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The daily opinion. (Atlanta, Ga.) 1867-1868, February 15, 1868, Image 2

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THE DAILY OPINION. OFFICIAL PAPER FOB THE COUNTIE8 OF Baker. Baldwin. Bartow, Bibb, Bail*, Carroli, i'hittoo^i. Clayton, Cobb, DeKalb, Fayette, Forsyth, Fulton. Gordon, Greene, Gwinnett, H&rralaon, Heard, Henry, Jauper, Lee, Monroe, Murray, Nt wton, Paulding, Polk, Spalding, Sumter, Upson. AT), A NT A, G A: FEBRUARY 15. FOUR O’CLOCK, P. M. Situation in ALABAMA.-There:*re already three political parties in the United States. The old rampant, run-mad, pro slavery. sore-headed Democracy; the ex treme, fanatical, purblind, impracticable, canting. Iiyproeritical Radicals; and the Impartial Suffrage and Amnesty partj\ Hie first want no Union without “Demo- »r.»ey” and perhaps slavery also. The second want none wherein r. white man may live ami maintain his self respect- The third, want a Union wherein all men uny have nn equal chance before the laws; where all have the opportunity’ of better ing their condition, without the means of degrading any. The first would ruin where they can no longer rule. The second would organize Ilaytl. .-t. Domingo or Perdition in the Southern Stated for the sake of the -polls. The third would have the Union restored, not “as it was.” but as Justice, anil the altered condition of society, demands. Tlie defeat of Reconstruction in Ala bama was the result of the combined ef forts of the two first named parties. The Democrats were, of courec. expected to oppose any scheme of Reconstruction which did not place the State in their bands. The Radicals, equally proscrip tive, nought to foist upon the pe» pie a Con- ? icution which aimed to perpetuate power in the hands of an ignornt cabal. The « on«equence was, that not only Democrats, blit Rcpubli ..ns who still stand pledged to Reconstruction under the Sherman bill, voted against it. Had the Constitution l*een liberal and just—disfranchising none not disfranchised by the Constitutional Amendment—and had it been a charter of Rights commensurate with the necessities and convenience of the whole people, instead ol a sort of political platform, it would have received the support of the masses, and been ratified by an overwhelming ma jority. As it is. the work h to be done over again. Doubtful.—It is stated by an Alabama paper, that Jeff. Davis is very much op posed to reconstruction under the laws of Congress, and that he proposes taking the stump in Mississippi against the new Con stitution of Mississippi. We judge from be any truth in the report), GEORGIA STATE COXVFATIOJt. FORTY-SIXTH DAY. [HtrOKTED rXPKESSLY FOB THE DAILY OPINION.J Saturday, February 15,1868. Convention met at the ususal hour. Prayer by the Chaplain. Minutes read and approved. Mr. WADDELL moved to reconsider the vote on the adoption of section 10 of the Franchise article. Mr. EDWARDS moved to reconsider the vote by which paragraph fl.e, section 1, of the article on Legislative Department, was adopted. Mr. CONLEY moved to reconsider the vote amending and adopting paragraph six of section 1, of the same article. The question being on the motion to re consider the vote on section 10. Mr. WAD- Second—The bonded debt contacted since 1865, provided, however, that no in debtedness, bonds or otherwise, contracted by’ the State of Georgia, during the late rebellion, or indebtedness contracted dur ing the last two years for the benefit, di rectly or indirectly, of any Interest of the rebel States or Confederate Government, shall in any’ manner be recognized by this Convention. Mr. MILLER moved to strike out all after the word enumerated, and insert as follows: ‘•All the bonded debt of the State, issued and negotiated before the 19th day of January, 1861, and since the 1st day of June, 1865.” The notion to suspend the rules was lost. Mr. WHITELEY moved to adjourn. Lost. The consideration of the legislative re port was resumed, and paragraphs 1,2 3,4 DELL sent to the Secretary’s desk a sub- ' and 5 were adopted, as follows: that there U n.» rtqltmiWT rrrp- < institution. stitntc which he should offer, should the motion to reconsider prevail, as fol lows : Sec. 10. White men only shall be eligible to any office of trust, honor, profit, or emolument, whether municiple, judicial, or political, in this State; and white men only shall serve as Jurors in the Courts. On motion to reconsider, the yeas and nays were ordered, and resulted—yeas 19, nays 103, a3 follows: Yeas—Messrs. Bell of Banks, Cameron, Cooper, Cobb of Madison, Crane, Flynn, Foster of Paulding, Griffin, Harland, fiar- rison of Carroll, Houston, Holcombe, Howe, King, Knox, Martin of Calhoun. Stanford, Trammell, Waddell—19. •Nays—Messrs. Adkins, Alexander, An derson, Ashburn, Bedford, Bentley’, Beaird, Baldwin. Bell of Oglethorpe, Bowers, Blodgett, Blount, Bryant, Bracewell, Bul lock, Campbell, Carson, Casey’, Christian of Newton, Clift, Chatters. Claiborne, Cham bers, Cobb of Houston, Costin, Conley, Crawford, Crayton, Crumley, Cotting. Dalcv, Dinkins,'Dunning, Dnnnegan, Ed- warefs, Ellington, Fort, Gilbert Goodwin, Gove, Golden, Guilford, Harrison of Han cock, Higbee, Higden, Hotekiss. Hopkins, H ndsoiv, Hutcheson, Jackson. Joiner, Jones, Jordan, Key, Lee, Linder, Lumpkin. Mad den. Maddox, Maull, Mathews, Martin of C: . roll, Martin of Habersham, McUan, McCay, Minor, Miller, Moore of White, Moore of Columbia, Murphy, Neal, Noble, Palmer, Pope, Prince, Reynolds, Rozar, Saulter,.Sikes, Seeley, Sherman. Smith of Charlton, Smith of Coweta, Smith of Thom as, Shumate. Stewart. Supple, Stone, Strickland, Traywick, Turner, Wallace, Welch. Whitaker, Whitehead of Burke, Whitehead of Butts. Whitcloy, Williams, Wooiley—103. So the motion to reconsider was lost. Tho question then recurred on the mo tion of Mr. Edwards, and the yeas and nays being ordered resulted yeas 63, nays 62—the Chair voting in the negative—as follows: Yeas—Messrs. Adkins, Alexander, An derson, Ashburn, Bentley, Beaird, Baldwin, Bell of Oglethorpe,Blodgett, Bryant. Bul lock, Campbell, Casey, Clift, Chatters, Clai borne Chambers, Cobb of Houston, Costin, Conley’. Crane, Crayton, Cotting, Dinkins, Edwards, Golden. Guilford, Harrison of Hancock, Higbee, Hopkins, Jackson, Join er, Jones. Linder, Lumpkin, Madden, Mad- Minor, Moore of Columbia, About Dickuns.—Dickens, it is said, has .i sistcr-ln-law. who is keeping a boarding house in Chicago, ami who barely earns a support. In this connectior we remember a state ment, made in the New York papers a few days since, that Pickens had gent Mrs. Clem, of Baltimore. Edgar A. Poe’s moth er-in-law, f1,000. Reynolds, 3 Abii.msm.—Ii is not surprising that a man of Dr. Lovlck Pierce's learning and piety, should pronounce the weak and s.illy effusion of Ariel unworthy’ the seri ous consideration of any’ sound mind. The style of this pamphlet l y Ariel is clumsy, the reasoning both puerile and pedantic, and many of the arguments sim ply’ contemptible. It Is at best a very in different hnmbug. - <««» .Memoir of John M. Daniel.—Frederick L. Daniel, brother of the late John M. Daniel, editor of tho Richmond Examin er, Is preparing a memoir of his illustrious brother, anil selections from h;a writings as editor of the Examiner. memoir will be interesting to a very largo class of the Southern people, ami will not he with out readers North and South. Money in Montgomery.—Up to Satur day last—this day week—nearly 55,000 bales of cotton had lieen received in Mont gomery and the greater part of it sold. They ought to have plenty of money in 1 W:,s taken up, when Montgomery ami vicinity. 1. Each House shall be the judge of the election returns and qualifications of its raembeas, and shall have power to punish them for disorderly behavior or miscon duct by censure, fine, imprisonment or ex pulsion, but no member shall be expelled except by a vote of two-thirds of the House from which he is expelled. 2. Each nouse may punish by imprison ment, not extending beyond the session, any person not a member, who shall be guilty of a contempt by any disorderly be havior in its presence, or who during the session shall threaten injury to the person or estate of any member for anything said or done in either House, or who shall as sault any member going to or returning therefrom, or who snail rescue or attempt i to rescue any person arrested by order of either House. 3. The members of both Houses shall be free from arrest during their attendance on the General Assembly, and in going to or returning therefrom, except for treason, felony, larceny or breach of the peace; and no member shall be liable to answer in any other place for anything spoken in debate in either House. 4. Each House shall keep a Journal of its proceedings and publish them immediate ly after its adjournment. The yeas and nays of the members on any question shall, at the desire of one-fifth of the members present, be entered on the Journals. The original Journals shall be preserved, after publication, in the office of the Secretary of State; but there shall be no other record thereof. 5. Every bill, before it shall pass, shall be read three times, and on three separate and distinct days in each House, unless in cases of actual* invasion or incurrection. Nor shall any law or ordinance pass which refers to more than one subject-matter, or contains matter different from what is ex pressed in the title thereof. Paragraph 6 was amended and adopted as follows: 0. All acts shall be signed by the Presi dent of the Senate ami the Speaker of the House of Reprssentatives, and attested by the Secretary of the Senate and the Clerk of the House of Representatives; and no bill, ordinance or resolution, intended to have the effect of a law, which shall have been rejected by cither House, shall be again proposed during the same session under the same or any other title, without the consent of two-thirds of the House by which the same was rejected. Mr. MURPHY moved to strike out two- thirds in the third line, and insert the Key Stewart, Supple, t Palmer, Pope,Prince, | words “a majority.' “Ston^^nc^fetr^^TTunTj -The motion prevails , Whitaker, Whitehead of : au *'~ tffla iwl^y^fr/1 Wallace, Welch Burke, Whitehead of Butte, Williams—63. i Nays—Messrs. Angler, Bedford, Bell of j Banks, Bowden of Campbell, Bowers.! Blount, Bracewell, Bryson, Carson, Camer on, Christian of Newton, Cooper. Cobb of: Madison. Crawford, Crumley, Daley, Dun ning, Dunnegan, Ellington, Flynn, Fort, Foster of Paulding, Gilbert, Goodwin, Gove, Griffin, Harland, Harrison of Car- roll. Higden. Hotchkiss. Houston, Hol combe, Hooks. Howe, Hudson, Hutcheson, Jordan. Key, King. Knox, Lee, Lott, Ma thews, Martin of Carroll, Martin of Cal houn, Martin of Habersham, Mellan, Mc- Cav, Miller, Moore of White, Parrott, Saul- tcr. Smith of Calhoun, Smith of Coweta, Smith of Thomas, Speer, Shumate. Stan ford, Trammell. Traywick, Waddell, White- ley, Woody—62. So the motion to reconsider was lost. The question then recurred on tho motion of Mr. Conley to reconsider the vote on amending paragraph six. The motion prevailed, when Mr. CONLEY moved to strike out the words “vote or.” which were inserted yes terday. The motion was sustained, and the sec tion as amended reads as follows; 0. No person convicted of anv felony or larceny before any court of this State, or in any*of the United States, shall be eligi ble to any office or appointment of honor trust within the State, unless he shall have been pardoned. The regular business, the report of the Committee on the Legislative Department, l,aml the paragraph Mr. ASHBURN offered the following resolution: Mrs. Pollard. Mrs. E. A. Pollard—j Resolved, That the 2d and 3d sections, as wife of blood and thunder Pollard, author reported by the Committee on tho Legis- of the “Lost Cause”—has been released from jail. She was Incarcerated, as our readers may remember, for shoot ing at and attempting to kill Dr. Moore, of Baltimore. A Mr. Johnson, «nd a Mr. Poppleton, went her -ecurity. Mrs. Yklveriox Coming.—The Hon. Mrs. Yelverton—who has become some- j what notorious—lias been giving dramatic readings in Charleston, S. C., and Is an nounced to appear in Augusta soon. We presume Atlanta will, in due time, be com plimented with her presence. Homicide in Green*.—The body- of Jesse Mf ore, a citizen of Greene county, was found near WliU^Pi a ins,on Thursday lative Department, be referred to a special committee of seven appointed by the President, selected, one from each Congres sional District, with instructions to report on the 19th instant. Mr. ASHBURN moved the previous question, which motion was not sustained. After discussion, Mr. WHITELEY moved the previous question, which motion prevailed, and the resolution to refer was adopted. The following gentlemen w’ere appointed the committee named in the resolution of Mr. /siiburn: Messrs. Whiteley, Seeley, Edwards, WhJJjetmd-et Rutta. Hotch Shropshire and Blodgett. Mr. HOTCHKISS moved to suspend the Headq’rs. Third Military District,/ rules to offer the following resolution Paragraph seven was adopted. 7. Neither House shall adjourn ibr more than three days, nor to any other place, without the consent of the other; and in ease of disagreement between the two Houses on a question of adjournment, the Governor may adjourn either or both of them. Paragrapli eight w’as read, as follows; 8. The officers of the two Houses, other than the President and Speaker, shall be a Secretary of the Senate and Clerk of the House, and an Assistant for each, a Jour nalizing Clerk, two Ergrossing and two Enrolling Clerks for each House; and the number shall not be increased, except by a two-third vote of tiic House. Anu their per diem pay, as well as the pay and mile age of the members, shall be fixed by law. In tho passage of which two-thirds, of the members of each House shall concur. ' Mr. BRYANT moved to amend by strik ing out the words “two-thirds” In the last line, and Inserting the words “a major ity.” Upon which motion the yeas and nays were ordered and resulted—j’eas 68. nays 41, as follows: Yeas—Messrs Alexander, Anderson, Ash- burn, Bedford, Bentley, Beaird, Baldwin, Bell of Oglethorpe. Bowden of Campbell, Blodgett, Bryant, Bryson, Bullock, Camp bell, Casey, Clift, Chatters, Clalrborne, Chambers, Cobb of Houston, Costin, Con ley, Crane, Crayton, Crumley, Dinkins, Ed wards, Goodwin, Golden. Harrison of Han cock, Higbee. Hopkins, Howe. Jackson, Joiner, Jones, Jordan, Linder, Lumpkin. H’dquarters Third Military District,) (Dept. Ga., Florida and Alabama.) > Atlanta, Ga., Feb. 14.1868.) General Orders, No. 24. 1. Whereas, the Constitutional Conven tion of Georgia, now in session in Atlanta, on the 8th day of February, 1868, enacted the following ordinance: Sec. 1. Be it ordained by the people of Georgia, in Convention assembled, That an ordinance of this Convention passed on the 20th day of December, in the year 1867, entitled “an ordinance to levy and collect a tax to pay the delegates ana officers con nected with the Convention, as well as all other incidental expenses,” except the second section thereof, is hereby rescinded, and the following is ordained in lieu there of, to-wit: That it shall be the duty of the Comp troller General of the State of Georgia to levy and assess a tax of one-tenth of one per cent, on all the taxable property of this State, as returned upon the digegt for the year 1867, for the purpose of defraying the expenses of this Convention, and the com pensation of officers and members. And it shall be the duty of the Tax < 'ol lee tors in the several counties of this State to col lect the tax so assessed, and to pay the same to the Comptroller General on or be fore the first day of May, 1808. And it shall be the duty of the several Tax Col lectors to issue executions against all per sons subject to taxation under this ordi nance whose tax is unpaid after twenty days notice to pay it. for the amount of tax due them and fifty per centum thereon and all costa; and of sheriffs and constables to levy and sell under such executions, and to return the proceeds to tho Tax Collector?, as soon as the same can be done under the provisions of existing laws. Sec. 2. Be it further ordained, That any scrip which may be issued by tho authori ty of this Convention for the purpose aforesaid shall be received by the Comp troller General from the Tax Collector in payment of the tax aforesaid. Sec. 3. Be it further ordained, That the Tax Collectors shall receive tho same per cent, for collecting the tax aforesaid as they are now allowed by law for collecting the State tax. See. 4. Be it further ordained, That the Comptroller General shall Issue to the tax collectors all necessary orders for the col lection and payment of tho tax aforesaid, which orders shall ho binding upon said tax collector. Sec. 5. Beit further ordained. That the moneys and scrip received by the Comp troller General under the ordinance be paid by him into the Treasury of tho State to be disposed of as this Convention may direct. Resolved, That the General Commanding the Third Military District be requested to enfore an ordinance of this Convention, passed this day, entitled “an ordinance to provide the means of defraying the ex penses of this Convention, and the com pensation of officers and members.” Resolved, t^at copies of said ordinance and resolutions be transmitted by the Pres ident to Major General Meade to the Pro visional Governor and Comptroller Gener al of the State. II. Therefore, by virtue of the plenary powers vested by the acts of Congress in the Commanding General of the Third Military District it is ordered : That all of said ordinance, except what is contained in sections 2 and 5. is approved and direct ed to becairied into execution; and it is hereby enjoined on the Provisional Gov ernor, Comptroller General, and Secretary of State, Tax Collectors, Sheriffs and all others, to give due and prompt respect to the requirement of this order, and to the collection of the special tax provided for in the aforesaid ordinance. ItX. Xm. 1L>*» m ^■»-» O *>«> — |x1a 3 of the aforesaid ordinance, the Provisional Governor of the State is hereby autlioriz ed to issue in advance of tho collection of the special tax. scrip in such sums as may be deemed tlie most convenient, and not to exceed in amount fifty thousand dollars IV. The scrip herein authorized to be issued, shall be made receivable in pay ment of the special tax; shall be paid out of the Treasury only for the pay and ex penses of the Convention, and so much as shall not be received* in payment of the special tax. shall be redeemed out of the i proceeds of said special tax when collected. Bv order of Maj.Gen. Mkadb. R. C. Dkum„ A. A.G. Official : R. G. Drum, A. A. G. On motion the Convention adjouned. TELEGRAPHIC. FROM tbs BMW YORK PRESS ASSOCIATION. Congressional. Washington, Feb. 14.—Senate.—The President was asked whether he had cre ated a new’ military department here, and under what law. The bill regulating the filling of vacan cies was passed • It provides that offices vacant by sickness or otherwise may be filled by the President for ten days, pro vided that the appointee’s salary shall not be increased. The Thomas case was resumed and dis cussed to executive session. Adjourned. 'nal; sales 1,500 bales: receipt.. t >71 Washington,! eb. 14.—House—Gen. Grant j ^ ’ 191 was directed to furnish the House bis cor Pari**, Feb. II.—Miui-tt-rhl » conciliatory of tin* TJiwral p,, u rently reported. Florence, Feb. 4.— n . Parliamentary que-thm. M« iu) t \ that tlie Government had dUpat, 1,. ,* ral ships to th»* river LaPlat.i. !*Isrkci«. Mobile. Feb. 14.—Cotton fl ,, bales at lSJdalO. Baltimore. Kebnian 11. « .. at 201*. New York. Feb. 14.—Cotton ' . 1 sales 2,100 bales at 20^*20’* securities dull and steady. Nortl.r^T bonds 73aSl. Sterling 9 • n uti-«.. , cited during uftcrn<ion. ret. i„ closed at 140%al40$i. Savannah. Feb. 1L—Cotton UnIL, respondence with Gen. Hancock. A resolution was offered taxing Federal sales 10.000. Liverpool. Feb. 14. — < ,ki.>> firmer; uplands 8C,its' ll ; orl«\:n- bonds two per cent. The bill extending the patent fora wood en screw making machine, was lost. Tho Speaker submitted a communication j from the Secretary of War, covering or ders issued by district commanders. A resolution from the Virginia Com en- J rl tion. praying a reduction of the toba< eo! ^onds New Orleans, Feb. 14.—(ottnn . sales 2,700 bales at 19*4 5 reeHpt. bales. Sugar and molasses active ,, changed. Sterling 52a5(. New ) Rediscount. Gold 139’snli'». Cha lestox, Feb. 14 —Cotton «l« ’■£; middling 19'sa20. London. F*>h. 11.—noon—i.... : tax, was referred to the Ways and Means Committee. House adjourned. mtceUaueoui. The Government is pushing the claims against Confederate agents abroad. Some seven millions dollars worth of property Paris. Fel». 1-4.—Bullion in. r. million franc**. Hour**- higher, i;. quiet. Liverpool, Feb. 14.—r. m.—<^ - Sales will reach 10.060 hale*. I.arJ Lj London, Feb. 14.—Evening 1 93.R. Bonds 7*21*. has been attached in Fraance. The claims i The Very Latest Intelligia against Mr. McRea approximate twelve millions, nc also sold twenty-six ships to * various parties, proceedings against whom are about being instituted. The Treasury Department suggests thatj dler for insuiting hi- wife, tlie seven-thirty bonds due the 15th of .Tune j Tlie Arkansas Convention lm- and July, amounting to two hundred mil- subject to the call of its P»*-i*l» nt lion?, be promptly forwarded, otherwise! there will lie delay in returning the five- twenty bonds, into which seven-thirties are convertible. The President has pardoned Commodore Farran, who commanded Pensacola Navy Yard, but who resigned to join the Confed eracy. The whisky tax from 1S63 to 1807 lias averaged 827.000,000 per annum. Ethan Allen, Collector of customs at j directed to make 11 cruise, callii Teelie, Louisiana; Albert G. Gridley, Gen- } Thomas. J FTRHSOOS Tt hhs A SeUlcr Skat. MxMPHirt. Feh. 15—A negro , Foreign. Commodore Farragut dirn.l wit;. Emanuel. His alleged object \v ; .. tl*. quirem nt of* naval station on *h« M. ranean. The Fenian Lemon lias in. n 1,1 to fifteen years suspension. Tlie writ of habeas corpus in li«*h continued. The British We»t India mail -t.m. eral Appraiser of Merchandise for the South; II. E. J. Morgan, Surveyor of Cus toms, at Selma, Alabama, arc confirmed. An official proclamation was issued to day, creating a new military division of the Atlantic, comprising the Departments of tlie Southeast and Washington, com manded by (Jeneral Sherman, with head quarters at Washington. The President ordered Grant to assign Sheridan to tlie temporary command of tlie Division of Mie.-ouri. Internal Revenue receipts to-day 8213,- 000. General Lorenzo Thomas is assigned to duty a? Adjutant Geueral of the army, re plevin* General Townsend, who lias 1km’ acting alnre 1802. Covode presented a communication, sup Pr. Hill I tit. J.11M.. M- The French stormy debate. The Freneli Government P the National Guard, the organ. Market*. New York, Feh. 15.—Flour 5ali> ’ Wheat le better. Corn quiet hat Rye steadv. Oats dull. Pork heav j : 23.37 1 Lard quiet. Cotton firm* r a20*^. Freights dull. Gold 140P. London, February 15. u.—Consol- ■< Bonds 72. Paris, Feb. 15.—Rentes firm. Liverpool Fell. 15. m.—Cotton < firm, estimated sales 10,0in) 1*1*-. 7 ! market for cotton to arrive is im..w Breadstuff's generally firmer, j London, Feb. 15, r. r.—Bonds 71 ,r. Liverpool. Feb. 15. r. x.—Cotton Ik [•11 ' ant—uplands 9iga8* 4 '; Orleans s ,a:< • lands to arrive 8’ j; sales 18.000 >. «i. . , ,, ... In Jail.— Messrs. Galloway ami V. t- ported by affidavits, Kianlinx alleged ; 0 f the Mel..,Av.Ui.rk- whisky fraud* in New Orleans. The pa pers are quite voluminous. It alleges that each distiller pay 1 the whisky ring over one thousand dollars per month, the reve nue officers getting a portion of tlie money. Loutalann Convention. Nkw Orleans, Feb. 14.—The Convcn- recently fined and imprisoned for «*ohd, of court. They nre !>oth in jail. -*>r out their time—one month ea< h. Seeley, Sherman, Speer, Stewart, Supple, Stone, Strickland, Wallace, Whitaker, Whitehead of Burke, Whitehead of Butts, Whiteley, Williams—68. Nays—Adkins, Angier, Bell of Banks, Bowers, Blount, Bracewell, Carson. Cam eron, Christian of New ton, Cooper, Craiv- ty The Maine Historical Society t,. j piece of paper taken from the poll*! mo»: i a saw-log, received for sawing at , some time ago. The paper bears the ir..r tic, yesterday adopted a ronton Mil.* for the appointment of Gen. Mower to command the Third District, in case Han cock is removed. It was amended to sub stitute General Sheridan for Geueral Mow- ford, Cotting,Dunning, Dunnegan, Elling ton. Foster of Paulding. Gilbert, Gove Griffin, Harrison of Carroll Higflen, Hotch kiss, Houston, Holcombe. Hooks, Hudson, Hutcheson. Key, King, Knox. Lee, Lott, Mathews, Martin of Carroll, Martin of Cal houn. Martin of Habersham, Me Han. Me- Cay, Miller. Moore of White. Saffbld, Saul- j tlie Union : ter, Smith of Charlton. Smith of Coweta, Smith of Thomas, Shumate, Travwick. Turner, Welch, Woodey—41. . So the motion to strike out prevailed. The CHAIR laid the following com- unication from Gen. Meade before the Convention: Governor Bullock, the Republican Governor of Massachusetts, In his message, already alluded to by telegraph, said : “We must remember that there are millions of the white race who cannot and must not always be retained iu the position of ab ject foes; millions whose productive labor is necessary for the discharge of national obligations which must never be repudia ted, and whose good will and co-operation arc essential to a complete and thorough renulon. Let us then hear no more of con fiscation and attainder for the Southern masse**.” Republican Meetings.—The proceed ings of Republican meetings held in Up son, Spalding and Union counties have all been received, from which we observe that they have proclaimed for Col. Farrow as their choice for Governor. We cannot publish these proceedings for want of space. Similar meetings have been held in Carroll,. Campliell, Murray and Towns counties, but we have been unable to pub lish them. Alabama ln Congress;—The fotyowuig Is the bill introduced in the United States Senate, for the re-admi«ion of Alabama to evening. Hc-had . vldentlv been hron<rb* i Resolved, That the Finance committee ! ir , IiatI \ N K t>eui brou ^ ht ! bo authorized to negotiate a loan to defray the expenses of this Convention. J Mr. SAFFOLD moved that seven per j cent, only should be paid. Mr. ANGIER moved to add : “Provided it can be procured at a rate of interest not j exceeding 12 per cent, per anmum. Mr. j Saffold accepted the amendment which was lost. 1 The resolution was adopted. Mr. BULLOCK moved to suspeud the rules to allow the introduction of tho fol lowing resolutions: O ~ V. V lUVIlbl J I/Lvll U4 l/U to hR^^atn through malicious means, but j Jh clue has been had of the murderer. The Polls in North Alabama.—The Huntsville Alabamian (Republican) pays the vote lu that section was very small, and that the Constitution has been defeat ed in the State by 15,000. The two Bens.—Ben, Butler and Ben. W*de are both aspirants to the Republican nomination to the Presidency. Not much chance there for either of the Bene., and (Dep’t of Ga., Alabama and Floflda.) Atlanta. Ga., Feb. 14.1S69, Whereas, The people of the State of Ala bama have, with strict compliance with the filth section of the act of March 2. 18G7, entitled “An act to provide for the more efficient government of the reliel States.” formed a constitution of govenment, framed by a convention of delegates elected . in compliance with the said act; and, Whereas, Said Constitution has been rat- i ified by a majority of the qualified persons Hon. J. It. Parrott. President Constitutional! v <^ng on the question of ratification; and. Convention, Atlanta. Ga: • 1 Whereas, bAid (. onstitution contains all SiB-I have the honor to ackimwlege the I \$£ nntec * rP T>««ed by said act; receipt by’ the hands of the Secretary of f - . , , , , , . „ the C onvention of an official conk of the • f Be it enacted and declared by the Sen- ordinance, passed the 8th inst., to provide ! J- 6 ;, 1 . 1 ? ¥f n .* e of f P e l’ r ^ nt »ti v es of the the'means for defrivinv fho pthmiw •- i ^ nited States of America, Ac.. That the the Convention, and the eompenlatkS of of r A ^“ B I* to representa- officers and members,” and begleave to 1 U on n J* n< ^ tint Senators and enclose herewith a copy of the orfer issued | frJSi S^SkiS ? the i^tir’pn^ll^bv I Mo8,LP ~ February 14.-Hiram T. Henry. ; ^tTnVS^ement 0rdi T^ ^ V P * l*a oldest Printer * * Inasmuch as in my opinicarton the issue j To-day was the sixty-fourth day of the session. Another resolution, abolishing the addi tional thirty per cent, per diem, failed. The Committee on Style reportod that the Constitution, as revised, had been sent to the printer, and would be ready for the action of the Convention on Monday morn ing, together with the suggestions of tlie Committee on the amendments proposed. Adjourned till Monday. A dispatch from Galveston says tlie Con vention has undoubtedly carried, the con servatives voting against or wholly ab staining. No general returns yet received. Worth Carolina Convention. Raleigh, Feb. 14.—The Convention was engaged in discussion on the Bill of Rights 1 to-day’. Nothing done. The Convention will hold night eessioin*, j beginning to-night. Gen. Canby has left for Charleston. Month Carolina Convention side of it. tlie precise number of j«» since Arnold's expedition up the he bee. The fact that the paper was pi w a ’ a preacher, Rer. W. A. Drew, nn-fl*V l doubt as to tlie au hcnticRy of th- of its origin. For a Couou.—Roast a Urge lrin«.n »» carefully, without burning It; a her. i: thoroughly hot, cut and squeere It in: cup, upon three ounce* of sugar. Jt-" r powdered. Take a •poonful a he never r- cough troubles you. It Is as good a* agreeable to the taste. Rarely h** it — known to fail of giving relief. tSTJohn M. Langston,** yer and orator, recently made a Ids birth place In Virginia. During • addresa. ho stated that he wa* the **a one of the most influential and belov**' the old aristocracy, ‘-who now thc side of my slave mother in the \!• i graveyard.” ’ .v e if a n 1 e nr is em t:' /* Cl T V EXPRESS FOB U. S. Barracks and West U e*rrlajr«- ■* •••* on the arrival**"■ / . 7. ~7~~. " j uxrtorc or train- On tr«n«oort t>«.«erre’ ( HaRLESTon, leb. 14.—In 4 onven- we are rumilnir carriage, to th* U»'* * I N addition to furni-hior 1 wagon., at tl.e DEPOT < tion to-day a speech was made in furt' er discussion of ’he new Constitution. Noth ing-of. special importance. *Flwrida Convention. Tallahassee. Feb. 14.—The excitement • among the delegates has been intense forj the past four hours. There are serious np- prehen duns ol a collision between the Bil lings faction and the majority of the Con vention. Tlie military are protecting the Capitol from {he possibility of n iolent demonstration. The Convention hud twenty-eight members present to-day. Arrest of Rlr. Burns. Augusta, Feb. 14.—A special to the Ma con Telegraph, dated Rome, Feb. 14th,' says .-“Ex-Comptroller General Burns wu.-, arrested to-day by order of Gen, Meade, and is now confined in the barracks, for j refusing to delUer the records of hisj office.” Death of an Old. Printer. • *! and W KST KNI», lliroc time. » day It iravr-l * hotel* .-it 8*« and it o’clock In tfca rn-.rni; . I 4 In the ant-moon, an* make* the irtf r - I hour. Will run ol tcner if patronage a m . Fainilie. will please leave order* lor ci* 1 ' • express wagon, at onr oOlce. Whitehall -h 1 * febl3— dlw- W. V. HARRIS. !!»»•*' " ‘ „ t Insure* Your Stock ha n: ror a hoop H0SRE, MULE .OR 00* Come Up! Come I P INSURE THEM " I f 1 f THh LIVE STOCk IIS. '*• of any scrip had better oe superintened by in Mobile, died tide morning, aged 62 years. Foreign. Havana, Feb. 14.—Hayt’en dates to the Cocas, at ora nkw ttifi' *. Indiana.— 1 The Indiana State Republican f the officers‘of the StAtoGorernmcntTcoiT- | Convention, for the nomination of dole-! ^ . VIWIVI w aim j uected with the control of its finances, I gates to Chicago, meets on the 20th at In- j llth instant have been received. a* 0r« win probably bark to Ttemoo-! ofS&nUoVro %«- j JSforee Se of tbe I ““Pf 11 '"'** j *w«‘r ".ilos of Capo HayUex. h» * ' scrip provided for in sections second an<U^ tu4e ,av * tendered Senator Morton tlie!capturedtMrty9alnavesandtheirfollow- flve of the ordinance. ' Very respectfully, Your obedient sonant. Geo. G. Meade; Major General U. S. Army, Commanding Third Military DUtrlet. racy whence ho came. Repudiation in Virginia.—The Vir ginia Constitutional Convention lias laid the question of repudiation effectually on the tab!*. mate indebtedness of the State of Georgia, and do hold that said indebtedness should I ever be held sacred. In this series of obli gations we enumerate: 1 First—The entire bonded debt contract ed under the acts of the General Assembly of the State of Georgia before the war. vote of the Convention as the first choice f ers, including a General. Several w»re for President, but lie has declined it. The shot, rialnavee’ fall Is regarded as rer- frtends of Mr. Colfax are making a strong tain. L. B. DAVIS, Ag*"** lebia—4It • *. MESSRS. BALME A CO.. Horticulturist* and ffotrert***- 0¥ FAX 18, efibrt to jg«4. him tndoreed Ibr Vlce-Preot- f dent. A British man-of-war baa gene le tb« Bay of Xanam to watch proceedings there. QrrtRroiSALE,*T*a* wnl, ».“i fln*> ifrbl !<■*•- v_^ boiu’s bntldlaa, ronivr of ,, Alabama .-trreti, tb« most .pUaJIJ J*LANT8*u4FLOWEBN erer * j [doom* i Tl IHSMBX^gga