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BIGGEST THING ON WINGS. IIIKIY 9% V IT 19 Tift: liHF %T ( ONIMIH OF THK AM)KI. Tli*- Oairlcb o*ib’| Hr. *mml lib* In It—Tbr Condor** Uoitderfnl Pontr of Tllnht nml ||u Krrn Gjfht—Other taood *!*••< Bird*. From the Washington Po*r The ornithologist* of Great Britain an.j Atn*rlcfl have jusi rinDhf-d a spirited uin rtissioe. which ha* lasted lor more than a year. as lo which la the largest blr l that The prix* ha* been a wan)* l iu an American bird. the great condor of the Andea. To anothtr bn i. which i* an Anim icon now*. has been given the econ<l |itn*- It 1* the fierce harpy eagle of the Philippine*. Our own turkey cotnc* very near the second piece, an*l If KngUn,) siKveeds in a present atimtt at reintro • H. tng the famous great btle.ard into the tight ilttie Island, it will huv< the next largest blrsl to our turkey. In this disruption the term 'Targe*!** has been defined us in* an lug a bird which has both th© largest spread of wing** ami the heaviest weight, This com delation of ino easr-nUlls hap n-.iL* the exact choice for second. third uiul t mirth places a mat ter of fin* calculation. Hut there Is no question about the cho4< e for first p(ao The 4'on.ior la king in the Unit* I SintM we have, t-esiJe* the turkey, four other bird* which are > inked high In the list of the largest bird*. They ere the beautiful golden eagle, the national Laid-head'd eagle, the great wiki -nan known specifically a* the whooper. *nd the California cottdor. which is al most a luigt. a* his South Amer.can bt other % Hrmnrkslilr Bird. In many respect* the South American condor is the morrt remarkable of ail liv ing creatures. No oth* h*rd can fly eo ugh. Huml*oM: saw one Hying over Chimborazo at a higlM of over iS.Uhh feet. It seem to fly as eiMly and breathe as easily In the rarefied atmos phere • tiiat grant high! a* it does at ihe level of the sen. No other created be ■''tf *n k this *> no other living crea ture can lift itself ho far above tic earth. When flying It in maj.-ti. • circles or hong* poised in the air. us If suspended there by an invisible cord. larm-in once watched a ivtHior for half on hour as It hung over an An<l*n valle\ . and never once did he detect tie slighter movement In the groat bird or its widespread pin ions. Its horn* Is above the snow line, ami H chooses si its favor! e dwelling place* where great oil ft* descend sheer down for thousand* of feet It wander sometimes to where the c||fr of Pata gonia frown over the troubled hut prefwrs to seek Its food in the mountain valleys. Ii Is a bird blsne | with an :ip -I*etlte as remark*Me as Itself, and one condor has been known to devour a calf, n dog and a sheep in a single week. On ♦he other hand, h can go wi hout food for more than forty (lavs By preference the condor f* **b* on carrion, but If no car rloti offers. It will not hesitate to attack sheep, gunra or sm iM drer. Probably no other created animal h* Mich keen sight as the condor From tre mendous heights and from gre*| distan r* If can spy a care and w 111 *woo| down on It with the rush and speed of the wind sweeping through the mountain gorges Though a good sized condor measure* 15 feet In Its exr>ine of wing—condors have been shot with that spread--there #een< to he no authesitlc n onl of the m. ight of n condor of that six** Th** weight of til bird is estimated by good .mthorlti- * however, at about 4* pourvl* for one wtth 15 foot spread of wing, Old traveler*' talc* tell of condors with an l* foot spread of Wing but there is no authentic record *f n bird having been pleasured which come* tip to those figures Two fine sf*- Tmens of this condor reached the New York Zoo log! a i 80. ietv recently and are In- Malle-1 now In a egg** in the Bronx Park Ww York. They are not nearly full grown, hut they arc |*uc birds even at the present stage of their development. In putting forward the claims of *h turkey to be the third largest bird that fit* * if not the second, th** farm* as w.-ll h< th*- wiki bird mu*i !*• taken Into con sideration; for the domestic turkey **r tsinly can fly and sometime* ascends to •he * # t|pmo*t top of the tallmosi tree ** though he Is not so lively on the wing * his wild brother "The wiki turkey." say* William T flortmday of the N-w York Zoological Garden*. * i* the king of game birds.” and faraway look corm* Into his eyes as If he were thinking of his Christmas dinner. There f* a wlkl tur key in Zoological Garden* which arrive*! there last spring—a beautiful “pe* imen. He weighs 89 pound* now and 1 Increas ing. Dome*tic turkeys of V pounds are not tin-'ornmcai. and Audubon apeak* of one which weighed 3 pounds Bot a- IMirte—not the great Emperor. but hfs brother. Lucitfi, I’rlnce of t'.inino— in his work on “American Ornithology” speak a cf turkeys wMghing # i*ounds and regards mII re|orts of larger birds as "fibulotis.'* fa njamin Franklin wanted to have the turkey ak|ted as the national bird of tb# Unit** Htaten instead of •nd mad* out a good case for she bird • s igaln-t the claims of Ms successful rival. Why the bird in question is called h turkey has been much discusseil with out r aching any definite i-oti< Ins ion. One theory is tuat the turkey named hlm If by hfs pe< uliar "chick." w hich sounds like **turk. turk. lurk ” The turkey, however while he ha the weight lack* the imm* ns spread of wing Which birds of the eagle tribe have, and this g|\e* the harpy eagle an advantage In the i omietltton. Fntll the recent dis covery of the harpy eagle In the Philip pine- |t was supjose*l that w existed no where except in flout h America. with a related bum in New Guinea There is • wpiendld specimen of the harpv eagle in tha Washington Zoological Park which weigh* only twelve pound" the sea eagle only sixteen pounds. and the Pjanlrh im perial eagle only a kitle over ten pounds, it will be seen that the harpy undoubtedly I eurie* if not the s • mml I of flvlng birds. No measurement* whl.h can he M' * ejgrd a* exact wler;title records have i*een taken by the ornithologist* >f the kngth of tiody and spread of wing of this great and fierce bird, but it Is established that the bird has a *pr*nl of at leabt ten to twelve feet. The llarpt'a Home, In Houth America the harpy live* in the dense tropical forest* and prey* nn small animals. When hungry-, if the stories of the Indian native* arc *o be believed, it will not hesttal# to attack Urgrr animals, or even man hlm**df. It is probably the fiercest of all flying birds, ami Is of a mm! uninviting cast of countenance. When seen in full face Ita bead look* lIMbl \L. F. A. Rogers & Banker*. Broker* and Dealer* In Slocks, Cotton, Grain and Provision* roil rtM on Prompt Ssrrlw, Li -T.t I Treatment Write for term*. *,<eclal quotation see-vlr* and booklet Safety and Certainty In Speculation.” a* w ill TANARUS„ von k . JOHN W. DICKEY. • took and Hand Broker. UGtlTi, OA. Writ# far List. MURPHY & CO , INC., Hoard Of Trad* Building. Savanuah t nvat* leased wires direct to New York. Chicago and New Orleans lOTTO.y ITOlks AND t.N %1V rw tW olflce. No. tl Broadway, fflees in principal riti* throughout the eouth. Writs for our Market Manual and containing instrucfona for traders hke that of one of tho*e citatun-r of mythology. th* harpies, which had lie nead ami face of a woman and the body **f i bird of prey. In Grecian mythology the harp r- were ravening creatures, d*- everv thing they AovK hed and carry •ug away human he I rig > to d> vour them V\ ho kitow*.’* I’tiih|s, after U. the harpy myth whs not entirely k myth. Perhaps in earlier 'irne* ihe harpy tag!* may have existed In Greece, and through th** oours? of the ags tradition magnified the b id Into *he obscene and fierce creature of mythology Horn"- of the stories the flouth American Indians tell of the Iturpy eagle would not need to be • mt** Ui-h***l much to flt the Greek U*-scrtptloci Of the harpy There art- those who not only demand sec ond place for the bustard, hut are incllneil to giv#* to him first place among the Mr Is that fly. Bvrti such nn enlinent author- Mv as J K Hurting of I*on ion seem." to * ..\ But th* Mgfl • bUfl tard Mr. Ilarung ciits v-* th** floTlk* bus tard. with a wdght of thirty pound* un i the bigg. *•? nuthenil spread of wings he rite* Is only 7 feet 3 inche** The Ger man naturalist, the younger Naumann. lllls of Imstanls w. going thirty- twx> poun<)s. aid sty* that he has been ao surad of the former existence of speci men* of the bird weighing S5 or 3* ihmiimls From the aulioft time* the fleah of the hust.ird has been the deilght of epicures, which will account for its ex tinction ir the British Isle* and :he fact fimt It 1 ihw- not common in Northwest* ern Kuroj** it * rt why oini. and lives largely on a vegt-tible diet. When on the wing It- flight is u- majestic that vif the eagle In the la;*t century the bustard iM*gaii to be extremely rare in Kngland. and m the early part of the century the .1 U • Hi* ! , M . I . In out of th* p!h • were t • last two re*-anted British bustards of th * old stock Wt-re Kill* • I ,n Norfolk In lK'.s but htrd|\ h month |K*ese* without a re port from .-ome one In som- par of Fng larnl who believe* that he has seen one of these immense . r*ature- Naturally (he thought of ho huge a bird living in * crowded country like Kngland appeals to all that is romantic in man Several imported bustard* have recently ben turned out on an estate in Norfolk (th* count' from which they disappear 1 with the intention of making the hr^e*! r.timnoii a gam** bird in Kngian*l but they have no thriven well. Fsiigian I *e*ms to be |o|NJlated too thickly for toe liking of the bustard which Is fond of the sdltude of deep|> *ooded .md little ficqiMfllMl regions Phantom HiaManl. A f M *pular I-kigli h Itellef among . ertaln daese* is that of the phantom bustard of H.ini(>stead Heath. After ih** bird had dlsaig>eared from KngUn.l In his proper form a mxsterious phantom bustard u*-l <o flit ai night at ruse the favorite resort of 'Arty and ‘Arriet. and may possibly do so now. ihough Ii ha* nor "got into the paper*” of lae. This phantom bustard of Hatnpste td Heath even engaged the |m n of Fharlea Dickens, n) wa- for a long time a part of tha foiklor* of Kjnk*n Perhaps ir was not foklore and a phan tom. Perhaps a solitary buntard. hiding somewhere during ihe da>. Ud really run i'hjui IJanf*stMd lleathar night, th* hist <f the bu*vtarxi- revisiting the ghmp-. -of ihe moon ainl waiting lor death to end It** nice I!•:.- is a ban -e for Kriiest S* ton-Thomp-on to wrile story. "The 1-ast of th* Bustar*!- which siiail b- as great In ilit way as Th*- lakst of the Barons.” In si*eaking of big flying birds, the will swan shoukl not 1* forgotten. Tht- bird MNDMirn*" attains to a weight of twnt>- iiv pounds. mii*l has an * of wing uf seven feet. The albu:roM weigh* -evenleen pound* and has four teen feet expanse of wing The laefnnu-rgeier, ihe great bearled vulture of the Alps, !-• the bird told of most frequently in song and story as a kidnapper. Asa matter of fa t. it is doubted by the lest authorities If tb‘- triemmergeJer e\er stoop- to any but a carcass. Nevertheless there have l*e.*n rett) We4i es itdished case* of It having arrieci oflf young l*mt* *ihl kid*, and on* ha* been .-tiot while eating a rabbit, which l hud Just killed. Done naturalist who vvatohed the laetnmergeler for twelve \ .rs never once saw the nirl alia- k any thing abve The la* mm* ia* lei honieiimes W'* sixteen pound**, and la* h wing expanse of over nine feet. It is thought that ihe depreciations of *agles have given to • tie 4Menimrgc ler is had finnic b> g* t ting their exploit* mixed up with his. \ igrpy eagle could carry off m small itohy If it fell *o dl*pocl. and a golden • mgtr an carry off -mall lawn o k. i of a wild turkey, *nl does It when oj*- lK>rtunit> offer* Tne latter aometimes w* igiis tweve pound*. un has on ex jmn-** of wing of seven nd a half fee!. It i* capo le of enduring extreme cold, ..* *s immensely strong for Its si**- Th pr* > which it kills orni corrlet off fr* - quently exceed* it* weight. With Its remarkable keenness of vision l( espies Its prey from a great flight, am! falls t:i*on it with tremendous velocity and un erring precision. The bird is common in this country, hut seldom seen in the Kast ,ni stiles. It lives to extreme og* If ‘t ni>et no mishap, and ther** l* an u -of one living for over n ♦nt iry In captivity. The Amerl an eagle that H. (he so-eulicd hld-headel eag* *. w trlch r* not bald-headed at all—ls . fls eating bird generally, though It will not ii*dam ft eh when It cm get and and Often attacks email Quadrupeds and small-r bird- According to Audulon the mi-1 •>agie (W.i ascend un:l! l dloappeor* from vlexv. without any apparent motion of Its wings or tall. I* grows to be iilicut twelve ;ciiin*lx In wc.ght. An which, thouah smaller than .my of those mentioned. Is dreaded miet thoroughly because of tts fearlessness and tier .mss. Is the savage and powerful Alpine eagle, known In Swltserland i the Islone raglel. Mathias Schmid. the famous pointer of scenes In the Tyrol, wltneeeed the liking of a MLI hv one of these terrible . Yeatures. and painted the scene In a picture which is li.-ina exhibited now In Germany. A p-wr paasant woman had last her sleeping child In whal she thought was a safe place, in one of sh- sparse gra- pal'ties high up on a mountain, while she mowed the gras She was only a few feet aw ay I from the buliy. Suddenly a great -ha.Wiw -wept along over the sunny wall of the mountain, and even as she* turnesl there rewounded a murderous cry that struck wrror Into her heart In the next Instant , great stelnadler stoopeil an.l selgtsl the child Before ehe could cover the short DMMI the bird had t-gun to rise. fU|e ,4ng heavily. Then she fainted AH ef fort to recover the infant was In vain. Alpine gobies and hunters searched for date, hut they rould not even find the nest of the daring bird The sselnadlrr builds hia rude nest on the sides of steep, rocky walls, so smooth that not evrn the chamois can gain a foothold on them All sorts of tales are toM about him. So grist Is the awe In which he Is held lhat the wlblesr stories find ready credence even among the moun taineer* beceuee they know what i it r rlhle bird he Is. The Swiss sav that the stelnadler never drinks water. but quenches his thlret with blood only, and there are many stories of hunters who have hewn hurled to their death by the determined attacks of a bird which thought M nest In danger. Msmma-Now. say your prayers. Tommy—No; I don’t b’lleve It ilors an* good. Mamma—What? Tommy—No; I'm Its. gittin disgusted | btn prayin’ all this time to make little brother Jack a good boy, and he’s Just as bad and selflsb aa ever — Philadelphia Record. IHE 31 OBNINC 1 NEWS: WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 2(1. 1000. \\ IKK IT NtNKRT IHd IR . €teai inlmidiori In Hurk* ft 11 trneral Mreaath—t otitis tjuiet. East week's developments In the *to k market were oi i scale Th* \uiunie of transactions surpassed all rec ords. tale* were l.rne . h dav, while fur th- two-hour aesaion *er flaiurdav over l.tilfcJ.QQO shares changed hands. The buy ing fever was apparently constantly on the increas* and was more uproarious and urgent at the close than evere In*fore. As natural result price* have genrr all) moved upward, but certain speciaJ stock* njoyed pheuomeiiil glims. IVr hap.* the Imiiortatu gain, consider* ing the volurn* of transactions, was made by which latterly ruled buoyant, maktnu an Advance of over Id point*, and taaln** at ference.- between the trust and Ir* leading competitor* had been adjusted and it i* ex|h led that the new year will <*r!ng nn me*reused dividend rate. Northern Fa rifle ro*e y point* on enormouw sales, it* .nlvar • e if nearly 7 i-irus was th* sensa tion of Tliuisday, and atte*ta the popu larity of :he scheme for the new* finances Three per cent, tiond* are to re Issued In retirement of the preferred stock, and it is quite jto.-.-lble that the new conirnm stor k may before very long go on a 5 or • ven •* per cent, basis General Electric* on small -ale*. . I\.m *d over 23 i-ants clos ing mi tit. Brooklyn gained h and Mis souri Fgftfic 7 points Nearly all stock* partlcl|atel to a greater or |e*- extent, notably the Grangers. Vanderbilt*, trac tions and flout hern road*. The bmper of the public Is such that higher price* m• tn almoed inevitalde. In fact, despite recent mark* I g rins, many stocks are *U|| selling lower than their merit- would seem to warrant. Hp<- illa tive buyer* will want to realise profit* from time to time nd thl* selling will (♦•suit In reactions, shaip one* at times. But mosi *to<'ks are unquestionably worth more money now. Intrinsically, than for several years past, a: least, while a con siderable number are still materially be low record-price* for the period m. n tinned. The cotton market show*-! few feature* of interest Frlc**- took*- |>olntM on Monlay on dlsapftointlng lJver|*on! ad vice* and large re. • ||gs. Toward the lat ter part of the week a falling off in the movement, aidt-l by the appearance of a disposition to corner I>ecem**r contracts, caused a smart advance, esp**c|nlly in the nearest deliveries. December i>eing rustn-d up to 10 r on Friday Reports of flouth ern shlpnu*rit* for delivery before the enl of th*- month caused a break of som** H point- in December on flaturday, and ihe general market close*! hil> a f*-w p>unl* higher than the previous wf. k. Il b* unlikely that cotton enough to break the comer can lie gotten to New York in time, provided th** short interest I- anything like a* large a* it has been represented to be. Wm. T. Williams iI.MOHT I IKI. It IhIM. Tin: HFtll. An Recount uf m (imraomr Kt|i*r| rnent In m 110-piml In Uni mark. From the Minneapolis Tim* **. Dr florin f*hrlitian*eti of Missoula Mon. was In Minn-ajolls yesterday on ! hi* way home after a two months* visit in Denmark Dr. Christiansen wa- pres ent at a remarkable attempt to bring back to life o man who had dial in a truspital at Naeatved, Denmark. two w***k ago The experiment wa** m*sur ably su'cessful. ms rsns.itatlm was ef fected several hours after the man was pr uH’iir •l o* a*l In Maag who was In harge. was unable o maintain life, how [ ver. The t>.Gent ha*l died from typhoid f**ver and Dr Maug *b < d-d to try an experl t merit. Respiration hal cea->- I completely i in! the Ijody wa- cold Direct mu-sage of the heart w i resorted to Th* chest ; was cut o|*en directly over the heart, and through the m-islon the physician pas"*l his hand and -el*e*l th* heart, lie .-.mmen-e*l n series ot compressions, and In a short time the heart commenced to work of its own accord The action of the heart gradually be. *un. stronger, but the man ha*l not commenced to breathe Only after the heart had Ken acting half an hour did the llrst for air om* The patient wm- then ."si*t-*l In this for about un hour until finally he wo* able to breath** quite f*eet> At the same time hi* cheeks begun to assum* a nat ural color. He lay in this condition an other half hour, but without regaining cons* lousih s* or dn airing *> f **' l Hie effects of the Indsuw. Then there was a reaction ami ie*pirai!oti * se*l although tlie heart continued to act • ight hours 1* nger A second effort was made to in duce action, but without result Without Hand* or Feet. From the Washington Star Some time ago fle* retary Root ecyf < man to the Philippines to moke aotne **oii fl*l-nti and observailons. He made the In wstlgstions. returned :> this country, prepared nrwl submitted his re|*>rls These refiorts so p.ea—d the flecrrtary that he wrote a personal letter ol (XMigratulation to ,he confidential agent. The man who ii-nd- thee*' rrjsute wa* M J. Dowling, of Minnesota flo lit there i- nothing re markable about this story, but there l* about Dowling. ID* ha* neither hands nor fee*, dome tw*niy-flve years Jg* h* was . boy. ami was caught in one of th* great blissar I* whlca occasional!) sweep over the Northwestern country He u m badly frown, and though he bat tle*! bravely to wave hlm.-elf, both fe.-t •nd hand* had to he amputated. Tnl* v i- hard for a boy. hut he was full of true gnt. As soon ms the stumps titled he determined to go to Milwaukee u. *H?ure artltl I*l iim>- The only way he could travel was by King laid upon the seat of ear. w here he did no' mov • during the entire journey. The conduc tor punched the ticket which w If tied *o him thinking what hard luck the hoy was n Then he forgo: the boy, and the train Journ* yed on for ml Ire tnd miles, stoppvsi at a station for dinner, and again went on iat* in the afternoon the con doctor felt full of remorse because he had pvoi no further * bought to the boy with out hand* or leg*. ID- went back lo hltr 'Do you want anything to eat. he asked. Yes.” said the lioy. Why didn't you a-k someone to gel jfou something?” "I have ieen longer than this without eat ing ami I won't trouble nnybody wrlth my misfortune*.” he refilled. But the con ductor got him something and also saw dm taken car. of to th- end of hi* run The *me *e|f-re|ian*e ha* sustained Dow*img throughout hi* life. He got hi* arttflrlal limb*, eduwted himself, taught school, ran a newspaper, uecame a po.i tlcian of prominence and Imin lieen aacrc tary of the Natlotml league of ItspuMl an flubs ID* g* ** along without * uv* or crutches, write* with hi* artificial hand, makes no compftgfnt on the *or* of being crippled aiwt ask* no favor be cause he I* short the average allotment of hands and feet. "Mike” Dowling t* on thl* account one of the moat Interest jng men in thl* country. —Henry II Roger*, the New York mil lionaire and copper king wa*. fifty year ngo. sailing newstmper* on the street* of New Bedford. Mass lie then wen' Into grx*ery store, getting 13 a week .iml board. CASTOR IA For Infaata and Children. 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Many -toutnahip* In port. l*gt for eign an*l domestic, flew tlielr color*. tiul the general quiet gave the harbor a holi day uppemtst Ameritxui shipping in the M-iing or ■ loin eot lo trade must in* distinguished from stripping in th*- foreign trade, say* Secretary Gage'* report. The former trade is restricted solely to Ameticgn vex; the latter trade I* necessarily open the romi'ci tion of foreign vessels Growth In thr* former is a matter of In ternal rKveloptm nt, measured by domes lie standapls Growth rn the latter is our iurt In th* world's maritime development nc Mred by ititernutional standards. The growth uf American shipping to which the facta Just stated testify, ha* l*een wholly within Hie coasting trade, in that trade our torumge ha* arisen from J.W7,- IV* gross tops in 101 l lo 4,33k.145 gross ton ic !!*•. and two-third* of tha increase his !*• ei uron the Great Lak-- fo - • .gti com pet I tion enters, our registered i*nnage has decreased from 2.*di.€BS gross •n- In iv*l t** v.*;.kjh grn**- tt*n- to Ls and is l*s than at un> time in the i-.i-r sixty years. e*c *it tirin#c our short war with Spain. For the |aist rhree year* Am* rl< an shix* have • rrr innuall) only S per cept. of our export* and ini IMirts. the smallest percentage in our his tory. I'Maaengera In gleui*hlp*. !*asefUrer bv steamship Nacooctree for New York yesterday A Goldsmith. t. T Warner, Ker ry Kauphaht, Ml** Jsffry Warner n*i*nniili tliManar flun rise** a 701 a rn , ami .-•*!* at srol n. m High w ater at Tybae to-da> it 10 k m. and 11 I) > rn High water at Hr van r ah one hour later. I'ii hnr m of Ibe Mu for Deeentlier. Standard time—lo4li m#r. D II M Full moon 6 4 3k morn. quarter U 4 4 2 eve. New moon B 9 1 eve. First quarter 1* 7 4S eve. Moon perigee. 3d and 30th. Moon apo gee. 15th. %IIRI % IIA AMI IHSI'AHTI IIIM. V eaaela trrbfd 1 eaferday. Hark Paragon (Nor), Busch. ImJon —<*hr. G. Dahl a Cos. YeaseU Went to lea. Steamship Nocoochee, flmlth. New York. Steamsli p Texas. Kldrcdg. Balllmorr flteomshlp Berkshire. Ityan, Philadel phia. flehooner Margaret A May. Jarvis. Bal timore ghipptuit Memoranda. Fen*acola. ITa I>* 34 Balled, ship Dena (Br. NIMm, Umlou. Clear*"! flt earner Athnlle (Nor). Wei* bust. Ghent. Dock, bark* Cognatl (!tal. Fontrenola. Genoa olive Mount (ltad). Hazeto. liuenos Ay re* Key West. Fla , Dec. 25.—Arrived, steamer t'oroa. Munson. Miami. Whittle)'. N*-w Orleans and sailed for llavanu Mascotte. WMte, Port Tampa and sailed for Havana. Madeira. Dee m—flailed, steamer flldm Rivannah Jackscnvllle. Fla . f>ec 24 Kntere*! n*l cl* arrei, steamer C*imaru’he. IVnnlngton. Charleston and New York Kntered-glc'io oner* Norman. Gray. Boston; Agnes E. Munson. Babbitt, New York. Cleared—Bar ken tine Vldette. Hail, New York Pensacola. Fla . Dec 3k—Hulled, steam ship A tha lie (Non. Wlebust. Ghent Dock teller 111 Msrlsrrs. Pilot charts ami all hydrographic Infor mation will be furnknted masters of ves sels free of charge in United .States hy drographic office In Custom House. Cap tains are requested to call at the office Iteisrrts Of wrecks and derelicts received for iranvmlsslou to the Navy Depart ment . f os.tnlsr Us nor Is Per steamship Slate of Texas for llal tlmore--**> hales unbind cotton. !,M0 bar rel* rosin, g.lw feet lumber, bl lioxe* oranges, m crate* vegetables. 4.W5 sacks cotton seed. SI I dig* mdse. Jt> package* domestics and yams. 20 cases conned goods. per steamship Narooobee for New York —1.377 bales unland cotton, “ bales sea Island cotton. 31 bale* totiacco. Mil bales domestics and yarns. Sso barrel* cotton seed oil. BX barrels ros.n, barrels tur pentine. 3QU.QB4 feet lumber. 43 barrels fish. M rases < ’**. !.7*!s boxes fruit, 10 bar rel* vegetables. t.:34 crate* vegetables, 30 barrels oysters. SB barrels rosin oil. UK cases canned 3l pkgs mdse —Prof J Hardv Thayer of the Harvard Divinity School fl’nltartan). Is temporar ily taking ilie place of Prof Nash In the t'ambrkigc Lplscopal DLlntty Reboot during the latter’s Illness. Southern Railway. Train, Arrive n4 Pr*n Svnnati on Kin. Meridian Tiinr-Ona Hour Slo*rr Thn ||> Time Heh,dulf In Kff. I He. H la> Hi'Ai• now s Tu iTii i * : Krad rr No M Nu M (CMirt r. . I.* &spvn 12 Jimir i.v s\ nnnult at o i.'.im 1 iltan USaairrn Time I Sian * .Mam I Ii , i.. 1 i M CMumbM Un Ar ClMirlttt . I.v • • . .. u>iin ai QrMMttac i. . . 11.. iMin s'.ini,. Ar ....V... Norfolk .... u. > o .11 U ilai" 1 xs t ,in Ar Dili i:i~ .... l.v *opni, * J'-im *'"■ ’• W \i . , . 11. kmm I 1. ( ** "" op*n a. i.v h v ... . 1.. . ipm imm : 4 %>W Ar Cliarloi le.Mlle I.v * o*pm l-Mi'"‘ „ . * Sopm ,Ar Washington . I.v u lkim i P'' 11 Ar Balt more L\ Bl’ m 3 2*pro • PhUad • . Lv | f ' : •'"* Ar . New i.>ik i.v la loom i. pm ■ ’>" ■\r . Ho.lon .... I.V . Oep M Mil Til Tin: N' iIIT 11 AST> WKtT ~ No H rc , *' M'. n-r. i.i* t •itanr I. ~ Savannah .....J*.••••••• t*vli I Wain ffMstar n Time ) )( :]r* n ‘ J- v Columbia Ar Mm , ~“ n, i* v Hporlanlxirg .... I.v * *••* - jjrm U ...... A .„. v ||i.v OSpm Iy* Ar Ilot •pnneo I. ' ♦■•"* ’SmAr kn a v Die l.* *•• ‘if* Ar Lr*lni.m L* * ~"s|Ar .... iTmlm,t| I ' P"‘ M I ■ • ' ' I ami, \ I lie lit 1 • All train, arrive and deport from the I'lanl Hyeit m Hiailon. Tllltoroil CAR BKIIVICE, KTC. TRAINS XI AND M I'AII.V NKW YOXK AN|i FlA>ltll>.\ EXHRIWH Vaotl mile I linnteel train,, with Hullman l>ran Uig iiiMiu Sieepirii; Cam between MavAh n*it and New York Conne**ta at W*in!ngton with Ctdonial Express for ituHion. Pullman Sleeping Car- Cnaridte and Itlchmund aid Charlotte a>.! Nor- D’B" DL Cart H*>r'e all meal-* b* t ii Havsnr. ih *il Wa dilr.gton TRAINS 35 AND 3| DAILY. THK l’ N ITE! SIATFS FAST MAIL Ves!lbtll*d trains, car r\lng Pul Imm Drawing Room Sleeping Car* hat ween H vm *h ar. i New York Inning car* servo gll m*aU between Saxantiah and Was trig on Also Pullman Drawing Room flleepin/. (Tar* between Savannah and Caicirinatl. through Asheville and Tha Lind of tha flkv For complete Information •to r*t*a a* bedule* et. apt ?y to F fl GAN NUN. 3d V F aO.M . J M CFLP T M W A TURK, O P. A , Washington. I C fl II HARDWICK A**t GenT Fa** Agent. Atlanis. Oa R C BLATTNKR. Ticket Atrent Pla* t flvsiem Station JAMES FREEMAN. C. P AT. A 111 Bull str.ei Aatwnnnh Os. Thone* av>. OCEAN STEAMSHIP COMPANY | op NEW YORK, BOSTON AM) THK EAST. Fnstirpnsscd * .tbin a* commodu!ions All the comfort* of a modern hotel Elec trie light-- Unexcelled laid* Tick* Is include meal* nnd berths aboard chip. PASSENGER FARES FROM SAVANNAH. TO NKW V< >KK Nlrut Cabin. *. Cabin Round Trip. J 32. Inlrrm,<ll a<- Cabin, Sir. 00: Intm-mrtllal, r'abln, Round Trip. t.’4aO (*l,ra(r. Jin To BOSTON—FT rat Cabin. IX!: cir,i Cabin Romnl Trip. Xk. Inlrrmedlat, Cabin J17.0U, Intnrmntiat, Cabin, Round Trip. s!<*> Ht<-,r.rr, ju.j:, Tht- .lprm pir.imahlpa of ihl, Una ara a|>(>olnt,d tu rail front .Savannuli, Can tral (Util) mcrkbaii limr ua follow. MVAViIH Tl Vl:n V nil K KASHAS CITY. C>pi. I'tstwr, TIII'RS UAY. !>••<. 27. .(W | in. TAU.AHASSKK. c a| .( Avklnf. HATI R I>AY. Ink*. S. II 00 i> in 'ITY OK AI'OI’STA. Capf. Dl|t*ll, TI'KSDAT. Jan. I. 2' p m •CITY Ol’ BIRMINOHAM, (’op* H>r, \VKDNKHOAY Jan 2, 2 |> rn NAIIH H’HKK. Caf.l Smith, TIICItH I>AY Jun 3. 330 p in KANSAS CITY, Cap! K|,h<-r. SATI R I'AY, Jan 5, 5:30 p. ni * TALK AH ASH RB, c.ipt A-kln. Tl'Kf* I*AY, Jun. a. 7:30 p in. CITY 01-' Al'tll STA < ••!>*. Da*ir,tl, THCHBOAY. J.m lo •> • p m. NACOtK'HBK. l' |it.Smltli. HATI'RDAY, Jun 12. M) it p m. •CITY or RIR Ml N< 111 AM Cap*. Rer. MONDAY, Jan 11, I. 00 noon •NOTlCE—Hivumalilp Clip of Blrfnlnxham wIU not carry |ia,,ncrra. Steam,hip CMjr uf Maeun. Capt. Sva*e, wIU ply between N. w York and Boa lon on the following schedule: Utvr New York for Hoaion (from Pier I leave Ronton for New York (from l.ewta -35. North River, al 1J 00 noon), Dec. j Wharf! a* 13 no (noonl, De, W Jan. 3, 2, Jan. 6. 1.. 1, 2tl | . 10. 33 30 Thl, company reserve, the right 4o ehatiK* It, sailing, without notice and without ilability or m countability therefor Sailing, New York for Savannah Tuesdays, Thursday, and Saturdays, t p. m W U. BRKWKR. City Ticks! and Pa*-,nger Agent. 107 Hull street. Savannah, Ua. R O TREZBVANT, Savannah, Ua P KI.KIi: Vlt K Manager. New Plr 35. North River. New York McDOIHOUGH & 15ALLANTYNC, W Iron Founders, Machinists, HIM. lit* I• ••t I e fMinU * fa 1.1 HtitliD ('lf i • -f ■* t•• l I•• •. •r III*.I I'nr inlilr 1 n u ln r•. \nid ii I I **|. It n iinlti 4; <or Mill* “Munr 'I ill it ti *1 Inna *I. •• t 11• *. Full* • rI TELEPHONE NO. 123. £ ' official. DlQt'OR LICENSES ( 'lt of Savannah, office Clark of Coun cil. Savannah, <Ja . Dec. 17, lIOU —The fol lowing application* to retail liquor dur- Ir.K the year 1901, were rml at meeting of Council Dec. 12. IMi, and referrwJ to Committee of the Whole \V *\ BAIDt;V. Clerk of Council. Hlcnje*. F„ No. Ill* Weal Brood etreet. Holey, M . 129 Congreea street, wet Bookhook, F. H, Way street catena km and Fair atrere. Brinkman. H. C., 23 HI. Julian atreet, weat. Heytegh. Thoe. F . No. S2u East Uroad •treet. Bernateln. J . northweat corntr St. Ju lian and Barnard at recta. Brown (fro*., corner Andcrron and Baat Broad atreeta. Cam, Julia. No. 4 Bay atreet. wen*. Clohea—y, David, northweat corner In dian and Ann atreet* Cordea. John F., Montgomery atreet and Whatley avenue. Kimn. J J . No Ml East Broad atreet. Eakrdor, W. 11, Were Broad and Wayne at.-eetr F.nriaht, J.. No. 212 Trine atreet. Kntelman, J. F.. No. <l4 Liberty atreet, eaet. Fehr- nk imp. Henry, corner Bay atreet eateneion and Fair etreet. Farrell. M. A., Bay and Dumber a treat a. Ortmrnl J F. northeast corner Ran dolph and l.lberty atreeta. Cloudman Ilro., No. 43 Form etreet, rtartleman, W. H . Randolph and Ogle thorpe avenue. Orlmm. John 11., ITeeldent and Dray ton atreeta. Oerken. Henry, Agent, No. 715 Wheaton etreet. Orlmm, Albert, comer Weat Broad and Thirty -second atreeta. Ho’chklae * Nev.ll, eouthweat corner Broughton and J. fferaon street*. Hsrne* W. A. No 444 Tattnall etraet. Hersfeld, Hana, 52< Broughton atreet. corner Houaton rtree Hettman. C. H . Kart Broad and Bryan atreeta. Joyce. James J.. No. 214 Eaat Broad •treet Jonea. Oeorgc H 199 Weat Brood etraet, Johnson, Mortln. No. 42 Reynold* street. Jaehen*. F H . * Tine atreet. Jernlgaa. K. 0., northweat corner Dum ber and Zuhly atreeta Jackson. Andrew, No. 42 Whitaker at reel. Kuck. John. No. 412 Drayton atreet. Konemunn. C. H SU Farm atreet. KANSAS CITY. apl l l-her TCEBDAY. Jan. 15, 12 30 p in DAY, Jan. 17. 2.30 p. m. CITY OF AFGI’fITA, ('wpt Daggatt, BATFRDAY, Jan 19. 4 p in. NAITKCHEE. Cap flnHlh, TUESDAY. J.m 22. 0 .OO p in KANflAfl CITY. Capt Fisher. THURS DAY, Jan 24. xun p m •CITY OF BIRMINGHAM Cgp|. Berg. THFRfIDAY. Jan l. Mil p. in TALLAH ABU EL. Capl Anklns. fIATI’R DA Y. Jan 2*l. 9 p in CITY OF ACGCHTA, Capt. Ihgg**(t, Tl *EHDA Y. Jan 2V. 13:30 p in VACOOCHEK. (Vtpt flmlth, THUHfIDAT, Jan 31, 2 3u p m K. TV SMITH. Consen ting Freight Agent. Savannah, Oa WALTER HAWKINS Oeneral Agent Trafll Department 22* W Ray Ht . Jacksonville Kla W II II.KASANTni 'leneral Freight and 'Paaaenger Agent, New Pier 35. North River. New York Landsverk, S C.. No 17 Ray g'reel, east. Dung, Nicholas, No. 33 Barnard street Morton. Peter, Manager. 212 Broughton street, east. Monsec* C. 11.. corner Hall and Jeffer son stress, Murken. Dora, Mrs. Thunderbolt road, near totlaate Perry, F L. St Cos., Bull and River st rents, Raima. K W, 11.. tin Indian aired. Ranaln, M * Son. Congrr-s and West Broad streets Rllversleln. Davkl No 122 Bt Julian street, went Bchnaars. F, corner Andejaon and Whitaker alreeaa. Schroder, Cna-ge, southeast corner West Broad and WnMburg atreds. Stem, J !>.. No. 533 Jona* street, wee! Uchlotelburg, V , comer Price and llall street* Smith W T. K.. 412 Congrea* alreel, *ve*t. Handers Philip, corner Bull and Twelfth at red Hla'er, Ja*. F . No. II Bast Broad sired Hi'lJea. A., northwest comer Jackson and Reynolds air. et* Slater, J. C„ ('ongrea* and Jefferson afreets. Tholken. <Jeo. H , 172 Arnold streets. Tnylor. J K.. northwest corner Ogle thorfc avenue and Price sared, Tletjen. John T.. 235 West Broad street. Winter Adoplh. 144 Ylarnard alreet. Wallace. W M Stewart street. Weilhroek John F , 524 Jefferson street. Yhanes. Eugene D . MS Bay street, east. LADIESrEMEPyI The moat powerful remedy for pain and lm-guUritlea peculiar to the eei. APIO LINE (CHAPOTEAUT) j Saprrtor to Apk>l, Tansy or Peonyroysl. Prise. $1 00; a bottle of Cspee las lists 3 non tbs. Druggists, p. <l. lioi 20*1, M. Y. oa CMICMtBTgffS CNOLISM PgINYROy.ALPILLS 7 M CM It'll KNTKK‘I KNUIikH KIP M< 44*14 *••— H V. with Mm riMoo Tsk* • (Mfc#r lIWm 4m Wj llstffrrast hskolllsllsso m 4 I*IU j - fir Km* kr bf *•? Itrtktftet Ot SS* J 4*. I* I w Jr MMft pr (••Fttoshin, 1 ssllaMtsisls \m* B M ~< lfltoylbrlMlU,**.wi. pi; “ y um Mali. (• •MTomimm *** ** swe te Seui L. 9. lmMalu.OMk. cti oioma Plant System ' of Railways. Trains .it t rv ** nt*rbil<n 'true- Dire hour i*w r than cl*y time. In efrM t Dev. 9. .ynq. All train*. vannsh Dali) Arflivannih. i ■ • i, Aro Ha v mruih ;13 lb l® **n VV.n* i o) am * b* am J H-k'onvfbe in g nm and ! ri a . .|l2 45 pm 1 ‘"‘Jon pin* j 7 0* pm Between * fl*varumh ,; 3 55 ant U Ita Kratov 7 So am t <*:, pm and Ei*t | 55 pm L I'rnim k Ar Brunswick. Bet a r en ft 1 ‘am H i k ..} % <l3 m J** up (I 23 pm fl i * i- if tml 7 1.3 am .1 rfc* i v(*!• ! 3.3 pin ' • • m . * I*, rt Tam pi with Fenin* ml n It* n'al steamer * h aving for *k"' W* nu! Hrvtiui Mondays, Thurs daly* nnd Ha turdays 11 flu p. m. *al at Ticket tiff) • for further Infor* motion J H FOLllß.Ml'fl. T F A VV Mil * CLARK CTt) Ticket Agent. D* fl>t• * Hotel 'Phone 71 B V> Wi ;i l.v.Miger lYaffl Man ager, fla\ann h. G. WGEORGIA YCO. y <!,,> Uffenive Dec 19. 1900. Trarnu .rriv at irnl *l* part from Central Station, Weal Broad) foot of Lll*erty street. 904 b Meridian Tlnn on** hour *kwer than city time uMVt Arrive flavofitish; Hsiannsh: Vm • Mi -n Vtknits.| H Lam Uoi ingtoti. .Milh dgevUle.H flOpm rnl all Intermediate |iolnts| Augusta, Macon, Atlantal jAthen*. Al**i>gmery. C©*| •9 flnpm.umbu Ibiininghani. Am- *4dlßl •n iif I'ufaula and Troy.J |6 00pm D*v r AccotnmiMlation ||7 UUrn I- 0 ,, 1’n Guyton Dinner Train J|4 50pm •Dali) ii.v .pi Eundiy BETWEEN HAVA NN All AND TYBEB. 73th M-ri*|liin or flawintiah dty time, LEAVE fIA V ANN AII. Da by 9.30 a m . 3.0 rp. m. LEAVE TYUBE. D rily Jo 25 an . .7 Hr p m Connect tuns* nt terminal points with Mil train© Northwtwt. West and South wee! Sleeping tar* ret night trains tetwael rf.naiuiah and Augusta. M i on Atlanta and Birmingham Parlor cars on day train* between Ba vai nab. Mmon and Atlanta. For complete information, schedulag, rase* au*l • imnectkais. apply to W G BREWER city Ticket and Fas senger Agent. 107 Bull atraet. or W It McTNTYRE De t )ot Ticket AgenL .1 C IIA ILF * hn* ml Pa**nger Agent. K If HINTON Truffle Manager. D KLINE General A u per In tendent Ravannah. Oa. * SMSiIM lIMITED Double Daily Service The short line to Norfolk. Washington naltlmor>'. Philadelphia, Now York and Ihe East. AKRIVAD OF TRAINS FROM No 27 North end Deal 1 00 am No. 31 Denmark anil tayral Sta •*ns 10 20 am No 21 Nortn ami Fuat 12 10 ion No 44 Jacksonville ami Florida .. I in pm No 72 Montgomery and Weal a IS Pm No 74 Helena six! Deal Point# .. ( 45 am No f4 Jackaonvllle and Florida. . .11 00 pm DEPART I- ?**: OF TRAINS Ft >R No. 77 JackaonvlUe mid Florida... 5 M am No SI JackaonvlUe and Florida 12 II ion No 44 New York and East I R pm No 31 and Auguata 3 f. pm No 71 Montgomery and Weat 7 25 am No 73 llatena nnd lava I Stallona. < 20 pm No <4 Nek Iml II IS pit Magt.incent Pullman buffet aleeptng car lervlre to Wa-hlngton. Baltimore Phila delphia and New fork; aiao to Jaokssn vllle and Tamiw Dining care from Savannah In I lamiat and Richmond to New York. Buffet parlor cara Savannah to MuM gornery. For additional Information apply to Ticket office. Bull and Bryan (treats. Phone SI. * Sunset, Route, SOUTHERN PACIFIC COMPANY. The Paverllr and Best Houle Lina To LOUSIANA, TEXAS. MEXICO. CALIFORNIA, and all Polnta Weal. STANDARD PULLMANS on aH trains dally. EXCURSION PALACE PULLMAN* dully, except Monday, freer, New Orleans to I’alltornla and Oregon points, at L.fW per berth. yHIIK CHAIR CARR dally. New Or leans to Dallas, and all Middle end Northern Teses points. DAILY THROUGH PULIeMANB to Mi-xh-o City and Ban Kranclaco. The Kane,us SUNSET LIMITKD. every Monday Thurwley ami He,urday. New Orleans to Hnn Francisco. ►'or all Information, eddrewa CLARENCE W. MURPHEY, T. P. A, is Lest Bryan St . Savannah, Os. BRENNAN BROS* * not-BS ALA Fruit, Produce, Grain, Etc sn BAY STWL’LT, WaaL IMoIhhIW. JOHN (.- HI TLER, I)UALLKS IN palrls. oils and Ulna*. Sash Doors, llllnda and Ilulldara' Supplies. Plain and Decorative Wail Paper. Foreign and Do mestic Cements. Lime Plaeier and Hair. S*4e Agent for Ahaetlne Cold Water Paint. g> Congress street, weei. and 19 St. Julian street, week 7