~ The -.x* na ' ' ne of the : s •* ; in tr© coan, Tiw Non- Irritating Cathartic Ly to luiie. easy lo ope--at— jTnn'VQ PHI* 31 \ HU I \4.r>. noon. In W* I* v M- niirn* ntal i*hurch. Sa Vann*?), bx it * II *• <* ( N Mac! “ii I MlHir.l hv Hex. V: i. K ’ook. Mr Sm uel Pa Marti?** Varm*!* * • f Tumpi. F* I*. Ml lbit.l f So\ nii:i:tix.s. 1. Nl I.Olllit: V l\ 4 A Nli VU A regular * *.mrninl it. n of this t>lf?e will Is h. Id this (Friday) ov o'. ;* k M-. nilicra of I- 1* r lodgtui ?nl transient hrothera eordl.ill) |nvite*l t -ill *1 Uy or<l r (iPc * T. (* \ NN, \\ . M VV C Tit A VIS. St.r tary. s*l I |\|. NO l ll IA NOTH I IT H XT II I \ki:CV Oflb • - Savannah Waterworks Savannah. (*a , Nov 2 U**> The water will b* shut off to-d . Nov 2, and remain "ff for a lew? hour** in that Mt'ctkn of the city on follow. on Tenth ‘•ir.i t. from Whitaker t A!*er i 4>?n .- ireetg *>n M* -rt ‘ir* c. from Eighth street to Tenth tr**( can ilalM iOtum rtria-t. fr* m Anderson to Sixth I F KINSEY. Superb ten len? si\m mo roikTi rAXKs imo. Ofllci* Collector #s*at* and County Tax** , Chatham County, Ua., Sox.ihraii. < l .*■ 19tKi, The (lin'd !a t ow e*fw*n for the collec tion of th* oi.OV* ?ax. t a i pr*-nerty r* al and i** r, in* **t. ilb* t is on pro fesHioie . also . I*• • Poll T*ix for 17 lu at n 1 l*ur|Hi-* s Ml a.I Mai. H d* • *f 1 • Itx and ix*unt> l-txv.en the •-• or 21 nl •>* y.cir** Om* at th* Court II u 1 lout , a m t** 2 p m JAS J M*: IOWAN Tax C4l v' r C. C. NOTH E- Ail hll.a agalmu th* Brill h u* unship Winifrsi. Clark, mhi*r. inl Norw* :*aa i. n-hij Sunn.i W.ihlo* re. mid ■. must h- pr* s nit* l a? our <*fli *• h\ or l for* 12 m this day. N* v 2. or piynur r • r* f will L bbarrxd. J. V. MINIS .v . Consignee*. worn • Neithet the tna.- :*-r n*r ■•* n .ro* * -of the Ilrblfh nt* nn; up ('uiwxa, LKknart. muirter. will In for *ny xb-ats ,-antriirtui by rr. vx *f sat'l x* * J F MINIS A Ct ) . I li-ldii' * NOTH va Savanna. , (la.. Nov l. *9oo. Neither the na*t* *.x\n* r> ior rog slgneo of th* Prill a nt* amshli* Pint* a Ai l is rs{Hnt>lhl*’ for any *l* hie ton tract©*! by th* **rc w I’CRDY Ma nr NOTICE. \ | hills nva nst Pro Ml t* nm v . p Mir m ar nv. t be pt* utd at our *>!!: l> j-j i m>ii this da or ia. in*nt xx.l ' • *!• - * iirr. .1 WILI*EH *V Ob. A-. nl - Nov 2. 4.|:tU(4.IN Mill II.A 1.. \WS4M INI ION. He post I Si t im* 1% llepurt m**ni Holder -of thl cla -s w ii p a *■ nd In 14 i,. f. Links for last .iiHirt r ini ra, a rut* of 5 per cnt. p* r itmuin i b ©ti tered. E W. HELL. Sc* re'a . spilt l \I. M> l !t Neither ih* ma :* r i.*r •( t * of th* - Aus:riati hark Oig-* T. xv.ll h r- -} *• - tor uii> dxd*ts contr.i t*l by t!c or* w HTRACHAN A CO,. Conslffue* *, Savnntiali, Via., Nov. ii, VAX*. d%N INN Nil HNN4 IN 4 • Ni NHENI Y, Corner Whlttsk* r and Liberty Mts. tiRANH 3 GREW T<-NIGHT from >• to 12 ROSLNFELI’ S * R 'll J .STB A Ad mis stop SO*-:. L idb ■■* fr U. sjavt - 4uify, ROUT. E. BANKS, Bua. M*r. ' 111, Mill! I '. • > 111 < 110 \ I \ (•MU' HUM. 1l I 111 >l. nn 11 ii:. I \, o-uii . a- 111-' In <J'W-*.y t• i in off 11 .* *i t' l ' ■ - *■ f *■>•• r * ( ,f., 1,,1- le!-, ,*■ i In wt.i;H i • vk.a-ln* pr -e --• ■ Tribui < .tn • flu- 1 *.!'h at 9 ■ i i i• e 1 TWhufi* iih and SJ. #Ult*d wiUi 'm> r T.i* F o* T fW‘ blcyc b * .”*■ re‘**K?l.7*<l ft‘ th* : I \ - l b tn k ?. a • T rn* * rbalb p. rf< t T ••?• lx not af* a ur* | n Tribune con *r i fL>n t .at hax iot hal j .*3 of t* 4*l U ho% .* fu and • .mild* Hn* of v. <C .ai - 4in I there w ■.!x o limited num*** r of . em r old t lri • v\ u s ■ u to *ll m’x I i ke ad * nf ' 1 > O *<*’( • r > ,r- s.tit hr i d >..)•,.♦ for th* H (h*.-lri h Corr.pi. We * irry thy ,ij. i i*. k <•? ai.v >* * • ith f Pal ?lmori J- j r in ?i* It (-1 ’lait • >* •*'* 1 ' -.. 4> X • tu • It f-ietorv pr>. . fw .( frelgh? nd *k ; very t h i?re f*r K* OepAMmcnt • !• no irtro Mi t.. ir • r- To cdh* w. w' t mi do n- ?,• t xv* t k \Vn* ri v * are tired of thi •aocr kitwl *? 1 vt*u: t* H \ CONN I*: HAT. No* t '.’lx Pull Street P. and ’Phone N> •' * 4'l INOX. It'*t In Tone, lie•*>t In flnrnlilllty . •••- t In x* I> I e nod IJnth. 4 111 till %tll>l IIP \V4Mtl.l> ONTIH NONE IIETT’EU. NO\t. **M l.uul), i'u ii of I ii *• M4iu ii I Her vi t Piano** tn lie miil ll nt Nl 4 I ION NOV I: >1 IftEM H, n I 4 . ii ioM**irri•*(, 22 4 (insri'M *trcct, writ. |4 in; s4ii.i> Iti I'll II IIK.'IVENT IIIDIH It OplnU’ip < f Ur J 7. Crav* y of fviuacola ll* "1 am. a you already know, a fbm ad w. a? of thi virtu* of mb • r 1 witcr * great f fortune iha? t elr vr. ♦- not tn fu I ppr<elat* and iy the publ ■ at iarg “Fi*m p( nr.* ex • * rb*t e I u-be** t tb gij eti th* w. er of Snwunc* Sprinm iim- n ’ the moot val abi* of , a . i*- . f whi* h l have any kr> w * g *dt.- r* |U' a Mon a etirat.v- a* id n r Jr* mi • aft'e dlar -i pr v* r la .nd l ..•.-id. r it hit* y i valuable a a itm* - *!?. in lilford ? of the ix tlve ** - i-tn n*l a .. resiorntlv* In • n ra •* - *ij; >■ , from tvha*ev t ■ It flit> iti -e \ . . from th- inedbal |* ;>©rti of •h* w i*. r, Sijxv it . Stii* xvph it. <1 itful *.< • i*>n a> ■ i ■*i’ tinitar* r -m: opiul.u, - m ? f • i >£* a?Ma lx• bei'.thful ar.d 'f.r p*i* I h iv*- *v- r •n. ••flu entire freedom from ad mate a hj* • .*1 I '• and p *?. ff* dv. i at ~f tf), .is* idds not t lilt!* •* its value ,o a r*>or fr both Invalid- and no?.* ii. r..d of rest oral r*.* r* a‘ion.” • * All you **n drink f r cent ; at Living ? Xi.'* Id aima *y. :m:< iton Ntri'H i:. City * i Savanna Otfb ' * !-?k *•! C*>ut , t Nov 2. Km* \ in* y having • ■ urred among th*- etilmnry contr * or-, in .4 • r.nlfinip wit i r. lutloti *f '. tn l •tdoplt di t. :;1. UM notice l* heid>y given that an election will L held at the next regular m* *?! *' <*f Ccmn il. t* 1* t* Id * * Wednesday, th** Hth Inst , nt s p m to till th- nr * xplr* I t* rm All application* to be riled xxi h the cb-rk of Couiudl nt or tx-forc 12 ni t th* 14th Imu of k" r.*p4lr*d Nam* ' two L nb!Ti* n mu t accompar.y th** app!nation WILLIAM P BAILEY. C * rk *f Coun i:. Eldrt TION Ntn It :. City of Hav.uii th. Oft!-. * J. rk of Coun cil. Nov 2. 1•’ A vii a*: y having o curred In the *tlb • **f keq*er of the Lau rel Grove c*in- * i tI- ** ii ',<?.• X . iV : md in are* rxl-*r • with a r- lutba f ■ .aineil nb>p( and <M 11. P>.-*. an • . lion will i>* h* 1.l st th** nest regular mel ting of Council, tl. bed oft \Y. In- >ds> th.- 14th ln- . nt H p in , to fll ih*- un* x pired term. AI application** t> L fllAi xvlth th** clerk of t’oiin l at r before 32 m of th- lltli inn Bond of slao r**- qulre*l N m* a two l>**n*l>ni*n mu. ta rompany th*- anjdbntlon. WILLIAM P BAILEY Cl* rk of Council. I. NTI4C FOR 3 Nl E. N riti|Minnd a**nre| |tthe imntle li> 11. 1.. Mteppnr*! A 4 .. 4 Ihelnnnilt. NN 111 Mx lng t I Im hr*, 4{ feel between n iitt-rx. NNIII be nolil cheap. m 3% •• linxr no ie for It. Npp!> to ur nil ilre** Till*. MOHNINIi NI.NN H. xiiwnuiiili. 4a. I.BVPI DISCOUNT N4>TICm. TOC NN ILL HAVE ten rrn cent. Hy paylntf yottr bllla on or he. fora the 15th luat. B. 11. LEN T A OHO. RAM l? BN II C\ For tlif** l*llcac>, tinil other **ei hi nahle dixliei* tlmt lire not Rcrxetl eleewherr, ettvae here. oisll tiv from Unit end Northern xx uirr*. I.tUINTbIIN oit*! 4. N 314 ti ape. elal•x . Prepared l> th** heat r*ol*x In the Month. Fniiltleaaly narinl. THE lil’.M t \Ff*. 4.1,0. 4 . a; !t \\ VHZ. Proprietor. NN hi HI \ Axl) M 1.. HEAL ti* I ATE, Negotiate loans on name at It ier cent and coiled retit *. Hepr* -er.t Tli* Trav. L trn Ir.-uran x'o., t,evident utxl liability depart men ? th*> N* w York Underwriter* ire In.-. a*rcv. H prea- n| t * (Ir* iwi h hire In.-* Cos. R* ;r* et*t ih* I'uoeids Mutual Life In- *' Nil bu-|- n*-j* rntrueted to u- will I*© Uj.*i:* :a:ad. and will twt!’.* prompt and ireful t tentlon. No. 2 i Hav eire*t. east. Te.©. ptiuna Mti. W. C. FUII P <h CO. We never tire teding you that Humboldt Ci gars are “as good as currency.” Old smok= ers know this; new ones should learn it. Superior to AH. SAVANNAH STEAM LAUNDRY I! Gonrr?r;s Street, West. PHONE 383 sy\:i ix t no ri% ;>. Poll I It II) % ) \ Nil \ It ItIVNN. X.-xx K tig Appbs |** r |htH 50*-*. cboire Huidwt:i Applet b r quart 5 . N- xv M ilaga (Jr j-. per Jiound 2 ’ Cap.. Cod Cranh* rrie- per quart 15,'. Pun y L*-nuiiv p* r dozen 2*h.\ Saratoga Chip- per pound Small Pig ll ttrut jH-r pour*! 12’t**. Thre* Car?? <’*r fr 2 • Thr e Cans p. *s for 2-V S,\ Pout. U L Du kwheat far 2 . S* ven P. iHhP Kolb and <atm* *.l anly Hi* Thr*-Pound ('ana P* a-h* - *nly b Minced H im two j*- . *!- for Two-Pound Pi U-: o.cmenl for 10c. Sweet Pickle.*, p r quart, 2V. Java Cff< * . par* h* and. per pound. 25c. Flin* Blend Mix Tea. per nound, sk\ Flap Jack Flour, per package. 15 At JOHN T EVANS .V CO.. Congo nrd Barnard Rirtftt. Two Fv s No. 2* ;. MNini.l/M IN Klft W.t/ I’M k HdA. Ex* • dent for fVup or with cheese. N* xv Edam Che* N XV paper Shell Almomlg. Spinl li Cluster ILimii Trowhralge Chocola;© Chip?*—crlfp and • it Uc ate, \. >l. A I . NN . \\ l>T. XI III|K x PPI i 1120 %\ et lli mull lon wtrert, C AHRI AGE HE I’< >S ITOH Y. Agent for following manufacturers, m ike your selectbm ft*/m them. Mayer. Columbus. P.ickexe. Fraikr, o.tland. VVat rloo. Wa t i wn, West >tt. Hock Hill. oil Hickory, M.lburn anl Florence Farm Wagon*. 1.1 and complete lln* of Han.* *•. Sad ii****. Lap Hob?t, etc. K. b* v Sp?i’ -’ ! Id Hublnr Tire put **n nt abort noth • i;*rilll lsiii.n isir,. •401 ONIONS t ONII* %N Y. NV lioleaale atul Itetall HrugulwlM. NN holeanle Department* 127 ( on trn* street, n*t. t.rorala I’lion* I I I. Refit 11 **or***, f.’t.’l 4on ur •••*** *treet. Hint. Ilell Phone 111. Hull and t 1.-triton *>lm l*. mnl* r tcttarilw* Nr ■ mil. Hell utid taeoruiM I'hunen (.'t HI.NON N I JN4 3|\ |I HI --.IIS HEN ON VI I N4.. Hair, mo i kir g. liber, fealher t :;r ** kef * v ft. .?. ?i . - u*l l!U ill i iim i prxnlu t ar* up to at tur r no vatJng and remaking haa 1. i gb ol many promlneni reddent* A>k ur quaini* ai.c* . Materials iteni U/i i* |dckid, ate.lin ed. . tailed and m**ll at***l by mod**rn ma. . Maklia *1 • bx tn han, . NV. 4 * (lb • *>ut xx. rk to mat (re* • a: and *— 1- d;tu- general >. NV* -eil (:• king *f a 1 kindv. hj*. fair. *.*:un. * ■*♦ r. f, uhen*. or n\ art) I.?■• • and u m??r*Mi in* NATIONAL MATTRESS AXl* reno vating CO.. Beil Phone 113. iirayto - atm*. •Nl N ONLY nil. 111-3i 4*l Nt.Elt Nl I. the l?* t O the N\ *•- l**i Bmnd *f B*l* la i (Singer AI-. ma :e l*> V> i . e!* * Cu . o* B* if.o* lr;.*nl. fr* ni t . e r.t- I < rom.H Spring.* of that l> The**© epringe aie )h- pr- iy of Wbe* *r *v *o. hen* <* no o(h**( <Jw.g* A.** ruunuia tur* r ui ffelnnd l a ti*. xx •i* r■ ( t tn*m .-elves. Ttu Wlu-e * r (Sing-r A.*- M nia*ie ftom pure Janvia i (II g* R-o und nt from ltrd P* p;*' •■* oti-ei . r ; >n ih deb t th: >b *a r i- .i o • \■%! il* -la(u in ii and 1 a ity the -4 e i,u I W -u-r b; it l *f Glider Al* P 111* be L! PPM AN imoTHERS. Sol* Southern A~:*-nt*. Saxannah, (ju. WU t N ITll.rt** LI3Ht. it Foil S Ni l . ■ *(*. ■( ei *f un . i*ult i.*J* o w? *;- xxrlghtP. * .mac-, m.ik* ra, er works utid Ir e bf i ou-e finis*!. Abo* .pree- inm fr o' all allot V. linn* r* Humed -urtli g our f iru-uj* brand,** ~f <\: r r sinngJ. •* and wii. aeon have a full lln *>f them f r sale. VALE ROYAL MFC CO. P% I NTS NNI) HOI M*. 1* N INTI Mi. NV© handle nothing p the VERY BEST grad* * f PAINTS rwi o’LS. und employ th* very L -t j iintcrw to L- had. Aliow u* to make bid on punting your hour 4-■. SAVANNAH BCIUMNO fMTPPLY CO, Corner Cotigruei* and Drayton. Phone -If. OI H I Mf’.NTN Loan tn-xtuy at ix r• ** •*rt on ml estate security BECKETT & BECKETT. Attorneys ut Law ui,o Cot)ve>ancem hi 'iM Mini t>, / (’ f l r 4>lx by 11. II I.EN N A HUH. WEDDING GIFTS, Our stock, is so full and va ried tn style that Ibc simplest as well as the most extrava gant taste can La suited. All the newest thirds In sil ver now befnsi opened. 7HE US BROS. Rare Work On Dress Skirts Uffl,# 3,7 It.ill Strwt. Telephone Ton The Ciiaiham Rea! Esiaie and improyement Cos ARE PREPARED To Make Loans On Reasonable Terms. i im iii lor (•>. a ForeuUb r 1 o .. . •x ’I! fold ih(Mt ZtXlm. It Utn m’Od onlei Prtc* 1100. It co** ortglrn ly p.iuo. in ■ e have t oocuplaa. It will b* nr invaluable adjunct to any r wapnpwr oißct AUdrtM MORNING NEWS, MAvaauaJt, Ga. x|*| ( INI. NO I'll . - 111 4 KNI NNN’x ( \||; t 112 atul 114 Whi: iker stre* t We ur- nxv pi p.m-d * .r. i lit r t m* nIH. ox ii i i ll* l ym* ( •■ i> t f. ,i xx-*l*lui f p.iri • r.■ Hi " I *•• 1 -(-I* ' - I , .) - It >*; . A. ri :*r imp* ri- 1 Wu. i, ||. f llr.m I’lit-in II" thi; \\ \* To u:n < m-i'.Ti. The only way i* k* t your < prop • rly tah 44 up. *'b ;rud *nd t. *tx ir. if for th** Minim* r U t* lurn th* job ov* r . the Llatr: M* *n r.u I !**il. r> C teiiphotiv 2. or ii! -it M ’i.tgum* y etr** t. utid they xv I. mk* y . .tu < - ti ma:* on the *'o?i .*f (h* wrk Prl***’rf ri-ioti.ill' T.i* Jj<* jack ni *v*> and i-tur© furnitur? nt *1 p< • • • C H MKbUx’K, fcb.p! aril Mgr II WIM K Mi*ltl-N4*** II4ITEL, 'imnin-r, I In, spirit* I oti t i.inU* .* ■ Smvtßip ri f r * r i* f* i *p.i.! N<* m.tlan.i No mopqubo* * t * l nl. M*-i , 1 ;h . •*\ l cb-dghtfib t ■* rl i t , i Wat r • •ures* eve: U:.wn * r*l J!** p,r week hp cl nl *at 4 >r c< mm** nl n * of 52 p*r day. w hi**h lnclu*d* h •r.'.tifu*>r Table irht .i *t ? - <*•{.*t <• tr! * l , i , For lllu-t lb*' ampbi ur* , Su xranc© Spring* ?*<i .t . i p,, AXDUKW HANLEY M-t IIOND" • M i l TED. By the Am r n "ondua und Tru*d cmi X *f '-I -irrv r** \V. nr- inthor ir*d t.i ©v* i? ■- *)ly (,ii,i\ u[v.*, !i; r>li tl"id ill U*4ib b Jud’ iii 4 |i • linp In * lth * h r *i. or Cm . and ? *tin (*■ 1 of idinlPitm!(>nn aid guard ianw I'KUilVd & HELL. Agcn’t*, Tclepiu-r* p Id vidi-ni Building. • *N1.%4 i: ( IKK, KENT %I't %NT XM> 4) V **TEII HO IS IT, 42 Itul Ht r*l Blue Point . Lit*. NVfk ( ;uni n • lvcd by every ■♦(■ on.? Ntiv* Cyat*-n* in nil x ■ **)•• und si ik art I g mi* in MMioti. Ex*rx thit..* !•■ -i J4M i • vI. f *' h !*i llx i<>J>3tcra. M b ABBA MS Prop B 8 —Hot luncii ii.m 11 to 1 ©vary day. , We pay . % 25c a patr J J tx*.ra r .se& II to l M'|| have m£y;v|| these pr f. made .b*j ,^4l with / ; 'i an IV- TEP / Ii sip |i POkTiNU AkCil, iound only in BYCK f S $3 I 1 boots for women. i L. A !,!.*.it. J.\o, K lulA. . I'lcfiMletu. <i ~( C. 3 EARK V r,\R Vice rr>“l<!t3l. A t c, h.. r Tfi 3 Chatham Lac; SA\ A.NNAII XV4II Im> <u tc .iu' Hi* ii, < ;.i . an.’ ( (v; ,5 + I.lhrrul f ivo- . Ttrn.l-,1 1 n,u 4 < i! non racltltle*. ir., ir. ■> ;*i relumn. Scr4 >4IE AYIMRG O£PA HTK*E - n iuiiai ("'ii'm Mti.n ,j, l.v l>\ DEroilTt. F-ir*ly | lor „ enrt Vault, r* r*ni Corrrpor..ienr Tha Citizens Bank <•* 'll \N ||. CAPITAL 5500.000. IrniiMH.t, I, lifnrrnl IliiuUinx lll.S|||M. '••li. n. tminni. ~r Hank. „ n ,| „,,, rr r , lr^ 1 <1 lion . < ollca-1i0,,. hn0.11,.,, ~| r|> ' and 1111.rr.1, uu.mlril t,narlrrl< nllowr,! on •l<'|io.t,. „ ur sm,,nm !•* |*iarian*ul. ''“**■ *> *' r t'-l. H„\r. „n,I si„ r!ls . * nnlt*. IMt t \•• ! I * v m:\MutK. '***’ * “ **• I "I • * Ir: Rr.. - oM.r < nii.j At t%, , „. Mrr *.-m<i>,,\ 1. 'illimi\ u„ <. hlrr sifiiV li 1.1 .lit.’ slu.x’ 04 tiaoi^ki. 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JOHN C. liO\VLANE, Ydca l ra*klerU \Y P. Mi CAI LEY. THE GERMANIA BANK &A\A.\'NAil. wV Ca,. I l L’i.jhul.d | r.M 'lhl< bank oil, r. :U rrvl r.i !o curpor*- l.o!*, im r< lvil> . iiiiil in .1, tdouja. Hi., .hi hartty lo .<ci • eMCJtor, *J* n,lnlatrator, g urdlan etc Ia is Uiaf:. <-n .he priro l| a. cl l> > c.r. it rrli.iln an! Ireland ~n I . t • C > Inte- ant <1 or compounded qu-ir' ry or dej.'-Im to H - Sir n|, Uepirim nL Pif i\ I for r< nt HFMI’.Y HI I*N. V cl ient n*fi. W TIKPEMAN, Vico Pre J i v M lb >( 1A \, .i*hlor VIT.TFII I' HOOAN, A- r’l CwM r. No 1040. Chort.Tod, I?**- —THE— OK KAVANNAH. CAJTTaL .v,y. b< KPI.LH ’> .-* I NIT. D T.'.TEd I• l I’ 1 HJITuBV. J A. 'I. I'AIIDON. I'ro Id ot. HKIKM- . iKIto.N. \l . IT'al ien*- \\ M DA V A NT. Caahl*T. Ac o in* of or k* and I ack-ra. to- r* ehitna nn.l r.r port Ilona •>- * **•* ? ♦ ucm‘ favor.ibl t-rm ro--latent vl’a . f nn ' o- ■ rvn lve har.Vinir THE GEORGIA STATE [; HIDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 15 YORK BTIIERT. WHBT. 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