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Union recorder. (Milledgeville, Ga.) 1886-current, May 25, 1886, Image 1

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i INDISTINCT COPY i" itt TFfderaL Union Established in,1829. } r •» *- Volume L v 1. I soothe b eo °m>eb_» ‘MsiU^waoMPArap m2. Milledgeville, Ga., May 25, 1886. Come and See the Beautiful MIKADO IDXSFLJLIT -AT— T, L McCOMB & C0 T St, Embracing all that is New, Desirable and Grand! It will pay you to call! Don’t sleep, over your opportunities! pay you to can: nun u »icep over You may lose something if you stay away! Come early while cvery- fresli and new! p to the front with one of the handsomest stocks of shown in this city. tiling is "We are again ■jr ;ods that we iUV\e g\ci ‘ The Flowers that bloom in the Spring, Tit A LA. Have nothing to do with the ease/’ jBut ¥f*e Say This: L Let others quote their prices.—We tell you if tliey r quote Calicoes at one cent per yard, we will sell you better Calico at same price, [f they quote you Shoes at 10c per pair, we will sell you better Shoes"for 10c per pair. And so it goes throughout our whole stock. WE HAVE THE CAPITAL To do business on, and CHALLENGE (mark the word) Competition. IVe have determined to do the Lion's Shore” THE UNION & RECORDER, Published Weekly In Milledgeville, Ga., BY BARNES & MOORE. The Gubernatorial Contest. x ebms.—One dolla r and fifty cents a year In advance. Six niontlis for seventv-flve cents.— ml dollars a year if not paid in advance. The services of Col. James M. SMYTHE.are en gaged as General Assistant. CNlON”and the“SOUTHERN kllcjRPLR' ’were consolidated, August 1st, 1872, the Union being in its Forty-Third Volume and the Recorderin its Fifty-Third Volume. THI9 PA p IT R may be found on file at Geo. * ■ 1 *y * .**r Lfl P. Rowell k Co ; s Newspa per Advertising Bureau (10 Spruce St.), where contracts nia y t » ,! made for it IN NI.W YORK. Ex-President Davis. Of the Dry Goods Business in this City, REGAKDLESS OF CONSEQUENCES, is strictly First-Class in all its various departments. \\ e greatly regret to see it stated that. since, his return to his home in Mississippi he has suffered to some extent from physical prostration. We thought of and feared such a resuit, while all the time we "were delighted at the deep respect and affectionate attentions shown him in Montgomery, Atlanta, Savannah,' and all interven ing places by our warm-hearted southern people. We feel the more solicitude at this report, as it is stated that several physicians are in attend ance upon him. We presume and hope that he has recovered his usual health as no further report of his condition lias been announced. He certainly went through a very trying ordeal in the devoted attentions which he received, for many thous ands of both sexes, and of all ages, wished to see and take by the hand the loved and honored ex-president of our southern confederacy. Preston Valentine. Our We carry stock Dry Goods, Clothing, Shoes, Gents’ Furnishing Goods, •Mattings, fyc., To all we extend a cordial welcome. Remember Prices, and you shall have polite attention. w r o Guarantee T. L, , McCOMB & CO., fVayne Street. Don't Forget the Number. No. 8 and 10 So -Milledgeville, Ga., April lGtli, 1886. 40 lm. PARKERS HAIR BALSAM the popular favorite for dressing the hair, Restoring color when f ray, and preventing Dandruff, t cleanae3 the scalp, stops the hair falling, and la sure to please. 50c. and 81.00 at Druggists. PARKER’S TONIC The best Cough Cure you can use, And the best preventive known for Consumption. It cures bodily pains, and all disorders of the Stomach, Bowels, Bungs, Liver, Kidneys, Urinary Organs and all Female Complaints. The feeble and sick, strug gling against disease, and slowly drifting towards the grave, will in most eases recover their health by the timely use of Pabkkk’s Toxic, but delay is dan gerous. Tako It In time. Sold by all Druggists in large bottles at 81.00. HINDERCORNS The safest, surest, quickest and best euro for Corns, Bunions, Warts, Moles, Callouses, <S:e. Hinders their fur- thergrowth. Stopsallpain. Gives no trouble. Makes the feet comfortable. Hindercorns cures when everything '‘ifce fails. Bold by Druggists at 15c. lliscox&Co., N. X. Aug. 11th, 1885. 5 ly New Advertisements. NATURE’S TARRANT’S cure for EFFERVESCENT SELT- CONSTIPATION, 2ER aperient. "an elegant efficacious, pleasant aperient in.the form of a powder, produc ing when dissolved in water an Exliileratlng, Effervescing Draught, re commended by our best Physicians as"a reliable and agreeable remedy. It cures Constipa tion, cures Indigestion, cures Dyspepsia, cures Piles, cures Heartburn, J cures Sick-headacbe, cures Liver Complaint, hVOnrnmi cures Sick Stomach, and U 1 brbrM A gently urges all the Ex- w ■ *» 'cretory organs to a pro- per action. It should be found in every house hold and carried by every traveler. ~SoId by druggists everywhere. Sick-Headache,; AND at once, an active Agent in V every County to take orders for our goods. Send stamp for particulars. D. A. GORSUCH, Baltimore, Md. ’ A 1 Local Newspapers, lo Spruce St., N. y. ui Geo. p. Rowell & Co., C. P. CRAWFORD, Attorney end Real Estate Apt. ONEY advanced to eariy callers, on farm securities. 8nnwim. n ,f Superior ad vantages for putting your surplus lands on the market. There is no de mand here. Purchasers must be found abroad. Milledgeville, March 2,1886. 34 tf Personal and General. New Methodist Bishops.—The General Conference, at Richmond, Va., on the 18th instant, elected the follow ing Bishops : Rev. Dr. William Wal lace Duncan, of South Carolina; Rev. Dr. Charles B. Galloway, of Mississip pi ; Rev. Dr. Eugene Russell Hendrix and Rev. Dr. Joseph Stanton Key, of Georgia. The Bishops elect were con secrated last Thursday evening. Archbishop Ryan has made public the decree of the "recent Catholic Coun cil held in Baltimore, relative to the sale of liquors on Sunday. He an nounces that all Catholics must ab stain from selling intoxicants on Sun day or else leave the church. The de cree has been affirmed by the\ atican, and will be enforced all over the Uni ted States. Mr. Davis is seventy-nine years old. Mr. Lincoln and Mr. Davis were both born in Kentucky. Mr. Davis came South, Mr. Lincoln went North, and their political courses diverged ac cordingly until culminating as oppos ing chieftians of great armies and gov ernments in the irrepressible conflict. Mr. Davis was a year older than Mr. Lincoln. Gov. Foraker, of Ohio, who was ap pointed a fraternal delegate to carry peace and love from the Northern wing to the Southern Methodist Con ference in Richmond, declared in a speech at home the other day that Jefferson Davis represented “all that was malicious, vicious and damnable in American history.” He did not go Richmond. Of the thousands of visitors to and from the city this week which came in over the Georgia Railroad, not a single accident occurred. The fine management of Major Green and ex cellent supervision of Capt. Hemphill, the superintendent, supplemented by the care of its conductors, readily ac count for this pleasant state of af fairs.—Augusta Evening News, 13th. Is the Report True.—One of the grandfathers of Miss Folsom lias come forward with his little talk about the coming marriage in the White House. The other grandfather and the two grandmothers have still to be heard from. In the meantime Mr. Cleve land, who could have put a stop to much of this inquisitive gossip by two or three words of absolute denial or affirmation, acts a good deal like a hig basliful country fellow who is half ashamed or too timid to announce his marriage.—Augusta News. The case of this criminal is well known to our readers. As we expect ed Judge Roney has sentenced him to be executed in private. It will take place on the 2nd day of July between the hours of 11 and 12 o’clock. “The SherifL his Deputy, or such other offi cer as Tie may appoint together with a suitable guard shall take the said Preston Valentine from said jail to some private and convenient place within the curtilege thereof to be pro vided by the authorities of said coun ty, where from a gallows and in the presence only of the executing officer, the guard, the physician, the rela tives of the criminal and such clergy men and friends, as he may desire, the said Preston Valentine shall be, by the said sheriff, his deputy or oth er officer, hanged by the neck until he is dead,and may the Lord have mercy on Ids soul! When theattendingpliy- sician to be provided for by the ^Sher iff, shall declare that death has super vened, the body shall be taken down, and if desired, delivered over to his friends for burial, otherwise to be in terred by the county authorties at public expense.” The first gun that we heard was fired in Augusta, Major Bacon hap pened to be there, and was called up on by the people of that city and he responded in a very able and telling speech which enthused his many friends in that city. The next which attracted our attention, was a speech delivered by General Gordon at Amer- icus, which awoke the echoes of many devoted friends in that city. These gentlemen met in joint discussion every day the.past week addressing the people at Eatonton, Sparta, An gusta, Lexington, Greensboro, Con yers and Madison. We feel a high admiration for both, and are indispos ed to enlist as partisans under the banner of either. Both are stalwart democrats, and the ship of State would be safely manned by either. This is a contest to be decided by the people, and we entertain the opinion that the Press has a right to sustain one, or the other, or occupy a posi tion of neutrality, as my be compati ble with its sense of duty. Either candidate, in our opinion, possesses public Virtue, and that true patriot ism which looks to the future as well as the present, and if clothed with the robes of the chief magistracy would seek to promote public virtue and the best interests of the people of Georgia. We are all Democrats. Un der the old times, when parties with opposing principles, were contending for. power, we had our war-cries to excite the combatants to superhu man efforts for victory. It was then “under which king?” We were un dertaking to show then each Tparty for itself, that the opposing party was a cancer upon the body politic which could only be removed by the knife. General Gordon and Major Bacon are both democrats, standing upon con stitutional ground, and there would be no danger in the advancement of either to the chair of State. While of course in such a contest as this, there will be more or less excitement, we trust that there will be no bitter and passionate excitements. All such should be exiled from the bosoms of the candidates or people. Our demo cratic method, of selection by the pop ular choice, will soon settle the can didacy, and then, all democrats should peacefully and quietly deposit their votes in accordance with the popular sentiment. We stand ready to abide by the decision of tlie Demo cratic convention. Number 45. Connolly, Mrs. Wm. Sibley, Misses Ansley and Baker. We make up the above from a full and fine account which appeared in the Evening News of the 14th instant. Mr. Gladstone's Irish Measure. Many of the English papers speak of Mr. Glandstone's policy for Ireland as dead or dying. We might expect such reports by the enemies of thej measure. Its friends have not up their hopes of its sqccess. have not overthrown the arguments of Mr. Gladstone and his supporters. If Mr. Gladstone shall finally triumph, his name will go down in history as the greatest Premier England ever had, not even excepting the great Earl of Chatham. He will be the re deemer of Ireland from the dungeons of the despot, lie will unlock the riv ets of their fetters and banish abase ment and destitution from the beauti ful Emerald Isle and make it what na ture intended it to be, the Home of the free and the land of eloquence and song. TCour with the Children. A Dangerous Act.—A special to the Chronicle from Crawfordvflle, of the 12th instant says: “This reminds me of a freak I witnessed only yester day morning. A party of ladies who were returning to their homes from the church met with one of the freight trains just as they reached the cross ing. One,qf the ladies, out of pure love of frolic, ran after the train and, succeeding in catching the rear rail ings, she bounced upon the rear steps tuid stood waving her hand to her horror stricken friends as the train was fast receding in the distance. They watched her in anxious suspense expecting momentarily to see her jump and be killed or crippled, but not so, for after riding some distance up the road she gave a leap, springing out in the air, catching safely upon her feet. But it was a terrible risk, and one that makes me shudder when I think of it.” What a dangerous venture! Her friends have doubtless given her some serious and cautionary hints. A rep etition might end in a funeral notice. The lady, unquestionably, is blessed with great firmness of nerve,, but it was a reckless risk. died in His re- citv on to L Bacon Club in Macon. Bitterness in the Campaign. It is already evident that a number of our papers are yielding to passion and assaulting General Gordon with bitterness. It is not creditable to them to turn the cranks which excite bitter and fiery emotions against one whose life for 4 bloody years was gal lantly exposed in their defense. He came out of one battle with eleven bullet holes in his clothes, and where- eyer he goes all can see the sabre scar in his face made by one of the enemy who was seeking his life. Why should those, who oppose him for Governor, seek to rain his character by charging him with being the wil ling and guilty tool of a heartless band, to effect their selfish purposes The people are told that he is the candidate of an unprincipled coterie of citizens of Atlanta. Besides not being a citizen of Atlanta, he tells the people himself, that he has not a dol lar’s interest in Atlanta, and that among his friends and supporters in that city are: Gov. J. M. Smith, Dr. H. V. M. Mil ler, Judge Van Epps, Pat Calhoun, C. M. Keyser, the McBride#, Col. Hul sey, Thos. Glenn, Hoke Smith, Dr. Amos O. Fox, Dr. Spalding, Dupont Guerry, and Judge Blanford—all of ■whom had been strong opponents of the Atlanta ring. We are not advocating the election of General Gordon. Our only object is to protest against a system of op position to sully the fair fame of one of the noblest and bravest defenders of our cause in the late war. If the people prefer Mr. Bacon for Govern or, let them not seek to elect him. by traducing the character of General Gordon. Of course the selection of the candidate is yet to be made bv the convention of delegates, but all true Democrats should desire the nomination to be made by fair and honorable methods. Alderman Wm. Bennett. —For twelve years he has been an intelli gent, able and useful member of the city council of Augusta. The Chron icle says: “To him is due the credit of the present enlarged water supply system of Augusta. Mr. Bennetts appointment as Superintendent of the Canal and Water Works was an acknowledgement on the part of Council of liis faithful and untiring services in that body, and no more trustworthy, intelligent and capable officer could have been chosen.” The flowers sent by Ex-President Davis to be placed upon the grave of Mr. Stephens at Liberty Hall made the most touching incident of Memo rial day in Crawfordville. One of the brightest hours of the year is that spent by the officers and members of the Woman’s Branch of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in the company of the school children of the city of *Au gusta. x These annual meetings have grown so popular, that the theatre, which will seat nearly 1,500, has for the past two years been too small for the crowds. The exercises were varied and inter esting. The pupils of St. Mary’s Acad emy sang charmingly. The exercises were directed by Su perintendent Evans of the public schools, and the address was delivered by Mr. E. T. Williams, arising young lawyer of this city. His remarks were brief and appropriate to the occasion, and were interspersed with advice and anecdotes for the children. A beautiful engraving was present ed to Superintendent Evans by Mr. Williams, in behalf of Mrs. King and the officers of the Woman’s Branch of the S. P. C. A., a most beautiful en graving, as a token of appreciation for his aid and encouragement in their good work among the children. Mr. Evans responded feelingly and with much appreciation. In the distribution of prizes the fol lowing were presented: First Prizes—Cattie Beane, Sophia Morrison, E. K. Stonaker, Stella Srnythe, Wm. Lokey, Simmie Sylves ter, Harry Boyce, Estelle McKenzie, Alice Baillie," Willie Powell, E»sie Flynn, Josie Bodeker, C. M. Chand ler, Belle Walker, W. C. Perkins, An nie Adams, Ruth Hill, Bessie Newbe- ry, Nora Brooks, Lizzie Mahoney. Second prizes: Ella Bisell, Frank Wingfield, Amelia Reid, Edith Har vester, Theo. Richards, Agnes Clark, Bessie Vannerson, Wesley Johnson, J. C. Muse, Albert E. Verdery, Geo. E. Allen, Emma Lucas, Effie May Woods, Ralph Tomlinson, Addie Mc Carty, Susie Bisell, Clara Elsmore, Mamie Brenner, Christina Lauterbok, Ada Cherry. Two prizes were given in gach of the grades, but Superintendent Evans said that several other children deser ved honorable mention, and among the number he named Misses Mabel Clarke, Josie Sheron, Bessie Holman, Viola Stoy and Kathleen Thomas. THE WOMAN’S BRANCH. The ladies in this good work consti tute the Woman’s Branch of the S. P. C. A., and their success and the ap preciation of their efforts by the chil dren leads them to feel much encour aged in the general and philanthropic mission upon which they are engaged. At the annual meeting the officers for the ensuing year were elected as fol lows: Mrs. C. C, Doughty, President; Mrs. John P. King, Vice President; Mrs. J os. Da}-, Secretary ami Treasu- Macqn, Ga., May 18.—This after noon, in an office in the City Bank building, a number of the wealthiest and most influential citizens of Macon met to take into consideration and de vise some means of co-operation with i Major A. O. Baron,.in Ids candMacv for the Governorship. Yhe mavxer was fully discussed, and resulted in the organization of a Bacon Club. A President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer were elected. A Com mittee on Finance, on Ways and Means, and a Committee on Speaking were appointed. The object of the Bacon Club will be to assist Major Bacon in presenting his claims to the people by sending out printed matter, speakers, etc. It w r ill be the Bacon headquarters in the State, and the canvass will be mapped out here. It is a good move on the part of Maj. Ba con's friends. Much good can and doubtless w T ill be accomplished by the club, who will proceed to organize Bacon Clubs throughout the State. An Enterprising, Reliable House. C. L. Case can always be relied upon, not only to carry in stock the best of everything, but to secure the Agency for such articles as have well- known merit, and are popular with the people, thereby sustaining the reputation of being always enterpris ing, and ever reliable. Having secur ed the Agency for the celebrated Dr. King's New Discovery for Consump tion, will sell it on a positive guaran tee. It w r ill surely cure any and every affection of Throat, Lungs, and Chest, and to show our confidence, w-e invite you to call and get a Trial Bottle Free. Death of Rev. James E. Evans. Rev. Dr. James E. Evans Thomson last Tuesday night, mains passed through this Wednesday afternoon on their way Macon, accompanied by Rev. j. Lowe, from whom the Macon Tele graph obtained the following partieu’ lars of the death of the good old man: ,, ^ r ; ® vails was tlio presiding elder of the Augusta district. On Saturday morning he w-ent to Thomson to as- sist Mr. Lowe in the conduct of a meeting held at that place. < ) w i m * to the rain there were no service* at the church on Tuesday. That night he repaired to the house of Mv.'N’urtis and after family prayers went to his room up stairs. As was his custom he arranged his clothes for the morrow laid out his razor and shaving cup for a shave ihjthe morning, and then, so it seems, sat down upon the side of V “ bed. * About 8:80 o’clock Mrs. Curtis heal'd a noise in his room as if some one had fallen, and going to the stair way called out to him. There was no response, and soon after Mr. Curtis endeavored to get into the room but found it locked. Failing to get an answer, Mr. Curtis broke the glass window, and on looking in discovered Dr. Evans lying on the floor. Gain ing access to the room, Mr. Curtis found that Dr. Evans was dead It is supposed that lie died of apoplexy, and m falling struck his head against the back of the chair near tin* bed. The marks of the chair could be seen on his face. Dr. Evans was in liis TTtU y ear. His ministerial life extends over more than half a century and was distinguished for its consecration and* usefulness. His church honored him with many offices of trust and honor, and his fidel ity, devotion and usefulness chaff , n ged the admiration of all men. For several years he was pastor of Mulber ry street Methodist Church and also the presiding elder of the Macon dis trict. His daughters are Mrs. Daniels and Mrs. Glass of Macon, Mrs. Patillo of Griffin and Mrs. Strong of Savannah. Take Courage Young Surgeons. Burke Nominates Hon, John J. Jones. The Democrats of Burke county at a meeting held in Waynesboro on the 11th instant appointed a delegation to attend the Democratic State Gu bernatorial convention, charged to cast the vote of Burke for Hon. John J. Jones for Governor. The folio w- ing are the names of the gentlemen appointed: Phil P. Johnston, J. B. Jones, C. T. Belt, Geo. W. Warnock, Roberson Tarver, Jno. M. Rogers, R. Ridgely, R. O. Lovett, T. J. McEl- murray, Dr. J. C. Brigham, Alex J. Lively, and Robt. H. Burton, with power of each delegate to appoint his own alternate. Astlev Pastor Cooper, better ki,<>\v11 as Sir Astlev Cooper, one of tie* m >- eminent surgeons of the 18th century, had his early struggles t«* win for tune and fame. “My receipts," s;.\s fie, “for the first year of my practice, were five pounds and fi\e shillings, (a little over twenty-five uoiu.ii>: i: * seeofKfi twenty-six pounds; the tlir-ff, sixtv-four pounds: the fourth, ninety- six pounds; the fifth, one hundred | pounds; the sixth, two hundred pounds; the seventh, four hundred pounds; the eighth, six hundred and ten pounds; the ninth, eleven hun dred pounds;” that year he was ap pointed surgeon to Guy's Hospital. He subsequently made $250,000 in one year. An anecdote illustrating his decision and readiness, is thus told of him. H-* was attending a man who had dislo cated his shoulder, and was endeav oring to make him let the injured arm hang by his side in such ii manner as would have enabled him to restore the joint to its proper position. The poor man was setting up in his bed. vainly striving to obey Astley's direc tions, for, in spite of his directions, he would not let the arm hang “dead*’ by his side, the muscles preserved their tension and would not relax suf ficiently. Sir Astley, as if lie had given over the attempt, told the man to move himself back in the bed and then watching the moment when the patient’s attention was otherwise di rected, and the muscles consequently unprepared for resistance, lie seized the limb, and by a sudden jerk re stored it to its socket. j. h. n. How it Was that Five Portlanders Get $15,000. rer executive committee. Mrs. C. C. Doughty, ex-officio; Mrs. J. P. King, ex-officio: Mrs. Jos. Day, ex-officio: Mrs. H. B. King, Mrs. H. A. Stovall, Mrs. E. W. Platt, Mrs. J. B. Ex-Mayor Latrobe, Baltimore, Md., says the best cough medicine is Red Star Cough Cure. Dr. Samuel K. Cox, D. D., of Washington, D. C., aft er a careful analysis, pronounced it purely vegetable, and most excellent for throat troubles. Price twenty-five cents a bottle. It is the part of wisdom not to com plain about trifles. Even if some thing goes wrong, as a rule it is al ways best never to say any thing about it. Commend when you can, censure onlv when you must. The thoughtless man bridleth not his tongue, he speaks at random, and is entangled in the foolishness of his own words. The losses to nine counties in Ohio devastated by flood and wind will foot up two millions of .dollars. Mr. Rufus F. Bacon held one-fiitli of the ticket whichdrew the capital prizt* of $75,000 in The Louisiana State Lot tery Drawing of April 13th. Some of his friends suggested that they purchase some tickets in The Louisiana State Lottery. They purchased one-fifth of ten different tickets, paying therefor $10. When they got the tickets, each selected two tickets haphazard, and if either ticket drew, the amount was to be divided between them all. On Wednesday last a telegram was re ceived, stating that ticket No. 25,244 had drawn one-fifth of the capita! prize of $75,000.—Portland (Me.) Ar gus, April 21. A Good Scheme. Cash—“Say, Hardup, when are you going to pay me that $10 you owe me?” Hardup—“Just as soon as I can. Cash—“Well, if that is not pretty quick I will have to sue you.' Hardup (carelessly)—What gooi. will that do you?” Cash—“It will get me the money. Hardup (confidentially)—“Say. you just sue for $20, won't you, and the: give me the other $10?" Tast What They All Say. Hon. D. D. Haynie, of Salem. Ills, savs heuses Dr. Bosanko s Cough am Lung Syrup in his family with the most satisfactory results, in all ca-t of Coughs, Colds and Croup, and re commends it in particular for the lit tle ones. Sample bottle free at T. H. Kenan’s, Milledgeville, Ga.