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The Dade County times. (Trenton, Ga.) 1908-1965, April 24, 1908, Image 1

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\> F. T.UTM, Editor. VOL- XVI Most people know that if they have been sick they need Scoff 9 s Emul sion to bring back health and strength. But the strongest point about Scott 9 s Emulsion is that you don't have to be sick to get results from it. It keeps up the athlete’s strength, puts fat on thin people, makes a fretful baby happy, brings color to a pale girl’s cheeks, and pre vents coughs, colds and consumption. Food in concentrated form for sick and well, young and old, rich and poor. And it contains no drugs and no alcohol. ALL DRUGGISTS? 50c. AND SI.OO. QUICK SALES IK) SMALL PROFITS will he our motto for the year 1908. A big line of ev<w\ thing new and substantial for men, women and child on. Shoes for everybody. Come to the ‘-South Side*’ merchant and save from 2."> to .>) 1 M percent, on your purchases, L- S- LYEM ANCE BURKE & COMPANY TJIiORS §25 MARKET STREET, CHATTANOOGA, TENN. “The man with the shenrs” W ho daily appears t In advertising our work Is the man who knows What’s best in Clothes — It you doubt it call on BURKE. IWBIN6 WILL SELL ONLY FOR CASH OR ITS EQUIVALENT In ordey to do this successfully we realize that we must at great reduction, so you will find us at same old place at surprisingly low prices during this .year. Ibis -* is neceessarv to our buiness and vve must stay by it. Cash or barter and good prices will be our motto ing 1908. J. C. ROBERTSON ROSENTHAW I ROSENTHAW r ~ CHJS. ROSENTHAW i COMPANY LADIES’ READY TO-WEAR FURNISHINGS j f MILLINERY | Prices the Lowest Quality Guaranteed PROMPT ATTENTION TO MAIL ORDERS ** '■ ""inmiiiwiiT—i itr— m mmv —i mil " , ——• *— — * PHONE 320. 734 MARKET ST., CHATTANOOGA NO MORE m si on BUT TEE II HI! W First Ml list Frist Filer a i Em Fillissii Is The Sillily We. take pleasure in presenting <o you the first issue of the Dade County Times—tu.e first all home print newspaper ever before pub lished in Dade County. We changed its name along with some i other notiable changes, not because ! we Ilk* and its former name less, but because we like its present one more, and we beleive you will also. The other changes are in the size and the print. While the size is some smaller than formerly, yet, we have eight columns more of home print, which makes the paper the largest, by one-third, ever published in the county. POL IC Y UNCIIA NG E D The policy of the paper, which is too well kuovn to require re hearsing here, will remain the | same. When the present manage- I merit purchased the “Sentinel” we i promised to make it 11 1 e best paper the county ev*r had and I that by unchanging its former pol | icy. We have now begun to make good our promise. As stated then, and it is just as true now, in order to do this we realize we must first do our part and then ask your ! hearty co-operation aud support, ; which we must have in order to raise the paper out of the old rut. DESERVE A BETTER PAPER You the peop'e of Dade county deserve a better paper. You have foen supporting this sheet for more than sixteen years, and some of you have labored and have many turns sacrifised perhaps something you needed more in order to take and pay for it. \Ve are not saying, nor do we mean to | insinuate that it has never been worth the price asked for it, but we insist that it can be made better for the same price and that is what we are proposing to do. j Continue to give us your support ancl we assure you to recipocate for value received, To each and to all: —With an humble bow, wo introduce to you The Dade Countv ‘‘Times.” TRENTON, GA. FRIDAY APRIL 24 Pl£<fc Trenton to Have a Bath-house B. T. Brock has torn down his barber shop building near the freight house on Front Street and moved it to a point on Torn creek back of his residence for the purpose of re-erecting and con verting it into a bath-house. Mr. Brock is having a swiming pool made in the stream which will afford plenty of fresh and clear running water lor bathing pur poses and will be sufficiently large to accomodate almost every per son in the vicinity needing its cleansing power at one and the same time. We are not informed as to whether this institution will be run on the free soup house plan or not. However this may be, we will patronize it lively—during the “Bath Season,” Offktae Organ of Dade County. Botii Candidates FOR GOVERNOR ; ARE f<OR PROTECTING THE f’RIIIBITION I.AW. Last Monday the undersigned submitted to the candidates for governor the following question; “In event of my election as Gov ernor of Georgia, I pledge myself to resist, if necessary, with the veto power vested in me any re peal or change by amendment thereto the present prohibition law of Georgia. Seaborn Wright. John E. White. M. J. Gofer. L. G. Broughton. Their replies are as follows: Governor Smith’s Reply 1 will resist, if necessary, with the veto power vested in me dur ing my services as governor of Georgia, any repeal or change by amendment thereto of the present! prohibition law of Georgia, unless the amendment is for the purpose of perfecting the law as a prohibi tion measure and is approved by friends of prohibition Such as your selves. * Hoke Smitii. Mr. Brown’s Answer. ■? To your question I make the fol- j lowing answer: Yes, my reasons being: 1 Because even under the local option law in my county I have always stood on the side of pro hibition. 2 When my announcement was made to the people of Georgia the prohibition question was settled, and no one could foresee that it could be injected into this cam paign for political purposes. I said then, and I beleive now, that the people, thro gh their repre sentatives, have a right to regulate this matter. Since that time my opponent has endeavored to force this question as the paramount issue of this campaign. In the meantime nearly one-third of the members of the general assembly have been nominated on issues other than prohibition, and primaries are being held almost daily with, out reference to this question. If prohibition is to be made an | issue the people have a right to know it when tlieir representatives are nominated; and I am unwill ing to be perty to a possible thwarting of the will of the people by approving a measure changing this law passed upon by represen tatives chosen in primaries when such changes were not an issue. The people do not want this j issue injected in this campaign, j There is no possible excuse other! than my opponant’s idea of polit-! ical expentiency for attempting to make it an issue, and 1 am greatly pleased that conditions are such j that I can conscientiously contri- j bute my part toward eliminating | it. Joseph M. Brown. ' Death of a Little Child. Little William Allison, the 18 month old son of Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Rogers, Jr., died at their home near Trenton Monday morn ing. The little one passed away about 10 o’clock after being ill about .two weeks with meuegitis. The funeral took place at Payne burying grounds Tuesday, con ducted by Rev. Mr. Ramsey, ot Tennessee. To the bereaved par ents we extend our tenderest sym pathies. The fellow that does nothing but hang around the street corners and stores from days in to days out, gazing at ladies as they pass, knocking on nis town and county deserves to be slapped into the front pew of hades, there to dwell forevere with his master.* The place where all good men should stop The Stag Hotel Room Clean and Pp-to-Date European Baths in Connect on Every Modern Convenience STANLEY IBOGENSHOTT, PROP'S 334 MARKET ST. PHONE 2505. CHATTANOOGA RIVERSIDE CAFE OPEN DAY AND NIGHT. THEjJFINEST IN THE SOUTH WE SERVE THE BEST FOR LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. Popular Prices and Polite Attention. Next to Stag Hotel 832 MARKET ST., CHATTANOOGA Telephone No. 274. Clothiers, Hatters, Furnishers EVERYTHING THAT MEN WEAR EXCEPT SHOES The genial John B. Hughes, a Dade County boy, to wait on you. Call and see your friends. 821 MARKET ST, CHATTANOOGA, TENN- Avenue Bank and Trust Company FOR FURNITURE go to the old reliable firm ol Gottschalk & Company Tliej' will give you bargains. 732 MARKET STREET CHATTANOOGA PUBLIC NOTICE We wish to notify the readers of this paper that a number of unscrupulous spectacle peddlers traveling in Georgia,, and Tennessee claiming to be agents of our firm. Such claims are FALSE and we denounce these parties as FAKIRS and IMPOSTERS and will prosecute any offend er of the [above if we can secure evidence against him. Broken Lenses Duplicated on Short Notice HARRIS & JOHNSON Mf g . Opticians 13 E Eighth st. Chattanooga, Tenn. IPHONE, MAIN 676 sj.oo A YEA®. NUMBER 10 INVITES YOUR BUSINESS FOR l9OB The Bank that puts Safety First. 232 Montgomery Avenue OHATTANOOA BRANCH: ROSSVILLE. GA-